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Federer Sails Into Indian Wells 4th Round

Roger Federer's quest for a 28th Masters 1000 title remains on course as he dismantled World Number 28 Filip Krajinovic 6-2, 6-1 in just 58 minutes at the BNP Paribas Open.

The Swiss who is on a 14 match winning streak played fluidly throughout, reeling off seventeen points in a row en route to taking a 6-2, 3-0 lead before closing it out in style to move into the fourth round where he'll face Jeremy Chardy.

Quick Match Recap

Federer indian wells 3rd round 2018

Krajinovic won the toss and elected to receive. Fed held to 30 for 1-0. The Serb then found himself in immediate trouble as Federer dispatched a second serve to help set up two break points which he converted for 2-0.

Consolidating the break seemed like a formality given how he'd started but after saving two break points to make deuce Roger fired a forehand wide on the third to hand the break straight back. Krajinovic then levelled for 2-2 but from there Roger took control firing down a love hold and breaking with some crisp ball striking to lead 4-2. Another love hold put the Swiss up 5-2 and by the time he'd bagged the set 6-2 he'd won 11 points in a row.

Into set two and a third love hold in succession put Roger up 1-0, sealing game point with a genius drop shot. Krajinovic was looking out of ideas by now and a good challenge from Roger on break point saw him break for 2-0. Love hold number four sealed with an ace on game point saw him move 3-0 in front and although Krajinovic held for 1-3 it was the last time he'd trouble the scoreboard as Roger sailed home to take it 6-1.

Match Stats

  Roger Federer Filip Krajinovic
Aces 6 0
Double Faults 1 4
1st Serve 64% (27/42) 53% (27/51)
1st Serve Points Won 89% (24/27) 52% (14/27)
2nd Serve Points Won 53% (8/15) 29% (7/24)
Break Points Saved 67% (2/3) 38% (3/8)
Service Games Played 8 7
1st Serve Return Points Won 48% (13/27) 11% (3/27)
2nd Serve Return Points Won 71% (17/24) 47% (7/15)
Break Points Converted 63% (5/8) 33% (1/3)
Winners 24 6
Unforced Errors 10 17
Net Points Won 40% (4/10) 33% (6/9)
Return Games Played 7 8
Service Points Won 76% (32/42) 41% (21/51)
Return Points Won 59% (30/51) 24% (10/42)
Total Points Won 67% (62/93) 33% (31/93)
SABR 0 0


Thoughts on the Match

Fed IW 2018 3R

A much cleaner performance here from Fed and we can say with certainty he's definitely better in matches that only last a day πŸ™‚

I didn't realise until after the match but he's practised with Krajinovic a few times including here in Indian Wells a couple of years back and he had the Serb figured out early. Unlike the second round where he was a bit tense, Fed was at the races in this one from the word go, causing Krajinovic lots of problems by taking it early and mixing it up with some sweet angles and spins.

Krajinovic's style helped too as it gave Fed some nice rhythm from the back of the court and once he was feeling the ball nicely on the strings it was all she wrote. Grabbing the early lead he went into complete relax mode where the instinctive shots flowed and he was carving out drop shots for fun that Krajinovic, who's a decent mover, was getting nowhere near. Naturally, Fed's nonchalance sent Krajinovic in the other direction as he looked tight, and his usually solid backhand leaked key errors and giving him no way back from two breaks down in the second.

So fun to watch and the daytime conditions seem to suit Roger's game nicely as even though the ball does bounce high it travels through the air that bit quicker. As a result, when he takes it early it allows him to take charge of the point which he'll need should he face the bigger hitters that plough through the court.

Predictions vs. Chardy

Next up is Jeremy Chardy who's had some decent wins this week beating Benneteau, Fognini and now Mannarino. The Frenchman has seen his ranking slide in recent seasons and he's not really done anything of note but he's given Fed a tough test on a number of occasions and has a victory against him dating back to 2014 in Rome.

Fed, however, leads the H2H 3-1 and has won the last two so I make him favourite to win in straights. I don't think Chardy is the same player that was Top 30 three or four years ago but 8 of his  10 wins against top 10 players have come on hard courts and he has decent power from the baseline if he gets it going so Roger will need to be sharp. If he plays anywhere close to today's level he comes out on top.

What did you guys think of today's match? Let me know in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. Thanks, no choice really either fire it out straight after the match or leave it until today then it eats into work time that I need to do to keep the lights on here πŸ™‚

  1. I’m guessing that love hold was one of his patented 60-second service games? Certainly seemed very quick!

  2. Brilliant match from Fed.I thought it would take three matches but he has found his form and range.Very impressive indeed.

  3. Hi Jonathan, thank you for the prompt analysis of today’s game. Am not a tennis player but am a big fan of tennis, of course, Roger #1, enjoyed watching today’s game, he was on top of it. Not related to the game of tennis, but think Roger needs to use his razor, Mirka ought to get after him.
    Also enjoy the many comments on your blog… blessed that at 92 I still can watch Roger the GOAT enjoy his beautiful Mozart movements.
    On to the next round, Roger, good luck.

  4. That’s more like it! Good to see. Interesting combo of conditions apparently between slow gritty courts but fast ball movement through the air. A few very unexpected results so far, but some of the principal names still doing their thing – thinking Cilic & Delpo. Interesting to seehow it all shakes out.

    1. But Kohlschreiber won over Cilic yesterday, so Cilic is no longer doing his thing. As a Kohli fan I was delighted to see him play so well, especially on the big points.

  5. Must admit I love watching Roger playing when it is hot and sunny. I think his loss to Chardy was
    The week after his twin boys were born,and afterwards he looked quite glad to be going home, so no excuse
    Next time x

  6. Jonathan, thanks for the hi-lights. Well, that was more like it. Back in the groove. Wishing for a night match…sorry guys. Stadiums don’t look too full. Hey wait, could it be the over priced tickets?
    Verdasco, you poor soul. Disaster at the end again.

  7. Great comeback by Roger after the mediocre showing against Delboner. Part of it due to the matchup of different styles. Should be able to finish in straight sets against Chardy. Should be interesting next round if Chung comes through without any blisters

      1. A good coach would have helped. Some players get lucky having the right coach/team. Roger is certainly one of those.

      2. The one I won’t forgive Fiasco would be the AO2009 SF. Probably the best tennis he ever played, in my opinion. Of course he had to deal with a juiced up Nadal.

  8. I liked the drop shot on a dead ball that bounced back to Fed’s side. The ball boy just kept on running with empty hands.

  9. I really want Roger to win IW. If he does, the final will be his 1,400th tour match, and a win there will be his 1,150th match win on tour. πŸ™‚

    Was fun to watch him destroy an opponent again. Four more…

  10. Yesterday under the sun, light,
    Fed played well, he was bright.
    His game fizzling like a sprite.

    Was he dynamised by his kids’ lemonade ?
    Unless what he drank was Fedorade
    He appeared sharp as a razor blade.

    Swiss-Chard’y will be next on the menu.
    The Paradise Garden is the ideal venue.
    The dropshot ace should come through.

  11. Super quick post as Fed’s match. I don’t know how you do it on a regular basis, Jonathan, especially with the awkward timing during the tourany in US…appreciate!
    Much better performance from him, really enjoyed Goat dropperer. Hope he keeps playing under sunshine, sorry Sue.

      1. This is the perfect court for Del Po. Ball sits up, right where his strike zone is. It’s like getting Pizza delivered to your home, all day.

      2. I still think, somebody (Roger!) can feed him a challenging slanting direction so he has to run for it

  12. That Chung is going to be a headache should Roger meet him in the semi, especially on a slow surface like this. Roger will still be the favorite but will have to summon all his senses.

  13. just watched Kolscrieber playing Cilic.He was Feds most tricky opponent at Rotterdam.So could have a good run.
    As for Cilic,just don’t see him as a future number one.

  14. Ferrer is such a feisty player,he served really well in that match,particularly 2nd serve,but a tie break is always going to favour that huge lumbering one(sorry,gentle giant ,everyone’s favourite player,blah,blah).

  15. Well,he is most certainly not mine either.Fed blasted him off the court here last year and I didn’t think he was that
    impressive last night.However he may have to play Raonic soon,what fun that will be,two huge gentle giants serve. bottling and swinging away whilst trying to move only when strictly necessary ?

  16. Watch out for Delpo. He is playing great tennis and has upgraded his style that now includes many parallel back hand winners. He has experience, a lot of confidence and knows how to win a GS final against our beloved RF. I think he is the one that will reach the final on the other side of the Draw.

  17. Chung!

    I’m shaking in my shoes and have no nails left to chew on. Someone, anyone, please convince me I’m being paranoid.

  18. Sorry, TheCookieThief, I’ve watched Chung the last few months and have reason to think he has a future slam awaiting, but let’s hope the Fed is too good for him should he have to play him again

    1. Yes Sheila,I could scream,Halep levels the set and then chokes the damned tie-break.So another hour of them footling around.The only match to watch is Anderson vBusta,just the most boring thing
      you can imagine or see.

      1. Are you in the UK, Annie? It’s 10.30 p.m. here. Looks like it will be well after 11 before Fed is on. Scream too.

    2. Oh, God! This is just crazy. What is it? Over two hours already?

      So much for Larry Ellison’s plan to help Europeans watch Federer play during normal hours.

    1. Hooray.

      Is it me or do WTA seem to trade a lot of breaks over the ATP – seems to make a break of serve much less momentous than ATP
      I prefer watching ATP any day but I do think Halep is a great player

      1. Yes, that’s true. WTA matches have just about (or almost) the same number of breaks as holds. It’s just a matter of physical strength and average height.

      1. Trainers rubbed his back with some cream, he refused meds, and as he was back competing in the match again, he didn’t complain once after that.

  19. It took Del Possum three sets to get past Mayer,I think he is far for certain for the final.Lets hope Kolscrieber can finish him off today.

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