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Federer Training Autumn 2016

Federer To Start Comeback at Hopman Cup on January 2nd

Hi all, as I'm sure you already know Roger's first tournament back in 2017 is the Hopman Cup after he cut short his season. The reason I'm posting is that we now know who his opponent will be and it's Dan Evans. He'll take on the Brit on January 2nd at 5.30pm local time in Perth.

After the singles he will then partner Belinda Bencic against Evans and Heather Watson to complete the SUI vs. GB tie. A pretty nice opening match for Roger who took care of Evans easily at Wimbledon and you'd expect similar outcome in Western Australia. It's only an Exhibition of course with no points at stake so neither player is going to go hell for leather but it's probably not a bad way for Roger to ease himself back into competitive play.

Are any of you guys heading to Perth? Let me know in the comments. And what do you think of the Brisbane lineup? Fed's contract looks to have expired so Stan, Nadal and Nishikori have all entered the fold there. Looks like a big blow for Chennai in losing Wawrinka.

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Huge fan of Roger Federer - I'll pretty much try and watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or tweeting about tennis I play regularly myself and use this blog to share my thoughts on Fed and tennis in general.

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  1. Hi Jonathan πŸ™‚
    We missed Federer but we really missed you posts too. I hope you’ll have more before January πŸ˜‰

  2. yeah looking forward to 2017

  3. Yep, too bad that Chennai lost Stan…They never had big star attraction..I think Rafa played once may be…then probably Sripachhan(??) likely selling point later until they have Stan..Chennai is where i started my carrier, but its kind of understandable they couldn’t attract big names…

    So AO is going to be Roger’s real ATP tour start place? Nice idea to include that counter….

  4. so that means he can still have protected ranking for AO, right?

    • Don’t think protected ranking will help: as I understand it, it’ll get you into a draw but you can’t get a seeding with it, and he’ll have to go in at No. 17 or whatever he is at the time? Or am I wrong?

      Good to see *you* back too, Jonathan. I like the countdown πŸ™‚

    • He won’t need a Protected Ranking to get in the main draw though so will he even taken one? And does he even qualify? Need to be out for a minimum of 6 months, so does the Hopman Cup count as an event? It it does, he can’t get one. If it doesn’t, he can.

      • He wouldn’t quite have qualified for Brisbane, by a couple of days, I think. That’s the trouble: what is the point of a PR for the big guys, if they can’t get a seeding with it? And it’s not as if no tournament director would give him a wild card if he asked.

  5. Who cares if Hopman is an exhibition? Why did you italicize the word competitive? What’s this nonsense attitude with anything outside an ATP tour event or GS, it’s not worth Roger’s time?

    • Whoever said it wasn’t worth his time? I said it wasn’t going to be competitive.

      Whether you like it or not The Hopman Cup is an exhibition. So by its nature it’s not going to be as competitive as a tour level match. When there’s points at stake and players results determine what’s in the fridge it leads to a bit more focus on the outcome.

      • Quite. No stress (?), no ranking points at stake (although he will desperately need them, of course), nobody able to claim a big win over him while he’s shaking the rust off …

        Must admit, I really don’t know much about the Hopman Cup and the format: I’m just used to seeing notes in the paper saying that Murray and Watson/Robson have beaten/lost to someone or other. So, you represent your country in singles and mixed, you play against another country, and then I assume that if your team wins you go further and play someone else?

      • Its only good in the sense that you are guaranteed 3 singles matches, so if you lose your 1st match like in a regular tournament you get another chance. So it may help him shake a bit of rust off.

      • Yeah good point Conal about 3 guaranteed matches.

  6. Well Jonathan, I am heading to Australia in November for a few weeks. I will spend two days in Melbourne and hoping to check out the tennis grounds.

    Glad to see you’re still kickin. Love the count down clock.

    I bit the bullet and bought tickets to Indian Wells. Our man better show up or else!
    Hope everyone is well.

  7. This was posted by Federer on Tweeter: I’ll miss playing this fall but will be back to Switzerland with Match for Africa 3 on Apr 10, 2017,playing 2x Olympic champion @andy_murray

    Exo.No ATP points. LOL! Not competitive.

    • No way Murray is allowed to win a Exho on Swiss soil. Just like if Fed played in Glasgow for the Judy Murray foundation. Has to lose and comes back to find his Mercedes on bricks and a missing centre console screen πŸ™

  8. Oh hey Jonathan, you are alive!

    And still 81days, 22hours, 55minutes and 23seconds to go…

  9. Already looking forward to it.

  10. Honestly, I already died from waiting. Can’t wait for Roger’s return… Let’s hope it’s even better than 2014 comeback…

  11. How the f**k Milos Servic will become 4th in the rankings???


    Monfils…. 7th, BTW…

    I just can’t imagine Fed outside top 10… I guess I’ll have to resist to a low ranking number.

    I hope Djokovic’s era is finished. Doesn’t maybe seem like it but the guy is either playing tactics or he fell in love with his FO Cup… You can never trust a guy like him. He can say he is injured but comes to a match and destroys everyone like nothing has happened before. I wouldn’t shout “DOPER” right now… I am just not in the mood.

  12. I did have a look at going to Perth. Didn’t know it took so long to fly from Sydney! With the time difference it’s almost like an overseas trip! Since we’re already having an overseas holiday at the moment, no way I could take the whole family to Perth in Jan. And me going alone for a few days leaving the husband and kids behind? Big no no no from all! Sigh! Hopefully next year at AO!

  13. Will be cool to see Fed back in Perth after so long and I can’t wait to see the other Aussie fans welcome him back! As you said, not really that competitive and is pretty far from Sydney, so gonna opt to go to Melbourne instead, counting down the days!!

  14. I just saw Jonathan’s image about the slowest and fastest courts. ALL OF THEM are slow. BTW, I would like to see Dubai level even if it’s not in the image. Tennis is ruined.

    • Yeah first time I’ve seen any graphics showing the slowing. Reduces skilll level of the sport.

    • With so many slow courts now why can’t the North American season have at least medium fast courts, since there is a clay court season with slow courts? Washington, Canada (Toronto or Montreal), Cincinnati, and USO. It would provide some real variety to the season and help those players who are good at the net. It was so refreshing to see Mischa Zverev play some old-time serve-and-volley. And it forced the other players to play a little differently – lobs anyone?i

  15. Will Murray overtake Djokovic before December?
    He sure is closing in!

    • I don’t care.

    • πŸ˜€ Looks possible from the permutations.

      • Andy, and those who have tried to figure this out, say it will be tough for Murray to get to No. 1 this season. He would have to win pretty well all his remaining tourneys. (And it looks like 275 points will come off from the Davis Cup final). But Andy did not play in February last year because of the new baby and did relatively poorly in a couple tourneys during the time Novak was winning everything in sight; he has an excellent chance of getting to No. 1 around March or so.

  16. Hahahah you guys see Nadal claiming balls are too fast? πŸ˜€ He wants them slowed down and the bounce diminished, what a joke…

    • Sid TheCookieThief

      He really said that. Unbelievable!

      [“It’s times like these that you can hurt yourself, it’s causing us injuries.”]

      Yeah, well, that’s when you come to the front court, and finish points.

      [“The balls travel faster and when you want to return one, you may have to suddenly stop”]

      Or maybe if you move even further behind the baseline, you can get a bit of extra time?

      Basically Nadal wants slower balls so he can “create more pain” with his forehand.

      • He also said something along the lines of: now really anybody can hit a winner from any place on the court.

        Complaining that it doesn’t reward tactics. Wtv

    • Just typical Nadal comments really, WTF on clay, 2 year rankings, slower balls. He’s got a long list of requests that only benefit himself lol.

      • Rafa is pathetic. Roger should order faster courts and more grass courts. (BTW, grass really needs a ATP 1000 tournament. Damn them hard courts) At least it’s more legitimate cause courts were faster before…

        Djoker has finally become human. I can maybe start to party.

  17. Hi all…. wow since federers injury I have to say Tennis and nearly all the tournaments without him have been really rubbish. Apart from stan the man winning the US Open, if you look at tournaments worldwide the venues have been half filled and the buzz is just not the same. As for Djokovic I am really happy that finally he losing. But this is in my opinion the shadow elite have NOT been making the big money when all the big four were in the mix. Therefore he has been told to start tanking and give Murray a chance for number one as currently there is not that Tennis frenzy andthe positive stories without Federer.
    The only current stories in Tennis are the the few Atp official referees that have been banned and suspended for match fixing.
    Djokovic is still in his prime but the elite know that worldwide his popularity is equivalent to a wet toilet mop! Yes in Serbia they can make money on him by the illegal and legal bets the syndicates and organised business crime groups can make. But that willbe so be only so much. ThThis is why nowyou will hear the bullshit propaganda media news reporting ffrom Djockovic that he has lost interest and motivation Iin Tennis, and he no longer wants to break Federers record. Yeah right!!! A leopard doesn’t changehis spots. This Iis guy that has been taught and trained mentality that winning and being number1 is everything to his life. And allof a sudden he Iis not bothered anymore. Absolutely bullshit, people can buy his sobb story but I can see right through his current loses.
    Even though I am happy to see Djokovic lose, I know that he has now been given the slow elite nod to start to lose certain tournaments in order for the shadows to start to select there next manufactured tennis star. Plus in my opinion it’s about flipping time too. These last 4 years of djokovic dominance has taken Tennis into unnatural robotic repetitive boring spectacle. And another fellow monotonous tennis player Andy Murray who I am not a fan of. I would like to see him over take Novak in the year end number 1. It will be another disaster if Djokovic retains it.
    Any way can’t wait till the 2017 season when federer returns. Even if federer is rusty it will definitely bring the popularity back.

  18. I have been watching a bit of Shanghai. The seats are half empty even for the semis. The tour is definitely missing Fed in more ways than one. $$$
    Surprised Nadal was out so early but then it is the end of the season and he is not making a successful comeback like in past years.
    I noticed the ATP is really pushing the next generation knowing the money has to come from somewhere.
    I don’t think Djokovic is losing because it’s fixed. I think the tour is burning him out. I watched his semi match and he was not behaving in a calm profession way. Ripping his shirt, smashed racket. The Asian fans don’t like that kind of behaviour. And he wants the fans to love him. And he seems to have lost weight. Never seen him so skinny.
    I don’t know of anyone who has Fed’s joy of the whole package of the tour. He loves to play, travel, be interviewed. I feel for Fed it is all energizing. For most, tiring.

    • Yeah Djoker looks burnt out.

      • Novak has pretty well said that he is burned out, mentally as well as physically. That one cannot keep that high level going after such a long time.

      • Probably only kept going for this long to fend off Roger, and now he’s not there, the wind has gone out of his sails. Blast the man – why couldn’t he have done it a year ago? πŸ™

      • I almost agree with Alison, the evident main stimulation for him, contesting GOAT-Roger in all respects, is out for time being. But you never know with Djoko. Seemingly down, but suddenly waking up again, cheating our minds’ wishing! – Go Andy!

      • One does not simply beat Fed’s records

  19. Andy Murray won Shanghai… I’m still bored.

    • Am almost afraid to say this here, but I am an Andy Murray fan, so enjoyed the match. πŸ™‚ I was getting very tired of seeing Novak beat him in so many finals; it was a pleasure just to have a different opponent.

  20. Was so glad to see some posts on this site. Let the countdown continue!

  21. Hey, notice Djokovic not nominated for the Sportsmanship Award…hmmm. Ripped one too many shirts?

  22. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHZ6kB1ZS-U

    Does someone remember this crazy match???

    No Fed here but I think longtime fans could remember it. A very unusual match.

    Fed was eliminated here… πŸ™

  23. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZBOs9rwxn0 Set 1
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ApFde_BUqhQ Set 2
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_v_Qop7LVXg Set 3

    I think this is one of Fed’s matches that almost nobody knows or even remembers. If he could have won here maybe he could have won FO 2004.

  24. why are my comments awaiting moderation?

  25. Front row tix GER v SUI

  26. Jon, that interview you linked to is in fact with the Tagesanzeiger (there’s a surprise!). It’s very long, and all in German πŸ™‚

  27. I just have to say something about the tennis gear this year. SO ugly. I think the worst is the orange shirt and purple shorts.
    Whoever designed that was on some kind of non-enhancing drug.

  28. I also miss Fed at Basel. Seems very weird he’s not in the draw.

  29. Abstinences shared, Sue πŸ™

    • Cheer up, mate! Season’s ending. BTW watching Fed’s old matches makes the pain somehow go away. (As long as you don’t watch this season. I don’t)

  30. I somehow have this feel that Fed will be incredible in 2017. I hope for a slam win. For fun, I will predict that Djokovic will no longer will be #1.

    Let’s hope so.

    • Quite likely. They say Murray could technically overtake him before the year end.

    • Quite likely. They say Murray could technically overtake him before the year end.

      I hadn’t even registered Basel was starting πŸ™

      • The situation is quite interesting this end of the year. Djokovic having a slump, Murray trying to be #1, Nadal’s inconsistencies, Fed’s comeback in 2017, Del Potro’s great return, Zverev making progress, Monfils qualifying for ATP Finals for the first time, Thiem qualifying for first time in ATP Finals (Don’t think Goffin,Berdych and Cilic will overtake him), Pouille coming out of nowhere, Kyrgios’s talents in getting suspended and many other surprises as well…

        People who want to see live rankings :

    • Fed for the calendar year grand slam!!

      Who’s with me??

      • I’m with you, Alb!!! But it’s wise to say it’s unrealistic. If Djokovic is not able to win the calendar year grand slam in his prime and Fed wasn’t able to win it in his prime then he won’t probably do that at the age of 36…

      • Who wouldn’t on this blog find this the most fair and wonderful comeback? As for me, I’ll be grateful just to watch Federer’s beautiful tennis on court again – win or lose, – and possibly tell myself to be patient about his possible win – And be grateful for every win, too – be it many or few. And I admire his unique persevering love for this sport, and persistent competence in it, and thankful for his sharing it with us.

      • Oh – I totally agree. I know its impossible. I was just being silly. But hey – we can dream!

      • Of course but wouldn’t it be nice to see Fed back at #1 at 36?

  31. Yes, the great unknown is how Roger will do when he returns. Rumor has it, he will play in Dubai.

    Time for Murray to have a turn at #1. He has a poor record in the spring though.

  32. Oh, my bad… I thought that he was going to start his season in Dubai.. Red too fast and misunderstood the comment.

  33. BTW, I just reminded myself when I chatted with Sid if Serena Williams is a true sportsman or not.

    Here’s a clip that reminded me a part of the truth…


    • And I will use that hook to say how much I’ve enjoyed the few WTA finals matches I was able to watch. With no gangsters on the roll call, all of the sudden and using a fortunate Sid’s expression, there was a W again in WTA. Graceful and clear tactic play, no ranting, and brute force was left in the basement for a change. I find it’s still less varied than men’s game, but that’s how it is.
      What a formidable comeback year Cibulkova has had and what a final game: it had it all. Lost match-points, saved breakpoints, out-of-this world defense by Kerber and steel persistence from Dominika. They deserve a bow.

      • To be honest, WTA without the Williams sisters is more entertaining than ATP…

      • Well, nevertheless, here and there one is lucky enough to catch a few funny matches. There are a few stubborn dudes who insist on being aggressive, come to the net and play the watchdog that will not any ball go through. I’m thinking about Mischa Zverev, who sold a very expensive defeat against Cilic. It’s a bit suicidal at times if not done the right way, and Brown is the extreme epitome of that…
        (And I know that: my son is now passing me about one time out of two…)

      • Graceful and clear tactic play

        I disagree, even without the Williams sisters, women’s tennis has become the battle of the big hitters. You have to be a ball basher to compete now.

        You have Aga but that’s about it. Keys, Domi etc are just going for power. Totally flat game.

        I don’t mind Kerber as she isn’t so much a hitter, just very good at making one more ball. But her serve lets her down.

  34. I can’t believe I survive six months w/out Federer in the court…
    I didn’t watch that much tennis after his injury.hmmmm.. Now I know that I watch tennis bec. of federer. I kinda feel bad about that. I tried to watch some matches but I got bored easily..

  35. Happy New Year, everyone! Roger’s just beaten Dan Evans (3&4), a very positive re-start πŸ™‚ . Hope that Roger can have a couple of more solid matches under his belt before the OZ open starts.
    Tennis without Roger felt eternally long and was not much fun either.

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