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Federer Schools Seppi in Bercy

Normal match reports can now resume and it couldn't be an easier one to start with as Federer just destroyed Seppi 6-1 6-1 in 47 minutes at the Paris Masters in Bercy. It was an absolute demolition job from start to finish as the Swiss converted 5 of his 6 break points and dropped just 9 points on serve to setup a tie in the last 16 against John Isner.

Quick Match Recap

Federer Bercy 2015 vs Seppi

Federer won the toss and elected to receive breaking to 30 thanks to a perfect run around the backhand inside out return. The break was quickly consolidated to 15 and Roger then moved up a double break. A hold to love followed for 4-0 before Seppi got his first game on the board. Another love hold put Roger 5-1 up and the Swiss broke for the third time, hitting a sweet dropshot then a ridiculous lob on set point to seal it 6-1.

Into set 2 and Roger immediately slipped to 0-40, a bit out of the blue but he saved them in style to hold for 1-0 and the broke to lead 2-0. 2 SABR's in game 4, one followed by an awesome rally, saw Federer break again for 4-0 and despite Seppi avoiding the bagel with a hold for 1-5 Fed served it out nonchalantly to record victory in just 47 minutes. Not quite as quick as his win vs. Golovanov in Moscow one time but still pretty impressive.

Match Stats

A.Β Seppi R.Β Federer
Aces 2 4
Double Faults 4 1
1st Serve % 37% 65%
1st Serve Points Won 11/16 (69%) 20/26 (77%)
2nd Serve Points Won 8/27 (30%) 11/14 (79%)
Break Points Saved 1/6 (17%) 4/4 (100%)
Service Games Played 7 7
1st Return Points Won 6/26 (23%) 5/16 (31%)
2nd Return Points Won 3/14 (21%) 19/27 (70%)
Break Points Won 0/4 (0%) 5/6 (83%)
Return Games Played 7 7
Winners 5 27
Unforced Errors 18 13
Net Points Won 0/2 9/14
Total Service Points Won 19/43 (44%) 31/40 (78%)
Total Return Points Won 9/40 (23%) 24/43 (56%)
Total Points Won 28/83 (34%) 55/83 (66%)
SABR 0/0 2/3 (66%)



Thoughts on the Match

Federer Defeat Seppi Bercy

Well talk about starting off Bercy with a bang and it looks like Fed is on a high from Basel as he completely destroyed Seppi. I mean it was almost embarrassing for the Italian out there as Roger just schooled him in all areas. Basically 47 minutes of every shot coming good and Seppi looking out of ideas.

It is probably the Seppi's worst surface though so a win for him was unlikely but to lose 6-1 6-1 when you're 28 in the world isn't great πŸ˜† . As for Fed he was just in untouchable mode and whilst slower courts aren't ideal for him against the real top drawer grinders, against someone like Seppi he can just setup the points exactly how he wants them to play it and control things. In fact the match reminded me a bit of when he schooled Simon in Rome 2013. All about working the angles for Fed on these types of surfaces and there is only really Murray who comes close to him in terms of understanding the geometry of the court.

Predictions vs. Isner

Federer Isner USO 4th Round

Next up is Isner who beat product of Roehampton and LTA wonderkid Alijaz Bedene in two sets. Fed leads the H2H 5-1 and played a great match vs. Isner 2 months ago at the US Open. A court like Paris should be good for Isner especially with his top spin serve so it could be a tough one depending on how well Isner actually plays – when he serves well and gets his forehand going he can be very dangerous but this late in the year he tends to be physically not the best and the fact Bedene took him to a tiebreak makes me think Fed will just have too much for him and get enough balls in play to fashion breaks of serve. I'll pick Fed in three sets 6-4 6-7(5) 6-2.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. First place as a small consolation because I can’t watch the next one :p
      But today was a great match πŸ™‚ peRFect from start to finish!

  1. Crazy play from the Fed… Seppi looked absolutely clueless out there… Great to watch (although the guys that bought tickets for that hopefully didn’t blink ^^’)

  2. Holy cow! That was faster than most football match halves. “Oh, baby, this is gonna be so good, wasn’t it?”

  3. Hi Jonathan

    A Masterclass by Fed – Seppi looked like a complete beginner, Isner next which will be a whole different ball game but hopefully Fed will come through in two. Could they have made the court any slower

  4. Wow Jonathan, super sharp and quick recap, just like Fed was in God-mood this evening.

    “All about working the angles for Fed on these types of surfaces and there is only really Murray who comes close to him in terms of understanding the geometry of the court.” – agree!

    It was ecstatic, such a fun watching! One match at a time, but I can’t help but excite.

    1. Yeah could be a Big 4 semi final lineup if they all keep up the form. Nadal looking good, Djoker too and Murray just destroyed Goffin. Maybe can Stan can factor too.

  5. This is not even normal report, this is as fast as Federer match today πŸ™‚
    Thanks Jonathan

    About the match, I can’t believe this is the same Andreas Seppi that broke my heart earlier this year in RLA.

    1. Thanks Wanda! It always amazes me (although I guess it shouldn’t considering the hundreds of interviews he’s given over the years) just how relaxed Federer is at every interview. Part of his charm that he addresses the members of the press – and by name – in such a relaxed and friendly way. No wonder they love him. πŸ™‚

  6. Federer put Seppi in such a tight fix
    Quickly handing him two breadsticks

    Match with Rafa worth its weight in gold
    As Fed’s confidence has risen manifold

    Isner is going to get SABRed

  7. Wow, even on my low-res monitor one of those balls looked really mangled. How much grit can they have put in this surface?!

    Sounds (and looks) like an amazing performance by Fed, but I expect Isner to be rather tougher. Although … does look as though Bedene pushed him quite hard.

      1. Not sure if you know this, but they are doing it in lieu of the Mardid blue clay Masters. How nice of the French, giving you a clay feel, smack in the middle of the indoor season.

  8. Hello everyone. Been a while since I have been surfing on this blog. I watched Federer play last night after nearly 2 months, got a bit excited when I heard he beat Rafa in a Final! And those 47 mins were truly high quality from Federer, arguably his match of the year. One of the reasons why Federer defying age which I believe gives him the upper hand over his rivals is his playing style. A 85-90% Roger Federer day is a trauma for his opponents (not that I disagree woth Jonathan on this performance, but Federer can play even better). Federer was leading 4-0 first set in 9 mins. INSANE.
    I simply dont understand paris indoors,it looks too slow or is it the weird camera angles! Sid, Jonathan a little help on this please.
    I thought Federer was hitting his cross court fourhands as well as I have seen him ripping them in his prime. Seppi was in disbelief :p
    Isner will be a stiff test though. I think Federer might sneak attack past him in two tie breakers!

    1. I’m yet to see a TV broadcast captured with the right focal length… well, in Cincinnati it was quite good actually.

      But yes, I know that they cannot clamp a camera anywhere they desire, but this is ridiculous. On most cases they will either:

      1) Have the camera 50 m away from the court and then have to use telezoom to fill the frame and “compress” the perspective making both baselines have the same apparent length and the sidelines look parallel;

      2) Or they put it right above the baseline, use a low focal length to capture the whole court, and then make it look like a 100 m long funnel.

      (To see what I mean, just check YouTube for practicing sessions captured by spectators. They look very natural.)

      And I’m not even talking about the dreadful camera height used on some stadiums; I certainly do not like to watch a match as if I were a pigeon sitting on the roof.

  9. Somehow Federer made this court look like it was playing super fast. πŸ˜†

    Felt sorry for Seppi; he looked completely dazed out there, as well he might – the hands on hips at one point made we laugh out loud. A rueful smile, and even a laugh at the net – what else can you do against RF playing like that? One of those matches, short though it was, to savour. I shall never tire of watching this man play his beautiful game. Stunning movement, indeed stunning everything. To produce this magic on courts which are like sandpaper (commentators said the balls were being de-fluffed at a rate of knots), is nothing short of magnificent. Isner may be a tougher proposition but I’m thinking that these slow courts might dilute his serve somewhat. Allez chamo πŸ™‚

    1. Isner’s top spin serve is really good though. It should work well on this surface and he has played well on some of the slower hard courts on tour.

      1. Spot on as usual Jonathan πŸ˜‰ Bit of a bummer after the joys of the previous match, but facing these skyscraper who serve big on a slower surface is always a potential banana skin. πŸ™

  10. This was really a disgraceful third set tiebreak by Roger. His typical shotmaking arrogance led him to muff that easy, high backhand volley at 1-1 (which he could’ve let bounce and done anything he wanted with), and also to dump that basic passing shot right into the net to get the mini break back. He played like an idiot for the first 2/3 of the tiebreak. It’s matches like these that make it so frustrating to be a Fed fan. Isner is a nobody with a big serve who’s sure to lose the next round. All Fed had to do was not be careless, and he couldn’t even do that. Terrible.

      1. I agree, the match was dull, the courts are glacial, and I’m not saying that Fed was going to win this tourney, or even this match. But what a way to guarantee from the very beginning of the final set tiebreak that you’re virtually not going to make it.

    1. There was just one point between them, and that was the last point. You are not the one facing those bombs, and if he did have a virus (he took a couple of pills during a break), that’s not going to help. It’s always a crap-shoot against these big servers. Djokovic dropped his serve 5 time (at least) against Gilles Simon: how do you think he may have fared?

      1. Yes, perhaps if he was indeed sick, maybe that affected those ridiculous errors, including the big ones on his break opportunities in the third. I’m just saying he always fares well and neutralizes Isner’s serve, but even if he couldn’t, you don’t screw up a 1-1 point by going for the glamorous shot. Isner should’ve served it out at 6-2 but relaxed. Simply a disappointing way to go.

      2. He has an arm injury. And then had moment with his ankle? Tablets were anti inflammatories supposedly. He was rubbing his forearm in Basel one match – think it was Sock? Or Kukushkin? And I think he was shaking his ankle against Goffin from what I remember but looked like nothing at the time.

    2. A nobody? He’s top 15 Isner, could make top ten depending on result here… Agreed he screwed up at the beginning of the TB, but, that happens. Playing a tiebreak against Isner’s gotta put pressure on you…
      And that glamorous shot your talking about is a shot Federer very rarely misses. You do not want to give ground to Isner, and he would not have been able to do anything he wanted with that shot, had he let it bounce, imo.

      1. Look, I get it, nothing is guaranteed. But c’mon…I think you or me would love to have a high bouncing shot 4 feet from the net against anyone, Isner included. He got careless and lost the point, which cost him the tiebreak. I only wish he’d have gone out on a better point, that’s all.

  11. Had to leave after 1. set, had a bad feeling, and was bored, too. Maybe good with a little vacation for him now, if he’s not well. Still I’m very excited what excitings are in for us in future – his latest 2 matches were so really promising, and I think his greatness is still very clear to watch, even when a small loss must be accepted.

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