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Federer Routines Darcis in New York

More routine stuff for the GOAT in New York as he comprehensively defeated Steve Darcis 6-1, 6-2, 6-1 on a packed Arthur Ashe. Playing his first night session of the tournament Roger required just 80 minutes to get the job done and is now a seven match winning streak on the North American hard courts.

The Swiss hit 46 winners, 11 aces and won 86% behind his first serve en route to victory, which now puts him out in front as the player with the most night match victories at the US Open ahead of Agassi and level with Silliams.

Quick Match Recap

Federer Darcis US Open

Federer won the toss and elected to receive. Darcis held to 15 but in game 3 lost his serve and Federer streaked away, holding easily and breaking the Belgian twice more to take the opener 6-1. We even got a sabr albeit a losing one in the final game πŸ™‚

Set 2 went almost exactly the same way, Fed breaking to lead 2-0 and holding to love. Darcis managed to go one better and hold 2 service games but at 4-2, Federer hit a ridiculous forehand on the run at 40-0 then broke to take a two set lead.

With Darcis looking completely out of ideas he was again broken at the start of set 3. The Belgian did fashion his first break point of the match but Federer came up with the goods to snuff it out and hold. 2-0 quickly became 5-0 and although Darcis avoided the bagel Roger served things out to love to book his spot in the third round.

Match Stats

Stats Steve Darcis Roger Federer
Aces 2 11
Double faults 2 1
1st serves in 43/80 (54%) 43/61 (70%)
1st serve points won 23/43 (53%) 37/43 (86%)
2nd serve points won 15/37 (41%) 10/18 (56%)
Fastest serve 120 MPH 129 MPH
Average 1st serve speed 112 MPH 116 MPH
Average 2nd serve speed 88 MPH 93 MPH
Net points won 9/14 (64%) 19/29 (66%)
Break points won 0/1 (0%) 7/19 (37%)
Receiving points won 14/61 (23%) 42/80 (53%)
Winners 8 46
Unforced errors 18 25
Total points won 52 89
Distance Covered (Feet) 4282.8 4410.3
Dist. Covered/Pt. (Feet) 30.4 31.3
SABR 0 5



Thoughts on the Match

Federer US Open 2nd Round 2015

I was able to mix it up, was attacking, was also staying back some. I was pretty much all-out attack as much as I could. Obviously I have to manage that against different players when the scoreline isn't maybe so one-sided.

Not a whole lot to say about this one really as it was a complete schooling. Almost a bit of a mis-match as Darcis just got overpowered and outplayed by Fed's attacking intent. The Belgian strikes a sweet ball off both wings but when you have Fed on the other side well inside the court hammering it back there is very little he could do. He's not a grinder or a supreme defender so if he can't push Federer back with his own offense then it's curtains for him.

Like Fed said in press he played all out attack and Darcis had no answers. Forehand was supreme and the stats again make decent reading with plenty of net play and variety in there which Darcis seemed to struggle with when put under pressure. I counted 5 sabr returns too, although I completely forgot to make a prediction before hand πŸ™

So 4 games dropped, little energy expended and into round 3. peRFect start so far. Almost reminded me a bit of the Monaco match a few years ago but hopefully this tournament has a better ending πŸ˜‰

Predictions vs. Kohlschreiber

Federer vs Kohli US Open

Next up is Kohli who defeated Lukas Rosol in straight sets. An impressive win considering he had a tough 5 setter vs. Zverev in the first round. If he'd gone 4 or 5 again then you'd give him zero chance against Fed but he's in a slightly better position now. Still a massive underdog but he has played well at the US Open previously, pushing Nadal in 2013 and his game can be dangerous when things click into place.

Fed leads the H2H 9-0 but it could quite easily be 8-1 after their encounter at Halle earlier this year; if Kohli had had a bit more luck or played that bit more clutch in the tie break he'd have come out on top. With all that in mind I'll pick Fed to come through in 3 sets based on how he's playing so far. If he keeps up the attacking intent, mixes it up nicely with slice etc. which is harder for Kohlschreiber to handle with his backhand grip, I go 7-5, 7-6(3), 6-4.

Interestingly I heard that Kohli was the first player Federer brought out sabr on too over in Cincy when they practised. Not sure how many times we'll see it on Saturday mind, the German has a really high quality second serve as he goes big on it most times. I'll go 4 Sabr returns, let me know your predictions in the comments.

Finally Federer has confirmed he'll be playing Rotterdam next year. Looks like Kraijeck has got his wallet out again πŸ˜†


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Thanks Jonathan for the write-up. Pleased its a straight-forward win, as his path from here can be tricky. All the seeds in his quarter have come through. What do others make of Murray’s five set scare today? And Chung put up a good fight against Stan too. Roger and ND definitely looking as the fittest amongst all.

    1. Murray is well known for faltering early in the USO so I wouldn’t read too much into it, although 9 sets of tennis 4 days in isn’t ideal because he a had a very physical few weeks coming into this slam. Judging on form, I rekon Stan has a good chance to make the semis.

  2. I am waiting for someone to make a compilation of all the SABR shots Federer has hit, including the points he lost. I mean, the highlights only show the ones he won and unless you have watched the match live, you don’t get to see SABRs !

      1. Yeah, I saw this. These are the ones in Cincinnati. What about the ones he has pulled off against Mayer and Darcis and will pull off in the rest of this tournament ?

  3. Thought I’d better go and grab the highlights while they were still there, but my broadband’s so pathetic that I can’t even get them.

    Suspect Roger is playing Rotterdam because he won’t be playing Davis Cup? As I said, I always assumed that was why he’d given it a miss in 2014.

    1. Not sure how the world of tennis is meant to prosper or attract more people if the ITF/ATP/WTA keep on removing highlights and matches. I’m still sour over the Djoker/Fed F0 2011 semi being removed.

      1. TV stations pay better.

        If a few are willing to pay more, why bother with the rest if the net income is assured?

        Sport broadcast is not anymore a stimulus to grab a ball/racquet/whatever gear and go play/run/pedal outside to imitate you idols or at the very least to have some fun: it has become a passive couch entertainment. Don’t complain about obesity, then…
        Look at Formula 1: I don’t even get to see race highlights on public TV anymore. 20 years ago they were broadcast live. Nowadays I have no idea who is the best driver or the best car or the best enginner.

        It’s all going down the same pipe. The days of free (paid by taxes or advertisment, that is) sports imagery are numbered.

      2. Agree completely Alysha. I think they’re shooting themselves in the foot.

        I’m thinking of a more tiered broadcast rights agreement – so instead of exclusive rights, espn (say) gets first rights. Any match they’re not broadcasting can be shown with commentary by Tennis TV. Any match they ARE broadcasting can be shown without commentary by Tennis TV, but they must pay 25 cents per view (or so) to the first rights holder. (Hoping for an incentive to have decent commentary there). And Tennis TV, being above all interested in the future of tennis, including invested fans, allows gifs/highlights of its material. Perhaps within some kind of time limits, but allowed.

        Of course I think the current agreement is for 15 years, so we’re all doomed.

      3. Rui is spot on. TV money is exorbitant, so there’s no point them messing around with smaller fish or dishing it out other places. Highest bidder gets exclusivity.

      4. I understand that but tennis on TV is one big mess because it isn’t as popular as other sports- especially in the US.

  4. Roger will win his next match but I am really afraid about his match up with isner in round 4 if isner reaches round 4.I was cheering for chung and mannarino but both of them lost.The road ahead is tough but I believe our champion can do it and win the open for us.
    Cheers Jonathan for this lovely match report.

    1. I am somewhat worried but not overly worried. Plus, I think that Vessely will cause problems for Isner and may take 1 or 2 sets from him or maybe even beat him, so we’ll see.


        Just kidding.

        Early rounds Fed is always gonna look great unless it’s 2013.

        But no matter how great he seems now, Father Time will not be defeated. Boring-as-all-get-out-maddeningly consistent, unspectacular, mundane machine Robo-Nole beats Fed in the final. Right on the same script we’ve seen again and again.
        Still, I will enjoy the beautiful tennis from the Maestro while I can.

  5. The game was too late to watch live. I only saw the highlights this morning. Looked like a one-way road, a routine workout with plenty room for botching a few easy shots. I foresee a well played match against Cabbage Writer, sorry, Kohlschreiber, but with the usual outcome. I’m not sure that the 2 first sets will go the full length to TB or even 12 games. Maybe the first, yeah, but the next two will be single-break ones. That’s what my crystal ball says…

    1. ‘Kohle’ means ‘carbon’ – as in pencil presumably, which makes more sense – what could a ‘cabbage writer’ be? I’d be interested to know. πŸ˜‰ I guess his name simply means ‘scribe’. You may be right on only one tiebreaker (I hope so), but Kohli serves 117mph average 1st serve, 97 mph second, and if he’s hitting the spot, he’ll be tough to break.

      1. A lot more sense, indeed! Cabage Writer would be a fit name for a Monty Python sketch title or character, totally void of any immediate sense.
        Now, mor seriously: whether or not Philipp is physically recovered at the match is the major unknown, because Roger has barely warmed up from what I’ve seen so far. Let’s hope for a good match from Roger, but the memory of the recent Halle clash is still vivid. Then again, so was Mayer’s match at last year’s Shangai and see what happened…

      2. Kohli has always done well (apart from when he met Feds in the first round this time of course!) at Halle. He won the championship in 2011. He’s had some success at USO – 4th round last three years, but not much before that. Mayer played poorly really but then Feds suffocated him. I guess it’s the same as always – how they play on the day. So far, Federer has looked very comfortable and full of confidence – don’t see any reason why that should not continue. πŸ™‚

      3. Think it’d be Kohle*en*schreiber in that case, although my SprachgefΓΌhl isn’t that brilliant at 1 am. I think I’ll stick with cabbage-writer πŸ™‚

      4. But often letters are ‘lost’ in a surname over time are they not? Cabbage writer sounds fun – but what the hell does it mean?

      5. In that case there’d probably be another Kohleshcreiber name floating around that didn’t drop the letter. Doesn’t seem to be from a quick Google.

        Kohlschutter – cabbage archer.

    2. Why would they drop the E though? I would guess it’s the fusion of two feudal style names. Cabbage farmer meets Scribe.

      Perhaps there were a lot of Kohl’s in one area when populations increased – and this Kohl in particular was no longer a farmer but now a scribe / writer. So they all took different names to identify themselves better.

      Either that or they married and fused both names without a hyphen.

      1. It’s also suggested as ‘coal’, so coal writer – interesting the etymology of names isn’t it?

  6. – It was a maestroful day one could say. PeRFect match start to end except for that bp conversion. I caught Darcis a few times staring around him as he walked to the other side of the court in between serves and Fed was already in the middle of his service motion haha. Roger’s rhythm is a major frustration for a tonne of his opponents.
    – I hear Fed is in the way of a 4th consecutive 4th round meeting at the US Open for Kohli/Isner. Also noted Fed facing a third straight one-handed BH player.
    – Elsewhere, Murray pulled yet another upset alert match early in NY (this time not against Haase) and Stan really got dished a tough match with Chung who deserved a set at least!
    – Loved Rog’s comment about the people at the Met looking at him and not the art. Can’t blame them for staring at a walking masterpiece can you?
    – Yes I saw that about Rotterdam. First thing that came to my mind is an unofficial farewell tour. Just don’t see why Fed would be adding more events to an Olympic year…

    1. A “farewell tour”? As long as he is telling about “hopefully many more years to come” and running about like a 6 year old? Naw, I think – perhaps a wallet in view as Jon smiles, but maybe also Roger likes the place – and gives it chance because at that springtime Davis Cup is not obligatory ..

      1. Well, now I see that he was there – winning – in 2012 as well – preparing for the Olympic Games…?

      2. Yeah Fed did play there in 2012 but didn’t play a AO warm-up and missed Miami and Monte-Carlo as well. I think Brisbane has already announced that Roger is playing there again next year and should he make it deep in Melbourne again, will be a busy period. No point speculating I guess, will see when the schedule is released.

    2. I would say Rotterdam is a combination of unfinished business after losing to Bennetmug and a ton of cash on offer. Plus it fits in nicely with the schedule.

      1. Don’t think Roger really cares too much about that, wasn’t he injured? Also does it really fit in nicely with the schedule? Brisbane-Melbourne-Rotterdam-Dubai.

      2. I meant more from the fan side of things etc. A lot of people bought tickets (me included) and were left disappointed so he’d make another appearance to give them another shot.

        I think it fits in nicely – he’ll be heading back to Europe after Melbourne. Few days in Switzerland then to Rotterdam. Then extended stay in Dubai, if he plays it…

  7. I actually love that you have a SABR stat, Jonathan. As it is a new invented important shot that should be included as part of the stats…

    So far, so good! Quite happy with Roger’s play but as you said it is the early rounds!

    1. SABR’s should be listed as won versus attempted. Did Roger win all five of them?

      Vily, Roger didn’t invent it, he re-invented, or rather, upgraded it. πŸ™‚

      1. Was it something that McEnroe used to employ in his heyday?

        I was listening to his commentary and he was suggesting that they change the rules and allow players to return the serve in the air before it bounces… LOL! That’s crazy, right!

      2. I’d like to see that happen Vily πŸ˜† MacE is full of BS – just likes the sound of his own voice. Even if it was possible to react so quickly as to take in before it bounces, you’ve got to think that it would lead to a lot of wrist injuries!

      3. [allow players to return the serve in the air before it bounces]

        That would be funny. Stand right at the net, serve goes nowhere, and you volley it for a winner. Receiver never loses a point.

        Who invented the SABR? Even if it wasn’t used at professional levels, amateurs have been doing it all the time. πŸ™‚

      4. Exactly, I have been sabr-ing since I picked up a racquet. But I’m not facing 100mph second serves that often πŸ™‚ and even when I do they’re not pin point.

        JMac used it too.

      5. Jon Wertheim is calling it “sneak attack behind return”, which I kind of like since you can use it if somebody else does it…

      6. Ah! You meant amateurs… OK then… It’s amazing that Roger still can learn something from amateurs πŸ˜€

      7. Like anyone else is going to use that shot πŸ˜† . We might see Djoker do it in an Exho or something followed by a dance and a striptease in a love me love me moment but can’t seen anyone pulling it out in a match. They’d all be scared of the press saying the idolise Fed and imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

        SABR always!

  8. Wow. This is actually reminiscent of his glory days. Granted, the opponent’s inability to counter is part of what makes that possible… but still, he’s everywhere, he’s flying, his angles are insane…..

    Love this kit against the NY courts actually. Some monitors seem to have the accent color pink, but I think it’s really more coral. The color on the feet really highlights how they’re dancing over the court.

    Was sorry to see Lleyton not able to serve it out; but I saw a comment that as the DC captain-elect, he must have been pleased to see Tomic stick with it instead of folding; which is probably also true.

      1. Yeah tragic last few years for Hewitt at the end of matches, same thing at Wimbledon too. AO going to be very emotional!

    1. His glory days?

      Against Darcis?

      Of course glad Fed won so dominantly, but isn’t that really par for the course?

      I just don’t think him whaling away on Darcis is that surprising- or even really extra encouraging for the future of the tourney (not that it’s in any way discouraging) considering the pedigree of the two players.

      We only know about Darcis becuase he’s one of flaky Rafa’s bullies at Wimbledon. But we’ve now learned the bar for that title is pretty low.

  9. Couldnt watch live telecast. Its too late really for us here in kashmir. Watched the highlights and boy , reminiscence of 2006 US open! Federer was firing all cylinders. A clear plan here that he needs to put these matches to rest very quickly to go deep here.
    2 hrs 37 mins towards Round 3, not bad.
    Kohli s match should be 3 sets too 6-4,6-4,6-3.
    Murray s livinh in tge edge , he looked physically deflated. I am Bellucci might not be ideal opponent for him, but who cares really.
    What about the 2nd quarter guys! With Grigor and Kei out , its Marin Cilic quarter to loose certainly ! What a time if he wins a few more and peaks into the semis, that would be interesting to see as djokovic has clearly schooled him in their rivalry.
    As far as the third quarter goes Stan clearly looks the man to beat, was impressive against tge Korean Prodigy!
    Thought I ed love to see 4 US open champions batlle in out in the semis! ?

    1. I think Bellucci could be a dangerous opponen for him. In form with a big game. But known for blowing hot and cold. Will depend how sharp Murray is – if he’s playing reactive tennis then Bellucci can do damage.

    2. The Kei quarter of the draw is something. Paire really been the surprise on the men’s side and Cilic escaped as well. Goffin also out so Novak’s draw getting more and more straightforward. Tsonga been flying under the radar, was my pre-tournament pick to make the semis vs Novak. Hope he can get there.

  10. You say ‘routine’ which I suppose it was, as in done and dusted in 80 minutes, but I thought he was pretty awesome – such incredible variety – OK Darcis not the biggest challenge, but still… I hope he won’t be forced into two tiebreaks – I hate tiebreaks – but certainly looks as though Kohli’s serving well. Not an easy match certainly. The commentators are calling the ‘sabr’ shot a ‘bayonet’ – sounds brutal.

    Murray shouldn’t have been pushed to 5, but he does tend to be a little slow out of the blocks and Mannarino’s skillset – short backswing, hard and flat, suit this court so he’s no pushover. His fitness and stamina are questionable, so I knew Murray would get it done eventually.

    Chung is an up and coming decent competitor, but Stan really shouldn’t have been pushed to 3 TB sets – it was the UFEs which led to this – 66 in all!

    So far, as smooth as silk; next match tougher, but hopefully ‘awesome Fed’ will be there again. πŸ™‚

    1. I was enjoying the read until the writer wrote something about that asshole of a Prime Minister of India.

      What’s one go to do with the other?


      1. It’s an Indian site man. What’d you expect. :p The only posts that get comments in the news in India are cricket and politics (paid bots in all likelihood)

  11. Not getting carried away! Darcis is crap! One match at a time… Rog just has to keep all % up in every depr! Kolhi obviously a bigger test so I fancy Rog to be v focused and up his tennis a gear when needed. Allez

  12. In watching Fog give Rafa some early trouble and wondering:



  13. Isn’t it crazy? I’ve been rooting against Rafa all my life but as of late I find myself rooting for Rafa so much. It’s maybe because I want him to get better and pose the question to Djokovic.

    I realize that once Nadal is back, no one is safe, especially Roger but as of now I enjoy it.

    But Roger is my guy no matter what! Maybe I just want someone to push and possibly bear Djokovic!

    1. This is exactly how I am feeling right now.I don’t know why I was cheering for rafa and in set 5 i thought that it is the first time i am supporting rafa .I wanted him to play djokovic but it won’t happen.

    2. Me too Vily. But you’d have to be pretty mean not to feel some sympathy. After all, we’ve been through it with the Feds have we not? Much of this stems from the fact that they’ve not met recently (just when Feds would have had a chance to possibly make the h2h stat a bit more respectable) so we’ve not had a chance to start hating him again! Like him or not, he’s a great champion, and no one surely wants to see him fade away.

  14. I just got word that Larry Ellison has upped the tickets at IW again. That’s a 200% increase in 4 years…what the hell!
    Apparently he wants the box, lower seats to be bought by the corporate world. Squeezing us small fry out.

  15. Interesting that Roger criticised the players that retired from the heat. He said there is no excuse for it. A little harsh. Some people can’t cope well with heat no matter how fit and hydrated.

  16. Man – 4th set of Rafa Fog. There is some sad sad tennis going on here. I kind of feel sorry for Rafa. He is a shade of his former self.

    Fog is hitting unreal stuff almost as often as he’s hitting total clown stuff.

    Rafa looks like he is juts trying to get it in.

    It is not high caliber fare.

  17. Rafa just got broke late in the 4th.


    It’s like Fed vs Robrerdo except worse cause he’s supposed to be healthy. And cause… Well he’s still so close to his prime.

    What has happened to this guy????

    1. That’s terrible, right! How can you screw it up so bad? 2 sets to love and 1 break up in the 3rd and 4th and still manage to mess it up. His positioning is horrible. He needs to step in or he’s losing this match. He’ll definitely lose to Lopez anyway in the next match the way he’s playing anyway. His serve is so predictable and weak… It’s ridiculous really. Poor Rafa…

  18. Wow! What a fight by both fighters! What digs by both players and what heart from Nadal but in the end it wasn’t enough! His spirit was beastly but the game just is not there!!! Not today!!!

    He fought I suppose and that’s a good thing but just his game needs to improve so that he doesn’t put himself in such horrible positions in the future. His serve was absolutely not effective. You simply can’t win on a fast hard court if you can’t hold serve. Anyway, it is what it is. I still think that Tsonga will be the real test potentially for Chokovich.

    Tomorrow, I hope for a Fed victory, a Murray loss and a Berdych loss! Goodnight everyone!

    1. It’s pretty incredible to see even when Nadal’s game isn’t there, is attitude won’t ever fade. Couldn’t serve to save his life and FH is still causing much of the problems. Gotta give credit to Fabio though, he’s not the type of player to fight back after being 2 sets and a break down.

  19. WOW. Fabio is the GOAT. Bad bad loss for Nadal, first time he’s lost 2 sets up to love. and gone slamless after 9 years Looked like he was about to cry when he walked through the tunnel. Other than that, Fabio played out of this world and was hitting winners all over the court, has top 10 talent but is too lazy muchlike Monfils. If he can play like that against Novak, would be a far more worthy competitor in a QF.

    1. Very cold handshake by Nadal at the net, despite no celebration at all by Fabio. These two have some kind of history? I know that Nadal was beaten twice on clay by Fognini.

      1. No love lost between the two. I think it’s a combination of losing to him 3 times now and his ecentric personality.

      2. They had a bit of an argument on court in Hamburg this year. think it was Fog complaining at Nadal’s timewasting and also kicking off with Uncle Toni in the box because he was chirping up.

  20. What a match! Fognini wins 154-152. He won every fourth of his points at the net. And in a match settled by two points, that’s huge!

    1. Fogs is a doubles slam champ after all. I lost count at the missed opportunities for Nadal to come in and end a point instead of grinding it out on the baseline and wait for the error. Good to see Fogs’ variety get the win here.

    2. Fognini was the aggressor and deserved to win. Nadal’s unbelievable and beastly resolve and desire to fight kept him in the match but how pathetic was his serve – always out or in the same spot. That’s the first thing he needs to work on – change a racquet or something but that serve is abysmal and everything goes wrong from there. How many time he faced a 0:40 – right out of the gate – I mean. That’s horrible. No aces, no free points – nada…And Fognini was relentless but still…

      1. You see, that match sums up the difference between Roger and Rafa. When Roger hit rock bottom, he wasn’t afraid to change racquets and hire a new coach – and you see him now at 34 playing as good as ever.

        There is only so much you can ask your body and mind to do. Nadal is 29 and pushing on 30 and his style of play could certain benefit from some free points on the serve.

        Murray is similar but at least he’s playing better even though that will be his demise as well.

        Nadal has got to add something to make him more attacking and stay close to the line. And I believe that possibly a different racquet or maybe tinker with the weights but he needs to get more accuracy. All his serves go either outside or to the body. Almost 0 at the T. He’s never had a great serve but he’s had a decent serve and now his serve is horrible…

      2. Rafa just doesn’t have any confidence- and losing this match certainly made things worse. Nadal’s game isn’t tailored to be attacking though and I highly doubt he’s going to change style so late in his career. Also, pretty sure he already did a racquet change this year and said he wasn’t going to be playing around with that sort of stuff until he felt comfortable with where his game is at. Much like Roger who didn’t full transition with the larger frame until he strung some wins/momentum together.

        Roger was very lucky in 2013 to have the indoor season to collect some momentum to get back on track in 2014. Rafa not in the same boat…

      3. The thing you have to remember with Federer’s changes are two fold. First the racquet – there was scope for change. He was using, and winning slams with a 90sq” racquet till 2012. Nobody else was in that range. So he could move to bigger head size and see the benefit. It’s still only a marginal one at that.

        Second – he has a very versatile game and playing across generations means he can add things to his game pretty easily. Not all players can do that. Nadal has really only got one style of play.

        Nadal on the other hand is already using a 100sq” racquet – where does he go from there? I don’t think the racquet is his problem either, not like he’s shanking the ball a whole lot, he’s just missing when it matters most.

        I think it’s all about confidence for him – if he can get that back then he’ll be a force. His serve has always been sub par for someone of his height / strength but he just placed it well and followed it up well. Now he’s getting tight and missing / rolling it in.

    1. Yeah for a second I thought I was watching the WTA. Nadal needs to hit the practice courts and work on his serve big time if he is to have any chance to get back to where he wants to be.

  21. Fognini incredible…no.
    I didn’t watch the whole match…can’t stand watching Nadal but what I did see, quite the match. Def the match of the tournament.

    1. That 5th set is going down as a classic.

      Also whose quality was better? Fognini 5th set USO 2014 vs Rosol 5th set Wimby 2012?

      1. Rosol without a doubt.

        Rafa broke fogs 3 TIMES in the 5th.

        He just got broken 4 times himself.

        But that all just made this match more insane and entertaining.

        So Rosol was better in the 5th but this match was better to watch in the 5th.

  22. Rafa played super super tight for him. Tried not to lose. Did not play to win. Stayed so close to the middle all night.

    Fog – on the other hand – really went for his shots. Like 25 winners to 70 or something like that.

    Nadal has so little confidence right now.

    Needs some matches against Rog.


    1. The good news for Nadal is that he’s fit and the health is there. There is some confidence lacking but I also think there are definitely some fundamental flaws – especially on the serve… Roger would have destroyed Nadal today. It was that bad. But then you look at the first 2 sets and you scratch your head. I don’t know what’s going on. I am sure that he’ll figure it out eventually.

      In any case, I hope that Roger continues his quest and let’s see what surprises we’ll have tomorrow. Bellucci leads Murray 1:0 H2H and Garcia Lopez leads Berdych 3:2 H2H. Will be curious to see if one or maybe both of them go out tomorrow.. We shall see!

    2. Yeah I am predicting Bellucci to take at least a set. Depends if Murray is real high on confidence now I guess. Final night match so maybe gives him slightly more recovery time.

    1. True, but it was a paper tiger to begin with. Nothing really they’re from the start.

      Kei has the plague (or whatever).

      And Rafa – well, you saw it tonight.

      Our only hope is the great and mighty Cilic. ?

    2. Regardless, Novak would be favourite to make the final no matter who he gets in his half. It’s who he plays in the final that will matter the most.

    3. You’re right Sue, carpet rolled out and strewn with rose petals for ND to stroll to the final. Apart from Cilic seeded 9 πŸ˜† , there are no seeds higher than Lopez at 18 in the top half. Bottom half: 2, 3, 5, 6, 12, 13, 15. AM undoubtedly has the toughest route – actually feeling sorry for him – almost.

      Ah well, just concentrate on Federer and his matches – he’s the only one I care about. πŸ™‚

    4. I’m positive if you add up the two finalists’ 7 opponents’ ranking a week from now, ND’s will be 100 bigger than his opponent’s

  23. He really had no one to challenge him really. With Murray and Stan in Fed’s half. Djoker seems to have a free ride to final over and over.

  24. Judging from Nadal’s stats against Fognini (30-18) for W/UE ratio, he didn’t play a bad match. But his decline from 2015 can mostly be judged by his lack of mental toughness. Both 3rd and 4th sets he was a break up early and ended up losing both sets. Fognini’s running forehand winners were a thing of beauty though. 70 winners is just incredible given the lack of aces.

    Given how open it is now, anyone wanna predict the QF section on Djokovic’s side? Here’s what I got:

    Djokovic vs Lopez
    Tsonga vs Cilic

    1. Just watched some extended stuff from the match. Not sure Fed would have been as nailed on to defeat him as some people think πŸ˜€

      Fognini came up with some insane tennis really, some of his forehands were outrageous. Nadal was still coming up with unreal defensive plays and shots of his own. Tough loss for Nadal but he played pretty well tbh, just couldn’t hang onto his breaks of serve.

      1. Yup. This Nadal would still have given headaches to Roger, and even beaten him. Just like Stan at the AO 2014 final, Fabio put the match on his racquet.

        I watched the entire crazy final set. If you want to truly understand how Fabio did it, watch game 9 of the final set. What was Fabio thinking? Even better, what was Nadal thinking?

      2. Those 2 forehands up the line were ridiculous.

        I am surprised Nadal didn’t do something to try throw Fog out of sync. He knows he can be a headcase.

      3. I think after losing that dramatic game nine, Fabio sensed a swing in momentum, and went bonkers. Toni had his index finger on his right temple, telling Nadal to use his head, and play smart. Fabio wasn’t having any of it. “You can use your head Rafa, I’ll use my racquet’. Boom, Boom, Boom, Bang! Game over. Nadal was the head case.

        The thing is, now poor Djokovic doesn’t get a chance to improve his H2H against Nadal, especially in a Slam match.

        By the way, Djokovic has beaten Nadal in their last meetings at the Australian Open, Wimbledon, and French Open.

  25. SABR – Sneaky attack by Roger Fed
    Is playing with the opponent’s head
    And the mid=air smash against Steve
    Even my sleepy eyes couldn’t believe

    Fed – even at the age of thirty-four
    Is showing younger guys the door
    On the other hand poor Rafael Nadal
    Has been failing, despite giving it all

    I had predicted this Rafa loss as if Fognini could beat him twice on clay, then hardcourt was more possible.

    On the other hand all my other predictions gone awry – Kyrgios didn’t beat Murray. Nishi and Raonic bundled out. Lets see if Gasquet takes out Berdych.

  26. Looks like that crip walking, gun toting, lines judge threatening, fried chicken munching, doped up, overgrown thug of a ghetto bitch Serena Williams is well on course to pull of the biggest thuggery of her career.

    What a sad day it would be when she equals or beat Steffi’s record. I never really was a fan of Steffi, but her game was beautiful, graceful, and she was very sporting.

    1. With a large number of tickets going to resellers looking to cash in at the fact people will flock to the final if she makes it as it’s a place to be seen and post on Instagram that they were ‘part of history alongside this magnificent player.’

      It’s not a reflection of what people would rather watch.

    2. It’s all advertising, about the grand slam, and the 22nd title. Tell these dumb fucks that an American is about to break records, and they will flock like sheep, to be a part of history. I’m telling you, a vast majority of that stadium is going to be filled be world class assholes. Maybe they should set up a booth for Obamacare enrollment, while they are at it.

      1. There are going to be booths cashing in , the ball that strikes the last shot will be sold for $100 k if she wins!

  27. Hey guys, I don’t think Roger can win the open. No way in sane world is that happening. I want to list out some points which supports that,
    1.The court speed is slow as fuck and it bounces a lot which favours the baseliners and retrievers
    2. His backhand looks quite weak, doesn’t have the pace and direction to cause trouble for good hitters
    3. His serve Down the tee in deuce and out wide in ad court is not working properly
    4. Doesn’t have the fire power, legs and patience from the baseline
    5. Beating Djokovic, Murray or berdych in this slow fucking court is going to be close to impossible
    6. Hasn’t faced a quality baseliner yet

    Hope roger proves me wrong but he often doesn’t prove me wrong. predicted a loss against nole in wimbledon and predicted a win against nole in cincy. I sincerely hope he can win 18..

    1. Its seriously these kind of posts that make me sick. Sure we did not say he was the favorite but what utter bullshit. Either see his matches and talk or just shut up. Beating Berdych is imposible ? Are you mad ? He thrashed him in Rome and Indian Wells which are much slower courts and he has thrashed Murray all round the world for a year now. As for the other points No point in responding to you.

      1. Berdych , Murray and djokovic not or.. Typo. Anyways, didn’t miss a match of his this year so I know what I’m saying.

      2. He might have beaten berdych and Murray on other courts this year. But this one is different. He still goes as a favourite in those matches but if they push him then he might be running empty against nole in the final

  28. Roger did play a bit sloppy today, and the serve wasn’t working but he still managed to win in straight sets. Not too shabby! I expect to pick his level up against Isner.

    That being said, Isner is looking ominous because the DUDE is well-rested and is acing galore…

    Berdych also got through. If he beats Gasquet, I will really get pissed. All the freaking tough seats are holding in Roger’s half. Freaking no help… Murrat will probably destroy Bellucci today… Anyway!

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