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Federer Saunters Past Sonego in Roland Garros Return

The Swiss came through 6-2, 6-4, 6-4 in 1 hour and 41 minutes.

Roger Federer marked his return to Roland Garros after a three-year hiatus with a 6-2, 6-4, 6-4 win over Italy's Lorenzo Sonego.

Playing on the all-new Court Phillipe Chatrier for the first time, the Swiss dominated behind his own serve, broke his opponent five times and hit 36 winners to record victory in 1 hour and 41 minutes.

The 2009 champion will next face lucky loser Oscar Otte in the second round after the German defeated Malek Jaziri in four sets.

Quick Match Recap

Federer Sonego French Open

Federer won the toss and elected to receive. At 30-30 Sonego played an ill-advised drop shot and Roger converted his break point for 1-0.

Two aces helped Roger consolidate for 2-0 and he soon found himself running away with the first set, securing the double break.

Sonego finally got on the board in game five but Roger was cruising on serve, holding to 30 for 5-1 and then serving out the set to love to take it 6-2, firing 8 winners including 3 aces as he landed 15 of 18 first serves to get off the peRFect start.

Into set two and Sonego looked to have settled when he held game point at 40-30 but he couldn't find any breathing room, losing three straight points to drop serve.

Roger's domination on serve continued as he held for 2-0 and the Italian's spirit looked to be waining as he dropped serve to love to fall behind a double break.

Roger then held for 4-0 but Sonego came out firing in the next game, winning three straight games after Roger got a little bit casual on some of his groundstrokes. 

A hold to love quickly stopped the rot as Roger held for 5-3 and he soon had set two in the bag, again holding to love to take it 6-4.

With the Swiss well on the way into the second round, he was looking to replicate breaking in the first game as he'd done in the first two sets. That looked likely at 30-40 but Sonego dug in to hold for 1-0.

Roger's serve was looking impenetrable and after two comfortable holds he again had break points in game five but a missed forehand allowed Sonego to prolong his stay and hold for 3-2.

Back to back love holds saw Roger level at 4-4 and although Sonego was going big from the back of the court, both in terms of groundstrokes and grunting, he couldn't find anything in the return games. 

That meant he was soon having to serve again and in game nine the pressure told as he blazed a couple of groundstrokes long. That helped Roger fashion two break points and he converted the second to lead 5-4 before serving it out in routine fashion to move into Round 2.

Match Stats

  Lorenzo Sonego Roger Federer
Aces 3 5
Double Faults 0 2
1st Serve 59/92 (64%) 52/70 (74%)
1st Serve Points Won 37/59 (62%) 44/52 (84%)
2nd Serve Points Won 14/33 (42%) 11/18 (61%)
Net Points Won 17/25 (68%) 25/30 (83%)
Break Points Converted 1/4 (25%) 5/11 (45%)
Return Points Won 15/70 (22%) 41/92 (45%)
Winners 24 36
Unforced Errors 26 15
Total Points Won 66 96



Thoughts on the Match

Federer Sonego FO 19

I felt great playing on this court. It looks great and attractive, so congratulations to everyone involved. Hopefully, I can play here again for my next match. Two breaks in the first set was very important for me and when I was leading 4-0 I could take more risks, be more aggressive. I know that I can play very well on clay and I am very happy to win in straight sets. Federer on his win over Sonego

Super solid start from Roger here and he played efficiently throughout by playing up on the baseline and keeping the points short.  His serve was particularly impressive and once he gets the chance to play on the front foot he's always going to be difficult to catch.

Sonego showed glimpses of what he can do with some powerful hitting and consistency when the rallies were extended, but he committed the cardinal sin of going down an early break and was never able to recover.

Other than that, not much to learn other than it being an impressive opener against a guy he's never played before. Roger can still compete on clay for sure and we'll see how he handles his next match. Definitely not easy to put the ball away on this surface for him but if he can work the angles and not get pushed back then he'll give all comers a game.

The conditions were quite heavy today too which favoured Sonego but he didn't really manage to get Roger off the baseline for any period of time which is a good sign. 

Predictions vs. Otte

Next up is Oscar Otte who defeated Malek Jaziri to win his first ever main draw match at a Grand Slam. The German got in as lucky loser and after dropping the third set bageled his opponent to come through in four.

I know very little about him and he's barely played any tour-level matches in his career, with only one win on the ATP Tour last year in Sweden and only playing in a Grand Slam for the second time. 

His sole Challenger title came on clay in Lisbon two years ago so it's probably his best surface but I can't see him causing Roger any problems. Sonego is far more accomplished player and from a couple of clips I've just watched Otte plays a very standard brand of tennis that Roger has seen hundreds of times over in his career.

What did you guys think of the match? Did you like the outfit? Predictions vs Otte? Let me know in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Very good start. Sonego is not an easy player and yet Roger managed to play him smoothly and with no worries. Roger’s outfit looked very smart.
    During the interview I didn’t like Courier’s comment on body language… Roger’s so articulate no need for that.
    Go Roger go Maestro!

    1. I felt the same way on Courier’s remarks, I don’t think Fed needs corrected on stuff like that. Having said that, I don’t think Fed was offended, he is so easy going. I think I would not have been as conciliatory.

  2. Hi guys! I was there for this match, watching live. Great opener by Fed. He is looking very strong physically, quick to the ball and quick to adapt to new tactics when needed. The knifed low slice angled return was doing its stuff today. As was the shorter x cross FH. A lot of top used by Fed today, kept that ball deep and accurate, bit quite a lot of height. Fun to see. Defensive skills also on show.
    It was actually pretty warm, not that heavy to be honest and the ball did fly on occasion as Sonego found out to his cost.
    If Fed brings this to every match I think he can go deep. But in the meantime it was great to see him play live on the clay! Lucky me 💪💪

    1. Lucky you indeed😊
      Yes Fed looked very fit,no sign of the niggles from Rome,thank goodness.
      What did you think of the outfit?

      1. I admit to disliking the pre match photos I saw, but it really works. Retro feel, stylish, coffee and cream colouring nice against the PC colours. It’s a yes from me! 😃

    2. Yeah bringing opponents in always seems to unsettle them. I wish Fed made more passes though. Can’t remember the last time he hit a rip-roaring bh pass. Tried to take Sonego’s head off with one of them but it went way long.

      Europort were saying the balls were quite heavy, then the sun came out when Fed came on court.

      Have you got tickets for later rounds?

  3. Impressive start as you said, seems to be moving well, highlights really focused on some of the insane angles he was able to generate as you mentioned. Feeling optimistic about the next round.

    I wish the outfit had a little more rust in the brown to go with the clay colour, & the piping would pop better if it were a bit wider, but I’m delighted he’s got an actual outfit. I really like how the vertical stripe on the shirt matches up with the opposite color vertical stripe on the shorts.

    1. Funny, the outfit showed up as grey and white on my TV!
      Nice match. Can see why Sonego’s done well on clay this year, but rather too many sloppy points to have any real chance.

    2. I imagined how it would look with teal instead of the brown. I think that would be smashing, and a great contrast to the orange-red of the clay.

  4. Fed very efficient and impressive.
    Managed to watch the match without super high stress levels.
    The cafe au lait outfit looked very good indeed.Fed looked cool and composed throughout.
    That Chatrier court is huge! You will need binoculars to see Nadal standing back to receive serve.
    Tstitsy also looked good in royal blue and black but unlike Fed looked rather hot and bothered.A straight set win for him too.
    An excellent beginning for Fed .The speed of some of those service games!

    1. Impressive win for Tsitsipas against a decent clay courter.

      Fed’s outfit is just ok, not a fan of the colour. The fact he’s tanned helps it but still prefer the other one. Jacket is pretty good though.

  5. First time feel like crying for staying in a cricket mad country ☹☹☹The broadcaster has 4 available channels to telecast the tournament. First two are primarily reserved for Cricket and Football/Badminton. Other two are select channels on which Slams are telecasted. Due to the ongoing World Cup they have to telecast two warm up games that doesn’t even involve India. Even in that case they have two channels available. Just for more advertising they consumed one of select channels which should ideally show FO. What more non-sense is on the second select channel they are focussed on Suzan Lenglen and third show court☹☹ They famously advertised Roger’s return to RG on their Twitter account with timings of telecast and in the end made the fans like us being sad by not telecasting the match. What is more worst part is, those two cricket games got interrupted by rain, one even got cancelled in the initial stages itself and second one got abandoned little later. Still they don’t care to cover action on Chatrier. Ultimate bullshit. I blasted them on their Twitter account for ruining my Sunday.

      1. Badminton looks good on TV especially doubles. It’s more of boring cricket that is sucking even the greatest fans.

    1. I think they need to have a different model for televising tennis, recognizing that they have a *GLOBAL AUDIENCE*…. instead of having “exclusive” providers for regions, have “primary” providers for regions. Put a camera on every court, even if it’s static. Allow secondary providers to rebroadcast whatever they like, but if they’re broadcasting a match THAT THE PRIMARY PROVIDER IS COVERING, then the primary provider gets a cut. It would encourage providers to prioritise commentary that people actually want t hear. You could even get a channel that works kind of like a highlight channel, kind of like golf coverage… “over on court 3, Nicholas Mahut is looking very good indeed – here he breaks his opponent’s serve in the 4th set. Meanwhile on Court 1…” It would allow viewers to pay for one subscription and then actually watch tennis, regradless of who the original broadcaster. It would let us in the US watch, say, Sky coverage if ESPN2 is inaccessible, which it usually is. Or indeed to watch ESPN2 via, say, TennisTV, if that was actually the best fit for us.

      Well, *I* think it’s a fabulous idea.

      1. I think that in the future people will pay only for what they watch, and not more than that. The concept of “region” for transmitting/watching makes no sense in a globalized world (how many of you stumbled across “the content you requested is not available in your region “?). My pink @$$. My region is planet Earth.
        This change will always find resistance because tv distributors need to sell the hundreds of garbage channels that otherwise no one else would watch.

      2. TennisTV is great for all the ATP stuff and that model works fine globally. Just the Slams are the problem for some places. Dunno how you solve it because they draw in so many casual viewers that they will always be shown on different channels.

        Although in Europe – Eurosport Player works great for all the Slams. Coverage was spot on yesterday.

    2. @Venkat – they did show the match on Star Sports 2 SD. It looked like the telecast was from the 80s, but at least they showed it… they had Lenglen on the HD channel which was nuts. I blasted them on Twitter as well.

      1. Roger’s match on SD and some other matches on HD. Not good. Btw I only subscribed to the HD ones. My only irritation is why to select WC warm up matches that too not of India’s on Select HD1. Only advertising money matters it seems. Still I believe Roger’s match can get more advertisements in this case.
        Also what’s the weirdest point in showing some highlights even when cricket was abandoned.

    3. The channels are like Star Sports Select HD 1 & Star Sports Select HD 2, Star Sports Select 1 & Star Sports Select 2

      Select 1 & Select HD 1 WC was broadcasted,

      Select HD 2 – FO , Nishikori Match/ Suzan Longlen, later they broadcasted Monte Carlo F1 main race

      Select 2 – FO , Fedrer match / Philippe Chatrier

      This is till Roger won, gave his on court interview then i switched off the TV and dont know post that what they aired.

  6. The outfit looks better than I thought, but that doesn’t matter. Fed looked fine on the clay and has a good chance to go deep in this tournament if he is able to keep his level up.

    1. His level has been high on the clay, just a question of whether it’s enough against someone who can really grind out a win. Hard to put the ball away.

  7. Nice performance from Federer today, he will probably need the draw to open up to go very deep but you never know. His level on clay overall is higher than expected.

    As for the outfit it’s not great but the jacket is superb. I loved the Miami mint green jacket too but Uniqlo aren’t making them available! They are missing out on a fortune as they would set like hot cakes!

    1. Cecchinato already gone.

      I quite like the jacket too. Although not sure when I would wear it other than for tennis. Maybe customer demand will make them release it, I’ve seen people asking on Twitter.

  8. So nice to watch Fed going that strong. Giving hopes, really! The outfit as usual looks great on him…

  9. Back to business: it was a nice match to watch. Roger’s ball placement was sharp, net play also replied “present” when called upon, and except for one sloppy lost game he gave Sonego zero chances on his service. I only wish his aim was better on the passing shots. But, hey, I guess you can’t have it all…
    One match at a time and let’s just enjoy it.

    1. Yeah the FH looked good I thought, good spin, good placement, hit through it. Passing shots not Fed’s strength of late, seems to hit them to try to hit them too hard.

  10. Many thanks, Jonathan. Off we go, after three years, what a brilliant start. Sonego played well; Maestro looked comfortable and moved great. Hope to come through similarly for the next match.
    Allez Rog!

  11. Thanks Jonathan. Quick post as usual. Nice to relax and enjoy watching Fed play without being close to heart failure. Played well and looked like he enjoyed the moment. The world seems to cherish Roger more and more.
    The cut of the shirt is nice….

  12. I noticed in the interview that Fed said his back was stiff as well in Rome. Happy he didn’t play that match. Who knows what would have happened looking at the times he did play with a bothersome back.

  13. (Not terribly impressed with whoever it was’s selection of highlights, BTW. I’d hardly have picked any of those!)

    Am I imagining it, or was Otte at Wimbledon a couple of years ago?

    1. Whenever highlights are made in house they’re terrible. I’m guessing they have to avoid putting in the better points that other broadcasters will have usage rights for.

  14. Good start, everyone is so happy to see his back at RG. He needs to win his matches quickly to conserve energy in the later rounds. Honestly his on court kit looks worn out/old, I love his practice tees. Well at least they got rid of the lame collar.

  15. Great start for him. I missed the first two sets unfortunately, so your resume comes handy. ¡Thanks!
    I’m sure he’ll get past through quarters easily.

    About the outfit, it looked horribly to me, but with Roger wearing it doesn’t look that bad after all, maybe nothing looks bad on him.

  16. We know nothing about Fed’s potential after having played a scared boy who is normally middle Challenger level and yesterday forgot everything. The same may happen with Otte. Not even Challenger hero like Dustin Brown.

    Loss of Cecchinato does not open much because it only makes Schwartzman easier to win this section.
    After Sonego+Otte=ZERO comes Berrettini and first this can be some test. Schwartzman (redhot now) can be the real challenge and he will not play Fed to the racket (like he did in the practice and like Sonego did yesterday).

    I would not be surprised if Schwartzman is the end-station. And not sure, if Fed would like to risk next beating from Tsitsipas.

    Maybe again some (diplomatic) unfortunate slipping and he pulls out from Schwartzman match?

    Even the no.-competition match vs. Sonego shows something. Second and third set were a bit problematic, with one break not defended and what looked like going to be 1 hour, landed at almost 2h.

    Next after Otte will be able to make rallies longer, let Fed run, maybe not allow for 3 sets win.

    Since then everything changes. No more full controll.

    Yes, QF is possible but far from guaranteed.

    1. The ‘red hot’Schwartzman took five sets yesterday to get past Fucsovics,hardly an auspicious start.
      Next up for him is Mayer who came through easily in straights.
      Next up probably the ever wily Kolscreiber.
      It may well be he who does not reach the last sixteen.
      So i agree,QF possible but far from guaranteed-for Schwartzman!

      1. Both Fucsovic and Schwartzman can beat Federer in 5-set-format.
        Not a big difference in Fed having to fight against one of both. This time it will be probably Schwartzman.

        You overestimate results. Watch the game. Every high level baseliner, able to run any distance and hit deep and hard is a threat for Roger.

        This is reality, not my wishes. My wish is to have Thiem-Fed final.

        If you would watch Thiem vs. Tommy Paul today, you would maybe doubt, Thiem to be really one of title contenders. But he is. Paul would be a problem for many, because he plays Sandgren-like Challenger Tennis. No fear, fast and hard high-risk tennis. They don’t play for much money, so they can risk more (maybe they even share money at the end). This is not something an established ATP player sees every day.

        Back to Roger. I don’t care about how deep comes Diego even if I like him being a brave mini-player, always smaller by a head than the opponent.

        Fed was wise to have a practice with Schwartzman, knowing he can need to play him in the tournament.

        And – did you see Schwartzman against Djokovic in Madrid?

    2. @ PRF:
      Are you drunk or still constantly trolling around because no one is interested in you and you Thiemiversum?
      Very annoying still having you here. Your contributions are of no added value at all, I don’t see what your motivation is – other than behaving like an asshole here.

      1. I agree it is very annoying to have a Thiem fanatic have so much hatred for Roger and keep trolling on this site where all Roger fans get together and share their opinions. Funny thing is PRF claims that he is a big fan of both Roger and Thiem. I used to like Thiem, but now I just hope he would lose early so this troll will hide till the next tournament.

    3. Do you not have anything better to do than be obnoxious in this comment section? Hopefully you’re not like this in real life, for your own sake.

      1. Take it easy. Thanks for interest in my real life. I’m OK and I’m the same in both .
        I have a lot to do but I’m extremely fast in what I do 🙂

  17. Here we go… 6 to go… No, I am not looking at 4th rounds or QF being the endstation… nope, we go all the way… Beating Rafa in the SF and then the man himself in the Final, making it impossible for him to “be the best ever”.
    Yep, impossible, but mark my words… Doable 🙂

    Go Goat 🙂

    1. Beat the guy who is 112w/2losses in 5 setters on clay. It is the King of Clay who you are talking about, he can’t be beaten. Pray for some injury.

      1. Fan’s enthusiasm is not a big factor on court. You will probably not be there even to spend balls 😉
        But I understand – if there is no real possibility, all you have, is enthusiasm. Nice but useless for Fed.
        Give him younger legs ans he wins whatever you want.

      2. Hey all, I am not saying it for nothing or to be different… I REALLY BELIEVE that it can happen !!! Did you guys see AO 2017?? It can happen. Like I said…. impossible…. but DOABLE. So many things happen that we think that is not possible, it still happens. It just has to be Roger’s turn and time.

        How awesome would it be if he won it 10 years after?? Just believe in him. He can do it. And… isn’t Rafa… you know… human? 🙂 Isn’t Satan… you know… human? 🙂
        It can happen. If not… Katyani Wisdom for Roland Garros will be back next year 🙂 🙂

  18. Great start from fed. Hard hitting forehand was a fun to watch. That backhand and serve was also working… still worrying when he stretch too much when he is chasing the ball.
    To be honest, it’s not enough to beat nadal and djokovic who’s chasing so much the ball.for now… oh well its d first round, i hope he can adapt soon. One at a time…But love the match specially roger hitting so hard d ball.. love it.:)

  19. Too many Frenchies won today : Paire will play Pierre Hugues Herbert and Tsonga will play Nishikori for Round 2 on Wednesday. .. I am afraid Fed will be scheduled on S. Lenglen court… and I have seats for Centre Court !  Please send me good vibes so that Fed still plays on CC even if it is a one-hour match. Usually on Wednesdays, there are lots of kids coming at Roland (from tennis clubs) : do you think it is a “guarantee”  that RF is scheduled on centre court ?

  20. A player who is flying under the radar a bit is Garin.
    Just knocked out the gigantic Opelka,who unsurprisingly has a huge serve to match.
    I suspect other players in that quarter will be thanking him.
    The huge serve bots can be a bit of a pest and inevitably boring.

    1. 100% agree. Garin is on my radar since longer. He is training with Thiem (uses the same racket) and even with double-hander his playing style is similar – aggressive baseliner. I hope he can win a match or two more 🙂

    2. I’d have said Garin was definitely above the radar by now – I mean, he can only just have missed being seeded for Roland Garros!

      1. Yes, Grin is above the radar because of his unexpected progress this season. Thiem is always under the radar, until he finishes in the final on RG, beats Nadal or Federer. But it’s good for him to be under the radar, play on smaller courts. Since QF he plays for sure on Chatrier (assuming he goes so far and why not?)
        Every single win will be for him another step ahead.
        Another one to eventually follog is Hugo Dellíen.

      2. I don’t see Thiem beating Nadal at RG. If they are to face each other that will be in the finals and that would mean that Rafa is playing pretty good. Then you could see last year that there is a huge different in talent and skills playing on that court. Nadal absolutely destroyed Thiem and that would be a huge mental advantage as well.

  21. @PRF,
    Going back to Fucsovics and Scwartzman.Neither have ever beaten Fed although of course there is a first time
    for everything but I think it unlikely.However I have jokingly referred to what I call the curse of Schwartzman.
    He doesn’t beat high ranked players but wears them out so they do get beaten in the next round.
    The match with Djokovic in Madrid was a perfect example.Djoker then too gassed to cope with Nadal in the final.
    This could well happen to Fed if he gets embroiled in a long match with Schwartzman.
    However quite a lot of water needs to flow under the bridge before that can happen.😊

    1. Neither of them have beaten Federer, because Fed skipped clay for so long. They are both good on clay.
      And – I didn’t want to say, they are perfect candidates to out Fed, only that this will be hard test and given they didn’t play each other (especially on clay) and both made a huge progress as of late, Fed will be tested (like he was twice by Thiem and once by Tsitsipas).
      If Fed can avoid long match or long rallies with Schwartzman, he will of course come through, but then probably worn up before Tsitsipas.
      Dreamers will still dream, no matter if dreams come true or not 🙂
      About Djoko Diegeo in Madrid. With a bit of luck Diego could even have won the match, not only wear Djokovic down.
      And yes, Diego was nope since the beginning of the season (like Fabio). Since then they were redhot so far.
      And – it doesn’t matter if you win in 3 or in 5 if you are fit enough.

    2. I like Schwartzmann a lot. He does the possible best with what he has: being very difficult for him to serve supersonic missiles, he focuses on placement and spin and is able to win many easy points. Plus he can hit very deep balls even when on the and he accelerates and runs very fast, a bit like De Minaur, but in a more physically coordinated way.
      Some of my favourite moments in tennis are when he defeats giants and both shake hands at the net… as it just happened last year in RG.

      1. Physically the only advantage he has (and can make us of it) is a better body balance. Smaller players are more stable on feet, which helps to hit hard and deep and still be able to move well and hit while running.
        When Diego has his day, can be really tough for everyone.
        As to current form – he is 2-3 against Top10 .
        As for Fed – his low-bounce slices will not be that effective against Diego like against taller guys.
        Diego had the opportunity to shake hands with Opelka in Miami 2019 🙂

  22. It looks like the world isn’t crazy about Fed’s gear especially the colour. BUT, did you see some of the Nike outfits. For the women they look quite nice. Some of the men look horrific. Shapo, why or why. If the shorts were a solid colour ie black or white. But two different patterns, sorry, don’t get it.

    1. If you can catch Kyle Edmund’s post-match interview on ITV4 today, he gives some of the reasoning behind the Nike FO outfits. Something to do with history, I think.

  23. Yes,  I just had an alert on my phone.
    Too happy to be able to watch the Maestro for the first time !!!

    I will also see Sloane Stephens then Nishikori  vs Tsonga, then Fed, then Kiki Bertens.

    Hope for the sun to try and get a suntan (almost) as golden as Roger’s. 

    Will take notes and pictures for the fan story, Jonathan… and will send tons of love from you all to our dear Maestro !

    He went to the museum today (fondation Louis Vuitton) and met Kyllian M’Bappe 🙂

    I will try and connect the peRFect  live chat if possible.

  24. Nice, just saw schedule. I knew he would be, the crowd want Fed. No worries about live chat, will be a distraction from live tennis!

    Federer tagged the wrong Mbappe 😆 then deleted it.

  25. Frenchbutterfly, I am very happy four you . Hope you will have a great time tomorrow watching the Maestro for the first time.
    C’est vraiment super!

  26. FBF have a great day! 🙂
    Amazing that Roger pushed Rafa to SL.
    I wonder if he or Novak whine about that like Novak did last year at SW19.

    1. Rafa can do Roger a favor. He will be back on CC soon and stay there after Fed has left Paris. I’m sure, Rafa does not complain.
      Federer plays today someone, who is even not a challenger hero. Thr match will last less than 1 hour or something is wrong with Fed 😉

  27. Another to follow -Hugo Dellien from Bolivia. Just taken first set from Tsitsipas. Wild&smart. Making Tsitsipas run, bend deep and make errors. Maybe some change in Fed’s path? Another opening in the draw?
    But first of all – how many new interesting faces coming from nowhere! Garin, now Dellien.

  28. Yes,that would really open up Feds draw,that is if he gets past the mighty Schwartzman😎
    Some good matches at two o clock (UK)time.
    Fed of course,GarinvStan the man,Diego vMuller.

    1. Dellien lost but was injured (twisted ankle) since the end phase of first set and was fighting brave in the 4th, losing 5:7.
      Yes, Garin vs, Stan.interesting. For sure more competitive than 45 minutes Fed vs. Otte 😉
      Sorry for Stan, but I hope, Garin wins. Stan’s career stage not very exciting and going to end. Garin could be exciting.Diego v. Muller? You meant Mayer, Leonardo Mayer, another Argentine, right?
      Yes, interesting for Fed – Let’s see, how mighty is Diego 😉
      Not sure i Tsitsipas reaches the QF. Does not look in very good shape. Krajinovic or next Garin could let him go 🙂

  29. Well, we have an indirect contest between Fed and Rafa today, Both have similar opponents. Nadal lost 7 games to Maden. How many loses Fed to Otte?

  30. Yes,getting confused with my Mayers and Mullers.I meant Leonardo Muller.
    Not quite a fair comparison as the Otte bloke seems to be playing the match of his life,as they all do when they
    See Fed over the net.Sigh.

    1. Leonardo Mayer, Annie 😉
      The comparison is fair, because both are players are the same format. Maybe playing a match of life of a professional hitter rather than pro player against Nadal looks just like this.

      And it’s not true – some play worst matches of their life because of being lost by Federer’s game.
      But now I’m watching mighty Diego preparing to play Maestro 😉

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