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Federer Reigns Supreme at SW19; Wins 8th Wimbledon Title

You wait five years for a Grand Slam win and just like London Buses two come along at once πŸ™‚ . With this latest addition to the trophy cabinet, Roger Federer becomes the all times titles leader at SW19 thanks to a comprehensive 6-3, 6-1, 6-4 victory over Marin Cilic in Sunday's showpiece.

His 8th Wimbledon crown sees him overtake Pete Sampras on the all time Wimbledon winners list and he's now won a ridiculous 19 Grand Slams to further extend his lead at the top of the all time list.

The win also sees him move to 3 in the rankings, bank a cool Β£2.2 million and further cement his position as the GOAT of Men's Tennis (that's for you Andy if you're reading this) although I'm sure the debate will still rage regardless of how many more records he sets!

Quick Match Recap

Federer Cilic Wimbledon Final

Federer won the toss and elected to receive. A tactic he's used all week, and he was able to make deuce on the Cilic serve who must have bounced the ball 50 times before he unleashed a serve before he finally held for 1-0.

The Croat won the first point on Roger's first service game, but Fed held to 30 to level at 1-1. Both guys were looking nervy in the opening exchanges, but in game 5 Roger created the first real opening, bringing Cilic forward which saw the big man take a tumble to slip to 0-30 and then a wild forehand error gave Roger the break.

That break settled Roger, and he was able to consolidate the break for 4-2. Another quick hold put him up 5-3 and with Cilic serving to stay in the set he faltered, firing down a double fault on break point to give Roger the ideal start.

Into set 2 and Roger held to kick things off for 1-0. The errors were beginning to flow from the Cilic racquet, and he soon found himself down 2-0. That was quickly consolidated for 3-0, and at the changeover, Cilic had a visit from the Trainer and Doctor as he burst into tears. It wasn't clear what was wrong but play continued, Roger showing no mercy as he cruised to take the set 6-1.

With the match now only going one way it was up to Cilic to at least make a fist of it, and to his credit he did manage to let rip on some groundstrokes to hold his opening three service games. However, his footwork was non existen, and in game 7 Roger broke for 4-3, and that proved decisive as he served out the championship with an ace to take it 6-4 in the third.

Match Stats

Match Statistics M. Cilic R. Federer
Aces 5 8
Double Faults 3 2
First Serve % In 54/90 (60%) 53/70 (76%)
Win % On 1st Serve 35/54 (65%) 43/53 (81%)
Win % On 2nd Serve 14/36 (39%) 12/17 (71%)
Net Points Won 12/23 (52%) 6/8 (75%)
Break Points Won 0/1 (0%) 5/10 (50%)
Receiving Points Won 15/70 (21%) 41/90 (46%)
Winners 16 23
Unforced Errors 23 8
Total Points Won 64 96
Distance Covered (Ft) 3590.2 3546.9
Distance Covered/pt. (Ft) 22.4 22.2
Sabr 0 0

Match Point

Press Conference

Thoughts on the Match

Fed Wins 19th Slam

Quite a tough match to review this one as it never got going. I didn't think I'd ever see a poorer Wimbledon final than the one between Berdych and Nadal in 2010 (last years was close too) but this was up there. The celebration after match point was muted as a result and it was just one of those awkward type trophy presentations where nobody is quite sure how to handle it. I guess after the drama in Australia any sort of win here was always going to pale in comparison but because it was never competitive it was all very anti-climatic. The social media updates had that contrived feeling about them too instead of the pure emotion, and there was no fist pumping from me when the break points got converted which is unheard of! So not a memorable final but there's nothing Roger can do about that, he came out and executed peRFectly. Cilic wasn't right, but at least he stayed out there till the end and like Roger he's never retired mid-match in his career (742 matches) so fair play.

From Fed's side, a win is a win, and I don't think he will give two hoots about how he took home this title. He's had some tough losses here in recent years to a red hot Djokovic, but he's put in the hard yards to get back fit over the last 12 months and now has his just rewards. And perhaps after his heroics in Australia, he was due a simple victory here today πŸ™‚

Regarding the play, I thought Roger started very nervily missing quite a few first serves. Cilic actually had the upper hand early doors, but he too looked shaky whenever he had half a chance. Once Roger settled and got the break Cilic's racquet turned into an unforced error machine. He was reaching for the ball, and he couldn't string together any sort of rally. That seemed to shake his confidence even more, and when he dropped serve in the second set the writing was on the wall for him. He made a mini fist of things in the third by holding some service games, but Roger just kept up the pressure, got the breakthrough and served it out with consummate ease.

So no real stunning rallies or jaw dropping moments but the one thing Fed was brilliant at today was his focus. He gave Cilic absolutely nothing from start to finish, didn't let any of the blister issues Cilic was having affect his own game and kept up the pressure to coast home without dropping a set. Had he been a three time defending Wimbledon Champion he might have slacked off, but given Pineapples's have been at a premium for him in recent times there was no chance he was letting this one slip, and he gave Cilic zero mercy.

Putting the disappointing  quality of final aside, the one thing I can most certainly celebrate is the genius of Roger Federer. He's just rocked up to Wimbledon and won the whole thing without dropping a set for the first time in his career at the age of 35. Rewind 18 months and he'd just come up short vs. Djokovic in Australia only to tear his meniscus post tournament. We then had that short lived comeback for the grass where his knee never looked right and winning another slam looked like it was never going to happen. However he's somehow won two of them in 6 months, only lost two matches all year, won 30 consecutive sets on grass and is playing at an entirely different level to anyone else on tour right now. Unmatched!

What do you guys make of it all? Let me know in the comments.

PS thanks to everyone who commented/read /contributed during Wimbledon. Next stop looks likely to be Cincinatti but I'm sure I'll have the odd post to thrown in before then πŸ™‚


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Anti-climactic final but I’m not going to complain, we still have 19 and 8! In terms of the rest of the year now, you have to say Roger has a reasonable shot at the no.1 ranking and also the USO. Clearly I’m not going to expect anything more from him this year, I didn’t even expect this title, was amazed he got 18 at the AO, and it’s astonishing he’s managed 19 at Wimbledon, especially without dropping a set. I don’t realistically think Rafa can catch him any more, just too far ahead. Being four ahead when it was 17 to 13 back in 2014 was doable for Rafa, but now I think it’s almost impossible.

  2. A fortnight of unparalled dominance, a year of unprecedented achievements & a lifetime full of lighting up tennis courts all over the globe. The trophy is back to where it belongs. Thank you Roger! What a wonderful time it is to be a Fed Fan, so cheers everyone!

      1. The rate at which Federer is winning Wimbledon, that might help with saving space.

  3. Very happy with the win, but yeah…. It definitely felt very strange. I felt sorry for Cilic when he cried so heavily. Glad Roger’s game wasn’t influenced by that.
    Thanks for your posts these weeks, Jonathan!

  4. Thanks for your excellent blog Jonathan. Have read it with interest for a few years now and find your match reports and comments very insightful.
    As I’m sure we all are, hugely proud and happy to be a Roger Federer fan!!

  5. Fed came very close to winning the 18th but Novak denied him repeatedly. It looked like 17 would be the final count. Each time he got to the finals, everybody, including himself thought – this may be the last chance. That put additional pressure on him. But now… with 2 more in bag, he will play USO absolutely pressure-free. This is bad news for others. It may also make him less motivated, but I guess that would not be the case. He is overwhelming favourite to win USO.

    Djokovic is lucky not to face Fed yet in this year. Want him badly in USO.

  6. Wouldn’t mind if couple of (or even half a dozen) more London buses came trundling along! πŸ™‚ It’s been pretty much a magic Harry Potter-ish Knight Bus run this year!

  7. It kinda felt weird this one. You want a competitive match for final to enjoy the victory. However, think of it this way guys. Fed was healthy in the final and Cilic wasn’t. You have to credit Fed for that. Cilic wasn’t really injured, gosh when will the “experts” learn? Blister is wear and tear. You have to mange it by scheduling and your playing style. If you burn yourself to get to Final, you can’t get to complain you were “injured”.

    Putting the strange final aside, you look at the tournament both players have had. While Cilic had excellent tournament, Fed was deservedly had better tournament than him. May be just marginally (don’t kill me) but definitely better enough to deserve the title.

    So on those basis, I wouldn’t have cared if Cilic didn’t even turn up and called in sick. 19 is 19. You can only beat who is on the other side of the net. I am also very happy he has most titles at Wimby now.

    Going forward USO has to be target. Only play one of the Cincy and Roger’s cup. Play Basel and then WTF. In doing so, if he gets #1, that’s a bonus. Looking back, loss to Haas turned out to be a blessing in disguise. If he had won Stuttgart and Halle, he might not have been as healthy. So he is GOAT in deciding which matches to lose as well πŸ™‚ !!

    Mugray burnt himself out last year to get #1 and we all see what happened to him this year.

    Then again, I would really hope he finishes above Dull in year end rankings even if it isn’t #1. Fans can’t get rid of the grudge no matter what Fed says about him πŸ™‚ !!

    This definately brings up question about next year already. What will be his targets and what tourneys will he chose to play.

    I am gonna be the bad guy and say he should retire end of next year. He has decent shot at getting good results next year. I would prefer to see him retire when he is winning than him playing on and losing matches. I mean let’s not be greedy guys….

    1. Oh well I’m greedy as long Roger is hungry. Let us all be greedy! Don’t plan (any due retirement) for Roger, he can do that himself. Congrats to all for the so well, so long deserved Wimbledon record!

  8. I think after achieving all these, Fed should target FO to complete double career slam. That would be a dream come true, specially if he beats Nadal there. That’s the only thing remaining. After witnessing THIS year, I believe Fed can do anything… even beating Nadal at Roland Garros πŸ˜€

  9. Hi everyone! This is Sulayman from Afghanistan, I’m a huge Federer fan, I’ve never posted in any blog before! and I found this blog about one and half year ago…
    This is a great moment in tennis history especially in Federer’s life. Congrats to Federer and all his fans! I hope my message gets to him through this amazing blog.

    1. Group hug for the devoted Roger Federer fans and a big thank you to Jonathan who give us this blog and forum. I can’t express how excited and reenergized I am from Roger’s resurgence. Aus17 was a dream and now Wimbledon18 is out of this world. It helps me cope emotionally with so many other issues that are going on in this world.

      I do really think Roger has a great chance to be #1 at year end, although I don’t think that figures into his goals. He has so many #1 records, both total and consecutive, they will probably take a back seat to overall Tournament Titles. That said, I do personally want him to get to #1 just for my own state of euphoria.

      Incidentally, remember the Roger Romp started at Hopman Cup, and I have already bought my tickets. My family in Hawaii has already been told I will skip Christmas at home and will be flying to Perth instead!

      Last but not least, Nadal rarely does well at the end of the season, and this year has played a lot of tennis as usual, so I don’t see him really beating out Federer on the hard courts. The #1 ranking is well within reach for Roger!

      1. What a fan you are Donna! flying from Hawaii (i assume?) to Perth to watch him play an exho! I’ve been trying to decide whether or not Perth or Melbourne, from Sydney

    2. So nice to connect with Federer fans from all over the world. I’m from India, and I’m too supertsitious to comment much while a tournament is going on, but I read every post and every comment here, often revisiting old posts just to feel good or to uplift my mood. And I do so agree with Donna, so many things are going wrong with the world now, thank heaven for Roger’s resurgence that gives us something positive and amazing to hold on to.

    3. Chees Sulayman, to my knowledge first Afghani commenter πŸ˜‰

      And thanks Donna, didn’t know you were from Hawaii. Enjoy Hopman Cup, looks a fun / well organised event.

      @Sucharita – crazy how popular Fed is in India. I was reading about one of the super fans who comes from there every year to Wimbledon. Hard core camper.

  10. Felt sorry for a Cilic but you have to give credit to federer s focus in the match. he would have been too hard to beat in todays had it even gone to five with a fit cilic tbh.
    No. 19, (gasps) are we living a dream. I am saying it again – what Roger has done this year is absolutely ridiculous, it is just ridiculous. What is even more satisfying than the win is the moment he watched his kids and started crying – beautiful ! This man still cares so much.
    I know I might have a tendency of saying things hyperboly but #20 is a “when it happens” rather than if it happens.
    I dont care honestly even if it doesnt. I am gonna enjoy this year like nothing. Seems like we have ourselves 3-4 weeks for the next stop while Roger can take care of his cold in the meantime.
    Happy 19 everyone! Cheers to our man , the GOAT ; the Legend.

  11. Just glad that he won it as I was very nervous abut how the match could pan out before hand, and the opening few games were competitive – I thought Cilic was starting to warm up on the groundstrokes before he got broke and it went downhill for him. Federer remained focused and saw it out – he has just said there on an interview he was unaware that Cilic was crying and just thought he had physical issues, but didn’t want to become distracted like he did against Stan in Melbourne.

    AO17 will always be a particular fan favourite because of the circumstances, but regardless of how he won number 19, it is it an amazing achievement at close to 36. I had written him off winning any more GS’s after the Wimbledon 2014 loss – I just didn’t think he had the fitness anymore to outlast the generation he was up against. I even doubted his own dedication too, to try and compete with Djokovic, Nadal etc. How wrong have I been?

    I think he and Nadal will be favourites for the US Open, it remains to be seen if Novak and Murray will commit to it. It would be lovely if he could make it 20 but given my doubts about his future 3/4 years ago I am more than happy he has got to 19.

    1. Cilic actually had better start I thought, apart from that first forehand. But all went down hill from him after that first set.

      Djoker hinted he might miss a lot of the season, dunno if heat of moment though…

  12. Why am I like the only one who wouldn’t mind seeing Roger retire after he wins a legendary 20th grand slam? Yeah like one side of me would like to see him play forever but realistically wouldn’t things end up nicely if he retires after winning his 20th grand slam???

    1. I mean even if he retires with 19 I would be happy. But I feel like 20 would become the peak of the mountains… Who knows? GS #20 is definitely possible! ;D

    2. I hope Roger plays for at least 2 more years. I really don’t care if he wins any more Slams, unless it is next year’s Wimby. But I hope he does get at least 2 more titles. That would put him at 95 titles, one more than Lendl, who has 94. Jimmy Connors played so long he has some insane number, so it would be hard for Fed to pass him.

    3. Nope. Don’t set limits, please. 21 is more beautiful than 20, 22 more than 21 and SO ON! Please support Fed as long as he loves the playing!

  13. In his interview with the ESPN panel Roger said he was not aware that Cilic cried. He knew Cilic had the trainer but did not know what the problem was , could not tell by Marin’s play. So he said these things did not have an influence on his game. He thought he might lose the third set, winning in SS seemed like too much. But that thought kept him loose.

  14. What really happened w Cilic? I think he was nauseated from nerves. I KNEW he would be nervous and he looked to be hyperventilating. I did feel sorry for him, but then again, NOT. It was Fed’s turn. Even though it was an easy win I am completely exhausted. MY nerves have played havoc w me since the Berdych match. May watch replay tonight and just relax.

    1. Cilic said that with the pain caused by the blister he knew he could not play at nearly his best. It sounds like he cried from frustration, knowing he could not really compete in this important match, especially after he and his team worked so hard to get to that point.

    2. This panic attack / nerves thing got tweeted and it spiralled. Like Hartt said, he said was crying because he couldn’t give a decent account of himself.

      The blister didn’t look much but guessing it’s in a bad spot on his foot. His footwork was very poor today.

    1. Cilic did congratulate Fed in his press conference. it sounds like he wanted to correct the oversight.

      1. Yes, saw that later. Still… A blister is painful but there are ballerinas who perform on broken toes. I still think it was compounded by a bad case of nerves.

      2. Ballerinas who perform on broken toes? Who? Sounds unlikely to me. (Mind you, I think Mikhail Baryshnikov was mentioned in his biography as finishing a performance of Giselle on a broken ankle, or something).

        I know you’re not supposed to lance blisters, but in those circumstances I think I’d have asked the doctor to do just that …

    2. I knew fans who love to jump over players who aren’t Federer would be in up in arms about this πŸ˜† it has zero to do with class. Cilic was clearly cut up about the loss, all the questioning was about how he had struggled from Sue Barker. Quite easy to forget what you’re supposed to do out there.

      1. Yeah – Give Cilic the benefit of the doubt. He’s all class all the time and would have been a worthy opponent today. Just forgot because of the trauma. He’s also not used to the protocol of the”winners circle” like Fed.

      2. Yes. Agree on that. Cilic was visibly upset because of his performance, especially after being broken in set 1when he had clearly ran out of ideas about how to handle Rogers’s aggression and sharp focus. The foot thing may have played a role, but not that much. He deserves credit for having dignified Roger’s victory by putting as much fight as he possibly could (physical and mentally), just as the code book states… As for Roger, he did what many would falter at: kept 200% focused on his game, immune to distractions. Not even a flock of flying aliens kidnapping the royal family would make him blink…

      3. Yes, agree.

        Incidentally, I don’t remember Roger thanking the organisers and Wimbledon staff, I think. Was I just not paying attention?

      4. Yes, agree. Cilic is a nice guy. I guess he was too distraught and disappointed with his own inability to perform optimally. That’s absolutely ok. Plus, Wimbledon does interviews rather than speeches by the players (God knows why), so they’re kind of hustled into speaking.

  15. Jonathan I can’t believe you passed up an opportunity to use “19 @ SW19” as your title!!! Haha

  16. Too marvellous.
    Ro8er played magnificently after the first couple of games. Did you all notice the Ro8er t-shirt in the post-match interview? Nice one, Nike.
    A win is a win no matter what, who remembers the runner-up in future years?
    He played the whole tournament with apparent ease (in retrospect), but only due to his talent and previous months’ hard work.
    As to when he retires, he will decide that (or Mirka will (?)).
    Someone on the BBC said today that tennis is his hobby, so maybe he will just keep playing as long as it is enjoyable to him and his family, although I don’t think he would enjoy not winning.

  17. Was Ljubicic sitting in Federer’s box today? I tried to see if he was there but the camera just panned on Mirka, Dad and Mum Federer and then moved away too quickly for me to spot him. Saw Luthi, though. Just asking.

      1. Thank God! I kind of feel Ljubicic is very very important in Fed’s rejuvenating.

      2. Yeah he’s been great. Low key which is cool. All the team are very low key / private too which I like a lot. Fed obviously has to do the whole social media thing for the sponsors but he doesn’t share every single detail.

        Everyone wants to live their lives online nowadays, Picture after picture shared on Twitter / Instagram / Snap of what they’re doing. Sad!

    1. It was not easy to spot Ljubicic because I looked for him during a couple matches. He was sitting on the other side of Luthi and the camera rarely showed him.

      1. Stupid cameras! I like watching Ljubicic during Federer’s matches. He looks so tensed up, exactly the way I feel. And he erupts into joy, just like I do!

  18. I really don’t think Cilic would have won even if he had been healthy. Roger was just playing so well all tournament and between the ears, he was so poised at all times. Nothing really fazed him (not even the frustration against Berdych) and he seemed to have the utmost confidence in his whole game the last three matches. He won all in straights but he could have gone 4 or 5 vs Milos, same with Berdych, and as Fed said after the match, if Cilic gets the third set and it rains and he gets a chance to rest and recover a bit, it’s a real dog fight. Roger did remarkably well to keep his foot on the pedal, though according to him it’s because he didn’t know what was wrong.

  19. Hey Jonathan,

    Any idea on Fed’s schedule for the rest of the year?
    I imagine it would be somewhat like Cincinnati, US Open, Laver Cup, Shanghai, Basel, Paris && ATP WTF.

    1. Wanna fight? Here goes:
      log(goat) > djoker x moaner ^ nothingal x exp(stanislas) + nextgenmysweetsmellingbutt x 19

  20. Jonathan, I almost never comment here bc I have to type my name and email every time but I wanna say I’m as happy as all u guys are. And I read every one of your posts. I wanted to thank you for this blog and for keeping us with great posts!
    *I’ve been following you for years now. I’m the guy who once tweeted you a screenshot with your live chat and the live match in dual screen. (@u2jerruin, though now I’m @gerardofanjon).

    Well, anyways. Thanks!! See you in Cincy ??????

    1. No worries, I know your picture and from twitter. And remember the screenshot.

      Not sure why it doesn’t remember your name / email. If you log in for live chat it should remember the details.

  21. Great win. I agree it was weird, didn’t feel as emotional as Aus Open, maybe because it felt like a foregone conclusion after the second set. I was still nervy but once he broke in the 3rd it was as good as done.

    I felt a bit sad for Cilic. It’s the nature of tennis really. When you’re on your own out there and there’s nowhere to hide it can be brutal I imagine. I don’t know how badly the blister affected him, but in general I just think he couldn’t bring his A-game today. I think he was more disappointed he wasn’t forcing the A-game from Federer at least though.

    All in all, I’m delighted. I couldn’t ask for more from 2017. People are looking to the US Open and #1 but anything from here till the end of his career is a bonus now. He has the Wimby record, he’s extended the gap once more between him and Nadal and it’s just great. All the better to win it without dropping a set.

    Thank you Jon for the writeups these two weeks, too. Great stuff. Especially like the dig at Murray in this one too. The guy was totally pedantic to appear to be some paragon for feminists to latch onto, reminded me of Djokovic when he tried to do all the “hilarious” and “nice” gestures to win fans. Very tryhard. I’ve always contested his inclusion in the so-called “Big 4”, I know he’s won a lot of Masters but he has always been a number of levels below the other three. Being number 1 helps him somewhat but you wouldn’t see any of the other three be so petty in a presser either. Just in every way the guy is a total bore and I really hope we have seen the last of him winning slams. No sense of British Patriotism has ever spurred me into rooting for him, even at the Olympics.

    1. Haha yes I dunno why Murray made that remark. Deflected attention from his loss I suppose. But it was obvious what the journalist meant. As usual all these social justice warriors creaming themselves over it.

  22. 8 is great and 19 even better! Great review Jonathan and totally agree with the anticlimactic feeling. Though Roger was the winner even before the match, we all expected a fierce battle which never happened. In a way I am glad because I was myself a bundle of nerves. It was sweet though to see Roger’s emotion and the family and team burst of joy and the whole Tennis world celebration. He’s done it again! He is a true champion. Like somebody said, whatever comes next will be a bonus. Watching his game will always be a joy.

    1. Thanks. Yeah did kind of spoil it a bit for me, but like Claud said below, more about the journey so when you think of the title in those terms it’s a lot more pleasing. And that’s obviosly why Fed was so happy. None of really know the work that truly goes into it. Obviously, it’s made simpler by the access to cash etc. but he’s still gotta get out of bed and want it.

  23. Now, that’s a far more appropriate way to celebrate a one-sided win than flinging yourself onto your back on the court!

    Incidentally, do you realise that if Stan hadn’t been outplayed at RG Switzerland would now be holding all 4 slams? (And YES, I do mean men’s singles – that goes without saying. Really it does πŸ™‚ )

  24. After all those painful years (2014-2016) never did I (we) imagine Fed would be where he is now. The man is the stuff of legends, as if we didnt know that already. But to keep focus in his very busy (kids, family, sponsors, charity, fans, training…) life, its almost unbelievable that he reaches his dreams with so much class. I mean RF was always the rightful owner of Wimbledon and hence this was so important to his legacy. Definitely will enjoy this day for a long long time regardless of how the final match played out since its the journey that matters.

    As I mentioned in a post very early in Wimbledon, this is going to be another scintillating year for RF.

    Hope RF carries on with this momentum all they way through next year. Many more achievements beckon The Grand Master of Tennis.

  25. Wow! What an amazing year this is turning out to be. Only regret is that Fed couldn’t beat Djoker and Dull on the way to the title. Hope US Open makes that comes true. It’s funny how greedy we get. A year ago, another title somehow would have made us all happy. Now we want the title every time he plays and also to beat up every top player along the way. Hope this dream run continues for ever.

    1. Agree Ganesh about Fed not needing to play Novak or Andy or even Nadal. They are after all the top seeds in this championship and it would make a difference to all the talk about how competitive Roger is among the top guns if Roger does beat them en-route to the title (greedy me!). It is definitely a shame for Wimbledon this year that they could not give their best due to injuries. Does anyone know if there is ever a Wimbledon champion who won without having to face the top 4 seeds?

      1. Didn’t mean it that way. It would have been more satisfying if he beat Djoker in semis and Dull in finals in straight sets πŸ™‚

      2. Ah…typical Fed fans. Like a second slam (with a filling of two Master 1000’s) in the year wasn’t enough…they are now more worried about satisfaction. An eighth Wimbledon and 19th slam…but just not satisfying enough. Lord have mercy!

        *double facepalm*

  26. #20 is now inevitable for The GOAT, unless we see a severe drop in form

    The GOAT is a mere 550 points behind Nadal in 2017 and while Nadal will inevitably return to No.1 by the next two tournaments he plays (so can The GOAT), the year end No.1 is a two horse race. This isn’t Nadal’s favorite part of the season. No more clay tournaments to vulture on folks, and quite a few indoor titles to look forward to. I think a motivated Federer is guaranteed the No.1 finish. If you think his backhand is awesome, wait till you watch him indoors.

    Now that The GOAT has pretty much achieved everything he wanted to, including standing alone on the most coveted turf and virtually sealing the…ahem…GOAT debate…will we see a drop in motivation? That is what I as a fan fear the most.

    His GOATliness can win another slam, the No.1 ranking, and 100 titles very soon.

  27. Well… I don’t have to say.. Federer was so freaking good. It’s scary isn’t it…?

    In the first 3-4 games I was really nervous and so in to game.. Actually in the 1st set was kinda thrilling. Then when Cilic had his medical time out and cried, I said to my self.. Oh no, don’t retired… I don’t want to end like that… And after that I’m not nervous at all and I knew he will win that..

    It was very anti climatic but win is a win and I love it when Federer cried… No regrets…

    Like you guys I was greedy right now and I want US open… πŸ™‚ hehe.. but It will be an icing on the cake.. πŸ™‚

    Allez Rog.. and congrats to US fans… πŸ™‚

  28. I am so happy for Roger’s win. True, it wasn’t as a classic and memorable as the Australian Open Win but at least the pageantry of the trophy presentation more than made up for the somewhat boring final.

    Roger now stands alone at Wimbledon with 8 Titles. The Oldest Wimbledon Champion, etc. etc.

    The scary thing is that I can more than see him winning the US Open now.

    My predictions for his schedule for the rest of the year:

    Cincinnati – last time he played it, hew won it in 2015
    US Open – last time he played it, he made the Final in 2015
    Laver Cup*
    (Shanghai) – to me he doesn’t have to play that especially if he wins Cincinnati and the US Open. But he likes visiting Shanghai so you never know.
    Basel – last time he played it, he won it in 2015
    Nitto ATP Finals – last time he played it, he made the Final in 2015.

    This is scary because he’s in such a pole position right now.

    Baring some drastic drop in form, I can totally see him all of these (except possibly Shanghai). I mean he’s won Cincinnati 7 times – scary, Basel – 7 times – scary and the ATP Finals – 6 times. He made the finals of the US Open last time. I mean. Crazy!

    To me, the only real contenders right now at the US Open are Federer, Nadal and Wawrinka.

    Berdych, Kyrgios, Cilic and Raonic with their serve can cause trouble so Roger will need to be well rested.

    But with about 5 weeks break coming up, he should be well rested. Also, this Wimbledon was so straightforward that he really didn’t extend himself.

    This could be 2004, 2006 and 2007 all over a again with 3 slam wins. And it’s very realistic which makes me very happy!

    I am not sure how to spell BEL20VE but I suppose that’s the next goal – especially this year at the US Open!

    1. Haha yeah 20 is not easy to work into words! I don’t really care how the year goes, just going to enjoy the tennis and hope Fed plays his full schedule.

  29. It’s a real pity that Ciic wasn’t so good. But it can’t take away just how good Fed is. I wonder why when
    Cilic broke down in the second set he didn’t get the blister seen to then, but I guess he was just overcome.
    So happy for Roger well deserved…and happy for Jonathan for keeping us so well informed…and lastly so
    HAPY FOR ALL FEDFANS whose posts I so enjoy x

  30. I need some help guys. I will be in Montreal for the entire period of the Rogers Cup. Till now Federer has not confirmed whether he is going to play in fact in his english presser he sounded doubtful. What should I do about the tickets ? Should I risk it and buy them ? If yes which day(s) and which session(s) and if not when do you think i should make the decision if I should even be buying one.

    1. Nobody can give any sort of advice here as it’s all unknown.

      From his presser it sounded like Montreal was very doubtful. So based on that I would be surprised if he plays it.

      As for sessions and days it’s pure guesswork. If you’re in Montreal anyway and want to see some tennis just go? If you’re only wanting to go see Federer then wait it out and chance buying them closer to the time… probably means paying over the odds however.

    2. I can’t see Fed playing both Montreal and Cincinnati and of the two I think he’s way more likely to play Cincy by quite a margin so if you would only go to see Fed I’d say probably not worth it. But as Jon says, you never know. Fed is in the entry list but it starts in 3 weeks. I just can’t see him playing both back to back and then play the US in 2 weeks.

    3. You should go even if Roger does not play, there will be many good players at the tourney. I saw him the last time he played in Toronto. I bought my ticket ahead of time to be sure to get a good seat, and chose Wednesday evening. That is probably a good bet for when they would schedule him. And of course for any evening after that as long as he is still in the tourney. I wish the men were playing in Toronto this year. There are several, including Sascha Zverev, whom I would love to see in person.

    4. When was the last time Roger actually played in Montreal? I certainly wouldn’t risk it, if all you want to do is see Roger.

  31. ?????? ?????? ?????? ?????? ?????? ?????? ??

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    ?????? ????
    ?????? ????

  32. Well, I guess there isn’t really much to add to what has already been said. Not a classic nailbiter final or the same feeling of satisfaction as in AO, but who cares? The title of grass king is now official and no longer shared with Sampras. That’s a pretty nice milestone. 19 slams also means the gap down to Nadal is a little wider again. I don’t know if we’re safe yet, but at least it’s some very welcome breathing room. Gonna buy myself a cake on Monday and celebrate. Thanks to Jonathan for writing all the updates.

    1. Cheers Bjorn.

      Yeah Nadal 4 slam difference, that’s quite a big margin.

      Who’d have thought 19, doesn’t seem 5 mins ago he was breaking the 14 record tbh.

  33. I like the way Fed doesn’t ever dash up to the team at Wimbledon on a win, he truly respects the hallowed grass and the past great champions and sits there reflecting and acting with class and dignity.
    Roger Federer GOAT what a gift and the SHBH & perfect technique has buried or overcome every trend that has tried to influence tennis …the power game, the baseline, the antics, the grunting he has just purposefully applied himself, adapted, created and beaten all comers with purpose, technique and sportsmanship.
    Federer has made history and shown the adapted but classical way is relevant, to do it at Wimbledon is glorious.

    Thanks everyone sharing on here and Jonathan yet again, would be lovely to think Fed reads PeRFect Tennis and realises just how much he inspires and really means to us.

    1. Yeah never a fan of the climbing up to your box nonsense. Fair enough if they are close enough to reach over and embrace. But going through the crowd? All OTT.

      Haha, 4 kids, a permanent cold, tennis to play, charity to run and sponsors to please. Not sure he’d have time to read this πŸ™‚

  34. Like Vili said, the rest of season looks scary. If Fed continues with this kind of form, it will become inevitable to choose him as the US Open winner. For the rest of reason, here are my thoughts on which tournaments he will play. Cincinnati – He could win this one
    US Open – If he continues on a good form, I can see him winning
    Shanghai – Not sure he will play here. I think he will skip it.
    Basel – He could win this one
    Finals – He could win this one too..

  35. Still in dreamland with 19/8. Wondering about the rest of the year. Four weeks until Cincinnati and then one until the US. How does that fit the new part time resting approach? No time for a ‘Stuttgart’ blip allowing for pre US prep.

    Regarding Cilic. I have nothing against the chap other than what he did to Roger at US 2014, but I do think it a pity that his ‘ailment’ has dominated discussion so much and was the first thing Roger was asked about. Blisters are very common in tennis by the end of a tournament (hands and feet), but with plasters/bandages/sprays etc withdrawal should never be a question, and I don’t think it particularly heroic that he finished. Maybe he should fire the person in his team who treated his blisters prematch? The real issue is that he didn’t cope emotionally with the occasion and a minor setback and couldn’t clear his mind to fight – a slightly sad reflection for a top ambitious player.

    1. Cheers Kevan.

      Yeah the circumstances of the final weren’t ideal. But always going to be the case after he had the doctor on. At least he didn’t retire mid match!

      I’m not sure what was going on, blister looked to be on the ball of his foot, probably the worst place. I had one there once after playing five a side in some footy socks and ill fitting boots, my feet were in bits I could barely walk so I can kinda see why he was struggling.

  36. It’s sad to see the state of Ruan’s blog, really.

    He seems to be under the delusion that any title won not beating djokovic is “empty”.

    As a previous hardcore fan (Now, I dunno whether to believe that) of federer, it’s surprising to see that he still believes that current fed is better that prime fed. He may be is slightly better in the back hand but that can be attributed to larger racket head size and overall increase in controlled aggression to make up for loss in speed and court coverage.

    Prime Fed ‘s movement was unreal and his game was untouchable. Forehand was the best there ever was/is/will be.

    Ruan is implying Fed’s current (2014-15,2016) level is better than prime and therefore since djokovic “owned” him in big games during this period, he reached the most dominant level tennis has ever seen. But at the same time, he seems to have totally forgotten that djokovic is supposed to dominate fed because djokovic is 6 years younger and was in the prime of his career whereas fed was way past his prime.

    Instead of seeing this as a further proof that olderer is at the very least giving prime novak the best competition on tour to mean that he is better than djokovic, he is taking the complete 180 of why this is the reason djokovic is the highest level of tennis ever reached.

    Well, if you ask people in their 40s,50s they will say 1984 mcenroe vs conners wimledon was probably the highest level they ever witnessed.

    For us, the next two generations 20-30s we know that fed 04-06 (07) was the greatest level.

    It just feels so wierd and tragic that a person who prided himself on not crossing the line towards fanatism and insanity in writing and wrote good analytical articles regarding tennis is going down this path.

    1. I’d like to prevent the comment section becoming the little Ruan bitch section if possible πŸ™‚ I appreciate there was / is a cross over of readers but I’m not sure why people are feeling the need to come up with lengthy comments giving us their theories of why someone changed the focus of their blog. We’ve had this one and several on the last post. Not sure why it seems to be keeping people awake at night. Who cares?

      1. Actually, yes, from now on, any thing related to who-we-must-not-name should be summarily deleted. I second that. It’s getting pointless. And all readers from the who-we-must-not-name blog that have moved here…welcome to your new abode!

        Just a word of caution: I bitch a lot about Nadal and Williams. So, get used to it. I’m calm now but can go berserk anytime. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you!

  37. Roger has rewarded us for Keeping The Faith! Can’t be happier! Wait, I can be happier if he:
    1. Wins Cincy (he will skip Canadian Open again)
    2. Wins USO (#20 sounds great – 33% more than the next guy!)
    3. Wins Basel (I think he will skip China altogether)
    4. Wins YEC
    5. Gets back #1 and another YE #1

    You know what? All this seems possible in this magical season. I see him cross Lendl & get to #2 on the all-time titles won list. A less greedy fan would want him to retire after achieving all the above this year. But I bet the ATP doesn’t want their (by far the) most popular player who pulls the most spectators to the sport to retire without an year-long farewell tour. And why should he retire when he loves the sport so much, is fighting fit and still better than everybody else?
    Beating Connors’ all-time titles won and most matches won records are likely the only two records he won’t have when he retires.

  38. Goat blog for a Goat!
    Well, I was there and yes it was a bizarre match as the Cilic ” performance” dominated the match!
    Whatever! We witnessed #19 and #8! Unbelievable! Nothing was going to surpass the Fedal AO drama, and this was all about records, legacy and history. He was the best player for the entire fortnight, coped with the hype, the pressure, and proved time and time again his greatness and as athlete.
    Cilic was a mental wreck from the off. Always been twitchy and today, his nerve betrayed him. I seriously thought he was going an anxiety attack as the first set didn’t really reveal any noticeable injury. He was so tense in that first set and couldn’t really control his body.
    Fed played at a high level throughout this Wimby which speaks volumes for him but less so for the oppo. I await the narrative regarding the state of the ATP given the first 6 months of the year.

    Schedule? Reckon Cincy ( poor Rogers Cup), USO, Laver Cup, maybe Shanghai, Basel, not convinced about Paris, exho with Andy and WTF.

    Thks for all the posts Jonathan, it’s been a blast going to so many of his matches this yr and just watching him, the movement, the court craft, the IQ just working the whole time. Total peak!

    100% deserved! He has worked his ass off for this! Was thrilled to see Paganini in his box this year! Huge part of his success. In fact that whole team are a perfect mix. Seve and Ivan are a great foil for each other.

    Biggest cheer has to go to Mirka too for her unstinting support. I don’t care what ppl say about the easy life of the rich, you still hv to lead that life with enthusiasm, energy and genuine desire. That cannot be faked.
    And so at end of the day he is still just a boy with a racquet and ball doing something he loves! And thank goodness for that! Lucky us! Lucky tennis!

    1. Thanks. Yes final was a bit flat really, not a good one for the neutral (if the exist when Fed plays) but like someone said above, all about the journey to get there. Great tournament from Fed, never slipped up despite some potential banana skins.

  39. Jonathan, gracies from Rome for excellent write-up. I am sitting at the Crowne Plaza’s restaurant in Rome, munching breakfast. Every bite seems to be so tasty πŸ™‚ and I was antsy all day, as my mobile doesn’t appear to work in most of places where there is no Wifi. I know why – what a sweet victory! Cilic injured, ok we march on! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ .
    The next stop of the FedExpress is US Open πŸ™‚ !

  40. Well not ruining the mood but goshh.. I hate those haters that says its a cake walk to Fed just because he didn’t face the other top players or CILIC has injury….. I know I must not affected by this but WHY? WHY?

    Is Feds fault that they didn’t performed well? dang….

    1. I don’t know who tells that, but any one calling cake walk draw for last two GS he won, should be likely under influence of Meth πŸ™‚

  41. Eight, Nineteen and Ninety-three
    That’s what happens when the mind is free
    This is Federer version two point zero
    Already anointed as sports greatest hero

    But the man himself is still not yet done
    Despite winning his eighth Wimbledon
    There’s more to come in the days to come
    As no one can solve the Roger conundrum

  42. Hey everyone shouldn’t we all try to comment on Ruan’s blog? He will become so angry, just by seeing us RF fans being everywhere!!!


  43. I want to move to next stage now. It is time for Federer to look into slam no 20. An astrologer who correctly predicted Australian open and Wimbledon for Federer this year has predicted 20 grand slam is very much possible for the great Roger Federer back in 2013 when he was having his worst time in his career. His longevity, motivation and hunger to win by him predicted correctly at that time. That astrologer also predicted that neither Nadal nor Djokovic are astrologically destined to cross Roger Federer in slam tally once all of them retires. Even, astrology can sometimes by quirky, however this man was spot on with his prediction.

    Now back into the business, If Federer is healthy, hungry and motivated, he has a very realistic chance to win Grand slam number 20 from upcoming US open to next Wimbledon. But, we do not want to look that far. With this family and team aside, he will be rightly conditioned hence unlike djokovic, his motivation is unlikely to drop. Rumor has it say that Djokovic went on to bang girls after winning French open last year thus brought dispute within his family. In order to shake things up he tried to rekindle himself with all love and peace talk with lunatic pepe Imaz. However, this is not our concern. Our man will be perfectly hungry and motivated and this US open swing we are gonna see his destructive Neo backhand back again. Feddy bear should target the following tourney:

    1. Cincinnati
    2. US open
    3. Shanghai Masters (Fast court perfectly suited to Fed’s game where he beat red hot Djokovic in 2014 with a score line of 6-4, 6-4 in the final)
    4. Basel Indoor
    5. ATP year end tournament.

    If he can bag championship trophy from this 5 tournament, he will end up being number 1 at the end of the year. It is realistically possible for him to win in this 5 tourney, if he remains healthy and motivated. At the end, what a year we are having as a Fed fan. Don’t be complacent yet. Our man is not complacent himself. There is more to savor when the man is great Roger Federer. Thanks to all.

    1. Hehehe. Feddy Bear. I also name him like that, at times. I wonder where we got this idea from? πŸ™‚

    2. “Rumor has it say that Djokovic went on to bang girls after winning French open last year ”

      With writing like that you’ve got a job waiting for you at the Daily Mail πŸ˜†

  44. Great post Jon. After 6 months away last year, this season has been a dream, Finally, he stands alone with 8th Wimbledon title and 4 clear of Nadal. Celebration quite muted in consideration to Cilic. Poor guy too overwhelm by occasion coupled by blisters. Both Murray and Djoker needs to seriously consider taking time off to heal their bodies. No point running their body to the ground, perhaps learn from both Nadal and Roger.

    There is no reason why Roger can’t go deep at USO, he needs a friendly draw and stay healthy. I hope he skips Roger’s Cup, just play at Cincy then on to NY. Rest well Champ!!!

  45. As a long time Federer fan 2017 has been so special. The 2012 Wimbledon win was a great moment as Federer went through some struggles after his win in Melbourne in 2010, and won a slam after 2+ years. 2013 was a wretched year, followed by a long period of recovery but no slams to show for it (2014 – 2016). Just when many were losing hope of him ever winning a slam again, he comes out of nowhere and wins 2 slams, and there’s one left to go this year.

    Having said that, does anyone think that retirement might have crossed his mind now? Go out in style and on top of the world.

    1. We don’t know for sure and even if that’s the case its just beyond what we could do about…I would say we better enjoy these wins as fans rather than worrying about his retirement plan.

      As a selfish wish, i do hope he makes visit to Cinci this time since I have plans to visit this year too…

    2. I’m getting SO tired of fons’ repeated speculation of retirement, just when Roger seems as hungry as ever. Who are we to read his mind, and even think of it? Have you secret wishes for his retirement soon? For me it is SO exciting to look forward to what Roger will develop in his performance next time – the reactions to this, and his possible success with it. “Go out in style” my a..

      1. Agreed. Sampras had one and one weapon only: Serve and Volley. Of course, that went with a booming serve. He really didn’t have as many options as Federer has to adapt to the changing game, and new generations. The guy never even made the French Open final for Pete’s sake! Just one SF, a few QF’s, and mostly crashed out by the second round.

        In my book, both Djokovic and Nadal are ahead of him.

      2. “Doesn’t seem like the Sampras type…” AGREE! Roger is Ro8er type, no one else’ type to be squeezed into!

    3. My only concern is that if the competition doesn’t pick up and he goes on sweeping all before him, then boredom/lack of motivation might creep in, that’s all. We need the others back and playing a high level of tennis.

      1. Competition doesn’t pick up and he wins a few more slams? I’d love for that to happen. Amen to that!

      2. haha, agree with Sid. But I’m sure some competition will happen to keep up his creativity.

      3. Agree with sid, who cares competition as long as the darling of tennis, Roger Federer keeps winning slams


    Found a great article.. As Fed said, the young guns needs to attack more especially at the net.. I think Fed was right, some or most of them stuck in the defense position in the baseline but its easy to say but hard to execute especially when they face Fed who’s really good in attacking.. I think he wants to see some future young guns to try aggressive tennis especially using those volleys…

      1. Last time I remember him being asked about the ranking points, I thought he said they were broadly right.

  47. Looking at the points, it appears Nadal will overtake Murray to No.1 first by the end of August, assuming he plays up to his current level which is decent (after all there’s only two people to beat him on hard courts this year: one of them is Querray, you can guess the other :)).

    Clearly Federer was helped by taking time off before Wimbledon, but he did play Halle. Hard courts are more punishing than grass though, and takes more off older legs. I think that to get no. 1 Federer might have to enter two 1000s, Cinncy of course, but maybe Shanghai will be needed too. But he has to play Basel…

    I am less interested in NO.1, really the US Open and London are to me the key ones: London to retain his dominance there, after Djokovic beat him 2 times (plus the walkover).

    Of course FEderer was scarily good in 2012, won Wimbledon beating Djokovic and Murray, then won Cinncy beating Djokovic 6 – 0 7-6, but then seemed to run out of gas by the time he lost to Berdych in the QF of the USO that year.

    The prime Federer in 2004-2007 is better than this one, no question, physically, movement wise, ridiculous forehand winner out nowhere-wise.. But I have to admit that mentally Federer now is a rock and his backhand is not a neutral shot anymore.

    If the US Open court speed is similar to Australia than that backhand will do damage.

      1. Ha that’s a good point, that is a good slice and then to a right-handed opponent, it sort makes them hit the ball back to Fed’s forehand…on grass it is lethal although Djokovic and Nadal learned to deal with it eventually.

    1. Hahaha! I know, right? The guy goes seriously wrong then picks Cilic in the final when all rational reasoning suggest it should’ve been Federer in straights or 4.

  48. Fioretti 2017 – Part 2.

    Hello all !
    Herebelow is the second part of my journal dwelling on what happened to our champion from April ’17 to Wimby. As the scenario of the season has been fantastic up to now, I hided some film titles in my text…

    APRIL :
    Matches for Africa 3 and 4

    A peRFect blend of first class sportΒ Β Β 
    and philanthropy is served in Zurich.
    Later on, an overdose of coffee is necessary to watch the Maestro play and have fun : Sleepless in Seattle…

    MAY :
    No Roland-Garros : first class aviators don’t need to land in Paris to fly over the court !

    Just finetune the array
    in the sweet days of May
    away from the clay.
    And imagine today,
    tomorrow’s hurrays.

    JUNE :
    Forget Guy Forget !
    The red brick tourney has its asset :
    a gifted mate from Spain
    who loves the number TEN.

    Stuttgart :
    The green season will start !
    A defeat on the German grass.
    It’s not that sad to lose against Haas.
    Soon arrive dainty wins to encompass.

    Halle :
    Then comes Gerry Weber.
    Of the grass, Allez-xander
    is not (yet) the Emperor.
    The German young bird’s
    merely allowed to gather
    a few games like crumbs,
    left for him by Roger,
    leaving the lad somehow dumb.

    The trophy is heavy and ugly
    but it means to many
    that in some weeks, maybe
    comes the eighth symphony.


    Straight sets victories :
    All played in harmony.
    Throwing balls patiently
    Hitting them precisely
    where you wished them to be.
    What a ceremony !

    Grateful we are, Roger.
    You are now and forever,
    The constant gardener,
    always better and better.

    If you were
    an actor,
    that eighth golden award
    would be higher
    than the London Shard.

    During that enchanted fortnight
    You used all the tools of your outfit.
    Playing at your best and fit.

    Together sport, theatre and dance
    tennis as you play it, can be, at a glance
    the most exquisite show.
    …Now : Flushing Meadows !

    Happy Birthday soon and have a good rest !

    NB : Thanks, Jonathan for this great blog. I have been on sickness leave for a full yearΒ  due to a car accident (ankle smashed and consecutive huge back pains). I then had time to watch lots of tennis matches,Β  read that blog and sometimes write on it since July ’16. I also learned lots of new vocabulary words too as I am not an English native speaker (I am French).

    Watching Mr Federer run so lightly on courts made me realize how it may sound easy for a human being to use one’s legs and arms to move. I am convinced that the appreciation of his come-back and wonderful deeds all over the world “helped” me endure 2 surgeries andΒ  the 75 physiotherapy sessions I already had (still counting ! ) to recover.
    We are eye-witnesses of the joy he shows in life and in his sport, but we can only imagine the huge efforts and perseverance that have been necessaryΒ  to reach his goals. His attitude is an inspiration for me and, I guess, for many others.

    1. Sad to hear about your accident. So brave of you to be so positive about it. Wishing you a safe and complete recovery. Loved reading your verses!

      1. Ha Ha !! I guess he would be too expensive for me… even if I negociate a comfortable salary increase with my boss ! πŸ™‚

  49. Woo Hoo’ Federer stands alone at Wimbledon! US Open is next. Then win ATP finals for the 7th time. 2006 Baby!

  50. This whole Cilic not complimenting Federer is being blown way out of proportion.

    Look, the guy had high hopes. He was dreaming big, trying to become the first Croatian since Goran to win Wimbledon and carrying the expectations of an entire nation. Now, he has won the US Open, but Wimbledon is the holy grail of them all.

    So, the guy was getting obliterated, annihilated, hammered, decimated, vaporized, bludgeoned, skittled, nuked, roasted on an open pit, blown away, destroyed, pummeled…I mean I could go on an on. What do you think he must be feeling getting his dreams crushed in a manner only Roger Federer can do? In front of 15.000 people? On a center court that they call the Mecca of tennis? I mean, he was literally sobbing and wiping his tears with a not so adequate towel. Heck you could’ve given him a bucket and that still wouldn’t have been enough.

    He wasn’t lavish in his praise. He didn’t shake hands or pat Federer on the back when leaving him alone in front of the photographers, as is customary. All he wanted to do was one thing and one thing only. Be someplace else.

    What else did you expect him to do? There is this certain Spaniard who was being blown away and he reacted by shoulder bumping his opponent. And another who was so roided and raged up, she wanted to shove a fucking ball down a lines woman’s throat, in front of her home crowd, on a day as significant as September 11.

    Did he build false expectations after he got lucky he didn’t have to face either Nadal or Murray? Yes, he did but losing like that in a final still hurts bad. It hurts a hundred times over than how Roger must’ve hurt after the US Open 2014 semi final and then some.

    I think we can all cut him some slack. And well done, Marin. It just wasn’t your day.

  51. I know that Jonathan will write an article about the upcoming Laver Cup in due time but I was just curious:

    What is this? Is this tournament going to be kind of like the Holman Cup? Will it count towards Roger’s Achievments if he wins it for example? It sure sounds like lots of fun. If I am not mistaken, Roger and Rafa plan to play doubles together for the first time which would be awesome.

    Just think about: Rafa can cover the left side of the court with his down the line forehand and Roger can cover the right side of the court with his down the line forehand and it’s over. ☺️??

    Just thinking. I am sure it will be a fun event. They even made a special trophy for it…

    Just curious to hear what you guys think.

    Ro8er – I like the Nike Ad by the way.

  52. What an incredible year. And it isn’t over. And I thought this was a player who should retire back in 2013! There are times when it feels good to be wrong. BTW, I know I am somewhat biased about this but 8 Wimbledons on the way to 19 slams has made 10 dirt titles in France seem somewhat irrelevant now in the tennis world, as though clay is the off-season when Federer doesn’t play, and the winner in Paris is routinely picked off at S19 well before the final. I expect we will see more of the same in the second half of the year, with more complaints about the “knees” – but not Roger’s, which will be fine.

    1. The French Open needs major upgrades. There is still no roof over Philippe Chatrier and the grounds overall need major renovation from what I’ve read and heard.

      Therefore, the viewership is not as good as in other slams.

      Overall, not as exciting as the other slams. The only opening for a player to win it is if somehow Nadal is injured which further turns players off.

  53. Like everyone here, I also want to thank Jonathan for this wonderful blog. What makes this blog special among all the tennis and Fed sites is the people who contribute in the comments. Some of you, I feel as if I know in real life, because we go through the same good time and bad time together. And Jonathan always has something intelligent to say in the comment too.

    I watched all 7 matches, not a small feat consider the timezone I am in, Hong Kong. The most fun was the Raonic match. Fed gave us a little of everything in terms of shotmaking in that match…. And of course no complaint about the anticlimatic final, after what we had gone through in the last 3 years and AO 2017.

    1. That’s what Federer himself say also..”It has been very tight sometimes, so it seems ok that for once it wasn’t” or something.

    2. Thanks Kit. Yeah the comments make the blog 100x better.

      Dedication of Fed fans never ceases to amaze, whenever I get up at 3am to watch in the US swing, people say to me, you’re crazy, nobody does that. I’m like there’s hundreds if not thousands that do!

    1. I just feel like acknowledging that – with every record Fed breaks- the aura of the Donkey only grows stronger.

      Donkey the Fed Slayer.

      My children will know his legend. And so too will their children.

    2. And Haas too. Remember in 2012 Fed lost to Haas on grass and went on to win Wimbledon? That happened again this year. :-

      1. Hah (was it on some kind of purpose..)? This year has even done better so far (though not yet in ranking). Practice makes perRFect, even for time?

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