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Federer Races Past Medvedev into Basel Final

A 14th Basel final for Roger Federer awaits after he cruised past the in-form Daniil Medvedev 6-1, 6-4 to book a Sunday showdown against qualifier Marius Copil.

The Swiss is now 14-1 in Basel semi-finals and he'll be bidding for his 9th Basel and 99th title overall in tomorrows final after winning through in just 65 minutes in what was easily his best performance of the week so far.

Quick Match Recap

Federer vs Medvedev Basel

Medvedev won the toss and elected to receive. A decision which nearly paid off as he held break point but Roger saved it to lead 1-0.

The Russian then held to thirty for 1-1 but from there Roger was able to take charge, holding easily for 2-1 then taking advantage of two Medvedev double faults to break for 3-1.

A love hold put the Swiss up 4-1 and a horror game from Medvedev saw him drop serve to love and Roger sealed the set 6-1 in just 20 minutes landing 68% of first serves. Medvedev only won 33% behind his first serve and hit 1 winner to 10 unforced errors.

Into set two and Roger started confidently, hitting with great depth on his groundstrokes to break for 1-0. A hold to fifteen put him up 2-0 and he was soon again up a double break progressing to a 4-0 lead. Medvedev finally got on the board at 1-4, and some better returning saw apply some pressure as Roger held from deuce for 5-1.

Game seven produced the first match point for Federer but Medvedev held for 2-5. The Russian then broke Roger who played a sloppy service game. Another match point came Roger's way in game nine but he netted a makeable backhand and Medvedev held for 4-5.

Serving for it at the second time of asking saw Roger get the job done with a hold to 30 to take it 6-4.

Match Stats

Roger Federer Daniil Medvedev
Aces 6 1
Double Faults 5 7
1st Serve 55% (30/55) 49%(29/59)
1st Serve Points Won 87% (26/30) 48% (14/29)
2nd Serve Points Won 40% (10/25) 47% (14/30)
Break Points Saved 67% (2/3) 56% (5/9)
Service Games Played 9 8
1st Serve Return Points Won 52% (15/29) 13% (4/30)
2nd Serve Return Points Won 53% (16/30) 60% (15/25)
Break Points Converted 44% (4/9) 33% (1/3)
Return Games Played 8 9
Winners 22 10
Unforced Errors 24 27
Net Points Won 76% (13/17) 59% (10/17)
Service Points Won 65% (36/55) 47% (28/59)
Return Points Won 53% (31/59) 35% (19/55)
Total Points Won 59% (67/114) 41% (47/114)

Shot of the Match

Thoughts on the Match

Federer Basel

I'm very happy. I think it was my best performance this week. I'm starting to really get to understand the conditions and it was consistent, my most consistent match by far. The results show it as well, so I'm very happy.

A good win here from Roger and finally a ‘routine' sort of match where he played more consistently than he's managed so far this week. After slipping down break point in the opening game it looked like we'd be getting another tough match but after saving it Roger took charge, hitting his groundstrokes with a lot of depth and Medvedev had no answers.

Obviously, I'm not getting too carried away as Medvedev played a pretty poor match and as Roger alluded too in his interview he thought he had tired legs from all the tennis he's played in recent weeks so it did flatter him somewhat. But the fact he was in good enough form to take advantage is all that matters and it bodes well that he's managed to improve towards the business end of Basel.

Predictions vs. Copil

Next up is the surprise finalist Marius Copil who saw off Zverev in three sets. I watched the last two sets and Copil played some impressive tennis under pressure. He's not afraid to come forward, serves big and has a nice variety to his game.

The Romanian has come all the way through qualifying to make the final and recorded his first two career wins against top 10 players in the process. He's never won an ATP title, has only made the 2R at one Grand Slam and only has 3 Challenger titles to his name so in terms of resumé, there's not much to fear for Roger who's never played him before.

Based on their styles it should be a fun match as both guys will look to finish points at the net so I imagine it will be a similar-ish style to Roger vs. Mischa Zverev. From what I've seen Copil is going to struggle with Roger's style as he takes it far earlier than anyone he's played this week. Can he pull off another upset? Doubtful but we shall see 🙂

What did you guys think of the match? Predictions for the final? Let me know in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. I think Fed must improve on his service games. They’re still a bit shaky. I only watched the highlights and Medvedev looked a bit slow in his movement, especially in set 1 where it seemed that the players were using different gearboxes. As for the final, I really don’t know what to expect given the zigzags we had this week. I posted on another thread that Fed would win this tournament, so I will stick with that. The match is his to win or lose.

  2. Still well below par on serve and has only made about 50% first serves all tournament. I noticed he warmed up in a jersey today, a sure sign the back is not 100%. So massive credit must go to Fed, since he has battled through mainly with his C game, perhaps today briefly his B game. He’s into another final and should make Copil hit too many awkward shots for the Romanian to have any chance. An open goal for number 99 and perfect preparation for Raonic in Paris.

    1. He has warmed up in a jacked at the last 2 or 3 tournaments, comes off when it’s time to serve. The serve is definitely not as effective recently, but is that the back? I dunno. Speed / leg bend / and return position usually give it away.

  3. Happy that Fed had an “easy” match. It will help with energy and confidence for tomorrow. He didn’t need more of the same like earlier in the week….neither did we!
    Copil might be full of nerves for the final. Hope so and hope Fed brings home the trophy and the pizza!
    Mirka…you off skiing with the pool boy?

  4. A much more confident match from Fed,the first set was an exhibition.I think Titsy may take some credit because the Russian looked jaded and certainly not serving as he did in his previous match.Still kudos to Fed who was aggressive throughout except for that wobble at the end.
    As for Copil(for once a name I can spell)there has been no sign of nerves so far,so I don’t think we can hope for that.He has played incredibly well to come through qualifying and dispatch Cilic and Zrerev en route.However that’s a lot of tennis and a tough three setter today.A final in front of Feds home crowd will be an ask too much I think.

    1. Yeah that previous match deffo tired Medvedev, 3 setter and done past midnight. Fed said he didn’t get to bed until 2.30am. Of course Medvedev doing less press but will have been a late night for him.

  5. Well, well… looks like maybe Medvedev was suffering from some of whatever ailed Roger yesterday. Encouraging signs; though still mystifying lapses. Wonder if his “getting used to the conditions” means they ARE more significantly different from past years, with the rebuilt hall… on the other hand you’d think that would affect everybody differently.

    Jonathan, on yesterday’s thread you said you thought he was not having any issues with movement. I answered you there but am afraid you will not see it ( 😉 ) so asking here as well – I was really thinking of movement as being tied to timing, so do you think the timing issues are resolved?

    Somebody made a good point about his not having had his regular post-USO practice routines, what with Laver Cup – maybe that lack of very specific directed practice is what we’re seeing?

    Not sure what to make of Copil, he’s having a breakout week. Has he really never played this well before? Why is he only ranked 93? And why is he such a polyglot? His English, for one, seems very good.

    Oh WANNNNN-DAAAAA! Was it awesome? (Of course it was!) Are you excited for tomorrow? (Of course you are!) Can’t wait to read about your experience!

    1. Saw it 🙂

      I don’t think he had many issues with movement at all, his defence has been one of the batter parts of his game of late. Barring Shanghai vs Coric where he was clearly tired and late on the ball.

      Timing not been bad either, striking it cleanly enough (can’t remember many shanks this week) but it’s been a bit wild. His precision on serve/groundstrokes has not been great lately. Obviously that hand issue started it all, and he’s not really done much practice to actually get the feeling of putting it on a sixpence back IMO.

    2. Okay. I remember both you & – David? – one or two others talking about him being late on the ball, & I guess I extrapolated farther than I should have.

    1. Interesting. When I posted my last comment, the url popped up with “comment#484,xxx” – no idea what it corresponds to then, if anything.

  6. Better performance by Roger and worse one by Medvedev shows in the scores which could have been more one sided. Hope Roger doesn’t slack off tomorrow. He has the game to defuse the weapons of Copil, just needs to bring is A game for another hour or two to get it done. Let’s get the darn 99 out of the way finally. Allez!!!

  7. A99ez Fed and it would be good going with 9 Titles in Basel ! Also it’s a nice story with Copil coming through qualies and two SHBH players, worrying how the better known next gen are still barely stepping up week on week!

    1. Zverev about the only one with consistent results this year outside the slams of course. Maybe next year things finally change around a bit. But we’ve been saying that for a while.

  8. One more match, his for the taking. Hope this will give him a lot of positives. Is it possible for him to win without getting broken. This new trend is very annoying.

      1. It’s funny, but first four matches in Wimbledon went without dropping any service game. I think he only had to erase a couple of break points in the 4th round.

  9. Roger’s percentage of points won off 2nd serve is worrying registering 40ish percent in the last 2 matches. Put in another way, once his first serve falters, he has less than 50% chance of winning the point. What can he do to up it? Roger’s second serve is usually with loads of topspin which kicks and sets the ball up nicely for the double-handers to whack.

    1. Hey CY, new here? Welcome, interesting comment! Copil is one-hand-backhander, though, so today Maestro’s 2. serve will have a another effect?

      1. Hi Muser, Not new here but am more of a lurker than one who comments regularly. Yes, I think Copil being a onehander will not be so dangerous when returning Roger’s 2nd serve.

    2. His serve has really not been as effective of late. Not sure why but winning far less free points.

      And Copil being a single hander does it make it harder to return the topspin serve in the ad court for sure. Can’t do as much with it like a 2 hander.

  10. I watched the highlights Sasha/Copil, and am impressed. Copil was fast, sly, hitting well and gracious in his fast feet moving. His former stats are confusing, – he did no way play like a low ranked, more losing than winning performer. Is this the week of his life? Has he changed his diet? Is he happily in love?
    I’m in a mix of worry and excitement for today. Worry because the number of DF’s still unusually many for Roger and still a lapse in 2. set, still making me think of some (minor?) hand-issue, still affecting him? – Exciting with 2 wonderful moving SBH’ers in the final today, should be fun to watch both, and our hero’s experience and genius are very strong weapons for his hopeful and good chances to win it.

    1. Copil is pretty talented, Top 100 player easy. There is not that much difference between Top 10 and Top 100 in terms of ability on the day. Confidence, mental strength usually the difference. For whatever reason he has both those right now.

  11. I am very happy with his level today as well as yesterday. I posted the detailed comment in previous thread ☺️
    Now coming back to important decision to skip Paris or not. Considering that Sascha couldn’t make the final in Basel, I feel Roger need to play Paris in order to have good matches against at least one top 10 player prior to London. He hardly has any top 10 wins this season. I could only remember Cilic in the AO final and Grigor in Rotterdam final. Also I have some strange liking towards Paris Masters considering it is indoor green court ☺️ where Roger should excel if he find his range. Such is my crazy with that tournament that I even went and posted a comment on the winning article you posted almost 7 years back?
    Thoughts please ☺️

    1. Isn’t Paris a very slow court though?And the year ending tournament will give Fed plenty of play against top Tenners.Nadal is entered for Paris,so to win Fed will have to beat both him and Djokovic,
      unless Nadal withdraws of course.On balance it might be better to conserve energy for London.I can’t remember if Fed played Paris last year but that odd loss to Goffin suggested tiredness perhaps.

  12. enjoyable to see a more Federer like Federer! Can’t understand where Copil has been
    all this time when he can play like he did against Sasha, he looks so strong and seemed
    so sure was a great performance. However we know Roger has played all kinds of players
    and won so C’mon Roger find your serve x

  13. I watched Copil yesterday and he doesn’t look like he will be over-awed. He looks to be quite dangerous. Hope I’m wrong.
    Fed. won his first service game (just) so we came out from behind the couch. Couldn’t believe the first set 6-1. Was it a dream?
    Still wondering if/why he is thinking of playing Paris. Olderer needs his rest. He will have had an extra hour of “rest” last night as the clocks went back.
    “Roger!!! Roger!!!” – waving Swiss flag.

  14. A Sunday payer for our champion…

    Holy Service, you are in heaven
    hallowed be His name,
    be his kingdom keep on existing,
    His will be done so on hard court so on clay,
    give us today our daily rebound
    and bring His forehands into the court, (while Copil’s ones send them all out)
    Make us double faults free.

    Go and win it. Rog !

      1. All our prayers will be necessary then !

        Roger :
        – please FORGIVE us for having had doubts in your talent
        – THANK YOU for the emotions all the week long
        – PLEASE decide what is best for your health now.

      2. Wellwell, what doubt was about was mainly his stamina, wasn’t it? And – brrrr – I didn’t dare follow along after his being broken the first time. Copil seemed superman…But then, but then, he won 1. set, (I saw it coincidentally) and then I hopefully got a glimpse now and then (got broken AGAIN) – and more, and more, as the end drew near – and how happy I was – and Roger too. A little bit like a mini AO 2017 final. Thank God for replay on TT, cannot wait. Thank everybody for sending vibes for him, myself included. Oh WANDA, how happy you must be too – you yelled the loudest I’m sure….Looking forward to your fan story, but please Jonathan, you too, give us your opinion soon, PLEASE!

  15. I do wish they would use that lower camera angle more instead of the overhead one.Gives a much more realistic view of play.Mirka looks as if she is on tenterhooks (whatever they might be).

  16. I wish Basel could have been number 100 but 99 is still amazing. I know the doesn’t get number 100 this year I know what his one and only goal needed next year.

    1. Or would be if such things existed… The only supernatural stuff was my prediction on the post about the draw. Now, bow!

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