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Federer Sinks Sonego To Reach The Quarter Finals at Wimbledon

The Swiss came through 7-5, 6-4, 6-2 in 2 hours and 11 minutes to make his 18th Wimbledon Quarter Final.

Roger Federer is through to his fifty-eighth Grand Slam quarter-final and eighteenth at Wimbledon, thanks to a 7-5, 6-4, 6-2 over Lorenzo Sonego.

The Swiss faced a tricky test against the 23rd seed, who was fresh off making the final in Eastbourne last week, but after a close opening set, he made short work of his opponent thanks to some heavy forehands and an aggressive gameplan that allowed him to play the points on his terms.

Federer will have to wait until Tuesday to find out who his next opponent is, as he awaits the winner of Daniil Medvedev vs Hubert Hurkacz, with their match postponed due to rain with the Russian leading two sets to one.

Quick Match Recap

federer wimbledon 4r 2021

Federer won the toss and chose sides. Sonego chose to serve and held to fifteen to start proceedings.

The Swiss matched him with his own hold to fifteen, landing all five of his first serves for 1-1.

When serving at 1-2, Federer slipped down 15-30, thanks to a shanked drive volley which left him giving daggers to someone in the crowd whose phone went off. However, he quickly regrouped to hold for 2-2.

In the fifth game, Sonego was quickly up 40-0, but Federer reeled him in to create his first break point of the match.

A short slice return that could Sonego could only slice back was called out, seemingly giving Federer a break but a challenge overruled the call as it had clipped the line. Sonego then won the replayed point and staved off a further two break points with some big serves to eventually hold for 3-2.

Federer responded with a speedy hold to love and created three more breakpoints for 0-40 thanks to the Sonego forehand leaking errors.

The Italian saved the first but went long on the second to drop serve; unbeknownst to him, the forehand called out 0-15 was in had he challenged.

Federer then held to love for a 5-3 lead before Sonego responded with a love hold of his own to force the Swiss to serve it out.

However, the set was far from done as Federer threw in four consecutive errors to drop serve.

At 5-5, Sonego quickly moved up 40-0, meaning he'd won 11 points in a row before a double fault stemmed the tied.

Federer then made deuce and, in a lengthy game, held three break points which Sonego saved. A fourth break point also came his way, but play had to be suspended due to rain.

That meant the roof had to be closed, and Sonego resumed serving down breakpoint. Upon resumption, he fired down a double fault to drop serve.

That meant Federer had a second bite of the cherry to serve it out, and he again struggled, slipping to 15-40, but some timely serve + forehand combos got him over the line to take it 7-5.

Into set two, and Sonego kicked with a hold to thirty for 1-0. Federer was quickly level, and that pattern repeated itself as the scoreboard ticked over to 2-2.

The fifth game saw Federer create breakpoint thanks to a ripped cross-court forehand. Sonego saved up, but a second soon followed, and this time Federer converted, firing a forehand up the line to produce his best return game of the match.

Federer consolidated for 4-2, and despite Sonego trying to gee up the crowd after holding serve, Federer maintained his lead with a hold for 5-3.

Another Sonego hold asked Federer whether he could serve it out, and he answered with a hold to love, playing a much cleaner set overall.

The third set started with more success for Federer as he broke to lead 1-0. A love hold consolidated the break for 2-0.

Three more breakpoints followed in game three, and although Sonego saved two of them, a missed volley gave Federer a double break for 3-0. A speedy hold put him up 4-0.

The pair traded holds, and soon Federer was serving for the match at 5-2, and he did so in style to seal his spot in the quarter-finals.

Match Stats

  Roger Federer Lorenzo Sonego
Aces 4 4
Double Faults 1 2
First Serve % In 47/77 (61%) 67/108 (62%)
Win % On 1st Serve 37/47 (79%) 44/67 (66%)
Win % On 2nd Serve 19/30 (63%) 18/41 (44%)
Net Points Won 29/46 (63%) 10/23 (43%)
Break Points Won 5/15 (33%) 1/3 (33%)
Receiving Points Won 46/108 (43%) 21/77 (27%)
Winners 32 23
Unforced Errors 26 26
Total Points Won 102 83
Distance Covered 3698.5m 3945.3m
Distance Covered/pt. 20.0m 21.3m



Thoughts on the Match

federer sonego wimby 2021

I’m extremely happy. Tricky conditions inside and outside against Lorenzo, always dangerous. But  I felt like after that first set, I was able to control things. It was a great match. I couldn’t be more excited to be in the quarters. It’s a big moment and I’m very, very happy. Federer speaking on court after his win.

Yet another good win here for Federer, and he's managed to make the quarter-finals from virtually a standing start.

He's also looked better and better on the court over the last seven days, which is pleasing to see. Today, his forehand was the strongest suit, and that shot penetrated the court to set up plenty of points.

Once he had the lead, he started swinging freely, and it was a bit like the old days where he was able to play on autopilot.

There were still a few ‘off colour' moments in the first set but comparing his footwork and overall level today to what he showed vs Mannarino a week ago; it is night and day.

So while you can't exactly call it prime Federer, given he moves nowhere near as well, there's still plenty left in his game, and if he keeps this up, he will be a handful for anyone on this surface.

As for Sonego, he had some good moments but never played with the consistency to trouble Federer. This match needed someone who could make Federer play one more ball, but Sonego opted for a high octane type approach that worked in the first set, but he couldn't sustain it.

Final Thoughts

  • Scratchy first set but came through it
  • He picked up his level from there to dominate
  • Can still move better / improve on the run

Predictions vs Hurkacz

federer hurkacz

Next up for Federer is Hubert Hurkacz after the Pole defeated Daniil Medvedev in five sets.

Medvedev held a 2 sets to 1 lead, but with play suspended overnight, Hurkacz won the fourth set on resumption, broke early in the fifth and maintained his advantage to move into his maiden Wimbledon quarter-final.

The two sets were the first Hurkacz has dropped during the Championships, and he's a very unassuming type of player that goes about his business quietly.

This year he won his first Masters 1000 title in Miami, but overall it's been a season of mixed results, he lost the first round in the French Open and had early losses in Stuttgart and Halle, but at SW19, he's found some good form.

The Pole has a heavy first serve, and I think the match will depend on how well Federer can return him.

The two have played once before at Indian Wells in 2019, which resulted in a Federer straight sets win, but two years I'd expect Hurkacz to have improved significantly since then and he has the tools that have caused Federer problems at Wimbledon before.

Still, if Federer can put enough balls in play and not give up ground on the baseline, I like his chances.

What did you guys think of the win over Sonego? Let me know in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. Thanks Jonathan for quick account and great comments. And nice to get one more of his fighting through in his beautiful style. Well – next …we’ll see. Courage – 😊!
      (if next is Wednesday, then same day as Europe SF football on Wembly – England/DK…….. the roaring from both places may excite on very far distance? Maybe all the way to Scandinavia?)

    1. Geez. only to have fallen fourth. Bit a brilliant foirth round. Massive progress as J righty pointed out.

  1. Yess another great match for Roger. He is enjoying himself and that’s the best attitude.
    And we are enjoying his classic moves and also his unthinkable shots.
    Go Roger forever!

  2. Some stunning FH’s today. But I don’t think Fed has been pushed to the limit. Expecting Medvdev to challenge Fed shot for shot in the QF. And then the looming SF against FAA. Fed’s path to the wimbledon title is lit on fire. I just hope Fed has that extra gear in him.

    1. Rather against Berrettini. Felix is getting more consistent and self-confident on big points, but Berrettini has more firepower and experience.

      1. Zverev did play his worst match of the season. Hitting 20 double faults. How can you loose against someone hitting 20 double faults and only 9 aces, being one of biggest servers on tour? Don’t know what happened to him, but it was disaster. It was like playing with serious (maybe mental) injury. So don’t over-hype Felix’s win.
        Some guys (including Harris, Andujar, Norrie, Sonego …) have all recorded wins over Thiem. But Thiem was at 10% of his usual level.
        Now the same happened to Felix. This does not make him a greater player. Still win is a win and a great achievement for Felix. But will not help him much in upcoming matches against in form top players.

      2. I am not sure why FAA is a lock for the semi-final lol. Berrettini has been in top form for the last 2 months and is a smarter player.

  3. I thought it was an absolutely horrible match for the first half, and only confirmed that Roger’s unlikely to be having much effect in the latter stages of this tournament unless he bucks his ideas up. A LOT.

    1. alison I think he’s still rusty – and nervous. Once confidence sinks in, we may see some goodies swinging

      1. Rusty, nervous and not always timing well. Yes, I agree. Probably needs quite a tight match sometime to reset the brain to instinctive mode.

      2. @alison
        Right. Again – performance creates confidence, but performance depends on both players. You can do your best and it’s still not the performance you needed. If Fed can perform well against Meevedev (I do assume, he beats Hurkacz), this could mean, he has overcome the fears re fitness and potential symptoms of fitness (injury) getting worse, sitting in the brain. Still we don’t know, it it’s only irrational but physiologically induced fears or there is still a physical issue in the knees.
        In the process of coming-back from surgery, rehab and long pause, there are two processes. Clearing the mind allowing to swing freely in any situation against any opponent. And using up physical reserves in the half-recovered, old joints. Since tomorrow Fed must forget both and go for 100% so long he becomes no signals of pain. Should they come, he may be brutally stopped in the process and falter, seeing, that fears are not only traces in the brain but worsening conditions of knees. Nobody can play 100% in such situation.

      3. It’s impossible to know how strong he feels his knees are. Still seems a little hesitant moving, but he’s got way better than the first round. In round 1 his footwork was poor, now it’s gotten better. Maybe he’s a little less confident when really going into full sprint mode.

    2. Finally – an objective analysis! (Besides Jonathan’s.)

      I agree that Fed did very little that was “special” (which is why Inverdale’s and Henman’s commentary was so egregious) and that Sonego just capitulated. *I mean, he rallied worse than Federer from the baseline! Is that even possible nowadays?)

      However, what I did enjoy was Federer’s net play (apart from his S&V which was truly terrible) and his several passing shot winners. That said, his forehand is still suspect (a result, like J says, of his slowing down), that crosscourt “buggy whip” looks awful – though it’s perhaps a requisite for consistency – and his BH remains a “liability” in pretty much every longish baseline rally.

      However, for what’s to come – if he can slice as effectively as he did in 2019 and get a little more confident on the FH, he’ll give any two of Meddy/Hurkacz/FAA/Berrettini a whole lotta trouble. But even if he does win two more matches … he’ll still have to play the fortress named Novak Djokovic.

  4. Roger Federer is still so classy, the guy gives it all.He is truly an inspiration.
    I love Federer so much,he was the one who carried me through my darkest days when I was suffering mentally and I was literally crazy(still am) for him.I don’t know why but that 8-7 40-15 still haunts me,infact the whole match.I have never been able to get over it, maybe it is more to do with my personal mental strength but it still makes me uncomfortable when I watch Federer play.
    But finally I have completely enjoyed watching Federer play this tournament, and it has been sheer joy seeing him.
    I really do have a feeling this might be his last Wimbledon and it does make me feel a little emotional ,he was my idol and will always be.
    Hope Rog has a good tournament ahead.

      1. Well, since he’s not properly “back” yet this year, I hope he’ll still be around and playing well next year.

  5. Easy win as expected. Next round will be tougher, regardless of who it is. Most likely, Medvedev will win a quick 4th set and will be ready to go and beat Roger on Wednesday. I hope Roger proves everyone wrong by beating Medvedev and FAA in the semis to finish the job he left unfinished in 2019. All these wishes will hopefully come true and give Roger one final slam.

      1. I didn’t forget. Just didn’t want to mention his name. That is the unfinished business from 2019 that Roger needs to finish this time around 🙂

      2. @Ganesh S
        Are you superstitious?
        You can call him Mr. X or something 😉
        But I guess, he will not disappear, if you don’t call him by name 🙁
        But I see, you want Roger to get this year revenge over someone, who beat him in 2019 😉 This is not Fucsovics, I guess?
        BTW – I would like to see Fucsovics beating Mr. X just because of Marton being “most underrated player” on the tour (ATP website says) and I like him as a person 🙂

  6. Why do ppl think he might play FAA in the semis? Think Matteo will get there.

    Great progress by Fed and of course now he’s made QFs it’s all a bonus. Think Meddy will come thru, so yes he will be the best server Fed has faced but he’s been patchy too so all to play for

    I’d like a better 1st serve % and points won tho. Sonego really didn’t return well and a Meddy will

    Allez all the way Fed

    1. Agree. Felix has reached his ceiling. His power serves and shots will not affect Matteo as they did against opponents he defeated so far. Still good for Felix but not important for Fed. His path now is Medveded > Berrettini > Djoker. 3 real fights where he will need to be 100% fit. The magic is overwhelming, but only if he has chance to come often to the net and keep rallies short with superb ball placement, which only works, if coming balls are not too hard and deep. And they will come deep from everyone from the 3, plus hard from first two.

    2. Yeah FAA is getting overhyped. I feel like if your opponent serves 20 double faults, then you’d need to have a terrible day not to win. 5 games worth of free points!? Obviously, if he only hit them when up 40-0, it might not be a problem, but just looking now, most of them were at pretty important moments.

  7. He’s still trying to find his game and the level he showed today won’t get him further than the quarters, but perhaps he will improve with the quality of opponent. He will need to serve better than he has in the tournament so far too, to increase the ‘cheap’ points ratio. The likes of Medvedev or FAA would hit him off the court if he gets into rallies, something he hasn’t had to contend with too much in the last couple of rounds.

    However, it’s incredible that he’s still making this stage of slams when he is nearly 40. Long may it continue.

    1. FAA didn’t really hit him off the court in Halle. I think he will be fine, Sonego has a pretty big forehand and serve. It all depends on his movement.

  8. Jonathan, I see your alliteration game continues on point!

    What WAS that end of the first set? Apparently there were breezy conditions on court, so maybe that was part of it. But really, if Sonego had controlled his length of shot better, not gone long/wide as often, Fed would have had a tougher time of it. You have to think he’s going to start meeting those guys with better control pretty quickly here.

    Sonego moved pretty well – loved to see some of their net interchanges. And then after Rog broke in set 2 he was just “there” in a way he hadn’t been. It’s clear he needs to keep improving, but it’s also clear, as you said, that he has already improved miles since the beginning of the tournament.

    Can he keep bringing a can-do mentality & improving over the course of a match? Probably more quickly than he has been? Guess that’s what we’re going to find out.

    1. Apparently he said in his Swiss-German interview that he was “playing the ball not the man” and that he was doing it like he hadn’t done in Wimbledons before.

      If that’s so, good on him! It’s how he beat Nadal in the 2017 AO (and subsequently turned the tables) and it’s the only way he’ll be able to beat the Djoker in a Bof5. Getting over the “mental block” against the Djoker (in a slam) is Federer’s last test in tennis. If he can do that, there won’t be anything left for him to do. Not that doing so will make him the GOAT or that he should retire if he does or whatever – it’ll just mean that he’ll have overcome every challenge he’s ever faced as a tennis player – except beating Nadal at RG. (Though it’s worth remembering that Federer is the only one to have gone 5 sets against Rafa and held MPs in a Bof5 clay match. This was in Rome 2006, when Rafa was running down *everything*. Djokovic has beaten Rafa twice at RG, but in 3 and 4 sets respectively.)

  9. I don’t know why everyone is so overhyping Medvedev. I think he will get exposed pretty much in 4 sets if it comes to that and maybe in straights.

    Roger will play his usual aggressive style and cut the points short. I have no fear of Medvedev.

    Plus, Zverev is out. Roger will be that much more motivated to avenge the loss against FAA.

    Onwards and upwards. No fear! BE21EVE!!!

    1. I agree. Fed can expose Medvedev should they meet. Just not sure which Fed we will get to see on Wednesday.

    2. Overhyping Medvedev? Somehow he’s got No. 2 in a season and is close to No. 1.
      Fed never played him how he is since 2 years and many have experienced tzroubles bigger than expected. I don’t like his tennis, but he has brain game, maybe better than Djokovic. His tennis is instinctive and not readable but he can control it (so to say “manipulate emotionally”).
      No way Felix reaches SF. Zverev is potentially better than Berrettini but delivered complete crap against Felix. Berrettini will not hit tons of double faults but will hit lot of aces.

      1. Well. It doesn’t matter anyway since Medvedev lost. So, in a way he is a bit overhyped.

        Roger has an opening now. Let’s see if he can capitalize.

  10. He did surprised me. It s just me or u guys also think is incredible a 40 wins a teenager after been almost 2 years off from two surgeries in his knees? I am impressed. Everything now is bonus for me. Let´s enjoy

    1. I think it’s both very impressive but also doesn’t reflect so well on the rest of the tour’s level. I think tennis was stronger 10-15 years ago outside the Big 3.

      1. A very fair point.

        Starting in 2004, Federer – he who was born to play tennis – turned the tour into a one-man show; with Rafa as his “clay sidekick” if you will. Then came Wimby 2008, then came Murray and the Djoker, and then came the “Djoker show”. Only that show, thought it neutralized Federer, wasn’t half as entertaining. But it did show the effectiveness of attritional baseline rallying – those USO 2010, 2011 and AO 2012 finals make for ghastly viewing for someone who likes to watch attacking, point-finishing play. (How many times is Djokovic going to take a step back and whack another precise “ughhh!” forehand instead of coming in and volleying or taking the ball out of the air?) And with Nadal already having exposed the weakness of the one-handed BH (on clay, at least) and the gradual decrease of court-speed around the world, the *game itself* became less multi-dimensional.

        There was no longer any *need* to be a good volleyer, any *need* to learn to play anything more than a better-than-average slice (re Djokovic), any *need* to stand close to the baseline and play an attacking, *all-court* game. Consequently, what we have now is a great numbers of impressive players who can serve well, engage in interminable baseline rallies, spank the ball at 100+ mph (off both wings even – like Thiem), and … then lose to Djokovic. Or we have Federer who can get to MP … and then lose to Djokovic.

        Note: Tsitsipas and Shapavalov may be exceptions, but both of them have average or below-average net games, just-above-average serves, limited forehands (they’re neither of them up there with Roger or Rafa), and the “liability” of a one-handed backhand.

        All in all, the way tennis is played (at the highest levels) is definitely more limited than it was before. That said, Federer really *is* sui generis. (Though his victory yesterday had little to do with him and much more to do with Sonego’s terrible play. I mean, the fellow rallied worse than the Fed from the baseline…which takes *some* doing!)

      2. Oh, I so agree. “Weak era”, my foot! I was looking at (both sides of) the draw earlier today and thinking the overall quality has been quite embarrassingly poor.

  11. This round of 16 match was a joy to watch, after the first set 🙂 I agree that Fed’s level of play and confidence grew as the match progressed. Both Federer and Sonego seemed pretty happy walking off the court, posing for photos & smiling. Let’s keep that positive energy going into the quarters and beyond.

    A great day for Canadian mens tennis too.

    1. Yeah I saw that, I think he appreciated the crowd, they were pretty loud.

      Big win for Felix I think he’d have been annoyed to lose that, Zverev gave him 5 games in double faults, crazy.

  12. Mission accomplished I would say. Whatever he has done so far should give us joy and let’s take whatever comes next☺ no need to keep very high expectations. Just let him play and enjoy the tennis he can still produce. I was also not in good mood after that 2019 Wimbledon final for many months. Later I realized that sports are for mental relaxation and not to get stressed. When Roger was away from game I finally got over that. So just cheers 🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻

    1. Venkat Sankarasetty, you’r right, but nevertheless I guess that many of us will be sitting on chair’s ultimate thinnest edge next…nervous/excited as hell – cheers

    2. I could not agree more. Keeping in mind what Fed has had to deal with since 2019, I just feel the absolute privilege to have him back at this tournament. Of course we have not seen him at his best in this tournament, but I believe he has done his utmost to come back from injury (physical and emotional) and I have immense respect for him for even trying at this point in his life. The expectation he has placed on himself seems immense. No matter what happens, he will remain the most popular tennis player of this era.

  13. Very impressive. I am hoping that by getting to the Quarters (and once again proving what an absolute legend he is) that he can now play free and be happy whatever the outcome. Pressure is off somewhat. If he’d lost early people would have called for him to retire – he’s got rid of that element now and will be praised whatever happens. So swing free, enjoy the moment and come what may.

    1. I think you’re right, James. Nobody can criticise if he doesn’t get any further, given his lack of match play.

      1. And given everything else 😉 Everyone can criticize but this is not interesting or inspiring. Every player can say himself after a lost match, what was done wrong even not knowing exactly the reasons.
        I like many lost matches of Thiem and I know he likes them too (example: QF lost to Nadal in an epic at US Open 2018).
        I think, this may be more difficult for someone with Federer’s records, but he is both dreamer and realist, so I think, he will be happy with any loss if he knows, he has performed well, gave a great tennis show for fans and enjoyed the game 🙂

  14. Guys, Federer’s about to enter his fifth decade on this earth, is recovering from double knee surgery, has played only nine matches this year coming into this tournament, yet he’s into the Wimbledon QFs! That’s incredible!

    The only time I felt there was real danger was Federer’s lapse when he dropped serve while serving for the 1st set. The rain delay came precisely at the moment of maximum tension, when Federer had a BP on Sonego’s serve at 5-5. After Sonego anticlimactically double-faulted to give away the break, Federer nearly had a second lapse which would surely have cost him the set. But the point is that he was clutch enough to save those BPs and serve it out. After that it was routine.

    Playing on indoor grass definitely helped in those last two sets, he served great and was able to be more aggressive. Sonego was a very game opponent who had some spectacular shots, and surprisingly his drop shots and lobs seemed to work very well against Federer.

    Yes, a similar lapse against Medvedev would cost him a set, and against Djokovic, the match. But the more matches he plays the more accustomed he becomes to the court and the more confident he becomes. All that accumulated experience and muscle memory from so many grass-court victories starts coming back. So the deeper he goes into the draw, the better he’s likely to play.

    Medvedev isn’t even through to the QFs yet. Regardless of who’s across the net, I think Federer will be able to raise his game enough to make the final four. C’mon Roger!

  15. Sonego was less of a challenge than Mannarino, which allowed Fed to earn an easy win, but is still not challenged. Fed says, he has got his rhythm. Yes, against players which let him achieve that. Medvedev and Berrettini are for sure not this kind of players.
    I would prefer for Fed to have Djokovic in QF. In any case the serious play starts tomorrow.
    In terms of results QF is still a remarkable achievement for Fed.
    But so far he could dictate his opponents. Mannarino did the best job of all Fed’s opponents so far. But this was still the same category of players without tools with the difference, some could deliver their best performance (actually only Mannarino), others were faltering after the first set, which is of course partly the effect of Federer’s magic (being effective so long he must not run too much or take hard shots from the opponent). This part of the tournament starts tomorrow. You should pray for Hurkacz to defeat Medvedev, because Hurkacz belongs to the first group and will falter after first magic things coming from Fed).

      1. I don’t remember exactly, but Almagro was also stringing crazy low. I know this from a friend who was attending Szczecin Challenger in Poland, where Almagro did play often.

    1. I actually think Medvedev will be easier to beat. He’s consistent, yes, but look at where he stands on the court! Rafa 2.0. With some decent serving, Fed can take him out by going to the net. And if Meddy starts to play closer, then he won’t be as comfortable…and that too will be to Federer’s benefit. And then there’s Fed’s slice…which Meddy will get tired of genuflecting to and returning. (Hell – even the Djoker can’t deal with that slice and relies instead on his “ball machine” play to win long matches against Federer. Wimby 2019 is a great example.)

      Hurkacz, despite being more conventional, will be tougher because of his closer-to-the-baseline position, his decent slice, and his ability to come to the net.

      1. Hurkacz has a solid game but his mental strength is close to zero. Not a match for Medvedev.

  16. Oh my goodness that first set,what a rollercoaster.I couldn’t watch at one stage,huge relief when he won.
    Next two sets straightforward.So amazing to see him playing so well bearing in mind his age and injury recovery.
    And don’t the crowds love him!Irrespective of who wins the most slams he is always going to be the most popular of

  17. Roger played well and executed his game plan…almost to perfection. Minor blip not closing out first set at 5-4 but smooth sailing since then. Roger was able to pick apart Sonego’s game which surprised me as he only played him once in 2019. If this Roger shows up this Wednesday, I think he stands a decent chance to make things difficult for his opponent 😆😆. I am still not confident enough to circle a W yet. A bit of uncharted territory for him entering Wimbledon with only a few matches. He has a slight ‘home’ court advantage as Medvedev or Hurkacz have yet to play on CC. My only worry organisers may put him in Ctr 1 which I hope not.

    1. Yeah, surprise 🙂 I did not watch the match, but looked at the stats. It seems, Hurkacz won the match at the net (another surprise for him), winning 50 points in 69 approaches (72%). Can he play serve&volley against Federer? Probably not, so for me Fed has made the final. Or Hurkacz play the match of his life or can take it into 5.

      1. @sraman
        Yes, he did. But Stakhovsky was serve&volleyer over all his career. This is not the case for Hurkacz.
        Hurkacz has attacked the net so often because of not finding the way to defeat Medvedev in baseline rallies. Hurkacz is principally baseliner with Big serve (not the biggest on tour but solid and consistent).
        And now he will play against Fed, who is not strictly serve&volleyer but can everything at the net (or the opponent can hit excellent passing shots, like Djoker.

      2. I see Hurkacz as a Berdych type of player, a little weaker than him in every aspect (serve, baseline, net). 🙂

    2. Yes. This is little unexpected. As John mentioned earlier, we kind of predicting Roger’s quarter final opponent whereas Roger himself was not there yet. So it’s really unpredictable even though based on a player’s form and pedigree his progress in a tournament can be expected. It’s all how a play on a particular day. Nothing guaranteed. Even Novak may fail to reach Final. This is highly unlikely but there is a remote possibility. Having said that I don’t pray for it😃

      1. Well I most certainly do!
        The joker couldn’t have had an easier draw.Even if Fed beats Hurkatz he still has the most considerable obstacle of Berretini.

      2. Of course. Should Fed reach the final, we need a “compatible” opponent for him. Don’t forget, Fed has lost last 3 Wimbledon finals just to Djoker. Time for revenge 🙂

  18. Hmm,a lot of hype for the mad lad.I haven’t seen Hurkatz play,but could it be another run of the Sonego match,with a big serve facing Roger.Apparently this chap can volley too,but Fed is the last serve and volleyer in men’s tennis.
    It sounds like an exciting match up far better than endless long rallies.
    It will also keep the points short hopefully.
    Roger in 3😊

    1. Don’t expect Hurkacz to go to the net so often as he did against Medvedev. This was necessary against Medvedev, it would be suicide against Fed. Hurkacz will for sure try to extend baseline rallies and pass Fed, when he is at the net. If Fed wants to avoid baseline rallies, must go to the net early, assuming it will work.

  19. Federer played Hurcaz at Indian Wells 2019.So not a total unknown commodity. Player Medvedev is not going to be same as Federer. If less unforced errors and can bring Hurcaz to net with uncomfortable angles, then it should be done. Just need to avoid baseline rallies I believe.

    1. Hubert Hurkacz had won the Masters 1000 tournament at Miami Open this year, beating along the way beating the likes of Denis Shapovalov, Milos Raonic, Stefanos Tsitsipas, Andrey Rublev and Jannick Sinner in the final. I had watched his match with Tsitsipas live on TV at the time. For the first half of the match, it had seemed that Tsitsipas would win it easily, but Hurkacz had turned it around. So, he can definitely play. Having said that, I think Roger will beat him here at Wimbledon.

    2. Agree. But the tactic for the match is not Fed’s problem. It’s obvious and with his experience, he has a lot to choose from. Hurkacz is solid baseline player and can play serve&volley against a player like Medvedev, not against Fed.
      I don’t think, Fed will have much more troubles with him than with Sonego.

    1. Yes,I think we are all going to have to learn to spell that name😊
      Nearly as bad as Tsitsipas.

  20. Managed to watch the final set of the Medvedev match.Apart from Medvedev being strangely listless,he was miles
    behind the baseline making him very vulnerable to serve and volley.So Jonathan’s warning about not giving ground on the baseline seems spot on.I think the first set could be a real tussle but then straightforward.Hopefully.Couldnt be a Fed fan if I didn’t add that🤣

    1. Medvedev is a bit strange personality. I can imagine, he had some reason to lose this match, which he was going to win day before.
      Not giving ground is wise and nice. So long your opponent does not hit deep and hard. If this happens regularly, you must give a bit of ground to avoid too many errors or defensive shots giving the opponent opportunity to go to the net for a winner (dropshot, angles a.s.o.).
      Fed must always try to start the rally with a deep shot himself (which he normally can, while still staying close to the baseline) and push the other (not able to take everything with half-volley) back behind the baseline to open the court for own attack.
      Theoretically it’s easy, if you are Fed, healthy and fit (no matter how old).

  21. To everyone critiquing Fed for not converting breakpoints. Djoker leads Fuzcsovics just by 6:2, 2:3 (no breaks in second set). So far Djoker could convert 2 of 10 breakpoints. Let’s go to critique Djoker 😉

  22. Hmm have a real 2010 Federer-Berdych vibe come from the 1st set. Two sloppy service games from Fed, one he escaped, the other he got burnt and there goes the 1st set.

    1. Roger is completely useless. He can’t hit two backhands in a row without blasting right into the net, he can’t pass on the backhand side (looks like a club player missing open shots), and he has no ability to play on the run. What the hell, did he forget how to play? He can’t even hit forehands consistently. This is the greatest ever, unable to hit four balls in a row without shanking or netting. Brilliant.

      1. Sad but true. His inability to play on the run is the most upsetting…because if he can’t do that, then he can’t play competitive tennis any longer.

  23. Vintage Roger. Error prone game against a fairly one-dimensional player, dumps the set. He’s not able to win against capable opposition, no matter their high winning percentage on tour the first six months of 2021 (He beat Norrie! Gasp!). Now he’s in a fight against a young and determined opponent. I don’t think it’s happening.

  24. First set lost, which is not a disaster in itself, but it’s a bit worrying, that Fed lost this set in every single stat (only winners were level 10:10). Fed is not playing freely, whatever the reason. Did not take advantage of shaky start from Hurkacz because of being shaky himself.
    Knowing Hurkacz and his ethnic roots (Silesia), he will not drop his level without a reason but will continue playing on his level, nothing more but also nothing less. Fed must try to be more aggressive and rise the level in every aspect of the game. If he can, of course.

    1. He raised it and almost immediately dropped it. If you cant hold serve against Hurkacz up a break, you have no business advancing. And Hurkacz had to do so little to break back, just get a few balls in play! So weak from Fed.

      And he can’t hit forehands any more! Inside out, down the line, nothing. The shot that’s gotten him a billion dollars, gone.

      Example: This first forehand out of the air in the tiebreak, an easy one. Right back to Hurkacz for an easier pass. Another forehand out of the air at 2-2 in the tb, open court, Fed goes out of the air, dumped right into the net. Why not freaking wait for it to land, or hit with some margin, or just punch it in? What an idiot he is now, tennis IQ vanished. And then he slips on an automatic smash, probably because he was doing too much again. And then he cant make an easy pass to tie things up in the tb.

      Guys like Hurkacz should send Fed gift baskets, as he’s making these pushers look great! Fed is worthless as a player now.

      1. Agreed again. That attempt to take it out of the fair was seriously stupid. As was the point at 2-2…when he could easily have guided the ball with a slice forehand rather than playing it with topspin. Fed’s decisions, whether on crucial points or not-so-crucial points, have been questionable for years now…but he had his serve, forehand, and general hand-skills to bail him out. With his serve failing and his forehand as twitchy as an old man’s scrawl, his stupid decisions are only reaping what they deserve.

        That said, I do believe he can regain his confidence on the forehand (he hit four FH winners in the first service game) … though I don’t presume to know how.

  25. Holdco, have you ever considered making a positive comment after Roger wins the matches you totally tear apart?

    1. He’s played second rate hacks and mostly escaped the matches. Nothing positive except the win.

  26. That was a tough tiebreaker. I feel he lost at least 2 points he did everything right but lost, one due to a slip, and one due to some amazing hitting by Hurcasz. It’s over I think, now. Hard to recover mentally when you lost a set you were winning 4-2…

    1. He had every chance to level and stay on serve in the TB. He bungled them all, Hurkacz’s play aside. He’s hitting like a bum. His forehands are largely gone. Forehands! Moving to his right with plenty of time, he blasts everything into the bottom of the net, just like this last point to get immediately broken in the third set. And his decisions are shockingly stupid, letting Hurkacz in time and again. He’s got nothing to threaten anyone with anymore, and he’s clearly not caring about this match anymore.

      What a colossal letdown from the supposed greatest ever. Just retire already, spare everyone these death throes.

  27. Could be bagelled in his last set? He looks so deflated, it’s sad to see. About 30 minutes ago he was up a break in the 2nd. But some credit to Hurcasz. He hasn’t done anything wrong, his win over Medvedev was not fluke. Funny, I like many others were hoping to avoid Medvedev…

  28. I can’t remember a worse match from Fed in recent memory. His opponent is solid but Fed absolutely beat himself, showing once again that at big points, he is pretty much the worst of the current greats. What a disastrous failure. Everything went away, including his brain. Couldn’t even win one game in the third. Pathetic.

    Just look at Fed’s forehands these last two sets. Completely unrecognizable. He was uncommonly terrible. He needed to win in 2019 and retire. Now we have this pity tour, and that legacy staining loss to Djokovic as our last memory of his career. Enjoy your billion dollars, my man.

    1. He’s on the cusp of 40. Just give it a rest, please? Why do you feel the need to post such negativity and hatred on this forum?

    2. Dude – seriously – go to Men’s Tennis Forum or Tennis Wharehouse – there are plenty of places to spew contempt on the 40-year-old, double knee surgery recovering Quarter finalist w 8 championships and 20 Grand Slams.

      No need to dump on here.

      If you’ve only got venom save it for another site.

    3. Every time he plays bad or loses, there you are to start with idiotic comments. The only pathetic thing I see is YOU. I WILL laugh in your face when that 40 year old man starts playing like he used to.

      1. I’ll be happy to laugh at my errors along with you, but don’t hold your breath, champ. There’s nothing fun about Fed’s game anymore, nor his prospects. It’s all over. What’s pathetic is that he hasn’t retired yet.

      2. If you see nothing fun in his game, then you are not his fan, something that everyone can see.

      3. I believe HOLDCO, like most of us on here, is a Federer fan. Only he calls it like he sees it…with the occasional exaggerated criticism. He must speak for himself, of course, but I believe that loss to Djokovic embittered him…more than it did most of us. Like I’ve proposed before, it’s very likely the loss weighs more heavily on Fed’s fans than Fed himself. Sure, it hurt Fed, but it’s the fans and not Federer who’ve got to put up with Djokovic’s fans.

        Also, as an honest fan of Federer’s tennis, you can’t help but feel terrible at how he played today. That last set didn’t see his body language *visibly* descend into the slough of despond (like he did against FAA at Halle through), but the attitude plummeted in much the same manner. And as much as he’s stressed since then that he’s feeling good, that he “knows it won’t happen again”, I’m not surprised at all if he began to feel that way – first after the tiebreak and then after he got broken in set 3. I mean, here’s a man who REVEALED the aesthetics of the game of tennis, showed what it meant to “float”, boxer-like, along the court, (virtually) perfected the backhand slice, made a “ballet” of the forehand approach to a mid-court ball … and he can’t hit even hit two consecutive forehands any more. Just think about how that must make HIM feel. Poor poor fellow.

        That said, I hope very much he does start playing like he did in 2019…but I don’t know how he’s going to. Much was given him by the gods … but fortune has never favoured him, even when he deserved it most – like in Rome 2006 and Wimbledon 2019.

      4. P.S: I’ve assumed HOLDCO is a he. I hope I’m not wrong. And if I am, I hope they understand.

    4. Shut up! No part of his game was working, he couldn’t do anything about it. He tried. It wasn’t like 40-15 in wimby’19, he had nothing to give today. Fans like you are an embarrassment.

      1. Cry me a river. He needed to do better. The best ever doesn’t play like this, and deep down you know it. This was a winnable match, and he was in it big half the time. Then he cratered. Shame on us for hoping against hope.

      2. MKA, you nailed it. As well as the fact that I’m a he. Yes, he has his fame, his billion dollars, and his lovely family to console him over the relatively few bad losses in his career (unlike many on here and elsewhere, I couldn’t care less about the 2010 USO, which wasn’t a bad loss in any way, or the 2011 USO, which was unlucky but on him for playing badly down the stretch, and was a semi anyway; the couples others are meaningless in the larger scheme of things), but the big ones that were bad, they were simply terrible.

        That’s why he needs one more huge moment, ideally against Djokovic, to get some balance for 2019. He may not see another quarterfinal, playing the way he did today.

  29. People, does Federer not deserve some respect from his loving fans?
    Federer lost to himself. Hurkacz was playing well for his potential, but Federer could have similar issues like he had at this stage (actually one less) in Paris. So it was probably beyond his possibilities. Nobody can play against his own body and win. Let’s be silent and hope, this was not Fed’s last word. But even if it was, such champions like him deserve the silence when they lose and when this loss is maybe one of his last.
    Respectful and loving silence is what he deserves and needs the most right now 🙂

    1. I don’t think he ever intended to stop playing this year, even if he somehow managed to win Wimbledon. I expect all his rehab and extra-careful scheduling was done with an aim to play at least until the end of 2022 (while continue to challenge for tournament victories along the way).

      Unfortunately, (despite rehab seeming to have gone well), I don’t think the Fed reckoned that he’d find it so hard to play like he did just two years ago. I mean, his performance in that Wimbledon was one for the ages and those matches against Nadal and Djokovic, despite the latter’s outcome, are worth watching in their entirety just to watch the superior play (not to mention innate aesthetics) of a born tennis player – not to mention the greatest, most revolutionary player to play since the wooden-racquet era.

      So, yes, I don’t think Fed’s going to quit. Not just yet. I just hope very much, for his sake, that he finds that famous forehand.

  30. Yes, I just don’t know what happened to his forehand. He also did a few weird things where he hits swinging volleys directly at his opponent’s forehand. Like the FAA match in Halle, he gave up in the 3rd.
    I have a feeling he will retire this year. He doesn’t want some stupid farewell tour with cringeworthy interviews before and after every m
    Came up against a quality opponent and then the reality hit. He gave us 2017; and 2019 was his moment and it passed him.

    I’d be happy to see Berretini or Hurcasz win (or Shpavolov, but I don’t see that happening).

    1. Why not to respect The Djoker too? This time he is not responsible for Fed’s loss.
      All 3 reaching the same feat of 20 slams would be beautiful, but of course both Djoker and Rafa have still chances.
      Let’s be happy with everything we have received from him so far and maybe we will still receive something.
      Fed chose to continue against odds but in sports there are no happy-end. It always ends with something sad.

      1. It would definitely be poetic if they all ended with 20 slams but unfortunately Novak is looking unstoppable. You’re right we should be happy and grateful we’ve gotten to see him play for so long. Not everyone can play at the level he did into his late 30s.

      2. Yes that’s right – it ends in something sad 99% of the time. If you’re lucky you can be a Sampras and I think we all know 2019 was that moment for Federer , beating his two greatest rivals at age 37.
        For Djokoivc , I do respect him and I think he will get to 23 or 24 slams now. His fortune is that there is NOBODY in the 5-6 years younger than him range of his calibre, like Federer had to deal with. He had peers (Nadal, Murray, and should have had Del Potro) but amongst the younger ones, only Thiem broke through, and that was at a high cost to him physically.

  31. Greatest ever on the cusp of 40 shouldn’t make the kinds of grotesque errors that he did. He was winning the second set and donated it away, all of it, not to mention the third. Even the loss at love in the third, Djokovic and Nadal have lost more than a few sets like that, including to Fed, but at least they fought and made their opponents take it. Fed tamely slapped his way to the L, missing near everything. What a bungler.

    If the game is gone, quit. Who wants to see this legend we all love agonizing out there.

    1. Don’t say “we all love” Roger when you have been endlessly posting negative comments on a Roger Federer blog. The man has blessed all of us with his tennis for over 20 years and has nothing more to prove especially to people being so pessimistic. Disappointing match of course but if Roger wants to continue to play we should support him as his fans.

  32. Oh dear,I said three sets but it was the wrong player😂
    Such an odd match from Federer.He seemed completely drained,his strokes had nothing on them.
    Plus an awol serve and forehand.I think the wind bothered him because there was no power on his strokes.
    I do feel that slip in the tie break cost him dearly but so did the unforced errors .
    Probably the worst I have ever seen Roger play at Wimbledon.But to loose on a bagel.He must be devastated.
    Those faux Fed supporters who come on here to slag Fed off,please show respect to a great champion of the sport.

    1. Yes, awful play. The bagel, Nadal and Djokovic has lost sets to love too, more often than Fed, I think. It just sucks it happened at this venue. Even if he won those tiebreak points, he could’ve lost in the end, since those points were to stay level, but he had to win them. Roger a few years back would’ve, easily. Fed was just terrible in every category.

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