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Federer Routines Bautista-Agut to Make Wimbledon Quarters

Routine match here for the GOAT as he defeated Roberto Bautista-Agut 6-2, 6-2, 6-3 in 1 hour and 26 minutes to book his spot in the Wimbledon Quarter Finals where he'll face Frenchman Gilles Simon.

Roger went into the tie with a 2-0 head to head record against the Spaniard and as expected it was very one sided. Murray showed on centre court last year that Agut doesn't have the firepower to hurt top 10 players and Roger made him look even more powerless playing with great variety along with spot serving to win 62% of all points played en route to victory.

Quick Match Recap

Federer Wimbledon 4th Round 2015

RBA won the toss and elected to serve, holding to 15 before Roger levelled with a hold to love. At 2-2 15 all Roger came up with his first moment of genius before going onto break for 3-2. The break was consolidated to love and Agut had his serve broken for the second time for 5-2. Roger then served it out to 15 playing a delightful floated backhand lob on set point.

Into set 2 and Roger immediately broke, hitting a ridiculous return on break point off Agut's fastest serve of the match. It was again consolidated to love and Agut had to save a break point in his next service game before holding.

At 3-2 15-0 Federer serving, RBA took a nasty fall in the deuce court tramlines which required a lengthy medical timeout. Play resumed after 7 minutes and Federer quickly held for 4-2 before breaking again to 15 and holding to 30 to take a 2 set to love lead.

With Agut looking slightly hampered set 3 was virtually a procession and Roger really began to cruise, breaking at 1-1 and coming up with some exho style points to hold for 3-1.

Agut stuck around to get 3 games on the board with some bigger ball striking but with Roger holding service games to love he couldn't fight off a final FedExpress charge in game 9; which saw the Swiss waste 5 match points trying to finish it with a crowd pleaser before eventually converting his 6th when Agut dumped a backhand into the net. GSM Federer!

Match Stats

MATCH STATISTICS Roberto Bautista Agut Roger Federer
ACES 2 7
1ST SERVES IN 56/84 (67 %) 38/56 (68 %)
1ST SERVE POINTS WON 30/56 (54 %) 35/38 (92 %)
2ND SERVE POINTS WON 15/28 (54 %) 13/18 (72 %)
NET POINTS WON 11/18 (61 %) 30/40 (75 %)
BREAK POINTS WON 0/0 (0 %) 6/13 (46 %)
RECEIVING POINTS WON 8/56 (14 %) 39/84 (46 %)

Thoughts on the Match

Federer Wimbledon 4th Round Win 2015

As expected a routine win here for Roger against a guy who doesn't have big big weapons to hurt you with. Agut is a runner with a decent forehand and flat shots but they can't really do any damage against the top guys and Roger took full advantage; playing way up the court, using his dominant serve to win plenty of cheap points and once he had the lead almost playing in Cruiserer Exho Mode πŸ˜†

Removing the guy from the other side of the net for a minute though the most impressive part of Fed's game today and from all his matches so far as been his movement; very fluid, short steps to the ball, always looking one step ahead of his opponent and cutting off the angles at the net in style when he moves up the court. I think that will be the key going forward; how well he can move out of the corners when on the defensive and transition into attack. Serve and forehand all need to work well too but if the feet are in the right place the groundies often take care of themselves. Allez!

Predictions vs. Simon

Federer Simon Shanghai

Next up is Gilles Simon who scored an impressive straight sets win over Berdych. Simon has a good record against Berdych but on grass it was expected the Czech would pull through; Simon had other ideas though using his crisp ball striking and counter punching style to cause Tomas a ton of problems. He also looks to be serving well giving himself some freebie points to help get it done.

Roger leads the H2H 5-2 between the pair and Simon hasn't beaten the Swiss since 2008 although that's not say there haven't been some close ones since then πŸ˜† . They've twice gone to 5 sets in Grand Slam play where Roger prevailed and the last meeting saw 2 tie breaks in the 2014 Shanghai final.

They've never met on grass before and I'm looking forward to this one, I'm guessing most are expecting a rollercoaster but I like the way Fed is playing so far this tournament and I think he moves too well on this surface for Simon. I'll pick Fed in three assuming he doesn't get drawn into Simon's style of play and keeps his foot on the gas from the get go. Federer in three – 6-2, 6-4, 6-4.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. What you said, Jonathan. As you say B-A really didn’t have anything to counter the level he faced from Roger. Interested to hear you mention his movement as a key starting point for how well things are going for him so far. I know you have talked before about his decision-making as to WHEN to come forward as well, & Roger himself has said that’s something he & Edberg have worked on. Looking really really good so far, but of course this is where it gets tricky. We know Gilles has challenged him before; hopefully Roger will be able once again to bring his A game.

      I kind of had the same thought at the end of the match that Roger might be missing some shots trying to end on a crowd-pleaser; on the other hand he’s right, match won on the opponent’s hit into the net ISN’T very pleasing. Such a tough audience we are.

      Allez Rog!

    2. Well tennis is a game of movement so if Fed is moving well he’s invariably playing well πŸ˜€

      Fed was looking for a showboat finish, wouldn’t do it normally in a close close match.

  1. Hi Jonathan i think thats what you call sublime tennis. So lovely to see him playing like this. I think Gilles may cause Fed a few problems but i am hoping not Big shout out to the other Swiss winners still three in there fighting. Come on you Swiss you know you can do it

  2. Looks good so far, and the road looks paved for a blockbuster semifinal versus Murray. (Although I know Jonathan doesn’t like to get carried away… πŸ˜‰

  3. A really disconcerting stat that ESPN highlighted during Set 3. I think it has got more to do with the characteristics of the surface than anything else.

    In 2003, Federer served and volleyed 313 times (45 per match)
    In 2012, he served and volleyed 63 times (9 per match)

    Did you know that in his 2011 Wimbledon win over Nadal, Djokovic served and volleyed just once, on the penultimate point of the match? You read that right. Just one serve and volley attempt to win a Wimbledon final.

    1. Yeah I saw that when they posted it up – unbelievable isn’t it? It would be interesting to see how much more Feds is volleying now compared to say a couple of years ago. Djokovic definitely serving much more now. And he and Anderson have got to finish off tomorrow. Anderson clearly out of gas; he needed to do it in 3. Finishing final set tomorrow *may* help him if he can come out firing, but I suspect it will go to Djokovic. He certainly gave him a fright though – the bags under Becker’s eyes got bigger as the match progressed. πŸ˜†

  4. Thanks for the write-up Jonathan – even easier than I thought. Hats off to B-Agut for staying the course. Feds played a superb match, πŸ™‚ but cross that he needed 5 MPs at the end, πŸ™ and an error from Agut. But an easy match so plenty of energy for Gilles who’ll be a lot tougher – didn’t see his match – WTF happened to Birdy?

    1. PS: Nice description (unless you’re Bautista Agut of course!) from the Guardian on Federer’s win. I particularly liked the opening sentence: ‘It was more of an evisceration than a match. But what an evisceration. In 86 minutes of surgical brilliance, Roger Federer gutted and numbed Roberto Bautista Agut until he had nothing left but his spirit. That helped the Spaniard save five match points but the jagged edge to the match came swiftly enough as Federer won through 6-2, 6-2, 6-3.’

    2. Not sure RBA’s spirit helped him save 5 MP, I think Fed missed a couple of conservative slices then tried to blaze winners on the other 3!

      1. Good point. Rog loves to finish on a fine point – shame he f***ed up this time!

        And between 1980-2014, the court shrunk. πŸ˜‰

  5. Thanks Jonathan for the recap, agree completely – a routine victory with no complication of any kind.
    On the next match, I was mildly surprised with the manner that Berdych was beaten without being able to grab a single set. Simon has been hitting balls cleanly for a few weeks now from Queen’s to Wimbledon. The strategic mistake that Berdych made today was to play rallies with Simon, who was much more consistent and defended superbly. In particular, Simon moved well from side to side. Roger will need to mix up the play and provided plenty of variety. I agree again that it should be in three straight sets.
    4 down 3 to go.
    Allez Roger!

  6. Just got home from a day at Wimbledon. And what a day! Having arrived to queue from 6.30am, we managed to watch two ladies singles matches on Court 18 then secured a pair or resale tickets for Centre Court and sat just to the right of the players box. Federer was sublime and to watch him do what he does is just breathtaking. My friend had never seen him play live before and she was just gobsmacked at his movement and shotmaking ability. The way he was transitioning forward and taking the balls out of the air was superlative, the slice was barely clearing the net and the forehand was really popping. Bautista had no answer, he didn’t play badly but it was just a different league out there. When Federer play like this on the biggest stage of all there really is no greater spectacle in sport. I feel enriched!

    1. ‘Feeling enriched’, exactry! Though I can only imagine seeing him on CC of Wimbledon. Lucky you πŸ™‚

  7. Lucky you Boris. Sounds like a great day. Haven’t watched the match yet. Will do since I believe the heat fried my last one.
    Go, Pospisil !!!!

    1. I think poor Popsy will be hard pressed to bring much energy to that game; he played a 5 set doubles match after his match against Troicki, that’s 3 5 set matches in 3 days. He is young but I think it will be hard to recover from that.

  8. Simon’s style of play can really annoy Federer. I’m not underestimating him. I won’t be surprised if this quarter-final match will be Federer’s 1st bad match of him of the tournament like Benneteau Wimbledon 2012.

    I’m going with Federer in 4 or possibly 5 sets.

    1. I agree BigFour. Simon is another one of these guys who gets one more ball back, and that can really get under Federer’s skin. I only saw a couple of games in Simon/Birdy match, but there were some incredible ‘gets’ from Simon. On the other hand, this will be good practice for his match against (I’m assuming) Murray. πŸ™‚

      1. Ha! I know what you mean Richard. I rarely watch more than a couple of games in his matches, unless he’s playing Feds of course. πŸ™‚

      2. I saw Murray and Simon play in Bangkok a few years ago and even as a tennis fanatic it was deadly boring and I almost fell asleep a few times. Even worse than a Wilander Lendl match.

        But Simon played well against Fed in Shanghai..and he has good pin point passing shots at times.

        The thing about Federers game these days is he can be playing brilliantly one day and the next below par (for Fed) I’m very anxious about tonight.

  9. Thanks for the recap J, especially comes in handy when Australia decides it would rather show Berdych rather than Roger. Not much to add here, Fed can only play as well as an opponent allows him to. Going into the Simon match a little apprehensive because I do believe Fed hasn’t been tested on the baseline yet, think it could prove to be key to get the upper hand in those if Murray is one round away. Fed’s form in QF in slams always been a bit wishy washy at times despite how he plays his prior matches. Fingers crossed he keeps up the form!

    Other thoughts:
    – What were the organisers thinking putting Fed/RBA on CC? Djoker/Anderson paying the price now- awful from them not to move the match over to CC, why should the winner be made to play 3 days in a row for no reason?
    – Anything is Pospisil it would seem. Wow, probably surprise run on the men’s side- but will be feeling the effects of those 5 setters against Murray you would assume…
    – Dimitrov finally splitting with Rasheed. Where to now for Grigor?

    1. Yes. The Simon match may be a good tune up for Murray. To me, they have somewhat similar style of play. Although it seems Simon has changed his playing style a little bit, bringing in some aggression. I think Federer will be tested here, Simon has got a great defence. Jonathan predicts a similar scoreline as RBA match, but it may be much more competitive. FO 2013 and Shanghai 2014 were really close…

      And they had choose any two between Novak, Roger and Andy for CC. They chose the last two for obvious reasons. They always would want to do that. But at the same time they also need to be somewhat democratic. Don’t know if Fed has to play QF on court 1…

    2. We got Federer on the ‘Red Button’ as after a few games they swapped to the Djoko/Anderson match. Fortunately I was home and so only missed a couple of games in the first set. Don’t know why they didn’t put Djoko/Anders match on CC, they must have known it would be a longer match. I think they should have swapped them over when Djoko won that 3rd set. They could have trundled the roof over and moved the players straight across; didn’t seem that difficult as there were no matches there at that time. But then, I guess you’d also have the stampede of the crowd as well, so perhaps not that easy.

      I saw that comment from Grigor. It came as no surprise, Rasheed has got him up to fitness, but doesn’t appear to have the technical or strategic expertise required to move Dimitrov forward. And it’s clear atm that Dimitrov is going backwards very quickly.

      1. Wimbledon has to have some consistency when it comes to stuff like this. They were willing to move Monfils/Simon to CC on Saturday night but not willing to do the same for another match? And on top of that put out a nonsense tweet that they like to finish matches they start on? What does that have to do with anything?
        There’s no point having a roof if you’re not going to utilise it.

        My one question is: Had Murray been in Djokovic’s position, what are the chances his match would’ve gotten moved to CC?…

      2. Agree that it makes very little sense to NOT move Djokovic/Anderson after just moving Simon/Monfils a few days earlier – to universal acclaim, no less (bar the glaring omission of not telling the Court 1 crowd that the move was happening…). Maybe they felt the chances of the 5th set going way beyond 6/6 were too great to risk starting at all, & running into the neighborhood time constraint.

  10. Good stuff from Roger with solid baseline rallies and aggressive returns will be key against Simon. Just hope he doesn’t get too suck up into long rallies. I am amaze with Anderson so far, thought he would go away in 3 but he really took it to Djoker. I hope they put Roger in CC again this Wed. Let’s do this Roger.

  11. Nice btw to get another French/Swiss double-duel on Wednesday, just like in the French. That Davis Cup final never seems to end, does it? Let’s hope the outcome stays the same too!

  12. Not AGUTsy performance at all
    Despite Roberto’s ungainly fall

    Poor McEnroe, was upset about Fed having it real easy.

    I was totally wrong about Simon. Not much difference between Agut & Berdych.

    But Fed should go thru in 3. Max 4 as Simon is a fighter.

      1. Jonathan, I rarely read anything about Serena so I thought I was the only one who didn’t care for her attitude. Her Drama Queen rolling of the head and dragging around the court on losing shots is just painful for me to watch.

  13. Was it an art class or a tennis lesson? Maybe a torture for RBA…for me, 90 minutes of pure Fedonism!
    Agreed with Dippy, hope he will keep up his aggressiveness and not get into Gillies too much, or I will suffocate.

  14. Simon likes to hit balls hard when they are actually close to baseline. That is a sort of hitting range he really likes, Simon not only hits flat but also hard. When those strokes are close to a side line, it will be difficult to defend. Roger will need to mix up topspin with slice. In particular, when slices are short, Simon will falter. Even Monfools tried to draw Simon to the net from time to time with some success in their earlier run match.

    1. Simon one of the best returners alongside the top guys. Fed has been under no pressure on serve for so long now, could be tricky going into this match.

  15. The court is getting slower by the day.. I’m really scared for the semis and the finals.. It is slower than last year, I don’t know why people don’t talk abt it. It is a crucial, crucial factor for Roger to finish the points as quickly as possible.. I hope ROger can finish points in the net as much as possible..

    1. Heat has hurt the courts a lot more than usual. But ball bounces higher into the second week which will not work in favour for Fed. As you said, gotta keep the rallies to a minimum and other than coming to net, Fed must trust in his FH to get the job done.

  16. Not impressed with Anderson at all. Serves brilliantly the entire match and then chokes in his own service game with 2 DFs? and he had 0-30 on the next game as well! What a disgrace!

  17. Too soon to cheer on Anderson, he just faltered. I guess this is a guaranteed semis for the Djoker. Surely Cilic will be a walkover

  18. Can’t seem to make up my mind btw Murray and Wawrinka who has the easier qtr final match up.
    Pospisil is spent, Gasquet is not a threat

    1. Have you seen Gasquet’s matches? He’s playing some very good tennis, he’s absolutely not not a threat ^^

      I think easiest qtr is between Muzza and Djoker, honestly

    2. Agree with Jonathan. I watched a little Gasquet – Kyrgios match. Gasquet was very impressive with a very good movement and hitting both wings cleanly and with some power. I feel that he could give Stan a run for his money.
      Anderson could not sustain playing well for more than a couple of points with very dogy returns. That alone gifted Nole with tons of points. He make massive improvements lately but is still short in challenging top 4.

  19. I saw the dreaded WTA handshake again. Coco Somebody losing/choking to Shriekapova. Coco responded to the royal gesture of conciliation from the victor as though she was being handed a turd. It seems not even equal prize-money can console these sore losers. The tennis was, as usual, fairly unwatchable.

    1. It’s amazing just the other day I was arguing about WTA handshakes, and how they behave. This, and the behavior from “that bitch” vindicates me. I wonder what slamdunk has to say now. πŸ™‚

      1. On court behaviour from Serena – agree, I hate that ‘crying face’ she puts on and did she really shout ‘bitch’ at one point? That’s shocking. But, she and Azarenka did hug each other at the net Sid – I specifically let it run on to see that!

        My argument anyway was more specifically about Jonathan’s comment in regard to his perception of the difference in motivation between men and women. The handshakes at the net was a secondary issue (as far as I was concerned). You saw their motivation as basically the same I think, just that the handshakes at the net tended to be ‘cooler’. I did say that ‘some’ were like that; others were a perfectly cordial handshake and cheek kiss.

        Did you see Kyrgios at the net after his loss to Gasquet – that was terrible. He did put his arm up to pat Gasquet’s shoulder eventually, but it was very begrudging, like a sulky 2-year old! πŸ˜†

    2. I didn’t see much of that match – but LMAO on your description of the handshake. πŸ˜†

      Seems I’m never going to hear the end of this!

  20. Serena causing hindrance on a big point but got away with it, then screaming BITCHHHHH out loud when she won another point.

    Classy as ever. Can’t wait for the handshake.

    1. At what stage of the match did this happen? I need to watch it. Or, please post a youtube link.

      1. Oh my God! There is no other explanation other than roid rage. This thing is seriously roided up. As if all the ghetto in her is not enough, she needs steroids to amp it up.

      2. Unbelievable. Sucks that no one is gonna be able to stop her. Would be the most epic thing if Muguruza took her out in the final.

      3. It would be a sad day for tennis if this bitch were to overtake Steffi’s open era slam record. What Steffi achieved was in an era where finesse was more important than power, and her rivals were some of the strongest.

        How can Williams not be doped? I mean come on. Speaking out against testing. Hiding from a dope inspector, and avoiding the test. So many unexplained injuries requiring doctor visits. Blood clot. Frequent absence from competition. Unbelievable physical transformation. Countless threats and outbursts. There are just too many signs.

        You’ve got to be a dumbfuck beyond all recognition to not believe she is on steroids. The only other player who comes close to matching this behavior: Rafael Nadal.

  21. Lucky me, saw Fed/RBA live! Brilliant seats and Jonathan is totally right. Rogers movement is so lively and confident this year. That extra week has really helped him! I also think this match will help him to prep for Simons baseline game as I don’t expect Gilles to come to net…..

    What is wrong with Tomas?? Weird match from him.
    Gilles might steal a set but I expect Rog to continue in this rampant form.Needs to serve v well.
    Pity he is on 1 tho…. bet CC tix holders are slightly miffed. Cilic cld take Novak to 5 and Stan/Reeshard might be fun as Stan is racking up the UFE count.

    I stand by my prediction that top 4 seeds in mens come thru…..

      1. Believe the court 1 plays a little faster than center court, so it is not a bad thing after all.

    1. Fed gotta play on Court 1 at least once, I believe though it should’ve been 4th round, not QF. New conditions and wind gonna be a factor, hope Fed can get the job done and not get lulled into Simon’s net. Looking forward to Stan/Gasquet- gonna be plenty of BH porn on offer.

      1. ‘ Looking forward to Stan/Gasquet- gonna be plenty of BH porn on offer.’ πŸ˜†

    1. It’s not that difficult to understand. Roger creates natural empathy because of a unusual combination of posture, skill, performance, manners, attitude in both success and failure, etc. He loves what he does, he’s good at it and shows it. And the tennis world (most of it…) loves him back. This only a big deal because it is seen very seldom (if at all in other sports).
      On the other hand, take Dokovic’s recent domination: it’s hollow and barren. The type of fans he gathers are the ones focused only on raw results, nothing more. Remove his victories and I bet 90% of his fans will turn somewhere else. Occasionally he shows some likeable characteristic. I especially liked the way he handled the defeat at RG final, but this is the exception. What was that shirt tearing episode in AO 2013? My, oh my. That alone would make Johnny Weissmuler blush…
      And as for Nadal, it’s not even worth starting. It’s all suffering, grunting, sweating and whipping forehands. Empty.

  22. Hey I can’t believe I’m currently No. 3 in the Tiger Mobile challenge! Made a few good calls, RBA with Roger, picked Gasquet into quarter and Simon over Berdych. Guess who I picked to win the whole thing? πŸ™‚

  23. Stunning and amazing federer… hopefuly the maestro will claim the wimbledon title this year… federer forever legend and king

  24. In the past 2-3 matches, Roger hasn’t signed an autograph coming out of the court… Seems unlike him, doesn’t it??

    Good to be done in 3 quick sets, no overtime due to rain etc! Muzza no Friday, could be interesting πŸ™‚ Come on Rog, two more!!

    1. He seems to be in a bad mood; sometimes it even looks as he is pissed off at something. It can be good to his game though…

  25. Another 3-0.
    But our boy sometimes likes to remind us that he’s only human: first he breaks, then is broken back at love, then gathers himself and closes the set. Geezus (if I were a believer, that is…).
    Next time I’ll swear loudly.

  26. An excellent match, especially the third set – what is how Roger should have done in the 2nd set. No matter, bravo! πŸ™‚ . My guess for no autograph signing is that Roger might have been told to get off the court quick, as the next match would need to start asap and the organisers don’t when it could finish due to British weather?
    5 down 2 to go!
    Allez Roger!

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