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Federer routines Del Potro to make Semis in Indian Wells

Easiest match of the tournament so far for Roger as he dismissed Juan Martin Del Potro 6-3, 6-2 in just 69 minutes. He broke the Argentine 3 times and didn't drop his own serve in a rather one sided match.

Fed actually started pretty shakily and faced break points in the opening game of the match. At deuce he hit an ace that was called in. Del Potro challenged but hawkeye wasn't working so the original call had to stand. The ball was actually a mile out so it was a tough call for Del Potro. He was understandably angry but this totally threw him and a he lost all focus. Roger broke immediately and that took the match away from Del Potro.

From there on in it was totally noncompetitive and Del Potro made little impression in any of Roger's service games. Fed hit 13 aces compared to his Argentinian opponent's none and won 80 per cent of points on his first serve.

To say Fed has been ill all week I thought Del Potro might have been able to cause him some troubles, but once again he showed up on court with zero gameplan and decided to camp out 3 feet behind the baseline. This was never going to get the job done. Roger served great and he really ripped a lot of backhands which is nice to see. It was easily his best match of the week.

This was definitely a great match,” he said. “I sort of expected myself to come out and play a good match today after the struggle I had against [Thomaz] Bellucci. I don't usually struggle back-to-back days, so this was for me a really good match against a great player. I'm happy I was able to maintain the great streak I've got going against him this year.

Predictions vs. Nadal

Here we are with the second Fedal meeting of the year, let's hope it's better than the Australian Open let down. I watched the Nadal vs. Nalbandian match and really Nalbandian had a big opportunity to win the match. He's never been mentally tough and that let him down last night. He played some great stuff and caused Nadal a lot of problems.

I also thought Nadal looked dangerous on these slow courts and will surely pose Roger a ton of trouble in their meeting later today. Its now 18-9 in the H2H between these two so it's getting very one sided. One more victory and Nadal has a 10 match lead making Roger his turkey.

Roger is on a great run at the minute but a loss against Nadal will surely hurt his confidence once again which is why I feel he needs to win. He will need to step it up from his last few matches but he's definitely capable.

It's tough to say what tactics he should employ but I feel the Nadal backhand could be something that breaks down, it made quite a few errors against Nalbandian and Roger may be able to exploit that should he be able to hit the inside in forehand and the backhand down the line. Nalbandian has a great backhand down the line and this exposed Nadal on several occasions so I reckon Federer needs to try something similar. It's tougher to execute with a 1 hander and carries more risk, but he has to take them to get the better of Rafa especially on a slower court.

I'm not going to make a prediction in terms of scoreline, I just hope Fed is willing to do what it takes to win. Allez les Suisse!


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. I’m glad Djokovic and Isner play first and I don’t see Nole lose that one. Meaning, Djoko will already be waiting in the final when Fedal starts. Maybe… it could make Rafa start thinking. At least I like to think that. Fed often gets off with a good start, so if he could just keep that up for 70-80 minutes, ala Madrid 09.

    Considering that Roger has been ill the whole week, mentally it could lower his expectations and make him play more freely and not tightening up on the big points. Here’s hoping!

    Also wondering how the umpire will act after the talk about time violations lately. Rafa has already gotten a couple of warnings and rightly so. Last game vs Nalbandian he took 39,85 seconds on average between points.

    Time to teach that cheater a lesson. Bring the ‘killer’s mindset’, Roger!

    1. Pity Nalbandian choked but it was bound to happen. It’s like playing against a wall against Nadal.

      40 seconds is a joke. I hope Fed says something about it and destroys him.

    2. Great point! Even tho Isner is leading right now, I’m rooting for Djokovic because it doesn’t matter who Roger faces in the final, he NEEDS to beat Nadal. Knowing Isner is in the final will fuel Nadal, whereas as you pointed out, knowing Djoker will be waiting in the final will probably unsettle him.

      I wouldn’t call Nadal a cheater (at least not on purpose). A poor sportsman? Absolutely! The worst! His natural tendencies lend him to be a very frustrating person to play against. He’s very inconsiderate and always has the mental advantage simply because no one would lower himself and resort to the mind game tactics he employs before, during, and after matches. Despite his words, Nadal’s actions are quite classless.

  2. hehe, ISNER BEAT NOVAK. shame fed and rafa’s match is delayed. I watched the nalbandian match, nadal made bad errors, I thought he was going to lose. Shame. 🙁 Federer will still win!!!!

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