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Federer Sees Off Jaziri To Make Halle Quarter Finals

A 14th Quarter Final for Roger Federer awaits in Halle after he defeated Malek Jaziri 6-3, 7-5 in 69 minutes at the Gerry Weber Open. Like his opener not the most convincing of matches but he played a decisive first set and somehow recovered from a 1-4 deficit in the second to setup a tie with David Goffin tomorrow.

Quick Match Recap

Federer Jaziri Halle

Federer won the toss and elected to serve holding to 15 for a 1-0 lead. Jaziri levelled and then had a break point opportunity in game 3, Roger saved it and held for 2-1. Back to back love holds followed but with Federer leading 4-3 Jaziri slipped to 15-40 and could only save the first break point. Roger served out the set to 30 to take it 6-3.

Set two saw the Tunisian get off to a great start, holding and then breaking to love after Roger played a both tame and casual game to drop serve. The break was quickly consolidated and after some more big hitting Jaziri found himself up 4-1.

In game 7 Roger took advantage of a Jaziri double fault at 30 all to setup a break point which he converted after Jaziri incorrectly stopped play to challenge. The Swiss then held to level and at 5-5 he fashioned another break point which was again converted to lead 6-5 Upon serving for the match Fed slipped to 0-30 but showed his skills to avoid facing three break points and won the next 4 points to move into the quarter finals.

Match Stats

R. Federer M. Jaziri
Aces 5 3
Double Faults 0 3
1st Serve % 67% 45%
1st Serve Points Won 31/39 (79%) 21/25 (84%)
2nd Serve Points Won 10/19 (53%) 14/31 (45%)
Break Points Saved 1/2 (50%) 1/4 (25%)
Service Games Played 11 10
1st Return Points Won 4/25 (16%) 8/39 (21%)
2nd Return Points Won 17/31 (55%) 9/19 (47%)
Break Points Won 3/4 (75%) 1/2 (50%)
Return Games Played 10 11
Winners 19 21
Unforced Errors 16 19
Net Points Won 7 4
Total Service Points Won 41/58 (71%) 35/56 (63%)
Total Return Points Won 21/56 (38%) 17/58 (29%)
Total Points Won 62/114 (54%) 52/114 (46%)
SABR 0 0


Thoughts on the Match

Federer Halle Last 16 2016

Quickfire match this but one that Roger was lucky to win in straight sets as Jaziri is a tricky opponent with flashy shots, a big forehand and an unpredictability which can work well on grass. In fact had Jaziri shown a bit more composure he’d have taken it three but he made errors at key moments see the second set and the match slip away.

As for Fed, I must say it’s not easy to watch his matches in Stuttgart and Halle so far as he’s clearly not 100% and is still trying to find his game. Still winning which is the main thing but whilst watching I always have the back injury in the back of my mind and Fed is still looking pretty cautious out there. Today he started well but after boxing of the first set all of a sudden looked stiff, wasn’t moving great and some of his attempts to come in behind his serve were almost in slow motion. No real spring in his step to dance around the court like we are used to and his return game hasn’t come together yet at all. Jaziri was serving at 40% for most of the match but was rarely pressured on his 2nd serve which made things all a bit too easy. Luckily he threw in some mistakes and Roger opened his shoulders to rip some groundstrokes on those key points at the end of set 2 to come through unscathed.

So just like yesterday really, not a performance that you’ll remember but another W in the victories column which is all we can ask for. Hopefully he can get at least 2 more matches here in prep for Wimbledon.

Predictions vs. Goffin

Federer Goffin AO 2016

Next up is David Goffin who came through his match with Stakhovsky after the Ukrainian retired down 0-2 in the deciding set. Stakhovsky actually served for the match but he couldn’t buy a first serve and then fell over on break point which apparently tweaked his back which requird an off court medical time out.

As for the quarters Goffin is going to be a big step up for Fed tomorrow and judging by how Jaziri was able to return his serve then he might have his hands full. Goffin has an effortless return of serve and moves really well around the court so he’s going to make Roger hit a lot of balls. So far Fed’s been aided by opponents who make cheap errors, Goffin isn’t really that sort if guy as he’s such a clean ball striker so Roger will have to force the issue.

Of course the Belgian has no real weapons or power which is why he’s 0-4 in the H2H but Fed needs to be moving well to exploit that and play first strike tennis. Something we’ve not seen him do just yet as he’s looking rather laboured getting around the court. Tough to predict but I’ll say Goffin in 3.

What do you guys think?


Editor of Perfect Tennis and a big fan of Roger Federer, I've spent countless hours watching and analysing his matches. Alongside playing the sport, I also enjoy writing about the tour, rackets, strings, and the technicalities of the game. Whether it's breaking down the latest tournament results or discussing the latest gear innovations, I'm always eager to share my insights with fellow tennis enthusiasts.

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    1. I’m not watching yet so thanks for these quick reports. Goffin in 3 wow, I so hope he can see him off and build some much needed confidence and surefootedness on the slippery grass of Halle. Saw a gif of Stakho falling inelegantly so to keep upright and play on are good goals.
      Fingers crossed Fed gets this win and “free flowing Fed with riddum,” returns long enough to give him a good crack at Wimbledon and the second half of this year.

  1. Agree with all u say! His forays to the net were just forgettable and he noticeably stiffened up in the second set! Luckily the serve % is still 60+ so saving him on numerous occasions, including the last game! Goffin real step up and Fed has to eliminate his own cheap errors tbh if he is to progress further. At least Fed knows Goff’s game whereas today and yesterday.. No real pattern to get into!
    If we get 1/2 more matches then good news but of course I always want a title here….. Fingers crossed!! But Thiem looking unstoppable..

  2. His feet seemed to be moving more smoothly, but…. almost like he wasn’t seeing his angles as well as usual. And… Jaziri only served at 45%, but won over 80% of those points?

    But every time I think… wait, is he really still inhibited in his movement?, there’s a glorious highlight-reel shot. Don’t really know what to think. As has been said in other posts, he really doesn’t have a lot of practice at this coming-back-from-injury thing, so maybe stumbling through that is a big part of it.

    I saw – on Twitter, I think, so it could be completely bogus – that he said he was having a hard time figuring out Jaziri’s game. If that’s true, familiarity with Goffin should help tomorrow. Goffin himself needs to step it up – as you say nearly went out there to Stakhs – but if he manages that, I agree Fed’s got to find another level if he wants to get to the semi. Not sure I’m quite ready to think Goffin will actually win the match. Could go either way, I think, depending how each of them is settling in. Fingers crossed. Really hoping he starts feeling more comfortable in his skin.

    1. So do I.

      The reports I’ve seen of Goffin’s play today don’t sound particularly good, and simply from watching the live scores I’d guess that Stakhovsky had the match in his pocket before he got injured, but then Roger isn’t exactly playing well either – seems he needs to borrow someone else’s brain for a bit? I could quite believe Goffin winning this one.

      PS: Jonathan, how come Roger, even playing badly, still gets 4 stars? What does he have to do to get less? No, don’t answer that bit, because I don’t want to see it!

    2. Fed’s return game is non-existent at the moment as J said but that will take time as he finds his rhythm again and is more confident at where his fitness and movement is.

  3. Hey, re Wimbledon posters – didn’t we get to vote one year, a kind of peoples’ choice award? That was fun. The one they picked is cool, but I really like the one with all the gardeners tending the tennis ball…

  4. I’ll go out on a gigantic limb here and say Fed in 2 tomorrow. I think he’ll raise his game with the player he’s playing.

    He had match point on an in form Theim last week on his first week back from – from forever.

    I think he’ll get it done.

    1. I’m with you there. I think fed likes goffin, who really lets him swing when they play; granted, on grass, Goffin doesn’t need power (which is lucky, because he doesn’t have any), but I see fed being too comfortable; doubt goffin will push him to stretch. He might push him to hit a lot of shots, but that’s a good thing.

  5. I’d like to agree with Alb being of optimistic nature generally, but from the two matches I’ve seen, I’m not sure that’s going to happen. Actually thought he was playing much better at Stuttgart, certainly his movement (to my eyes) was far better. He’s looked very stiff here. It may be that he’s very nervous about pushing to much on this very slippery/greasy surface, and he’s already fallen once so I’m sure that doesn’t help. I agree with you Jonathan – I am reminded of the dodgy back very much. I hope I’m wrong., but it’s very clear he’s nowhere close to 100%.

    Thiem must run of super fuel is all I can say. Keep thinking that he must be tired, but like the dynamo bunny, he seems to go on and on. A man on a mission.

    Hope you’re right anyway Alb. Allez Feds 🙂

  6. Exactly the same impressions as I put on the previous thread when the match ended. Weak returns, clumsy net runs and positioning. Decent serve.
    Not so bright perspectives for the rest of the tournament.
    Toodle pip

  7. What’s the weather forecast for Germany tomorrow? If the air is drier…. could that change things? I realize they’ve been playing under the roof, but the atmosphere will still have been humid…

  8. I think it all depends on the state of Roger’s back.

    Jonathan, thanks for the post and I hope you managed to get your parking pass.

  9. Long road ahead for Fed to get back to where he was but for now the destination is way more important than his journey. It’s good to see his mentality of coming back when he’s down 0-5 or 1-4 on display, even if successfully breaking serve was thanks to Jaziri’s poor challenging 😛 Despite the patchy form, still going to give Fed the edge over Goffin.

    Who else saw the guy in the crowd wearing the “We need a clown for this circus” t-shirt? Legend!

  10. Did anyone see the first set against Goffin? Except for that one game where Roger got broken, he has been quite good.

    1. And he gets broken again… Just when you thought he is getting into a nice rhythm, plays a loose game. Break points saved thus far (0/2)

  11. Exactly as I predicted. Fed in straights.

    I also tried to explain that my prediction included him getting broken 3 times and saving 4 set points, but um….the …ah… post didn’t go through. Something wrong with the website or something.

    1. Ha, ha!
      Beware, someone may offer you a job in predicting the future by reading mammals entrails, tea leaves, whelks, tarot cards, Apostle John’s writings, crystal balls, headless chickens, and so on…
      (just an idea; swindling pays very well!)

    1. Oh, nothing special. Federer cruised through the first set, then got into an extremely tight tiebreak in the second set. He blew 4 match points and saved 5 set points, but somehow managed to convert his 5th match point at 11-10 in the tiebreak. I mean, this sort of thing happens with him every day, right? Hardly anything to get bent out of shape about.

      1. Thanks, Steve. it is prolly good for Fed right now to have these struggles. That said, glad my nerves were spared.

      2. Agree that fighting his way back and through a tiebreak is probably no bad thing, even if it didn’t do my nerves much good.

  12. I just followed the ATP score app on my phone. Sounds tore it up apparently on the return game in Set 1. Then in Set 2 I guess Goffin woke up and made it more challenging. Nail biter of a TB.

    But J will post a recap soon I assume, so I’ll leave the heavy lifting to him.

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