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Federer Through to Round 2 at Australian Open

The Fedberg partnership is off to a winning start as Roger defeated Aussie hope James Duckworth 6-4, 6-4, 6-2 to make routine progress into round 2 where he'll meet Blaz Kavcic.

This one was hardly a classic as the blistering heat and the fact it was the first round of a slam made it lack tempo or any sort of rhythm for either player; combine that with the 2am UK start time meant it was tricky to even stay awake.

Regardless of that it was job done for Roger as he beat the 40C midday sun and looked fairly comfortable in doing so; I don't think he looked overly impressive compared with Murray and Tsonga who made strong starts today but the main thing is he didn't get broken the whole match and generally looked to be playing well within himself. He probably should have converted a few more break points as usual but that's by the by.

Quick Match Recap

Federer Duckworth AO 2014

This will be brief as very little happened over the course of 3 sets other than Roger wasting a fair few break point chances but doing enough to get over the line without breaking too much of a sweat.

3 break points passed him by in the very first game as it happens followed by a 4th one in Duckworths second service game before he finally got the breakthrough at 2 all. That proved to be ample and despite missing another handful of chances to secure a double break he served the set out comfortably to take it 6-4.

The second set was almost identical with Duckworth serving reasonably well under pressure and Roger's cross court backhand pass missing in action when he had chances to pull away. The breakthrough this time came at 3-3 and depsite Duckworth having a chance to break back immediately he fluffed it and the set was soon over 6-4 just like the first.

The third was always going to be a non event due to the heat and Duckworth knew he was going to find it nigh on impossible to find a way back into the match. That made him swing a bit more freely but if anything made him hit lots more errors and give up the game really. Roger broke immediately and then again to lead 5-2 before serving it out to book his spot in the second round.

Match Stats

Stats James Duckworth Roger Federer
Aces 13 11
Double faults 3 5
1st serves in 48/92 (52 %) 45/78 (58 %)
1st serve points won 36/48 (75 %) 40/45 (89 %)
2nd serve points won 19/44 (43 %) 19/33 (58 %)
Fastest serve 216 KMH 207 KMH
Average 1st serve speed 176 KMH 185 KMH
Average 2nd serve speed 162 KMH 153 KMH
Net points won 19/34 (56 %) 18/22 (82 %)
Break points won 0/1 (0 %) 4/17 (24 %)
Receiving points won 19/78 (24 %) 37/92 (40 %)
Winners 34 30
Unforced errors 38 17
Total points won 74 96

Point / Shot of the Match

I have watched extended highlights and I can't find one, if anyone wants to make a nomination in the comments then please do 🙂

Thoughts on the Match

Federer Duckworth Thoughts

Steady away is the best way to describe this one, not much of a test or excitement but that's what you come to expect in the first round of a slam. Duckworth had no weapons other than mixing it up on his first serve by standing wide so was never going to pose much of a threat. As long as Roger took care of his service games the chances were always going to come for him. Like clockwork he was 4 for 17 on break points which is a tad disappointing considering who he was playing but we'll just have to monitor that on a match by match basis.

In terms of his level I though Roger served very well throughout but other than that there were no real highlights or things to pick up on. The 40C heat definitely didn't help give the match a rhythmical feel so I actually thought it was quite low tempo with no real rallies or court craft, it was more about just doing what was necessary.

Can't ask for more but a 1st round means very little, after all he schooled Hanescu on grass but then got burned by Stakhovsky at Wimbledon. Who by the way lost in 4 sets today so the revenge meeting is on ice for now.

Yeah, it was okay. It was not much rhythm out there. It was a matter of getting the job done and not getting broken. So it was a solid match from start to finish, yeah. Could have maybe won a few more break points here and there, but who cares now?

Elsewhere Nadal cruised into the second round after Tomic retired at the end of the first set with a groin injury; so much for posing a threat :P. Del Potro won in 4, Hewitt, Roger's conqueror in Brisbane lost in 5 sets to Seppi, which I think says it all about that final, Murray crushed Soeda, Isner retired with an injury and Tsonga won comfortably.

With those results Fed's draw has basically stayed the same and Murray's has opened up a little. Simon won 16-14 in the fifth so he'll be tired should he meet Tsonga in the third round. There were also some big wins for Aussie youngsters Kyrgios and Kokkinakis who plays Nadal in the second round.

Predictions vs. Blaž Kavčič

Federer Kavcic

If you look at the H2H you'd think this guy would be a complete unknown as they've never played each before but Kavčič was one of the guys Roger flew out to Dubai during December to practise with so he'll have a firm idea of what to expect.

I've not seen much of Kavčič to be honest but he's just a middle of the road type player, solid in all areas hence the career best ranking of 68 but no real stand out shots to hurt Roger with.

I'd assume Roger knows any of his weaknesses from practise and as long as he serves well then this should be similar to the Duckworth match. I think Kavčič has a little bit more power off the ground compared to Duckie but not by much so I can't see where he can hurt Fed a whole lot.

Kavčič is definitely going to stick on the baseline as that's the foundation of his game so which areas of the matchup does he win? I'm not sure he edges it in any area so I'll pick Fed in straights 6-4 6-2 6-2 and he should be able to school this guy with a lot of variety and make him do all the running. Allez!

And finally a new video from KiLLuCH, well worth a watch:


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Hi Jonathan – not a classic by any means but for any tennis player to play in that heat is amazing my hat is off to all of them High points he was not broken and hi first serve precentage was good – I wish he could convert more of his break points, he will have to if he goes deep into the tournament – which is going to be a tough ask – but round one done onward to round two Loved his post match talk and his comment about Stefan warming him up – how did it go – I won – which I could have that on a loop – and am I 2nd!!

    1. Haha yeah that was a good answer. Was it Woodbridge asking the questions? I thought he’d have been smarter than to ask “how has he impacted your game?” considering he played, surely gonna know it’s a dumb question.

  2. Of course. Third again. From now on I will follow your blog so so so careful.
    I will get my third title. Just wait and see.

    Anyway. Many players have withdrawn from AO due to random excuses.


    So I`m just happy as a fan, if I stay up all night to watch him win or lose, HE WILL FOR SURE PLAY THAT GAME!

    Tilas out.
    Now to read the article. 😀

  3. Love the lack of highlight for “shot of the match”. Totally agree. I was surprised at how unimaginative his net play was, but it seemed like he knew what he was doing as Duckworth was befuddled by the speed and nearness of whatever came to him from Roger at the net. I wonder if the speed/heat took some of his daring away.

    Kudos for Rog for playing in 108 degree temps (I’m in the States). That is absolutely unimaginable.

    My first match of the year and regardless of what 2014 holds, I’m very grateful to be able to watch Roger play. His athletic aesthetic is still way unbeatable.

    1. Hey Alb,

      Yeah it was just a job done kinda thing I guess. No real magic required. Duckworth a bit of a spoiler I guess too as no weapons just typical Aussie type player.


  4. 2 more things: the “Thoughts on the Match” picture is awesome.


    The video is amazing. Really good color, the cut, music, everything. Epic-good. Brilliant even.

  5. Still needs to work on the break point conversion, but at least its a little better than during the Brisbane final. I actually didn’t see the match, this is the only RF Aussie Open match I have missed in the past 5 or six years!

      1. “As with so many popular tennis stats, this one just doesn’t have that much of a relationship with winning. Breaks matter, but missed break chances don’t. In Federer’s case, even breaks don’t always matter that much–he’s one of history’s best in tiebreaks.”

        Really intresting. Thanks for sharing Wanda. 😉

      2. Very interesting, Wanda, nice find.

        I’m not sure whether I agree with the conclusion; I’m not sure we’re given enough data. In particular, is he generating more/fewer/the same break points in the first place, before we look at how many he’s converting?

        Fed has been saying for a couple of years that it just comes down to a few points here or there, and the article would tend to bear that out.

        I think another way of looking at it might be that in his prime, he could have a stellar winning season even WITHOUT a great break point %. Now, not so much. In the last 5 years, the years in which his BP conversion rate is greater than “expected” by prediction of all returns (ie, over 1 on the chart) are the same years he won slams. So I’m thinking, even if this has not been a big deal for him over his career as a whole, maybe it’s a bigger deal now. Again, it would be good to know if we’re seeing more or fewer bp chances overall – and how that number compares with the chances generated, as well as converted, by others in the top 10.

        In any case I think it’s clear that if he could improve the number – regardless of whether or not it’s had a huge impact on his career to date – it would make a difference in his results NOW. Last weekend those few lost points meant a title lost, even after the disastrous first set. The fact that the numbers are so close in the above-1 and under-1 years does make me wonder whether a slight mental adjustment may be enough to make the difference – and in that case I’m hopeful that Edberg’s input may be able to bear significant fruit.

      3. Thanks for the insightful opinion, Thinker. Agree with you. Although it’s interesting to know about 2003 data, the argument is not quite convincing.

        ‘It comes down to a few points here or there’ – often those are missed BP chances, especially when he drops own serve, and they’re costly! Freshly saw that in Brisbane final.

        I remember hearing some time ago on TV that against Nadal, Roger had more aces, winners, BPs – 50% more in all of their encounters but much fewer converted than he did.

        Even when he misses chances, at least I want to see him lose bravely not cowardly. Lets hope that we can see some improvement in the area sooner rather than later.

    1. This is where data lets itself down, these stats have no context. They need to be segmented into smaller groupings of matches not just year by year and I think they will paint a clearer picture.

      Missed break point chances cost him the AO 2009, perhaps the biggest loss ever. So clearly they matter. I know from playing recreational games I lost matches where because I missed break point chances.

  6. Solid performance from Roger, few unforced errors, some winners, served well. For me the main positive is that he didn’t have to spent much energy on the court, and didn’t have to play with maximum strength, which one he’ll need on the 2nd week.

  7. And so as we all know, voila the difference between a slam and a 250! Fed got the job done, in ridiculous heat in 90 mins. Surprised health and safety don’t hv a say! First week is all about the wins, no matter how, no matter who. Hewitt, re hyped before the tourney, didn’t get the job done. Tsonga hit as many errors as Fed yet is lauded as having played better? Delpo dropped a set… But they all won, and that’s all that matters! Liking the 2 Aussie youngsters! Krygios served 33 aces!!!!! Hoping Fed has put the heavies on Kavcic!! And hoping Edberg can inject some magic words re break point conversion. Otherwise, one down, 6 to go.

  8. Nice post again Jonathan! Yeah it doesn’t matter how he wins now as long as he gets the job done. Just hoping he can work on the BP conversion… this rate won’t do against the likes of Tsonga or Murray or worse Nadal…
    Anyway I’m happy he’s through and loooove the video 🙂 Gave me chills… Sure legends are forever ^^

  9. Hi Jonathan,

    Couldn’t watch Fed’s match or any of AO matches but just wanted say I haven’t missed any of your posts even I don’t always leave comments. Thanks for sharing another KiLLuCH’s video, a thing of beauty!

    Great that the blog seems more active with lot more peRFect tennis fans. I’ve been pretty impressed by some of comments last few weeks, so keep up guys 😉

  10. Did Tomic really have a groin injury? He’s a funny duck. Never quite sure what’s going on.
    The shorts are sure getting shorter, aren’t they? Especially Nadal. Please, not too short, like the 80’s!
    Not too much to say about this match. Breakpoint issue is there but to give Duckworth some credit, he did serve and play well on some of those points.
    Liked the video.

  11. Its a routine match, Roger just doing enough to secure a W. BP conversion is still atrocious as usual. He did not exert himself too much, pretty much like a practice match really. At least he cope well under the insane heat. Let’s move on toe next round.

  12. Nice catch, Jonathan, re his history with Kavčič; no one else is reporting that!

    I’m pleased to see his UFEs are down. He had 22 in the first set alone last weekend vs. Hewitt. BP conversion still not stellar, but improved over the course of the match. Overall it’s a positive start, I think, and speaks to (hopefully) growing familiarity with and confidence in the racquet. I even like his outfit!

    I could stand to see shorts get shorter again in general – today’s style is just sloppy to me – but ok, not all the way back to short shorts.

    Nice piece here by Greg Baum that acknowledges the weaknesses and also the strengths of Roger’s play, from an imagined James Duckworth perspective:

    1. Omg, love this piece, thanks so much for the share. Great perspective, I hv had that feeling playing one of our national players at our club. You think you are with them, but you are so not!!! Read this peeps, it’s very good!

    2. Oh my God… Thinker…. what an article !!! Loved it. Absolutely loved it !!! I have been smiling since reading it twice. Loved it. Especially these two:

      1) You’ve been watching him all your life; he’s never seen you before. …. so true….

      2) You got one break point, and somehow knew there would not be another. He had 17, and if anything was a bit wasteful, and would chide himself for this. OH, TO HAVE POINTS TO WASTE !!!

      So hope Roger reads this too and knows what he means to people (players and others)….

    3. Thanks Thinker, I don’t think the Kavčič thing was reported a whole lot at the time but I remember he tweeted a picture of them both so thought I’d mention it. peRFect Tennis 1. Mainstream news outlets 0.

      Although that piece you just shared is a good leveler 😛

  13. I was at the match with great seats – in the shade! But it actually hurt to breathe when out walking in the sun. I honestly don’t know how any of the players manage to play in that stifling heat.
    I actually won two seats as well into Rod Laver Arena so my husband and daughter were there too! Although we had to leave just one set into the Lleyton – Seppi match as there was a bushfire near our home! But all safe now…now to enjoy the best Grand Slam!!

    1. Jen, how neat you got to be there! Do you mean you only saw one set of tennis total though?! Always good to hear details from people who were there in person, like the hard to breathe note. Glad you & yours are safe.

      1. Thanks! I saw all of Vika’s match and then Roger and James’ match as well, before being called home during the first set in Lleyton’s game.

        But I had been at Roger’s practise on RLA before any play had commenced! To watch Roger with Stefan, Severin and Stephane from a couple of metres away is a privilege! Not to mention the photos and memories that bring a smile..

        What other sport gives you the opportunity to witness the elite of the elite like that? Mind other sport has Roger! Or a peRFect Tennis blog either!!

    2. Hey Jen,

      Didn’t know you were courtside bet it was fun! Although I found Wimbledon boiling a couple of years ago when I went as the sun was right on us in the crowd so not sure how I’d have coped in Melbourne.

      I’ve never seen Fed practise, would like to though, probably more fun than some of his matches tbh.


    3. What a lucky lady to be there, he is something else to see in person – would love to see him in a practice Hope all is well with your home

  14. Fed about looking at his coach during play. Something the top 3 can learn from.
    “No, I don’t look up much. I stopped doing that way back when because just I said you just can’t be dependent on these entire looks all the time. Being coached from the sidelines, that’s not how I grew up.
    I feel like it’s like in school, you know, you do your work. At home, you get ready for the test, and then the test, you don’t cheat and you try to do your best score.I see it the same way in tennis. “

    1. [Being coached from the sidelines, that’s not how I grew up.]

      Haha! A subtle (or not so subtle) dig a Nadal and Toni I see 🙂

      P.S. Roger for Pope! Rafa for Dope!

      1. Exactly what I was going to say, “not so subtle indeed”. Of course the Nadal fans have started insulting Roger, which is not surprising even though he didn’t even explicitly mention Dull’s name 😛

  15. Folks, I’m terribly sorry I told you that Nadal will school Tomic in three sets. I was completely wrong. He needed just one set. This was a big blunder on my part. I guess this means my title of greatest of all predictor is on the line? 😉

  16. Needless to say a very good post once again. I am telling you this Is the best blog in town.
    I watched a little bit of Feds match yesterday evening , Duckworth was not that bad, he gave me the impression he was in there and fought like mad for his pride.
    I guess his buddies would be in there watching so he didn’t want to get baggled or humiliated in any kind of way. Of course it never came across his mind he could go through.
    He looked too intensed and stressed out. Roger new that he would one way or another get through so he would never had to try that hard especially in these high temperatures. He had to do the job within the least time with minimum effort. 3rd set 7th set it was so funny he didn’t even bother returning serves, or even trying to do so.

    Never mind Tomic , now is the time for Thanasis Kokkinakis!

    Ok I m not saying he ll do it for sure but still we are heading for a tough 4 to 5 setter.

    I wonder if he even knows 10 words in greek but never mind that. Sad thing is that there is so much talent in tennis here in Greece but the sport is not taken seriously. We re only intrested when Kurnikova was receiving camera beeing on her side. .. why on earth she stop playing anyway?

  17. Well for the first time ever I fell a sleep during a Fed match. It was 3 am and in my defence I coiulden´t fall a sleep the night before until very late and then work 2,5 hours tennis and the 3 hour long movie The Wolf of wall street in the cinema ( which I highly recommend you watch, GREAT movie) and a hour sleep before the match made it imposssible to stay awake. And like you Jonathan it was a match with no highligts, maybe that put me to sleep. But have watched it on youtube now and it was and okay match from Roger, nothing less nothing more, he got the job done quick in the heat whisch was the most positive thing.

    You still won´t give Hewitt any credit for that Brisbane final or tournament, shocking! So I will defend Hewitt again 😉 Seppi played a great match, Hewitt was not at the same level as in Brisbane but it was a really well played match, the best of the tournament so far regarding the level of play.

    1. Haha I was close but I pulled through, I had live chat with sound on so kept me alert.

      Wolf of Wall Street on my to watch list, looks good.

      As for Brisbane, I give Hewitt credit for sure, he’s well past his best and managed to win a title but it wasn’t all his own doing. Federerclause gave him a late Christmas present.

      1. The Wolf of Wall Street is awesome. Highly recommend to watch. It is a fantastic film. Leo Caprio is absolutely on fire. A little warning though as I don’t know if you are easily offended as there is alot of swearing, nudity, sex and drug use. But it peRFectly depicts the guys lifestyle. Anyway if you compare this to Federers game against Duckworth I would watch the film as that match was no fun or entertaining apart from if Federer wins. As long as Federer gets better and better each round, I won’t complain too much. Hopefully he can go deep again and then anything is possible! !! Come on Roger you can still do it! !!

      2. A little Christmas present from Fed yes, but the match was never really Rogers to take, and credit to Hewitt to keep his level up. A shame he coulden´t get past Seppi.

        Yes you must watch it, Like Serajul says Leo Caprio is amazing like always.

        Maybe I should try that live chat soon, I´m afraid to miss a lot of the tennis though.

  18. WAOOH What a video from KILLuCH. That was just amazing I actually got goosebumps all over in the end, a video like that can suddenly change your Roger-mood 😉 Good stuff!

  19. WTF? Fed is on Hisense Arena tomorrow. Wozniacki is on RLA. Who would prefer to watch her over RF? Seriously? I had some feeling Fed would be put on Hisense this year, but to have Wozniacki as the ‘replacement’? Typical crappy scheduling from the Australian Open tournament organisers and they are too biased with the Aussie players as well.

      1. Actually Rita and Conal, hope that is not more devastating news like at USO.
        Roger lost when he was (for the first time) not put at Arthur Ashe Stadium, but in the second biggest. Hope that is not a sign to come right here.
        I do have to say, kudos to the USO crowd who was at the Robredo match. When Roger came on court, the applause….. wow….. hope the crowd does that tomorrow too….

        Is Wozniacki playing an Aussie girl??? Is that why she is on RLA??

    1. Me too and poor old Delpo relegated to court 2!!! Organisers trying to be PC!! All they will get are empty seats on RLA! Come on Fed!

    2. More about Rafa prob getting on later than scheduled and playing an Aussie! The RLA schedule is pretty full! Gulbis out! Think Raonic only threat to Djoker ???

    3. Yeah I was surprised when I saw the schedule but tbh Fed vs Blaz is hardly a blockbuster fixture. Could be done in an hour I think.

      Berdscat looking solid so far. He should do well on this surface.

  20. I don’t know about you guys, but I thought it was very bad watching Roger waste all those break points, the only positive about it is that he must’ve noticed by now (or let’s hope Edberg had) that he becomes too passive when he gets ’em.

    1. Yeah Stan is looking good still. He always manages to drop set though when he doesn’t need to. That comes back to haunt you in a slam in the later rounds.

      Look at Simon, the guy is guaranteed to go 5 in the first week and then has no gas left in the tank.

  21. Not much to say about the match, as you say Jonathan, but thanks for trying anyway 🙂 And thanks for posting the wonderful video. Reminds me why I’m daft enough to get up in the middle of the night to watch a tennis match! Interesting articles too from Wanda and Thinker. Thanks for those.

    I think the heat so intense in Melbourne right now there’s almost no point in commenting on anyone’s play because nothing is typical. Just to mention that it was good to hear in Roger’s on court interview that he is well aware of the missed BPs.

    Up again tonight I guess. Hope the temperature goes down a bit, but if not hope Roger at least survives until Saturday when it is supposed to go down to around 20 degrees. I read that the former boss of the AO has commented on the roof and doesn’t understand why it hasn’t been used. What did we pay all that money for if we’re not going to use it, he said. Are they waiting for rain? Wouldn’t help Roger anyway if he’s playing on another court.

      1. Oh does it. That’s good news – though I guess Roger is playing a bit later in the day anyway. Around 5pm isn’t it? Must remember to set the alarm.

    1. I believe the roof should stay off. It’s an outdoor tournament. I’m getting annoyed with all the heat articles now and complaints, yes it’s hot but what can you do? The media are all over it making a fuss about it, it’s mainly psychological. If you don’t like it, get another job. What’s the extreme heat policy down a mine or in Helmand Province?

  22. One match down 😉
    Yes, it wasn’t fun watching all those break points come and go, but it seems it’s something I may now have to accept, unless Edberg has given him a stern talking to 🙂

    1. I hv the feeling Edberg won’t take any prisoners! Those 80’s players were very tough, both on court and in the locker room! No pampering back then!!!

      1. He does look like there’s a steely determination behind the charm. He is the absolute double of a friend of mine’s husband btw.

      2. Edberg was the only one I managed to get a little enthusiastic about after Borg left, for a long long time.

    1. What?? Wanda, that was the best thing !!! Loved those. You will see. Next year they will all be playing in those pajama shorts. Roger…. making a trend !!!
      Ps: Wanda, look at what Novak is wearing and then…. look at Roger…. Get it???

      1. I think you guys are going over board with that classy stuff when it comes to Roger. You guys act like he is 52 instead of 32. He is a young man. Besides it’s like million degrees at the AO and Roger is not trying to be classy.

      2. Yeah true KFedFan, being classy doesn’t win matches, though win my heart 😉 Anyway, they certainly look light & comfy and did seem contribute to Fed moving very well today!

      1. Well, the husband has already said he wants the outfit so got our approval, although I didn’t realise the shorts had a pattern at first, thought they were just a nice pale colour!!! Frankly, don’t care as long as he wins,

    2. I liked Fed’s shorts. They looked comfy. I liked the pink and black shoes he wore at last years AO. Also the orange bottom shoes at Wimbledon. Why so serious about Federer on court attire? I would love to just reach into my underwear draw and pull out something I can wear on the tennis court. LOL

      1. Slightly dodgy 3rd set today but held off the TB challenge to finish strongly again. Aggressive on the BH today! and better break point conversion.

  23. Through to the third round 🙂 I didn’t get to see the match today but enjoyed this part of the post match interview:
    Q. You moved very well.
    ROGER FEDERER: Thank you for the compliment. Finally I get one (smiling). It’s been a while.

    Would really want to read next Sunday:

    Q. What an achievement! Congratulations for your 18th Grand Slam title!
    ROGER FEDERER: Thank you for the compliment. Finally I got another one (smiling). It’s been a while.

  24. Glad he’s not facing Verdasco, and the other guy just had a 5-setter. Can’t wait to watch the full highlights of fed Kavcic, as it looked like he was playing well from the small bit I’ve seen.

  25. Well, shit. There goes any hope of Delpo causing Nadal any trouble. Nadal’s quarter just opened up. Grigor Dimitrov perhaps?

  26. Really sorry to see Delpo out. Apart from anything else he’s such a nice guy. He said “this kind of match helps me to learn something….” – beginning to sound like Fed !

    1. Yes, I’m sorry too, but not surprised, after what Jonathan said.

      Is there *anyone* now who can stop Nadal getting to the SF? His draw’s turning out almost as ridiculous as Murray’s with all those qualifiers (and I know qualifiers can be hidden dangers, but I don’t see it with any of those names).

  27. Anyone know who Kyrgios is? I didn’t. He won the first two sets with tiebreaks from Paire. Then in the third he was kind of tired. I saw some highlights. After that he was so tired, but did NOT give up… Did go down but fighting. So much respect for these young tennisplayers… they do not give up…. at all….

    1. I did :). I was watching the livescores, and assumed he was getting tired, but all credit to him. Quite disappointed he didn’t win.

  28. I think provided he keeps up this level of play Roger should get to the semi no trouble at all, Tsonga is looking alright but not good enough and Murray just went 5-1 down in a set to a 200-odd ranked qualifier before winning the match. Though he did win the last 23 points in a row.

  29. I didn’t watch the Federer v Kavcic match. As long as he improves and gets the Big W I am more than happy!!! I hope Edberg tells Roger how it is without sugar coating what needs to improve. Maybe this may be the key to winning and beating the top guys.

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