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Federer Sees Off Raonic to Make Final in Indian Wells

Day 10 of the BNP Paribas Open and the Roger Federer phenomenon continues as he defeated Milos Raonic 7-5 6-4 to move into Sunday's final without dropping a set.

The win saw Fed reach his 40th final at ATP Masters 1000 level and awaiting him is Djokovic who crushed Murray in the earlier semi final.

Quick Match Recap

Federer Raonic Indian Wells 2015

Raonic won the toss and elected to serve, firing down a love hold to kick things off. Roger then quickly levelled without any problems for 1-1 before making his first inroads on the Raonic serve with some smart plays but the Canadian held to 30. Raonic made deuce on the Federer serve before the Swiss held for 2-2.

In game 5 the first break point was fashioned on the Raonic serve but he cranked out some huge serves to take a 3-2 lead. Both players then exchanged back to back holds and the scoreboard ticked along to 5-5. Here Raonic slipped to 15-40 and although he fought back to deuce Roger converted his fourth break point of the game and then served out the set to love 7-5.

Momentum was well and truly with Federer now and took full advantage, breaking Raonic in his opening service game of set 2 with some rip roaring backhands before consolidating to take a 2-0 lead.

Early breaks of serve aren't always the easiest to keep hold of and at 2-1 Fed faced his first break point in 3 matches but it was saved with a big first serve and he went on to hold 3-1.

Raonic wasn't going to roll over though as we saw last Night against Nadal and he continued to serve big only dropping a handful of points on serve as the score moved to 5-4 Federer who was just 1 game away.

With Fed looking to close it out Raonic came up with a great first point for 0-15 and then Roger ballooned a forehand way long to slip to 0-30. Raonic then missed a big chance to create three break points and Fed clawed his way back to 30 all before coming up with an insane defensive point to bring up match point which he sealed with a forehand volley into the open court. Allez!

Match Stats

  M. Raonic R. Federer
Aces 9 5
Double Faults 1 0
1st Serve % 58% 67%
1st Serve Points Won 28/37 (76%) 33/42 (79%)
2nd Serve Points Won 16/27 (59%) 14/21 (67%)
Break Points Saved 5/7 (71%) 1/1 (100%)
Service Games Played 11 11
1st Return Points Won 9/42 (21%) 9/37 (24%)
2nd Return Points Won 7/21 (33%) 11/27 (41%)
Break Points Won 0/1 (0%) 2/7 (29%)
Return Games Played 11 11
Winners 25 15
Unforced Errors 28 11
Net Points Won 11/19 12/19
Total Service Points Won 44/64 (69%) 47/63 (75%)
Total Return Points Won 16/63 (25%) 20/64 (31%)
Total Points Won 60/127 (47%) 67/127 (53%)

Blistering Backhands

Thoughts on the Match

Federer into IW Final 2015

Another top notch victory from Fed here and an example of the many ways he can win matches. Beating Berdych was all about movement and controlling the tempo of the rallies with aggression; against Raonic it was hustling on the return and keeping himself in the points which he did fantastically well; defending brilliantly off both wings to get the all important break in each set.

Fed has clearly become way more accustomed to the conditions this week and he's hitting both his forehand and his backhand very sweetly. The cross court forehand in particular has been a joy to watch and is a key shot in his transition game; perhaps even more so on this surface as it takes spin quite heavily so working the angles is a great way to get your opponent out of position.

The slice was also a key shot today and Fed mixed it up quite often, tall guys hate the ball down at their feet and Raonic is no different. Using the short slice to bring Raonic in and have to hit up on the ball and the deep one which Raonic will always try and run around; both those shots brought errors at bad times for the Canadian and helped Roger earn the breaks.

Really just another top performance and Fed is now on a 19-set win streak, dating back since Dubai. GOAT 🙂

Predictions vs. Djokovic

Federer Djoker Dubai

Next is Djokovic who defeated Murray handily in straight sets. I was expecting way more from Murray here but he put in another insipid performance to only capture 5 games and record his worst defeat against Djokovic since Monte Carlo in 2008. Big 3 + 1 clearly.

So can Roger do what he couldn't last year and beat Novak on a slower style hard court? The 2014 final went to 7-6 in the third so it was very close and I think Fed is playing much better now than he was then, especially off the forehand. The same too could also be said of Djokovic though who got the year off to a flier by winning the Australian Open so it's really tough to call.

Interestingly Fed hasn't beaten Djokovic 3 times in a row since 2007, so that does show how close this rivalry is and that maybe the odds are against him. Fed in his pomp owns Djokovic but this is a cross-generational match and it might boil down to the fact Djokovic is the younger of the two and the surface is well suited to his ‘defensive whilst staying somewhat offensive' game style.

On the flip side, Fed knows a vacation awaits after this, there's no Miami to even think about, so he can leave it all out on court and make it physical himself if he has to. If he plays at a similar level to the Sock/Berd/Rao matches and gets his variety going I reckon he has a pretty good chance.

I think I've picked Djokovic to win the last 2 times these two have met and it has worked out pretty well 😉 so I'll go Djokovic in three. More cowbell please!

What do you guys think?


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Third? Haven’t commented in a long time but damn these guys are so fast. Anyway it was a great match for Roger and he really used that backhand well and id say his backhand was better than his forehand. His forehand seemed a bit weak at times which is worrying but he made up for it with that forehand in the last game. Antway on to djokovic and I have to say that if he can get his severe and forehand going he can beat him. Probably not even third as I’ve written this essay but thanks Jonathan for the post as always

  2. Rog’s backhand has been superb since the Dubai final. Hopefully more of the same tomorrow! Great summary of what Fed needs to bring out the court tomorrow, he has a month holiday after this so I expect to him to fight at all costs! Komm Jetzt!

    1. Agree. I think his backhand has improved enormously. Gone are those days when people used to take advantage of his weaker side by repeatedly placing the ball there to extract either an error or a lose ball. Although every now and then Roger came up with majestic BH winners, but they were not sufficient in numbers. I mean he either used to hit a percentage shot or go for winners. Could not dictate the game with his SHBH.

      But now, he is doing just that. His weakness has become his weapon, with much more controll and power. In the last two games he has struck more BH winners than FH. Also, as Jonathan has pointed out, used his low backhand slice to perfection against Milos. Specially, BHDTL has been fierce since Dubai. That’s why I wanted Nadal here. BHDTL could be key shot against him. Let’s see what happens in the clay season.

      As I said, playing to the backhand of Federer is no more a solution.

      1. Spot on Ankur – those BHDTLs have been working like a dream, + that incredible flick to find the short angle – he played one of those awesome shots against Raonic yesterday. Players are still targeting that backhand, but like you said, it’s now a weapon. They’ll start realising soon that they’re wasting their time – where do they go then?!

      2. They will waste time between points, take bathroom breaks, MTOs, they’ll grunt louder and do anything to break his rhythm. That’s the only way.

    2. “Gone are those days when people used to take advantage of his weaker side by repeatedly placing the ball there to extract either an error or a lose ball.”

      While I agree his backhand has been great, there aren’t many players capable of doing the above other than Nadal. And they haven’t played in a while so impossible to say whether those days are gone.

      It isn’t a technique deficiency either why Nadal was successful with that ploy- Fed uses a heavy racquet and with a one handed backhand on a high bouncing ball you’re using weaker muscle groups to play the shot. So you fatigue way quicker. And it’s harder to execute.

      Fed’s backhand hasn’t been a ‘weakness’ since way earlier in his career, the new racquet has give him that bit more consistency on off centre hits.

      1. Disagree. I think almost all the players have it in mind when they play Fed. They have also been successful in executing this ploy for a number of rallies in a match. The fact that they couldn’t win the matches can be attributed to the completeness of Fed’s game. His other areas are so strong. I may be wrong but it seems Fed is not running around as much he used to to take the ball in FH. The number of inside out shots has reduced. Isn’t it?

        I was not trying to point out any technical defficiency (oops!!). Weakness here is a relative term. BH is his weaker side, there should be no argument on this. The improvement is solely due to his new racquet which has given him more power and control. It has broader head and less weight. That’s it. He is obviously more confident with his BH than he was while using the old racquet and therefore is dictating and pressing more in that wing. I am not talking about the genius ones, there’s a significant improvement in the BH on an average. That’s why we are waiting for Nadal.

        When I say “those days are gone” – it’s a prediction based on what I can see now. As you said others could not win matches by applying this ploy, I guess it will more prominent against Nadal. Let’s see…

      2. Of course they have it in mind, it’s a perceived weakness of Federer’s. They saw Nadal do it, and try to replicate, it is the go to tactic. But if you’re not a lefty then it’s way harder to do, there aren’t many players who have a backhand as their best shot or capable of producing the angle or the spin off that wing…

        “BH is his weaker side, there should be no argument on this. The improvement is solely due to his new racquet which has given him more power and control. It has broader head and less weight. That’s it. He is obviously more confident with his BH than he was while using the old racquet and therefore is dictating and pressing more in that wing. I am not talking about the genius ones, there’s a significant improvement in the BH on an average. That’s why we are waiting for Nadal.”

        I agree, although not sure the racquet is any lighter. I thought it would be, based on what I said above about hitting a high ball on a backhand being very fatiguing with a heavy stick. But from what I read / heard, it carries over many similarities including weight from the PS90.

        My point is this – the backhand is definitely more solid with new racquet as he has more margin on off centre hits. However, just because he’s confident in the shot doesn’t necessarily mean it’s capable of holding up to a Nadal barrage on clay. It’s a matchup issue. We’d have to see them play to find out.

  3. C’mon Roger, add one more to your collection of Masters 1000 titles. Play like how you played in Dubai’s final and your chances are pretty good. Another match to savour no matter it’s 4am or not.

  4. Firstly, Raonic has been impressive. I think the young guns have only proven that they can take one step forward and two steps back so it was good to see Milos build on his form from Brisbane and take Nadal out and put himself in contention against Fed. It’s kind of unbelievable that he seems to one of few who challenge the top 4 but then you have someone like Cilic win a slam out of nowhere. Tennis.

    Now on Roger. Phenomenal stuff from the Swiss, agree with the emphasis on defence and the CC FH as well as those beautiful backhands, more of that please! I think Fed really won the match with the slice though. It took Milos out of position and made him play an awkward shot which usually resulted in an error. Fed just has that extra variety in the crucial moments and that’s something the sleeve is gonna have to work on, he can’t keep relying on his serve to get him out of every break point. Speaking of serving, Roger has really improved in that area in each match and was clutch when he needed to be in that last game, should bode well going into the final.

    Disappointing from Murray to not put in a showing against someone he was so close to beating in a slam final not even two months ago. Served horribly and his gap between the other three is quickly widening, I’m pretty sure his last win over one of them was in Wimbledon 2013. Djoker although was near perfect so there wasn’t much he could’ve done, he kept on returning every single shot Murray threw at him and that’s going to be decisive against Roger. Fed has to be extremely picky about when he chooses to come to net tomorrow, conditions are going to be slower than their last 2 meetings. For Fed to win, the serve is everything, that and how he can stay aggressive in the rallies. Too close to call this one but I’m expecting a hell of a good match, this rivalry just keeps adding another chapter and I don’t want the book to end. Allez!

    1. Raonic improving all the time. Guess he will have a shot at winning a slam if the improvement continues.

      The Djokeray matchup is so dull. Murray’s second serve is so bad though, pressure just builds and builds.

      Agree on Fed needing to pick his spots too, will be more about movement this one and who can out-manoeuvre their opponent. Hoping for another blockbuster.

      1. That’s the important thing about Raonic – he continues to improve his game. He and his team are looking for long term results, not short term. So when he does go up a step he stays there and then works towards moving up the next step. I think he will contend for big titles this season, but getting past all of the Big 3 will be a challenge for any player.

  5. Well those 2 – now 3 times Jonathan overestimated Djoko, many of us of course opposed, and came true – so this time like-wise, of course 🙂 – But Jonathan knows that, I know of course that also, he partly told 😉
    Djoko might have got through his draw too easy – may be a bit “rusty” for that. Whereas we have seen Roger overcoming all his somewhat more challenging matches, without outwearing effort. So I pick Roger, again – and in 2! Alléz, Maestro!

    1. Been a cake walk for Djoker really, no QF, easy semi final and nobody before that. Maybe works against him but he does look to be striking the ball very nicely.

  6. Hi Jonanthan

    What a masterly performance that was – where 18 months ago if he got into trouble on his serve you just knew he would lose it – not anymore – he seems to be so calm now under pressure – hopefully more of the same today – calmness, brilliant serving and great tactics would love to see him win this one – will record and watch on my return this evening – and I will not look at the score beforehand, Allez Roger

  7. Oh yeah, continue picking Novak for the winner, Jonathan. It’s become Fed’s lucky charm 🙂

    Was spectacular performance, such a joy to watch. Especially the back to back awesome points at the begging of the second set to break Rao, a great stuff! More cow bells please, indeed. Thanks for the video. Hope for the best.

  8. Another great performance from Roger, he needs to this confidence for today’s match. I think the key its the First Serve %, something above 60% will help him to apply his attacking style, nobody wants Nole to have a closer look on their second serve ’cause he is too good of a returner. I have no doubt its gonna be a great match ’cause these two have been the best players in the world since Jan’14. I think Roger gets the job done in 3 very close sets… Even thoug i would love a performance like Cincy 2012 when he bageled Djoko en the first set

    1. Well first serve is important but how Fed defends the second serve has always been the key stat against Djokovic… can’t see it being any different tonight either.

  9. Roger played a very intelligent game, he neutralize Raonic’s serve and takes the ball early hence making it difficult for Raonic to execute his fave inside out forehand. Conditions in IW is more favorable for Nole’s style of play and he has not been stretch at all – he has the advantage. Nevertheless if Roger serves well and plays aggressively, I think he has a decent shot.

    1. Fed’s court time has been low too but he has faced tougher opposition. Maybe he is slightly more match tough. Djoker not played many matches at this time of day either…

  10. Thanks for an excellent recap, Jonathan. Happy to agree with all the things you commented except for your prediction of the final. I will go for Roger in three 🙂 .
    Back to the final, I feel that Roger will need to do pretty much the same thing – keep the variety up! I still have the vivid memory of the last year’s final. Roger played well but his variety was not quite there so that Nole found out Roger’s shots selection well and was there waiting regularly before the ball landed. If Roger finds a way to make Nole to guess and wrong-foot him as much as he could, attacking the net will be effective and he will take the title home. I have such good vibe so far and Roger’s making of the history at IW will not be denied 🙂 . Nole’s tactic will be the same – he has got the time to stay with Roger with the daytime play and a high bounce of balls and hopes UEs from Roger to come with occasional counter punches. As Nole is shaking in his pants with the fear of losing to Roger three times in a row, I bet some of his counter punches will go astray 🙂 .
    Allez Roger!

    1. I think last years final was won by Djokovic returning better as the match wore on and the pressure building on Federer as he couldn’t ever get some quick service holds to build some momentum. That lead to some forehand errors. But even then it went to a third set breaker, just a few points here and there.

      Hope you’re right 😀

  11. I also expect Novak to win the Indian Wells final.
    Attacking the net to avoid long rallies against Novak will be a lot riskier for Roger in Indian Wells than in Dubai, and he won’t be able to bail out of trouble either with his serves each time like he did in Dubai.

    1. Of course, but I think Federer knows that too so he’s not going to be chip charging behind slices that land on the service line (at least I hope). He said in his presser he expects it to be physical. Hopp suisse!

      PS you got lucky against the Swiss in DC, having to call on Goffin to win the tie.

  12. Great writeup Jonathan. My takeaway (s) are:

    Roger is willing and able to change up his tactics to suit his opponent; he’s become comfortable enough with this court to implement such changes, even if conditions still result in more shanks (from both players) than we’re used to.

    (How come there have been no further comments about the balls from anybody? Milos still had more UFEs than winners, but I don’t recall his saying anything about them during the whole tournament. Not that I pay special attention to his pressers 😉 )

    Djokovic himself is looking scary good, & the court by its nature suits him better. I think you make a good point that both men are playing better than they did a year ago. Will be interesting to see if Roger & team have figured out some effective tactics for a slower court against him, & whether Roger can adjust on the fly if something isn’t working. Should be a great match. Roger, of course, for the win!

    1. I figure players will have just gotten used to them by now, plus they’re aware the balls won’t be changing. Complaining won’t get them anywhere.

      As for Raonic – never heard him moan much, but then again he hasn’t done anywhere near as much press as Nadal etc so dunno what he’s like. The balls are less of an issue for him too with a sledge hammer serve and big forehand. Nadal and Fed do put a lot of work on the ball, Nadal especially, top spin is his bread and butter so if they’re hard to control or responding weirdly he’s not going to be happy.

  13. Yeah, Murray was very disappointing. Djokovic has continued to improve, Murray hasn’t (IMO). Still way too far behind the baseline waiting for those mistakes (which don’t come from the top guys), and seemingly unable to improve that second serve. Embarrassing I thought.

    I thought Raonic actually played better than against Nadal – less errors. But Feds did what he had to do which was hold on to his own serve, and wait for – and take – his chances. Not quite so much fun (for us) as the match against Berdy, but he was incisive and got those important points. BHDTLs fantastic and what I like is there now seems no doubt in his game plan/shot making. So that said, and despite the fact that generally your predictions have been spot on, I’m going to say Federer in 2 again. 🙂 Allez champ!

    1. Raonic didn’t go away against Fed either, if he’d made that 0-30 point in game 10 then he could well have broken and forced a breaker. Would have got interesting.

  14. Last year you weren’t upset that Roger lost 7-6 in the Final, explaining how he played great enough to win but Novak just played a better breaker (exactly what happened).

    This year I would feel the same way. This has been a very sucessful week thus far: points defended, 2 Top-10 wins, and yet another ATP M1000 Final. It would be very special to be the tour leader in titles by beating Novak in the Indian Wells Final for the record 5th! 🙂

    Interesting to note: Roger has a record of 46-5(90.2%) since his Birthday on 8/8/14! That is increadable! Even more increadable is his record in Finals since Wimbledon: He is 5-2 (Toronto and a W/O at the TWF his only loses). Not bad for a 33.5 year old. Quite amazing as well.

    Just to top off your stats. Dating back to Halle 2014, Roger has won 38 of his past 40 matches in Best-of-3-sets! That is mindblowing!!!

    1. Same for me, you can’t win them all but I’m hoping Fed takes this one home. Like Fed has said, the winner of matches between Djoker and himself is always the one who produces the best tennis. That will surely decide this and if both guys leave it out there then no complaints from me.

  15. Great post, as usual. In my opinion, Federer was great the entire first set and for the first couple of games of the second set. From there on he was falling behind on his service games and Milos was putting him under a lot of pressure. If you look at the stats, Federer won only one point more than Milos in the second set. At 0-30 in the final game, I was quite worried that he would get broken and the set would go into a tiebreak. That is not where you want to be with Milos.

    If he can hold his concentration and high level for two consecutive sets against Novak, Roger will win. Otherwise, I am afraid Jonathan’s prediction will come true. Here is hoping Federer will stay focussed for one more day!

      1. Yes! Closer than the scoreline suggests. This Raonic is improving fast. Adding new things to his game. I don’t like his style though. The BOOM BOOM brand. But he is becoming a real threat day by day…

  16. I came to the site thinking “Oh man, this time I’m going to be first”.

    Yeah. First. Totally. 🙁

  17. Djokovic looked very focused and professional when I watched him in the first 2 matches there. Serving well. With the slower court difficult to create winners. He seems to return the impossible. Nasty me, hoping the heat gets to him.
    Hope Fed gets it done here.
    On another topic, it’s weird than Fed will be playing so much clay this year.

  18. First. I do want Federer to win, to make three in a row against the Serb. But even if he looses (which will be in detailes) I want him to play like he plays lately. To create shots and to be dominant on the net. Yesterday I had pizza while I watching the game and I’m still spitting paper tissues, sitting on the edge of the chair and clapping my hands on some majestic shots he produced

    1. “Yesterday I had pizza while I watching the game and I’m still spitting paper tissues”

      I have no idea what this means 😆

      But I hope he sticks to the aggressive brand of tennis seen vs. Sockychaonic

      1. i think dimman is talking about the paper on the bottom of the frozen pizza.

      2. Ah we don’t eat that here in the UK. We take it off then put it in the oven 😆

        Sockychaonic = Sock / Berdych / Raonic.

      3. If Federer wins this one, I’m going to scream,


        Although I don’t exactly know how to pronounce that. 🙂

  19. Remember all that talk we had about revenge? This is it. This would truly be revenge, if Federer can pull this one out. 🙂

    I think Djokovic is too good a player to lose three in a row to Federer though. Keep in mind that his last two losses came on surfaces that were helpful to Federer. At the same time, Djokovic hasn’t really been tested. Federer will have to get a real fast start, and get the first set in the bag. Losing the first set will mean game over.

    The margins are so little between the two, that it simply comes down to who executes slightly better on any given day. If forced, I’m picking Djokovic in three.

  20. Of course Djoko would extremely not like to lose, as would be 3. time in a row. I wonder if he would turn to slightly bad tricks like m-outs and so, like in wimbledon? Well Boris has told, that in his time he would do ANYTHING to win, with only exception of killing his opponent – since I heard this, I’m not trusting honesty of any man whom he coaches!

  21. Court conditions favouring Djoker here already. Serving impeccable and being aggressive. Only way Fed comes back from this is to serve better and attack the Djoker serve more to force more seconds, needs to get in control of these rallies.

  22. very disappointing finish. looking forward to your take on the finish Jonathan. All that fight to go out with a whimper.

  23. WTF was that at 3-2, 40-15, shit way to end the match but solid effort from Roger, Djoker just too consistent on slow hard courts.

  24. Yeah, lousy miss at 40-15. Loved the fight back in the second though.

    – Is it just me or did any one else face palm when Federer decided to take a bathroom break after the second set. I really hope it was a serious call, because he totally halted his own momentum. Stupidest decision ever I felt.

    – Meh return game. Reminded me of his Wimbledon final. Couldn’t return to save his life. And in both places it was right after safely negotiating the Raonic bombs with ease in the match prior. Puzzling.

    1. Felt the bathroom break was tactical as in to make Djoker question his choking in the tiebreak. Fed was pretty decent on the return game, the problem was that the best returner of all time was standing on the other side of the net and demolished his own second serve. There’s not much you can do on a slow hard court when Djoker is a wall. Credit to Fed though for coming back in the second and third sets, lapse of concentration cost him at 3-2 and was too mentally drained to find it in himself to complete the comeback. Despite that, just have to appreciate what high quality tennis these two put on, never a dull moment in this rivlary.

      Chiling how similar this match was to Wimbledon though, they’ve split wins again in Dubai and IW, is there another rematch coming in Monte Carlo? Can’t wait.

  25. I’ve been out all evening, couldn’t get any wifi except briefly at the station before catching the train home: Roger was 1 set down, a service break down (I thought) and Novak had 40-0. I had visions of a Murray-like defeat – how embarassing. In fact, I was wondering if something was wrong with Roger because the scoreline seemed to be so much in Novak’s favour. When I finally got in and switched the computer on I didn’t even bother visiting the tennis sites because I assumed he must have lost in straights. Am surprised – though I know I shouldn’t be – he pulled back to take it on a tiebreak, but then disappointed he looks to have lost tamely in the 3rd. I look forward to reading your report, Jon, when you’ve had time to digest the match.

    1. Fed may have lost the last set 6-2 (Again) but don’t let it fool you, he had the match on his racquet until the 5th game where he was a point away from leveling but instead hit a tame FH out wide and followed it up with a double fault to gift Djoker the break. Similar to the failed smash shot he hit in the 5th set of Wimbledon 2014. Roger the past year and a half now has shown remarkable mental fortitude but sometimes it just isn’t enough in the crucial moments. Djoker was the more consistent player and deserved to win.

  26. Keep Seppi away from Roger in the draw, please! Seppi Curse is alive and kicking.
    Watched the first set and a half then had to get on with some work. Can’t believe missed the fight in the second later on. Conditions looked tailor-made for Djoko. And boy did he want to win this one after 2 straight losses at the hands of the GOAT.
    Haven’t we had too many close calls against the Djoker? Almost feels unfair. Sure, the wins have been there but MS/Slam final loses feel bad.

    1. The Seppi Curse maybe because Roger did defend his finalist points which were important despite not winning the title. Federer and Federer fans should not be disappointed because of his continued hard work and dedication to the sport of tennis, he is the #2 player in the world at 33. He won Brisbane for his 1000 tour win despite losing at the AO, he was able to defend Dubai and his finalist points here in Indian Wells. Fed should be proud because he doesn’t have the stamina to compete fully but continues to play a full year and all four GS. That takes a lot of courage. There are guys playing who don’t have nearly the dedication that Federer has on or off the court. In short, I have a lot respect for Federer. My message to Fed is don’t let naysayers run you out of this sport that he has played for 17 yrs with grace. Go Fed!

      1. Well, I am the first one to admire all that Roger is doing at this age, way past his prime and in this case, against the World No. 1. I had just found out the result and was looking at twitter/blogs etc to see how it went when I posted previous comment. It’s natural to be a bit disappointed after a final loss, despite all of the things you mentioned IMO. But I am already over this loss, Roger played from behind during the whole match and Djoker was just better. Until next time.

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