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Federer Sees Off Kohlschreiber in US Open Third Round

Another straight sets win for Roger Federer at Flushing Meadows as he saw off Philipp Kohlschreiber 6-3, 6-4, 6-4 to book his spot in the last 16 for the 15th year in a row.

The win also sees him improve his H2H against Kohlschreiber to 10-0 and he hasn't lost to a German player since the Australian in 2002. Compared to the clinics against Mayer and Darcis this was slightly lower quality but Fed still fired 27 winners and broke serve 5 times to win through in 1 hour and 33 minutes.

Quick Match Recap

Federer USO 2015 Round of 32

Federer won the toss and chose sides, Kohlschreiber elected to receive. Fed then held to 15 and broke the German's serve immediately to lead 2-0. At 1-3, Kohlschreiber fashioned a break point which was saved. He then came up with a genius point at deuce to get a second bite of the cherry but Roger again saved it before holding to lead 4-1.

The one break proved decisive and Fed went onto take serve out the set 6-3 with relative ease. Set 2 looked like it was going down a similar path but after Roger went up a break for 2-1 helped by 2 double faults, he was broken for the first time in 79 service games as Kohlschreiber levelled.

Parity was short lived for the Augsburg native though as Fed broke again immediately, this time consolidating and going on to take the set 6-4.

Despite Fed leading by 2 sets there was little to separate the two and Kohlschreiber came up with some exquisite points at the start of set 3; beaking to love for a 2-0 lead only to throw in 2 double faults and failing to consolidate when it mattered most.

With Roger just doing enough on serve the set ticked along to 4-4 and Kohlschreiber looked to be the better player. However 30-0 on the German's serve soon became 30-40 and a panic net rush from him allowed Fed to reel off a backhand pass to break and then serve out the match to take it 6-4.

Match Stats

Stats Philipp Kohlschreiber Roger Federer
Aces 1 5
Double faults 5 4
1st serves in 44/72 (61%) 50/83 (60%)
1st serve points won 31/44 (70%) 36/50 (72%)
2nd serve points won 15/28 (54%) 18/33 (55%)
Fastest serve 123 MPH 126 MPH
Average 1st serve speed 111 MPH 112 MPH
Average 2nd serve speed 89 MPH 89 MPH
Net points won 16/19 (84%) 17/23 (74%)
Break points won 2/4 (50%) 5/8 (63%)
Receiving points won 29/83 (35%) 26/72 (36%)
Winners 22 27
Unforced errors 21 26
Total points won 75 80
Distance Covered (Feet) 4776.6 4662.2
Dist. Covered/Pt. (Feet) 30.8 30.1
SABR 0/0 2/3 (66%)



Thoughts on the Match

Federer US Open Third Round 2015

Not much in this one really but Federer won the big points and took full advantage of Kohlschreiber making key errors at the worst possible moments. Compared to the first two matches Fed looked almost subdued in his body language and general facial expressions but he still got it done without dropping a set. Maybe he knew that he has Kohlschreiber on a leash or maybe he genuinely wasn't feeling it out there but either way it was another routine victory in just 1 hour 33 minutes against a guy with a stellar record in New York.

In terms of his level Fed's serve wasn't as solid today as it has been, which is probably why he got broken after a streak of 78 straight holds. It was quite interesting to see Kohlschreiber standing so far back on the return actually, he was in Nadal territory for the most part and it seemed to pose Fed a few more problems. The forehand wasn't firing as well either probably due to lack of rhythm as there was no longish rallies like against Darcis but like I said – when it came down the points that mattered – Fed was the one winning them.

As for Cabbage Writer he played some really nice points but still slips to 0-10 in the H2H and it's tough to see him beating Fed on the tour in his career – just incapable of winning those key points that can decide a match. If he could, then with his shotmaking / raw talent then he would be top 10 material easily.

Predictions vs. Isner

Federer Isner Olympics

Next up is John Isner who defeated Jiri Vesely after the Czech retired down 2 sets to love. Quite a good scenario for Isner who comes in with fresher legs now which makes him a tad more dangerous.

Fed has the wood on the American leading the head to head 4-1 but they haven't played each other since 2012 where they met 3 times, Fed winning 2 of them but losing their Davis Cup tie.

Isner's serve obviously makes him a very dangerous opponent and whenever he plays on home soil he seems to raise his game, winning Atlanta, making the finals in Washington and the Quarter Finals in Montreal. He has played quite a packed schedule in the US Open series but he lost early in Cincy and is yet to drop a set here so I don't think fitness will really come into it.

From Fed's side he just has to do what he normally does against big servers – take care of his own service games, not allow Isner's forehand to do much damage and consistently put the pressure back on his opponent's serve. He's done it countless times against Karlovic, Roddick, The Scud and Isner too so I definitely like his chances. I go with Fed in 4: 7-5 6-7(4) 6-4 7-6(2). 2 sabr returns too πŸ˜‰


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Another win here for Roger :). He wasn’t as sharp in the service as in the first matches but i think Kolshreiber didn’t alow him to.;).
    Thanks Jonathan for you express recap. It’s always a pleasure to read it so I’ll go read it now ;).

  2. I’m glad Roger won today although he was obviously not quite in his best form.
    I hope this will end up as his worst match this tournament!
    Isner should be possible…

    1. Yeah all about getting the job done though. Murray plays below par and goes 5 against Mannarino. Fed plays below par and beats a guy ranked as high as 16 in straights πŸ˜‰

  3. I the previous post, someone named Koushik had some very negative things to say. He does not know that you don’t play to your full potential in the first week, unless you are forced to. With the first three matches lasting what, 77, 80, and 93 minutes, Federer has more than achieved his first week goal.

    If you consider those matches as a nice practice sparring, he has now effectively turned his US Open into a four match tournament over seven days (starting Monday). Sneak in another quick win, and it only gets better.

    Can things go horribly wrong? They can, anytime. A dangerous opponent lurks. But you’ve got to put yourself in the best position to win. Federer has done exactly that, so far.

    Isner may be rested. So is Roger, and he will be playing with his RF97 for the first time against Isner, so I’m assuming he can make even more inroads in return games.

    1. Spot on Sid. OK, he did seem a little flat today, and the serving wasn’t quite so hot, but he got it done efficiently in three straight (non TB – thank god) sets, winning all the important points. What more can we ask? And that stat: broken for the first time in 79 service games – unbelievable! πŸ™‚

      1. 79 service games? That’s the total number of games played in his three matches. I’d say he served about 40 times, and was broken twice.

    2. I am with you on this Sid. Philipp is a great shot maker and reads Feds serve well as he shld having played him so often! Fed was sharp enough when it mattered and will hv seen this match as a good hard test. Isner doesn’t return as well and won’t move as well to Feds serve. So if Rog can hold, he can make hay on the Isner serve. My only concern is I bet they make this a night match and prob the second one on. Hate that, plays havoc with the routine for the next match…..

      1. They’ve got Kvitova vs. Konta before them. I’m wondering whether Roger will still be playing by the time I wake up! And remembering the last time he was on Ashe early in the morning πŸ™

  4. Close match, not the best from Fed but i am happy he got it done in 3. He has been only 4+ hours on court so he should feel OK for week 2.


      1. Think it just showed the massive difference in quality from Darcis-Kohlscreiber. Hopefully Roger will step it up as we move into the second week.

      2. The gulf between Philipp and Steve Darcis is huge! Plus Philipp always gives Fed a good hard match. To come thru in straights whilst playing a bit flat speaks volumes….

      3. Combination of both Kohli playing better in parts and both guys not reaching their best level.

        Philipp said in press he thought it was a low quality match from them both.

  5. I guess the first set will be very important in fed-isner matchup and probably will go to a tiebreak.. Fed has handled big servers really well and his experience will come handy in this one.I say Fed will win it in 4 tight sets. . Hope roger will come out in full flow in the next match.☺

  6. Ah so Roger is finally broken! At least that storyline is over. I thought Fed was pretty lucky to get away with this in straight sets, Kohli was playing very solid from the baseline but not there mentally with being unable to consolidate the breaks. It seemed Fed was having trouble serving from one side of the court into the sun I think? Serve definitely needs to be a bit more sharper against Isner- gonna be a night match I assume? so slower conditions should bode better for Roger. On one last note, can the media start asking Fed something else other than the roof and SABR? It’s been done to death now…

    1. I can’t say Kohli was solid from the baseline, he made a lot of errors. The only thing that really worked for him was ending points quickly. Whenever he landed the first serve he did pretty well.

      Every question from media is on sabr and the unfinished roof. Zero interesting questions.

  7. I do feel a bit quirky about Monday. I just listened to both Roger’s and John’s post match press interviews and John is sounding pumped and all. Roger said that he needs to look at the tape to recall what worked and what didn’t on the serve.

    I believe that Roger will win but the number of sets can determine what he can do later on in the tournament. A straight set win would be unbelievable but that would require some clutchness. A win in 4 would be ok as long as possibly Berdych gets beaten by Gasquer or possibly Murray gets ousted.

    I just think that an Isner – Berdych – Murray – Djokovic might be rough.. But then again Tsonga is lurking so maybe seeing some great servers back to back may help Roger.

    Will see! Today was definitely an “off” day but to get out of it with 3:0 is very satisfying. Let’s go out there and take care of Big John now. I have no doubt that will be under the lights.


    1. Isner hasn’t played any of his matches with a tiebreak right? Gonna expect that to change on Monday. Gasquet has a very poor record in the 4th round but hoping he can take it to Berdych and put us out of our misery because none of us wants to watch him in that awful kit.

      1. It is truly ghastly Alysha! I think Berdy gets the End of Year Title for the worst kit in EVERY tournament! πŸ˜†

      1. Troicki is a massive choker. Seen the stat going around that this is the 3rd time this year he’s lost being 2 sets to love up.

  8. I actually think Gasquet is going to beat Berdych–just a gut feeling. I think Isner’s effectiveness is hyped a lot due to his being an American. Once he is dragged to net and from side to side, made to bend, he is not a great player. PLUS likely they will play at night and I just feel RF will light up the sky. Murray has a head cold so let’s not put him in the semis quite yet–AND his second serve is looking awful here. One match at a time. NO reason to panic just ’cause RF was in second gear today. He knows what he has to do.

    1. I like your positive attitude, Emily! I also agree that Roger being in 2nd gear today was good. I don’t wNr Roger to be great in all his matches and then slow down in the final. I’d rather have him take a day off like he did today. If he can get through the 4th round with minimal fuss then I’ll start to think about what he can do.. The night match will have no shades so that’s also a good thing. Roger is a beast in the evening sessions..

    2. Muzza’s second serve is always awful: is it looking any worse than usual here?

      Blast: highlights have already been removed, again πŸ™

      Thanks for the super-fast recap, Jon.

      1. Haha, sounds like an advice from an experienced tennis player. I like it! Isner is also nursing some sort of a knee injury so that strategy is perfect for that – work that knee, Roger, work that knee! LOL…

    1. The only player it benefits would be that doped up, crip walking, fried chicken munching bitch, you know who I’m talking about? The other girls are going to drop dead like flies.

  9. Flat was a good word to describe Fed’s game today. Night match for sure, hopefully on 1st. I’m sure he’ll be up for it. The place will be buzzing.

    Sid, maybe someone will leave a banana peel on the floor when Serena gets out of the shower.

      1. LOL nice one. Have to ask, does anyone believe this, seems a bit fishy from the USTA and is a cover so she can focus on singles. I dont know, never been a fan of Bouchard after that handshake incident, but if it is true then bad luck for her because she was just getting some ground back.

      2. Duhh it was a play on words Suetard πŸ˜†

        @Alsyha I’m not a Douchard fan either, her strokes are too agricultural. Unwatchable IMO.

      3. Agricultural could be described as not using any manner of technique, and simply doing whatever it takes to hack the ball over the net, as if a farmer is hacking crops. Serena Williams has agricultural ground strokes. Very poor technique, but muscles the ball over the net with all the brute strength. The idea is to put enough spin on the ball and simply ensure it lands, somewhere, inside the baseline. Notice how there isn’t a single player in the WTA who has a decent front court game.

        I don’t think I like any of the current WTA players at all. Stosur still playing? Has great form and technique on her strokes. If it weren’t for her horrible grunting, and attitude, I would’ve been a Sharapova fan. She makes a concerted effort to open the court. There is absolutely nothing in the WTA that impresses me. It’s just there because something called women’s tennis needs to exist, and equal prize money needs to be handed out. And so, it exists. πŸ™‚

        There was a time women’s tennis was beautiful. It could exist on its own. Then came the Williams sisters, and completely destroyed it. They took the beauty out of it, and added ghetto into it. πŸ˜‰

        Nadal, and Djokovic can also be considered agricultural. Federer is the exact opposite. He can target his ground stokes on a coin. He doesn’t rely on overpowering his opponents, but opening the court with measured ground strokes, and moving in for the kill.

      4. Interesting thoughts, Sid. Although I’m rather curious, because when it comes to setting yourself and following through a stroke with a strong core, Djokovic is actually pretty good. I’d say his technique is high up among the players. Nadal has a mess up technique that is designed to kill his body, definitely.

      5. Pretty much agree with Sid, mirrors a comment on a post ages ago on how I explained the Williams sisters ruined women’s tennis.

        Nadal forehand is funky technique but his backhand is good.

        Djokers isn’t agricultural, it’s robotic.

      6. Haha XD I don’t think anyone would say djoker is agricultural! But I still think his technique off most shots is pretty stable

      7. Stable is the last word I’d use when describing Djokovic. That guy can’t stay upright to save his life.

        Nadal’s got a wicked arm technique on the forehand. The way his arm stays straight at the elbow at the point of impact is only one-upped by Federer. (Their contact point technique is almost identical).

      8. Nadal forehand technique is bad from a coaching perspective. He muscles it in. No surprise it’s the shot going AWOL when low on confidence.

      9. I always say “ouch!” everytime he folds the left arm back onto his left side after a spinned FH (does he know otherwise?). One day it will detach from the shoulder and hit some spectator on the back. That would be the day…

    1. Interesting comments, Sid. I watched Azarenka, Sharapova play at IW. You could see the point construction, the strategy. So, I agree with you but there are exceptions.
      How do you think this could change? What about the newbies ie Bencic?

      1. Never watched her. She beat that fried chicken munching, crip walking bitch, so I love her for that!

      2. You get some point construction / strategy in WTA but the big limiting factor is movement. So they simply can’t execute certain plays. For example – which WTA players hit a good kick serve?

        The mens game isn’t limited by movement. Its only limit is tactics. So its vastly more interesting.

        Can it be improved? It would need to pivot. With the arrival of Williams sisters etc they made the women’s game purely about power and physicality. So they killed off any USP’s it had when compared to the men’s game. It’s now just a lesser version of the men’s game.

      3. “It’s now just a lesser version of the men’s game.”. ABSOLUTELY AGREE. Just unwatchable. No brainwork, no footwork… this Serena and her followers are stone throwers. Disgusting!

  10. Solid performance from Fed! Even though he looked a bit flat and not really into it, putting Kolhi match to rest in 93 mins was impressive nonetheless.
    My predictions of a 6-3,6-4,6-4 was spot on ?.
    Isner might be fresh and considering the match should be on monday evening(conditions will be slower) , Expect Federer to come and play lights out against Isner. Federer in 3. 6-2,7-5,7-6.
    Federer s winning match percentage against big servers in more than 92%. So another quick win should do him real good.
    I believe Gasquet will get the better of Berdych and like I previously. Murray I think played solid against Bellucci. I ll still go with Stan to make the semis should they meet in the quarters.
    Its a clear as a mirror path for Djokovic to the finals really. So for Federer to stay fresh and clutch in week 2 is key for him to go deep.

      1. Jeez! I should have checked first. Bookies dont matter to me really. I ll take the equal number of games thing.
        @Sid Addey sounds a HIM. Doesnt it.:p I like the agricultural piece you wrote. Somehow reminded me of Steffi Graf, surely she falls in the non- agri category!

      2. Well, Addy here in the US is definitely a girl. I thought somewhere you mentioned you being from India? Maybe it was someone else. So I wasn’t sure whether that’s the short for a guy, or girl. πŸ™‚

      3. Also, to answer the second part of your question. I am not a Graf fan. Having said that, she won here 22 titles in an era where strength didn’t matter. Skills mattered. You really weren’t getting much at all from the racquet. Look at the players around her during her reign. Compare them to what we have now.

        Graf’s 22 slams are worth twice what Serena Williams currently has. Williams is playing in an era where she basically disappears, and just shows up, and wins everything there is to win, at what 33 years? And hides in her panic room when a doping inspector shows up at her home? Everything is wrong with that picture.

    1. Yup, I watched this too. And the commentator, who I don’t particularly like, was adding a bit of spice to it. “ still hurts.”, is how it ends (not in that video).

      As to why show players in that situation off court? Why not? It captures their true emotions. Shows the fans what winning, and losing, truly means. If their fans can share their moments of glory, why not the moments when they are in the depths of despair?

      If you can show Nick Kyrgios tattle tale on fellow players, or that obnoxious Serena Williams threaten a lines judge, or yell, “Bitch!” at their opponents, live, why not show Rafa after a gutting loss?

      1. So I take it Sid is okay with the BBC cameras this year at Wimbledon, *after* the players had come back out for the presentation ceremony and all that fa-la-la, following all the way up to the welcoming committee and beyond, right up to the stretch of corridor leading to the locker room. To my mind, the welcoming committee should have been the last point. Beyond that, I think players are entitled to some privacy (and I’m including Novak in that).

      2. Anything outside their locker rooms is fair game. Anything outside their locker rooms, in the context of the stadium, is fair game.

      3. In the context of the stadium, fine. But having walked off court, out of the “stadium” area, back into the foyer, past the list of championship winners, up a flight of stairs, along a corridor, and then along another corridor? Still seems too much to me, whatever you may think.

      4. In the context of the stadium, fine. But having walked off court, out of the “stadium” area, back into the foyer, past the list of championship winners, up a flight of stairs, along a corridor, through an open area and then along another corridor? Still seems too much to me, whatever you may think.

      5. Well, it was a short walk from the entrance of the tunnel, to that little door, whatever it was. That’s totally public area.

    2. Because the others were ON COURT. In public. This was OFF court. Made it past the crowds, now I can breathe – BOOBY TRAP!!!!

      Doesn’t appeal to me in the slightest. Even if it were Roger.

      1. Don’t care much what you think. Nothing wrong with that. They have cameras before they make their court entry. Players are aware they are on camera, right until they are inside their locker rooms. It’s not like they are following them to their fucking showers, for fucks sake.

        Jesus! If you want to object for the sake of objecting, make sure they don’t do mid-match interviews, or interview the loser on court right after the loss, like that fucking Gimelstob did to Wawrinka (at the US Open I think after losing to Djokovic).

      2. I actually take issue with all of that, the loser deserves his own little sanctuary. Wawrinka was poor form, this a bit less so, but both aren’t necessary. Whatever the impact on their fans. They are already thrown into a few hours of interviews, win or lose, after a match. So letting them walk away from the public for a few minutes to collect their thoughts and prepare to dissect their own loss 5, 6 times is the bare minimum for me.

      3. The walk in that little corridor that leads up to your locks rooms IS NOT PRIVATE AREA for the last time! So now you’ve got to make rules: Don’t show the loser, only show the winner. Or don’t show the loser if they feel gutted. You’re telling me players cannot hang on to their emotions for 10 fucking seconds? Nadal was totally aware that there will be cameras on him. Fans are making a big deal out of it. It’s not a big deal.

        What about the title matches then? Why did they keep Nadal waiting on the courts after that devastating five set loss at AO12? Maybe they should’ve let him go to his locker room for a few minutes to sulk, maybe cry a fucking river, then come back? Hmm? No, they kept him there, and let him go through his emotions, or let him curb it. Not just that, they were standing during the presentation, and their legs wouldn’t co-operate. Someone was rational enough to get them chairs.

        It’s a small walk to their locker room. Nothing wrong with cameras. Don’t get to sensitive.

      4. John is wrong. And so are you, Thinker. The corridor leading you to the lockers are not private areas. Why doesn’t that register in your pea sized brains?

        Please explain. Why does the loser have to stay on court after a championship loss. No fucking private time to lick their wounds? You can see Nadal tugging his behind, in the corridor, pre-match, and you have a problem with him leaving by the same corridor?

        You guys fucking making me sick.

      5. Talk about a storm in a teacup.

        I imagine if the camera had followed Fed off court after he had won a match and the twins were waiting in the wings then everyone would be lapping up the pictures and Vines of it. πŸ˜†

  11. Nothing spectacular against Phillip
    But Fed didn’t let this one slip
    He always had the match in his grip
    Barring a rare two-serve blip

    1. Totally agree with you Thinker. Completely unnecessary to have a camera following them out of the court after a loss. Obviously they will be gutted, whoever it is; we don’t need to be shown that ffs. πŸ™

      1. Irrational thinking. Your lowest moments elicit the strongest support from your fans, and bring out the best in you.

  12. I have a really weird feeling Tsonga will take out the Djoker. He hasn’t been broken yet and he didn’t even fave a single break point today. I think that he’ll beat Cilic and then we’ll see. Fognini and Lopez could also take a set of Djokovic.

    Roger has to hope that he takes out Isner is smooth fashion tomorrow and hopefully that Berdych loses to Gasquet.

    Then I still can’t figure out a winner between Murray and Wawrinka but I hope in any case for a long 5 set match between to decide the winner. πŸ˜‰


    1. Tsonga hasn’t been broken yet? That’s a really surprising stat to hear. I don’t know how well he matches up to Djokovic tbh. He and cilic have a certain power through mentality which…well, Djokovic soaks it up for breakfast. It would take a monumental performance, but then nishikori managed it, and he isn’t even a power player, so we can hope!

      As for Murray/wawrinka I think I’d rather fed played Murray, but I think he’d beat both on current form assuming no tiredness. Wawrinka seems to have murray’s number more often than not nowadays, though. So if they play, my money is on stanimal.

      1. Tsonga is the only one in the top half who has beaten Djokovic before, all others left have a n:0 record against the no. 1. Gees I simply can’t get over how much luck this guy has had in this year with his draws!

    2. I’ve been wondering that too. Tsonga has been going about his business pretty efficiently and is very much under the radar. He pushed Stan at FO and we know he has the strength if he can keep his head together. The crowd like him and if he gets their support he could really take it to Djokovic. His main problem is his movement, but I certainly wouldn’t discount him.

      Bust-a-Gut did pretty well against the Joker, who again doesn’t look in that good form A slightly monotonous match with a few highlights, Agut wasn’t just there to pick up the pay cheque and he did take a set off him. Feds dealt with him very handily at Wimbledon and Cincinnati, but I think he finds Djoko’s game easier to challenge.

      1. Djoker would need to be really off the pace to lose to Tsonga.

        I think his movement is pretty good though. Quick and athletic. Backhand is a big weakness.

        RBA done well to get a set but he never getting it done against top 10 opposition.

      2. … and has the tendency to choke. Whether he’s learned anything from Wimbledon this year I don’t know.

  13. Wow, everyone is really at full tilt here today. I still say Gasquet might surprise everyone. Fed’s match w Isner is last on Ashe tomorrow night. Agree with Sid that the WTA is a joke. I have not watched ONE women’s match since the day Steffi called it quits. They suck. And they cry. No way would i waste my time on them.

    Also do not count out Cilic just yet. or Tsonga. There will be ONE men’s upset, and I don’t think it’s gonna be Fed…

    1. Hi Emily, Liked your comment, agree with you about today’s WTA….Steffi Graf was my gal, I followed her ’til she retired. Great tennis, well mannered player, it was a joy to watch her play. At that time there were so many other good women tennis players….those were the days….not anymore.

      Roger, wish you good luck tomorrow defeating Isner….Just Do It!

    2. I liked Graf, Henin and Hingis but the Williams sisters killed tennis unfortunately. Although not many seem to be able to comprehend why. It’s like arguing with a progressive.

  14. Yeah Roger definitely flat but good thing he gets it done in straight. If he is going to get one poor match throughout 7, better this one than during the later stages.

      1. Yup. Novak on the verge of taking Set 3. The problem with the underdog losing the pivotal third set is that they give up belief subsequently. Get ready for a 6-1 or 6-2 fourth set. Where’s Fabio when you need him?

      2. So, you assume Kev’s going to lose from here on in? I suspect you’re right. And it would have been a bit ridiculous …

  15. Why is Serena’s grand slam really news worthy??

    It seems to me that grand slams in the women’s game should be the least heralded of all the tourneys top women play.

    Not only do they only play 3 sets max (as usual) against the men’s BO5, but they also get a whole day off to recoup unlike in any other tournaments throughout the year!

    The ladies grand slam titles seem completely compromised to me and the least physically challenging of the tour.

    Serena grand slam seems like an exercise in empty hyped up fabricated celebration of a glory without the requisite merit in my opinion.

    Make them play best of 5 and then you can call it the achievement it’s hyped up to be. Until then all the fawning over this just seems like a bit of a transparent joke no one’s willing to mention cause it’s wouldn’t be PC.

    1. Actually the Azarenka/Kerber match was very good. Excelent ratio winners/errors and both players fighting their guts out until the penultimate game. I remember in the last match Kerber firing one particularly impressive BH winner, completely crouched.

    2. “Not only do they only play 3 sets max (as usual) against the men’s BO5, but they also get a whole day off to recoup unlike in any other tournaments throughout the year!”

      Good point. Barely any more tennis than in the average Masters.

  16. Interesting statistic: Nadal ran a longer distance (near 4 km)in the 5 sets he played against Fognini than Federer in the 9 sets he played in the first 3 rounds (slightly more than 3 km).

    1. I’m not saying that can’t be examples of great competition between the players. I’m saying that the grand slam format for women actually seems to be an easier format than the regular tournament formats on the WTA. Best-of-three as opposed to best-of-five with a day off in between each match? Why are grand slams for women given such a great status? I don’t buy it and I don’t see why they shouldn’t do best-of-five. These are supposed to be world-class athletes. It seems like kind of a joke to me.

  17. Why is the Federer-Isner match making me panic?
    Is it because I will not be watching it because of the time or because of Federer’s performance against Kohlschrieber I am a bit shaky?
    Whatever it is, I pray I wake up to a win lest I be heartbroken this week.

      1. More like Donald was feeling the effects of his last two matches. Stan was still not going for his shots, especially backhand. Won’t work in the next round.

  18. Who turns up here? Andergoat or Anderchoke? Hope that Djoker match at Wimby doesn’t cost him.Will Muzz have anything left for Stan if he escapes?

  19. Ok, this is not good. Anderson up 2-0, so now we have to wait another two hours at least.

    And in that changeover, Murray used the words “fuck”, and “fucking”, at least a dozen times, clearly audible to everyone. Why was he not given a code violation? I just don’t get it.

    1. Why do we have to wait? He’s on Armstrong. Thankfully. Although I still expect Kvitova/Konta to take a long time.

  20. An ABSOLUTELY Amazing Perfect Roger Federer Day:

    1. Roger beats Isner in 3 EXTREMIKT TIGHT SETS…

    2. Anderson takes out Murray in 4 sets

    3. Gasquet beats Berdych in 4 sets.

    That is simply perfect! Roger should get to the semis with relative ease now and should have a decent chance of finally reaching the U.S. Open Final with lots of energy to spare. And he still hasn’t peaked yet IMO.. :-)))

    1. Agree with all those perfect points except that I think Stan would be tougher to beat than Murray. Tsonga looks dangerous as you said. Hope he takes out Cilic and put a fight against Djoker.

      1. Agree, I think Fed would rather v Muzz over Stan. But then again will Stan make it? AnderGOAT got a huge shot here to make the semis.

      2. For some reason, I think that Roger will come extra prepared and ready for both Gasquet and Wawrinka.

        I think that Wawrinka will get by Anderson because Anderson is probably exhausted by now. He can and should take at least a set from Stan.

        That being said, on a fast court like this, I expect Roger to exact revenge on Stan – Federer Style!!!

        But as you said, let him take care of Gasquet first…

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