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Federer Sinks Seppi To Move Into Rotterdam Final

Roger Federer is into the ABN Amro World Tennis Tournament Final after seeing off Andreas Seppi 6-3, 7-6(3). The Swiss, fresh off the back of returning to the top of the ATP Rankings saw off the lucky loser in 1 hour and 24 minutes and will look to become a three-time champion when he faces Grigor Dimitrov in Sunday’s final.

Quick Match Recap

Federer Rotterdam Semi Final 2018

Federer won the toss and elected to receive. Seppi got things underway with a hold to 30 and then forced Fed to save two break points before the Swiss held for one all. In game three Federer took his first chance to break for 2-1 but couldn't consolidate as Seppi hit back with some clean hitting to level. The pair then exchanged holds but at 3-4 Roger broke again, before securing the double break to take the set 6-3.

Into set two and with Fed serving ahead he held to 15 to kick things off. Seppi was not about to roll over though and his languid style of effortless ball striking proved more than a match for Roger from the back of the court. As a result, neither player was able to fashion a break point and the set resulted in a tie-break.

The tie-break started with an immediate mini-break for Seppi but Roger won both return points to lead 2-1. That was quickly 4-1 and a further mini break put Roger up 5-2 and although Seppi recovered one of them a big serve put Roger 6-3 up and he took the match 7-3 in the breaker.

Match Stats

Roger Federer Andreas Seppi
Aces 9 7
Double Faults 2 0
1st Serve 63% (42/67) 62% (43/69)
1st Serve Points Won 76% (32/42) 67% (29/43)
2nd Serve Points Won 56% (14/25) 42% (11/26)
Break Points Saved 67% (2/3) 40% (2/5)
Service Games Played 10 11
1st Serve Return Points Won 33% (14/43) 24% (10/42)
2nd Serve Return Points Won 58% (15/26) 44% (11/25)
Break Points Converted 60% (3/5) 33% (1/3)
Winners 31 21
Unforced Errors 24 14
Net Points Won 63% (17/27) 62% (8/13)
Return Games Played 11 10
Service Points Won 69% (46/67) 58% (40/69)
Return Points Won 42% (29/69) 31% (21/67)
Total Points Won 55% (75/136) 45% (61/136)
SABR 0 0


Thoughts on the Match

Fed Seppi Rotterdam 2018

Another very solid win for Roger here and he's passed a variety of different tests this week. First up was Kohlschreiber who played with a lot of spin and went for his shots to keep Fed off the baseline, then Haase who played some nice 1 + 2 combos behind his first serve and now Seppi who's ball striking and change of direction looks almost effortless.

Each time though Federer has come through and now finds himself in the final. I don't think he's struck the ball brilliantly this week (TennisTV stats showed Seppi was hitting bigger off the ground which was a surprise) but he's serving well, moving great and coming up with some decent volleys at the net and I think it's been a good mix of opposition so far in the tournament.

As for Seppi, a very decent week for him to say he only got in as a lucky loser after losing to Klizan in qualifying. The Italian has no stand out shot but is capable of sweet ball striking off both wings and he almost looks like he's not even trying so he's pretty good to watch.

Predictions vs. Dimitrov

Next up is Dimitrov who defeated Goffin after he was forced to retire after framing a ball into his eye early in the second set. Dimitrov is playing his first tournament since Australia where he lost to Edmund and picked up a shoulder problem. Unfortunately, I've not seen him play this week to really know his level but I think he will give Fed a game as he was one of the form players at the back end of last year.

His second serve and backhand can sometimes be a suspect so a lot will depend on which version of Grigor turns up and I make Fed the favourite but it could be a tight three-setter. Fed said in his post-match interview that he didn't go to bed until 4 am last night so hopefully, he gets more of a rest tonight and comes out fresh tomorrow, if he doesn't give Dimitrov any time on the ball (he needs it) then I like his chances to lift the title.

What are your predictions for the final? Let me know in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Solid match as Seppi v tricky and a late night for Rog! I blame Ivan…. ?

    Less rest time as final at 3.30pm local so glad only 2 sets tonight. Grigs will be a tougher challenge than he was at Wimby but his game doesn’t really give Rog major challenges, such as a huge serve or bullet FH. Match result has to be on Rog’s racquet!
    Win or lose tho, it’s been a fabulous history making week. Onwards!
    Ps I hear rumours of Dubai… is he trolling us all? ??

  2. Jonathan, you are being kept busy this week.
    I did see some of Grigor’s matches, including the one today before Goffin retired. He has been playing well overall. He could give Fed some problems, but if Roger is near his best he should come through OK. Another title, No. 97, would be so sweet.

  3. Didn’t see the match but I heard that Seppi played really well,so therefore Fed played better.Tomorrows match is in the afternoon,so Fed playing the second semi he really needs to get to bed before 4AM.
    Grigor has been serving really well this week and is super fast around the court.Should be a tussle with the old man ?
    Calling on all his centuries of experience.I like his chances in two,less so in three.

  4. Hmm, hmm… Fed will need to make some tuning to his BH. Dimitri Grigorov won’t give him any freebies from that side. He was very assertive against David Goffin until that unfortunate incident.

  5. I think a very tight match awaits. Fed may be a little more tired compared to Grigor, who had no celebration and late night to recover from, and even had much more time to rest before Final. Hopefully both are in fun-mode, so a possible loss won’t sting too much, whoever wins.

  6. Good to know Fed was just tired. I feared he might have caught Haase’s bug (poor Haase vomited into a garbage can during the Fed match). Brit press fearing Fed injury. I am sure he will get to bed early tonight. I think Dimi will play him tougher than usual but not win bc of mental block he has about Fed. Whatever the result, I am not getting greedy. Care more about the Sunshine Double.

    1. That was because some British journalists claimed to have seen some kind of tape being wrapped around Roger’s back? I did not see any.

    2. Sure thing. Not desperate biting mails today, but of course preferring as usual Fed to be the winnerer. I expect a nice match with 2 ambitious friends – both extremely talented SBH’s.

  7. A patchy performance definitely due to champagne hangover, hope Roger recovers quickly for his final match against Dimitrov. Roger played well at big points to snatch a W against Seppi. What’s this new about playing at Dubai, I hope he is not thinking of taking another WC. Old man needs to recover and rest his body….got to be tip top shape for IW and Miami.

  8. hmmmm.. Saw Dimitrov match and he got a big swing in the forehand unlike last year..And he became very consistent in his shots.. excited for the match indeed…

  9. Bed at 4am? Yep clearly Hangoverer (as I was) than JesusFed but in the end he played like a Goat to reach another final, yey! Since came back from the injury last year, he has been very clutch at the important moments, I’m impressed. Even when he is broken I quietly believe that he would break back soon if not immediately. Another title would be awesome as renewed No.1 🙂 Allez Rogeeerr and you Jonathan, one more match to go!

    1. No, the prawns must have been eaten with rice and a Chinese (or Dutch ?) beer as a consolation by Rafa on Friday Feb. 16 (Chinese New Year’s day)… the day Fed became Number One again…

      According to the Chinese Horoscope calendar, 2018 is the Male Earth (clay ?) Dog year.
      2017 (like 1981) until last Friday was the rooster  year, Fed’s sign 🙂

  10. Thanks Jonathan for the recap. Agree completely, solid match from both players. In particular, Seppi’s clean hitting worried me; the guy moved as well as Roger and was comfortable with his ground strokes on both wings. I was wondering why those former champions turned commentators often say that indoors favoured Roger. I thought that indoors favour a whole lot of other players like Seppi and Kohli as well.
    On final, Roger will need to have a normal start without getting into troubles and then he should be able to take care of Grigor.
    Allez Rog!

  11. Dimitrov seems to have found his serving form, perhaps he will be a little nervous in the final. Camera
    keeps going to Dimi’s coach who keeps muttering, perhaps a hangover from Andy Murray’s days!
    Hope we don’t hear too many ‘baby Fed’ comments so C’mon Roger make it happen x

  12. Done.
    Kind of disappointing dimitrov did not make a match of it but can’t complain with the outcome.

    NO 97.

    Congratulations Rog – No 1

  13. Gregory Son-of-Dimitri didn’t look injured or ill. Was that a mental lock or what? Really, 54 minutes? Those must have been some of the most expensive tickets calculated as the money/time ration in the history…

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