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Federer Sees Off Monfils to Make Quarter Finals in Paris

Big win for the GOAT here as he overcame Gael Monfils in their weather effected match 6-3, 4-6, 6-4, 6-1 to make his 11th Quarter Final at Roland Garros. After dropping the second set in disappointing fashion on Sunday evening Roger came out in fine form, taking the third set with some solid play and then wrapping up the fourth 6-1 spending just 63 minutes on court in a total match time of 2 hours 17 minutes.

With Roger's quarter final scheduled for Tuesday it was imperative he got the job done as quickly as possible and he broke early in the third, came close to a 4-1 lead, weathered a Monfils fightback and then won 10 points in a row in the fourth set to pull away and put the match to bed.

Quick Match Recap

Federer Monfils French 4th Round

Federer won the toss and chose the side he wanted, Monfils then elected to receive. Roger opened things up with a hold to 15 before breaking Monfils for a 2-0 lead. The break was quickly consolidated and Roger had another break for 5-1 but couldn't capitalise. The double break wasn't required however as Roger served out the set to love for 6-3.

Into set 2 and Monfils found an immediate response, holding and then breaking to lead 2-0. Roger almost hit back immediately, botching a volley at 30-30 before Monfils consolidated. It was a real slacking off from Federer to lose momentum and Monfils quickly moved into a 5-3 lead to serve for the second set. Here Roger came up with his best return game of the match, creating 2 break points and converting the first to get back on serve at 4-5. 5-5 looked a certainty but at 40-30 he missed a routine volley and dropped serve and the set 6-4. Play was then suspended for the evening due to bad light.

The stoppage in play meant the match was now a 3 set shootout and it was imperative Roger won the first set to give himself any sort of chance to come through. Fortunately he did just that, taking advantage of a sluggish Monfils to break from 0-40 down and then consolidate for 2-0.

The Swiss then had three break point in game 5 but couldn't consolidate, Monfils played 3 disaster points for 0-40, got lucky on the first break point but then delivered 2 clutch plays before holding for 3-2. Both players then exchanged holds at at 4-3 serving Roger faced his first break point at 30-40; he saved it in style with an ace before holding and he the then on to take the set 6-3.

With the wind taken out of Monfils's sails Roger broken in game 1 of set 4 and quickly consolidated for 2-0. Monfils got himself on the scoreboard in the next game but couldn't prevent the double break as he slipped 1-4 down. Roger then held to love for 5-1 and converted his second match point on the Monfils serve to take it 6-1.

Match Stats

Stats Gael Monfils Roger Federer
Aces 6 2
Double faults 4 1
1st serves in 76/122 (62 %) 61/100 (61 %)
1st serve points won 47/76 (62 %) 45/61 (74 %)
2nd serve points won 21/46 (46 %) 25/39 (64 %)
Net points won 11/25 (44 %) 25/39 (64 %)
Break points won 2/4 (50 %) 6/13 (46 %)
Receiving points won 30/100 (30 %) 54/122 (44 %)
Winners 33 41
Unforced errors 37 35
Total points won 98 124

Thoughts on the Match

Federer defeat Monfils Roland Garros 2015

I definitely think maybe the volleys cost me the set yesterday because I was actually — I thought I was the better player for the two sets. Of course he could have also snuck out this set because he had the break first. But I had a lot of opportunities, and if I wouldn't have missed the volleys I missed, I would have created a lot of opportunities that maybe put me in the lead or got me back on even terms earlier. It was tough to do that in some ways, but at the same time it gave me the belief that I was doing the right things if only I can knock off those higher, easier volleys, because they are never that easy because GaΓ«l is on the other side and you come in from far back usually, and you come across the net, across the court, and it's high and you can't put it away short so you have to go deep and you know he's going to be there. So it's a different type of volleying against him. Today I was just really focused on my concentration to really not miss them, and everything worked out very well. I was able to mix up my game, serve big when I had to. Clearly the ace was big on the break point. Other than that I was solid today. It was exactly what I wanted to do today.

A very good win for Roger here in a weather effected match and considering the scoreline I don't think it could have gone any better. First up last night's play – I thought Fed started really well; played solid in very tough conditions and got the all important first set. Then in the second set he just slacked off; missed a ton of first serves and botched some routine volleys that let Monfils back into it despite him not playing the better tennis overall.

In hindsight the delay came at the right time as it basically meant a 3 set shootout on Monday with no player getting a distinct advantage; Roger had the benefit of Monfils not being able to ride the crest of a wave and Monfils had the benefit of extra rest after his back to back 5 setters.

When play resumed the winner of the first set was going to be firmly in the driving seat and Roger was the player who came out with the right intensity and gameplan to get it done. Monfils is known for massive ups and downs in his matches and Roger was on hand to take advantage of his lows in the third set to move in front. He was also solid enough to weather the mini fightback from Monfils at 4-3 to get the important hold for 5-3 saving break point with an ace. Once the third was secure, Monfils looked deflated, had the trainer on court for appeared to be cold / flu and Roger began to deliver big plays behind his first serve to get it done.

Predictions vs. Wawrinka

Federer Wawrinka French Open

Next up is Stan the man who thrashed Gilles Simon in straight sets on Sunday. Stan has looked in fantastic form so far in Paris and is backing up the claim he made to his agent that he'd “have a big French Open” after his early exit in Miami. Based on results so far this looks like it's going to be very close and could potentially go either way.

The match is scheduled second on Lenglen which is apparently slower than Chatrier and I think favours Stan slightly as he's played most of his matches on there; the slowness helps him take huge cuts at the ball which allow him to hit winners off both wings from virtually anywhere in the court. Roger of course leads the H2H 16-2 but both Stan's win have come on clay albeit only ever over the best of three.

Roger showed the blueprint to handle Stan in Rome which was get the advantage by stepping into the court and not giving up ground on the baseline. Roger did a fantastic job in Rome of returning Stan's second serve aggressively by taking the ball up the court and as a result Stan only managed to win 6/18 (33%) of 2nd serve points, Roger on the other hand won 8/13 (62%) en route to a 6-4 6-2 victory.

I think that's probably where the match will be won and lost for Roger – if he can exploit Stan's second serve, stay on the offensive in the majority of exchanges and win a high number of points behind his own second serve then I like his chances. Stan can only hurt Roger if he's the player consistently delivering the first big strike – he doesn't defend as well as some of his contemporaries so if Fed forces the issue I make him the favourite.

The Simon win was hugely impressive, but so was his victory against Nadal in Rome yet he wasn't able to replicate that level against Roger so it will be interesting to see what he brings to the court tomorrow. Will he blaze winners from way behind the baseline and slam down ~75% of first serves? Or will Roger keep him on a leash? Styles make fights and if Roger plays the right brand of tennis then I think he can come through in four sets. May the best Swiss win. Allez!


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. Not so fast, huh?….Anyway Thanks for match cap….Solid Play for Maestro and First serves helped him unlike yesterday…..Roger’s press explains why he missed some volleys yesterday…..

      When Clown had second set all experts went praising how he could stop Roger, now all expert opinions flipped as he couldn’t play better due to cold/flu….They just want Roger out, doesn’t it?

      “May the best Swiss win” –> Classy….and we all know who is best…and we hope he will be tomorrow too…

      Finally it is happening on other half Dull Vs Joker…… I might be wrong but it looks Dull played better clay court players than Joker so far…not sure its matter though……I do expect they might play for 4-5 hours at-least…Lets see…

  1. Fed in cruise control today. If serve is working tomorrow against Stan i think Fed can have it done in 3 or 4 sets #GoRoger

    1. Yes. How about 75% first serves for ROGER? THAT would be something. Hope it goes well for our guy, but glad in any case he was able to improve over last year’s result. Actually got to watch a bit of this one. I’d agree with Roger (!) those volleys dumped in the net were a disaster, but interesting commentary from him about that.

      Thanks as always Jonathan.

    2. Yeah if Fed can serve well he has a good chance of getting it done. Hopefully Stan has a sub par serving day and Roger can move up the court. Maybe even chip charge πŸ™‚

  2. Well done Rog! I really think he has a good shot at reaching the final now. The other three shouldn’t be underestimated, especially if they bring their A-game to the table, but so will hopefully Fed.
    Exciting to see Tsonga emerge as a dark horse. It would be a treat to see a Fedonga battle on Friday!

      1. Yes, I agree. Mind you, I always did expect him to make the semis, at least.

  3. Unfortunately I am getting a bad feeling about the meeting with Stan. I think Roger might just get blown off court tomorrow like he did against Tsonga in 2013 almost did against Stan himself at Wimbledon last year ! Ofcourse, there is nothing in his game to suggest that Federer WILL get blown away but nevertheless he is eventually going to have a letdown in form and that might just be in the QF and prove to be his undoing !

    And who else here is supporting Tsonga in the other QF ? πŸ˜€

    1. Why so much negativity? Both Roger and Stan playing good…so should be good match..and I do think Roger has advantage if he gets his tactics work out better as Jonathan suggested on post…

    2. Kei is of course the favourite against Jo, but you never know, weirder things have happened… Tsonga loves playing on Philippe Chatrier. If he get’s past the japanese hurdle, the ambience in a semi against Roger would be awesome!

    3. Who are we sensing coming out of the Tsonga/Kei match? Tsonga doesn’t have that good of a record against Kei but the two have never played on clay. Looks to be a fun match!

  4. Damn…missed. Thought I came back like a phoenix to win one more time, but not to be…

    Fed was composed from the start to the end, moving well, being sharp at the net, the outcome couldn’t be any better! Thanks for the excellent analysis about the match-up against Stan, Jonathan. Generally I’m not too excited about the two Swiss battling out each other πŸ™ but hope for a good match without heart braking drama.

    1. Will be interesting to see how it pans out. Fed definitely did a good job of neutralising Stan’s offence in Rome. Hopefully he does the same here. All about on the day though really, whether what worked in Rome does so in Paris is difficult to say. Different conditions, different circumstances etc. but if Fed does have positional advantage then it bodes well.

      1. I agree with you it’s 50/50. SL does favour Stan and I was hoping for PC as Stan yet to play there..if Rog comes with both 1st and 2nd serve where his stats been impressive, then I give him the win in 3/4. If Stan starts crushing Rog’s 2nd serve if 1st deserts him, then Stan cld win. Rog is very contained this RG, committed to the grind where he needs to and making sensible approaches so just hv a gd feeling. Rog FTW!! Ps wtf was Monf in that 4th set? Total surrender…

      2. Fed’s form is wholly dependent on the type of serving day he is having. I mean in that second set against Monfils it deserted him yet he came back the next day and was firing away so as J said, very much on the day, conditions etc.

  5. Thanks Jonathan. Guess who just booked his ticket for Monday and missed the best part of the match :p You can be certain I grumbled a fair share at your expense.

  6. Couldn’t have played better in second half today. Shut Monfils down from the start, so just what we all wanted.

    It’s a shame Stan and Feds have to play QFs. Stan certainly creamed Simon, but on the other hand S was coming off a 5-setter against Mahut.

    It’s getting hotter in Paris (I think), so that would I feel be of slight benefit to Feds, and he always looks so much happier when it’s sunny and warm. Go Feds! πŸ™‚

    1. Simon is a defensive baseliner so if Stan plays well then he wins that matchup every time I think especially on clay.

      Meant to be very hot starting Thursday in Paris.

      1. Simon/Wawrinka split meetings 2-2 so definitely not as straight forward as you would think. Simon’s game for some reason has the tendency to trouble a lot of players

      2. Simon’s game can be so “patient” I think it lures other players into going for put aways too quickly. I once saw Simon play Murray in Bangkok and it was insanely boring ..both players hitting all balls meters from any lines and the majority of points were 20 rallies or more.

        I thought Fed was very smart last night and waited very well to set up points and not go too much for outright winners. Tonight’s match against Stan could depend on how well Stan’s BH is firing versus how well Fed can find spots to come in and be agressive.

      1. Shouldn’t you be saying that to Nadal?

        Thanks for the write-up. What would we do without you.

  7. A great win. I honestly wasn’t too optimistic about getting past Monfils on clay, but Roger has played a lot better this tournament than I had expected. I’m hopeful for the match against Stan, but if he loses I won’t have any hard feelings toward Stan.

    Also, I’m happy that Screamapova is out, so it’s been a pretty good day.

      1. Oh! Yes… we have Mirka here! May be a battle for her too after the WTF incident. Usually she becomes ultra vocal in Fed-Stan matches. Interesting to see whether she tries to control her emotions or not…

    1. Yeah Fedfans seem a lot more contempt losing to Stan and Monfils and who can blame them. Getting to the quarters should be pretty boosting for Fed in the grass season should it end here.

  8. Hi Jonathan
    I have to admit I was nervous before the start of the match and was worried how the match might go, but the minute Monfils showboated in the first game and Roger broke you knew it was going to be a good day. Fed came on court looking so focused and assured – could not have been a sweeter victory and in quick time too. 4 down 3 to go – I love that the next round is an all Swiss affair just sad that they could not have been in opposite sides of the draw, I love Stanimal – it’s just that I love Federer more – Allez Roger

    PS and a big shout out to Timea Bacsinszky who just knocked out the No 4 seed and got a bagel in the 2nd set.

    1. Yeah Monfils played some horrific shots. Stupid slices, drop shots galore that were badly executed.

      I watched some of Timea play, have you seen her forehand grip? I have no idea how she keeps it in the court. Kvitova was pretty poor, just a ballbasher.

      1. Women’s draw is a total mind f*** compared to the men’s. Not sure how SW doesn’t win here. Again.

      2. I liked her two handed return serve drop shot – and also her sheer determination and do not give up attitude

      3. Stephens nearly took her out. Just lacked clutch play in important points. Sad…

  9. Stan had it easy against Simon, If Fed not flat, then straights.

    Novak looks stronger, Rafa got sockbroken three times in 3rd set.

    SF line up Novak – Murray / Fed – Kei ( all four equal contenders for the title )

    If Fed beats Kei he should want to face Andy, then title for sure.

    1. Ah I think you’re not giving Stan enough credit- he normally has a tonne of matchup problems with Simon and even though he was hindered, Wawrinka was impressive to put him away like he did. Stan when he is in full flight can beat anyone and everyone.

      I think if Djoker comes out of the Nadal match, players left on the other half will have belief that they have a chance at the title. Could be interesting.

  10. Apart from hoping they both kill each other over 5 sets do we want Novak to lose tomorrow and therefore miss out on the grand slam (and potential calendar slam) or Rafa to lose and stay far away from 17 – and which has Murray got a better chance against? I’d say probably Rafa is the only one who can take Novak out and that Andy has a better chance of beating Rafa than Novak. Of everyone Andy is the most beatable in the Final – or Ferrer obvs but that isnt going to happen.

    1. Djoker Nadal is Wednesday. I’m not placing any preference on the result. Clay sera sera πŸ™‚

      Agreed on the Murray part but I think over 5 sets on clay he has an equally bad chance at beating either of them. I can see Ferrer winning the QF tbh if he plays a good match.

    2. Djoker/Nadal is 50-50. Nadal still isn’t hasn’t gotten the momentum to make him unplayable in Paris in comparison to what he would’ve if it was a final. But the guy has lost one match and one match alone and that says a lot. I was feeling Djoker at the beginning when the draw came out but I’m not sure now- either way, the winner will feel like it’s their tournament to lose. And I’d agree with that statement.

      Ferrer looks in better form than Murray and has a great record against him on clay so I’d say he is favourite in that match. Winner got a lot on their plate to beat Djoker or Nadal.

      1. I can’t agree with you more Alysha. The guy lost one match only! I still have Rafael favourite for Wednesday showdown. If it was other tournament, I would have djoker my favourite. However, anything could happen and whatever happens, the Wednesday clash is the finale with all respect to other players

  11. Grr, “Β£$%”Β£$^” ITV4! Got home this evening and FF’d through 10 hours of tennis and what did we get? Maybe 3, 4 points of the Fed/Monf match πŸ™ So thanks for the writeup, Jon, because otherwise I’d have no idea how it had gone. Glad to hear Roger was focused, and hope he stays that way.

    No idea what’ll happen in the QF, although I think Rog got through so fast today that I think his chances aren’t as bad as I would have expected them to be, given the circumstances. One Swiss through to the SF (or maybe 2 if you count Timea?), but it’s a shame it couldn’t be both.

    1. Oh Alison, what a bummer! I realised just in time that Murray was playing same time slow as Feds, and recorded Eurosports 1, so I was lucky, otherwise I would have missed it too. I have nothing against Murray, but if it is either ITV or BBC, then the Brits take precedence, as I suppose they should. But it is really irritating at times.

      1. Oh, I expected them to give Murray precedence. I just hoped they could show us some of the Fed match later on in the day. At least we may get a look in today, with Andy not playing.

  12. Back in the quarters woohoo! So Monfils’ attention span doesn’t last for 2 days but nonetheless this is an impressive performance from Rog. The break really benefited him, could halt Clownfil’s momentum and get over the disappointment of losing that second set. The only thing I’ll say there is that it was frustrating that Roger worked hard to get the break back and couldn’t hold it together mentally after he missed that volley which ended up costing him the set- not good. Very important that to win today he got it done in straights seeing he has to play 3 days straight- was like a solid practice session and should be ok to go for Stan the Man.

    The men’s QF matchups are pretty great (barring Ferrer/Murray, couldn’t care less what happens there) so there’s gonna be some exciting tennis to be played over the next 2 days. This match as you said could go either way but it is dependent on which Wawrinka turns up- Stan got a tendency to back off against Fed but on clay he will be feeling a lot more confident of his chances. Rog been playing very well- especially on the second serve and FH improved since Roma. Roger tends to get a bit tight around the quarter stages in slams so I’m expecting it to be a close one- either way having a Swiss have a chance to get to the final is going to be phenomenal- best of luck to both men, hoping Fed can pull it off.

  13. Thank god Roger finished the match in a hour time.
    Did anyone see Stan’s recent tweet? He was wearing Roger’s mask : )

  14. I was there at PC for 1st 2 sets, I will write report on the situation and how it goes down in 2nd set actually, bottomline I got screwed by weather while I was there πŸ™ but still manage to catch Roger… Rogerrrr lets win this quarters match ok!!!

      1. Missed Monday coz I have prior travel plans made. Weather is such a bitch, FO is last GS without a roof. Its scary to read about piece of metal dropping on spectators at PC. Thank goodness no fatality.

    1. That’s sucks, Dippy. Are you still there in Paris? Can’t you get today’s tickets?
      Still, better than NO Roger. Glad you managed to catch him.

  15. Thanks Jonathan for the write-up. Now Mon-flu is out of way and here comes Stan the Man. Almost agree with your analysis. However, I trust that Roger knows Stan’s game very well that if giving Stan nicely-set up shots to hit, he could produce lots of winners. Thus, Roger just needs to deploy the similar game plan to that of the Mon-flu’s match (except for serving in the 2nd set) – keep the variety of the play up and approach the net. I could not see how Stan the Man could take more than one set away from Roger. The difference between the RG courts here and Monte Carlo’s is that balls here bounce higher (not sure I am right? Jonathan) – not ideal to hit while standing just one step behind the baseline. To hit winners, he might have to move back by 2 or 3 steps behind the baseline. Roger should have plenty of time to fetch them, unless they are close to or on lines all the time. My prediction – a straight set victory to Roger the Switzerland!
    Allez Rog!

    1. Balls bounce lower in Paris, at least this year. All the info from players and TV says they are pretty low bouncing.

      Stan doesn’t play on the baseline though, he plays very deep and also returns from deep. That is why Roger won in Rome pretty easily, Stan stood way back on the return and Fed is invariably taking 1/2 steps into the court after delivering a serve and then controlling thereafter.

  16. I agree with Jonathan’s assessment. The match is on Fed’s serve. Fed needs to win at least 60% of points behind his second serve, which he has been doing in Paris this year. As long as he keeps that up and throws a lot of variety at Stan, he is going to win. The only scenario where Fed could lose is if Stan “THE MAN” turns up. As long as that doesn’t happen, should be an easy win for our man. Allez Roger πŸ™‚

  17. For Fed to win this, he needs to get the first two sets unless he tires out. I want to remain positive about this.
    Bcs, even Fed sounded a bit complacent on whoever wins this match. I’m hoping Wawrinka just gifts Fed.
    Really, how many times have we seen Federer win back to back to back in one tournament.
    I’m hoping he plays smartly because that is all he needs a very strategic smart play and not mindless baseline bashing that will tire him out.

  18. If you’re flat in the first set after playing for a measly 60 minutes the previous day, you have some thinking to do.

  19. Gaurav
    June 2, 2015 at 4:59 pm
    If you’re flat in the first set after playing for a measly 60 minutes the previous day, you have some thinking to do.

    +++No you don’t. Federer just doesn’t have the PED-fueled explosiveness of a guy like Nadal, that’s all.

  20. Well, there it is. Game, Set, Match. I wonder when the next time Federer will have a chance to get to a GS final without having to face Djokovic, Nadal or Murray. Probably never. He just didn’t show up today, by the time he showed some fight in the 3rd set, was too late. Wawrinka was a man of determination out there today, deserved the win.

  21. Federer failed to reach in the final not even facing Nadal, Nole in 2013 and now in 2015…!!! I think he doesn’t like easy draw. This is just fucked up.

    1. Roger doesn’t do well on “easy” draws – haven’t you realised that by now? πŸ™‚

      He usually does better when I just ignore him, but obviously not today. I said I wouldn’t be disappointed if he lost to Stan, but I find I am – didn’t expect that scoreline πŸ™ Well, I just hope whoever gets to the final is able to make life difficult for his opponent, that’s all. Off to try and drown my sorrows now …

  22. There’s always an underlying tension between these two. Both Fed and Stan knew that if Federer took the 3rd set, would change the match instantly. Wawrinka would have probably mentally collapsed and handed the match to Fed. Boy did Stan want that 3rd set! Wawrinka usually has a mental barrier against Fed, shatterd that barrier today pretty well.

  23. I can’t believe how many people we have here who don’t want to give any credit to Stan.


    1. Exactly, always just laying into Federer for not finding the answers πŸ˜† Stan creamed the ball from start to finish, eased off a little bit in the third set and Fed closed the gap but couldn’t find a way back into the match, never had the rhythm or the comfort from the baseline to have enough confidence in his shots.

      2nd serve points won for Stan was the huge improvement over Rome.

      1. Stan gave him no chance to come up with answers. He did say whoever won he would be happy as there would be a Swiss in the semis so there>

      2. Sure, Stan was redlining his game, but a good reason for that was Federer allowing him to do so.

    2. Haha Sid, at least you aren’t moaning like you did after the Rome final calling Roger “totally incompetent” and what not. πŸ˜€

      Wawrinka was better today.

      1. Because then, it was Roger who sucked, and didn’t even put up a fight.

    3. Quite. When Stan is on his game it’s game over unless his opponent is one of the top 4 playing their red-line game too.

      Stan’s issue has always been consistency. On his day he is near-unplayable.

  24. Lol, there goes the nice draw, there goes the French Open. Will be sick if Nadal gets the best of Djokovic tomorrow. Deres nothing like a tough draw or nice draw for us anymore. I think after this year’s Wimbledon, i will give up on Fed winning another grand slam. No hate, I think I’m seeing some reality around our position.
    All in all guys, you won’t be lonely for too long, Grass is around the corner πŸ˜‰

  25. This is the first time in 292 grand slam matches that Roger hasn’t broken his opponent’s serve in the whole match.

  26. I’m jst very worried about the ton of points we have to defend from Wimbledon onwards.
    #worried sick

  27. Didnt watch the match but looks like Stan played an amazing match. No excuse from Federer as he was rested. Hope Stan can carry this form and put himself as contender for this open. I personally don’t care whether Federer will defend his points or not, as far as he not wining the tourney, there is no point. At this age all I care about him to win tourney. All the best to Stan

  28. I knew it was a sucky outfit.

    If you don’t show up, you can’t expect to win. Also sounds like Stan redlined the whole way.

    Sad though. Missed opportunity for sure.

  29. Stan played brilliantly – it said at one point the u/e score was the same but Fed made loads more than Stan. Fed didnt like the blustery conditions but Stan was on a mission. However if Fed had got the tie break he would have won the match. Stan had to win it and he went for it – all credit to him.

  30. Stan played great. Deserves the credit here. Fed was just ok – missed too much, but Stan was off the hook.

    And I think Stan’s flexibility was helped by the fact that he plays in his boxers.

  31. He lost, big point ! Whether he played well or not. Nobody will remember the pints made or not made.
    I will say more after the Djokovic /Nadal match that is the deciding match
    Awch!!! Hope when I wake tomorrow the quarterfinals will be replayed. This is all a dream I sure :d

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