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Federer Storms to 10th Halle Title

The Swiss defeated David Goffin 7-6(2), 6-1 to win 10 crowns at one tournament for the first time

Roger Federer is a ten-time champion at a single tournament for the first time after bagging his 10th Noventi Open in fine style with a 7-6(2), 6-1 victory over David Goffin.

The win also means Roger has landed his 102nd career tour-level title and he'll head into Wimbledon in a weeks time as the second seed after overtaking Nadal thanks to the win here in Halle and his performances on grass over the last two seasons.

Quick Match Recap

Fed Halle Goffin 19

Goffin won the toss and elected to receive. Roger kicked off with a hold to fifteen with two crisp forehands to take the game.

The diminutive Belgian isn't known for his serve but he rolled down a love hold to level. Roger matched him and then had thirty all on Goffin's serve but couldn't make any further inroads.

Goffin then created 0-40, capitalising on some short balls to dominate from the baseline but Roger recovered, finally holding after a multi-deuce game thanks to sharper serving.

The Swiss found himself again trouble in games seven and nine when he lost the first point to walk on thin ice but again recovered to hold for a 5-4 lead.

Roger then had a half chance at 0-30 thanks to a joke volley from Goffin but a netted return and big t serve got him level and he held for 5-5.

The pair then exchanged serves and the set resulted in a tie break. Into the breaker and Roger kicked off with the trusty serve and forehand combo to win the opening point.

A sloppy forehand error from Goffin then gave him the immediate mini break and the Belgian went AWOL as Roger raced into a 5-2 lead before sealing the tiebreak 7-2.

Into set two and Goffin was still under the cosh, struggling to inject pace on some of Roger's slices and despite saving a break point at 30-40 and another later in the game, he dropped serve courtesy of a double fault to give Federer the 1-0 lead.

The Swiss held for 2-0 and from there he was able to assume full control, holding to fifteen for 3-1, breaking for 4-1 and winning the next two games to take the title home in 1 hour and 23 minutes.

Match Stats

  Roger Federer David Goffin
Aces 7 7
Double Faults 1 5
1st Serve 60% (35/58) 54% (38/70)
1st Serve Points Won 83% (29/35) 66% (25/38)
2nd Serve Points Won 65% (15/23) 50% (16/32)
Break Points Saved 100% (3/3) 50% (3/6)
Service Games Played 9 10
1st Serve Return Points Won 34% (13/38) 17% (6/35)
2nd Serve Return Points Won 50% (16/32) 35% (8/23)
Break Points Converted 50% (3/6) 0% (0/3)
Return Games Played 10 9
Winners 23 17
Unforced Errors 14 29
Net Points Won 86% (12/14) 71% (5/7)
Service Points Won 76% (44/58) 59% (41/70)
Return Points Won 41% (29/70) 24% (14/58)
Total Points Won 57% (73/128) 43% (55/128)


Thoughts on the Match

federer halle trophy 2019

He was the better player for probably the first 10 games of the match. He had more chances. He had big chances, too. Then I played a really good tie-break. I was able to run away with the lead getting the break early on in the second and I think that maybe calmed down my nerves. His level might have dropped just a tiny bit, but it was tough to play with the shadows, itโ€™s a fast court. David of course also had a great week, so clearly he was feeling it from the baseline. But I was able to tough it out and at the end, I was able to really play some great tennis, so I couldnโ€™t be happier right now. Federer on his 10th Halle title

This match capped off my week in Halle and what a peRFect end to the tournament :). For the vast majority of the first set, Goffin was the better player as he was taking control once the rally went a certain length by mopping up short balls with aplomb. 

Roger played well to force a tie break having saved three break points from 0-40 and had to keep coming back from 0-15 situations multiple times. However, once the breaker started Roger took charge after Goffin made an untimely forehand error and from there he was never able to recover. I thought the Swiss did a great job of mixing it up on his backhand to throw in the slice, Goffin doesn't have a great slice himself so he's forced to try and change the pace of the ball which decreases his margin.

Roger nabbed the set, get the early break in set two and then Goffin is hugely behind the eight ball. He did try to get back into it of course but Federer's first strike tennis took over and the rest is history.

As for the tournament, it was a great week, Roger not at his brilliant best but his level was consistent throughout and he managed to squeak through two tight matches so he has to very happy with what he's been able to produce given no real practice on grass pre-tournament or rest post French Open.

What did you guys think of the final and the tournament? Let me know in the comments ๐Ÿ™‚

And apologies for the slightly delayed posts for the last few matches. Whereas normally I can hit the new post button straight away, watching live means I have to find food after matches, hang out with other fans and then drive back to Airbnb etc. and is why I haven't been active in the live chat. But I will do be doing a fan story next week to sum up my week in Halle. It might be access all areas or maybe I'll just keep it brief, we shall see ๐Ÿ™‚


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Havenโ€™t been on for a while but come back with a win! My first title in over a year haha.

    Very nice week for Fed; he was tested but prevailed. Extraordinary numbers between 19 grass titles from 26 finals (from 3 tournaments and 1 olympics), 10 Halle titles, 102 overall titles. Got into a bit of a debate with some Dull fans about โ€œweak eraโ€ and โ€œFed gets favoritism etc.โ€ but like I said no title is a guaranteed and has to be earned. You can only play whoโ€™s in front of you. Fed now has the most titles this year too; not bad for 37.

    Being on Wimbledon. Novak and Rafa did their part in their respective slams, now itโ€™s Rogerโ€™s turn! O

    1. Cheers. I would avoid debating with Nadal or Djoker fans. Just like if I was a fan of them I’d avoid debating with Federer fans ๐Ÿ˜† it’s like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

      1. Hahaha, nice metaphor, Jon ๐Ÿ™‚
        Fortunately there are still some tennis fans around ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Fantastic birthday gift for me!

    All in all a pretty steady heady week for Fed. Got through three tough tests and held up physically after the transition from clay. The ground game and return have to be more solid and consistent if he’s going to win Wimbledon, but the grass at Wimbledon makes those two aspects of the game easier, as Fed said a few days ago.

    Happy that he’s 2nd seeded at Wimbledon though. I have confidence he can get beat Rafa in a semifinal should that be what happens.

    1. Happy birthday. Yes he said Wimbledon allows for longer rallies so will be interesting to see how he goes when it comes around next week…

  3. Ten at Halle is nice. Ninth at Wimbledon would be priceless!! Roger did well the entire tournament. He should have a good idea where his game is at on grass and what needs work on in the next 10 days before his first match at Wimby. I hope he gets a good draw and gets his share of luck in key matches and wins one more big one. In spite of close matches against RBA and Tsonga, I think Roger won them on merit being the better player at the end and nobody at this level gifts anything to the other player. Roger is the best ever to hold a tennis racket and still one of the best even when he is almost 38. Roger won today being the better player and not because of some silly injury that Goffin suffered as some Roger haters masquerading as his fans might suggest.

    1. Yes, didn’t notice David wincing. Saw him throw down his racquet in frustration after a double double fault, though. But injured? I didn’t see it.

    2. Yeah no injury noticeable for me, and I was watching closely. I saw him touch his leg in an earlier round but didn’t seem to hamper his movement at all.

  4. A great week with the tenth Halle’s title, great great achievement. May this run end with a Wimbledon title ๐Ÿ™‚ in July ๐Ÿ™‚ . Those two middle matches against Tsonga and RBA are the key to Roger’s mental toughness. Technically, there were only a couple of points in each. Thank you Jonathan for all the excellent write-ups as usual but this is not the usual occasion, as we, especially you, have witnessed the history being made by our maestro. Allez!

      1. He is not on the entry list. And according to the interview in Quenns he does not play singles this time. He would like to play doubles, but cannot find a partner ๐Ÿ™

      2. I understood that he WAS playing gentlemens doubles (w/ Pierre-Hugues Herbert), & would also like to play MIXED doubles, but couldn’t find a partner for THAT. Although some fairly credible names threw their hats publicly into the ring when he said that, so I’m hopeful.

  5. I missed the first set and from the score I could only deduce that Goffin was not able to keep the high level. That said, I only got to watch the one-way traffic that was set 2. Clearly Goffin had trouble dealing with the constant change of spin from the backhand that Fed sent his way. One of them was so short and low that the only thing he could do was shovel the ball up and long.
    It was also a bit odd that he slipped into a MP against with 2 double-faults. Total lack of belief? Pressure?
    I would say this week was great, not because Fed played stellar matches, but because he fought his way out of at least 4 hard sets by staying very focused and playing the right moves on the key moments – when it was his call, of course. This must have been one of his best preparations before Wimbledon so he’d better get it right. And possibly…

    PS: And come on! Goffin is about my height and weight, so he is not “diminutive”, OK? hahaha.

    1. The commentators always call him diminutive even tho he is I think 5โ€™11 or 180. Itโ€™s a standard joke in our house โ€˜diminutive Davidโ€™

    2. Haha 5ft 11 is generous for Goffin. He must have been wearing heels on that day. No chance he’s 180cm. I was stood fairly close in Halle…

      1. 5 cm is not that much. I know since many years of following him, he is about 180 and quite lightweight. Look on photos together with Fed. Fed is 185 and Goff is definitely a bit lower. Moreover look his shoes and, say, Tsonga’s. If Tsongas has 60<, Goff has has 40.

        Some time ago one of my coaches (actually professional handball coach) told me, the shoe number in tennis, handball and similar sports, tells more than body height. Imagine Isner in Goff's shoes ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Dear Jonathan,
    Apology not accepted. Because you shouldn’t apologize.
    I guess we all hoped you’re having fun (sure you did!), that you focus on the matches and just enjoying the moment.
    We can live with a later post and even with no post at all.

    Anyways, thanks for your coverage of Halle 2019. Your posts are very tight and to the point but with that they are very informative.
    I wish half of the sports journalists had your uncompromising standard.

  7. I agree 100%. Fed was the best player today! He withstood the pressure in the first set, upped his level in the tie break and kept at it in the second set. What a special moment to see him achieve a 10th title here. Still feel privileged to see him play without injury, moving well and playing freely.

  8. Feels good. ๐Ÿ™‚ Jonathan, thanks as usual for your write-ups. Watching Federer on court is every Fed fan’s dream, so nobody will mind the little delays, I’m sure!

  9. 102ER!

    Hooray! Great to have the Halle title after a match that, heading into it, could have been extremely on the edge.

    Thanks for the write up, they’ve been great, and considering you’ve witnessed the last few matches live it makes it even more inspiring to read to know you were there. Looking forward to the tournament write ups.

    That Wimbledon trophy. We’re wanting that to be lifted this year by the GOAT winning a 21st slam. Please?

  10. That trophy is so big! It like twice the size of the Wimbledon trophy. Who needs Wimbledon? I know I don’t.

  11. I thought Fed was slightly generous saying Goff was beater player. They were pretty even in first 8 games with Fed playing those crucial big points well to stave off off breaks. Goff got tight towards end of the set and was nervy going into breaker. From that moment fast forward Fed. I think Goff tweaked a hamstring as his serve was b off in 2nd set, pace and accuracy but didnโ€™t affect his ground game. Fed just got better and better.
    Great week for you and even better one for him.
    Roll on Wimby. 2nd seed too!! Just need Nadal to be placed in ND half ;)))
    Great 10th win and RF102 ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

      1. You was watching Fed, not Goff. This is normal. Everyone when watching is focused on his/her hero.
        Goff hit harder and was more aggressive than he usually does.
        First set was close until TB. Since then nothing worked anymore for Goff.
        But this is not his mentality. He was either hurt or out of fuel.
        Nobody expects Fedfans to look for eventual physical problems of the opponent.
        I was curious, what happened to him and watched since 1 set TB until the end.
        Goff had definitely a problem with his thigh (making bad face when touching it).
        Fed was good, but it’s not a big thing to play well against hurt opponent. Not Fed’s fault of course. Fed played well in the first and this was actually decider.

      2. I saw him touching his thigh previously after a groundstroke on the run, against Zverev I believe. So it was either manageable or got worse. Not really noticeable courtside though, he was still covering a lot of court until the end. It was more mental.

      3. @Jon
        Rui noticed some thigh touching in the second set. I agree, this could have been mental.

    1. I think he was better for most of set 1. He was really mopping up the short balls. And he held to love to force the tiebreaker so had some good momentum….

  12. No.10 in fine style, yes indeed! And the win comes with Wimby No.2 seed, what a peRFect result ๐Ÿ™‚
    Okay, might not be a super goat level but ultimately Fed was the most clutch player the whole week.
    Great great week for you Jonathan and all of us. Many thanks for the quick recap from the site every day. Good job!
    As Fed’s lucky charm, you should attend every his match from now on, please and thank you. Have a good rest first but hey we’re quietly looking forward to a special fan story.

  13. Another interesting stat is Fed has the most wins this year. How is he doing it? He almost seems to be back in 2017. I still think he was even amazing playing clay after being away from it. I also hope he can win his 10th in Basel this year. I did not think that he could catch Connors record but should he win one or two more this year. Tennis athletes to me are still some of the greatest athletes in the world. I have a question about something else. I watched an exhibition cricket game and really enjoyed it. I wish the United States would get rid of baseball and have cricket instead. My question is with the amazing hand eye coordination tennis players have would they make great cricket players?

    1. Cool stat. Making semis on clay was amazing…

      I played cricket to a decent-ish level and I’m reasonable at tennis with no real formal coaching. There are certainly some cross over skills in terms of batting.

      But it’s like anything, you need to know the basics of the technique, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a clip of Djokovic holding a cricket bat once and he had no idea how to swing it…

      I think cricket is a harder sport to learn in terms of technique and skill when compared to tennis.

      1. Thank you for that very insightful answer about the sport of cricket, which is a lot of fun to watch. On the subject of Roger federer I still think in the end all the stats that Fed accumulates the biggest one he will always cherish is his fans. I am sure if you combine Nadal and Djocovic fans they would still be maybe half of what Feds is worldwide. And that will remain and never change no matter what the end tally is of the three greatest male players. Nice to see Andy Murray playing in doubles and playing so well.

    2. No way you replace baseball with cricket. They’re not really comparable – baseball is really more like rounders. But also, there’s no good way to understand cricket if you come into it with no understanding in the first place. Many of the “explanations” out there are these tongue-in-cheek plays on words (“if you’re not in, you’re all out! ha-ha”) – that don’t really help you understand it, in context – ie while watching a match – if you wanted to.

      Interesting about the cross-sport skills, though; both hand/eye & speed apply for both.

      1. The same for baseball, no real way to understand it if you have never watched it or seen it played. I have no idea how a match is won or lost, or how long an innings is. Looks dreadful to watch.

  14. Thanks Jonathan for a good write up, we always wait for your assessment. When you look at the draw this week, I think Fed had a pretty tough go of it. He had to start with Millman, go through Tsonga, RBA, possibly Coric (but thankfully Herbert) and then Goffin. He faced some charged up, very capable and successful players, who wanted to beat him. He prevailed. He found ways to win points in pressure situations. He watched other players choke while he stayed cool and calm. Based on the quality of the players he faced and the level of his play, I believe he is going into Wimbledon with a ton of confidence. May the draw gods be kind. We look forward to your full report on Halle.

    1. One of those medals would be nice for Jonathan and some Fed interaction after all the effort and sense he brings to tennis and the Fed phenomenon!
      So glad you got the win and number 10 in person & lots of insights pre the big gold pineapple event!

      Goffin going away like that if Not injured shows how Fed can dissolve your resolve out there…may it do so at SW19!
      Thanks Jonathan for all this insight you bring.

    1. Yeah, oldies but goodies. How many matches did Feliciano Lopez play in a row? And win singles against that annoying pusher and doubles in the same day?

  15. Jon, thanks for all the posts, it is really great that you are able to do it even being live in Halle.
    It was nice meeting you on Friday, today it was not possible I needed to drive back home ASAP.
    Fed was great the whole week, I could see live the Tsonga, Agut and Goffin matches – the Agut one was definitely the best. I could not believe that he was able to keep such level ALMOST the whole match. Fortunately for Roger during his last serv game he made 4 consecutive UEยดs.
    This was my first Gerry Weber visit – but probably the best tennis trip for me so far. I like Mercedes Cup in Stuttgart, but in Halle you can immediately see that this one is one level up. I would love to write the fan story, but I think Jon will cover it a lot better than I would. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Yes please Petr, we want the fan stories..What else are we going to read before Wiimbledon? Tennis Twitter is really mean this week.

    2. Cheers Petr and yes, nice to meet you and thanks for the beer ๐Ÿ™‚

      You should definitely write a fan story! My week is different to yours so it will be completely different.

  16. PeRFect win. Enjoyed every game of this match. Roger transmits confidence and enjoyment. He is healthy so what else! Wimbledon is next.
    Lucky you Jonathan being able to watch in vivo Halle is such a nice tournament. Look forward to your write up.

  17. As you said Jonathan, at first it really seemed like Goffin had more on the ball, but losing the breaker and especially the immediate break in set 2 seemed to rattle him. Wonder what was going on that they both were having issues with their first serves.

    He seems so pleased, sharing pictures of himself with the trophy. I missed Mirka though. Silly really – there mightnโ€™t have been as many of those trophy pics if she were there, because heโ€™d have been focused on her – but there you are.

  18. Something that popped into my head was the memory of Djokovic’s mother yelling “the King is dead”. That was at the Australian Open in 2008 when Djokovic beat Fed in the semis. Eleven and one half years later and…..

    Silly me fell back asleep this morning and awoke at the end of the match. So, I missed all the suspense and excitement. Luckily, it is recorded and couldn’t help but choke up watching the last point and Roger running to the net arms raised.

    Roger played the AO final with a groin injury so…pff. And from Stuttgart to USO with a wrist/hand injury.

    Thank you again Jonathan for your devotion to this site and us crazed fans. Please, please…and anyone who has a fan story of any kind please post!

    1. I can’t help but think the hand injury was because of the Bear Grilys show where Fed had to climb up/down the mountain with the rope. He kept saying his hands were killing him….

      1. ๐Ÿ˜† you have got to be kidding. The most contrived TV show ever didn’t damage his hands at all. He wasn’t in pain, and he wasn’t in any immediate danger. Driving to Stuttgart is 100 times riskier than appearing on Bear Grylls.

  19. Guys forget about The Maestro winning Wimbledon…if it happens, Iโ€™ll be in heavens but expecting it is setting oneself up for disappointment. I just want Fed to make it 10 at Basel later in the year and Iโ€™ll call his season outstanding, no matter if he wins anything else or not.

    Also, and this is for PRF…Do you feel like Goffin โ€œgiftedโ€ the trophy to Federer?

      1. @John

        That is it exactly…I am not the least bit worried about Wimby, no expectations at all. I am just happy he finally made 10 at a tournament.

    1. Of course not. I would be OK, if Fed lost to Tsonga. Goff was another kind of “gift”. Simply absent (for whatever the reason) in the second set. Fed played good enough in the first and the TB could have lead Goff’s will to evaporate. Not Fed’s fault.

  20. Saturday and Sunday were the first times I’ve watched him live and I certainly hope there’s more to come, an amazing experience for someone as obsessed as I am ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. This year’s Halle is exactly what the doctor ordered for erasing Halle 2018 out of my memory.
    Seeing Roger back then was mainly frustrating. Now it was fun. ๐Ÿ™‚
    He had some tight matches, but overall his level was satisfying and he had some brilliant moments in every match.
    Also, he had some tough competition and it was very good in the big picture.
    Actually, I hope for a tougher draw in Wimby comparing to last year.
    With a bunch of light weight opponents Roger was cruising on serve, but the first challenge broke him down.
    I hope he helps us erase the bad memories of Wimbledon 2018 with another title here.
    It will be tough and require his best tennis, but I have faith in our champion. Go Roger!

  22. Thank you for this writei up. Now I can go back on TennisTV and relish all the matches without the sense of dread. Just Pure Enjoyment!

  23. A great experience for you Jonathan and all the lucky fans who saw the event live.
    Watching on the television the Tsonga match was the only one I felt Fed might loose.
    I like the idea of the Halle tournament.Is it relatively easy to get to?
    So second seed at Wimbledon.As that would have been Nadals draw let’s hope he gets Nadals usual cakewalk๐Ÿ˜Š

    1. Fairly, it’s a 2-hour drive or 2-hour train from Dusseldorf Airport. I will add more info when I do a recap of how I got there etc. Very nice area of Germany though so you could tie it in with more driving if you wanted. Their b roads are lovely to drive and the autobahn stretches I was on were much better than when I drove around Hamburg etc last year. Quiet so you could really power on.

  24. How many of you watched it? Live or on TV? What are your thoughts? How is he playing? Does he look like he is in grass zone?

    1. I am not sure how many watched the matches live – by reading the posts besides me it was Jon and Manwerty.
      To me he plays significantly better compared to Stuttgart 2018 which I visited as well. Ok, he was able to win the title but there was something missing in his game in Stuttgart. In Halle watching him live he looks really good physically, he is moving extremely well. Even though he made some “easy” UE he was able to focus 100% in the important moments which at the end made the difference. (well not only that, to be fair also some small help from his opponents – specially Tsonga and RBA).
      So to answer your question – Yes, he is definitely in the grass zone. During some rallies his footwork looked like watching the playstation, totally unreal. Good feeling before Wimbledon.

      1. See, this is the kind of personal insight we would love to get from a fan story – “During some rallies his footwork looked like watching the playstation” – we see that on tv or recap, but to know it looked like that live!

  25. A good week. I was glad to see Roger got through some difficult matches. He played his way into the final and earned the title. I think he’s in clearly better form than he was at this time last year. I also watched some of Queens. Two surprise finalists. Apart from Roger, I don’t think anyone else has shown particularly convincing form yet on grass. Of course, we haven’t seen Djokovic and Nadal on grass so far, but they can be expected to be a force as usual at Wimbledon. Already I have seen news stories talking about Nadal’s “knees” and an “injury scare” in training. The same bollocks every year. He should talk to Del Potro about what a real knee injury is like, because the Argentine’s career may well be over with his knee injury aggravated at Queens. He’s going under the knife. Nadal has never had knee surgery. But I’m sure he’s had plenty of TUE’s. Refuelling currently in Mallorca.

  26. For those of us feeling that Fed is doing well at the moment, here is something from a recent ATP article. No matter what the rest of the year holds, the first half has been great after the AO loss and perhaps even greater for Fed coming back after that.
    “It has been a tremendous year for Federer, who is the first player to claim three tour-level titles in 2019. He also owns a 32-4 record, and his 88.9 winning percentage is the best of anyone on the ATP Tour.”
    I thought this says a lot. Go Fed!

  27. Some thoughts after seeing the seeding for Wimbledon. I’ll categorize the seeds to groups:
    Tier A – 3,4 (Rafa, Anderson)
    Tier B – 5-8 (Thiem, Zverev, Tsitsipas, Nishikori)
    Tier C – 9-16
    Tier D – 17-32

    I rather see Rafa in the other half, as I have a feeling that he and Novak will do well and I rather have Roger meet just one of them.
    Also, If Anderson makes it to the semis it can be a sweet revenge.

    Tier B is quite weak on the surface, so it doesn’t matter who Roger gets. Tsitsipas is maybe the danger man there.
    Tier C has some big names in a questionable shape – Isner (anyone knows if he actually play?), Cilic, Coric (not fully fit?), Raonic etc. and some interesting players like Khachanov and Medvedev.
    In tier D you have some dark horses in my opinion- Berrettini, Felix, RBA. Simon is also a guy that can cause some trouble. Last year he really made Delpo work to beat him. Stan is also there, so is Goffin.
    Not seeded you have names like Struff, who’s in my opinion is way more dangerous than many seeded players, Tsonga and Feli Lopez.
    Will be interesting tomorrow. So, yeah, one match at a time, but the draw can be very hard or very easy and you can’t ignore that.
    Personally I hope Roger gets tested early, like Struff/Tsonga in the second round and some tough opposition through the QF.
    For me if he loses in the finals or in the second round it doesn’t matter a lot. Sure, it would be nicer to see him move through the draw and make a deep run. It would secure his rankings, he might reach 100 wins in Wimby and will be the first to record 100 wins in a single GS (if he makes the semis) and more…
    But I’m not sure if a cakewalk to the semis and a heartbreaking loss there to Rafa is better than an early upset after some tough matches.
    See you in the next post ๐Ÿ˜‰

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