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Federer Sets Up Semi Final Clash with Wawrinka at US Open

An easy nights work for the Swiss Maestro on Ashe as he dismantled Richard Gasquet 6-3, 6-3, 6-1 in 1 hour and 27 minutes. The match was moved forward an hour due to the weather forecast and the Frenchman simply had no answers for Federer's aggressive gameplan which saw him hit 50 winners, make 76% of first serves and break serve 5 times en route to dropping just 7 games in the match.

Gasquet on the other hand mustered just eight winners and slipped to a 15-2 losing record against Federer in the H2H with the last 7 wins coming for the Swiss without the loss of a set.

Quick Match Recap

Federer vs. Gasquet US Open 2015

Federer won the toss and elected to serve, starting with back to back aces and holding to love. Gasquet levelled before Federer was again finding the aces, holding to 15 to lead 2-1. At 3-2 Federer moved to 0-40 on the Gasquet serve before finally breaking to 30 with an exquisite point.

The break was consolidated to 30 and the Frenchman then had to save three set points at 2-5, 0-40 before Roger served out the set 6-3.

Set 2 saw Roger assert his authority again, breaking to 15 in game 3 and consolidating for a 3-1 lead. At 4-2, we saw SABR for the first time, twice in one game, both unsuccessful though as Gasquet held. Roger was then forced to deuce on his serve but he held for 5-3 before Gasquet double faulted at 30-40 to drop the set 6-3.

2 sets to the good for the Swiss meant the win was now a formality and with Gasquet looking forlorn he was broken to love at the start of set 3. 2-0 quickly became 5-1 with a double break before Federer served it out to 30 to book his spot in the semi finals.

Match Stats

Stats Richard Gasquet Roger Federer
Aces 1 16
Double faults 2 2
1st serves in 44/73 (60%) 53/70 (76%)
1st serve points won 27/44 (61%) 46/53 (87%)
2nd serve points won 12/29 (41%) 8/17 (47%)
Fastest serve 123 MPH 127 MPH
Average 1st serve speed 110 MPH 113 MPH
Average 2nd serve speed 89 MPH 92 MPH
Net points won 8/10 (80%) 23/28 (82%)
Break points won 0/0 (0%) 5/13 (38%)
Receiving points won 16/70 (23%) 34/73 (47%)
Winners 8 50
Unforced errors 14 21
Total points won 55 88
Distance Covered (Feet) 3944.1 3936.2
Dist. Covered/Pt. (Feet) 27.6 27.5
SABR 0 0/2



Thoughts on the Match

Federer vs. Gasquet USO

I think I played a very good match, I felt the ball great from the return [and] it helped playing Isner in the previous round and seeing those massive serves. This is going to help me also physically and mentally save energy; I hope because of that, I can play better in the semi-finals.

Easy peasy for the GOAT here as he outplayed Gasquet from start to finish. Roger's serve was on song from the word go, delivering 4 aces in his first 2 service games. Overall he landed 76% first serves, hit 50 winners in 25 games and won 33 more points than his opponent, that's enough for 8 games πŸ˜† basically it was a massacre.

I guess you could say Gasquet played a poor match but Roger played a big part in that, never allowing Gasquet time at the back of the court and pressing him at every opportunity. I don't have a graphic but the average court position for both players was worlds apart. Fed took pretty much every ball inside the baseline whereas Gasquet was easily 1 or 2 metres back. His ground strokes didn't have enough zip on them either to cause Roger any problems. Once Fed began to roll on serve (did you see him ever have to play his follow up shot from a defensive position or on the run?) Gasquet lost pretty much all confidence out there and things got away from him very quickly. As routine a slam Quarter Final as you will ever see.

Predictions vs. Wawrinka


Next up is Stan the man who defeated an Unknown South African in equally impressive fashion. Heading into the match Anderson had won their last 4 meetings but Slams are always a different kettle of fish and Wawrinka served up a third set bagel to get it done.

I didn't see the match but it looks as though AnderGOAT was cooked after his big win over Murray creating just 1 break point and losing his own serves 5 times. From the highlights Stan played smart tennis, taking up an attacking position on return and just coming out on top in most of the baseline exchanges.

As for the semi final I think this match still sits on Federer's racquet so it will be interesting to see how things work out. Fed got outplayed when they met at Roland Garros earlier in the year but prior to that in Rome he dispatched Stan comfortably.

I think the key for Fed in this will be how well he returns Stan's serve, especially the second serve. If you look at that match in Rome Fed was very aggressive, taking the ball way up the court and putting Stan into positions he can't unload his powershots from. If he can do that in Friday's semi final I like his chances. Fed in 3. 6-3, 6-4, 6-4.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Good win here for Federer:)
    It will boost his confidence for the semis :D. I’m happy that he didn’t need to battle like the last year. From what i have read in the web he had a near perfect match.
    just two “little” matchs to go πŸ˜€
    Go Fed !!
    (Thanks Jonathan again for staying late and writing those recap πŸ˜‰ )

  2. As long as Fed keeps winning all good. Thanks for the speedy write ups Jonathan your discipline is outstanding! It is now that time of the Tourney where the late nights and hope lead to over excitement but is it not the greatest feeling for a Fedfan : that promise of peRFormance only he can bring?

  3. After such a tight match against Isner, its great that Roger had a relatively easy time against Gasquet. 2 key telling stats that Roger needs to improve against his next match, 2nd serve points % which a tad below 50% and low BP conversion. Its difficult to gauge Stan’s form at the moment as Anderson almost gifted the match to him. Winners are low compared to Roger 25 to 50, hence I think Roger has a decent chance to secure a W. The match is really in his racquet

    1. What happened to Anderson sort of reminded me of a very typical pattern: “Second-row player plays the match of his life eliminating a top dog, and on the next matches… puff. Not there. Gone. Ceased to be. This is a dead parrot.” See also Fognini…

      1. Yeah a lot of people were oddly confident of Anderson’s chances because he beat Stan 4x in a row. People forget too easily best of 5 a different type of animal emotionally and physically.

  4. Good thing that they anticipated the match, so I was able to watch it without going to bed too late. 1:30 AM (or so) and the deed was done. [Mind you: this was after a couple of hours after my FIRST EVER tennis lesson, 48 years after landing on this planet and 31 years after purchasing my first racquet (an aluminum Dunlop). They put me in the intermediate adult class. Not bad for a self-teaching guy, heh?]

    There is not much to add to Jon’s analysis, really. It was a one-way match, all the way from the word “go”. Roger literally asphyxiated Richard, who, here and there played a few good games and showed some nice 1HBHs from the catalogue. However, his FH verged on the short and boneless side and Roger crushed it.
    Tha-ha-ha-t’s all, f-f-folks.

  5. I am quite confident of Fed beating Stan in 3 sets .Today Fed played great tennis and defeated Gasquet in style. Stan is a something breed but I don’t think he can replicate what he did at French open.Clay is Stan’s preferred surface where he gets a lot of time to hit those missiles but on hard courts I think he cwon’t be able to cause problems.I may be completely wrong about this match up but only time will tell what happens.
    On the other hand Cilic ,if not defeat Djoker,should at least take him to 5 sets and drain him physically.

    1. Stan nearly took out Djoker here 2 years ago if I’m not mistaken so it’s not like this court doesn’t reward his style of play but as you said Roger has more of a chance here than the French.

      1. Although when the time comes that is tomorrow I will get more nervous and less confident but being optimistic is the way forward. Stan played great at French but we should also take in consideration that Fed crushed Stan in Rome.He didn’t allow him any rhythm which Federer can do here also.Hoping for the best and getting prepared for the worst??

    2. I like Feds chances too. If he can play inside the baseline, then he wins. If he’s getting run around, he can still possible win but risks going 5 sets or losing.

  6. Great win and clinical from Fed, although I’m a bit sorry for Gasquet, thought he’d be better than this. Always feel my heart skips a beat on Fed vs Stan, not liking the matchup nor the dynamics when these two are on different sides of the net. Hopefully Roger will bring his A game but in the mean time please not to drain yourself like Wimby!

      1. Yeah massive luck to get the semi finalists all correct. But I’m positive I’m all going downhills from here! πŸ™‚

  7. Did I just hear Stan did a couple SABR’s against Anderson?
    Could this be Severin Luthi or Stan taking a piss!
    Sabr is ours till it is at least 6months old!!!
    #patent that move

  8. Richard Gasquet came in to the match very well knowing
    That his chances were pretty bit slim
    But soon he didn’t know whether he was coming or going
    As Federer was just steamrolling him

    Tame display from Gasquet. Fed was too good no doubt. Stan is another kettle of fish. I remember Fed had a tough time at the “Crybaby” semis in London. Just scarped through. Hands full tomorrow.

    But Fed has scores to settle with Stan, Cilic and Novak. And he will.

    Cilic beating Novak, for sure. Fed beating Stan in 4.

    1. Weirdly enough, WTF looks hell of a lot slower that Flushing Meadows. Also Cilic to beat Novak? Is he Cilicing again…

  9. Hard to believe that Roger has played Wimbledon and USO so cleanly back to back- really great season no matter what happens and no slowing down at 34! Yeah what so say about Gasquet, it’s one thing when Roger is a step above but another when you have no belief to win the match so basically a non event. So Fed going for 2 major finals in a year for the first time since 2009? And Djoker also going for the calendar slam final since Fed did it back in 2009 as well so a lot on the line here. Honestly, despite Wawrinka never beating Roger on a HC, I’d still make him the favourite because he’s delivered on the bigger stages of the sport in the last 2 years where Roger hasn’t and you can’t ignore that. These two know each other inside out so just really about Fed keeping up the aggression on the baseline and take Stan’s time away from him. Fed hasn’t been in a HC major final since AO 2010, and it would be an honour to see him have maybe one last crack at increasing that slam total. All the best Roger and thankyou Jonathan for the great work through the past 2 weeks, really been a life saver through these damn night matches!

    1. ‘So Fed going for 2 major finals in a year for the first time since 2009? And Djoker also going for the calendar slam final since Fed did it back in 2009’

      Thanks for these two facts Alysha – both hard to believe and put Feds year into perspective. If it all ends tomorrow tho its still been a great tournament and year.

      If Stan redlines he wins in 5 otherwise I agree with Jonathan, Roger in 3.

      Btw from my calculations if Djok reaches the final tomorrow he will seal the year end number one. If Djok was beaten in the final and didnt play again this year and Fed won all his remaining scheduled tournaments Djoker would still be 460 points clear. He’s obvs got it anyway but quite early to tie it up.

      1. [Btw from my calculations if Djok reaches the final tomorrow he will seal the year end number one.]

        Thanks, captain Obvious! πŸ˜‰

  10. Seemed like both guys hit some good shots, but Fed was ALWAYS able to get into position to get shots back. Some of it’s anticipation, some movement. He also seemed to mix it up really well – loved the drop shot that barely cleared the net at the very edge of the court. Great 1st serve %, but Djokovic or even Stan would get more back.

    Will be interesting to see what happens for both semifinals. Fed/Wawrinka is usually a good match; obviously I hope Fed brings his best & Stan is not on fire. I thing Roger’s done well not peaking too soon, so far; yet he doesn’t really want to not bring his best against Stan, either.

    Marin/Djokovic is really intriguing. I didn’t see the Cilic/Tsonga, but apparently towards the end there were a few points where Cilic just went nuts, that same insane level we saw from him last year. Djokovic hasn’t been at his best so far, but is known for increasing his level right at the end of a tournament. Not sure how to call that one – or even what to hope for.

    As Roger said last week, he hasn’t made a final since 2009, so first things first. Hope he brings his best on Friday.

    1. I actually disagree. I don’t really think Wawrinka/Federer is a high quality affair or in other words bring the best out in each other. It’s become a little more interesting since Stan won slams because he doens’t bow down to Roger as much anymore but other than that I dont really believe their matches are hugely appealing from a tennis perspective. Also Cilic never beaten Djoker before (much like last yr against Roger) but what is his level in the tank? Spent quite a bit of time on court already just to get there and must be emotionally feeling it from trying to put in a good showing to defend (which he certainly has).

      1. And yes, I should have said (didn’t actually occur to me!) – I wasn’t thinking of the entirety of the history of their rivalry. Post-new-racquet, maybe, which is about the same time frame as post-Stan’s-slam.

      2. Whenever I think of Stan/Roger I think of that horrible Indian Wells match in 2013. Also WTF was filled with a lot of drama due to the momentum shifts and the way Federer came back to win the match but was it consistent quality from the get go? I think not. Hopefully the match will prove me wrong and this will be a good one.

      1. Bigging him up too much are the press. I can’t be arsed reading it as those reflexes were gone for good in 2013 according to the publications who are now saying he is looking 24.

      2. Agree Jonathan, I’m getting sick of tennis pundits and fans alike saying this is the best Roger has EVER played in his career. Not even close. He may be a more complete player but there is no way he is playing like he was in his peak.

      3. Gasquet is saying it too, as quoted by – he’s known Fed & his game since they were juniors.

      4. Whoa, my mistake, though they’ve certainly played each other for a long time – I thought Gasquet was older than he is. He’s actually more a contemporary Of Djokovic than of Roger.

      5. That’s what they said during Wimbledon 2014, and to a certain extend, 2015. We all know what happened.

        Fed is just fine. I still haven’t seen anything to suggest that he will beat Djokovic in the final. But then neither has Djokovic. Lopez missed the plot. As one of the commentators said, “He left a lot at the table.”. Fed will have seen enough to know what can disrupt Djokovic, and he is also a much better volleyer than Lopez.

        Cilic will likely give Djokovic the biggest fight yet. The big question though is, what are Stan’s plans?

      6. Jonathan, can you please delete that last line where it says Cilic will give a fight, please? πŸ™‚

  11. 1. Federer played a great match. Period. The fact that liked even more about this match is Federer despite that fact that he has owned Gasquet , didnt take him lightly not one bit. And I have reasons to believe that he will be equally pumped in the semi finals. (Once he heard that wawrinka made it to semis post match interview the first thing he talked was the RG QFs, so he is well aware of the danger that Stan poses)
    2. I predicted Stan will make the semis from his quarter although i still believe he s not playing his absolute best and lets hope that doesnt happen in semis. Even he does play his best. I still see a close match but it is really Federer s to lose.
    3. Their RG encounter cannot be taken into perspective really, The courts and conditions are simply poles apart and favour Federer.
    4. Key for Federer will be to take chances on Wawrinka’s second serve and like Jonathan said taking the ball early and taking time away from Stan to find any rhythm and the courts in new york will aid such play fore sure.
    5. I ll take my words back on the predictions i made early about this match. Federer in 4 set (maybe 3) (i dont mind federer losing a set before the finals)

    As far as the other Semi Final is concerned , I sense Cilic peaking like he did last year in the latter stages of the tournament , I hope djokovic takes him seriously and not day dream on their HTH so far. Djokovic still the heavy favourite but lets see what happens there. To me If Cilic plays a semifinal like he did in 2014, anything can happen, he was unplayable.

  12. Hi, Jonathan

    I hope you are right in your prediction (Fed in 3. 6-3, 6-4, 6-4)

    But I really think that you are very optimistic.

    Don’t forget that this year
    Stan GS results are SF, WON, QF in all 3080 points
    Roger GS results are 3RD, QF, RUP in all 1640 points

      1. And remember the score at the French πŸ˜‰ Though admittedly the courts favor Stan a lot more there. If Stan gets the ball rolling, this could be extremely tough…

        IMO Stan is pretty much unbeatable if his game is really on. So let’s hope it doesn’t peak this evening… πŸ™‚

  13. Wow – Stan in 3 is braver than I can muster.

    Stan absolutely crushed Roger at RG and though these courts won’t give him the time his power game benefits from, he knows how to compete on HCs and he’s not afraid of Fed. Remember, Roger had to partly rely on Stan choking at WTF last year to squeeze it out in a razor thin finish that easily could have gone Satan’s way.

    I thought Anderson would meet his end if Stan A game showed up. His B game was sufficient.

    Stan is so inconsistent – you never know, but I will say again, if Stan brings the Stanimal, Roger will be in trouble.

      1. Also – I want to thank spell check for calling Stan “Satan”.

        Hopefully he’ll feel more like “Santa” to us all tomorrow night, making Roger’s GS Eve merry and bright.

  14. I think that Roger will win that semi somewhat comfortably. Maybe a close 1st set and possibly the 2nd set but that’s. This match solely depends on the surface.

    Roger likes fast courts and Stan likes medium to slow paced courts. If Stan has time to set up on his shots, he’s dangerous but when that times is taken away from him, he can be picked off. The other thing is that he likes to unload and doesn’t like engaging in long rallies like Djokovic or Murray and that means more UEs.

    The WTF was close but I attribute that to the fact that that surface was also significantly slowed down. That explains Djokovic’s dominance there the last 2 years.

    All in all, I think that Roger will win in 3 or 4 sets. The thing about today is that some people are worried that Roger might have peaked too early. I disagree. Yes, he had a great serving day but I am certain that the shoreline would have been the same even if is serve was at 59%. He’s that confident on all aspects of his game right now. Hopefully in couple of days we’ll be talking about his chances in the final! πŸ™‚

    1. Agreed. I watched most of the match and it was not out-of-gas-quet.

      Roger played well, but he didn’t really have to bring that much relative to him.

      Honesty – I don’t think we can take much from his wins here in terms of what it means now. He’s still not faced a really on form top level player yet.

    2. I think his draw has been well balanced. Mayer never easy, Kohli and Isner are all top players.

      Gasquet wasn’t really allowed to play his game, Fed closed him out.

    1. Haha, its amazing how arbitrary the classification of what is acceptable and what isn’t, is. I mean, if your second serve is shit, you deserve to be punished for it within the rules of the game ! Boris talking like he is gangsta, and Annabel Croft absolutely baffled.

      And what the hell does Greg Rusedski mean in any case ?

    2. That interview is so funny! Boris obviously unnerved! He feels the “Disrespect”!!!

      Djoker will be lectured to “BE A MAN” in the final if they meet. It will be funny to see the result.


      1. Yeah agreed – isn’t it Boris who said ” the 5th set is about nerves”? He’s been playing Novak’s mind game warrior for a while now.

        It annoys me at least.

  15. As others mentioned, if Stanimal turns up, Federer will be lucky to push it to 5 sets. And Federer is aware of that as he mentioned in the press conference that if Stan is hot he can blow anyone off the court with his power. So the good news is that Roger is going to be prepared like this is the final and I expect him to come out firing and maybe take the first set in quick fashion before Stan can settle down.

    As for Cilic vs Djokovic, I find it laughable that people are actually giving Cilic a chance. He is 0-13 against a Novak who is putting up peak-RF like numbers. 22 GS semis in the last 23 GS tournaments. That is mind boggling and eclipsed only by the Fed. More importantly I think Cilic is toast by now having played two 5 setters for more than 4 hours each. I will be surprised if he even manages to push a single set to a tiebreak against Novak tomorrow. Novak in straights, 6-3 7-5 6-1

  16. People taking Stan so lightly!! I am scared of this match tbh. Obviously, Stan likes slower courts but remember, he outplayed Roger in wimby 2014 for 1 and 1/2 sets then faded away. If he could stay in that level for 3/4 more games, he’d have won. I dont think it’s only on Fed’s racquet. Wawrinka must not be on fire.

    But it’s also true that you have to beat top and tough opponents to win a slam. Generally, a match between these two should be a treat to watch. Two most elegant players… one with more power and the other with more variety and completeness. But I feel that a subpar semifinal (none of them in full flow) and Fed winning in 3 or 4 would be great. Store your brilliance for the final Roger. I know that cant be done intentionally, just hoping…
    Fed in 4 (with less confidence)
    Go Roger!

    1. If Roger is to win this title, he has to be able to beat the likes of Djokovic, Murray and Wawrinka. So, obviously, he has to win in order to contend for the title. I think he’ll be ok tomorrow. After all, 16:3 is there for a reason.

      1. Hopefully you are correct. But here’s what Stan said:

        “I think now we are both nervous when we enter the court. Before it was only me. I was nervous because I knew I wasn’t at his level. And now I think we can see that he was also nervous every time we played each other the past few years. That’s a big difference, because that shows how much he knows that I can play at his level, how much he knows that I can try to play my game and not just try to react about what he’s doing.”

        Quite true… I think.

  17. Every Fed fan wants the trophy.

    I do for sure.

    But the truth is we’ve been here before in the last 5 years a number of times – as recently as July in London. Murray could not touch him in the semis; Fed was back to or better than his prime peak. And then boring awful unstoppable robot Djokovic – who’d had a much much less spectacular run to the final, looking quite vulnerable – simply and slowly drained him to death on his favorite surface. Just like he did a year ago in the same final. But then Fed won Cincy and kreot his way to the semis against Cilic of all people. And we we all rejoiced and got excited and then…He got tired and Cillic got crazy.

    But this year he made the Wimby final. And then he won Cincy…and now he’s back to the semis…and he’s playing better than ever… and ….

    I have to keep reminding myself of Fed’s recent history. He looks unstoppable until he doesn’t.

    But here I am after Wimby’s heartbreak hoping again. I want to just watch the artist and be grateful to God for the art Fed makes as opposed to getting ruined by the prizes he doesn’t win. Hopefully the prizes come, but much much much more often than not in the last five years, they do not come. Something happens along the way – usually around this time – something that surprisingly surprises us because we’ve gotten lost in the run up against lesser players and his fresher legs – something that reminds us his peak years are not now.

    Hoping this is the exception, but I’m not gonna forget recent history this time.

    1. @Alb. Buddy I have set this before. We all Roger simply because of the tennis he plays. He has had an impact in lives of many people around the world. Its just so special to watch him play this well 7 years after people gave up on him (downfall of 2008).
      Resulst haven come more often than not, youre absolutely right about it. But the consistency I he has shown since he has turned 30 especially when the game has evolved some much from what it was 10 years ago is spectacular, outrageous.
      Yes the wimbledon 2015 final hurts, even now tbh. But the comeback he delivered, was even better.
      I believe most of us are scared of a deja vu final against djokovic and its outcome. So am I. But we ll keep rooting for him no matter what. #18 or not doesnt matter. People keep arguing that Roger is GOAT of all time remniscing his 2004-2007 years.
      To me Federer is The GOAT because I am never tired of watching him play. Plus the comebacks he made , the adjustment he did and being 34 years old , he may not have similar results at slams. He s arguably playing the best tennis of his life. Titles will keep coming. Though like any other Fed Fan I am hoping for a big one too. πŸ™‚
      He is one match away from a back-toback GS final appearance , his first since 2009. Incredible. #turning back the clock.

      1. Addey ,wonderful post
        I really pray for roger to win and in the past I used to curse roger when he played bad tennis at important points and would become very sad when he lost.But as time has passed by I have realized that I am lucky to see this guy play tennis and I no longer feel that bad when he loses. . It’s all about watching this artist play beautiful tennis and i just hope he plays for next 2 or 3 years.Always rooting for roger and praying for a win but if he loses then no problem,will wait for shanghai ?.
        But I sense a victory for Fed in this tournament.I have been wrong on many occasions (Wimbledon 2015 2014) but I hope I am right for this one.

      2. Nicely said. Totally echo the point of how Federer’s legacy for GOAT case has been made moreso past his 30s than not.

  18. I expected Federer to make atleast the Semis at Flushing meadows, he has done it – court time less than 8 hrs. So I guess he surpassed expectations of many. Djokovic was and still is the favourite. So lets just enjoy the rest of the tournament wothout exhausting ourselves. πŸ™‚ ?

  19. Matches all pushed off due to rain so now Fed plays second semi–as a night match. I think that will be good luck!

    RIP 9/11 victims…

      1. Price Roger pays for being so popular, his matches mostly are scheduled for sports primetime. Looking at weather forecast, think men’s final will be on Monday as weather forecast indicated scattered thunderstorms on Sunday. If Roger wins tomorrow, extra day rest will do him good πŸ™‚

  20. Slightly concerned that the scheduling is getting tighter which doesn’t favour Rog. If he comes to net often and takes ball early he will win as Stan hasn’t the time as he had at FO to wind his arm up! Rog has to serve at 65% I think and needs at least 50% BP conversion to win in straights.
    I bet we hv a Monday final! Forecast not great over next few days…

    Hoping Conditions favour Rog and that FO Stan stays away

    1. Definitely looking like another Monday final. Unfortunate but rather both finalists get equal treatment. Also playing at night slightly helps Stan because conditions are a little slower. Then again Fed has only ever lost 1 match at night so who knows.

  21. This scheduling clears the way for the ghetto bitch. Now she gets a worn out opponent in the final? Why would she not be worn out herself? Because she is fucking doped up.

      1. Why??

        … Any proof?

        And Venus tanked for her sister?

        Or did they only fix it for this round?

        Why in the world would they even have to fix it? Doping or not – Who in the world can stop this overweening-behemoth-physical-anomaly that is Serena?

        Lastly, I think there may be an overestimating of Serena’s popularity here. She might be news right now – but I don’t think she has anywhere near the image and popularity of Roger or is even as popular as her sister who acquits herself quite a lot better in every way.

        I’m in the States and – though this is getting some press now for this – in general Serena is a non-story in the wide stream of national sports stories. (…Much like women’s tennis in general).

        Now, Brady and the Pats on the other hand…

  22. Hi all, haven’t commented for a while but I remain an avid reader. Love this site!

    Don’t know why I’m commenting tonight, maybe just to exorcise a few demons because I was at the O2 semi at the end of last year. Couldn’t have wished for a better match! Stan v Fed over 3 hours and over 3 nail-biting sets. And Roger won! That and the Wimbledon final were the best matches of 2014.

    I’m worried now though because that O2 match was a brutal encounter, even over just 3 sets. So brutal that Fed was on the court the next day in his tracksuit/stylish burgundy cardie just to cry off from the final.

    Arthur Ashe, seemingly a fast hard court similar to the O2, makes me concerned as to the punishment these Swiss will inflict upon each other over 5 sets? Will either of them emerge capable of beating Novak in the final….or even Cilic for that matter?

    If Fed pulls this off, not just beating Stan but winning the final too, I will be crying unashamedly! Sadly, we all know his days are numbered. I’ll miss him when he finishes because nobody plays tennis like he has over the last week or so, or at Cincy, at Wimby or at the O2 last year. Anywhere, basically and at anytime really. Go back 15 years if you like or go back through tennis history, nobody compares. He’s the reason I still follow this sport, he’s the reason I picked up a racket again in my bloody forties!

    I’ve been drinking but I can honestly say that I’d rather see Roger win one more Slam than see my beloved Manchester Utd win the Champions League again! Yes I know, Rafa has more chance of winning a trophy than Utd these days but hopefully you get my drift.

    1. Hey man. Going on on that tangent you introduced. I don’t thin, Utd are that far off from winning a trophy. As a Liverpool fan, no paranoia, I think the group of us feel you have the players to win anything.

      1. I didn’t say they were close. I said they weren’t far off. They’re a half completed side, with little cohesion, but the player quality is there, which is more than you can say for all bar three teams.

      2. Not sure how you can come up with a differing definition between ‘not far off’ and ‘close’

        Poor side, low on quality, low on homegrown players.

      3. Because my spectrum of distance doesn’t only contain two classifications. I wouldn’t describe half way as far or close. And how is it relevant to their trophy odds that they don’t have home grown players? Few do nowadays; it’s a sad state of affairs.

  23. Ok so what are our thoughts on the scheduling change? Looking like another Monday final for the men. Hope Cilic/Novak is a quick affair I’m afraid. Also any chance the 5pm start can be changed if the women finish earlier?

    1. I doubt it.

      WAYYYYY Glad for a Monday final for Fed’s sake in terms of rest. 34 needs more rest than 20 anything – all things being equal.

    2. Not sure how they’ re handling the ticketing; if they’re honoring Thurs tix for the womens’s semis, I’d say 0 chance, because they’ll have to go through the exercise of emptying the grounds, and people who have original Fri tix won’t (mostly) plan to arrive hours before they can even get in. On the other hand if they’re letting both Thurs & Fri ticket holders into the grounds, and only restricting access to Ashe depending on which day your tickets are for, that would give them a little added flexibilty. I don’t really see them even trying to start earlier though unless another storm threatened to disrupt proceedings. Thought they handled it pretty well on Weds really.

  24. So far the weather is looking good all day tomorrow and possibly for Saturday. Sunday is a bit iffy. Not sure what would be better: Sunday or a Monday final.

    Clearly I’d prefer a match where there is no stop of play – right now Sunday looks ok but we’ll see. I’d hate the match to start and to keep getting those rain interruptions. If it’s like that – might as well move it to Monday. As far as tomorrow – not too worried about Roger – we shall see. And also curious about Djoker – Cilic. I expect Cilic at least to take a set. If he doesn’t – what a joke…

  25. Sid, your vileness is unparalleled. I cannot believe Jon and the folks who frequent this site put up with it. You are a disgusting bigot and you shouldn’t have this or any other site available to you and your hate speech. You’re a verbal thug (I know how much you love that word), very much like the asshole running for president while waiting to get his TV show back, Donald Trump. You both specialise in shite coming from that cleaved mouth or those fingers (stumps maybe??)

    Why don’t you just crawl back into the black hole you unfortunately came out of (pun intended).

    If you need me to be any clearer just grunt.

    1. I think anyone who speaks like you is also pretty vile. I think you guys really need to shut up. If Jonathan has a problem with Sid he will take care of it. If you have a problem and you feel Sid is indecent, you are free to express it in a decent manner like Daya. But instead you have stated it in such a horrible manner that I feel disgusted reading your comment. Like I said you guys have such double standards. If anything you should be kicked out of this site.

    2. You are right Ajay. What Alan just did is a simple act of hypocrisy. Just because someone expresses hate speech towards a certain person doesn’t make them undeserving of expressing their opinion on this site. Sid is one of the guys on this forum who can sometimes see through the emotion and fanfare. (I am referring particularly to when he rightly claimed that recording Nadal as he walked back to the locker room was not wrong in anyway). By eliminating someone like that who have their own way of expressing dissent (albeit a very distasteful way), you are denying this forum a wider tapestry of perspectives. And if that trend of booting out anyone who says supposedly disagreeable comments continues, you might end up with a bunch of yes men constantly agreeing with each other and living in their own little bubble.

    3. I come here for the tennis analysis. Which is often crazy good.

      And I come here to cheer and fear and celebrate and commiserate around the greatest artist-athelete I know of.

      Much of the best of all of that comes from Sid.

      Like many here – I don’t like Serena’s tennis AT ALL. It completely bores me. I have been totally turned off by her personality and the things she had said about others and the way she’s treated officials.

      Having said that, I do not appreciate the way Sid talks about Serena in insulting way on this public forum. Even if she dopes (or Nadal for that matter) it would be better if we would wait till the proof was incontrovertible – or let ourselves get fooled – than to make conclusive statements we have no way of truly knowing and spice that up with what sound to me like ethnic insults. I wish that stuff wasn’t here to read.

      But I have my own sins I need grace for and I hope Sid finds grace for his.

      And I still very much appreciate his amazing tennis brain.

      9/11 reminds me today (once again) that life is exceedingly precious and life is soberingly short. In light of that I hope we can try to treat each other decently around here – as with everywhere else.

      And I hope Fed wins the US Open.

      1. Well said Alb. I enjoy 85% of what Sid says but find his Serena posts objectionable.
        I also sympathise with Alan because I had a similar problem (Alans been subsequently critisced but was clearly at the end of the tether) with Sid during Wimbledon (is it the tension of the second week of Grand Slams?) when he made some really nasty remarks about someone innocently saying they had attended a gay pride march. Jon at that stage said it was an open unmonitored forum and I can see his and Dayas point as well and also characters like Sid do get people posting.
        I briefly saw that Sid had replied to me but didnt dwell on what he had written as it seemed that he was mainly delighted to be having an argument with someone – in a bit of a bullying way, oxygen of publicity and all that.
        I thought long and hard about whether to quit but I really like Jon’s summaries and all the other contibutors and have even thought some might be knidred spirits often saying what I’m thinking so I decided to stick it out.
        The ironic (and laughable) thing is that if Sid was talking about Sid he’d probably say that his rage and vitriol and general bad behavioiur could only lead him to the conclusion he was doping.

      2. Nicely said, both Alb and Ian, and what do you know – two people who are saying what I’m thinking, only better than I’ve been able to articulate it to myself so far. Thank you both.

      3. I don’t really like the hate comments from Sid either. They go too far, although I personally dislike any comment that shows too much negative emotion anyway. But you take the good with the bad, Sid is useful banter and has certainly never sounded like an idiot. A fairly well informed opinion. Colourful, but there’s always a reason for it.

        I don’t want to go defining boundaries, and saying how far people can go before taking offence is legit, but if you don’t like his comments, ignore them. If you disagree with his comments, argue your point, as I have done on occasion. Opinion is opinion, and being able to express it is why we are all here anyway. But at the end of the day, we’re all here because we share the glory when fed wins, and share the pain when he loses. So like his vitriol or not, there’s no reason to direct it back at him.

  26. Wow Alan, that was hot…
    No predictions from me as I will not jinx Fed’s chances of winning this slam and getting all champion’s names on it as he expressed during his interview.
    So folks, we’ve been hurt, broken, torn by Fed’s losses, yet we are geared to go through this all over again.
    Goodluck to everyone.

  27. I think Alan will sort himself out with Sid. Alan wrote to Sid, same way Sid writes about Serena, haha!!
    I hope we come back happier after tonight.
    It’s kinda nice the women semis will play out first, kind of takes a bit of the pressure off somehow.

    1. Whaddyaknow? Pennetta made it to the final, 61 63 on Halep.
      I have a *slight* hint that the final will not be 100% italian…

      1. I have just heard it. I’m a complete failure as a fortune teller ?
        (but to my credit, I bet I’m not alone in this particular guess I made… And I bet I win this bet!)

  28. Just sticking to tennis, I do not like Serena’s game at all. I like all of us were appalled at her treatment of the line judge at the Open a few years back. I think she’s tried hard to make herself likeable to tennis audiences, but I fear it’s all an act. At the Open practice courts last week she couldn’t even bother waving to her adoring fans. Unlike RF who acknowledged his.
    I’ll even go as far as saying her physique/body type is not unlike one Barry Bonds, who from the start of his career grew really big, probably πŸ˜‰ because of the use of illegal substances.
    And probably the biggest reason people here are gaga over her and her quest is because she’s American.
    All that said, it would be really appreciated if we could keep the ugly descriptions off this page dedicated to the beauty and genius of Roger Federer.

      1. Loved it! You have no idea how many times I have watched it. Again, and again, and again.

        Put the ball in court, and run. Run, Vinci, run! Great strategy!

  29. We’ve seen two improbable upsets today. Safe to say, a Cilic – Wawrinka final??? πŸ˜‰ I hope at least Roger gets through.

    And I suppose Steffi Graff’s Women’s GOAT status is officially cemented! Just look at who SHE beat to achieve the Calendar GOLDEN Slam. And Serena had to beat a 300:1 underdog and Penneta and choked… A bit sad but maybe some justice… Never was her fan but got caught up in all the Calendar Slam talk..

    Anyway, definitely feeling more nervous than I was before.

    If Cilic takes out Djokovic, then the pressure on Roger will be even higher..

    1. Serena no matter what she’s accomplished in the sport has tarnished her reputation big time. No idea how anyone can support her. But dare speak about it and you get called out for sexism and race.

  30. Well…

    Maybe the Open isn’t fixed.

    Maybe Serena doesn’t dope.

    Maybe there is a little integrity left in this game after all.

    Sport is quite amazing sometime!

  31. Vinci plays great, you can’t outpower Serena but sure you can outsmart her.

    Great placement, dropshot, lob, run to the net, never give up chase the ball.

    And she is funny during interview, suddenly Vinci is my fav female player πŸ™‚

  32. May I put an end to this Serena Williams discussion? Well there is no repeat of calander grand slam. She is out of US open. Its an all Italian Final at US open. πŸ™‚

    1. The Women semi final resulted in No. 1 and No. 2.seeds bowing out. On to Mens Semifinal #dejavu? I am getting a bit nervous now.

  33. The on court interview was so awesome and funny and it made my day.Vinci didn’t have nerves today and I felt happy that she defeated williams.I was just tired of williams winning everything.
    Rooting for Vinci in the finals
    and at the last come on roger
    always a Federer fan?

    1. I suppose only a Federer win can save this otherwise amazing tournament. Full of shocks and surprises and great stories. How will it all end?!

      1. This tournament feels so long ,Wimbledon got over very quickly (probably because I had my exams at that time?but now I am free),Vincent winning is a temporary pleasure ,all that matters now is our champ winning.

    2. I too was tired of her winning everything, so regardless of anything else would have been happy to see someone else in the final. Well done to Vinci, though.

      Can you believe Djokovic’s luck? Playing against an injured defending champ who, as far as I can tell from the radio, can barely move? I have a feeling the Swiss SF is going to be a *lot* tougher. Just hope nobody does themselves any harm, after last November.

      How serious a threat is there to Sunday, though? The weather thing opposite is saying light rain in NY at the moment. Either way, this way this championship is playing out must be fairly pleasing to the Dutch DC team.

  34. We still do not know about the men’s final being on Sun or Mon. But let’s get RF to the final first. I am glad he is second on court tonight–the hubbub of the Williams defeat will be lower.

  35. In keeping with surprises and breaking patterns.

    Can Novak NOT pull out this tournament with his endurance and outlasting-of-more pleasing players even though he’s played uneven on the way up – once again again? PLEASE???
    Can Fed NOT get weak and out powered ONCE AGAIN at the back end of a slam when he’s thusly played amazing tennis? PLEASE???

    In other words – the only thing to keep up with the Vinci shock would be the Fed shock.

  36. Wow. WOW. Quite a testament to the skills you hone playing doubles.

    Italy must be going NUTS.

    All upsets are now done for the tournament! (Interestingly, the first mens semi is kind of a no-upset scenario: If Cilic wins, he is after all the defending champ, no surprise; and if Djokovic wins, he is after all the world #1, no surprise.) (I suppose you could argue something similar for Fed/Wawrinka – but let’s just go with the world #2 on that one, hm?)

    1. Djokovic played normal. Cilic was blowing up. I didn’t watch the first set, or the third. Errors on routine ground strokes. Trying to red line his shots despite all those errors. Not sure if it was the tough five setter, or the scars gathered over the 0-13 record. I mean, look, this is Cilic’s worst loss against Djokovic, probably in all five setters in his career. A defending US Open champion winning three games in a loss? When that ever happen? When will that ever happen, again? I’d say, never.

      Either ways, it’s over. I wouldn’t say Djokovic is in God mode, but he might just be good enough for one of our beloved Swiss guys, who I hope to God don’t kill each other to death.

      1. Thanks for the insight, Sid. Wow. Maybe for Cilic, the awe of facing Novak on this stage was greater than the awe of facing Rog last year was. Sounds like he certainly performed the complete opposite.

      2. I realized after the fact that Cilic was injured. The commentator did mention something like, “What does Djokovic do in a situation like this”. I guess that implied a Cilic injury.

  37. Not sure why are people are going crazy over Djoker’s form, Cilic shouldn’t have even walked out on court today, Ivanisevic played down his chances big time pre-match so something didn’t seem right there. Either way, Stan/Roger was always going to be the bigger match, let’s hope the latter can deliver. Re Serena. Unbelievable loss. Absolute garbage from the WTA for releasing a statement because Serena lost? C’mon now.

    Also just love the way people on twitter bag the ATP out during slams for uninteresting matches but then rest their hopes on the final to provide the match or storyline it won’t get from the women.

      1. “Serena is a leader both on and off the court who everyone in tennis admires and respects.”

        Everyone in tennis? Bitch, please!

  38. Hi there. …. First of all sooooo happy that Serena lost. Sorry Katyani. Wow who would of thought that now its an all Italian showdown. As for the mens Cilic needs do change his cough medicine. Lol. What a pathetic loser. Another Djokovic final. Like Sid said I hope they don’t ruin each others chances by going all out. Please I don’t want to see another World tour finals episode as whoever wins goes to the final worst for the where. So fingers crossed . Please Fed win in straights and as quickly as possible and most importantly healthy. Come on Roger.

  39. Holy Moly, was not expecting THAT performance from Roger whatsoever. That SABR in the third game decided how Stan was gonna play the match. Wow, 2 major finals in a year at 34 years old, nothing more you can say there. It’s gonna be absolutely amazing watching 23,000 people in that stadium try get Fed to the finish line.

    1. That woman is fucking retarded. I mean who talks like that. Respect ? More like someone everyone should despise. The sooner she goes away the better it is for tennis.

  40. Murli, if there’s EVER a time for your (amazingly hair raising) prediction about Sunday to come true, please this be it.

    Did any one else feel it when Federer said “I hope I can bring it one last time this year” when asked how he’s been playing? One last time this year. Sunday.

    1. I had goosebumps when Federer said this statement.After Wimbledon 2015 loss he really wants to win it and he knows what he needs to do.Everything is going according to plan for Federer and hopefully he will win?.? . He looked quite confident after this stan match and he knows he has unfinished business with djoker

  41. Gaurav, I did feel it too at that point. I feel Fed’s confidence. Fingers crossed a million times over. TG it was easy against Wawrinka. Oh good they’re showing the Serena match again–I was at work and only following the live scores on the computer. Now I can watch her get beat! FINALLY! I doubt I will even watch the finals tomorrow. Who cares?

    1. I’m actually contemplating watching the womens final for the first time in a LONG time. Didn’t see Panetta, but Vinci at least had NO shrieking, or howling, or wailing. I hope they make a fabulous match of it.

  42. I feel that Roger is closer to His 18th Grand Slam Titlecthan ever before!!!! Please, Roger! Get it done!!! Destroy the Djoker once and for all!!! πŸ˜‰


    Ffs what is he going on about- how is he disrespecting the serve when he’s only coming in after the player has already done the toss and is into the motion, kind of impossible to see him coming hence the word “sneaky”. Also saying SABR is within the rules as well as hitting a ball straight at an opponent is all well and good but isn’t he missing the point that the purpose of the strategy in the first place is that if Roger hits the volley well enough, his opponent isn’t enabled to do that? I’m sure Fed has been made aware how much this is annoying the Djokovic camp. Hope he chucks a bunch of them in on Sunday.

    1. That expression on Becker’s face when Roger hit this shot against his man Djoker was annoying and irritating. He is just a crybaby who I don’t know why hates federer.Maybe his guy didn’t have the answers to SABR so he is a acting like this. He talks about disrespecting,I don’t think he has ever spoken about Djoker tearing his shirt apart when stan was crying after aus open loss on 2013.i want fed to really annoy Djoker and shut Djoker and becker

    2. this bulls*t becker really need to shut his bad mouth I think.

      If he said, he can go straight with Federer’s new move, well just prove it. He is the coach of WORLD NO.1 player who can chase the ball pretty much everywhere, just give the trick, as simple as that.

    3. Art of gamesmanship for you there. It’s not even clear what he’s talking about. By his logic it’s disrespectful to take a serve early at all, and we should all go back to the baseline and stay there. While we’re at it, why not stop disrespecting other parts of an opponents game? Like stop hitting to Feds backhand cos it takes advantage of a worse shot. Maybe nadal has no right to spin the ball because it’s the height of disrespect to short players, karlovic stop hitting serves in because unreturnable shots aren’t really very sporting, or Djokovic stop running because some players can’t run as fast and it insults the effort they put in.

    4. He said it to play the media game. And it worked perfectly – people are talking about, getting offended and the press are on it like nobody’s business.

      I wouldn’t spend anytime thinking about what he might mean or explanations. It’s an attempted psych job on Federer, nothing more, nothing less.

      Top trolling from Boris.

  44. Last word abt Serena: that “yes bitch” was appalling. The espn apologists for her defeat were awful. Evert even dissed herself by saying Steffi had easier competition than Serena, when both she and Martina were part of that competition. Vinci was right about gutting Americans’ hope for the GS. Ticket brokers hate her too!

    Djoker had an easy time with an injured Cilic, while Roger outsmarted Stan. Roger’s win was much more impressive. He’s beaten djoker twice this year on courts similar to USO. I hope/think he will do the same Sunday. I believe our man wins No.18.

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