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Is Federer Still Using The Pro Staff 90 in Shanghai?

Hey all, Roger has finally arrived in Shanghai after lying low in Dubai for the past few weeks since the loss to Robredo. He's been practicing on Centre Court the Qizhong Forest Sports City Arena and it looks like he's still using the trusty Pro Staff 90 rather than the 98 square inch model he used in Hamburg and Gstaad.

Does this mean he has given up on the prototype racquet for good? I have included some pictures below and a video.

Federer Shanghai Practise Video


Federer in Shanghai

Looks like the 90 to me, I suppose it could be a bigger head size but it's clearly a box beam type frame so it would suggest he hasn't changed. I'm guessing he did trial the prototype in Dubai during his training sessions but either he's not happy with it still or has decided to not change at all.

I guess we'll find out for certain as soon as a journalist asks about it during his pre-tournament press conference. I personally wish he was using something new.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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      1. On holidays in Venice so am not really sure how..
        And because of those holidays, I need your insight so thanks for posting!

  1. Hmm Me too, I wish he switched, but it looks like the old one… I’m optimistic though. he had a long break!
    (Am I the first?? 🙂 )

  2. Looks the same racquet to me! He looks even thinner than at the US Open though. Let’s hope the back is good, the fitness restored and the confidence there. He needs a good run, at least defending points to the semis again, to gain ground for London. Let’s hope for a good draw!

  3. It’s only been a few weeks since the end of the USO and considering that chances to qualify for the WTF might be in slight jeopardy, I’m all for him sticking with what he knows for now. He has 3 tournaments left, maybe 4 and then after that (during the off season) he can fully immerse himself in testing new racquets.

    I think Roger should be fine as long as he doesn’t mentally implode or self destruct as he himself put it. 😛

      1. I’m cool with the 90 sq. in. this season. I’m talking about 2014 when he needs to make a switch. Or maybe he has resorted to getting thinner/fitter and thinks that might solve his speed issues?

    1. I agree. Off season is the best time to try out new raquets. Right now he needs to concentrate on getting a few points to make sure he qualifies for the end of year finals, and he’s probably best off with the familiar. Does anyone else think he looks like he’s put on a little muscle on the biceps? He’s looking fit and relaxed anyway.

  4. the racket model is the same, but it seems to have the bigger head size, it is like 95 or 98 inches square.

      1. I agree it looks bigger but no bigger than 95 for sure. But maybe it´s just wishfull thinking and probably the same old 90.

  5. I don’t know- I really wish he’d change his practice intensity. It’s always been extremely laid back, and I guess it’s perhaps unfair to be basing this comment on a few videos of him practicing before tournaments, but I honestly wish he’d put more into his practice sessions, especially now that he needs it.

    1. Ok, the practise sessions the public see are always just ahead of the tourney and yes, they are less intense. The build up, behind closed doors, very intense, which is what all pro athletes do. Relentless build up, ease off just before the game, match, marathon etc, otherwise, body is knackered and not at peak. This week it will be about rhythm, consistency, acclimatising, timing, etc. the hard work has hopefully been done! Roll on the matchplay.

    2. Yeah I agree with Susie, practise within the grounds is just a light hit, never that intense so I wouldn’t read into it. Why give away your secrets?

  6. Damn there is no better feeling than watching Nadal shank a ball into the stands and then get BURNED by a passing shot on the run by Fognini. (shanking a ball with that huge saucepan for a racket should be punishable by a colonoscopy. .. Oh wait he’d probably love that!)

    6-2 to Fognini!!

      1. He was up a set, 3-0 and 15-40 on the Nadal serve. Then 4-1, 30-40 on the Nadal serve. After Nadal saved those, Fognini was done for. He choked, as expected.

  7. How familiar does this sound? The knees as the excuse. Missing tournaments for no apparent reason. It’s a joke that people aren’t suspecting certain other players.

    1. Gaurav, people are scared of the backlash they will receive if they start questioning other certain players.
      It’s all about self preservation 😛

      1. “Dope doesn’t win matches, players do. But I think the dope helps.”

        – Sid TheCookieThief

  8. Well I have to say I´m a bit disapointed if it´s the old 90 racquet. But let´s just wait a bit to hear from Roger himself hopefully very soon, because maybe it´s just wishfull thinking but on Scooters picture it looks like the head size has increased a little.
    But if he has chosen the old racquet then he will not switch I think, this is the ideal time to be testing a new racquet in, okay he´s battling to make it for the WTF, but no matter what the season will remain under level. And with the indoor tournaments coming up it´s the perfect settings for testing or get used to a new racquet in match play. If he has decided to wait to after the season WTF then of course he would have a lot of time to test a new racquet but not enough match time before Australian open.

    So my guess is either the racquet pictured in Scooters comment is a new 95 or else he has decided to stick with the 90 for good.

  9. Hi Jonathan I was hoping he would be using a larger racquet – but if not lets hope he has his mojo back and is feeling happy and confident and raring to get back to his winning ways. It’s feels like an eternity since he walked on a court – tennis is going to be a very boring sport when he retires – I like Stan but there is just no one else to cheer on and get passionate about

  10. Federer in Novak’s quarter in Shanghai. Straight forwardish draw for him otherwise. Nadal has Stan the man in the quarters and possibly Del Potro/ Berdych in the semis.

  11. I think he is using a different racquet, just because the frame looks bigger to me on the other pics published recently online…

  12. Now that Fed’s had his first doubles match – anyone know what racquet that is? I know it looks like the old paint job, but is it the 90?

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