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Federer Routines Dzhumur to Make 4th Round at Roland Garros

A routine win for Roger Federer here as he defeated Damir Dzumhur 6-4 6-3 6-2 to move into the fourth round of the French Open. Dzumhur was coming into the match with an impressive victory over Baghdatis in the second round and whilst he was able to test Federer at times he was no match for the Swiss who broke serve 6 times en route to victory in 1 hour 28 minutes.

Quick Match Recap

Federer Defeats Dzhumur French Open 2015

Dzhumur kicked things off with a confidence boosting / nerve settling love hold for 1-0. Roger then levelled despite being pegged back to deuce. Although the Bosnian came out on top in some of the early exchanges he was broken in game 5. Federer then consolidated and the one break proved decisive as he took the set 6-4.

Dzhumur revealed in press he was playing his idol and he looked starstruck at the start of set 2, dropping serve as Roger came up with a great get to break. This time consolidating the break didn't come so easy as Dzhumur created 2 break point chances but Fed dug in to hold for 2-0.

At 1-3 Dzhumur was again broken and Roger quickly moved into a 5-1 lead with a solid service game. Serving it out proved difficult though as Fed played a couple of very high risk dropshots to drop serve. No damage done though as the response was instant with Roger breaking for the third time in the set to take it 6-3. Genius backhand on set point too πŸ™‚

Set three was always going to be a tough ask for Dzhumur to make it competitive and he dropped serve in game 4 before Roger quickly moved into a 4-1 lead. 4-1 soon became 5-2 and with Dzhumur serving to stay in the match he was broken to 30 as Roger sealed it 6-2 to move into the fourth round. Routine.

Match Stats

Damir Dzumhur Stats Roger Federer
3 Aces 4
2 Double faults 1
57/81 (70 %) 1st serves in 53/82 (65 %)
32/57 (56 %) 1st serve points won 36/53 (68 %)
12/24 (50 %) 2nd serve points won 19/29 (66 %)
11/20 (55 %) Net points won 24/34 (71 %)
1/5 (20 %) Break points won 6/8 (75 %)
27/82 (33 %) Receiving points won 37/81 (46 %)
26 Winners 38
24 Unforced errors 22
71 Total points won 92

Thoughts on the Match

Federer French Open Third Round 2015

Yeah. I mean, my own game was good. It took me a little bit of time to get into it, to understand how is he serving, plus he was serving a few of the lines in the beginning. So I didn't know if that was normal for him or if that was something that was going to go away and maybe he's going to give me more second serves. I was kind of waiting to see how it was going to be. Thankfully I played a good, one good return game in that first set, almost the second one, as well. And I had a couple of tough first service games in the first set, so it was important to get out of those, and get the understanding of how he's playing, how I'm playing. And then the wind was playing quite a big factor I thought today early on, which made me mishit a few shots. Then once I got the rhythm it got better and better and I was able to play more freely and mix up the game. I thought Damir played well. I expected him to play from far back, but with the moments he was going to be aggressive it was always going to happen that he was going to hit a lot of down-the-line shots and maybe some dropshots, because the dropshot is a good play on this court now; the ball doesn't bounce so high. It takes a lot of the spin. I think he did that very well. Moves well. So I thought it was an entertaining match as well. Of course, I wish him all the best for the year and for the future.

A very pleasing win here for Roger who played a smart match from start to finish. Dzhumur started quickly hitting some impressive serves and groundstrokes but Roger soon found his rhythm from the back of the court to take control. Once in the groove he basically overpowered Dzhumur and mixed it up nicely to produce plenty of highlight reel worthy points.

With Dzhumur returning from way behind the baseline Roger also used the serve and volley play to great effect, throwing it in every now and again which won him a handful of cheap points which was good to see. Dzhumur also played quite deep mid rally and without having a big forehand or backhand most of his groundstrokes were neutral which Roger is going to jump on and step up the court. Tough to ask for any more here really; only 1 hour 28 minutes on court for the loss of just 9 games and some pretty magical shots from the RF97 Autograph stringbed.

As for Dzhumur he's a very solid player without any stand out shot. He's tough to face though due to his consistency and nimbleness around the court. He tracked down a lot of balls too thanks to his wheels and also showed good feel hitting some sweet dropshots that caught Fed off guard. Also worth noting was he wasn't like a rabbit in the headlights out there, he stayed composed even when getting outplayed and showed good tactical nouse by moving up the court on the return when he was getting picked off by Fed's serve & volleys. With that in mind he looks set to be a regular in the top 100 and could probably get to top 50 if he keeps winning matches at slam level.

Predictions vs. Monfils

Federer Monfils French Open 2009

Next up is Gael Monfils who overcame Pablo Cuevas in 5 sets. A real disappointment for Cuevas who was 4-1 up in fourth and a break up in the fifth but couldn't find a way over the line. Closing out matches is tough so combined with a partisan crowd it's even harder and it really got to the Uruguayan as Monfils pulled away in the fifth.

Monfils has now played back to back five setters and for my money isn't looking in great form so far. Gael is always up and down so you can't always judge how well he's playing but usually his five setters are a result of him going walkabout; against Schwartzman and Cuevas though he's been outplayed. I think that bodes well for Federer who has so far played with a nice balance of aggression and patience.

We know what Monfils can do against Roger though and in recent times he's closed the gap in what was a lopsided rivalry. Last year's US Open was a close one, the Davis Cup a bit of a difficult one to judge and Monfils played the better tennis in Monte Carlo. It's 2-2 in the last 4 meetings but I think Fed has the advantage here both physically and with how he's played so far. If he continues striking the forehand well and constructing points perfectly on the clay I will pick Fed in 3 or 4 sets. 6-2 7-6 6-4. Allez!


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. Ah well first time first – is not really important for me, but the chance – because I really appreciate Jonathans recap and all, and can’t wait for it, so every 5 minutes….

  1. Hi jonathan

    3 down 4 to go. Just hoping cheesy can take out monfils or at least keep him on there for as long as possible

  2. Good to see Clownfis and Cuevas killing each other. Just over 3 hours into it. Hope Cuevas wins. He is up a break in the final set.

    1. Lol Clownfils has a habit of being a center of attention and pulling matches back in 5. But I really hope Cuevas wins here!

    2. He was 4-1 up in the fourth, break up in the fifth and lost. After losing the fourth and not consolidating the break he couldn’t come back mentally. Crowd all very pro Monfils too so very tough conditions.

      1. I think Fed’s got this one. It should be Clown-finis on Sunday, or Monday, whenever it is. I mean, how can he possibly win after 10 sets in two successive games?

        I hate that mother*******, two b***** b****!

  3. A very solid performance from Fed. Gives me a feeling that his game has notched another level here in paris. Apart from his performance, it is really pleasing to see that intent back in federer for slams ( not just wimbledon) which I feel wasnt there since 2013 for some reasons. He is giving is 100% maybe a good draw helped his motivation too. There was a sense of urgency in closing out round too. Plus the mutter, which looked awesome to me. RG 2015 feels like a RG 2011. But I have learned my leeson. Like Jonathan said its one match at a time”. Allez Rog. The road only gets tougher from now.

    1. I dunno how you can reach that conclusion about him not being motivated for slams.

      AO 2013: Semi finals.
      French Open 2013: Quarter Finals
      Wimbledon: 2nd Round
      USO: 4th Round
      AO 2014: Semi finals
      Wimbledon 2014: Final
      USO 2014: Semi Finals
      AO 2015: 3rd Round

      That’s a pretty good record over the last 8 slams, and it also includes 2013 where a back injury stopped him competing at 100 percent.

      1. French Open doesn’t count anyways. Stupid surface, for no talent players to achieve glory.

      2. Lets ignore the previous results for now. You and I know federer played better in ’11 ’13 (only Aus open) ’12 ’14 but won only 1 slam in those years. Where as I feel he wasnt playing as well in ‘08,09,10 – smaller racket , a relatively weak backhand i would say , but still managed 8 slam finals and 4 slam titles. Thats motivation for big titles. Whereas his tennis today aims for atp tour level titles and eventually peak at wimbledon.

  4. Looks like Solid play from Rf after initial adjustments……..

    Looks like Monfils up break in 5th… Stan(seems playing better) Vs Simon, Birdman Vs Tsonga(possibly) very interesting matches on Roger’s half…

    Hopefully Roger maintains the similar intensity and quality in 4th round and gets into second week…

    1. Stan was in solid form. I think the slow courts and lower bounce suit his game a lot. When he takes big swings he can really produce some of the best shots you will ever see.

  5. Hey does any one have any idea when Fed’s 4th round match is going to be? It should be on Sunday, but I’m not sure if Roland Garros has play on Sunday? I have to book a train ticket and I don’t want to miss the match.

    On a side not: Cuevas WTF!? A double break up in the 4th. A break up in the fifth and still on the verge of losing!? I don’t think I’ve seen a bigger choke. I’m certain he just wants to disappear at the moment. The French crowd can be quite tough!!

  6. Hey All. A very pleasing match from our champ today. Very time on court efficient too as you mentioned Jonathan. It will be Gael in the fourth so I hope Roger will be prepared for the drama and not let monfills irritate him with his antics.

    1. Monfils is such a tease. The question is how much is Monfils going to have in the tank and how many opponents is Roger going to be facing? It’s going to be an interesting match that’s for sure.

  7. Predictions for Fed vs Monfils, will say Fed takes it in 3. Iinfact, I dare Fed to take it in 3. Shut the French crowd up!!!

    1. I’m so so so so so so with you on that one!
      I just finished watching all the match with 2 people next tome rooting loudly for Monfils to upset me! believe me i’m just so pissed! I hope this time Roger is going to take him down and shut the crowd up!!!!!

    2. It’s only natural the crowd are pro Monfils. Gotta love how clouded Fed-fans judgement is sometimes. Pro Swiss crowd for Davis Cup and it’s all good πŸ˜† pro French crowd for Monfils and suddenly it’s disgusting behaviour.

      1. Nah don’t think you should see it that way J but in yesterday’s match, French crowd did not sit well with the Cuevas match. Of course against Roger it’ll be more even but they gotta draw the line sometimes with their partisanship. This is an individual tournament not Davis Cup.

      2. The crowd only becomes a problem for people when the person they want to win is losing πŸ™‚ if Roger was French and he was getting the level of support a la Monfils yesterday I doubt anyone would be complaining on this blog about it.

        No real issue for me – can it be off putting? Yes. Can they go too far? Yes. But nothing you can do about it, it’s going to happen. If Fed starts getting angry with the level of support for Monfils then I don’t think it ends well for him.

      3. Still I think the crowd went far too far yesterday. Even when with an opponent to Roger I don’t like the crowd to applaud when a ball fails, because it fails. And all fine points should be applauded, and mostly they do. Well if Roger gets angry there always is a towel at hand nearby πŸ™‚

        But I think he knows the dangers, and takes measurements.

      4. Jonathan, that’s an interesting point you bring up about if the crowd was on Roger’s side we wouldn’t care. But that’s the thing- Roger’s support and fans transcend every country so no matter where he goes the level of noise/whatever you want to call it is fairly the same. I guess we will see how it plays out later tonight.

      5. I understand your point, Jonathan. I don’t have a problem with the French supporting Clownfils. The difference really is that Federer doesn’t work the crowd for support (outside of Davis cup), like Clownfils does, or like Djokovic did after he hit “that lucky” forehand, or Nadal’s condescending animations.

        If that were to happen, I guarantee you that Roger will not get angry. At worst, the crowd will be split. At best, a majority will root for Roger. This is not the Davis cup where national pride is at stake. It’s about liking an individual who you love watching play. An individual who is not just a decidedly superior player than Monfils, but also a decidedly better person.

        Roger will surely be tested tomorrow. The French crowd faces a much bigger test. Either ways, I’m confident it’s going to be Clown-finis. This despicable thug is going down tomorrow.

  8. Disgusting behaviour. So disrespectful to your opponent. How I would LOVE to see Roger put this noname thug in his place.

      1. Monfills is another player that indulges in a lot of unnecessary on court antics that is disrespectful to his opponent Jonathan. It is ok to celebrate but his way of entertaining can be way too much most times. I hope Fed shut him down on Sunday.

      2. I’ve seen some gamesmanship from Monfils before with shoelaces etc, he was doing that at the USO and it was annoying. But with him you can never tell if he’s actually doing it on purpose or just the Monfils way. If you’re the one on court with him you have to block that out otherwise he’s getting the advantage…

  9. Love your selection of Fed images so far Jonathan. Initially I wasn’t a fan of his shorts (colour combi) at all but they kind of grow into me as a symbol of cheerful results in Paris. As Fed himself said I’m also quite happy to see him in the outfit as long as possible until all white!

    Not much to add here, I just thought Roger played very well after figuring out how to play Dzhumur as the first encounter. The guy moved quick and had a great touch as well so he deserved a break and Fed didn’t seem bother to be broken unlike against Gralollers.

    So… it’s vs Monfils on Sunday then!

    1. Thanks.

      Dzhumur was pretty good, he will probably stick around the top 100 based on how he played this week, was quite calm on court too even when Fed was coming up with some insane winners.

      1. Me? Really? Had no idea, Thinker. It means Roger is doing well as I pick him all way every tournament πŸ˜‰

  10. It was a good match in terms of not raising the level but still done enough to win comfortably.
    On the next match, agree with your analysis, Jonathan. Nevertheless, I feel that Roger will need to be on guard, a bit tighter and not let Monfils into match by giving sloppy games away. In today’s match, it took Roger four games to warm up. He will have to do better on Sunday and I trust that he will. Being broken in the first set could let Clownfils turn the court into a circus.
    3 done 4 to go.
    Allez Roger!

    1. Well he’d never played Dzhumur before or even hit with him. In fact it’s unlikely he had ever seen him hit a ball before so bound to take some getting used to. Along with windy conditions making it even trickier. He knows Monfils inside out.

  11. Thanks for the analysis Jonathan
    Not sure fed is the favorite against the clown. Last encounters were straight sets wins from him ! Ok to say Davis cup was special but Monte Carlo was impressive. I think the score could have been even more severe for fed. So he will arrive with great confidence and the conditions are clearly on his side. He will grind and grind, fed is not going to have fun unless he can plays ultra aggressive.

    1. This is a slam though, competely different to M1000 matches. I’m not ruling Monfils out as though he’s a walkover but I think Fed has the edge.

  12. Good match from Feds – always takes a few games to ‘suss’ out a new opponent. I thought Dzumhur played very well; didn’t seem too overawed either which was pretty impressive. Federer has massively conserved energy over his first three matches and that’s important.

    Felt sorry for Cuevas – massive choke – 2 breaks up! I had thought he had controlled himself and the match so well, but once again that French crowd got involved, and Clownfils bobbed back up, just when he looked sunk. But 14 sets over three matches? Even with one day to recover, I think it’s a step too far for him. Plus he had the trainer out, although not sure for what. Feds needs to shut him down quickly, before the crowd gets involved and gives Monfools another boost of adrenalin.

    1. The French well known for being supporters of Roger too, whose back to they have if it came down to a 5th set…?

  13. Hey Jonathan the goat blogger,

    Happy 4th birthday to PeRFect Tennis tomorrow!
    Thanks for your great job throughout year. Wishing for many more glory years.
    Have a fantastic celebration πŸ™‚

  14. If the bottom half plays Sunday I guess they then play Tues, Thurs and Sunday and have 2 days off before the final. At Wimbledon the 2 half’s come together in the QF on the Wednesday but not here? It’s a big advantage for the winner of this half – note I’m not naming names so not to jinx anything.
    I thought some of Rogers play today was superb even by his exceptional standards. Some just amazing shots.
    Still a tough draw to final though if not a nightmare top half one. Didn’t think I’d ever feel slightly sorry for Nadal. If he beats Djok, Murray and bottom half winner he derserves it.

    1. If Nadal wins this slam taking out the other big 3 on route, would be one of the greatest wins ever and quite a remarkable way to surpass Pete Sampras.

  15. My Tiger Mobile predictions are going well so far! In the top 25 on the global leaderboard and 5th in the blog league! Made a good prediction on Kokkinakis v Tomic, amazing Thanasi came back from two sets to love, two breaks and 3 MPs to win it all! πŸ™‚

    Surely Monfils has got nothing left in the tank for the match on Sunday, I mean two gruelling five setters on clay back to back straight after an ‘injury’ in Rome surely doesn’t give him a chance at all. I’m feeling confident Fed will advance in straights. Maybe Monfils will show some resistance early on, but he should fade as the match goes in the second and third sets – 7-5 6-3 6-2 πŸ™‚

    1. Tomic choked big time. Aussies are done after tonight unless Kyrgios has a hell of a day (but from what I’m reading, the guy is how would you say…preoccupied?)

    2. Just found out the matchups would be Djokovic v Kokkinakis and Murray vs Kyrgios. Should be a good day 7 at Roland Garros!

      I’m interested to see if Kyrgios’ ‘methods’ work again, but I doubt it πŸ˜‰ his game is not suited with clay, especially against an excellent defender like Murray.

      Glad Thanasi won. I’m positive he has a brighter future than Tomic. Tomic’s playing style is just too lackadaisical to beat the top guys. Doesn’t have a Hewitt-esque mentality as well.

      1. They don’t call him Tomic the Tank for nothing Conal. If there’s one player that really irritates me it’s Tomic (the Rat, I call him, as that’s what he reminds me of). He’s going nowhere; always felt it with him. He’s improved somewhat this year, but he hasn’t the talent or the mentality of the other two – just like you said – lacking Hewitt-esque mentality + arrogant shit for no good reason.

      2. Kyrgios biggest problem with Murray is his variety. Gives him too many different looks that he’s not used to. Also looking like he will be injury prone as he’s struggling in this match right now.

        Tomic is high on talent but just a mess off court. He’ll jump around the rankings like he’s done already, probably have some good moments mixed with plenty shockers.

  16. I don’t know hat to say now about this forth round. Objectively Roger is in a better lace than Monfils to win this match. I hope he comes with confidence and authority to close that one in 3… I hope Monfils doesn”t come out firing… He should feel more pressure this time as he is kind of expected to be able to win now… It’s painful!

  17. I am not concerned with Roger beating Monfils – I am concerned HOW he beats him and how long it takes!! Remember people that although Roger beat him in the US Open last year Roger had effectively lost the US Open after that match: Cilic put paid to that! The way I see it is that Roger MUST win this in four and preferably straights and ideally first two sets to Roger.I also don’t buy that the physicality and length of Monfils’ matches will be an issue for him against Roger; because he knows he holds a big psychological advantage over Roger. So Roger MUST be fully aware and have his emotions finely tuned and I will plump for Roger in four unscathed – and possibly in three which would be delightful!!!

    1. True, Fed’s legs were gone against Cilic.

      Disagree about Monfils not feeling it physically and having a psychological advantage though.

      Monf has never beaten Fed at the French or in a Slam. It’s a different kettle of fish. And back to back five setters has to have some impact, adrenaline and the crowd can only do so much. Monfils really had to work for his wins so far, his opponents were ouplaying him but for one reason or another they didn’t get over the line. If Fed wins the first set I think Monf will start to feel it.

  18. Seen a lot of fans complain that Roger couldn’t handle a “no name” at times. I think people overtly undermine how difficult it is to play someone you never have before. Why would you expect Fed to come in and automatically this guy’s game? Overall I thought there was some decent quality being played on both sides of the net and Dzhumur was pretty solid for majority of the match and his story is pretty incredible so best of luck to him and the rest of his career- nice guy. Only concern for Rog is of course that mental lapse when serving for the set but those are just things that have been encompassed in his game for the past few years, he got it together when he needed to and been playing really aggressive so not much you can ask for.

    So Cuevas couldn’t seal the deal, Monfils and the Parisian crowd just too much to handle. Kinda interesting to see Fed play him in Paris yet again, crowd will get into it, should hope for some excellent tennis. Tournament really kicks up from here I guess. Despite Gael playing yet another 5 setter, the guy lives defies the odds at the French time and time again and he knows he has matched Roger the past half year now so I don’t really believe physical endurance will really come into play unless this match goes deep. I think Fed needs to have a great service day and really pick his moments to come to the net. Give Monfils a little bit of momentum in front of a French crowd and could be danger. Allez!

    1. Great post Alysha and I agree – fans are often far too hard on Federer; expect perfection every time. As I said in my post, once Feds sussed him out it was done and dusted in no time. Federer has played with great efficiency throughout so far – just as he has done for most of his career – and that’s why he has 17 slams. Also heard via a twitter feed DMA ‏@TennisMajesty that the boys have been ill for ten days. That must be a source of distraction/worry for Feds. It’s amazing he can concentrate. Agree on Monfools also – whereas poor Gasquet is intimidated, it’s like a burst of oxygen for Monf. I couldn’t believe how loud they were – it was pandemonium – Monf loves a bit of chaos.

    2. Someone posted a good quote from Nadal’s book about the difference between top 4 and top 100 players, think it was Sid. There isn’t a huge amount of difference between the players at that level, it boils down to just a few things here and there. So moaning that Fed isn’t 5-0 up after 10 minutes when he’s playing someone outside the top 50 just shows they don’t know what they are talking about πŸ™‚

      1. Scroll up and you’ll see Sid’s thoughts on that piece. Which I agree with πŸ˜€

        I think that Craig guy has some useful stuff and enjoyed some of his articles but the conclusions he’s reaching aren’t always right. Like reaching a conclusion for the sake of it.

        The more I read of his the more I tend to agree with Sid. He’s just pulling numbers out of his ass that suit the agenda or outcome of the match he’s covering.

        I wonder if it would better if he started writing before matches were played. For instance we know the stat that when Fed wins over 55% of points behind his second serve against Djokovic he hasn’t lost. So that is proved correct. He could come up with some they keys to the match for a player then compare to the numbers once they have played or something.

      2. Haha yeah I’ve left something below there too πŸ˜€ I’m not saying his conclusions are good, but my own personal interpretation of the stat is what I’ve commented above, and I do think that number is….not LOW, but closer to 50-50 than I would have thought.

  19. I predict Monfils in 4. He will definitely feed the energy of the French like he did yesterday against Cuevas, so I doubt there will be issues for him physically coming into this match.

    If Federer wins this, I’m kinda debating on who I prefer he should face in the QF: Wawrinka or Simon. On one hand, Simon has nearly always troubled Fed in the past (FO 2013) but a redline Wawrinka on clay is very, very dangerous.

  20. Monfils said Roger was “a bit angry that the crowd at the USO wasn’t routing for him”. We all know that stadium is no different than Rome two thousand years ago.
    I suppose the bigger story is the next round not the one Fed played today.

    Everyone, get to the chemist for a bottle of valium.

    Happy Birthday Jonathan! The site rocks.

    1. I don’t think anyone reported Federer saying that. I doubt Fed would have said that in any case. Are you sure you read it right?

    2. Monfils can say what he wants to, but that NY crowd was big time behind Roger in that 4th set and loved him winning the match.

  21. Let me prove, once and for all, how stupid this Craig O’Shannessy guy is. I have no idea why the ATP publishes the crap he has been dishing out all these years.

    So, let’s begin. In an article about how Nadal won his nine Roland Garros titles in ten years, he makes the argument that though his win percentages are very high (matches, sets, games etc.), he has only won by the smallest of margins, that is 56.6% of points overall. That, according to Craig, is a really small margin.

    Now, allow me to prove what a load of crap this stupid guys is. Let’s take a look at Federer’s win over Damir today. Federer won 92 points, to Damir’s 71, for a lop sided straight sets win. Domination, is the word that comes to my mind. But wait a minute…let’s see what percentage of points were won by Roger. That would be 92 of 163, for 56.44%.

    Compare that to the 56.6% points Nadal won at RG so far. That’s a dominating margin no matter how you measure it. What Craig, the stupid wannabe statistician forgets, is the fact that it amounts to a nearly 24 point spread i.e. 100 points to 76 (nearly the spread in the Federer-Damir match).

    Is that a small margin, you stupid idiot? You must be feeling very powerful sitting in front a powerful machine, cranking numbers, and feeding those suckers with your bullshit, right? Would help if you could use your brain a bit. You’re so pre-occupied with numbers, and patterns, and duping people into buying your products, you don’t even understand how this sport is played.

    1. πŸ˜†

      I defended his posts before on another thread but then I saw him pushing some bullshit product about the 55% advantage where he has mined a ton of data from pro matches and is offering it as a product for club level players to use to improve their game. No doubt there will be some takeaways in there but it doesn’t take a genius to work out that club level tennis is a million miles away from the pro tour so the successful strategies and patterns that work are very different. He should start watching club tennis, compiling stats from that then create a product about how to win at that level.

      1. Re club level tennis, yes, I think it’s supremely stupid to use professional tennis as an example to club players. Statistics work otherworldly amongst the pros.

      2. Exactly. I knew about that product, before I even made my first comment against him. So, all you suckers who can’t hold a tennis racquet. You want to win, and feel good about it? Go buy Craig’s product. It’s just a matter of a few points. Push, slice, moonball, lob, and hack your way to win. It’s not about form, or footwork, or timing. It’s not about playing beautiful tennis. It’s all about winning those few percent points, and then you can go and tell your grand kids, whenever the time comes for that, about how you beat the other guy who refused to buy Craig’s products.

    2. I think I’m defending him this time. As I posted above, it translates to 11/20. I don’t think anyone is questioning I think that his point isn’t to say that that is a ridiculously small percentage, but to say that out of 20 points, you split it so you win two more than your opponent, which I think isn’t much, it translates to a completely dominant victory.

      Of course, that’s just my interpretation, but I do think he has a point. The structure of our game makes individual points matter so much less, hence why we all look at BP conversion far far before we look at total points won. But I think that if this guy wanted to imply something along the lines of “greatness isn’t that great if you look at it” then yes, I agree with you guys that he’s being a fucking idiot. I choose to think the other way, that he means “the small differences matter, pile them up over a career and you have the greatest”.

      1. So, you’re telling me that Fed’s win over Damir, which using percentage points as a yardstick happens to be similar to Nadal’s RG percerntage, is a small margin? Did we watch the same match? Damir was outclassed. Anytime a player wins 100 points to 76, it paints a clear picture of how dominant they are.

        Using your rule, you can say that it’s 10 points every 7.6 points. Well, that’s close. But that’s not how you look at tennis. I think you said you play tennis, so you should know better than that. πŸ™‚

        Nadal’s 56.66% points won is called domination. Case closed.

      2. I think the purpose of Craig’s article is to illustrate that a margin which mathematically small is actually HUGE in tennis. Along with Nadal’s RG point percentage he also points out:

        “The reality of tennis is that you only need to tip a 50/50 battle around five or six per cent to rule the world. Players such as Nadal, Novak Djokovic, and Roger Federer, who have all finished No. 1 in the year-end Emirates ATP Rankings over many seasons, are typically winning right around 55 per cent of their points for their entire year.”

        Tennis fans knew those of course, in a sense there’s nothing new in the article, but it’s really interesting to see those actual numbers. Although every fan understands that a tennis game is won on important points, I still think the article illustrates this point well.

      3. You’re missing the point. Winning 56.66% is not a small margin.

        Take another example, the match between Nadal and Kuznetsov. The final points tally 93, to 68, for a win % of 57.7. You turn just two points around, and it becomes 56.6. The win has been described as “ruthless”.

        56 to 44 is a 12% difference. That *is not mathematically small*. Ever got a mortgage? πŸ˜‰

        The article is just a play with number and was written in self interest, to sell his product, so suckers can pay him off.

        It’s a stupid article, is what it is.

      4. Yes I am, Sid. The who,e point of the article is to illustrate how tennis is different. How what you say is a huge marginal difference ( and yes, it is) when applied to other walks of life isn’t considered that high. The most common example in competitive form where such a percentage is used is voting. 56% vote, as an example, was the winning margin for the Scottish independence vote, which was considered “unbelievably close”.

        I think the article tries to point out that this “close” thing actually, when put in the context of tennis, a game where structure matters, translates to utter destruction. I play tennis so I should know better than that? This is tennis vs not tennis; it isn’t an argument within the bounds of tennis. Statistically, understanding aside, I bet the average person does not predict a number that close to 50. I bet even the average fan doesn’t, as for us, we who follow tennis every match, perhaps we are not surprised, perhaps we say “actually that’s fair”, but I get the majority even there does not predict this.

      5. Ok, John, if you say Federer’s outclassing of Damir, and Nadal’s ruthless decimation of Kuznetsov, were extremely close, and winning 100 points to 76 is extremely close, then I have nothing else to argue with you about within the realms of rational reasoning.

        Because you are such a huge fan of this Craig guy, go ahead and buy one of his discs on sale. If you buy two, he sends you a free trial bottle of Craig O’Shannessy protein shake that you must gulp down before every match.

      6. Yes, I think John is correct. And I’m not missing any point. You called the article “stupid” because the point was not new to you. Still, it may be very striking to many.

        You are talking about 56-44 ratio. So let’s say there’s a set in which 100 points were played (lots of deuces of course). In a 56-44 distribution, it is possible to win by a margin 6-0! Turn just one point, the margin can’t be more than 6-1, turn another, it can’t be more than 6-2 and another – 6-3…That’s how close they are. Although a 6-0 may also be 24-0 or 24-2 pointwise. It is also possible to win a set 6-3 by winning and losing equal number of points. All these are well known, nothing new at all, but it’s fun to notice them. These happen due to peculiar scoring system of tennis.

      7. Oh don’t be a sanctimonious prick, Sid. Did I at any point refer to the fucking TENNIS as close? I referred to them both as domination. What I referred to as close is the numerical statistic on its own, if judged by normal world standards.

        Sure Craig is worthless, but he’s still given more recognition from the ATP than you ever have. So instead of sarcastically insulting me because I have a different opinion to you, why not argue in a more civilised manner? I get it, you don’t like the guy. Doesn’t mean I have to hate him too. Nor does it mean people who like his work are idiots, as you seem to imply from your incredible grasp of rationality.

      8. First of all, I warned you that I’m dropping all rational reasons. So, everything is fair game, John.

        Ah…I see what you mean, the tennis wasn’t close, but the percentage points split were. Right. Got it. Now that makes so much sense you know. I never said you should hate him. I said you should definitely try his protein shake promotion.

        And by the way, ATP is worthless too, taking an umpire out for upholding the rules. No wonder they are promoting Craig the snake oil salesman.

        Ankur, like I don’t get the peculiar scoring system. It’s not fun to notice them, it’s just Craig promoting his products by duping people into believing that you just have to win those few points. So, go ahead dumbfucks, by my products and you will rule the fucking court.

        Jesus! I’m surrounded on this blog.

      9. Actually, you do have to win those few points. All the big matches are decided on those few big opportunities. That’s what turns a loss into a win. Specific big points, the odd BP here and there. That’s why we, you included, bitch about how fed converts too few of the damn things every time he loses.

        Enough of this. If you want to spend your time insulting me, go for it. I cannot see why you cannot agree to disagree, but I’ll thank you not to get aggressive in the future.

      10. Oh come on, it was a fun discussion, so don’t get all worked up. Not sure where I insulted you.

      11. I went off Braingame when I saw that 55% product being pushed.

        Anyway, tomorrow I’m launching my quit your job and earn a living blogging about tennis. Only $99. Limited copies available.

        PS I heard Federer won 56% of points in 2007.

      12. It was more your tone, the sarcastic condescension you have become known for. After all, almost everything you say is laced with caustic wit! πŸ˜‰ never mind, anyway. I’m sure we can fight some other time, but for now, there’s a cup final going on.

      13. I kinda like that, “caustic wit” thingy. Wonder who coined that for me. πŸ™‚

        I forgot to reply to your argument about, “you have to win those few points”. True, but only for matches that are close, say the one where you win just about 50% of the points, perhaps 51-49, or maybe even 52-48. Not when you win 56.66%.

        Find one match that Federer, or Nadal lost because they couldn’t win those crucial one or two points, and at the same time, won 20 or more points than their opponent in the match.

        I guarantee you won’t find one example.

  22. Happy Birthday to PeRFect Tennis – great site Jonathan; really enjoy your excellent summaries, and the thoughtful (and funny) comments from other posters. Wish I’d found it earlier.

  23. If Fed wins tomorrow, we will see him in the final. If he doesn’t , well he will, we will see him in the final πŸ˜‰
    Happy Anniversary Jonathan.

    1. That was a hard comment to understand πŸ˜† It was almost Statyani riddle like. If Roger wins, Nadal won’t win. If Nadal wins, Roger will still win.

      1. Hey….. what did I do Brother Jonas?? Why involve me into this?? πŸ™‚

        And don’t worry Jon, Roger WILL win RG. If he doesn’t this year, then he will win it next year. Remember…. he will play until he is 40. Mark my words πŸ™‚
        Believing in the Goat of all Goats… even if others don’t πŸ™‚

        Hey Utch, I hope you are feeling better….

  24. Jonathan, I don’t understand , pls what happened to asapsports? I can’t read interviews anymore from there. Where else can I read player interviews please ?

    1. They put it behind a login as they weren’t meant to be publicly accessible. Nothing really interesting in his last presser, I put the best quote from it above.

  25. Good solid quick win, no drama! Agree that he has to beat Monf in 3/4 sets. Goes to 5 on clay? I then worry about next match…
    Will prob be last match on to add to the drama! Towels at the ready people!!:)))))

  26. Oh, it is the happy birthday time! πŸ™‚ I just say a big ‘Thank You’ to you, Jonthan, and to all regular contributors to have made this site such cozy Federer home. πŸ™‚ .

  27. Really a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to peRFect tennis – Slamdunk said it all – I join the chorus: THANK YOU, Jonathan, and all who writes here! – Don’t know how I managed before… πŸ˜‰

  28. These matches with Monfils are tough to stomach. The antics are bad enough and now these comments have me properly p*ssed off. It’s a shame the tennis can’t play out without the drama he wants to bring.

    Knock him out, Roger!

  29. I think you just have to deal with Monfils’ personality when it comes. I don’t like him personally, but I think the game needs people like him; not exuberant crowd pleasers, but not all politically correct interview puppets who don’t go around making waves. I remember Gulbis several years ago saying he thought the top guys should be more rough, and I disagree, as tennis is a game of class. But players like Monfils who polarise opinion get the general public more involved. Sure we can all be classist and tell them to F off, but of course the game lives on its public support. I’m also suspicious a lot of us don’t like him so much because he plays well against Roger, rather than because of his personality πŸ˜‰

    I think Roger gets it done tomorrow. 3/4 sets, and I’ll consider it very successful progression, but monfils isn’t a god, there’s no way he isn’t feeling the effects of the tennis he’s played until now, not to mention that he hasn’t really clicked into gear so far. Feds record at the French against him is pretty comprehensive too. Which leaves a couple more tough rounds after. But I don’t pick and choose. Reckon fed has had a good draw already, and some challenges might be useful.

    1. No Monfils acts a fool but I thought that even before any recent wins over Roger. That’s how he is. Roger has the hardest 4th round match of the top four because he’s playing a French player in France who has recent wins against him and likes a show.

    2. John: “But players like Monfils who polarise opinion get the general public more involved.” But like yesterday it was not in favor of good tennis, it was kind of national war-like. Is that good? You know I doubt it as the ugly backside of sport. Admiration, yes. Racism, no.

      1. Monfils and Cuevas both played bullshit tennis in the end. The crowd was an utter farce. Roger really should put everyone in place.

      2. Let’s see how they behave when Gasquet and the other French people are on…

  30. No, muser, I don’t condone those crowd actions, and I doubt anyone does. But monfils doesn’t have a fan support base that’s solely French, you understand? It’s all well and good to dismiss that fact, but a lot of people truly so enjoy watching him play. His antics I could do without, but I don’t think I want to be shot of his talent, and if he insists on both or none at all, I don’t mind tolerating him. As for the crowd, I agree he shouldn’t play up to them so much, but he can hardly be blamed for their partisan nature. They do that with a lot of players. Just not quite to this extent.

    1. John – I am not not so much reproaching Monfils as his big crowd – I understand his choice of getting all means involved to win (although I cannot think the crowd very sporty -) . – Maybe the crowd would not be that much forcing its overwhelming power had it not been for Gael’s special talent of combining tennis skill with appealing the crowd – which Pablo had no chance to equal. Like that it was not Gael’s excellent tennis that won this time. It was his crowd in a very unsporty way.

      1. Yes, and I understand, mate, that he incites the crowd in part. But I do think it’s more an issue with the French crowd than it is with monfils. You get showmen like him in other majors for their home countries, and more for masters tournaments. And crowds still behave well. So I’d be inclined to put this one on the crowd. πŸ™‚

      2. Yes – I agree, it is more the crowd than Monfils. But it is also somewhat him, and I think he knows it.

      3. When this motherfucker bends over to tie his shoe laces, I want Roger to jump over the net, go to the baseline, shove a banana down his throat, and kick the bitch all the way out of Philippe Chatrier.

      4. The shoelaces!! Exactly. I’ve always wondered why people haven’t pointed it out yet. So annoying.

  31. Hi Jonathan. Congratulations on your 4th Anniversary you do an outstanding job and your dedication and efforts to keep producing high quality and very entertaining info and provide a forum for us all is phenomenal. The quality of the write ups, your accessibility, fine writing and ability to facilitate and interact with us all and each other is very much appreciated and a great way to enjoy Tennis and of course Roger Federer especially. Thank you

    1. Long time lurker here, I want to say the same thing but you’ve said it much better. Congrats Jonathan!

  32. Oh my goodness me! Lionel does it again. Beats half the Athletic side to make it 1-0.

    If there is GOAT in soccer, it is Messi! πŸ™‚

      1. Clearly greatest dribbler does not mean greatest footballer. Football is a way more complex sport for GOAT analysis than tennis and as much as I agree right now Messi looks scary good I really don’t think there is a compelling case to prove he is better than Zidane, Ronaldo, Pele or Maradona. Or for that matter the person I consider to be the best of this generation CR7.

      2. I know personalities probably shouldn’t influence who you consider to be better in terms of skill but Messi wins in both those areas over Ronaldo for me at least.

      3. [Or for that matter the person I consider to be the best of this generation CR7.]

        *double facepalm* *banging head on the fucking wall* *taking a gun out and putting it to my head*

        The chasm between Messi and CRap7 is so much, it’s a joke!

      4. It’s a non argument. Messi matches ronaldo’s goal output as a MIDFIELDER. To preserve his goal scoring record as he ages, Ronaldo has become a tap in specialist, 85% of his goals are tap ins. There are numerous statistical analyses that put Messi ahead by a distance, in terms of contribution to his team. He is a better team player, a better all round footballer, and at least as good a goalscorer as Ronaldo.

        But that is a mere analytical look at the man. Subjectively, if we ever wanna get a conclusion beyond “I disagree”, we have to look at the views of experts in the field, pundits etc. an overwhelming majority of them place Messi as the greatest of all time, and almost none of them even rank Ronaldo second, they all believe top 5.

        We haven’t even mentioned that Messi has 3 years of time on Ronaldo to eclipse all his achievements, and he’s already got more important silverware defining goals.

        Ronaldo does what other top players do, but better and more consistently. Messi is unique. There is no player who can do what he does. He is the most natural footballer of all time, whereas Ronaldo is a trained product. Speed, strength, all things that translate athletically to other sports. Messi is unique to football.

      5. Couldn’t have said it better John. Only Ronaldo’s marketing power stands above Messi, and the media portray him as the best so all the kids and the teenagers see CR7 better than Messi. All my mates think CR7 is superior to Messi, when that’s simply not true, record and skill-wise. A true football expert will always see Messi as the better player.

      6. “we have to look at the views of experts in the field, pundits etc”

        I wouldn’t put any weight on their opinions.

      7. Agreed. Experts, and Pundits happen to be the most biased. They cater to a specific base, and at times, pander too.

        Look at John McEnroe for example. Went from worshiping Federer, to consuming Nadal’s protein shake 24×7, just because Federer wouldn’t hire him as a coach.

      8. Fair point, very much so. But there are some pundits who I think are worth listening to, simply because there’s no history on their part that would make them unreliable as objective witnesses. Gary Neville for example, who if anything would support Ronaldo, as a former team mate, is worth noting he goes with Messi. Other examples exist.

        But I think even if we took a democratic vote from all people, Messi comes out on top despite ronaldo’s marketing.

  33. Happy Birthday to Perfect Tennis Great place to visit for Fed fans Sooooooooooooo happy I found it. You do a great job Jonathan and to all the commenters I say you are all irie.

  34. Can’ t wait for today’s match. My prediction: Fed in 4.

    6-4 7-6 3-6 6-3.
    Predictions from you guys??

  35. I remember Monfils in some interview stating that he couldn’t handle Fed’s slices and that’s why he lost to him. Hope Fed was listening to him and slice him up today.

    Monfils is a Virgo and Virgos are perfectionists, so he can play a perfectly brilliant game one day or a perfectly awful game on another. Hope its the second one today.

    If it goes to the 5th set, Fed will lose because of Monfils’ physicality. So the operating number is 4.

    On that note… Happy 4th Anniversary, Jonathan and hope we can wish you for many more years to come.

    1. Why do people doubt Fed’s physicality? Yes, he’s 34 now, but you don’t become THE most successful athlete on the planet without being one of the fittest, if not the fittest person in your field. Such an under rated facet of his. I mean the guy’s literally never out of breath, or bending over his knees or taking extra time, irrespective of the match duration. On the other hand you have Mr. bulging muscles Clownfils, who bends over to tie his laces after every mid length point, resorts to gamesmanship when he’s down, but just because he overtly expresses himself physically, is considered physically fitter.

    2. [Monfils is a Virgo and Virgos are perfectionists]
      Yeah, well, that explains why he keeps tying his shoe lace all the time.

      [If it goes to the 5th set, Fed will lose because of Monfils’ physicality]
      Don’t see Monfils winning what would be set number 15 in three matches.

    3. I don’t think people are doubting Fed’s physicality but he is 34. Look at USO – he went 5 against Clownfils and was out of gas against Cilic.

      1. He went flat against Cilic or Cilic played the fire? Cilic served big, see last game there was nothing Roger could do, and Cilic hit huge aswll. He was on fire!

      2. Nathfodd, it was a combination of both. He may still have lost, but he wouldn’t have been as flat at he was, if it weren’t for fatigue.

  36. It seems Roger and Gael might need at least to finish their match tomorrow. Which means more time for Gael to recover but also that they would certainly need to play in the morning which Monfils doesn’t like…. Could be interesting… Early morning with less crowd!

  37. Rain rain go away πŸ™

    What are the chances this match is even played today?

    Also happy birthday to the blog J! (when is your own birthday btw?!) Always appreciate the time, effort and love put in


  38. Its not that we doubt Fed’s fitness but I feel that we look at Fed’s current fitness and are amazed considering his age. But without a doubt, he is not as fit as he was say at 30, though the decline in fitness has been gradual and thus not perceivable.

    At 34 Novak will be hosting the Serbian version of Saturday Night Live and Rafa would be a part-owner of Real Madrid and would be cheering his team from the sidelines. As for Monfils, he may have his own brand of shoelaces.

    But jokes apart, Fed has to win the initial sets unlike the US open where he had to make a comeback from two sets down. On clay and in France, giving Monfils a headstart can spell doom.

  39. Oh for the love of God! Don’t get broken now Tso Sillly. Get the heck out of there soon.

      1. Much better that it lasts long enough so that Roger and Gael play tomorrow morning…

  40. Breathing easy right now. Roger has never lost to Monfils after winning the first set. Should stay that way.

    1. Well, it becomes a three set match now. So, whoever wins the first set tomorrow, wins.

  41. So the match has been suspended after a set-all. Monfils will win this unless Federer reins in his shanks, wins more baseline points and actually holds serve when he is at 40-15 instead of gifting the game (and the second set) to his opponent with poorly executed shots while virtually on top of the net. So far, erratic play from Roger disguised only by his dependence on his serve. Not pretty to watch. Don’t be fooled by the first set. Monfils was still only coming off the massage table.That won’t be a problem for him when the match resumes. If Roger doesn’t tighten up his game, and make the most of the opportunities Monfils gives him, the next two sets are the Crowdpleaser’s.

    1. Besides his mistakes, Roger has been able to dominate Monfils much better than the last five sets they have played. And tomorrow, with a fresh new start, in the morning, Roger could run again with the third set. Monfils doesn’t like to play in the morning. I doubt they will be scheduled in the A-Noon.
      Roger should take confidence out of this… He has the match in his racquet, Monfils plans are not going to work as easily as in last 2 meetings… Roger is there! The way he broke back from 5-3 shows it…
      Stupid misses at 5-4 30-0 and after… I’m confident now!

  42. Thank goodness match has been rescheduled. Federer needs his coach again goodness me, he went back to trading baseline shots with Monfils. He was making no headway with that. He had better go back and read the scripts. And pls play them early where nobody will be watching :d, we can do without d French crowd.

    1. Attention anyone in the Paris area! Should you find Roger Federer’s first serve and forehand, please PLEASE PLEASE ensure that he has them back by 12.30 this afternoon! Thank you very much.

      His volley might be a good thing, too. Overhit too many of them today, often at important times.

      In retrospect, was the turning-point of this match (so far) a piece of paper blowing onto court?

  43. Well, I guess it is 50-50 now, Monfils serves first, Fed can use that opportunity to break him before he realises what is going on. Where is Fed now on the schedule please? Susanne Lenglen or stil on Phillipe Chartrier?

    Boo hoo, Oh God , pls let Fed win tomorrow *praying emoji*

    1. Normally it should be as you described: Fed has a good chance to break straight. They’ll be on Chatrier not before 12h30 their time, so i guess quite early for Monfils… At least Monfils has not been that dominant so I don’t think he will come out of the starting blocks… Roger really needs to focus in the first two games… First break and then consolidate that break… Allez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Restarts tomorrow not before 12.30 which is 11.30am bst – following Sharapovas match. I missed the end of the second but in the first Roger was almost in total control. In the second he ceded momentum to Monfils.

  45. Man – disappointed with those errors and giving that break back.

    Have to admit we’re actually seeing a somewhat significant opponent for the first time at the AO.

    Soo. Reality check?

  46. The suspension has more positives to Roger and the negatives. The last service game of the second set was what I was worried about in my earlier post – Roger literally just gave the game and thus the set away, which was very disappointing, having fought back in the 9th game brilliantly. It is difficult to see why Roger’s 1st service percentage just collapsed in the 2nd set, having just won the first set. That clearly rocked his confidence. πŸ™ . This break hopefully gives Roger a breather so that he could serve better tomorrow.
    For the second part of the match tomorrow, Roger should play it as a ‘the-best of three-set’ match. In particular, Roger should not be afraid of trading rallies and will need to be more patient and keep a variety of the play up. Clownfils knew that exactly what was out there. Trying to avoid rallies could have made Roger to have forced some of the shots too much – played into the Monfils’ hands.
    Allez Roger!

    1. Yeah will be played like best of 3 but even if Fed wins the first set, Monfils has come back from the bring twice already and whose to say he won’t do it again. For Fed to win, winning the third set is a must I feel.

    2. I actually think the suspension is bad for Roger in many ways. First, had the match continued today, it would’ve reached a stage where Monfils would’ve started feeling the effects of his last two matches, and it would’ve become worse with time. That wasn’t to be.

      Second, with Monfils rested, and this being effectively a three set match now, on clay, could be dangerous, if Roger doesn’t win the first set.

      Third, it gives less recovery time for Roger, if he were to win, to prepare for the Stan match.

      Right now, I just want the win.

      1. I agree – although if the break also gives Roger time to get his brain, forehand and first serve back it may be helpful. Either way, I suspect that Stan will beat the winner in the next round.

        A win would be nice, though – and would shore up his points a bit.

  47. Not sure there’s much benefit to Feds, apart from it should be warmer tomorrow. More for Monfools as another few hours rest after just 2 sets. But it’s not good playing that late and it looked cold. I still worry about that back. It was worrying how, having fought to get the break back, he then lost it again, although to be fair I thought Monf was hitting and hoping and got lucky. Feds’ serve % dropped also in that 2nd set, and Monfools was returning better I think. At least it’s even and can be looked at as a best of three. Fingers crossed πŸ™‚ Although Feds may not be wanting to meet Stan who’s looking very much the Man. Didn’t see that match, but he despatched Simon pretty handily.

    1. I think Roger will win the next two sets 6-4 and 7-6. Reasoning is a break in the first game of the third which he holds to the finish. As the court gets warmer serving becomes more effective and so the set goes to a tiebreak. Roger holds onto his serve in the tiebreak and then nails a GOAT return at some point and holds the minibreak to the end. Just my prediction, but seems plausible to me.

      1. Sounds like plausible reasoning to me also Charlie πŸ™‚ I’ll go with that. I hate the way Monf winds the crowd up – give me Tsonga any day.

    2. Warmer weather will probably suit Monfils better but Rog’s slice will work more effectively on non-wet clay so bit of a toss up. Weather aside, all about whether Fed is able to get out of this mentally. Second set was key indication that Roger’s serve needs to be on point for him to be in control of the match otherwise Monfils just gonna keep pummeling and break through. Hope the serve is back in play tomorrow and can wrap it up.

      Wawrinka is looking very solid but Simon came off a 5 set match with Mahut. Stan was like the same in Australia but got mentally drained towards the end of the tourney but if he keeps up the form, he will be incredibly tough to beat.

  48. So the Chartier finally got some clowns in its circus in the forms of Clownga- seriously couldn’t believe he had to be pushed to a fourth set, flat from Mr. Consistency- had him making the finals but boy was I wrong. Kei and Stan in good positions to make the final.

    Was doubtful that Fed’s match would’ve been completed after Clownga clowned it up but Fed really lost his chances in the second set and now it’s back to 50/50 best of 3. Not sure who it favours more- Gael because gets an extra recovery day or Roger because Monfils won’t have the momentum. Either way I think we can all agree that the third set is crucial, Fed needs to come out guns blazing and put doubt in La Monf’s head early. Surprisingly I think the crowd is more on Roger’s side but could change because it’s a completely different match now. Losing to Gael again is gonnna be so rough, please Roger bring it home!

  49. The crowd were pleased Monfils was putting up a good show but they weren’t anti Fed and as the commentator said they were almost a bit embarrassed to be applauding against him.
    The infuriating thing is that with anyone else Monfils would either not show up or collapse – as he did against Murray at RG last year. He definitely plays up against Roger and loves the thrill of scoring points, usually flamboyantly, against the GOAT. Fed just needs to ignore the Monfils antics, remind himself he’s the better player and go out and win it – Monfils will crack.
    The omens are good – each time Fed has beaten Monfils at RG he has reached the final – 2008,9 and 11.
    And if everything goes pear shaped tomorrow he is still going to take good form on to the grass.
    It was a nice warm handshake between them at the end

  50. BTW – I haven’t been following this site for 4 years like some of you seem to have done but am glad I have found it now. Great reports and good banter

    1. You can always make up for lost time. We don’t play nice here. Just a word of caution. πŸ™‚

  51. Whoever wins between Federer and Monfils, Stan the Man is the favourite to win the QF imo.

    1. “Que sera, sera..” Roger showed stunning tennis yesterday. Just luck and serve was on a small leave in 2. set. Hope they return duly in time –

      1. Clay Sera Sera, Muser.

        It is like a normal clay-court tournament game now – a best of 3. However, the one who loses the first set will be under enormous pressure.

        Hopefully, Fed will win in straights today !!!

        ( if he plays serve and volley )

    2. If Roger makes it he does have a chance against Wawrinka. Remember his total collapse in Rome after he had blown away Nadal? But… First things first: Monfils has to be beaten. Boy, am I nervous!

  52. I was trying to get at what I thought was the RG pages from my Firefox history when it brought up the Telegraph tennis pages instead. I rather liked this little snippet from the game-by-game coverage:
    “Monfils had suddenly married power and precision, and then they divorced, allowing Federer a 0-30 lead.” πŸ™‚ ( More divorcing on the Montfils side today would be very nice.

    In other news: Roger and Gael are scheduled to take the court in parallel with the Murray-Chardy match. For those of us in the UK, does anyone want to bet that ITV4 and BBC radio will both decide to cover Andy? πŸ™

    1. Just checked on the RG website: there doesn’t appear to be any live stream, but there *is* radio coverage? Is that right?

    2. Oh no, is that right? Murray will take precedence, no doubt of that. If you have Sky there is Eurosports 1/2 so that might be an option. Damn.

      1. Inverdale has just confirmed that they’re likely to be covering the Murray match regardless πŸ™ Still, as I suspected, Sharapova/Safarova could be a long match …

        I boycott Murdoch, so nothing doing with Sky. Wonder if ITV have anything going on their website? πŸ™

      2. There *is* coverage on the ITV website, but I don’t know whether there’s anything in addition to what they’re showing on TV, like the equivalent of the Red Button service.

  53. Roger is a break up!. Long may this continue πŸ™‚ . just incredibly annoying – ITV4 is showing Andy’s match.

    1. Roger is quite a few breaks up in the 4th :). He was obviously determined not to waste much time out there today. Still, I daresay the spectators who weren’t expecting to see him today will have appreciated the opportunity. I assume he didn’t expend too much energy, either? Hoping that will improve his chances against Stan.

      1. A shade over an hour, is what he needed today to get it done. Actually, that’s just perfect.

  54. The RG truthful blown the bugle and the Maestro charged down the hill and the hog is dead.

      1. Yes, Alison πŸ™‚ . Every time I fantasised that Roger was charging forward … πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ .

      2. My sister came into the room during one of those advert breaks and said “Is that supposed to be Tsonga?” πŸ™‚

    1. Er? Nath, you do realise “les suisses” are playing each other tomorrow, do you? We’ll have no fence-sitting on this blog πŸ™‚

  55. Get in there Fed, a great days work!!! Monfils always saves the performances of his life for Fed then bows out tamely in the very next round. Hope Fed can keep this going, still tough rounds to come but great opportunity for another slam final then who knows… tired Murray, tired Djokovic?….

  56. Well that was a good training session for him πŸ˜‰
    Although Gael faded extremely quickly in the 4th and played some joke tennis 40-0 up in his first game…

    Oh well, the Maestro is through and there will be a Swiss (and one of my two favorite players in the semi! πŸ˜€ )

  57. BTW, Jon, before we get onto a new blog entry, I’m still really fed up with the RG website. I mean, its livescores feature doesn’t even show the points, which is a bit of a disaster, and nor does it show the players’ countries (I was just looking at the juniors’ matches to see how the Brits were doing). Plus I can’t see any link to the IBM Slamtracker, which I have to keep launching from the ATP website so I can keep proper track of matches. Nor can you easily find things like pressers, which I’m sure I was looking at last year …

    1. Hi.
      When the tournament started, on the TV broadcasts I noted the extremely legible characters and choice of colours for the scoreboard on the bottom left of the screen, making one apprehend the score in a fraction of a second. Genius in its simplicity is the choice of clay orange for the background of the score numbers for the set being played. Long gone are the dreadful gradients and glassy effects put there only for the sake of showing up (try to watch a Superbike race on Eurosport and you’ll see what I mean…).
      But all this came crumbling down when I opened the popup score window from the ATP website. The choice of character fonts is terrible, their minuscule sizes are, at the lack of better word, offensive, the scrollbar is pathetic, the layout is a tray where a 2 year old child dropped his toys on, and the information is, well, the very bare minimum.
      The person who hired the web designer and the other (same?) person who approved the end result should be forced to follow the entire tournament only through this brilliant piece of work, with the occasional WC pauses…
      BTW: when I came back from lunch and saw 6-1 I could not help feeling a bit sorry for Monfils, but on the other hand, a naturally talented guy like him should put more – all – focus on his game and leave the comedian career for when he leaves tennis.


    2. Yeah, it sucks that the total points won are not shown. Just so you know, Roger won 124-98.

      1. Stan generally chokes while he plays Fed barring one or two matches.

        Hopefully he chokes again tomorrow. If Fed gets through, which he will then we will have a high quality match against Kei ( assuming that Kei gets through, which he will too).

        Reminds me of the Edberg / Chang final at FO. Hopefully the result will be the opposite. But thats looking too ahead. Stan first tomorrow.

  58. From FO site, Monfils post match :

    “I’m sick – have been for a few days battling with it,” said Monfils. “I think I have flu. I have not much energy. Yesterday before the match I had hay fever. Day before also. Yesterday I thought we might not play and it would help me a little bit. Then finally we did play. I didn’t have a great night last night. Then today for me was very tough. Rog played not very decent, but just solid. It was pretty obvious that I couldn’t challenge him because I was too tired. You can hear it in my voice. I would like to know the secret of being a machine – not being injured or sick. With hindsight, I know when I caught the cold. After a practice session. I’m nice. I talk a lot. I sign lots of autographs. I should wear a pullover, a cardigan. From time to time I’m too kind.”

    Federer did not agree with Monfils’ assessment of his play.

    “I was moving well and dictating (last night),” he said. “It gave me the belief that I was doing the right things if only I could knock off those higher volleys. Everything worked out very well today and I’m still physically fresh for the back end of the tournament.”

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