Hopman CupRoger Federer

Federer Routs Gasquet in Perth

Back to winning ways at the Hopman Cup for Federer as he defeated Richard Gasquet 6-1, 6-4 in just 56 minutes.

A clinical performance in front of the 14,000 strong Western Australian crowd that showcased Federer's free flowing tennis and serve + forehand combination in all it's glory. Anyway, best not to get too carried away; it's an Exhibition, and he leads the H2H 15-2 but still fun huh πŸ˜‰

Quick Match Recap

Federer Hopman Cup vs France

Gasquet won the toss and elected to receive. The Frenchman forced Federer to deuce, but the crowd favourite held and broke through himself in game four to lead 3-1. That was quickly consolidated and at 4-1 deuce an impressive rally gave the Swiss his second break point of the game which he converted for 5-1. He served out the set to 15 to get it done in just 26 minutes.

Gasquet was looking out of ideas at the end of the first set and despite playing more aggressively in set two Fed was too much to handle. Breaking for 3-1 in effortless fashion and coasting through his next three service games to take it 6-4. Gasquet couldn't fashion a single break point in the entire match and Roger held the advantage in all areas, even backhand winners.

Match Stats

Roger Federer Richard Gasquet
First Serve 71% 69%
First Serve Points Won 25/34 (74%) 24/36 (67%)
Second Serve Points Won 12/14 (86%) 6/15 (40%)
Aces 11 3
Double Faults 0 1
Winners 36 11
Unforced Errors 19 9
Break Points Won 3/8 (38%) 0/0
Net Points Won 11/13 (85%) 2/3 (67%)
Total Points Won 58 41
SABR 0 0


Thoughts on the Match

Federer Hopman Cup Gasquet

It's the third match into the year, so I'm starting to see the ball better and better.

Routine win here as I expected as the match up is in Federer's favour. Gasquet is a talented shotmaker but aside from his backhand which is world class all other elements of his game are just decent, and that doesn't get it done against the best.

We don't learn much about Fed's level from this (the Zverev match far more interesting from that side of things), but it looks like he held up great physically and moved around the court with precision throughout which is what we want to see.

Roger Rasheed said during the commentary he'd spoken to Federer pre-match, and the Swiss said he was surprised that he had little to no muscle pain after 2h 30m on the court against Zverev. It looks like that five-course degustation lunch at the Mondoon Estate is a good form of recovery πŸ™‚

Next Stop Melbourne

Roger's next stop will be the Australian Open after Bencic lost her singles to Kiki Mladenovic and the Swiss got outplayed in the mixed doubles to lose the tie 2-1. It would have been good to see another match here in Perth but 3 singles matches is decent enough prep.

He'll be seeded 17th which means Djokovic or Murray could be fourth-round opponents should he make it. Tasty! As always let me know your thoughts in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. I’m glad that he is was able to beat Gasquet easily just like usual :D. Too bad that he didn’t qualify to the final. More matches would have better for him, but it was still a good preparation for AO. I’m waiting for his first official match

    1. Fed plays better and better every day… Still not convinced if this Hopman cup really prepared him for AO, but Fed is Fed so we won’t know until then.

    2. Well he is short of matches, as he’s been out for 6 months so nothing can really prepare him as it was out of his hands. Hopman Cup gave him 3 guaranteed matches, whereas Brisbane or Doha might only have given him 1. So it’s the best choice really.

  2. 2 wins 1 loss, too bad Roger can’t lift disheartened Bencic who was off-color today. I would love to watch his 4th match. No such luck but I think is a good week for him. AO draw will be interesting, doubt Murray or Djoker wants to meet Roger such early stage. Against Murray, I think Roger has decent chance but Djoker, tough ask. One thing is for sure, Roger is likely to play some matches either MC Arena or Hi-Sense. Fans will be super happy about catch Roger outside of RLA.

    1. On a separate note, Nando was serving for the match against Djoker at 6-3 during TB and Hot peri-peri sauce got cold, lost the set. 😐

      1. Fiasco just lived up to his reputation. I watched when he failed to serve it out and the tie-break. Just can’t replicate how he played initially to have the chances to close it out. Djokovic did nothing in some of the rallies but he didn’t take the initiative.

        Imagine Murray will win the final.

    2. *Will* Roger be outside RLA? I’d imagine that the organisers will assume he’s going to go out early, and put his early matches on RLA, but I could be wrong.

      Disappointed to see that CH couldn’t win the tie, but I guess 3 matches + XD will have to be enough. The match against Zverev was probably good from the POV of getting a long match into the body, given that it’s BO5 coming up. And clearly Roger’s serve was working well today πŸ™‚

  3. Dippy, it will be interesting to see what court they put Rawja on. He will be the most popular player.

    Yeah, too bad the Swiss didn’t make the final. Another match would have been fun. Looking at the highlights, Fed moving well. Love the backhand in this match. And all that talk through the years of the greatness of Gasquet’s bh. Rawja’s aint so bad mate.

    What I liked about Perth was the camera work. The placement of the camera gives us a feel of being on the court and appreciating the speed of the game at that level.

    On to Melbun and the ugly black and white shirt. Maybe he’ll take out Djokovic.

    1. AO organisers will have a tough time where to place Roger’s matches. Its no secret they love Roger but they have to give priorities to Australian players, top seeds and marquee matches as well. Decisions decisions decisions… πŸ™‚

      1. I still secretly hope Fed’s draw won’t be full of good players. I am still a bit scared about that 4th round match vs Murray or Djokovic

    2. Honestly can’t see Fed being anywhere but RLA for all his matches. Seeing as he’s going to get better players earlier this time around, will be a huge draw card for AO to be rolling in the cash.

  4. Maybe it’s richARD’s style, but Fed’s backhand looked awesome today.

    Could he be back w a stronger forehand and backhand due to Lub work?

    Even in yesterday’s loss he was very up to trading blows from the backcourt. I know speed was an issue from Sasha, but maybe he also wanted to give some new stuff a spin.

    1. I’ve come to see the sometimes masses of UE’s as sign of good old Fed risking and experimenting. You cannot learn unless you risk to fail. So the whole thing an expanded training and testing, with fun and wins, and an ok loss vs Zverev, at the same time this a win physically and experiencing/experimenting.

    2. Re backhand – everything is easier when you have time on the ball, Gasquet gives you plenty of that.

      And masses of unforced errors are not a good sign or show he is learning πŸ˜†

      1. I see what you mean, Jon – but still – try and error may be a path for young, brave and rejuvenated ones ?

  5. To be honest, I just saw plenty of current matches of top players. I would rather say that Djokovic and Murray didn’t really impress me. Fed impressed me the most. He is experimenting shots, playing smartly, comes to the net, uses more SABR, (BTW, did he secretly read our comments??? :D) forehand seems good, backhand seemed impressive vs Gasquet, serve still works nicely…

    Djokovic and Murray are like robots. Playing from the baseline, waiting the other to make mistakes, their shots are not creative, and end up at similar places on the court.

    If Fed didn’t had to face either Murray or Djokovic in 4th round, I think he could go to SF or maybe even finals… (Who knows? :))

    1. 1 SABR in the tournament when he was cruising against Evans. I’d be surprised if we see it in Melbourne…

      It’s early days. I think he was impressive in that he moved well and played 3 matches but the road back is a long one. The real comp starts in Melbourne. 4th Round would be good achievement.

  6. Love Rog as much as you guys, looked better today, but at the moment, Muzz in beast mode. . Looks absolutely obstinate and in “I will not lose” mode. Novak more of a conundrum. Cannot believe he escaped today. Fed was impressive today but as Jonathan says, it’s Richie… good prep yes, but really needs to avoid the no fear nothing to lose power players early on in draw, has never enjoyed that and that won’t change. QF has to be target for AO otherwise his ranking will plummet to 30’s!! ? He is obviously beginnning to click and will still hv relatively low expectations for first 1/3 of season so hopefully he can relax and hit out. Fingers crossed..

    1. I’d back Muzz to win today.

      Dimitrov looking good so far. 1 good coach away from winning a slam probably if he can actually piece his game together.

      1. Yeah Muzz willl beat Djoker today. One looks average, and the other really out of his zone.

        Though, WTF Dimitrov… Beats Raonic in 7-6 6-2 in 1h and 27m..

  7. He could actually face Djokovic or Murray already in the third round if I am not mistaken. Or Seppi for that matter… But it has been good to see that he is already well on his way back to top form!

  8. I agree Susie. After the AO, he can be on the move up the rankings.
    I’ve said that many times about Djokovic. Seems to pull a win out of a hat.

    1. He didn’t really save the match points, Fiasco clowned up. Credit to not making a cheap error of course but 5 MP’s against sub part Djoker, not good.

      1. If a man wishes for another title, then he is motivated to do it. Why not???
        (I still wish for 18)

  9. Hey guys, glad to see Roger playing. Nothing beats that, like seriously nothing. Too bad Belinda couldn’t win yesterday, but she played (also in the dubs) a totally onfire Kiki. So glad Kiki and Richard won the title today. Deserved. Would have loved if it would be Benderer, but… Atleast Roger got some matches, like they say nothing beats matchplay πŸ™‚

    1. I take my comment back a little bit….
      Nothing beats seeing Roger play, except a half unshaven Roger. Damn he looks good with a half beard πŸ™‚

      1. Hey Vik, Sue and Alison, same here. My second most beautiful pic or Roger ever is the one where he sits on the bench after the WTF, in blue kit, looking sad…. Yep, he had just lost to Satan, but man…. that beard…. he looked soooo badass πŸ™‚

  10. Just watched Dimitrov match with Raonic. Compared with Fed’s match with Gasquet.
    People who say Dimitrov is baby Fed and all are completely false in their statement.
    Dimitrov has way different serve and preparation. Even the forehand and the backhand aren’t that close…

  11. Djokovic did it again. Had to turn it off when the love-fest started.
    Djoker playing like a wounded animal again. Oh no, poor Nole…can he even finish the match? Don’t like him one bit.

    1. Interesting what makes people win. What energy drives them. Ambition of course, but this is to be found in many shades. Pattern with Nole – he often seems to be tired, defeatable, but THEN…! An enormously tough survivor, still he is not popular (I don’t like him much either) – why? Because of this, or his winning wimbledon too much? – Or?
      Well it’s more fun to focus on Fed

      1. Both look disappointing… Haven’t really looked the full match, but my gosh the highlights show some boring stuff. If both of them continue playing like that, I can see Fed (who seems inspired,rejuvenated) giving them hard time. Fed’s game seems almost on par, and to mention he has been absent for a long long time. I think that when Fed was absent, he reconstructed his game. Yes, his knee was suffering, but from these 3 matches, I see a different type of game plan, and his game seems to be different from what it was 2012-15…

  12. Definitely one for the highlight reel! BH after BH, well deserved reward for us waiting for 6 months to watch him play again! Shame they couldn’t get to the final but it was a very fun week and an absolute joy to watch the Maestro go back to work, makes you appreciate any time on court than none at all after last season.

    As you said J, best “prep” he could’ve asked for given that he was guaranteed 3 matches. The Zverev match will probably be what Rog and his team looks at the most heading into Melbourne. Fed looking better than I thought he was but it’s still going to be some time before he gets the confidence needed to make the end stages of a slam and take on the top guys. Draw is going to be super tasty this year either way! Just hope we don’t get another bloody Andy/Novak final…

    1. Being more aggressive and experimental can surprise Murray and Djoko. I will now come back to your reply, Fed has reconstructed his game, so you don’t really know… He has also just returned from 6 m. absence…

    2. Sue, if you look Murray/Djokovic vs Fed matches 14-16, they were all of them close. Fed has also beaten Djoko and Murray. Maybe the only match that wasn’t close was Fed vs Djoko AO 16. First 2 sets, Djoko was steel, but last 2 sets were pretty close with Fed even losing a crucial point to lead the 4th set thanks to the top of the net in which the ball rebounded on Fed’s side. (Djoko was lucky, we should admit it)

      Sue, except AO 2016, tell me recent matches of Djoko/Murray vs Fed in which Fed was beaten solidly.
      I think there are none. Fed was in the battle in all recent matches and all of them had their heated rallies. Yes, it’s early, but if Fed continues to play with that type of aggression and a lot of winners (fh is good, and bh seemed pretty good vs Gasquet) then I can see Fed challenging Murray/Djokovic.

      Trust me, I have watched tennis from quite some time, and the way Fed tries to play now reminds me of his early days. I am not saying he is in peak, but it is nice to see that confidence in his mind, that will to play at his top, and the will of being a dominant player. What I see now from his game, I haven’t seen from a quite long time. He is trying, experimenting shots he did when he was young, and that only means good things. πŸ™‚

      1. He seems so happy and playful and with such positive energy. The Fun more important than ever?
        Fed Focusing Fun when Fighting..
        Everyone finds that Exciting
        Happy mind in match Relaxing
        Only way Renewing and Creating

      2. Well, Fed hasn’t played Murray since Cincy 2015, so it would be churlish to even bother with that comparison. Nevertheless, Murray is obviously a better player now than before, so using those matches as an indicator would be unfair on him.

        As for Djokovic, the final of the WTF ’15 wasn’t exactly tight, even though it was filled with some good shotmaking, and Rome ’15 was pretty straightforward as well. Obviously fed isn’t so weak he can’t compete with them, but the assumption he can after such a long break and on the evidence of three matches, two of which were simple and one of which he lost, is fairly groundless.

      3. I think the expo nature of Hopman makes it an unreliable guide to Fed’s AO level.

        Nerves are real and they debilitate the risk aversion we saw this week. He won’t feel quite as loose and jovial and carefree and courageous on the Grand Slam stage. That will affect his play.

        Hope for the best.

      4. Alb, you might be right. Probably nerves could limit his creative fun. I hope not….There is still the chance that he doesn’t care one bit except for the fun and the experience of being there again..

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