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Federer Rolls Past Gabashvili into Australian Open 4th Round

Afternoon stroll here for Roger as he comfortably defeated Teymuraz Gabashvili 6-2 6-2 6-3 in 1 hour 41 minutes to advance smoothly into the second week at the Australian Open. The win sees him make the latter part of a Grand Slam for the 27th time in his career without dropping a set and he'll now face Jo-Wilfried Tsonga who defeated Gilles Simon comfortably in 3 sets. He's going to be handful folks.

I predicted a routine victory but thought the Russian would hustle quite well and despite only winning 7 games for brief periods he did threaten the Swiss with some crisp hitting and no fear on his groundstrokes. So whilst a it was a relatively short and one sided match it was still one where Fed had to work hard for most of his points which makes it a good workout ahead of the tougher tests that lie in wait.

Quick Match Recap

Federer forehand vs Gabashvili

This one started out with what appeared to be an attempt at some mind games from the Russian, he took ages for the coin toss, won and elected to receive and then waited an age to get ready once time was called. I think Roger actually tried to give him some back when he took a total air shot on his first serve but he soon found himself staring down at 2 break points. Both were comprehensively saved and he got the important first game on the board.

Gabashvili started reasonably well with some crisp hitting but Roger soon got more into the match and a double fault from the Russian saw him take a 4-2 lead, the Russian had a break back chance immediately but that was saved and Roger broke again to seal the set 6-2 hitting 12 winners to 4 unforced errors. Nice!

A routine hold at the start of the second meant Roger had won 5 games in a row which soon looked like it was going to be 6 as he had 2 more break chances but couldn't take them. At 2-1 he fashioned another 2 more break point but again Gabashvili came up with the goods before finally at 3-2 Roger got the breakthrough, holding quickly and breaking again to take the set 6-2 just like the first.

The third set looked like it could see a dip in form from Roger as he faced 2 break point in his opening service game but again he composed himself to save them and then pulled away in the fourth game to lead 3-1. He should have probably sealed it with another 6-2 set as he had match point on the Gabashvili serve but pulled the trigger too soon, however that didn't prove to be a problem as he served it out easily 6-3 to move into the fourth round without any real difficulty.

Match Stats

Stats Teymuraz Gabashvili Roger Federer
Aces 3 6
Double faults 5 1
1st serves in 63/91 (69 %) 45/73 (62 %)
1st serve points won 38/63 (60 %) 39/45 (87 %)
2nd serve points won 10/28 (36 %) 16/28 (57 %)
Fastest serve 194 KMH 202 KMH
Average 1st serve speed 178 KMH 180 KMH
Average 2nd serve speed 148 KMH 148 KMH
Net points won 7/19 (37 %) 11/20 (55 %)
Break points won 0/5 (0 %) 5/14 (36 %)
Receiving points won 18/73 (25 %) 43/91 (47 %)
Winners 27 35
Unforced errors 33 18
Total points won 66 98

Point of the Match

Thoughts on the Match

Federer Gabashvili Recap

Another solid match and now he can head into the second week where the real test starts with some confidence and knowledge he hasn't expended too much energy in getting there.

Gabashvili did a decent job of sticking around and not making it too easy today I thought and was probably guilty of letting Roger off the hook a couple of the times when he had openings. Clearly his plan was to just try hit big when he had a chance but he's just not quite good enough to execute that gameplan without making errors at key moments hence the one sided scoreline.

The Russian would hang in there early but eventually Roger found the break in each set and was able to streak away. It was just an all round tidy performance; the serve was solid, backhand although not quite there with timing held up well and the forehand was reliable enough throughout. No breaks on his own serve which is good to see and despite that lapse game vs. Kavcic in the 2nd set he hasn't dropped serve all week.

If I have to be uber critical I don't think he hits the running forehand that well and it's an important shot especially against hitters like Tsonga so that will need to be on song come Monday.

I had to fight to get the breaks, but I'm happy I didn't waste any time, I'm happy to be in the fourth round again because Wimbledon and the US Open didn't go so well so this is a bit of a nice change. At the end of the season my confidence was a bit up and down with the old racquet, I was double faulting a lot. With the new racquet I feel the benefit of the power, I'm not double faulting and I'm able to mix it up. The most important thing of all is when I'm playing and not thinking about it because that can become very crazy in your head if you're thinking about your racquet all the time.

Predictions vs. Tsonga

Federer Tsonga Predictions AO 2014

Next up will be a repeat of last years Quarter Final here in Melbourne as Roger takes on Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and I feel it is going to be a real test. As I revealed to you guys in my last post I make Tsonga the slight favourite here based on how he's playing so far and how he chooses to play the game. He always seems to play well in Australia too so clearly likes the surface.

I think Roger needs somewhere near his A game to see this guy off because he just has one of those styles of play that can get away from you pretty fast. If you let him settle down and start creaming the ball then he can just slip into almost like a trance like state where he's serving bombs without even thinking about it. That's when he's at his most dangerous so it's up to Roger to prevent him zoning in.

For Roger to win the key will be taking care of his own service games comfortably and giving Tsonga a ton to think about on his own serve. Tsonga's big weakness is his lack of tennis brain so if Roger can chuck in a ton of variety, use all the angles he possesses then I know he can come out on top. Any sort of passive play is probably going to cost him so stepping in on the backhand to take it up or down the line will be a shot to look out for and he's going to have to crank the FH up notch too. It looked a little lazy today like he was rolling it in so it will need to be hit with force against the Frenchman.

I also don't think Tsonga has the passing shots of Murray, Djokovic or Nadal so I'd imagine getting to the net will be a profitable play too if he can come in behind solid enough approaches.

So I make Tsonga the minor favourite and can see him winning in 4 the good news is that there's no way it can get any worse than last years French Open quarter final. If Roger can up his level then he has a very good chance of winning this match but he will need to play better than he has managed in quite a while. Here's hoping, allez!


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Through to the second week ๐Ÿ™‚ Also it’s nice that Roger doesn’t seem to have expended too much energy in his previous matches, hopefully that will help against Tsonga. I liked your assessment on his next round match, it’s gonna be a tough one but I hope he can pull through, Allez!

    PS: Anyone get weird vibes from Gabashvili? even the commentator on Eurosport said he gave him the creeps ๐Ÿ˜†

  2. itz nice to watch Federer without d fear of losing again….will lift his game fr 2nd wk…always does
    #optimistic fan

    1. Well, I hope you made the most of it, because from here on in it gets tough. Hoping he can do well, but at the same time he can’t be that used to the new racket yet, and he did say he doesn’t expect to be back in top form for a few months yet. Would love to see him make a run here, though.

      “the good news is that thereโ€™s no way it can get any worse than last years French Open quarter final”

      Oh, I certainly hope not. That was pretty horrid.

  3. I also think Roger’s running forehand has droped level. And it’s a shot of vital importance to the transition defense to attack. And Nadal’s one of those who knows how to take advantage of it. He angles his backhand to Federer’s forehand and opens up the court. In the last few matches between them, he didn`t even need to use his usual tatic against Roger.

  4. Better first serve pct, much better approach shots and less unforced should see Fed thru in straights in the next two rounds. Hoping to see a semi with baby fed ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Excellent write-up, Jonathan and good choices for the point and shot of the match. Liked he was pretty calm and patient dulling rallies and boom!

    Yes, agree about running FH, I miss those old shots of his. Remember the ones AO 2010 1R against Andreev or Wimby 2009 against Garcia Lopez?

    As for the match against Jo, tbh, don’t want think about it….Fed’s confidence level is not up there just yet to beat the guy like Jo in his best day even with his A game, hope I’m wrong. I just lower my expectation.

  6. Good write-up Jonathan and good prognosis for the Tsonga match – sounds about right to me. Love the interview with ESPN. Roger sounding calm, confident and happy, having gone over the past year from angry/bewildered to resigned. Good questions too. Gives us an insight into how his mind is working and how he feels about his own progress and prospects.

    The match was well worth getting up/staying up for. I thought he was slightly less sharp than in the previous one, but against a tougher opponent I thought so that’s okay. If he can just stay reasonably confident and consistent I’m sure we will see the real, solid improvements by March/April that he expects. The good thing is he does seem to know that his game isn’t quite there yet, and is not saying he thought he played really well all the time.

    As you say – allez!

    1. PS. He made it through the first week, so has met my hopes and expectations. Another win would be a bonus from here on ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I’m going to go against everything Jonathan said at the top of this page, along with most of the comments. I thought Federer played well, and Tsonga is very streaky. He played two good matches against Fed last year, but those were one offs I think. I’ll go with Fed in 4 and if he really comes up with his best tennis and Tsonga is off it could even be straight sets to Federer.

  8. Oh by the way, if you are in the UK like me, how are you managing to watch the matches? Any good live streaming websites or are you using a paid service? It would be interesting to know. Thanks.

      1. Strange about Eurosport, I got it for a month to watch the US Open and they didn’t show most of the matches in the second week. Is that normal or was that a one off?

  9. I like what I saw in the 1st week but now it’s time to move on and level up! He’s playing well but i’m afraid that this is not going to be enough… not yet.

  10. Great write up, Jon and pretty spot on with your assessment. Its going to be a tough battle for Roger to beat Tsonga. He knows that Tsonga is a streaky player so needs to throw him off a lot to keep him guessing. I hope Roger can pull of a W here, really do but honestly slight edge to Tsonga.

    1. Kind of agree. Think he can beat Tsonga in 3/4 as knows his game so well. Hoping the “Edberg is watching me” feeling keeps Federer on top next week. Not sure we can underestimate the psychological effect that has and th growing confidence with the serve and racquet( air serve not withstanding!!!!)
      Think he has played within himself this week, again a good sign. Hasn’t wasted energy, and serve only broken once. Hoping the weather heats up a little mor as he likes that, and speeds up the play and balls. He will def be last match on Sunday night/Monday morning so hoping not too cool. I am optimistic he can win and from QF on, bonus time!

      1. No federer saw him raising his hand to stop his serve then he just continued his motion without hitting the ball

  11. Very good game from Roger regarding break points whether they were his or his opponent, he went for his shots which is a very nice improvement compared to his latest matches, encouraging really and let’s hope he keeps this against Tsonga.
    Nice post, Jonathan ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Last year there was a point where it felt like no match was a given and he was in danger of losing to anyone. At the moment it feel quite different. He’s schooling the guys in the early rounds again.

    No expectations really against Tsonga. Just hope he finds hie A game and doesn’t lapse. For the most part he tends to play better against the top players, but again, he does tend to forget how to play a bit more often these days as well.

    Really pleased with how he’s serving so much more consistently. Last year there was a stage where he would throw away a game at least once a set.

    Agreed on the running FH though. Been weak for quite a while now.

    1. “Last year there was a point where it felt like no match was a given and he was in danger of losing to anyone. At the moment it feel quite different. Heโ€™s schooling the guys in the early rounds again.”

      Yes. I’ve actually gone to bed each night he’s been playing without having to worry about whether he’d lose to some lowly-ranked player. But then he was actually doing the schooling at the GS last year too, so it’s now we’ll see if anything’s really changed yet.

      “No expectations really against Tsonga. Just hope he finds hie A game and doesnโ€™t lapse.”

      Yes, me too.

      I must admit, though, that even seeing as little of Roger play as I do, I looked at that snippet Jonathan posted and even I can see that Roger’s moving much better than last time I saw him.

    2. Well barring Wimbledon he cruised through all the slams last year until later stages with no real trouble… so he’s not losing to just anyone just yet so I wasn’t worried about most opponents. It’s these guys in and around the top 10 with big games that are the worry, Berdych, Tsonga etc.

  13. Roger will win the next match. I’m hoping he can beat Murray as well. But he will have to step up from his level in the first week, which I feel confident he will.

  14. Loved the post match interview with Courier! Like they were just hanging having a beer! Friend of mine has a Jim Courier story, went to a house party in the Hamptons, got there a day early, house empty except for Jim Courier (also a day early). Friend happens to be a mad Courier fan, and they proceeded to drink the day away talking tennis and telling tall stories. Courier v gd company, really buddy kind of guy! Most Americans love him!

    1. Nice story. He does seem like a good guy. Hoping for Roger in 4.
      Disappointed in Raonic. He kept coming to the net and getting passed. Dimitrov would have a better chance at taking out Nadal though.

    2. I like the interviews with Courier but he does creep me a little bit from time to time. I think he creeps Roger too, some of his questions are just a bit… weird.

  15. Roger in 0 vs Tsonga, vs Murray, vs Nadal and vs Djokovic. Everyone is so scared when they see Federer with his new racquet and Edberg in the locker room, they all run screaming from the locker room and to the nearest airport. The tournament organisers decide to give the championship to Federer and the runner-up plate to Stefan Ebderg. Then Nadal whines about how Stefan Edberg should be banned for being too intimidating, and also says all racquets other than Babolats should be banned. Murray tells the press that he is “getting closer” to not being scared by Federer, his new racquet and Edberg. Djokovic, meanwhile, sets up a baseline tour, where any shots that do not land past the service line causes you to lose the point, volleying is banned and stepping inside the service box means you lose a set immediately.

  16. Same thoughts with Jonathan, Tsonga is the minor favourite to win, unfortunately ๐Ÿ™
    I just don’t see Federer winning this one, unless he plays peRFectly and it will be the same with Nadal, Djokovic and Murray.

    1. Don’t gotta play peRFectly just has to keep above a certain level. His B game is still stronger than Tsonga’s a game, the only problem is when Tsonga zones in.

  17. Good article Jon.

    Roger has played solid in the first week, not spending to much energy and his game and serve is looking to get better and better. But if itยดs evolved enough to beat Tsonga just yet, I donยดt know.
    Iยดm really excited to see which Roger comes out on court against Tsonga. No doubt that if Roger hits his A game he will always beat Tsonga, but this will be the test of his mental strength also. A game but weak mental, then he will lose. B or C game but strong mental onthe crusial points he can pull it of still.

    Iยดm going to say itยดs 50/50 who wins, but as optimistic as I am Iยดm saying Fed to win 7-5 6-7 6-4 6-3, Allez Roger!!

  18. Hi Jonathan

    I think Gabas looked like Quentin Tarantino, fortunately he looked more scary than what his actual tennis was, although that said he did play some lovely shots, but Fed had everything under control. Is it me or has he started to look more towards his box – possibly not yet believeing that Stefan is sat there!! I think he will have a real tussle with Tsonga but am keeping everything crossed that he plays well and comes out on top. Allez Roger – you know you can do it

  19. Hey guys, I am going to keep it very simple:
    Jo Willy in 4 or Roger in 5 sets.
    But please Roger, prove us all wrong, win in straights !!!

  20. It’s sad when you get to the stage where thinking that making the fourth round of a major is a good result for Federer, but unfortunately that’s what it’s come to. I haven’t been able to see him play so far in this tournament, but his opposition hasn’t been of a very high quality, so very difficult to judge where he’s at. We saw at the end of last year that he’s still capable of playing some really good tennis against the best players so maybe all has not been lost for the Tsonga match. Like you Jonathan, I think he will be beaten, but you never know. If he could somehow manage to get through that match, then you never know what could happen. Anyway, one match at a time. As you said, nothing can be worse than that horror of a Roland Garros QF last year. Come on Rog!!!

    1. Well not really, it’s just not expecting miracles in the first major of the year coming in off a slump so I don’t think it’s sad. Tsonga has beaten Nadal, Murray, Djoker and Fed in slams, no other play has done that so he’s dangerous. Fed needs to be sharp, then he has a great shot.

      1. Hey Jonathan, at the exho at AO Roger did beat Jo Willy…. I know it is an exho, but still… Roger did it a couple of days ago. Imagine what his confidence would have been coming to the AO if he had lost the exho to Jo Willy…. So hope Roger wins…. Come on Roger….

  21. I am a GREAT fan of Serena, but my God, Ana Ivanovic just beat Serena !!!
    1) How the hell???
    2) Kudos to her…. Think Vika or ALL the other girls will make Ana now her best new friend !!!

    You see, if this miracle can happen, than Roger can beat Rafa at a slam….

    1. You’re a fan of SERENA!!!?? A Federer fan AND a Serena fan!!? ๐Ÿ˜› That’s like two mutually exclusive fan clubs.

      It’s like saying I like graceful players. Like for example Roger Federer and… Serena Williams? ๐Ÿ˜›

      Just kidding. I can’t stand her. She’s obnoxious, after every point lost.

      1. See, Gaurav, that’s something I’ve never really understood. Anyone who claims that they are both a Federer and Williams fan, are simply looking at the total slams they’ve won. Just glory hunters.

        Roger’s game is the most pure, most graceful, ever. Williams game is simply power. She has virtually no footwork, or form (outside of her serve with a 104 sq in racquet).

        Roger’s on court, of court, and social behavior are examples to live by. When it comes to Williams…need I even say more ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. I don’t even have to look at her game to despise her. She’s like an obnoxious brat, yelling all the ****ing time, disrespectful to her opponents, complaining and looking for excuses when it’s going wrong…

      3. Not a fan of Serena Williams either. Pleased she lost.
        Not to mention just like Dull, I believe she is also a potential well, you know…
        Sorry Kat.

      4. Her team is pretty classless as well. Didn’t her coach leak her back injury to the press? Almost like Toni in this regard.

      5. Agreed, you cannot be a Serena fan and a Federer fan. They are polar opposites. How many line judges has Roger threatened to kill?

        Ajde Ana!

      6. Hey Gaurav, Shamtoot, Sid, Simon, Scooter, Andyb and Jonathan. Sorry, I have to disagree with you guys. You CAN be a Roger fan and Serena fan at the same time. It is not normal, but it is not that weird either. Come on, there are a lot of people who like Roger and Rafa both. For me, that is weird, but oke.

        I like Serena, but that is kind of a girl thing. I like strong women who have come far on their own, who did not get anything handed to them, who had to work for it and who are keeping their parents name and honor high. My sisters and I are kind of raised the same way. That is why I said she is a good rolemodel. Not because of the tantrums she throws on court. But the way she shows that you can get far in life by working hard for it, by focussing and by making your parents proud. That is why I like her more than the way she acts on court. I hope I have explained it well.

        And Sid, I am not a gloryhunter. Hoped that you would have known that by now… Gloryhunters are Roger fans, who leave him the moment he starts to lose. Like I have said, this is the best time to be a Roger fan. Anyone can run after a hype, but the real fans are the ones who are still there when the hype is “over”.

        I like Serena, but no one, really no one comes even close to my Roger.
        If for me number 1 to 99 is my Roger, than Serena comes at number 100.

        Jonathan, it is not normal or common, but you can like Roger and Serena both….
        And…. you can even like Berdych (I mean I do) !!!

      7. Katyani, have you and your sisters doped? Have you cheated others for profit? Have you thrown obscenities at those who you didn’t like?

        I didn’t think so.

        It’s natural that when you like something, you implicitly dislike what’s the opposite of it. It’s like saying I like “good”, but I like “evil” too. You cant like both good and evil. Explain, please explain!

      8. Noop Sid, don’t think too much about my comment… Like I said I don’t know how to explain it. It is a girl thing. Ofcourse I don’t like some things she does on court and she is nowhere even close to Roger, the love of my life. It is just, I am proud of what they have become, rolemodels for girls. That you can get everything by playing the sport you love. Money, fame and respect. For me, she is the female Rafa and that is NOT a compliment, but I do admire the girl off court she has become. I don’t know how to explain it… I like the way she is raised to be a strong person.
        I don’t want to get too personal, but I lost my father when I was 3 years old. My sisters and I have unfortunately no memory of my father at all. And my mother (who means the world to me, a million times more than Roger !!!) was a very young widow with 4 daughters, she raised us all by herself with almost no help and almost no money. But she raised us with pride, honor and values. Whatever my sisters and I have become today is all because of how she raised us and is still raising us and because she taught us to be strong. My sisters and I do EVERYTHING by thinking that we will never make our mother feel ashamed of us. That is kind of why I like Serena and Venus as rolemodels. They have also come far all on their own. She is not my favourite person, but I do like her as a rolemodel for young (sorry for this word) girls with color.
        Oke, I am stopping with beeing too personal, hope you understand Sid what I mean. I guess it is a girl and beeing a Hindu thing….

        Unfortunately Maria is also out. Also kudos to Cibulkova for deservingly beating Maria.
        I feel sorry for Sloan Stephens, so wished that she would get through.
        Looks like both Andy and Rafa will win in straights…. Come on Roger, please do the same…. Go Roger !!!

    2. Katyani, first of all, Ana is one of the most likeable among her peer. Also, she, along with Kirilenko, are the hottest on the ladies tour. I have no idea why you can’t stand her. Reasons?

      Any, not sure why you call this a miracle. Ana is a slam champion. She just never lived up to her potential. She has a much better game that Williams. What she lacks is that power, which comes from heavy doping.

      1. I admire Serena for her mental strength and clutch, but I dont really like her style of play. Watching her play against Ivanovic today, it’s so clear who’s game is more watchable. Ivanovic’s forehand is the closest to Federer’s forehand on the women’s side IMO, it’s such a beautiful stroke.

      2. but of course she’s popular really because she’s so hot. But kat wont appreciate that lol

        anw ana played well, but serena lost today because of a back injury. She’s definitely not moving very well at all, her groundstrokes had no power and she made tons of unforced errors. As she said she can play ten times better than this. Her mental toughness was nowhere too, which made me wonder whether she’s on her period or something

      3. Serena is probably going through her doping down cycle. Time to hit the “panic room” again.

        Plus, it’s easy to be clutch when you have a 104″ racquet and are getting all the help you can from steroids, bashing up on the poor girls.

      4. [Serena is probably going through her doping down cycle. Time to hit the โ€œpanic roomโ€ again]


      5. Hey Sid, Simon, Johan, Shamtoot, Jonathan and Scooter, oh come on, you did know already I like Serena a lot right? So many comments !!! But I do understand what you guys are saying. Even for me, Serena is like the female Rafa and I don’t like Rafa AT ALL. But I don’t know, I admire the way she is, a strong African American woman. Venus and she are good role models I think (off court). The way they were raised. Were good daughters. Only going for their goal. I like that. I don’t know, that is just my opinion.
        Like I have said before, Serena is NOT perfect. The way the spoke to that linesperson a few years back, I thought she deserves to be banned from tennis for like a year. That was one of her most stupid and discusting actions. She should have been punished more, made an example of. But I think that she has changed since then. I HATE when people bring USO 2009 up to make Roger look bad. I mean, come on, bring something up he did wrong since then. So why bring up that thing Serena did a couple of years back?? She is still not perfect. Sometimes I absolutely hate the way she acts after she lost a point. Even I have something like “grow up Serena”. I hate when it looks like she almost will cry after she loses a point even if she is bageling someone for two sets. She is not perfect and I like that. That is why I love Roger. He is close to perfect, but not perfect. Perfect is boring. Serena is no Roger, but… maybe it is a girl thing, but I do like her and even how she plays. One of the reasons I also admire her is that she almost died, got healthy, began to play again and got back to winning and world number one.
        But like I said, this is just my opinion…..

      6. Oh and Sid and Johan, I think you guys might have read my comment wrongly. I have not said I cannot stand Ana. How is that even possible? She is so beautiful, a great player, and so nice. You just have to look at her and know that she is nice. And she got the most beautiful smile. You guys were so gushing over Sabine, but I think Ana’s smile is much nicer.
        And even if I don’t look at girls that way, even I can see that she is hot.

        Sid, Ana is a great and dangerous player. The only reason I called her win a miracle is because it looked really like no one on the planet could beat Serena, not even Vika, or Maria or Aga or Li Na or the rest. That is why I called it a miracle. And Ana deserved her win. If Serena was “injured” she should not have played. Her fault. You can’t claim injury for every loss. I hate that…

        And Sid, I don’t think Serena is doping, but there is something “there”. I cannot explain it. The way she plays, the way her body is, it is almost “too much like a man”…..

    3. “You see, if this miracle can happen, than Roger can beat Rafa at a slamโ€ฆ.”

      Yeah, if Rafa’s having problems with his back. Oh, wait … ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. The last time Fed played Tsonga, he had a bad back and zero confidence. Now being fit and with a few months with the new racket and better serves and movement, he does have a good chance of winning. Hope Nishikori beats Dull to get Fed that extra bit of motivation to move forward in the draw. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Kei beat Rafa????!!! Maybe in some alternative universe somewhere …

      I don’t remember Roger ever saying that he had back problems at the FO, though. I think he indicated that the problems there were mental as much as anything.

      1. Nadal will duly squish Squishikori, then buy him “Cup Noodle” at a nearby Noodle Box. Sheesh! You guys have some vivid imagination ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Hello from Melbourne!! Havent been posting for some time cos I traveled to here. It’s HOT here. But it’s been a great week so far! Didnt regret coming here at all. So far the matches I’ve enjoyed the most were Federer vs kavcic and ivanovic vs williams. Federer was so beautiful in that match!!! And Ana too!! She’s definitely the most beautiful player on the women’s side, both style of play and looks. No woman can ever hope to reach half of roger’s beauty, but Ana can definitely give you a few of those OMG moments you get when watching Roger.

    Anw hope Roger can beat Tsonga. I’ll be watching!

    1. Getting quite excited about the match now. I was thinking how nice it will be to be able to watch in daytime (for me) but I doubt if I’ll be able to sleep anyway. Whatever the outcome I just hope we have a good, competitive match, which I think it should be – though I do hope Roger wins of course!

      1. My brain’s conked out on me. What time is 7 pm in Melbourne in terms of UK time? 6 am or 8 am? Oh heck, I might have to “watch” this one on livescores …

        Actually, think it must be 6 am, because that’s when Eurosport’s coverage starts. Will probably be all over bar the shouting by the time I wake up, which might be the best thing.

    2. Hey Johan,

      Glad you having a good time. What country do you live in? Singapore?

      Ana and Lisicki all day long for me.

      Enjoy Fed vs. Clownga, hopefully Fed does the business.


      1. Hey jonathan!! Yep I live in singapore. AO is probably the only grand slam I can go now. It’s not too far and the time difference is only two hours. Hope I can come to your place in future, but London is so far and wimbledon ticket prices are ridiculous. I havent watched Federer live before (or any pro tennis for that matter) so I came to watch Federer before he becomes unwatchable, which I was worried would be pretty soon seeing his slump last year. It’s really hot in here, even hotter than singapore. There have been a few cases of tourists fainting. I definitely didnt regret coming here after seeing roger play against kavcic. Can’t believe he’s a human. But I hope I wouldnt have to see him lose today. I did bet on him losing though as I havent bought tickets past the 4th round.

        And yep ivanovic and lisicki are my two favorite women players too. Lisicki is so hot in person O.O. Unfortunately I saw her lose, she was just playing bad. Her serve is pretty monstrous though. I wished Ana and sabine would play in the semifinals but I thought it’s even more impossible than Federer winning his 18th here. I thought the one that’s more likely to make it is ana, cos sabine is the most unreliable player, but she still had to beat serena. It was great to see her win!! I hope she will kill bouchard.

        Cant wait to see rafa play!!

  24. Yeah Fed in 4 for me too. Bookmakers have it right once again . 1,6 Fed wins 2,57 for JWT.

    I give 60% to Fed for this match, 50% for the next one. This makes 30% to reach Nadal for the semis.
    I ll give him 20 for that match which is 6% to reach the Djoker at the final.

    If he manages to get there I cant give him less than 50% for the trophy which is like 3 to 4% for the 18th.
    Lets face it it cant get any harder than that. It looks like a miracle.
    But it can happen. If it does its going to be the greatest of them all.
    I have this feeling for the 18th GS anyway. it has to be the gutsiest if and when it happens.

    Ok sorry for getting carried away. Yes step by step it has to be.


    1. I think I should come to you for advice before placing bets GG. I always do it emotionally. For example I’ve bet on Nadal losing his fourth round match ๐Ÿ™ – only a very small amount though ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. So funny…. Mats Wilander had said that Serena is so good, he thinks this year she could win the Serena Slam. Now that he is wrong, hopefully he will also be wrong with his prediction that he sees Novak and Rafa playing all the 4 slam finals…. Come on Roger, prove him wrong…..

  26. Non tennis related, very happy with the Denver Broncos of Peyton Manning win over Tom Brady’s Patriots, their rivalry is like Federer-Nadal of the NFL: Brady leads the H2H 10-5, but Manning is the GOAT. Some football fans here?? ๐Ÿ™‚ #omaha

      1. He’s the best, the most intelligent QB that I’ve ever seen, everyone got their bests, so for me he is… I may be wrong but for me he is. ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. This is a hard match… i know, but Roger beat Delpo last year (twice) and He’s a hard hitter too… probably better than Tsonga. For that reason i can see Roger winning in four sets…

    Anyway, as you said, nothing can be worse than FO (2013).

    PS.: I think that Roger played with some pain in AO 2013… i still remember that black undershirt (probably to avoid some back spasms)

  28. Yesssssssss, Roger through in straights !!! Winning his 930th match, surpassing record after record. Surpassing Vily’s record. Roger is now the third player in history with so many matches won. Goat !!!! Yesssss.
    Now lets celebrate, rest, practise and give Andy hell……….

    1. YEAHHHHH!!!!!

      F*** yeah. I am so happy. This is the best I’ve seen him play in a long long time. His net approaches were FABULOUS. Just smart aggressive play.

      1. Thanks Kat, you should use one avatar too, you’re one of the most participatives in the blog and still don’t have one!! ๐Ÿ˜›

  29. Wow. That was really impressive, WELL DONE FED. Saw off Tsonga more easiliy than Murray saw off Robert (who?). Let’s face it, Tsonga was playing great up until today!

    I wouldn’t have given Fed much hope of getting past Murray but now I feel it’s about 50/50. The best man on the day will win it. Fed has to maintain this form. We’ve seen him get off to flyers in slams, only for him to fall dramatically in the next (e.g. Robredo US), lets hope he can keep up the good work.

    Very proud of him after that performance. Well worth the day off work to watch it!

    What a joke the draw for Nadal, (Dimi in QF) and fairly comfortable for Djok too (altho Stan can really turn it on when he wants, dunno how he lost their O2 encounter which I was at, Stan was awesome (best I’ve ever seen him play) and actually better than Djok that day just choked on the vital tiebreak points.

  30. Nadal and Murray beat easy opponents with great difficulty – Roger beats a difficult opponent easily. I’m not going to get too excited but the omens are looking good ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Nadal now complaining about the timing of time violations received. You’d think the umpire would be fair and warn him 3 points in advance that hes about to go over the time (mindreader)

    Biggest piece of trash in the history of tennis. It’s a bit like in football telling the ref he cant book you in the first minute of the match coz its too early. Nadal wants 2 warnings then expects a “helpful hint” before the violation. Just play by the rules for once captain caveman and stop moaning about EVERYTHING.

    Nadal and Serena should have got married. Similar spolt petulant brat attitude. Make a living about complaining about everything, insulting all the people who work tirelessly to put on these great tournaments by slagging off scheduling, ballboys, line judges, umpires, then have that cheesy grin at the end if they lift title, then call it their favourite tournament, and start praising everything and everyone now they have won, get me the bucket.

    1. I was sooooo happy when he got that warning ๐Ÿ˜€ I really hope the others have the guts to do it from now on!

      The way he threw his ball away was just too good ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. Do you think it’s possible either of those two could ever take being penalised on the chin, and just say to themselves, “ok, that’s fair enough” accept a penalty or a warning and just get on with it? They know their history of aggressive behaviour means that in general certain umpires may be a little afraid of them, so if it comes to a borderline decision, the umpire may just turn the other cheek and save the aggro of being yelled at and embarrassed. Some of the things Nadal complains about is simply ridiculous, and drives me mad whenever I hear what is next. Hypocrital especially when you think of what his opponents have to put up with on the opposite side of the net, all the pathetic annoying time delays, trainer breaks, the daft towelling down every point, the routine hair flipping over both ears, picking underwear out of his ass then smelling fingers, before many ball bounces and finally serve (with skeleton opposite waiting to receive). All this has got to be planned to psyche out the opponent, and if it fails to work on somebody because they are simply ignoring him and concentrating on their own game and having a brilliant day themselves, like rosol for example, then Nadal resorts to a shoulder barge instead, to see if something different can upset his rhythm.

  32. The way I look at it now is this.

    -Federer 2014 is playing better than Australian Open 2013 Federer.
    – He has a more powerful racket that’s CLEARLY helping his game
    – He has a coach whose tactics till now have worked exceptionally.

    – Last year when he came off a 5 setter and took a fully fit Murray to 5 sets.

    – This year Murray’s still a tad iffy and not near his best.
    – Federer’s fully rested.

    I think he has a legitimate shot at making the semis. Boom!!

  33. OMG – fed was sublime watched the match when I got in from work – had deliberately not looked at the score – there is a god and his name is ROGER FEDERER – people write him off at your peril – hope he can do the same against murray

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