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Federer Sets Up All Swiss Final in Monte Carlo

Boom! Big win here for the GOAT as he took down Djokovic 7-5 6-2 to setup an all Swiss Final in Monte Carlo.

I wasn't sure what to expect going in and even though Djokovic faded badly in the second set with some sort of wrist injury he lost to the better player on the day.

The press are going to talk about the injury being a big deal but if you take to the court then you are fit to play. Roger lost several matches last year due to a bad back but the fact is he still chose to play them and you credit his opponent with the victory regardless.

From Roger's side of the net he played with conviction from the word go, struck the ball fantastically, defended superbly and was able to move well out the corners to turn defence into attack in the blink of an eye. His aggression and ability move forward unsettles Djokovic as he can't get the rhythm he requires from the back of the court.

Quick Match Recap

Federer Djokovic Monte Carlo

This one started with a confident hold to 15 from Djokovic in his opening service game. Some circles expected him to withdraw prior to the match but it looked like he had come to play despite heavy strapping on his right arm.

Roger immediately found himself down 0-30 on his first service game after 2 unforced errors but he hit back to back drive volleys off big first serves en route to holding for 1-1.

Both players traded confident holds until 4 all where Fed had his break point chance but couldn't convert as Djokovic held for 5-4.

The set was extremely close at this point but it was Roger who had been asking more questions on the return up until the 10th game where he slipped to 15-40.

Staring down at 2 Djokovic set points this is where the Swiss won the match playing 2 genius points to make deuce. It was just extreme confidence from him and he never took his foot off the gas until the point was won. We then got the point of the tournament so far finished with an exquisite Federer dropshot as he leveled for 5 all.

Djokovic then moved into a 40-0 lead on his next service game but Roger reeled off 5 successive points to break, doing so with a deadly low slice that drew the error from the Serb. 1 minute later and the turnaround was complete as Roger served it out to 15 to take the set 7-5. Winning all 11 of his forays into the net and converting 1 out of 2 break points.

The loss of the first set clearly effected Djokovic's belief as he went down an early break in the second before Roger held for 3-1. He clearly needed the first set to give him that mental edge but by losing it his dodgy wrist became more of a problem.

3-1 soon became 5-2 as Roger fired down 2 confident holds before serving it out to 30 to book his spot in the final.

Match Stats

  R. Federer N. Djokovic
Aces 3 2
Double Faults 1 0
1st Serve % 70% 68%
1st Serve Points Won 33/40 (83%) 24/40 (60%)
2nd Serve Points Won 10/17 (59%) 12/19 (63%)
Break Points Saved 2/2 (100%) 2/5 (40%)
Service Games Played 10 10
1st Return Points Won 16/40 (40%) 7/40 (18%)
2nd Return Points Won 7/19 (37%) 7/17 (41%)
Winners 19 14
Unforced Errors 21 19
Net Points Won 13/14 (93%) 3/7 (43%)
Break Points Won 3/5 (60%) 0/2 (0%)
Return Games Played 10 10
Total Service Points Won 43/57 (75%) 36/59 (61%)
Total Return Points Won 23/59 (39%) 14/57 (25%)
Total Points Won 66/116 (57%) 50/116 (43%)


Thoughts on the Match

Federer into Monte Carlo Final

I think this was another confident display from Roger as he played solidly from start to finish.

He could have quite easily lost the first set which would have been against the run of play but he played lights out on the break points. The 2 points at 15-40 were ridiculously good and that hold won him the match.

When Fed is moving well and he has nothing else on his mind other than forehands and backhands he plays with a 100 times more conviction when it matters.

Had Djokovic won the first set it could have given him that shot of adrenaline he needed to put the wrist injury to the back of his mind. But by losing it, he lost self belief and his wrist began to prey on his mind.

I think we saw the same with Federer last year, in some matches he got very close to winning, but there were just too many questions and doubt in his mind about his back.

But like I said above, when you to take to the court, you are fit to play the match and here the better man won. Roger played better in all areas and struck the ball sweetly off both wings.

Predictions vs. Wawrinka

Federer and Stan

With Wawrinka beating Ferrer in the first semi final we now have an all Swiss Final on the ATP tour for the first time since 2000 where Roger lost to Marc Rosset in Marseille.

It's also the first time we've had 2 players in a Monte Carlo final with a single handed backhand since 2001. In that one Gustavo Kuerten defeated Hicham Arazi. 13 years on which way will this one go?

I didn't see the Wawarinka match but according to reports Stan completely blew Ferrer off the court in the first set hitting winners left right and centre.

I wasn't sure on his form coming into this one but on his preferred surface he's clearly playing at a high level after a mini slump post Australian Open.

Despite Stan's form and slam win I still pick Fed to get the job done here as he know's Stan's game inside out.

Few players understand an opponents strengths and weaknesses better than Fed so I think he's going to unsettle Stan and win his first Monte Carlo title at the age of 32.

Roger leads the H2H 14-1 and in all those meetings I never got the sense Stan believed he could win. Even in Indian Wells last year where Fed had a bad back he couldn't find a way to win. That doesn't bode well for him.

It will be interesting to see if the Australian Open win has changed Stan's mental makeup against his master. Winning Down Under did allow him to step out of Roger's shadow a bit so maybe now he has the belief he's just as good. I guess we'll find out.

Stan clearly has the game to win but can he cause Roger problems? I think he's going to have to serve incredibly well and really keep Roger on the back foot. Roger has far more in his arsenal so he can win the match a number of ways whereas Stan only really has one way of doing so. That puts Fed in the driving seat for me.

I'll pick Roger in 2 sets. 6-2 7-5. Allez!


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. 2nd title of the year! (You need to update them Jonathan ;p)
      Huge Win! Even though Djokovic was injured(hope he recovers for French Open), Roger was aggressive, something he hasn’t done since 2012. BTW, 13th consecutive year of at least 1 clay final! I am picking Roger in 3. Glad your prediction was wrong yesterday! πŸ™‚

      1. 4th final of the year already. Practically qualified for London already! Seeing Novak struggle in the second set makes me admire Feds fitness and longevity even more! Incredible record!

      2. Hey Susie, remember last year? Wasn’t it exact the last tour before WTF where we knew for sure that Roger would qualify for the WTF??? And now look, he has won more matches this year than anyone else and he (and Stan) are first in the race to London !!!

        What a difference a year makes. And to think that there were actually critics saying that Roger would maybe at the beginning of this year be out of the top 10/20 for the way he played in 2013…

  1. Roger for the gold tomorrow. He played a good match, Djoker not being 100% certainly helped. I hoper Roger can return better and serve huge again tomorrow. If Roger tries his best to win, which I’m sure is 100% the case tomorrow, it is very hard to picture Stan causing an upset. (inspite of being ranked higher πŸ™‚ )

  2. Totally agree, the match was won at 4-5, 15-40. Adrenalin Wld hv carried Novak had he won that set but Fed was just superb, no holding back. That says it all about his confidence. Great post Jonathan, nothing to add except tomorrow will be an epic day. Loved the tweet from Kohlshreiber asking why the Swiss National Tennis championship being played in Monte Carlo! I also pick Fed to win, with maybe a tiebreak thrown in! You won’t be able to call it Mickey Carlo if he does!
    Fed seems to play well when Mirka pregnant! However, anxious for him not to miss French Open now as looking wider open now than before!! So, come on Mirka, next week Wld be awesome for mini Fed to appear!
    What a day to come. I will be on the sofa breaking out the Lindt Bunnies, ( and the MoΓ«t) hopefully celebrating a Fed win and then a Liverpool win! Red Flags all the way!! Allez Roger!

      1. YNWA!! Liverpool fan since THE COMEBACK. I cried on that day, even being a little kid that day marked me. My 2 favourite sportsman are Stevie and Roger, I like guys with a little class you know πŸ™‚

  3. I missed half the match as someone turned up unexpectedly! Really awful timing. I really, really missed being able to share the experience with you all on live chat too. But I did see the first set and agree that is when the match was won. I hope Nole’s wrist gets better soon and doesn’t cause him too many problems, but as you say Jonathan if you show up for the match you declare yourself ready to play. A very important point about how he would have been better able to work through it if he was ahead. Unless of course it’s something really serious, but we’ll find that out soon enough when we see if he shows up for Madrid. I’ll try and watch the second set at some point, but from what I read it was a bit one-sided with Nole capitulating quite easily. Not the first time I’ve seen him do that, even when not injured. Mentality is so important.

  4. Good win for Fed. I think Fed will not allow Stan to play his baseline game. I think the huge difference/advantage will be the net approach from fed – he is the best volleyer now – where as Djoker,Murray and Nadal were reluctant to come to net.

  5. Huuuuuuge win! Those 3 points he won at 4-5, 15-40 were amazing! The fact that he has a real chance to win MonteCarlo after all this years is incredible!!! ALLEZ!

  6. Hi Jonathan

    My wish came true an all swiss final – Stan played an unbelivable first set as did Roger – and that drop shot could watch it 1000 times – I think it may go to three sets tomorrow and hopefully Roger will come out the Victor – although I would not be sad if Stan won – after all to see anybody Swiss winning anything is a joy for me

    See that Rafa had a bad back again yesterday!! I was pleased that Ferrer beat him – Why cannot Rafa and Serena accept a loss gracefully – there always has to be something to take the win away from the opponent

    Anyway cannot wait for tomorrow the phone will be off the hook and if my daughter arrives during the match she will have to wait for her easter eggs – but then she knows better than to interrupt a tennis match when Fed is involved Allez Roger and Stan!!

    1. Haha, lock the doors the windows πŸ™‚

      Yeah Nadal talking injury again. I think Fed’s way of doing it is better, he avoids questions and then talks about it at a later date when it takes no gloss off the opponents victory.


  7. This is a huge win for Roger for his confidence and mental toughness – No doubt about it that he still can beat ‘the best’ πŸ™‚ Win tomorrow will declare his title credentials and remind naysayers when RG comes around.
    For tomorrow, all Roger needs to do is to stay concentrated. Completely agree with you, Jonathan, there are more than one way that Roger could beat Stan. The only opposite possibility is that Roger turned up in pyjamas with the C game. Don’t get me wrong, I like Stan a lot, a very nice guy and terrific player. I just cannot imagine how he could beat Roger, who has been in the excellent form.
    Allez Roger!

  8. Hmmm..
    Another Monte Carlo snooze fest? Wake me up when it’s over.

    What’s all the hooplah here about.

    Fed’s resurgence has more to do with him being the last man standing than any real lift in form.

    Yes he’s showing more resolve in matches than Federer circa 2013. But in all honesty so would a piece of wet lettuce.

    This dearth of new players to take over the Fed’s mantle is disturbing.

    I mean where’s the future of tennis headed when the nominal No.1 player is hobbled and the so called best of their generation struggle to consistently beat a has-been. Albeit a champion has-been.

    Djokovic was touted as the future ‘king’ and ready to take the premier spot at the top of the dung-heap in 2008. It’s now half-way through 2014 and he’s still struggling to beat Fed on any sort of consistent basis.

    Murray should change his name to M-I- ay cos he’s always missing in action.

    Delpotro needs to stop masturbating and let his wrists heal.

    Stanimal plays the same way as his face looks. Uneven and with deep troughs every now and then. He is great to watch when he’s on fire. For the other 99% of matches he struggles to put a racquet in the court let alone a ball.

    Ferrer is a human wall on the court and has the personality of a wall off the court. He try his best. He good man. He gentleman. He no personality.

    Berdshit should quit tennis and try tweeting for a living. But then again Europeans always think they’re funnier than they actually are. Which is not at all.

    I think it’s Thiem for a new generation to take over but scanning the ranks it looks as barren as the clay courts of the next few months.

    Speaking of which, this FO promises to be the most boring one in decades.

    Nadal is off his perch and has as much chance of winning RG as his undies have of staying out of his colon.

    I will boycott the clay season this year. I’ll just follow the blog.

    —STAN in THREE.

    1. Have to say, this did make me laugh! On a serious note, I do echo your worries about the future generation. Men’s tennis is not in a great long term place, that is true. Why is that? That is the more interesting debate, not the lazy criticism you make. Is it coaching, is it the fact that it is nigh on impossible to make a decent living outside the top 100. The gap between the haves and the have nots is too large. The tour is too long, physically hard and the last thing the men’s game needs is for the game to go the way of the womens, losing crowds Etc. The ATP needs a big overhaul and they need to sit up and take action.
      Yes, I can selfishly watch Federer all day but my passion for the game does make me concerned for the future unless the organisers start debating its long term future now.

    2. Oke Troy, indeed a funny comment, but does that not make you respect Roger even more??? His consistency troughout his career and even now at age 32???

    3. Was shaking my head at most of the bull shit in this post, but when you talked about Nadal’s chances of winning FO you just had me laugh out loud!

      so kudos to you on that! πŸ˜›

    4. Please don’t give this Troy any credence, guys. I know him from all his hateful comments on Federer on YouTube. His comment is not funny–it’s insulting to every player he mentions. I smell sour grapes. Troy, why don’t you do everyone a favor and move on to soccer, rugby or gardening….and as far away from tennis as you can. Who needs a malcontent like you? Be gone!

      1. His points maybe valid, but why get mad Federer? Has-been. Really? because he is 32 yrs old. I also agree that is sour grapes because Federer is 32 he should be losing a lot and be out of the top 10, right? Says who!

  9. Stan looked very sharp today, almost AO-like performance. Tomorrow will be the exhibition of single backhands and probably some breathtaking netplay. Stan showed off a couple of really nice shots. Almost Roger-class. We can only hope that both guys show us their best tennis because this can be the best clay match of this year.

    1. Very interesting 2-part article Susie. Thanks for posting the link. Not that it makes much difference to the big picture but am I right in thinking Roger was the only one to oppose cutting back the schedule? I seem to remember he cited the reason that it wasn’t fair on the lower-ranked players, and Nadal making some ridiculous comment about it being ok for Roger because he’s very athletic but it not being fair on the rest of us.

      I’m not sure I agree with the writer’s solution though. Would that really bring in the crowds? Better to look at the organisation from the top and see what can be changed. Tennis is no different really from any other profession where many are competing for a few places. How many out-of-work actors are there in the world? But at least actors get the chance to do other jobs while in-between assignments. Difficult for tennis players to do that. And the comparison with surgeons is a bit ridiculous. There are always more patients than there are surgeons so no problem for them to scratch a living.

  10. What a turn of events to thinking Rog would never play this event to potentially winning it now. Weird way to start the clay season but no complaints here, looking forward to the final tmrw, may the best Swiss win it all! Intetesting times ahead for novak and rafa, madrid and rome should be strongly contested between the two of them.

    1. Think Novak will miss Madrid. Wrists need rest! At least 2 weeks of no play at all! Final link in the power chain. His top spin was missing yesterday which indicates he is not happy rolling the wrist and keeping it very loose! Wish him better as top 5 needs him there

  11. Hey Jonathan, great article. Feels great right, to write such great things when Roger is winning?? Hope he gives you and us all A LOT more of these chances.
    Just wanted to say to you something I have noticed since the beginning of livechat: Deep deep respect for you Jon. You have to watch the match AND reply on our livechat comments AND remember important points or stuff to write the article about… all at the same time. Wow. Respect. And thanks for that Brother Jonas πŸ™‚

    I’m calling….. Roger in 2 TB πŸ™‚ But please Roger, don’t underestimate GS winner Stan…..

    1. Too close to call. This final will be decided by Roger’s first delivery. It can win it for him, or lose it.

      If pushed, I’d be inclined to go with Roger in three.

  12. Though I missed the match but its awesome to learn that Roger won. His determination to reach the final is awesome. Regardless of Djoker’s condition, if he turned up on court then he is fit to play. Djoker of 2008 will probably would have retired half way. The fact he stuck till the end means he has matured a lot #growingrespect

    All Swiss BH Final, couldn’t have asked for me. This is best chance for Roger win his maiden MC title and I think he can do it.

  13. I don’t believe for a second that there was any problem with Djokovic’s wrist. The problem starts right when things start going horribly wrong? Sounds like Nadal after the first set at AO2014.

    And what’s with his gamesmanship? Not too long ago, he denied Murray a crucial point by admitting he wasn’t “aware” of the rules. Are we supposed to believe it? In his long tennis career, that must’ve been the first time he touched a ball across the net.

    Anyone remember the French Open 2011 semi? Roger was about to serve on match point, and Djokovic made him wait, citing crowd noise. Roger aced him anyways. Fast forward to today (or yesterday), he does the same again at the end of the first set. This one’s even. He backs off after Roger delivers, and a ace is wasted. Roger aces him, again.

    Finally, how can I not make a comment about Dopal. I know that Spanish athletes are cheating thugs. But for once, just for once, can’t he admit he lost fairly to his compatriot? They are both Spaniards, no?

    What’s wrong with this so called “Golden” era? They are more uncivilized and unethical than a Vietnamese crowd at a buffet.

    1. I do think Djokovic was not 100%. But then there a number of times when Roger at less than 100% has lost to Djoker and Dull. Things have to even out at some point. I’m glad Dull is going thru his lean patch after 6 months of (mostly clay) domination. Imagine Roger after 302 weeks at # 1 going thru his lean patch and getting written off by everyone.

    2. Agreed, Ganesh. Sid, I think Djokovic leaving practice early and that strapping issue tells a pretty good story of him actually being injured. It’s fine to be cynical or doubtful of things, but it just gets a little like conspiracy theoretic if you think Djokovic would even prepare for the match specifically to make an excuse for losing. I doubt that highly. The facts are probably even further backed up by his spin statistics. Roger even stated he wasn’t hitting with anywhere as much top spin to finish him off, and he found shots more readily in his sweet zone.

    3. Djoker was injured, not enough to stop him playing though. The loss of the first set drained him and then the wrist played on his mind. If he won first set, different ball game.

    4. Agree with all of the above. Djoker was defo not full blast. Would not have been this “easy” if he was on full on the second.

  14. I think Djoker is hurt. He’s obviously not afraid of Roger – nor should he be with the recent H2H in his favor.
    And I hope he heals soon and don’t want him going away from tennis for long because…

    1. I like him better the older he gets (maturity).

    2. He can play just spectacular shots and is fun to watch – IMHO.

    3. He’s an all-timer; a serious champ who brings out great things in Roger’s game.

    3. He’s the only consistent antidote to Nadal.

    4. All Fedfans owe him a TON for keeping Rafa from Roger’s GS record!

    5. Its fun to make fun of the pajam-iforms he wears in his matches. Sometimes I think he should just give into his obvious inclinations and go full-on One-zie.

    Seriously, get well soon Novak.

    And to all who celebrate – Happy Easter everyone!

  15. So Novak admits overtraining after IW and Miami! Have these guys learned nothing from Fed and how to prolong yr career?? Even we amateurs know when to rest, regain muscular strength as all physical effort results in tiny tiny muscle fibre tears which heal fast if you follow right rest patterns! Novak ( who I like) has been foolish in his obsessive bid for FO glory. Also, he must be beginning to think Becker is a curse not a coach!!

    1. Interesting, obviously thought he had to work harder than last year to beat Dull at the French. Could impact his chances but he should be ok with a week or two’s rest.

    2. You forgot after Federer beat him in the semifinals of Wimbledon 2012, Djokovic claimed to have the sniffles. This was a must win so he could keep the number 1 ranking, but you have the sniffles. Also if he wanted to keep this injure low profile, he did a poor job. We already know he is capable of lying because of the incident in the match against Murray in Miami.

      1. They all tend to have some excuse as to why they lost. Djoker is defo one of the least bad ones, compared to Dull and muzza. He really looked legitimately injured.

      2. Sorry my comment went in the wrong place. I laugh at everybody trying to keep Djokovic healthy so he can beat Rafa at the French and his own obsession will probably keep him from winning the FO. Here’s to hope somebody other than Nadal or Djokovic wins the FO. Monte Carlo should serve as a reminder that just because someone is the favorite doesn’t always mean they are going to win. Masters final without either one of them is sweet. GO Roger!

  16. Ok! Off for a jog with the dog, wearing my Fed shirt ( me, not the dog!). Catch you all later! Happy Easter!!

  17. I’m hoping today’s match will be on Swiss TV, so if I don’t join in the live chat that will be the reason. TV too far away from the apple.

  18. Hey all. Nervous anyone?? First happy Easter !!!
    Second, this is for you Roger, my family is downstairs to celebrate Easter and I am in my room ready to follow your match. See what you mean to me Roger??? So, please…. win.

      1. Hey Rita. Over the shock yet? Me not at all. Feel so so so bad for Roger, even if he himself does not mind the loss that much πŸ™‚

  19. Guys, I want to be honest. I can’t love two Swiss tennis players. I will need to unfollow Stan on Twitter. No matter how close they claim to be, Stan just broke my heart.

  20. Good match from Stan, was able to enjoy without stressing too much for the result. A little disappointing for Fed, but he seemed content, and Stan is shaping up to be a great player πŸ˜€

  21. Oh well, let’s look at the bright side, Federer will be out for revenge when next they meet in a final and it shd b d French Open πŸ˜‰

    1. Hey Utch, I read a comment on his site saying Roger lost MC in 2009 to Stan and then won RG 2009.
      Got to keep the bright side of things somehow right?? πŸ™‚

  22. Damn. I want to be happy for Stan, but cannot…
    Anyways, still congrats Stan. You deserve it. Sorry that I cannot be that happy for you as I want, but I really wanted Roger to win this. THIS was his best chance.
    No worries, we will get it next year

      1. Sorry Simon, disagree big time. Not on Stan winning MC. He played better and did deserve to win. I loved the fact that he made not a big deal out of defeating Roger (like lying down on the ground or something). Even his wife was very classy. Kudos to Stan and Mrs. Stan (who reminds me of Mirka :).

        And sorry, but I am a Roger fan first and then a tennis fan. I am happy for Stan, will be more happy for him, but not right now. Now, it just hurts too much when I think about Roger’s loss.
        Stan is a good guy, a terrific tennisplayer and if anyone on the tour has to be the one to beat Roger, then better it be Stan.

        And lets not forget… we all OWE Stan big big time for stopping Rafa from winning AO 2014.

        But what I do disagree with is Roger’s last chance. Yes, THIS was by far his best chance. Period. No arguement there. Next year will not be easier at all. Both Rafa and Novak will be present.
        BUT… seeing Roger’s health and physical and consistency, he will have many more years to go after MC.
        Did you think before MC 2013 that he would be in the final the next year??? No. So who is to say that he will not be there next year, making the final again or even winning it???
        With beeing injured, older and on low confidence, he made the Rome 2013 final. Don’t you think in full form he won’t be able to make MC 2015 final or even winning it???

        I honestly believe Roger will play past 2016. He might not be in the top 10 by then, but Roger is tennis. He cannot stay away from it. Maybe he will play lets say atleast 5 or 6 years to come (not in the top 10), that is still 5 or 6 years more to make a pass at MC.

        We are all STILL here because Roger believes in himself and his game. One day, he will win MC….

  23. Horrible third set by Roger. Once doubt sets in, he seems to go into a funk and not able to come out. Hope he can fix that. Hate Stan now. Not his fault that Fed couldn’t elevate his game when needed. Wish he finished it in 2 by winning the TB. So close, … πŸ™

    1. You can’t hate Stan for beating Roger in a final… He was the better player, and if you liked him before the match, then you really have no reason for disliking him now…

    2. Hey Ganesh, please don’t hate Stan. Be a little little bit mad at him (like I am), but no hate. The guy did defeat Rafa at AO which let more players believe that they could beat him too. For that I think we owe him….

    3. Oh, come on. Stan is one of the good guys. This is not football. There has to be a winner. Stan has grown. From what I hear, I’m glad att took my wife and kids to the court instead.

      On another note, we had a final on what is said to be one of the slowest clay courts featuring two single backhand players. It is quite possible Stan might have the energy to go for the #1 spot. Maybe I’m reaching but I would hate to see tennis in the future without players using the single backhand. Then we could just watch MMA instead. Too ugly. If Stan can keep this up, he would become a (-nother) great champion for tennis that is easy on the eyes.

  24. I just returned home from Oz. Major jet lag but I had to get up to see the final! Disappointing. Did Roger just run out of gas? Was he waiting for Stan to fold? Will be waiting for your post, Jonathan.
    As far as Troy, such immature comments about the players. Would you say those things in person?

    1. Was bit flat today. Didn’t really catch fire for long enough periods. Horrible TB ( too many in key matches recently). And tired legs on 3rd set. Has played a lot and Stan fresher! Need a win guys, too many RU finishes! Sad πŸ™

      1. Hey Sue and Susie, some said it during livechat and I never thought I would think it about a Roger match, but the truth is…. it was a boring final. Have to admit it. Crowd having respect for both of them. Crowd not knowing who to root for. Luckily Roger made that one easy by almost losing so the crowd was at the end more rooting for him. Seriously, crowd was almost quiet I think.

        To be honest, Roger vs Stan Final… not good, not good at all, too much friendship and too much respect between them.
        My God, even Rafa and Ferrer make more exciting final between them (less friendship and respect).

        I read on Roger’s site that Stan said that Roger and he were both laughing in the lockerroom after the match πŸ™‚

        Future Roger/Stan-Final…. no please πŸ™‚

  25. Doubt if we can win this again, itz gone for good. I think Fed should take this as his greatest challenge to win the French. And I’m going to be very positive on a 2nd RG title for Fed.

  26. Can anyone give an idea of what the rankings would look like come tomorrow? How far are we from number 3?
    Btw, u see the draw for Barcelona Open is out. Looks like a Nadal vs Ferrer final.
    I tip Ferrer for his 1st title this season πŸ™‚

    1. Think Stan now has favourite written all over him for the French! He is really good on clay, although the court was exceptionally slow in the damp today!

      1. Don’t know about being favourite, but he has a shot!

        And agree with the court speed, but stan has the power to completely hit through the damp court, he’s a monster πŸ˜€

      1. Thks Ajay! Tech is not my strong point and still sad πŸ™ for Roger! Hoping the baby comes and we see Fed at either Madrid or Rome!!

  27. If dere was a better time for the baby to come, I guess it is now. Something tells me dt Federer is hungry for more wins now. Runner up, Sf’s……. Enough is enough

  28. Hi Guys!! It’s good to be back!! Good tournament from Federer should have won but can’t complain about making final in a tournament that you wasn’t even suppose to play.

  29. Questions, please someone reply:

    1) Would the outcome have been different if Roger would have lost the first set and would have to fight more??

    2) Would the outcome have been different if Roger had not played Novak and had a walkover and would be fresher??

    3) Think that when Roger lost the TB, he knew he would be too tired to win the third set??

    4) Stan was after AO going down hill. Roger kind of pulled him up from it with winning DC which gave Stan more confidence. If Stan had lost both his singles matches in the DC, would he still have defeated Roger in this final??

    1. Come On! Federer entered MC as WC and made the final. Federer is not self centered where wants his countryman to lose both his single matches so he can beat him to win MC. Federer is ranked 4 at 32 yrs and seems fit to play along with Stan have a chance to win DC. Be gracious like Roger and have some perspective. Soon him and Mirka are going to have three or four healthy, beautiful children. Congrats to Stan and Roger for bringing pride to Swiss tennis. I am American by the way. Switzerland should be proud with two top ten players.

      1. Hey KFedFan. Relax sweet girl. Take it easy. Trust me, we are on the same side. You are a Roger fan and so am I πŸ™‚ I thought I went ballistic when someone said something bad about Roger, but you… wow, you are even more protective than I am. As long as you know that after Mirka, the dude is mine πŸ™‚ Just kidding, just kidding, don’t get mad πŸ™‚

        But seriously, you misunderstood me and my question. What I meant was, after winning AO, Stan was losing matches and his confidence was not high. You could see that at the DC. Now… Roger kind of pulled him out of that and “made” him somewhat more confident. They both won DC together so Stan was feeling more confident.

        My question was, lets say, Stan lost both his singles matches at DC (and the doubles with Roger), now, his confidence would not be that high right? What if he still would have made the MC final with Roger. Would he still have won??? I mean, I am reading that in the beginning of the final Roger was in Stan’s head, so…

        And KFedFan, I am beeing gracious. If you have read any of my other comments you would know that. I am very happy for Stan and very proud of him and he totally deserved to win because he played far better and he kept believing in himself even when he was down. But I am not going to lie, I am not quite there yet…. am right now more sad for Roger….

    2. Katyani,
      1. No I don’t think Roger would have fought more.
      2. The outcome could have been different if he was fresher. He needed to win in 2 sets.
      3. The 3rd set is where he ran out of gas. He tried until the end.
      4. Stan did go into a slump after AO. Stan has mentioned many times how much Roger has helped him become the player he is today. So, you could credit Roger for helping Stan win MC.

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