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Federer Schools Gasquet in Miami

Another Swiss beatdown here as Roger brushed aside Richard Gasquet 6-1 6-2 in 49 minutes to move into the Quarter Finals.

I thought pre match Gasquet was going to put up a fight on a court that suits his game but after looking good in his opening game Roger completely dominated things. After getting the early break the Frenchman went missing behind the baseline and allowed Roger to dictate from all areas of the court.

We got to see the full repertoire of shots and Gasquet just had no answers. Even when he was able to make an offensive play Federer was moving well enough to defend and keep himself in the points. A vintage Federer performance from start to finish with style and efficiency, flawless basically :).

Quick Match Recap

Federer Forehand vs Gasquet

A solid start from Gasquet in this one as he held to 15 but as usual he was flattering to deceive as Roger took control in his next service game breaking to lead 2-1.

The Swiss then consolidated from deuce and broke again to lead 4-1. Gasquet had no answers and already had the look of resignation on his face. Things got even worse for the Frenchman as at 5-1 30-40 he double faulted to drop the set 6-1.

With Roger serving first in the second it was obvious he was running away with this one and he was able to play freely throughout. Hitting some sweet backhands down the line and mixing up spins on his forehand to dictate play. I can hardly remember a rally he lost and the ball looked like it was on a piece of string.

At 3-2 he got the all important breakthrough and that was that. A quick hold put him 5-2 up and he broke Gasquet for the 5th time with a sweet dropshot to close the match out 6-1 6-2.

Match Stats

  R. Federer R. Gasquet
Aces 6 0
Double Faults 0 4
1st Serve % 68% 60%
1st Serve Points Won 22/25 (88%) 14/26 (54%)
2nd Serve Points Won 7/12 (58%) 6/17 (35%)
Winners 25 8
Unforced Errors 13 20
Break Points Saved 1/1 (100%) 1/6 (17%)
Service Games Played 7 8
1st Return Points Won 12/26 (46%) 3/25 (12%)
2nd Return Points Won 11/17 (65%) 5/12 (42%)
Break Points Won 5/6 (83%) 0/1 (0%)
Return Games Played 8 7
Net Points Won 6/8 (75%) 2/8 (25%)
Total Service Points Won 29/37 (78%) 20/43 (47%)
Total Return Points Won 23/43 (53%) 8/37 (22%)
Total Points Won 52/80 (65%) 28/80 (35%)

18 points dropped on serve in 3 matches. Impeccable.

Thoughts on the Match

Fed Miami 4th Round

Another dominant performance where the opponent had no answers. Roger has only faced 1 break point all week and Gasquet had no idea how to make this one competitive. Looked like a combination of lack of self belief from his side of the net but also really smart play from Fed.

I feel like he is serving intelligently and has a real rhythm to his serve. He took pace off a lot of first serves that kicked up high on Gasquet who could only loop the ball into play. With the Frenchman's return point so far behind the baseline the follow up forehand from Fed put him fully in the driving seat to finish off the point. It was just smart tennis and he is finding the right combinations this week so far. His game is balanced and he is moving well, the more tennis he plays, the better he gets which is a good place to be for him mentally.

Stats wise it's a clinic with 5 out 6 break points converted and 6 out of 8 points won at the net. You can't really pick out areas of improvement as he has been solid in all areas. Fed is looking confident and is moving well and those are 2 big areas of his game. For him now it's just about keeping his momentum going for the rest of the season and to keep trying to improve bit by bit.

Elsewhere Dolgopolov took out Stan in 3 sets who appears to be slumping a little after Australia so it will be interesting how he performs on the clay. Nadal is looking like he's on a real tear up right now so I think he probably wins Miami with what I've seen so far. He has been playing aggressively and there's just no way Fed can take him out here. The court is too slow and takes spin too much, Djoker is the only one with a chance I think so I'll be surprised if it's not Nadal holding the trophy come Sunday.

Predictions vs. Nishikori

Federer - Nishikori Basel

Next up is my pre tournament dark horse Kei Nishikori who defeated David Ferrer in a 3rd set tie break.

I didn't watch the match but Ferrer had 4 match points in the breaker but Nishikori saved them before converting his at the first roll of the dice. Decent win for him and also great for Fed as it means he is now back at #4 in the rankings. Rightfully so in my opinion too as he's a far better player than Ferrer and the hard work has paid off here.

Onto the match with Nishikori and based on form this week I'm picking Fed to get this done. Nishikori is mega talented but he has zero weapons which is why he is never going to factor at slam level or win big tournaments. He can grind on these slow courts so I don't think he will fold cheaply like Gasquet but Fed has too much in the locker to falter here. This is scheduled for a night match so it will play slower and will take a minor adjustment from Fed but with Nihikori spending 3 hours on court against Ferrer I can see Roger making it physical and making Nishikori work and work to win points. Should be a good one.

It's 1-1 in the H2H, Fed winning the Basel final in 2011 and Nishikori winning in Madrid last year which was an anomalous result in my opinion so you can't read into that a whole lot.

Like I said before Roger has only lost 18 points on serve this week his andn game has been impeccable, I predict similar here and I go Fed in straights 7-5 6-4. Allez!


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. Well done Dippy !!!! πŸ™‚ I may be wrong but is this your 2nd title?????? Just as quick as Federers match !!!! Congrats

    1. Hi Elvis πŸ™‚ ain’t this your consecutive runner up title. Myself I am titleless but am sure you have been close a few times. The only thing I can think is that you probably singing songs ie ” a little more WRITTING!! a little more action…..’
      And for Gang his song is ” woooopan GANG em style……” Sorry guys for my attempt on humour. Lol I should give up. My bad !!!!

  1. Hope Kei gets the same number of games tonight. Sorry Jon, looks like a late night for you. Hopefully Roger will keep it short and sweet.

    1. Like at Tsonga. God, these frenchies are mentally weak! So solid from Roger, 49 mins??? Gasquet shld be ashamed!

  2. Always a pleasure to read this blog – thanks, Jonathan! – but this childish contest about being first to post a comment is somehow a turn off.

  3. What did you do Jonathan, post this before leaving for work this morning? Full marks – no, extra credit for you (and not for the first time!)
    I was hoping Gasquet would be more competitive so as to give Roger a better test, but – he wasn’t. On the other hand as Jonathan pointed out, some (not all) of Richard’s problems were down to how tuned in Roger was. (DF on set point??!!) Love seeing Roger having a plan for a particular opponent & executing it. Dynamite serve stats – actually improved in 2nd set vs first – lots of variety, changes of pace & direction. Love having a great shot on match point, since those are so often replayed even when they’re boring. Phenomenal from Fed. Very very encouraging for the rest of the season.

    I’d kind of like for him to get to the final to see where he stands on a slow court vs. Nadal. (& with Stefan watching.) On the other hand if he gets stopped at semis that’s still an outstanding result on a surface that’s not his best. It will be interesting to see which Kei shows up tonight – the gritty inspired fighter or the gritty error-prone fighter. Sounds like the wind was messing with both those guys (Kei & David). Roger’s match is late tonight – does wind tend to die down at night in Miami as it does in many other water-side locations? There’s every indication that Roger should be able to prevail regardless of wind & of which Kei shows up, though a good match would be nice (as long as Roger wins!)

    1. Well Thinker, in Australia I really wanted FeDal semi to see where Roger was at against Nadal, but the answer was clear, the mental block is still there no matter how good Fed plays, as soon as Nadal gets up and running with the high spin balls to Rogers backhand, Roger for every is shank is one step closer to going to the locker room as a loser!

      With that said I desperatly want him to beat Nadal, and he canΒ΄t do that without facing him, so in the end IΒ΄m with you Thinker, bring the FeDal final πŸ™‚

    2. I did the post at work Thinker πŸ™‚

      I want Fed to get to the final too, but I am not sure how he beats Nadal here, he needs favourable conditions, hard courts suit Fed’s game but this is slow and the court takes spin. Fed struggled to put Nadal away on courts like this in his prime, so now, tough ask IMO.

      I think wind will die down yes during the night. Not sure though.


      1. I write comments from work some/many times . πŸ™‚

        Got to cut down on them though

      2. Commenting is one thing, but a whole post! Nice job Jonathan, what do you do? (Or shouldn’t I ask?!)

      3. ItΒ΄s an addiction, I too am commentating at work! I sit in an open office enviroment so I have to do it secretly, especially after I recent started a new job, so defintley need to hide it big time! In the benning anyway πŸ˜‰

  4. And yet again Roger goes against the “general wisdom” that he should suffer from windy conditions. Maybe he does but it seems that everybody else suffers more. But, then again, that is what Roger does, defies general wisdom.
    I doubt Kei will make much of an impact today. He is a good player and he has weapons but so is Gasquet. It seems Roger is in a good place right now. Kei might even make one tiebreak but I doubt he will take a set.

    1. Roger’s match against Soderling at Flushing Meadows in ’10 was probably the best ‘wind performance’ I have ever seen. High quality match from both players. One of my favourite highlight reels to watch. I didn’t even think it was windy until they showed the players close-up and you could see Fed’s hair fluttering about.

    2. @Jarlub – Nishikori has no weapons, he is quick and is solid but he cannot blaze winners or really apply pressure with his shots. If he had a monster shot then he factors in slams but seen as though he doesn’t he’s just top 20 type of guy.

  5. Fabulous match from Fed – everything has clicked into gear I thought Gasquet would be a tougher test (but he was a no show) I think Kei will be a whole different ball game – game on but Fed to win hopefully in two but could go the distance – depends how Kei is feeling after his 3 hours with Ferrer Allez Roger

    1. I wouldn’t treat Nishikori as a world beater here, Fed should just man handle him. His level would need to drop significantly to lose this one I think.

  6. Jonathan, great review as usual (especially for me who missed 1st set, 2 am for me here).
    I am missing shot of the match, but I completely understand that, it was already difficult to follow all the match, write a high quality review, and post it before the next match. Really apreciate that, buddy.. (But 5 points will be taken from Gryffindor because of no shot of the match πŸ™‚ )

    Looking forward to see the match against Kei, perRFect timing too for me, 8am, woohoo..
    I know that the defeat was a long time ago, and Roger was not in good condition back then, but Kei looks like in a good shape. Looking at Roger performance for this season, I shouldn’t be worried, right?

    1. Terrible timing for us Brits, will hv to record tonight!!! Although might as well watch as can’t sleep if Fed playing at night!!! Sad but true!

      1. Hi Susie – I know just what you mean the times I’ve set the timer to record then ended up getting back up to watch him as unable to sleep wondering how he is getting on !!!

  7. Wow you just quickly wrapped up the post during your lunch break? Both impeccable, you and Roger πŸ˜‰

    Poor mental from Richard but more to Fed’s super solid, smart play and kind of his presence in a way. So great that we could just chatting away during his rapid service games without hair rising on the live chat, loved it!

    A great win for Kei, I remember he said before, although his hero was Roger, Ferrer was the toughest oppornant on tour so I’m happy for him. Also after the match against Roger at Basel, his dream playing Fed came true, he just gobsmacked how fast Roger played and said nobody played as fast as him πŸ™‚ Hope for a good match, though Roger in straight.

  8. Presser time πŸ™‚

    Can’t count how many times I said “Love you Roger, you’re the best” after yesterday’s match πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ I missed most of first set, I was hungry and my mom threatened not to leave anything for me if I don’t get in the dining room on time :p And there, he heard my heart and stomach prayers and 30 min later I was celebrating a clinical win AND enjoying a delicious dinner made by my dear mom πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Plus Fed is finally back where he belongs aka above Ferrer in the rankings πŸ˜‰

    Do I need more reasons to love him??? I so hope he can take Kei, Murray/Djoko whoever gets through and then Nadal who is looking like being on a Miami Title mission πŸ™‚

    I’ll be satisfied whatever the outcome of this tournament, but it will be much more better if the sooo overdue win over Nadal happens here πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you Alex! I don’t always remember to go look for this without your reminder, and it’s ALWAYS interesting!

      (Well – I remember to go look, but it’s before they’ve got the transcription up….)

    2. Thanks for posting this Alex. I hadn’t seen it at all.

      Great match yesterday. I felt comfortable throughout and it looked as though Roger did too.

      Going to be a long night tonight though. I’m not feeling well either. Caught a cold as well as having stomach troubles. Still – it’s unmissable I think. Whether to just stay up or set the alarm?

  9. Here’s a spreadsheet with all the possible ranking changes for the top 10 after Miami. The text is in Spanish but just scroll down to the table which is actually in English.

    We know final tournament results for 5 of these guys already. Given Ferrer’s early exit, as long as Roger EITHER wins over Kei, OR Tomas Berdych does not win the title, Roger is assured of #4 next week.

    If Roger wins the tournament, he moves up to #3.

    Interesting that #9 & 10 are still noticeably below the 3-8 cluster. And that 3-8 are tighter than they have been, within about 1500 points of each other. I think Richard G. actually drops out of the top 10 this week to Raonic. Kei & Dolgo move up too – They’re currently #21 & #23, so not likely to break the top 10 although I think it’s mathematically possible for Kei if he wins the whole thing.

    #1 & 2 still in a class by themselves, of course. Or 2 classes by themselves. For now. πŸ™‚

      1. Yes – if he continues in this vein I think we’ll see a clear “top 3”, points-wise, which is how I – & I suspect many others – think of it anyway.

  10. Wow!
    Miami fans were finally treated to see some unbelievable Swiss genius. That’s right. Martina Hingis teamed up with Lisicki to win in the first doubles match.
    Anyway in more mundane news..


    Once again the French show they’re the experts at losing.
    Whether it be World Wars or tennis matches, these guys know how to get the job done.
    They are the ‘Creme de la Creme’ of getting Creamed.

    Gasgay displayed all the fighting qualities of a wet piece of French lettuce. For a guy who eats snails he sure knows how to capitulate fast in a tennis match..

    Anyway you can only beat who’s in front of you as they say.

    And now with all the top seeds in Fed’s quarter falling like nine pins he once again finds himself at the business end of a big tourny without having to meet even one decent player. While Djokovic is contending with multiple-slam winner Andy Murray Fed gets to feast on some fine Japanese Sushi-kori.

    As was the case last week a higher ranked Spaniard got taken out for Roger so he’s been really blessed with luck of late. Last tourny it was Nadal this time the Human Wall Ferrer. Talk about luck boxes.

    Maybe someone needs to alert the Humane Society to conduct a thorough investigation at the Federer household. We need to determine just how many rabbits feet he has stashed away in his basement there.
    The tip is they are located right next to his mountainous collection of four leaf clovers.

    Hopefully Kei acquits himself well and doesn’t stink up the place like raw fish.

    1. Your post started off promising with flashes of humour and quality. And then collapsed into pure mediocrity and I imagine have well deserved a round of mocking from the various posters on here.

      Strange isn’t it, that for all your ridicule of Gasquet, your comment fully mirrors his career?

      1. My prediction was Ferrer to beat Fed IF they met. They didn’t meet. Hence no bet.

        Don’t worry though the season is long and Fed can’t avoid Ferrer forever.

    2. Ferrer clearly not a wall at present, hasn’t played and clearly still subpar post injury. Luck, schmuck! As u say, u can only beat who is front of u. T’Was ever thus!

      1. Agree completely! Especially about the last bit πŸ™‚

        If anything, Troy, it’s a failure on the part of Nadal to get far enough in the draw. The fact that he was crap enough at his job to lose (all due credit to Dolgopolov of course) should detract from him, not Federer. It’s not Fed’s responsibility to make sure the highly ranked players actually don’t fail.

    3. I don’t mind having fun with names, but lets leave sexual orientation out of this?
      Man, you’re post is like gasquet’s match: first lines where fun, the next ones are an eyesore…

      Also you seem to have a misconception in the game (surprising huh?): Ferrer is wall for those who can’t keep the ball in play or can’t attack. Guess what, Federer can do both, thus the H2H… Maybe it was too windy for a player who boast being solid? Come down to earth man, being for the underdogs is nice, being stupid is something else…

    4. Multiple slam winner Andy Murray???? Well, I suppose two titles is multiple. It’s one more than one after all. Nothing else in your post worth commenting on I think.

      1. Forgot to mention he’s a Gold Medalist*

        *For those unfamiliar with the Olympic Games it’s generally regarded as the zenith of sporting endeavour and achievement since the dawn of mankind.

      2. Oke Troy, I have tried to stay out of your way, but now I have to react.

        Olympic Medal, concerning Tennis, was never important until someone woke up and realised that Roger did not have one (in singles) and Rafa did.
        Before that it was (concerning tennis) not important. Still would not be if Agassi had not opened his big mouth to basically say why Rafa is better than Roger….

        As Jonathan would say: Next….

    5. What a fucking tool.

      So blame Federer that Nadal lost to a guy that got whipped by Federer. Let’s just forget that he’s beaten the most top 10 players this year (5) and is second in the race to the year end rankings. But that’s just luck, right?

      And the Olympics are ‘games’ and for the longest period most sports didn’t and some still don’t consider them to be the ‘zenith of sporting endeavour and achievement since the dawn of mankind’. Yes, for games, that is definitely true, but definitely not for sports. No way. And evidence- the fact that most sports players have never taken it too seriously, often giving it a miss. This coming from a fan of a person who has a Gold and a Silver medal, just in case you decide to be a jackass and deride every comment just for the heck of it.

      Jonathan, can’t you just block this troll? He has nothing constructive to add and is just a giant pain in the ass.

    6. How many say yay to replace Troy McClure Nguyen, you might know him from such classics as Worst tennis predictions ever or Trying to run from the worst tennis predictions ever, with good old Pablo?

    7. Troy come on man, stop speaking in cliches and trying to be funny. Way OTT. Are you like this in real life? lol

      *The Olympics was designed for amateur athletes, sadly not a lot of people know that as you just proved.

    8. This is what I can sum up based on Troy comments
      Racit;, sexist joke; talking trash;, blame on roger for every other players defeat before meet Roger; if other player win it’s a win, but if Roger win it’s because he keep rabbit feet somewhere (which actually remind me of one particular player that have an antique and superstitious habit like that, guess who?)

      Seriously, I have a question for you Troy, do you have any friend(s) in real life?

    9. As many have said you’re blaming Roger because his opponents lose early… Do you realize just how ridiculous that is?! -.-

      1. The knly reason this guy keeps commenting is because some of us loose their patience and tey to answer him. Let him post his crap and have some fun all alone, he’ll soon get tired!

  11. Fed is really impressive on serve thatΒ΄s for sure but why did Gasquet fall like a cardhouse in the wind? I mean Fed is at a high level now plus he plays incredible in the wind, but Gasquet could and should have put up more of a fight despite.

    Now Key Nishikori, I wonΒ΄t be able to see the match but Jonathan I think youΒ΄re being to kind Nishikori in your prediction, after his marathon match yesterday Fed should be able to beat him more comfortly, I will say 6-3 6-4 πŸ™‚

    1. Yeah Gasquet folded like a cheap tent. Don’t think he will fancy watching the re-run of that one. Although at 49 minutes there’s not much to endure, especially if he fast forwards the changeovers!

      1. Hey Jon, is it possible that Gasquet was “overwhelmed” because Roger’s lockerroom “fear” is back in the mind of some of his opponents???? How else can he play like a “beginner”??

      2. Wooow my prediction of the Nishikori match was way off!! What happend? I canΒ΄t wait to read your report Jonathan.

        But Katyani I defintley think Roger is getting the fear factor back, despite this loss against Nishikori.

  12. I am French and should be disapointed by Gasquet’s performance…. but I am not ! So good to see Roger back to his best!

    Bad time for French players. Tsonga forgot how it’s done, Gasquet is fading after a good year.

    BtW Dolgo has been impressive so far, it pleasant to see this type of game prevail. Can he take it to the next level?

    1. Hey Thomas, Dolgo seems not to fear the other players, no matter who they are and what rank they have.
      That is a good thing. Hope he remembers that when he might have to play Rafa again.
      But I like the way Dolgo plays…. (his face and ponytail does look something like Roger 2003) πŸ™‚

      1. From far….. from a distance…. a little bit…..just a little bit…. not much…. just a little bit πŸ™‚

  13. 3 am match vs Kei. Can t watch πŸ™

    Probably just watch some classic slugfest and that will be about it…

    Troy Nugent is funny . A little bit. I vote against blocking. Homogeneous blogs will always attract provocateurs. They can argue about anything so don t get annoyed cause then they achieve their goal .

    Nice post Jonathan once again . I guess you are right about a potential match against Rafa. Although i declare myself a non Federer fan just a PeRFect tennis fan πŸ˜‰ I just cant accept it.
    Ok i dont want to drag anyone in this once again but it is for me a great paradox. Call it a mental block , call it a bad matchup call it the age different call it slow courts still it just cant fit in my head. That s a greek expression for no way of accepting smthng. i just hope there will be a day that long awaited justice somehow will be awarded and just hope its not too late for that. May be Nike could help him with that : like Delpo, Dolgo Stan and Novak “Just Do it !”

    PS I ve got to check out Howls Moving castle cause Wanda s picture is no potato head grandma πŸ˜€
    Although It still looks a bit postmodern for someone who grew up with ladybird books

  14. I am kind of watching Novak vs Andy….. boring…. long rallies…. nothing on tv, so have to watch….
    Andy does not look injured…. will even win this……

    1. Yup… middle middle middle, repeat 50 times, OH MY GOD AN OFFENSIVE SHOT!! middle middle middle repeat until error -.-‘ Sounds like a broken record. Tennis future doesn’t look too good… πŸ™

  15. Ok Mr fair play Novak always clapping nice attempts why not admit his whole racket went across the net ?
    Come on so unfair for Murray and this Umpire what a clown man?
    Murray lost the 1st set coz of that might lose the whole thing…

    1. Yah that was umpiring at it’s worst… I don’t agree that Novak has to own up to it, it’s the umpire’s call, and it was so blatantly over you’d think he was staring at a girls boobs in the crowd! πŸ˜€ I mean, his wrist was above the tape ffs… -.- that ball was CLEARLY hit over the net -.-

    2. To be fair to Novak, he did admit that the racket went over. He just said he wasn’t sure if it went over AT the point of contact, which is absolutely understandable in the moment. Plus, in anycase, there was no way Andy was winning that point.

      1. Novak did all He could to be more than fair. Told Andy his racquet went over. Ump blew it big time. Dont why he couldn’t look at the video.

        Novak contiues to wayyy impress in the sportsmanship department. His dad should take good notes.

      2. Hey guys I have to kind of agree and disagree.

        Yes, Novak is a good sportman, not a great one, but a really good one.
        I love the way he applaudes the opponent after a shot (others, even our own Roger can learn from that). Novak does applaude the opponents shot a lot, but I still love that he does that.

        About him giving the point to the opponent. He has done that also a lot of times and has been praised for it. But one commentator last year made a great comment during a Novak/Dimi-match when Novak told the umpire to give Dimi the point. He said it is nice that Novak does that, good sportmanship, but lets be honest, he was a set and a break up. Would he have done that when he was behind or when it was matchpoint???
        Kudos to Novak for giving the opponent the point, but what is the point if you do that 9 out of 10 times when you are up a set???

        About Andy, have to be honest, maybe it was a bad choice regarding him, but that is tennis, you should be able to get over that and play on…. (I know easier said than done, but you have to)….

  16. What’s up with these ‘legends’ double faulting every five minutes…!!?

    Assuming Federer beats Kei (hopefully), who would you rather his opponent be?

    1. Ummm, muzza for me. He counters less hard, gives Fed the advantage I think.

      And totally agree about the double faults. And now they’re doing volley drills -.- This is a match to remember!! (NOT!!)

  17. Okay, I’m off to bed in the hope of waking up at 2 a.m. I’ve set the alarm. If I’m not around you’ll know it didn’t work or didn’t succeed in waking me at that ungodly hour!

  18. Well, can’t pretend it doesn’t hurt me or surprise me. That was a shock in many ways. But credit to Nishikori, what a match that was to watch!

  19. What a fucking choke. Tool of a performance. Reminded me of 2013. Great way to end the hard court season.

  20. Can’t believe what I saw. Every part of his game deserted him. What a crash. Lets hope he can pick up the pieces and get back to it.

  21. You did well Roger. Maybe some things abandoned you, maybe you could have done some things better. But you fought till the very end !!! You wouldn’t give up. Kei had to work for it. No present from you.
    No worries. You came this far on “Slowami”. Also, Kei played really well. Did not look tired after his 3 hour match last night. No worries. You won’t win Miami, neither will Andy. Rooting for Novak or someone else, anyone but Rafa. On to DC πŸ™‚

    And Roger…. please learn from this. You could have won in 2 sets !!!

  22. What a mess that was. Roger could have got it done in 2 but just looked so flat and out of sorts. The aura was definitely not there tonight. I thought he would rally in the 3rd but Nishikori was playing too well. Nishikori did hit some great cross court shots. You have to give him credit.
    Roger looked very disappointed in himself. Will we see him in Madrid?

    1. πŸ™‚
      …I guess you wanted to say that certainly Federer must be injured, because he does not lose when healthy!

      1. Please don’t joke about the injuries, because I think it’s possible he really got injured during the second set. His movement sharply declined during that set, the overall level dropped (because of that probably) and he couldn’t get a first serve in. None of that was induced by Nishikori. Mirka and Edberg had worried faces.

        So either he got hurt or fatigued, but whatever it was prevented him from sealing the deal. Such a shame, since with reaching the semi he would have met expectations, as it is failing slightly. No wonder he looked very disappointed.

  23. hi I really enjoy this site and that loss makes me comment for the first time .. this hurts because the loss had nothing to do with nishikori..simple as that.
    he played brilliantly to break him in the second and he let him back in …how on earth did that happen??? 4:3 in the second it went like that: 0:40,15:40,30:40 break; at 5:6 0:40,15:40,30:40 break and set gone then at 4:5 he again 0:40,15:40,30:40 break bye bye match. in all those service games he made really easy and not understandable unf errors and played with no first serve. I do not know how he will learn from this since this is a pattern for at least 4-5 years now when losing to lower ranked players. kei played very well but fed playing very well means he would have won this easily in 2. I prefer him losing vs nadal or djokovic a 1000 times. this leaves a bitter taste at least till may . losing to nole in the semis would not have been tragic but expectable. but losin to kei whatever almost is because it was unnecessary!!!!

  24. Sublime tennis in the first set, then Roger ran out of steam. Probably what happened in IW final too. Tennis is there, hunger is there, but 32 years old can be a great burden if you go deep in many tournaments. That’s I think his main issue onward, how to cope physically with very fit younger players on high bouncing courts that favor long rallies. For me that’s the only thing that stands between him and more slam glory.

  25. Not reading too much into this loss, despite how pissed off I’ve been for the last 2 hours. He might have not shown it, but there’s a possibility that a 32 year old would not be feeling the effects of going deep in three consecutive tournaments, two of which play like clay.

    Also, a slight subconscious tank perhaps? His odds of beating Novak were quite slim on this court. And Rafa next to impossible (when you add the tiredness into it, all the more so)

    1. *He might not have shown it, but there’s a distinct possibility that a 32 year old would be feeling the effects of going deep in three consecutive tournaments, two of which play like clay.

    2. I saw the highlights as the match start 4:00 am morning πŸ˜‰
      I don’t know if it tells the whole story, but Kei was hitting the ball very hard, it was first strike approach that he applied. I always though kei is so talented but he lack some mental fortitude when play top player. He is mature now and I could see him giving trouble to Novak

      it is possible he tank the match for the same reason you have mentioned, and maybe to prepare for DC, but lets give credit when its due, Kei played good match

      1. I agree. Credit where credit’s due. Kei did indeed play well. But Federer really was cruising for a set and a half. Nishikor’s level didn’t increase, Fed’s dropped. Infact Fed was untroubled despite his first serve languishing in the mid 30s for the duration of the one and a half sets.

        He mentioned that the night consition through him off completely. The serve didn’t feel the same off the racket. That and the lights.

        But credit to Kei for being clutch. Had he missed that final match point, there was a good chance that he would have gotten broken in the next game.

      2. Exactly my thoughts Gaurav. And credit to Kei, he played well. Roger also called his early exit back in IW:

        Q. You mentioned that you were surprised about how fast you felt you got back into rhythm given that you made it to the final, even though you didn’t win but thinking of what’s coming. Are you content with that, you know, level?
        ROGER FEDERER: Yeah, very happy. I think I’m playing really good tennis. I’m moving well. Serving well, consistently well, you know.
        So many things are working. I’m just surprised that I’m able to keep it up week for week now. I expected myself to have a breakthrough tournament, but then maybe a couple of early exits. Who knows, maybe that’s all upon me, I don’t know (smiling). πŸ˜›

        I would like Nishikori to go one step further but the fact that Roger (even though he lost) nearly took him out in straights suggests that Djokovic might maul him over.

        Anyways Roger plays DC next Friday, more rest for him and hope Switzerland wins their tie.

  26. Hi all,
    I can’t really believe he has lost. I couldn’t see the match because i got to wake up early but i really didn’t expect him to loose. Did he gave up the match Madrid last year? . I’m very surprised, chocked and sad. i didn’t expect him to win the title but not to loose to Nishikori either. Now Nadal is gonna win it πŸ™ !!!!

  27. Aww, Fed lost! Very sad nightmare….so, no more tennis till Madrid. What a long wait!!!
    I couldn’t watch bcs it was so late.
    Maybe Fed was exhausted and wasn’t looking forward to another gruelling duel wt Djoker onna very slow court and perhaps a Nadal final.
    Well, no excuses, looking forward toSwitzerland in the semi finals!!!
    Go Fed!!! Go Stanimal!!!

    1. This loss isn’t a big deal – Roger gains ranking points, plus I don’t he really cares much about Slowami anyway. He only turned up because MoΓ«t and Chandon is one of the big sponsors of the tournament.
      And I would prefer him to lose to Kei rather than Djokovic or Nadal πŸ˜€
      He needs more rest these days, don’t expect him to reach 7,8 or 9 consecutive semifinals in tournaments, that’s way too taxing on his body. He should just focus on the Grand Slams this year, Masters don’t matter anymore. No.18 is never in doubt!!!! Have hope!

      1. Conal, comment + + + 1 πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

        Even if he does not win much this year (HOPE NOT) I would be content with him winning Wimby and WTF. Those are a must.

        RG would be very very much appreciated (which he will win ofcourse as I predicted :)).

        BUT the main important thing for me personally is Roger winning DC this year. He has a good chance and he FINALLY gets that monkey off his back (Rafa having DC and he not).

        Honestly, for me, the most important thing this year is winning DC… and ofcourse Roger and Mirka having a healthy baby.

        So sad to see Stefan and Mirka worried for Roger….

      2. That’s the spirit Conal πŸ™‚
        Bothered me a little in the beginning but it is normal to feel some disappointement after any type of loss. Didn’t last though as the future looks promising πŸ™‚
        He didn’t fall in 2nd tour after all and a QF is a good result especially that he is back to nΒ°4 now πŸ™‚

  28. By the way, agree with the comment that if Roger could take Kei almost out in straights, then Novak will eat him up alive.

    I know it looks like Rafa will win Miami, but please don’t count Novak out. Just watch the last two games of Novak vs Andy. Especially Novak’s last two or three points. I don’t know if it was the last point he made, but my God, how he hit those shots, Andy had literally NO chance at all. Calling it unplayable seems like an understatement.
    If I had not seen THAT point, I would say, stop watching Miami, Rafa will win it. But after THAT point, Novak is winning this for sure…. too bad not Roger, but anybody besides Rafa will do….

  29. Where s Jonathan s post already?

    When I said that when its tough Jonathan grinds it thoroughly in his head and in his heart he said i m exaggerating.
    Pure Britt πŸ˜€ I told you. Look how fast Gasquet report came out.

    But come on now Jonathan tell me what the f**k happened cause I was snoring when the match was on … and then I had to wake up to this s**t this morning πŸ™

    1. I’m guessing as Roger doesn’t play again for a month Jonathan feels he has plenty of time to do this one. After having to churn them out almost instantly for a few weeks must be quite a relief.

  30. Well, slightly disappointing match but not too bad really. As long as Roger is okay and doesn’t allow this to discourage him. He has played an awful lot of tennis over the last few weeks after all, and although Nishikori had a tougher match coming into this, he is eight years younger. I was a bit worried as soon as I saw Roger come on for the warm-up with his “Hamburg” jerkin on. Indicated to me something was not quite right, though we may never know what exactly. He didn’t look comfortable to me throughout, even when he was ahead. He still would have won that match though if his serve hadn’t abandoned him – and in 2 sets.

    Nishikori is improving all the time I think. I hope he goes on to win this but guess it’s unlikely.

    In the meantime, we have Davis Cup to look forward to – or at least some of us do πŸ™‚

    1. Organisers clearly didn’t want him to go further!! Roger is always poor under lights in Miami. Has lost last 4 night matches there! Cooler conditions make it slower, favours the grinders of which Kei is one. And Rogers serve was poor which he admitted. Without his serve, his first strike game suffers if he gets into long weary rallies, and difficult to approach the net. Too any balls to hit, looked weary in 3rd set.
      Enough said. He has already surpassed expectation for first 3 months of yr. Berdych won’t win the tourney so up to 4th for clay court season is outstanding. All in all, and A- for first quarter!
      Pinning my hopes on Rome or Madrid , both slightly faster clay than MC and Paris. Still needs some improvement, good fora Edberg to see the issues at first hand.
      PS. Hoping for a Dog victory. That would be a great upset for the game!

  31. I was just stunned and gutted. Evevn after winning the 1st set, I felt uneasy as Roger served so poorly. The 2nd set was just so laboured with way too many middle court balls. Fair to Kei, who rallied well, I feel that was because Roger just sent balls to his feet time and time again and then Kei did not even have to run around to hit a shot. I nearly wanted to shot to Roger to move Kei around. Whevener Roger did just that, he seemde to have won most of the points. Roger looked a bit tired and lethargic in the 2nd set (onwards) and did not appear to think straight. I felt that he should have wrapped the match up in two straight sets. πŸ™ . πŸ™

    1. Yes, I also thought he didn’t seem to be thinking straight at times. A lot of balls right at Nishikori’s feet as you say. A bit reminiscent of the match against Robredo last year, but not nearly as bad. I’m guessing he was just tired.

  32. Agree with Rita above. The match was similar to the US open debacle against Robredo.

    Tentative ground strokes, seeming distracted and annoyed at times, inexplicable unforced erros, shanks galore, serve completely let him down as well. In far too many rallies Nishikori was running Federer around the court, very defensive play from the GOAT.

    I really think the thought of having to play through Djokovic and Nadal on the slow courts in SF and F was weighing on Fed’s mind.

    I thought 2014 Fed had completely banished 2013 Fed, but he still lingers.

    1. I don’t think 2013 Fed still lingers, that’s not what I was saying. I think this was a blip. And an understandable one considering how much Roger has played recently. He’s still doing absolutely brilliantly compared to last year. This is the first time he hasn’t made at least semi isn’t it? And a quarter final knockout is not that bad. It happens to the best.

      1. Agreed. He’s definitely in a way better place than 2013 overall. I do think it would have been better if he had won or lost on his own terms. But here he kind of gave up a winning position, and choked.

    2. Yeah I agree with Rita, not sure if this is fed 2013. He’s 32 going on 33, and has played back to back dubai IW, miami reaching finals in the two first ones. That’s a lot of tennis. He defo played poorly, but it’s almost understandable. Hasn’t played night matches on a slow surface since melbourne.

    3. You guys are being too hard on Roger. He can return to no. 4 if Berdych doesn’t win the title. You guys are going to face the these 30-something players aren’t going to play able week in and week out anymore. You are starting to see injuries and fatigue come into play. I watched the whole match with Kei and Roger was fighting fatigue the whole match. I am sorry but Roger is feeling the affects of being on tour for 16 yrs and is going to be 33 in August. The mind is willing, but the flesh is weak. I know that has to upset him. It’s tough when you want to do battle but your body won’t let. 16 yrs, no retirements, win or lose. GO Roger and Stan in DC.

      1. Agree some of you too hard on him. Take a look at the facts. Fed had not played a grinder all tourney. On these slow courts he had not been tested by any punishing rallies. Ivo, serveborg, nothing longer than 3 strokes! De Bakker? Lesser serveborg,totally unreliable off the ground! Gasquet. Shotmaker, mentally brittle, again, very few rallies. Gasquet not prepared to dig in.
        Suddenly, just as in IW against Novak, Fed finds himself up against Kei, brought up on these courts, at home on these courts, happy to run all day. Add that to a cold night, lack of serve rhythm all leading to an average day at the office. Lack of serve leads to impotent ground game for Fed. He plays poorly under lights at Miami and has no night games at all of late. And lack of serve leads to mental fatigue which leads to physical fatigue and therefore dicomfort all night, and Kei knew it! Plus he has beaten Fed before, and had nothing to lose. Bit like Fed these days against Novak etc. And that confidence leads to adrenalin which leads to energy. Fed looked flat from the start and was pushing throughout.
        But overall, we shld be plsed. He has played a lot of matches and has travelled plenty! But in a good position pre Clay. SF IW? QF Miami? Bet we Wld hv all taken that if offered end last year!
        I am very proud of his first quarter, and as he said, building nicely…..

  33. I dont know why Fed struggle with pushers like Hewitt,Kei and Robredo?Maybe Fed became frustrated that every fuckiin ball goes back,and they just dont want to go away.And why did they put Fed in a late match?I thought that Djokovic and Murray will play a better match.

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