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Roger’s New Racket for 2012 – Wilson ProStaff SixOne 90 BLX

So here's Roger's new racket for the 2012 season. The last time he got a new paint job was before the Australian Open in 2010, and he won that. So here's hoping this one has the same effect.

Do any Fed fans know for certain if he uses this racket? Or does he use a custom one that's just painted up to look like this? I've heard he uses something based on a very old Wilson Prostaff, with lead in the frame, natural gut mains and luxilon for the crosses. It'd be nice to know.

The racket looks very nice, I play with the old K factor SixOne Tour 90, it's quite tough to play with, but the control you get compared to what I call toy rackets like Babolat Aerodrives is unrivalled, it'd be interesting to see how different this one plays so if anyone wants to buy me it then feel free!


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