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Federer Routines Kohlschreiber to Make Quarters in Bercy

Quoi de neuf? The answer? Not much as Roger routined Kohlschreiber in straight sets to make swift progress into the Quarter Finals where he’ll meet the man who defeated him in Basel, the Tower of Tandil, Juan Martin Del Potro.

As I predicted this one was plain sailing and other than a couple of scrappy service games it was clear why Roger held a 7-0 advantage in H2H prior to today’s match. Kohlschreiber is just a great match up for him, basically just a shorter version of himself but with less versatility and more reliant on 1-2 punchy groundstrokes. That never ends well.

Quick Match Recap

Federer Kohlschreiber Bercy 2013

The writing was on the wall early with this one as Roger fired down 2 aces in his opening service game to set the tone and from that moment on Kohlschreiber was always playing catchup. There were a couple of moments at 2 all and 3 all where Fed had to save break points due to typical slack service games but he did so with confidence and that was great to see.

With Kohslchreiber failing to take advantage of his 3 break points it was up to Roger to show him how it was done and he did so at 4-3 after 3 forehand errors from the German gifted him the break. I’m not sure what happened to Kohli in that game but he just imploded, perhaps he knew he’d missed his chance and let his mind wander. Either way it was a gift of a break but Roger applied just enough pressure to make it happen.

The second set always had Fed’s name on it as he was starting to get into a rhythm on serve and both players traded love holds early. Roger got a break point at 2-2 but couldn’t capitalise but at 4 all he took his chance as back to back double faults from Kohli and a rasping forehand winner gave him 15-40 before a wild error from the world number 23 sailed long.

Serving out matches has been an issue lately but not today as Roger got it done comfortably to book his spot in the Quarter Finals.

Match Stats

Stats P.Β Kohlschreiber R.Β Federer
Aces 5 8
Double Faults 3 1
1st Serve % 61% 75%
1st Serve Points Won 25/34 (74%) 35/41 (85%)
2nd Serve Points Won 10/22 (45%) 7/14 (50%)
Winners 18 24
Unforced Errors 15 21
Break Points Saved 2/4 (50%) 3/3 (100%)
Service Games Played 9 10
1st Return Points Won 6/41 (15%) 9/34 (26%)
2nd Return Points Won 7/14 (50%) 12/22 (55%)
Break Points Won 0/3 (0%) 2/4 (50%)
Return Games Played 10 9
Total Service Points Won 35/56 (63%) 42/55 (76%)
Total Return Points Won 13/55 (24%) 21/56 (38%)
Total Points Won 48/111 (43%) 63/111 (57%)

Shot of the Match

Thoughts on the Match

Federer Paris Masters 2013 3rd Round

A very pleasing match here as it had all the hallmarks of a great Federer performance – good movement, high first serve %, winners outnumbering errors and a decent BP conversion rate. Not sure we can really ask for more at this stage, clinical is perhaps too strong a word but it was certainly very efficient today and he didn’t drop serve for the first time in a while.

Kohlschreiber is a flashy player but there’s something about Roger’s game that prevents him from playing, he can’t really hit through his defense and sort of runs out of ideas. I enjoy watching Kohli play especially against grinders like Nadal as he usually does well but against Fed it always seems to be one way traffic, sets can be close but never to the point where you worry about the result.

Aside from the serve and Roger’s solid play when facing break points I particularly enjoyed his defense, I think he moved out of the corners really well today to help transition into attack. It all started in Basel and it looks like the more matches he’s playing the sharper he’s getting. Hopefully he keeps the upward curve going as this only becomes more important against better players.

Predictions vs. Del Potro

Federer Del Potro Bercy

Time for revenge on Del Potro? Could be, I have a feeling he will be up for this especially after Basel and Del Potro might just be lacking that edge due to having one eye on the World Tour Finals.

I think Roger has to make this one slightly physical and more importantly he has to serve well throughout, no slip up like Basel that cost him. I’ve seen a couple of interviews and he’s clearly switched on as to what cost him and want’s to make sure it doesn’t happen again. He said he was disappointed to not close it out vs. Anderson and we saw no signs of that today so looks to me like he’s righting some of the wrongs of 2013 so far.

I think on this court if Roger can hustle points on the return to get inroads and then play aggressive / smart when he has chance then he’ll win. There’s no way that once Del Potro is defending that he can come out on top in the rallies here so if Roger’s game clicks it could be a good day in Bercy.

I don’t want to get too carried away as Del Potro is perhaps the third best in the world right now, hits with serious depth on his groundstrokes and has beaten Fed the last 3 times they played but it’s about time we had a little reversal so I’ll pick in 2; 7-6 6-4. Allez!


Editor of Perfect Tennis and a big fan of Roger Federer, I've spent countless hours watching and analysing his matches. Alongside playing the sport, I also enjoy writing about the tour, rackets, strings, and the technicalities of the game. Whether it's breaking down the latest tournament results or discussing the latest gear innovations, I'm always eager to share my insights with fellow tennis enthusiasts.

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    1. well done Scooter!

      Nice win for you and Fed πŸ™‚

      I said I m a senior so 3rd among all young guns is great for me ! I don t even have FB or twitter…

      I need to desperately know when the draw and schedule for London’s finals will be set.
      I ve got to get those tickets to watch Fed.

      Vamos Jerzy!!!!

      1. I hv Fri evening and The Monday final so hoping to see Fed! Yes, anxious for the draw, although Fed won’t really care in RR format. Wld prefer to avoid Novak/ Delpo maybe…

    2. The leaderboard used to be like the grand slam title leaderboard – Kyle is Federer (17), I’m Sampras (14), and you (Scooter) were Nadal (13). Now you have reached 14, it means Nadal will win another slam in the future πŸ™

    3. Good win Scooter. Back on form after your slump.

      Gambler you are slowly finding a way to win depsite father time catching up with you πŸ˜› I can see a title in the not so distant future. Especially if you join Twitter!

      I think London draw will be Friday or Sat…

  1. I agree Jonathan Fed will win tomorrow.

    Even bookies are sensing it and Feds win has fallen a lot since last time they played . Was 2.50 and now is 2.1 .
    Still looks like a good bet.

    Paris seems to be the tournament that winners are the players that want it most. Offcourse that s always the case but here its even more obvious.

    I ll pick Fed in two or even three!

    Feds back and no matter how good DelPo is playing he is not going to loose back to back matches to him within 5 days !

    Allez Roger!

    1. Hope so Gambler, bookies usually get it right.

      Saw your chess reply on other post, good picks, one of my mates plays to a good level, Tal one his favourites too due to his aggressive style.

  2. I couldn’t watch so I’ll probably check out the highlights. But what a nice win for Fed, so happy to see his first serve percentage improve and he served out each set without any unnecessary theatrics, so good to see πŸ˜›

    If he keeps it up and serves well then I’ll fancy his chances to win tomorrow, so come on Fed. Allez! πŸ˜€

    1. Watch that BH smash! Just wonderful, power and grace! Gewt numbers from Fed tonight! And grt defence! Augurs well for the QF.

    2. Oh, I just wanted to say, even though I’ve missed some matches this week your reviews are always a welcome read, so keep up the good work Jonathan!

      Susie: Yes, that’s a sick point!

    3. Cheers Scooter πŸ˜€

      Although if you haven’t watched can you lay claim to a first comment title? Might have to query that with the board members and rankings director Mr Sidney TheCookieThief Esquire πŸ˜›

      Backhand smash is too good, crazy how much power he gets on it. Similar to one I played a few weeks ago as it happens, went over the back fence. And yes it bounced in the service box πŸ˜‰

  3. Plse can someone take out Andrew Castle! Thk God he didn’t commentate Feds match! utter inanities! Even Barry Cowan is tired of him. What is it with these pundits that they hv to talk all the time! Annabel Croft, Andrew Castle, they are all terrible!

    1. I don’t mind Castle sometimes, his credentials aren’t exactly high but he’s not so bad to listen to in terms of his voice and style. Better than some.

      Koenig and Goodall are pretty good. Sometimes better without any commentary.

      Once the next round of seed funding comes in I’ll launch peRFect Tennis radio.

      1. Yep, we frequently turn the sound off, although I like to hear the ball strike! Need an app to take out the commentary only!!!
        When is London draw?
        Fed needs Ferrer, Gasquet and Nadal, although actually anyone but Novak!
        Tiredness will play its part depending on who gets to the Paris final Sunday given the Monday start at the 02! Crap planning ATP!

    2. Ah, the dreaded Castle! He and Sue Barker are the main reasons I frantically zap through French and Swiss channels when Wimbledon is on to see who else is covering it. Swiss are good. And they’re on Roger’s side!

      1. Nuhuh… One swiss is good: Rosset. Pascal Droz is okayish.
        But put me in thew same room as Pierre allain dupuis and you’ve got a murder on your hands! πŸ˜€

    1. was hoping for Jerzy to do better as well.. Now with Gasquet & Berdych/Ferrer, Nadal has smooth sailing to the finals.

  4. This was without doubt one of the best matches in recent memory that Roger has served consistently. And I also think one of the first matches he got through without being broken. The serve looks to be getting back on track and you can see that getting through all his matches in Basel has been crucial in being on top of his movement, all that hard work and patience starting to pay off. Honestly, I think I’m just really happy that he’s looking healthy. That to me is something that has been a problem this entire season and as long as that back of his can stay in shape he can be a force. Everyone seems pretty confident that Fed is going to get this one over Delpo, I hope so but I’m not going to be too complacent. Paris is looking pretty fast this year and Roger said it’s even faster than Basel which is crazy. Beating Delpo would be really nice at this stage and I am pulling for him to get the win! C’mon!

      1. Yes, but of late the bunnies have been biting back! First match in ages where I actually thought Fed will win this, and every time he got in trouble, I thought, he will send down a great serve. And he did! Slowly but surely I am getting my confidence back when watching him….no longer watching between my fingers! When did we last see 75% first serve??? As we said post US OPen. It’s all about the serve. Getting that gradually back on track just lets his game start to reblossom!

      2. Sid, need I remind you what bunnies Fed has been getting hit off the court by lately? Fed looked to be getting aura of invincibility back. Real test is tomorrow of course but he needs to proper prep to pass it and he got just that.

      3. Sure, but not the bunnies who are less than 6 feet in height. Those one have nothing to hurt Roger. Ok, yes, you will say Nishikori but he doesn’t classify as a bunny yet πŸ™‚

        The reason he served 75% is because Anderson wasn’t hurting it much, same with the second. The numbers won’t hold against better returners where he has to do a lot more on both deliveries.

  5. Oh, I’m like Delpo, one slam wonder…still keeping at it πŸ˜‰

    I enjoyed beautiful one hand BHs, thought Fed’s one was superior. In fact every area he was better player. And great to see he’s playing better each match, especially pleased with his serves. Yes, I fancy his win tomorrow, too. Allez!

      1. The last generation of players with SHBH. The question isn’t how many play with a SHBH, but how many win Slams. In the 10 years, no SHBH player not named Roger Federer has won a Slam.

        There was a time when tennis was a game between players, a game of supreme skills, the racquet just happened to be there. Now, it’s a game of racquets, technology, and unnatural strength.

      1. The pretenders will be tired. Not so with the others. Roger’s worst draw would be Djokovic/Nadal with Berd Flu and Troll Po. I’m going to laugh myself to the lunatic asylum!

  6. I really want Roger to put this guy away tomorrow. I’ve just about had it with him. Roger is losing matches he should’ve won. It’s time to send this talentless beanpole back to Buenos Aires, or Tandil, or wherever the heck he is from.

    *end rant*

      1. Just stay away from the chat window if that happens. Or at least make sure there are no kids around.

      1. I mean really, what has Del Po got? A wristy joke of a forehand, that is helped only because of his height giving him a very high strike zone. There really isn’t any such thing as great movement or point construction.

        US Open 2009 was a joke. He was wristing everything from everywhere. It was just his day. Later, he was nursing his wrist for almost a year.

      2. Guys please, Troll Po fitness would make make a sloth look highly evolved. Yeah, I’m talking about Sid, the sloth. Heck, even Michael Chang, the ugly pusher, the least deserving mens Slam winner of all, was supremely fit. Roger threw away US 2009 when he failed to make a simple approach shot. He panicked, he lost his head, then he lost his focus, and never recovered. I will never ever forgive Roger for that, ever!

        I know most on this blog have positive sentiments for Troll Po, that’s because Roger speaks highly of him. Sorry, I’m going to take the anti-crowd position on this.

        So…burn me if you dare. I will be merciless, I promise πŸ™‚

        Roger better right this wrong tomorrow. I don’t care how he does it.

      3. Haha well I do admit he trolls his opponents a bit with his constant lethargic movement on court, especially in between points πŸ˜›

      4. [Roger better right this wrong tomorrow. I don’t care how he does it.]

        I think he will as far as He plays well again. No more of that following a good performance with a bad one as we’ve seen sometimes this year.

      5. Del Potro has probably the second biggest groundstrokes in the game, exceptionally clutch and a pretty good volleyer. I’d say he’s anything but talentless πŸ™‚

      6. Jonathan, there is not a single aspect of Del Potro’s playing style that is pleasing to the eye. He is just not fun to watch. The only time I watch him is when he plays Roger. Other than that, I can’t stand his game.


      7. “…I will never ever forgive Roger for that, ever…”

        Sid , you are right ! In hindsight, Del Po ruined the last opportunity of a Grand Slam for RF !

  7. First match of Roger’s I’ve seen in a long time where I didn’t start out with that will he or won’t he feeling. Was hardly nervous at all. That must mean the wins are starting to pile up. I too fancy his chances against Delpo tomorrow but I’m not going to say so for fear of jinxing him πŸ™‚

  8. Jonathan – Do you know any website that compares the racquet head dimensions of the top 10 or 20 men? Visually you can see how much they vary, but I’m looking for exact numbers, as you did for Roger and his racquets historically.

    It seems that Janowicz and Dimitrov use the same size head as Fed, but that’s just a visual observation.

    Thanks in advance.
    Looking forward to the match tomorrow.

    1. Well if you go on the retail websites like tenniswarehouse it will say who uses a particular racquet. Just picks the most expensive ones from each manufacturer as they’re the ones the Pro’s use.

      I did this post –

      Most use 100 sq inch these days or 98.

      Like Amit said Dimitrov uses a Pro Staff 95, Del Potro uses a K Factor 95.

      Janowicz is rocking a Crapolat AeroDrive 100sq inch.


    2. Alan, or will let you add multiple racquets and compare them technically, like size, sweet spot zones etc. They also list racquets based on players. You will find a lot of interesting comparisons πŸ™‚

  9. King Fed is back and rest of 2013 and 2014 looks way better than I had hoped for. What could be better than Fed winning the last 2 tournaments of the year πŸ™‚

      1. Hope so. Want him to win a few more. I can see him beating anyone in the top easily except for dull. Want dull to OD on his doping one of these days and retire πŸ™‚

  10. I’ve heard Delpo is a nice guy. Many fans like him and his game. To be critical, he seems to take way too long between points and sometimes acts like he’s done and then wins the game. Gamesmanship or just his way of behaving?
    I enjoy Koenig and Goodall. During the majors, we have to endure John McEnroe, Brad Gilbert and co. They talk and talk and talk at their news desk. Meanwhile, there are good matches taking place. Drives me crazy.
    Hope Roger can execute his game plan tomorrow.
    Yes, I agree….there should be a week between Paris and WTF. It only makes 8 players season 1 week longer.

  11. Ouch! Both Nadal and Djokovic playing their respective bunnies (Gasquet 11-0, Wawrinka 13-2). You would think at some point these guys would go, “Enough of this…I can’t take this abuse any more!”.

    1. And even better, awaiting Nadal when he gets past Gasquet is either Ferrer (20-4) or Berdych (16-3). What a tough draw πŸ™‚

      1. Hv to say Nadal is on a mission, ordered by Uncle Toni to win Paris and WTF, such is UT’s desperation to get ahead of Fed! He will def make final. Question is, who is best equipped to beat him. Novak a bit on/off. Fed? Hope so! Delpo? Possibly?

      2. For Nadal apart from Novak, all players are bunnies (if you see the stats), so the answer is easy.

      3. Can someone please shoot this rabid dog down and ship him to the Korea’s? They love hot dogs out there.

      4. Hey Susie, Rafa will make the final of Paris, that is for sure.
        BUT no way he will win it or WTF. He never has and never will.
        If there is no possiblity for Roger to win Singles Gold than no way Rafa will win WTF.
        This year Roger, Rafa and Novak all three of them had the possibilty to win lets say all the 9 ATP 1000 titles. No one made it. It is not that easy.
        Roger may be not so good this year, but even in this form he is more than enough for Rafa. And if Roger cannot stop him than Novak will for sure. Don’t worry…

      5. the word impossible is not in the Nadal’s dictionary. I’m sure he will finish his career having all the important tittles.

      6. You’re right Pablo, Nadal remove the word “Impossible” from his dictionary, and replaced it with “Dope”. Now, anything is possible.

      7. Pablo, Rafa did good by beating Jerzy. Have to be honest about that. But Jerzy is no Roger or Novak. NO WAY Rafa is winning Paris. Roger in THIS form is more than enough for Rafa. And if not Roger than Novak will beat Rafa. I don’t know if you have noticed Pablo, but now that Novak is no longer world number one, he is on a mission to retain that ranking asap.
        Like Jonathan says, you have to be pretty good to beat a server like Isner (who serves like 125 aces in a match) with two sets 6-2 and 6-1.
        So, Roger or Novak will stop Rafa.

  12. One thing that for sure we most not do is to get carry away, during the hole year 2013 we have seen Federer give a master piece of a game and the next just loose like a beginner, so lets just go one match at a time and lets all hope that he wins tomorrow against Del Po, who by the way I like him very much.

    1. The thing is Sampras and nadal got their slams in conditions best suited to their respective games (fast courts in majority in 90s and slow courts taking over in 2000s), Federer started with faster courts and conditions kept getting worse for his style of play, so majority of his success is despite the conditions, and not because of them.

      1. This is true. Roger Federer was so good, that if they hadn’t changed surface characteristics , like changing AO to Plexicushion, and Wimbledon losing it’s skid due to a tougher surface, he would’ve had about 24 slams by now.

        I said this once, a tennis player can only be as good as they are allowed to be.

        And before someone starts a stupid argument, Nadal won the first four of his slams on the slow clay at Paris. So it’s not like he was winning slams and Masters on faster courts during that time.

      2. “You have to say that the era when he (Federer) played was the worst of all time. That’s why he was winning so much… His era had the worst Nos. 2, 3, 4, 5 we’ve hadβ€š the Nalbandians, Roddicks, Hewitts. That’s one of the reasons why Roger dominated so much.”


      3. Oh I’m pretty sure what Wilander with 7 slams says has more weight than someone like Rod Laver, who has 12, and 11, including two calendar year slams πŸ™‚

        Why don’t you go back to bed with Uncle Toni and your dear Rafa and **** them off you stupid Gaytard?


        Jeez! I’m allergic to you.

      4. I didn’t know that Rod Laver said that era was strong, anyway you are right a 7 Slams winner must not know about tennis. Another clown like Mcnroe, right?

      5. A 7 slam winner knows a lot less than an 11 slam winner who was considered the GOAT before Roger, get it, you stupid Gaytard? If you don’t think McEnroe is a clown then you haven’t watched his on court tantrums. But then again I forgot you are blind.

      6. The knowledge of the game depends on how many tittles do you have? haha so Maradona must know more than Guardiola about football because he was a better player? hahaha

        P.D. Be careful, each year more “clowns” are joining the group

      7. Actually, yes, Maradona knows a lot more than Guardiola, because he has actually done it with his feet on the ground. Maradona never really dedicated himself to coaching, or never really focused on it because, he didn’t need to. He is among the greatest of all footballers, second best to Pele. And though I like Guardiola because of his Barca connection, I’m sorry he was given a really really good and expensive team to work with.

        Go home, Pablo, Rafa needs you desperately!

      8. Oh yes, each year more clowns are joining. In 2012, Nadal joined that group too when he shoulder bumped Rosol. Great sportsmanship, no?

      9. Yes, a lot more, you haven’t seen the South African’s World Cup, anyway I don’t know why I’m speaking with an american about football πŸ™‚

      10. Yes, bitch, I followed the South African world cup and I know what your Spanish doctors had to say about it. Your own doctors by the way.

        Oh and by the way, the term soccer emanated in England, when it was used as a short form for Association Soccer. The FIFA may call it football, but soccer isn’t wrong.

        And as long as we’re getting technical, American Football is a ball carried on foot, so it’s not entirely wrong calling it football. Besides, there is no patent that you cannot call it football. Deal with it!

  13. Hey guys, I cannot watch Roger’s match, but I have a very good feeling about this.
    Roger will defeat Delpo. He has been so close so many times. This is payback time.
    Let Roger show Delpo how to behave like a grown up. If he acts like an old man again, I hope the umpire gives a game to Roger. Afterall the time violations does not seem to help, it only makes Delpo stronger.
    Good times are coming. And if… somehow Roger loses, no worries, he is on his way op, rising.

    Ps: for once and for all, don’t you guys know that Roger looks great in anything (even if it is zebra or old fashioned grey)??? If he wins Paris and WTF with this grey shirt, he should wear it forever !!!

      1. Hey Jonathan, you remembered??? But… If I am not wrong he has not confirmed Rotterdam yet… Oh my God, when he does I will buy tickets immediately !!!

    1. I actually really like the outfit now, I think it really suits the Bercy courts. Probably my second favourite outfit Bercy outfit of all time! The blue in 2011 is No.1 for me. Don’t forget he won Bercy in 2011!

      1. No Conal, if Roger is subborn than SO AM I. I will buy tickets for SF and Final.
        Then it is up to him to get that far !!! And if he loses before that, I will do the same thing the following year, etc. till it works one day.
        If Roger comes to Holland, he better make the SF and Final. I want to see him lift the trophy in my country !!!

  14. Ugly or Beauty..I don’t care…I want Roger to win against delpo today and start winning the matches against Top-10 again..I am fed up with listening to and discussing the ‘positives’ from the matches lost…There are too many lost matches this year..

  15. Best time to by FedUp stocks . And maybe last chance.

    Old man Delpo is going down.

    Bookies split it in the middle at the moment.

    Jonathan Take the train to London and lets meet at the O2 on Feds match Monday or Tuesday!
    Just a couple of stops from Bradford ain it ?

    A chance anybody else would be around?
    Smtimes Its good to have the real faces above the nicknames .

    No fakebook no twitter for me . To old to mess with this Evil stuff πŸ™‚ .
    I ll tell you what though: I ll sign in FB in 6 years time , same time with my daughter. Lol
    Then I ll β€œlike” PeRFecTenis!

    C mon Roger knock this slow moving warewulf down!

    1. Little further than that Gambler πŸ˜› about 2 hrs 30 or something on the train. If you’re paying me out of your slot machine winnings then I’m there.

      I think a few readers are going. It’d be pretty cool to have a peRFect Tennis meetup sometime.

      Although I watch the news quite often and it puts me off meeting strangers haha.

      1. Yeah we could meet in an atp 250 like Halle or something and could even arrange a tennis tournament .

        Then as we play some kind of fun doubles game some psycho Rafa fan we ll shoot us all down . Lol . All except from you. For you its not going to be that easy! πŸ™‚

        Aleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez Rogeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!

      2. Did I hear tennis tournament? Count me in! πŸ™‚

        I hope you have strict dope testing procedures. Want to keep the Nadal’s at bay.

  16. I LOVE YOU ROGER !!!!!!! YESSSSSS !!!! GOAT !!!!!

    Sorry, just came home and saw the last minutes !!! Love you Roger so much !!!!

  17. Alright, I’m happy, no more chastising Troll Po from me…at least for a while. Sorry, I meant Del Po πŸ™‚

    All you Del Po lovers, I’ll give you a break for now!

    1. He was quite sweet when he jumped the net following that net cord point! there is something empathetic about him on court, can’t put my finger on it. Some players I just can’t get to grips with, they are cold, leave me cold! Biggest example is Berdych! Just a big fat nothing! Delpo’s heart does come thru and he does make you connect on an emotional level somehow ( or maybe it’s a girl thing)!. With some players the show of “emotion” is too much and too obvious, after very point( Rafa I mean you) so its a turn off. Roger, just enough, quiet determination, something in the gritty but always well timed “Come on”or fist pump, never the slightly smug self congratulation displayed by Novak, too much Serbian heart thumping, and Rafa too much of everything. God he was twitchy against Jerzy! Drove me mad!

      1. Hey Susie, I think it is impossible to hate or dislike Delpo, or maybe just to us girls.
        I really like him. Always have. Even when he beat Roger at USO 2009. I watched it and saw him defeat Roger and seriously I could not even get mad at him. He is so innocent.
        I really like Delpo, just one thing. I do hate the way he takes time between points.
        That has bothered me since I guess Basel 2012, but when I saw Delpo live at the semis of Rotterdam, it really began to bother me more and I noticed it more.
        My collegue at work saw the Basel final on Sunday and thought Delpo was 35 years old…

        And about Berdych, don’t hold this against me, but I like him a lot (except when he beats Roger obviously, then I dislike him big time). He is nice you know, Berdych, just maybe a little misunderstood…

  18. Yeessss!!! Well played Fed!!! That is his best win this year bar none!!! Only his 2nd top 10 win after Tsonga at AO, that seems like a lifetime ago!!!

    Had heart in my mouth when he broke in decider for 3-2, only to lose his serve again immediately 3-3, I wondered would he ever beat this guy. Then break-hold-break to win 6-3! Top quality!

    Still really disappointed with the draw though. Fed needing to beat arguably the most in-form player Delpo, then Djokovic, then Nadal, compared to Nadal’s Gasquet/Ferrer/Exhausted winner of other SF

    Even if he loses tomorrow’s semi, it’s good news is that you can sense some of the old form returning to his game but if he can nick 1 or 2 wins more in Paris, all the better!

    1. He started playing the slice again which he had used so effectively in Set 1, and for some reason stopped using second half of set 2. Delpo just can’t generate as much pace off it and not in his hitting zone. Real brain work by Fed. His consistency in long rallies was awesome considering what we hv witnessed this yr. 2 shots and a shank to end the point! Majestic.

      1. Totally agree Susie… and the older he gets the more important the brain work is! As well as being able to keep belief after faltering like he did in the 2nd.

  19. Awesome!!! Solid win for Fed. Solid 1st serve . Solid 2nd serve / win % (Sid?). Some great touches at the net. Good W’s over UE’s. Great BK %.

    DelPo is a good man. Personally my 2nd fave player. My favorite aspects about Delpo are his heart to never give up – (e.g., Wimby semi vs. Nole this year) and his heart to treat others with respect and kindness. He’s not the machine some at the top are, but he’s earned his rank with hard work and – like Fed- he’s got the kind of class that keeps pro tennis culture from becoming a trash-talking sport like the NFL.

    And today Fed earned his mojo-filled win over the big man. Fed was just plain better. Such a solid win.

    And frankly as much as I’d love him to have done it in straight sets, I was even more heartened to see that he had the fuel and the belief to not cave after faltering in the 2nd and – even in the 3rd- and take it pretty strong over all.

    Here’s hoping we’re seeing the beginning of Fed 4.0… Or would it be 5.0?

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