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Federer Sees Off Groth Challenge at Wimbledon

Regular match reports will now resume and Roger has just seen off the challenge of Sam Groth to move into the second week. The big serving Aussie put up some solid resistance before eventually succumbing to a 6-4, 6-4 6-7(5), 6-2 loss as Roger booked his spot in the fourth round.

Having played Groth before at last years US Open we knew what to expect in terms of serve but the Aussie has improved his game this year and he was able to come up with some solid volleys and groundstrokes once he'd finally settled in the match. Roger however had more than enough in the tank to handle it; coming up with some great returns and not facing a single break point on his own serve in the entire match.

Quick Match Recap

Federer Groth Wimbledon

Groth won the toss and elected to serve, firing down an 142mph ace en route to holding for 1-0. Roger responded with a love hold before Groth held for 2-1, hitting an 147mph ace which is the quickest serve on the tour this year!

At 2-2, Roger came up with some inspired play to force deuce and eventually converted his third break point to move 3-2 in front. The break was quickly consolidated for 4-2 and one break proved enough as Roger took the set 6-4.

Into set 2 and Groth dropped his serve immediately, hitting a double fault at 30 all before Roger got lucky with a return. Again the one break proved decisive and Roger took the second set 6-4 at a canter with Groth struggling to get any foothold in the return games.

I expected the third set to be an exact replica of the first 2 but Groth began to finally find his feet; hitting higher quality volleys and starting to return the Federer serve better to make inroads in return games. The Aussie still had to save 2 break points at 1-1 and 4-4 but he did so with bold plays and even had Roger in trouble at 6-5 30-30. The set eventually went into a tie break and Roger lost concentration at 3-3 hitting a double fault which allowed Groth to to edge in front and take the set 7-5 in the breaker.

In set 3 though normality resumed as Roger broke Groth in his opening service game to lead 2-0. The Swiss was pegged back to deuce in trying to consolidate but he did so to lead 3-0. That lead quickly became 5-2 as both players exchanged holds and with Groth serving to stay in the match he slipped to 15-40 before Roger sealed it to book his spot in the fourth round.

Match Stats

MATCH STATISTICS Sam Groth Roger Federer
ACES 21 17
1ST SERVES IN 84/130 (65 %) 67/108 (62 %)
1ST SERVE POINTS WON 61/84 (73 %) 60/67 (90 %)
2ND SERVE POINTS WON 24/46 (52 %) 28/41 (68 %)
NET POINTS WON 35/71 (49 %) 24/31 (77 %)
BREAK POINTS WON 0/0 (0 %) 4/8 (50 %)
RECEIVING POINTS WON 20/108 (19 %) 45/130 (35 %)

Thoughts on the Match

Federer defeat Groth Wimbledon 15

Another fairly routine win here against a huge server with only one way to play the game. Groth showed what he can do in the first few games bombing down a 147mph ace but with no real return game to speak of he never had chances to break the dominant Federer serve.

Roger did a great job of making returns too that Groth couldn't handle and in the first 2 sets he was able to fashion the break just when he needed to. Couple that with never looking troubled on his own serve and it was all very comfortable.

Groth's serve is huge but when the ball is going down to the other end that quick, if the opponent gets a racquet on it then its coming back just as fast which makes that first volley very tough; often having to play it just inside the baseline. Groth struggled with that early missing a lot of volleys but in the third set he began to piece his game together that bit more to force the tie break before taking full advantage of a Fed-lapse and deservedly taking the match to a 4th set.

As for Fed I think he was again pretty sharp, returned well in patches and his movement was awesome in the first two sets; in the third and fourth he seemed a little less intense but breaking early in the fourth allowed him to cruise home. Set dropped but no break points faced and the fact it went 4 meant we even got to see some longer rallys which Fed handled nicely.

Predictions vs. Bautista-Agut

Federer RBA

Next up is Bautista-Agut who defeated Qualifier Nikoloz Basilashvili. Agut had a tough five setter against Benoit Paire in Round 3 but as I mention in my draw post he was my pick as Feds fourth round opponent due to his solidity in the best of 5 format. After winning the first set on a tie break today he went onto win the next 2 sets for just the loss of 1 game.

Roger has played RBA twice, both on hardcourts, both with wins in straight sets and I think we'll be seeing a similar story on Monday. RBA is solid but he has no weapons which Murray exploited easily at last years Wimbledon and I think Federer's aggression will be too much for him to handle. Fed in 3: 6-4, 6-3, 6-4.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Do not believe it i have a maiden title my weekend is now complete hopefully rog will get number 8

  2. Thanks Jonathan. Are you giving us a “fan report” after Wimbledon?
    Hope everyone is or has had a great time there.
    Got to watch the last 2 sets online. Groth battled hard. Fed…such a joy to watch.

    Go Pospisil !!! Beat that jerk.

    1. There is a brief recap in my last post. Not going to do a fan story though, keeping that as contributor part of the blog only.

      @Thinker Y SO SERIOUS Sue was being patriotic πŸ˜†

      1. Does calling the opponent jerk make you a true patriot? πŸ˜‰

  3. These MTO thing is becoming a joke. First, Seppi takes it and wins set 3. Then, a break down in the fourth, inexplicably, with none of his touching-body-parts shenanigans, Murray takes one, and breaks back immediately. Really?

    We need to have a new fucking stat in tennis called MTO opportunity conversions. Any guess who would be the all time leader on that? That’s right, Rafael Nadal!

      1. Is anyone surprised by Murray clutching body parts when things aren’t going his way?

      1. No, really, I mean they should have a section on the scoreboard, right next to challenges, something like, “MTO’s remaining: 2”, with one additional MTO if the match goes into a fifth.

        Taking it much further, anytime a top 4 player, except Federer, loses the opening set, the Umpire should be required to remind them if they would like to take an MTO.

        If that helps them win the match, and make it to the later rounds, and rake in more money for the tournaments, why not?

    1. jMac to give him his due was not a fan of the MTO but I will bit it reinforced the utility of them for Boris

    2. To be fair to Muzz, he said he got cold waiting for Seppi and his shldr tightened up. He basically cldnt serve properly for a set.

    3. I say cancel MTOs altogether. People have been using them to disrupt opponent’s rhythm (Azarenka AO as glaring example). Players should call trainers only at the end of sets and only for the time already allotted. You got injured? Sorry mate, too bad.

  4. Finally all the recap and review is out, been waiting and missing this the whole week.

    Hope you enjoyed the trip to Wimbledon J

    Off to read all..

  5. Hi Jonathan! At least 8 unforced errors is a great point! Step after step we hoentonrrachbthe final!

    1. Jesus Christ! For the last time folks, don’t get carried away with the unforced errors numbers. That number is so low because Groth was putting Federer into forced scenarios virtually all the time. It was a different kind of match. If I were you, I’d throw that number eight out of the window, and move on already.

      1. Agree on that, its not like Sam G had ton of UFE….he hardly putting balls back to get rally started……

  6. Thanks Jonathan for being back to work so fast πŸ™‚ . Hope that you had fab time down there.
    Back to the match, Roger cruised through the first two sets without much of a problem. He might have felt a bit bored and his level dropped just slightly in the 3rd set but Groth’s level went up a notch. Strangely, Roger started dropping his first serves in 8th, 10th and 12th games. That sapped his confidence just a bit, thereby giving away a DF at the crucial time in the TB. I could tell he was not pleased with himself to have dropped the 3rd set even without a fight from his facial impression even when he went 3-0 up in the 4th set. Overall, agree with you – it was a very good match in which Roger played very well most of the time. (Just looked at the wobble that Andy had, which is a more serious.) Groth served over 140 miles regularly, which was ridiculous and more than monstrous. In particular, he leaped forward so much that he often landed at the T after hitting balls. No one serves quite like Groth.
    Agree with you – the next opponent ought be quite a change without too much worry.
    3 down 4 to go
    Allez Roger!

    1. Didn’t see all of this one, but I too was worried about the sudden disappearance of the FS. But it was quite embarrassing watching Groth attempting to return Roger’s serves at times – 3 in a row I counted that he either overhit or hit into the net. Think in retrospect I’m relatively glad he took it to a 4th set: I thought the match couldn’t have been much help to Roger, with all those aces – no time to get much rhythm.

      Welcome back, Jonathan, and glad you had a great time. You’re doing better than me: I haven’t managed to get in yet πŸ™ I really wish I’d tried for Thursday: I had no idea it was going to be so poorly attended (all things being relative!), and hadn’t even bothered looking because it was a Murray day and I was trying to avoid those. By the time I realised ground admission was still available, it was way too late to trying and go. So I went on Friday – along with half of London, I gather – and didn’t even make the cut πŸ™

      1. I didn’t. I got there around 7.30 and was told the queue had been at capacity for about an hour, so I decided not to hang around all day. After all, they probably wouldn’t even have started moving the queue before 5, and I can’t afford to be sitting around all day with no money coming in when I should be working.

  7. Yep, excellent from Feds. Held his serve no problem; shame about that one slip-up in the tiebreak or maybe could have done it in three, but overall, stats are excellent and since it was mainly a serve match, I’m thinking not too much energy used. I’m happy, and agree with you on Agut, although he’s a guy who doesn’t go away easily from the little I’ve seen.

    Thanks Jonathan for the quick write-up. Hope you enjoyed your time at Wimbledon. πŸ™‚

    1. Didn’t look like a tiring match but I mentioned in a comment on my previous post where Katie brought up him looking puffed out in the interview that he did after he looked a bit flat in third and fourth set. Less explosive I thought. One of those days maybe.

      1. Yes as the interview began he was puffing a bit and as he often does on court views and is not breathing heavily I thought this unusual as a bit of time elapses as they gather the racquets and walk off together at Wimbledon Maybe he was just excited getting to the second week and chatting with John Inverdale

      2. Just watched the recording, and I see what you mean, Katie. It did sound a bit odd – although of course I was alerted to it, so may have been more aware of it. And he didn’t take very long signing things before walking off court.

        I noticed Kvitova was very sniffly after her defeat: I gather she suffers from hay fever, but maybe there is something going around, too? Or it was the ambient conditions? It was still pretty muggy on Saturday, I think.

  8. So, Garbine Muguruza (hope I spelt that right), upsets Kerber. After winning, Muguruza is in disbelief, doesn’t celebrate at all, and with her head down, politely reaches the net. She gets the ultimate cold handshake.

    What the fuck!

    Hey, you get equal pay for equal work, right? So why not give a good handshake, or at least give the apparence of one? Bille Jean King fought to get you the same prize money at tournaments as your male counterparts, so why not make her proud by at least congratulating your conqueror properly? Or, are you going to charge extra for that?

    Sorry, I’m not a male chauvinist, but that kind of behavior should not be tolerated.

    1. WTA handshakes are a joke most of the time.

      But a lot of women have that sort of coldness / nasty streak / look of disgust in them when it comes to competition. Doesn’t matter what they’re competing over – tennis, men etc. they get bitchy.

      PS Garbine is my new WTA favourite.

      1. Wasn’t Kerber kissing Woz recently and being warm and friendly and delightful before she drove off in her prize winning Porsche in Germany?? They must have some other issue for her to be like that today but after the Genieshake gate you would think they would try hard to be well mannered and sporting in the cathedral of Tennis as Novak called Wimbledon.

      2. Genieshake? Looks like I missed something? ^^

        I agree with WTA handshakes being a piss poor joke… My WTA fav would be Timea, she just seem to enjoy herself all the time and seems like a genuinely nice person πŸ™‚

      3. Yeah I like Timea too.

        @Katie – maybe but I just think in general the reason for competing is quite different in the WTA than the ATP.

        Men generally compete to enjoy the feeling of winning, whereas women usually compete because it’s more about looking better in comparison to the opposition. Different motivations and very different emotions upon winning / losing.

        If anyone doesn’t believe me, go park yourself on a bench somewhere in the city centre with high footfall and watch what girls do when they walk past other girls in the street. All about the comparison πŸ™‚

      4. Sorry Jonathan but I think that’s rubbish. A sweeping generalisation, and patronizing. πŸ™ You cannot compare a sportswoman – whatever the sport – with a bunch of girls out shopping or whatever in the city centre. They’re probably checking out the clothes/shoes or whatever, I’ll give you that. But really, do you honestly think Serena, Sharapova, Halep, Azarenka, in fact any one of them doesn’t compete to win the titles and trophies? Heather wasn’t making any comparisons when she lost the match against Serena, which she most definitely should have won, knew it, and was bitterly disappointed. Or the recent England/Germany women’s football match which England won – those girls were ecstatic with the win over the World No1 team?

      5. I don’t doubt for one minute that Serena, Sharapova, Halep, Azarenka etc don’t compete to win the titles and trophies. But as I said I think their motivations to win them are slightly different when compared to the men. Hence why we see some of those awful handshakes.

        How else do you explain that there are so many of them and looks of disgust at each other across the net when the match was won fairly with zero controversies?

        I don’t get the references to Heather Watson or England football? That aside Third place playoff at a world cup is a meaningless game though, shouldn’t even bother playing them. Who can remember them a year later? I know I can’t. It’s like having a third place playoff at a Grand Slam.

        And I’m not attempting to be patronising, it’s just my opinion on what I see. It doesn’t take anything away from the WTA. All I am saying is that motivations for competition differ by gender. As do a lot of things.

      6. Nature has designed the male and female differently. If we can understand that, it will be easier to accept.

        I agree with Jonathan. At club and mixed league levels too, I’ve consistently seen men being very sporting with each other at the net (there are exceptions always), and the women consistently have this, “Bitch, I’ll fuck you up next time.” look.

        It is just what it is. There are traits women have that are better than men. And there are traits men have that are better than women. Don’t blame Jonathan for generalization. Blame nature for wiring us that way.

      7. “Nature has designed the male and female differently. If we can understand that, it will be easier to accept.” Agreed.

        But in 2015 if you highlight any differences you are a sexist patronising misogynyst πŸ˜†

      8. Men and women *are* different: that’s part of the beauty of it. Doesn’t necessarily make life easy, though πŸ™‚ And if that makes me a “sexist patronising misogynist”, so be it πŸ™‚

        “My WTA fav would be Timea, she just seem to enjoy herself all the time and seems like a genuinely nice person”

        Which one? Babs or Bacs? πŸ™‚

      9. Jonathan: the references to Heather and English women’s football (and BTW whether meaningless or not, it meant a great deal that they beat the current World No1 team) was simply that they had the desire to win, the competitive spirit if you like. I can’t see what difference there is between sportsmen/women in that regard. I didn’t actually understand your use of the word ‘comparison’ TBH. A few women might be less than gracious in defeat but they are few. In the matches I’ve watched most have a genuine handshake or a hug/cheek kiss at the net. You’re entitled to your opinion; I just think you’re wrong.

        Sid: ‘I agree with Jonathan’, why does this not surprise me? πŸ˜†

      10. Ooooh! I didn’t even know there was someone called Timea Babos. She is hot!

      11. But I never said women don’t have the desire to win. I wasn’t comparing level of competitiveness between men and women either.

        I was saying the motivations for wanting to compete and win trophies / titles are different between men and women.

      12. Rubbish. Motivation varies from woman to woman just as it does from man to man. Who’s a woman who plays with joy, for example?. Venus, actually.

      13. Uh, oh! Hide! Feminists are attacking us. πŸ™‚

        Jesus, Thinker, you’ve totally lost it today. I was agreeing with Jonathan on how women behave very differently at the net. I never said anything about their motivation. Women consistently have that, “Bitch! You think you’re better than me. I’ll fuck you and your skinny ass next time.”, look on their face all the time. WTA has the absolute worst handshakes. Why?

      14. Interesting cherry picking, slamdunk. Where are you when Jonathan and I do not agree on many things?

      15. If my theory is rubbish why has nobody come up with some other reasons as to why WTA handshakes are on the whole a joke?

      16. And I’ll tell you why. But first, let me repeat that there are traits men have that are better than women. And there are traits women have that are better than me. The handshake at the net is definitely not one of them.

        When a defeated guys shakes hands at the net (unless there is prior bad blood), he admits that the guy on the other side was the better man on the day. That motivates him to be the better man the next time they meet.

        When a defeated gal shakes hands at the net, more often than not, it’s very cold. She refuses to accept, in that moment, they their opponent was the better player. A prime example is the WTA drama king, Serena Williams. Well, technically she is man with all those steroids in side her. Anyways, so that motivates them to do better the next time they meet.

        In both cases, the motivation is the same. The reaction that precedes it, is entirely different.

      17. Glad to see we have one right-thinking (and fair) person here Thinker. πŸ™‚

        Sid and Jonathan – I repeat, for the most part after a match I see women shaking hands + hug/cheek kiss at the net. Bouchard is the only one I’ve specifically noted as being a sore loser, but I put that down to her being an incredibly ambitious young woman who perhaps is used to getting her own way, from the few times I’ve heard her speak, and the little bit I know of her upbringing.

        But of course, I can see that I’m talking to two men who appear to know everything about how women feel and what their motivations are simply by observing a handshake at the net. πŸ˜†

      18. Oh, just noticed this:

        from Jonathan: ‘I was saying the motivations for wanting to compete and win trophies / titles are different between men and women.’

        and from Sid: ‘In both cases, the motivation is the same. The reaction that precedes it, is entirely different.’

        So you aren’t actually agreeing with Jonathan are you Sid? You’re just joining in because you like browbeating other posters, particularly women? πŸ˜‰ TBH I don’t think either of you have a clue what you’re talking about (in this case), and certainly nothing about women. πŸ˜†

      19. i realise it’s a sensitive subject, so I don’t want to step on any toes by getting involved here. But I feel there is a difference. And I feel the difference is in that between “looking bad” and “feeling beaten”. I get the impression that generally the women are more prone to evaluating themselves, so if they’ve played badly, they feel like they’ve looked bad in front of a crowd, hence the handshakes being cold. They may associate looking bad with “being made to look bad” and project somewhat onto their opponent.

        Men, meanwhile, are brought up with a little more exposure, in the “boys will be boys” sense. Most, especially the athletic tennis ones, would have been used to being the centre of attention. This creates the usual male ego. But it also breeds confidence. So when they lose a game, having played badly, they don’t feel humiliated. They feel confused because “I’m better than they are”, but they also find it easier to ignore the present, because they are confident they will get another shot at taking their guy down in the future. I think it’s less about motivation, more about a general trend in personality among the more athletic in both genders. Of course, exceptions exist to every rule.

      20. @Slamdunk This is what Sid put a few replies up:

        “I was agreeing with Jonathan on how women behave very differently at the net. I never said anything about their motivation.”

        Can he be much clearer?

        As usual the counter argument is “you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about, you know nothing about it” but there is still no answer to my original question on why we frequently see looks of sheer disgust and cold handshakes in the WTA?

      21. I’m replying to this Jonathan, even though you may not see it now. In his original comment Sid said he agreed with you – I took that to mean he agreed with you on the ‘comparison’ point.

        You will also note that I have already said that I don’t actually agree that the women are generally cold at the net. What I have seen is a handshake and/or kiss on both cheeks at the net. So I do not ‘frequently see looks of sheer disgust…etc’ from women at the net. If I don’t see them, why should I agree with you? There are exceptions of course, i.e. Bouchard, as I also noted. If you want to see a less than courteous reaction to defeat, check out the NK/Gasquet match? Have you ever seen a sulkier and more offhand handshake than that? OK, NK put his arm round Gasquet’s shoulder, but that was after Gasquet initiated a pat on the shoulder himself.

        What I questioned Jonathan was how much you actually know about how sportswomen’s motivations, or feelings. Your original comment: ‘Different motivations and very different emotions upon winning / losing. *That* was my beef. Their emotions on losing would be disappointment, and frustration perhaps if they didn’t play their best. On winning, elation/happiness. How is this different from the men? Or just tell me how men would feel in your estimation.

    2. I watched the most of the first set of that match. Obviously I did not stick to the handshaking stage. That would be very disappointing from Kerber who played extremely well. In that match, Muguruza was mighty impressive – aggressive and painted both lines on regular basis. She has got tools, competitive spirit and mental strength. She will be a slam winner one day, if she carries on playing like that. In WTA, two young stars are looking really good – Muguruza and Bencic.

      1. We agree to disagree on the motivation of women for winning.
        When I played competitive sports, I competed for the love of the sport and winning a race felt pretty damn good too.
        I do agree on the poor sportsmanship at the net in the WTA… reminds me of Connors.

    3. Some of the women don’t shake hands at the net, but – rather charmngly, I think – kiss each other on the cheek – a European social custom, I understand. Of course the men don’t do that – which simply underscores that what the women do isn’t really about sports. I don’t think many of the women competitors now actually “get” sport. What is that appalling shrieking that players like Sharapova and the Williams sisters have brought to tennis other than a manifestation of school-girls trying to scratch each other eyes out? I would be surprised if Evert, Navratilova, King and Wade can watch any of this. I can’t.

      1. ‘Of course the men don’t do that – which simply underscores…’how does men not kissing each other on the cheek underscore that ‘what the women do isn’t really about sports’? That’s the most idiotic comment I’ve read so far! I don’t like the shrieking, but (fortunately) it is only one or two who have done it for their whole career: they clearly think it helps them win – and (sadly IMO) I think it does as it acts as a distraction, and should be stamped out. But to suggest it’s simply a cat-fight is just ludicrous.

      2. I have read plenty of comments here that are more ludicrous. I like the idea of Karlovic bending down to get a kiss on the cheek from David Goffin. Hey, if the ladies can do it…

      3. Oh, boy! The battle resumes after a brief suspension. Can we please take this fight to a different court? I mean, the Federer-Agut post?

        Look, I’ve seen this time after time in the WTA. The loser shakes hands, almost as if the winner was a leper. I think they should simply go back and sit in their chairs, and exchange texts.

        “You think you’re better bitch?”

        “Yeah, well I’m not the one who got her butt kicked.”

        “Enjoy while it lasts bitch, cuz I’m going to tear you a new one next time.”

        Can we all agree that men and women are wired differently, and there is a remarkable difference in how they approach, and how they emotionally invest themselves in a particular task?

  9. So off to Centre on Monday to see Rog! Not sure about Muzza/Ivo nor about the Williams sisters… That story is old hat these days!!

    Rog needs to keep the quick fire aggression up and not get locked into Simon type rallies ag RBA…. Shld come thru in 3!
    So how does Novak feel about being counted to no 1 again… Rog certainly the corporate favourite….

    1. Gosh Susie, you are the luckiest person right now, hook me up with some tix if I ever make it that side of the world please! Yeah much hype about Venus/Serena, probably means will end up being a blowout.

      RBA not got much pedigree on grass does he? But should provide Fed with some baseline rallying and can prepare him for Berdshit. Would’ve picked Simon to take out Tomas but he had to get involved in another disastrous 5 setter with Monfils.

      1. ESPN had a recap of the 1st week. It was mainly about Williams sisters…blah, blah, blah. Waste of time watching that.

  10. Its great Roger is on CC again – proper respect. Susie are you there again – and does that make you a knob?

    Hoping Muz will slip up against Dr Ivo

    1. Well, I’m not sure about all this putting Roger on CC the whole time stuff: after all, don’t they always make sure that the top players play at least one match on No. 1? I was surprised they didn’t put today’s match on No. 1, until I realised about all the sporting heroes coming. The weather forecast is for rain later on in the week, and if he’s on No. 1 and it rains he might be in trouble. We don’t want him getting delayed and having to play catch-up.

      And how’s Andy’s record of returning the Karlovic serve?

      1. Which sporting heroes were they Alison? I only saw about 2 or 3.

        Lineker, Le Saux, Nicola Adams, Strauss? I mean come on. I would have reserved it for Military only. They let anyone in that box these days.

        Ivo nearly beat Murray at Wimbledon couple of years ago, Karlovic got rinsed by some line judges with foot faults. I think he was a victim of British bias.

        IMO Fed vs. RBA is a centre match, Murray Ivo definitely not, I’d either put on Djoker Anderson or Gasquet Kyrgios.

    2. Total knob!! Hahaha!! Got v lucky in ballot this yr but Monday got given tix by member friend…quite honestly tho I wld not hv put Muzza on CC but the corporates demand it. Not sure it’s fair on world no 1…. Anyway! Muzza shld beat Ivo but sure to be some TB’s. Rog will play too fast for RBA. Watching him v Querrey, virtually every groundie is a half volley or taken at very top of the bounce. Extraordinary hand to eye…

  11. Hi all…. what a joke MTO by Mugrey. What a load of Cardigans and loafers!!?? First Seppi does it then Mugrey, even some of the centre court crowd were laughing in dismay and disgust at the BS shoulder, back, arms yoga massage. Straight after he was serving like superman again. Lol what unbelievable antics again from Mugrey. Just like Nadal he is a horrible sore loser!!.
    He should take advantage of the Novaks camps sign language illegal coaching and endorse and take up the gluten free diet also. This apparently makes you more faster, stronger with 10X the mental and physical development of a tennis player. Yeah right my back side it does not. Novaks the first person in the history of this unknown gluten free diet to benefit and become a superior athlete. This is the guy prior to the diet suffered from quote from Andy Roddick ” Novak suffers from all diseases like Anthrax, Sars, Common Cold, headaches , hayfever, running nose, chesty cough and every other diseases known to man” . Lol unbelievable really. Damn . Sorry for the long rant iv got mad at Murray and have drifted to Novak. If I don’t stop I will going on one to my dislikes from Nadal to Marin ” Cough Medicine” Cilic to Clownfils to the Berdscat to Shriekapova to Serena ” I’ll kill you lines women” Williams
    Man a life I dispise boring to cheaters who do anything to win eg Murray today and the rest of the usual suspects.
    Lol whats going on with Sports these days. So much blatant and under hand cheating going on thats absolutely ruining every major sports. And whats funny is that if its not one person its the entire country thats participating and condoning this type of behaviour.
    The BBC commentators knew exactly what Murray and Seppi was doing but like A Castle says “lets not talk about that” . Yep brush it under the carpet instead of confronting the serious issues in sports that we have today.
    What a load of socks and pyjamas! !!

    1. Looking forward to what Roddick has to say on Djokovic matches when he gets into commentary next week lol

    2. Don’t know what Murray is playing at, he complained about Djokovic’s so called antics after he lost the Australian Open final and now he’s doing the exact same himself?

      1. In this match Seppi had quite a long MTO (almost 10 mins) on the court, and Murray said he’d got a bit cold and that’s possibly why his shoulder seized up. Don’t know why the umpires aren’t upholding the 3/4 mins MTO and toilet break. Players getting away with taking far too long IMO.

    3. If you can’t beat them join them.

      I like Sid’s idea that players get a set number of Medical Timeout Opportunities per match πŸ˜†

  12. Was I the only person here that was annoyed by Groth’s repeated failures with his serve ball toss?

    1. He was doing the same thing at USO’14. Don’t think there is an wrong intention there through. He is a big server, and with Federer killing his seconds, he had to make sure his toss is in the absolute right place. Fed didn’t seem bothered though.

    2. Pat Cash said that Groth is one of the nicest men on tour.. very polite and thanks the ball and towel kids at every point. Of course Cash is an Aussie but still an interesting insight.

      1. You could hear Sam thanking the ball kids each time they gave him the towel.. Sam has great reputation & respect in Australia. Not like some others!

    3. Yeah no issues from me about it, it was quite windy on centre and like Sid said, no point him hitting a serve off a crap ball toss when there’s a high chance he won’t make it.

  13. Happy to have the reports back, thanks J- must be quite something seeing Fed one day on CC then back to reality huh?

    I enjoyed this match quite a lot actually. First two sets similar to US Open last year- Groth had no pace on his volleys and Fed had little to no backswing on the return. Also really loved how Fed took the ball early and stepped inside the baseline. Thought his concentration and hence first serve went away towards that third set so Sam was able to put more pressure on him so it did deserve to go the TB. I think Fed will be disappointed that he broke the most holiest sin in DF and missed a make-able passing shot on SP. 4th set back to business and he kept hitting the lines which shows how confident he is feeling even after dropping a set, encouraging signals.

    Other thoughts:
    – Fed’s FH starting to show up but still not at full throttle.
    – Moment of the match for me came in the first game when The Fanatics stood up to start chanting and were collectively shushed by the crowd. They never dared to open their mouths again πŸ˜›
    – Groths’ sorry mates tally: 16
    – Who let Judy Murray into the Royal Box on Middle Sat?…

    Very positive first week for Roger here. Still yet to be broken and losing a set may be what keeps him on his toes when things get tougher. Early days though, best not to get carried away, I feel Fed’s form in the QF will be indicative of where he’s at (should he get past RBA).

    1. Judy stayed on to watch the Monfils/Simon fun! So enjoyed that! Great end to the week! Question is can Simon beat Berdy….?

      1. Thought it was class act for organisers to open up CC and have the match there, I think it would be really cool if they had night sessions there but probably never going to happen.

        Simon has a positive H2H over him and Berdych was pushed by someone like Andujar. On grass I give the edge to Tomas. I do remember him struggling in beginning of 2010 Wimbledon and he ended up making the final.

      2. No, not going to happen. I think it would be too disruptive for the residents of the council flats on the hill.

    2. I like Simon’s chances tbh. Could go 5.

      “Groth had no pace on his volleys and Fed had little to no backswing on the return”

      It’s tough to volley when you’re 130mph serve is coming back, dunno about lack of pace though, he just missed quite a few them then got cautious. And it would be impossible for Fed to have a big backswing on the return, he’d never make a single ball? Backswings are generally much shorter on grass as the ball is coming on way quicker…

      1. Agree with you, Jonathan. Simon looked very impressive at Queen’s earlier and have been doing very well at Wimbledon so far. I wouldn’t be surprised if he beats Berdych. Thomas was not particularly impressive when he played Chardy. Simon’s ground strokes are much more consistent than Chardy’s.

      2. Yup, good observation, and exactly my thoughts. He is too soft on his first volley. Several reason for that. First, obviously is that Federer gets the return in too quickly for Groth to establish himself. Two, being a tall guy, he has clumsy form, and just not enough nimbleness to have any punch on the volley, or half volley. If Groth can improve his front court game, he can be a serious threat on rewarding surfaces.

      3. I thought he just got cautious and started holding back hence the lack of punchiness.

        In set 3 he got it together a bit, took a bit of pace off the serve and got some confidence in making them.

      4. Groth had no real stab on his volleys all match, really. But as Jon says, and I agree, it’s down to the time he has to go for them and a little confidence. In the third set, it wasn’t like I felt he hit them harder, just that he made them, timed them better. And the half volleys were hit with good depth. Generally a good player who doesn’t quite have the angle on serve that the tallest big servers get, and has at best an adequate base line game.

  14. I like how the draw is going. As the first week comes to an end, Fed will have more solid opponents that will last longer in the rallies in the second. As Fed nears the QF, he’ll have to face either Berdych or Simon. Bautista Agut will be the perfect matchup in preparation for the QF as Fed will have the chance to adapt to more sustained rallies. I’m feeling very optimistic about Fed’s chances to win the whole thing now!

    And if you haven’t seen my latest video here it is – β€˜Federer’s Top 20 Points of 2006β€² –

    Probably the best one I’ve made so far, getting to the years where good quality videos are easier to access! Hope you guys enjoy and subscribe if you haven’t already!

    1. Thanks Conal – great memories and shots – I loved the ones against Nadal and Wimbledon and WTF! πŸ˜†

      1. Conal should make a video called James Blake’s best points against Roger Federer.

        It would be unique because he in fact loses all of them.

  15. Hey I have got an interesting view on this wimbledon. We all know Roger’s play is so good to watch against lesser players but come solid players it is time for some baseline tennis. Have u guys noticed that Roger is selectively coming to the net and not rushing onto the net like he did last year.. I think it is a clever move, last year he got burnt several times especially in the final when he came to the net without a meaningful approach shot. This time he is more careful and is winning almost 90 percent of the points when he comes in. The only thing I’m worried abt is the weather. As it has been so hot this wimbledon, the grass fades away a lot more easily and the ball bounces a lot more and doesn’t skid as much as u see in the first three days which plays into the hands of Murray and Djokovic. I just hope Roger somehow beats Murray which is going to be an uphill task and beating Nole in the final would be even more difficult. I hope Stan eliminates Nole somehow and a Roger-Stan final would be a glamorous event. Hope it rains in Wimbledon, we all know last time he beat murray and Djokovic in wimbledon it was Indoors.

    1. Koushik, don’t hold your breathe for Roger-Stan final, which most likely won’t happen, as Stan has to deal with Kygrios first before seeing off Nole. As for Roger’s matches, as much as being difficult, do you think that either Andy or Nole wants to play Roger in semi and final? absolutely not. This goes both ways. In the final set of the last year’s final, Roger made a rare strategic mistake from 3-3 onwards and he was fooled by Nole’s jelly leg antics. Roger thought that Nole was completely exhausted and rushed to net with lots of mediocre approach shots and he got burned. He simply misread the situation, which does not happen very often. Yes, Nole had to reply illigal coaching and silly antics to beat Roger. Roger is a super intelligent play and will learn from that mistake. I was shouting to my telly screen with ‘NO’, when he rushed forward. Then got passed quite a few times. Had he stayed back, … . As for Andy, judging from what we watched on Saturday’s performances, Roger should beat Andy. Andy had to talk up his confidence with ‘playing better than ever’ before the 1st round. From the past three rounds, IMO, that is far from the truth – Any played much better three years ago when he met Roger in the final when he had nothing to lose, as no one expected him to beat Roger. Now Andy feels that he has got something to lose. Having taken Nole to 5 sets at RG, his tail is definitively up, maybe rightly so, will he play as well as did before? I will believe when I see it. In the Seppi match, Andy regularly just sent balls back for Seppi to hit and make mistakes, that kind of strategy will not work against Roger. If Andy could not pretty much attach Seppi, could he attach Roger? I don’t think so. For Andy to beat Roger, Roger will need to have a ‘bad day in office’ whereas Andy will need deliver one of his best. Anything short of that will not do, I am afraid.

  16. Roger might not admit it but he looks a little frustrated when he has to play in the sun. I’ve seen this pattern even during his hay days, he loves the night matches and what he doesn’t like more than the heat is the wind. Thankfully, this wimbledon as hot as it gets, hasn’t been windy. These may seem like little things for other fans but weather plays a huge part in RF’s tennis. He is not in his prime anymore, he needs a good draw (he has got it), he needs the courts and weather conditions in his favor ( like in 2012), he needs to be at his best and hope for Djokovic/ Murray just a little off. Lets face it, a 100 percent Djokovic or a Murray will beat Today’s Roger any day. I’m only scared of these two, I don’t think anyone else can beat Roger with the way Roger has been playing. But it only takes one guy to beat him to deny the trophy.. It all depends on who wants it more than anyone else. If Roger really really wants it, he’ll be really difficult to beat ( irrespective of the conditions/ players).

    1. A guy that does his training blocks in Dubai and doesn’t like playing in the Sun. Interesting πŸ˜†

      Nobody likes playing in Wind, but Federer never has an issue with it.

      1. Agree! Fed likes the heat! And doesn’t mind breezy conditions either! Whereas Novak hates the wind as really disrupts his timing…

      2. Totally – if they *should* meet in the final, let’s hope for a windy day – as it certainly disrupts Djoko – USO against Murray springs to mind. πŸ™‚

  17. Catching up on other matches and saw the replay of the double-hit volley that came from Ivo’s racquet set point down. Apparently umpire considered it one motion but I disagree, feel Tsonga was robbed. What do you guys think? Not blaming the umpire here of course, was a split second decision but it came at such a crucial point of the match.

    What would be the implication of having the replay of a point help the umpire make a judgement? Surely if it doesn’t take too much time, it’s better to embrace it and make the game as error free as possible?

    1. Yeah I agree, wasn’t too optimistic of Ivo winning it in a 5th setter without TBs…

      Isn’t there a rule saying that you can’t hit the ball twice, no matter if it’s the same motion? Anyway, Dr Ivo pointing to the sky after that seems a little too much for me. I’m not asking him to tell the umpire, but don’t be a smart ass about it ^^

      As to the replay, umpires aren’t allowed to have them. When Milos touched the net against Delpo in Cincy or Toronto, they showed the replay on the big screens but Leyani wasn’t allowed to make a decision on it.

      1. I’ve watched it several times, and it’s impossible to tell if it’s a double hit, in real time, when you’re not looking for a double hit. At slower speeds, there seems to be a hint of intent from Karlovic. Still, there’s no way the umpire could’ve been 100% sure.

        Tsonga didn’t object much, was gracious at the net, and very sporting in his post match interview. Those two dull, stupid commentators were making a big deal out of it, complemented by the journalist whores who went to town with it.

    2. Come on Simon, how many points have you stolen off your opponents over the years by telling them no double hits regardless of whether it’s in the same motion? πŸ˜†

      You can double hit if it’s in the same motion, just watched the Karlovic one and I think it is one motion. Whenever you watch replays in slow motion it skews things massively – catches that look like they hit the grass first in cricket, bad tackles look more intentional.

      There is no way Karlovic had time to react to hit it twice. Think when the ball clips the tape, you have way more time to adjust but still often can’t.

      1. I didn’t know it was allowed if it’s one motion :O

        Although I’m fairly fair play and tell my opponent when I double hit, guess I don’t have to anymore πŸ˜›

        It looks like it’s a reaction on the slow mo, but I agree there’s no way anyone can react as quick…
        Good to know about that rule though, seemed obvious that two hits = loss of point to me xD

      2. I’m stunned, I always thought it was no double hits at all, as well. Like no net touches at all. Agree that it WAS one motion.

      3. Yeah it looks like two when you slow it down but I just can’t see how he has time to make that adjustment. First time I’ve seen that really.

        Double hits happen all the time though when you catch the frame first or shank it. I’ve seen loads of people give the point up immediately and just laugh to myself πŸ˜†

        So next rule question:

        Your opponent hits the ball with a ton of backspin, it bounces on your side but bounces back over the net. Can you reach over and play it?

      4. Oops- didn’t see Richard had already addressed this below. But… Rellay? can you slam the ball into the ground even?

      5. If you double hit, hit off a double bounce, touch the net, or hit the ball on the other side of the net, at club/league levels, you get to make those calls, not your opponent, at least here in the US. There have been so many occasions when the person not eligible to make the calls, stops play, and scores the point.

        Wrong! Absolutely wrong!

      6. Agree with Sid. Impossible to tell in real time. It was one motion in that he didn’t take racquet back to play another shot. What confuses things it that the ball tipped his racquet as he tried to send the ball back so it looks like a double hit.

      7. Yeah the slow mo not realiable but it did seem as Karlovic’s racquet turned 45 degrees hence the argument for it not being one motion. But either way, the match is over, no point over-analysing. The real q is should tennis introduce video replay. Barring this, there are so many calls I can recall over the years that would’ve benefited a tonne with that type of technology, eliminating controversy and leaving the sole onus on the umpire who has to make a call on what they see alone. Umpires these days already too reliant on hawkeye I feel and their concentration lapse. This year in Miami, Djoker’s racquet went over the net and the replay showed it and he himself owned up to it but umpire couldn’t change his decision based on that.

    3. I thought that ‘double-hit’ hints extra movement from wrist, elbow, or shoulder. If the ball touches two different parts of the racket in a single stroke in a subtle way, it is still regarded a single hit, unless it is painful obvious to everyone watching. I thought this is happening all the time in matches. A bad luck to Tsonga but Leyani did not do anything wrong IMO.

      1. An intentional double hit is when there is more than one swing at the ball. I wouldn’t complicate with wrist, elbow or shoulder movements.

        If the stroke is in one motion and the ball hits the racquet twice then it’s fine.

      2. Jonathan, on your rule question, you can hit the ball if it is on the other side of the net if it has already bounced on your side – but not otherwise. However, you are not permitted to touch the net (or posts) with the racket or any part of your body. (See ITF Rules 2015, rule 25(b) )

        Aso on the double-hit question, the rule is quite clear: the double-hit cannot be deliberate. On that basis, the umpire would have been justifed in allowing Karlovic the point.

      3. Did you know off hand or had to consult the .PDF? πŸ˜†

        I actually missed an important part of the question off though:

        Your opponent hits the ball with a ton of backspin, it bounces on your side but bounces back over the net and on the way clips the top of the net. Can you reach over and play it?

      4. Ooooh…that’s a tough on. I can say with a lot of confidence that yes, you can.

      5. 100% yes. Raonic has done it once in ATP match play. It’s one of the only exceptions to the over the net rule

  18. Oh! Jonathan is back. Was missing ur posts. There was an emptiness after Fed’s matches all this week.
    To me, the Groth match was really boring. Fed obviously came up with some moments of brilliance but there was no rhythm in the match. The game of this Groth guy is such, misses so many and produces nothing extraordinary. Only serve…boom boom and boom. Fed lost a set but never in trouble. Hopefully Fed would be able to get into some rhythm in the RBA match…

    1. Yeah I didn’t mind the match but not the most thrilling, always get to see some hand skills / reaction etc when returning such bombs which is fun.

      Should be plenty rallies in the RBA match…

      1. Yes you can. Sid u r right! Only time you can reach over the net in when that happens. If a normal bounce or shot then you cannot reach over! ( as Novsk did).

      2. Hang on- you’re saying that if it bounces backwards over the net without touching the net, you can’ t touch it once it passes the plane of the net; but if it DOES touch the net, you CAN hit it?

        More confusing all the time.

      3. You are not thinking right, Thinker. Let’s take two scenarios.

        If your opponents shot has crossed over the plane, and bounced on your side, you are free to touch it whenever you want, even on the opponents side of the net after it crosses the plane again.

        If your opponents shot has crossed over the plane, and bounced on your side, then on it’s way back, touches the net, and crossed over to your opponents side, you can still touch it.

    2. Jonathan, you are complicatiing things with your additional question: essentially, you can hit the ball when it is over the net on your opponent’s side, provided it has bounced first on your side and you don’t hit the net. In response to you second question, it doesn’t matter if the ball clips the net before you hit it – provided it has already bounced on your side. The last part is the key part. Of course, if the ball clips the net before it hits your court, and instead bounces back into your opponent’s court there is no need to hit it as the point will be lost when the ball lands back in their court. The rule is simple – you can hit anything that lands in your court, or you think will land in your court – if it has passed the net. Finally, the point is not over till the second bounce or the ball hits anything other than your racket before the second bounce. But you know this.

  19. Sorry Mate, Fed was just too good, wasn’t he? Great to see him so sharp! That drive volley from volley, wow.

    Welcome back Jonathan, we missed you.
    Hope you had a great time πŸ™‚

      1. Great shot! Did it against Querrey too! Very difficult to execute singlehanded… Need a lot of strength.

  20. Hi Jonathan, your comment reminds me of the Baker Street song by Gerry Rafferty ” its got so many people but its got no soul ” but I love London and primarily due to Wimbledon.

    So RBA next. Shouldn’t be a problem I guess. Berdych looking ominous. No way Simon is going to take him out. Andy also looks good. So its gonna be serve & volley, chip & charge and touch & go from the quarters for Fed.

    1. I like London just in moderation, too many people, too busy on the underground etc. I would imagine it was better 15/20 years ago before the EU opened up the borders and many people from across Europe flooded in.

      1. I don’t think it was, you know, Jonathan. I used to work just off Covent Garden during that time, and the place was still full of hordes of tourists, often blocking the entire pavements, especially if they were teenagers.

      2. Well its always been tourist trap no doubt but the population of London has increased 12% since 2001 to 8.6 million. That is huge.

        And according to this I just read – “London has the greatest number of migrants (2.8 million foreign-born people in 2013) among all regions with comparable data in the UK.”

        So open borders has made a big difference.

        Grexit and Brexit imminent.

    2. Wld not hv used ‘Ominous’ to describe Berdys form…. Looks pretty up and down to me…. But yes he cld suddenly hv a huge hitting day! Simon cld still beat him altho that 5 setter will hv depleted him somewhat! Jonathan? Who wld you prefer? Simon or Berdy?

    3. Yeah I think same Berdych dropped sets and not looked in great form.

      Think I’d prefer Simon but no mega preference. Any title aspirations and he’s gotta see players like them off.

  21. Happy he is through, dropping a set is ok so long he doesn’t get broken. Roger was aggressive with in his return game and took it to Groth. He is playing well and next 4 matches will be very competitive. Hope he remains sharp. Let’s go Roger!!!

      1. I am praying hard for that, it might happen…so much for taking one match at a time ha ha ha

      1. There is nothing grotesque about Sam’s serving. It’s a thing of beauty. Why do you believe someones best shot is any more grotesque than someone else’s best shot? Groth has that classic big server action. Deep knee bend, deep arch, insane loading, and racquet head speed. It’s a beautiful thing.

      2. What other word could Murli use though to maintain status as poet laureate?

        Yeah his serve is immense, Groth uses his core to generate pace better than anyone on tour I think hence why he’s serving 20mph faster.

      3. Nadal buggy whips Federer’s artistic ass for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Ok, that’s not very poetic, but a case can be made, right?

        Let’s not overdo poetry, for fucks sake.

      1. Oh my God! The virus is spreading. Poetic zombies. End of the world. Run. Hide.


  22. Stats for the BEL18VERS:
    Whenever Fed lost sets in the 3rd round of Wimbledon, he went on to win it all. Happened in 2003 against Fish, 2005 Kiefer, 2009 Kohli, 2012 Benneteau and of course 2015 against Groth.

      1. I was a bit annoyed by the fact that he has lost a set in the first week. Initially thought he had never won it when he lost a set so early. Then remembered the Benneteau match, then become curious about the previous ones and surprisingly find out he actually has to lose a set or two early if he wants to win the trophy later πŸ˜€

      2. I see…what anoraks we all are πŸ˜† I shall take it as a good omen though. πŸ™‚

    1. Well, in that case this would be the first time that Federer will have lost sets in the third round of Wimbledon, and not gone on to win the title. Enjoy that stat while it lasts!

      1. In that case I’ll find another pattern to distinguish 2015 from those winning years. You see, I want to keep my stats alive at any rate!

        But seriously I don’t expect him to win slams anymore while at the same time fancy his chances to win one more time at the end of this week. Particularly if we see an upset, be it in Murray’s quarter or Djoker’s half. Beating them back to back in best of 5… I don’t see it happens.

  23. Not mentioned this yet and I won’t subject you to my awful photography but I had CC tickets for yesterday and got to saw Fed live for the first time. Actually my first time watching any tennis live! Anyway here’s a quick account of it:

    Friday night got the OOP, was very concerned that Roger hadn’t had his match on Court One yet, so thought he would be due to play on Court One. Anyway as you can imagine I was relieved that he was playing on Centre!

    Travelled down to London by train and had a lot of fun chatting to tennis fans at Southfields. I had pre-bought tickets so walked to the grounds from Southfields. Found my seat in row W (so not too far back) and got a few pictures of the court and some short videos of Federer and Murray, but the tennis was just amazing. Sam Groth’s serve was just unbelievable, I was struggling to even see a lot of them, I couldn’t even comprehend how someone could possibly get them back, let alone block them back for winners as Roger did on so many occasions. He just always seemed to be one step ahead of Groth. Another thing I remember was being sat pretty close to the Aussie Fanatics, and there was a huge cheer when the security told them to shut up lol. The crowd support for both Federer and Murray was unbelievable, particularly when Murray broke back at 1-0 in the fourth and when Roger was serving down 5-6 30-30 in the third.

    After the Federer match I walked around the grounds a bit and had some strawberries and cream and a Magnum ice cream, before going back into Centre Court to watch them end of the Kvitova-Jankovic match, most people supported Jankovic to upset Kvitova, I was one of the few wanting Kvitova to win.

    Then it was time for Murray vs Seppi, he appeared to be in total control for the first two sets, though there were a lot of long rallies. In the third set, Seppi suddenly started hitting his spots with the angles and was dragging Andy all over the court. People had their heads in their hands as he lost six games in a row, and there was a sense that he was about to blow the entire match. Then he had that magical MTO that got him back on track, but there were quite a few people in the crowd (me included) who struggled to explain how that MTO suddenly got him back on track and after that I don’t think Murray has any right to criticize Djokovic for his ‘tactics’ in the AO final after his display yesterday. Unfortunately had to leave at 4-1 in the fourth to make sure to catch the 10pm train at King’s Cross.

    On the way out managed to spare enough time to have a photo taken with the Court 18 longest match plaque and see some of Murray’s interview on Henman Hill.

    Anyway that’s a brief account of my day at Wimbledon, was a perfect day really, first time watching live tennis and I got Federer, Murray and Kvitova on Centre Court with great weather. Almost makes me not want to try and go again next year as it would be difficult for it to live up to the expectation after this year’s trip, but I will be trying to go again next year if possible. Anyway bye for now.

    1. Nice one Charlie πŸ™‚ Just watching on TV, I couldn’t believe how Feds hit those serves standing on the baseline – unbelievable. I think Murray said that Seppi took a long MTO (10+ mins) to have some treatment to his thigh; he got cold and his shoulder ‘seized up’. He certainly grabbed his shoulder a couple of times in a service match. But then we’re used to seeing Murray grab various body parts. πŸ˜†

      Shame for Petra – I saw some of that match and though JJ played well (finding some form recently), I thought Petra looked very out of sorts. I like them both actually; the Wimbledon crowd have always liked Jelena ever since she played mixed doubles with Jamie Murray when they won the title.

    2. Sounds like a cool trip! Did you get the tickets via the ballot?

      I did same as you arrive at King’s Cross via train, quick stop to drop bag off at an apartment in central London then onto Southfields. Luckily it isn’t too warm on District Line as you’re above ground for most of the journey.

      Quite a long-ish walk to the grounds actually, I’m used to stopping at Car Park 10 and camping but this year carried on to Gate 7, seemed to take a while!

      1. Yeah got tickets via the ballot but I’m a club and LTA member giving me a double advantage against everyone else, I guess you must be the same?

    3. Thank you for this Charlie – amazing how much more… immediate…. and huge…. the pros’ games seem in person vs. on television!

    4. So happy for you! Glad you had a great day! I saw the Querrey one live and that was an absolute Masterclass! So different live to the telly! The speed is unreal, and his quick quick movement! Those feet never stop moving!

    5. Always fun to read the fans’s experience here. Thanks Charlie! I myself will try the ballot again next year.

  24. Hmm, I have to say that I prefer the comments on this site about tennis and Federer in particular than comments about gays, women and immigrants. And I’m not being politically correct and saying that people arent entitled to have an opinion and voice it but it seems to me that by labelling people PC you are stopping them from voicing their opinion. I’m not going to go into detail what my views are I just dont think this is the place for it. If I’m wrong I’m happy to duck out.

      1. This is the only blog I follow, the only one I have commented on and I have only joined recently. I see some of you have been part of it for years and as a johnny come lately its not my job to be censorious. I agree it doesnt have to be all about tennis and I’ve enjoyed some of the non tennis comments too but I think it was you Sid who when someone commented that they had seen the Pride march generalised about those taking part in it in a derogatory manner. I dont think that was fun.

      2. Ian, now that we have opened a can of worms, give me one good reason, just one good reason, what gentlemen in leather thongs have anything to do with gay pride? This whole charade is nothing but an in your face celebration. You would think that being a minority, who is fighting for rights, they would be a bit more, I don’t know, aware of the sentiments of those who oppose them? But no, they will continue to celebrate with gay abandon (pun intended). After all, they have to make a statement about their fucking gayness, right? That’s not the way to win the hearts of those who aren’t really their fans.

        Obama said after the SC verdict that gays should recognize the feelings of others, yet the first thing he did was color the WH with a rainbow. In the meantime, the same SC decided that the Confederate flag was a symbol of hate. Really? It’s a part of the proud heritage of Southerners. What happened during the civil war has got nothing to do with what’s going on today. Terrorists are killing more Americans on an average per year, police here are killing more innocent Blacks every year than those modern day Confederates.

        Nobody, nobody, has an answer to this bigotry.

        If I make comments on this blog, there are deep rational reasons. You don’t enjoy them, ignore me, or move on, or request Jonathan to ban me. I’m not going to change my ways.

  25. It’s a blog with little to no moderation. Discussion is bound to waver from one thing to another from time to time. Everyone is free to decide whether it’s to their taste or not or if they want to voice an opinion on it.

    All the topics discussed stemmed from tennis though – Stan naked, WTA handshakes and trips to Wimbledon.

    And its a middle Sunday at Wimbledon, there is no tennis to talk about, gotta fill the void one way or another πŸ˜€

      1. But with Nadal out in the first week, they could’ve played, no?

      2. @Ertorque- That looks to be like some massive BS and I don’t buy it. Courts already looking battered after one week in the sun, i doubt one more day is going to do much. Even if this is somewhat needed, why would you make Sunday the rest day? The day where people don’t work and where no high profile sports are on? Not to mention, in an era where the game is very physical, why make the women play R16 and QF back to back? Just seems totally unnecessary. It may not have happened this year but many times in the past, players are getting screwed over because of weather and didn’t get to finish their matches and having to pay the consequences because of “Manic Monday.” For example, Wawrinka last year.

        Not to say Wimbledon is the only slam pulling this sort of scheduling crap. US Open still stuck in its ways of doing 1st rounds over 3 days and that Super Saturday crap (which thankfully is over starting from this year!).

  26. Sid, you are doing well. You’re one of the major reasons I read this blog though I don’t really comment, too busy, no time. Free speech country, right?! Why are pro gay pro WTA, etc, so sensitive and insecure? If you really believe what you beleive, who cares what others think?! You got what you fought so hard to get, no need to whine anymore. Also it seems there is pressure and expectations to tolerate and celebrate these milestones by everyone regardless of what they believe. Look at all the stars coming out celebrating love wins! And ATP players saying WTA should be equal. You think they are believers?! Give me a break. It’s a lot to do with pressure. At least in tennis blogs, we can be totally honest and no pressure!! It’s a free country, let’s not ever forget. And this blog is all the more interesting with bit of spice. After all they are tennis related. Ok I’m getting outa here before I’m butchered! Keep it up Jonathan. And let’s see Roger lift that 18. I swear I will make my name official if that happens! But like Sid, I’m cautious. Roger too often had looked imperious and super confident against lesser players. Crunch time against bigger players? Not so. And that is where it is more accurate of where his game is really at. However looking at Murray, dunno what’s wrong with the guy, I think Roger can beat him. But Nole, not so sure.

    1. On the Gay Pride marches I don’t care one way or the other. They are proud to be gay and want to proclaim it after years of repression and abuse, that’s their prerogative. On the WTA – of course Sid and Jonathan are entitled to their opinion, and I am entitled to disagree since I don’t believe (as men) they actually know the first thing about how women (within or outside sports) feel. This has nothing to do with sensitivities or insecurities – we are all entitled to question what we consider to be a BS comment. That said, I like many of Jonathan’s comments (esp. on tennis) and Sid’s are often laugh-out-loud. πŸ™‚

      1. I’m with you on that one. I think it’s really a matter of tone. We all have our opinions, about serious issues and less serious issues. And people are entitled to disagree or call us out on those opinions. But often it’s the tone of a statement that irritates most. Sid and Jon just happen to state their opinion very confidently, as if it is fact and obvious to all. Sid in particular will make it seem like any other point of view is retarded.

        But free country, and we all have no business changing each other or imposing rules on each other. Agree to disagree and move on, it’s a hassle only to themselves when people get offended by a what is said on here. Not saying they shouldn’t be offended, but it is much easier not to be.

      2. Slamdunk, so, are you going to act like a snob, and not shake hands now? You want hug? πŸ™‚

  27. Hey guys sorry to bring this up again, but don’t u guys think whether plays a part in roger’s game. I seriously. do. If u guys can recollect what happened in 2012 you’ll realise what I’m saying. In the semifinals djokovic was in top form but Roger totally dismantled him. The thing with Roger is he likes the free points of his serve and when he is holding comfortably he usually wins the set/match. In that semis Roger was serving brilliantly, except for the one lapse Iin concentration in the second set he was flawless In his serve. That was aided by the roof being closed, without external factors and the grass being fresh the ball skidded more making it extremely difficult to return. Roger is accustomed to playing low balls, djokovic is not. Even in the finals Murray was out hitting Roger from the back of the court when there was sun. In the second set Roger somehow managed to hold his serve and played a terrific game to level the match. But only after the roof was closed he was winning more cheap points from his serve and got more points from the baseline as he can use the slice well if the ball skids more. This is just my opinion. I wanted to see some rain so badly this Wimbledon and what we got is the bloody hottest Wimbledon for years. Believe me, with the roof Roger is very difficult to beat. Only a guy who is going for outright winners can challenge Roger like benneataue did in 2012. Praying for some rain, praying for Roger. Fingers crossed

    1. No doubt the roof gives Fed the upper leg but I disagree that without it being closed, Roger stands no chance.

  28. Bloody awful highlights on ATP site.
    Or is it only me who is slightly frustrated by getting only 30-40 seconds of match highlights, and then only either 1) Aces or 2) Setpoints, no matter how badly played?
    As if it were not enough to not have tennis anymore on open tv channels (as I had when I was a kid and watched those Borg/McEnroe epics on national tv), now I have nearly zero tennis on Eurosport as a paid channel. To get decent tennis coverage, I would have to pay even more for extra channels on top of the base package. All adding ot the bill. And now I cannot even get decent official highlights on the internet? Where is this all leading? Is tennis going the same path as formula 1 (a sport that I used to follow like a maniac and now I am barely aware of its existence)? Come on, I know nothing comes for free, but this is too much to bear.
    How is this supposed to draw more youngsters into the sport? Then again, maybe it’s not supposed to do so…

  29. Wozniacki just got beaten by Muguruza and apparently some call must have pissed her off big time because she did not shake hands with the umpire.

    1. Correction: in fact, she did shake hands with the umpire, but well before she greeted Muguruza. Now that is odd. Or maybe it means nothing… at the end of a working day, I’m starting to see ghosts.

  30. What’s going on in Berdych/Simon? Is Simon above par or Berdych under? Simon is up 6-3 6-3 !!!

      1. Berdych’s days are over. He should go away. But not before Katyani has asked him to take a bow.

    1. I see Djokovic has his hands full. I think he will figure a way out and win.

      Interesting stats. Set 1, 43 points each. Set 2, 44 points each. Kevin up 2-0. Tennis can be so cruel. Novak pulled away in Set 3 though.

      1. Yes, it is. It’s not a cumulative score like soccer or basket. On very evenly balanced matches, one slip and you go home.

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