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Federer into Quarter Finals in Halle

Roger's campaign is underway in Halle and he got off to a shaky but overall good start defeating Joao Sousa 6-7(8) 6-4 6-2 to move into the Quarter Finals.

I expected a comfortable win vs Sousa who is far more suited to clay courts but he put in a solid performance and fully tested Roger here who did well to shake off his French Open hangover. It's always important to get a win under your belt after a defeat so I think Fed can start his grass court campaign right here without any real thoughts of Clay or the French. New chapter and let's see how he performs with the new racquet on his favourite surface.

Quick Match Recap

Federer Halle Victory 2nd Round 2014

Fed was completely untouchable on serve in the first set playing with real purpose but his return games were the polar opposite. Holding comfortably throughout he created 5 break points on the Sousa serve but failed to convert any of them. That meant the lottery of a tie break where Sousa upped his level to lead 5-2 only to get pegged back to 6 all after a tremendous forehand digged passing shot from the Swiss.

Roger then had his first set point at 7-6 but Sousa came up with a big serve to save it. Despite a 2nd serve ace from Fed to make 8 all, he hit a tame passing shot at waist height for Sousa to volley into the open court for 9-8 and the Portuguese took his 4th set point with a booming first serve.

A disappointing set to lose and one that required an immediate response from Roger and although it took him a couple of attempts he finally got the breakthrough at 3 all and then fired down 3 comfortable service holds to take the set 6-4 and level the match. Things were looking up.

If Fed was going to lose it was always going to have to be in straights here and in the third he finally pulled away, breaking instantly to lead 2-0 and then securing the double break with a vicious forehand winner down the line followed with a “Chumm Jetzt!”. At 4-1 bakery products looked a possibility but Sousa made Roger serve it out which he did with ease to close it out 6-2 in the third.

Match Stats

J.Β Sousa R.Β Federer
Aces 3 11
Double Faults 1 1
1st Serve % 70% 83%
1st Serve Points Won 51/79 (65%) 57/72 (79%)
2nd Serve Points Won 20/34 (59%) 11/15 (73%)
Service Games Played 15 15
1st Return Points Won 15/72 (21%) 28/79 (35%)
2nd Return Points Won 4/15 (27%) 14/34 (41%)
Break Points Won 0/2 (0%) 3/12 (25%)
Winners 10 14
Unforced Errors 18 11
Return Games Played 15 15
Total Service Points Won 71/113 (63%) 68/87 (78%)
Total Return Points Won 19/87 (22%) 42/113 (37%)
Total Points Won 90/200 (45%) 110/200 (55%)

Shot of the Match

Thoughts on the Match

Federer Halle 2014

Solid serving display from Roger but pitiful on return really. He should have won the first set 6-2 with the chances he created but chipped backhands into the net cost him.

Luckily though his own serve was ultra reliable and as the match wore on he put more balls in play off the return which forced Sousa to push for too much and that lead to errors.

Overall a good first match I think, it'd be easy to be critical of Fed here dropping a set but we've seen Murray blow 8 set points in a tie break today before losing to Stepanek and Nadal crashing out to Dustin Brown 6-4 6-1. It just shows how early grass court matches are never easy so fair play to Fed for getting the job done.

As for Sousa I didn't expect him to have much of a grass game but his early success was all down to taking the ball early which was good to see. He had Fed on the backfoot in several rallies and had he been able to keep it up then the result could have gone his way.

In terms of Fed I'm glad he's reverted back to winning ways instantly after the Gulbis loss but I would personally like to see him forcing the issue out there more, there was plenty aggression behind his own first serves with some sweet volleys but when returning he tended to get a little negative in his play. Sousa eventually did break down but better players probably won't. Last year the mentality of waiting for your opponents level to drop failed him against Stakhovsky so it's not something I think he should rely on on this type of surface, matches can get away super fast.

Back to the Murray and Nadal loss I'm not reading into those in the slightest. Neither Queens nor Halle are hugely meaningful events for those 2 in terms of slam performance as they both come in off the back of successful campaigns at the French. For Fed it's clearly more important as he needs to build some momentum heading into Wimbledon.

Predictions vs. Lu

Federer vs Lu
Any Slip Ups vs Lu?

Bit of a surprise here as I thought Karlovic would come through especially after he dispatched Youzhny in the first round but Lu Yen-Hsun got the job done in straight sets.

Roger has played this guy on grass before at Wimbledon in 2009, winning in straight sets, but it was quite a competitive first set so I expect similar here. Lu is a solid performer on grass and is a typical Far Eastern player – quick footwork, good hands, solid groundstrokes but no real big weapons.

Fed will need to be on form but I think he can get this one done in straights. 7-5 6-2.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. I was out of town today, but checked in at 1 pm to see how things were going, and was surprised to see Roger embroiled in a 3rd set, 4-1 up. I told him to hurry up and get on with it and I’d check back in half an hour (because I really didn’t want to do my usual “watching Roger on livescores” thing in public – could be embarrassing). Fortunately he didn’t mess around today.

      And I see he hasn’t even got Karlovic in the next round now. This tournament gets crazier and crazier.

  1. Love the serve stats & the low UFE number. Not sure what’s up on return – as you say, it’s almost as though he’s playing a different game on return. Some of that has to be down to the opponent, but surely not all of it, especially once you’re into a rally.

    Break point conversion improved as the match wore on, so I think I’ll take that as a plus too.

    Not sure I like first round byes – Sousa had had the chance to get some match practice while Fed hadn’t. Will be interesting to see how Fed looks in the next match now he’s got a successful match on the surface under his belt. As he said, maybe it’s even better to win it this way, having to dig a little deeper. Positive start.

    1. 3 / 12 on BP is pretty poor. 0 / 5 in the first set is terrible, shit like that can hurt you in a slam draw. Drop first set in a slam and you will lose a high % of matches.

  2. So what to make of Nadal’s exit in the first round. These are the possibilities:

    i. This guy Brown is really good on grass, and Nadal was stunned by his good play and lost.
    ii. This is all an elaborate ploy so Djokovic, Murray and Fed will think Nadal is weak going into Wimbledon, and he didn’t want Federer to get over his Nadal-mental block by losing to Fed in the finals at Halle.

    I’m going with option ii.

    1. I wouldn’t read much into this loss for Nadal – Brown isn’t a bad player on grass, but Nadal was really just showing up and getting his payday, and then getting some rest.

      He’ll be a different player at Wimbledon.

      1. Exactly my thoughts. Get the appearance money and watch the match between Spain and Netherlands, which will be repeat of last year’s World Cup soccer match at home lying on your couch at home the next day. But I have to say, those two lobs by Brown left Dull simply dumbfounded. He never allowed Dull to ground his feet firmly on grass.

    2. Nadal has lost in the first round of Wimbledon two years in a row. Since he started playing Halle, he has won one match and didn’t play last year. His transition from clay to grass in the last two years has been awful. If he gets dumped in the first round of Wimbledon again, he will rethink his approach about just “showing up”. Murray’s loss does mean something because he hasn’t made a final of a tournament since Wimbledon last year. He’s not going to defend Wimbledon.

      1. And lost pretty tamely to Andy last year, if my memory’s not deceiving me. Anyway, all irrelevant now, as it happens.

      1. That was “inch perfect”, as they would say. Still not impressed with Brasil yet.

        P.S. Two or the last three world cup goals against Brasil have been OGs. That’s a whopping 67% of the time show their opponents how it’s done πŸ™‚

      1. People in glass houses Pablo πŸ™‚ There’s plenty to suggest Spain aren’t exactly the cleanest winners of all times. Brazil get help from a referee on the FIFA payroll. Spain get help from a Dr probably also on the FIFA payroll.

  3. Glad Fed got a win under his belt, this tournament is open for him to win. Disappointing he dropped the first set but most important he bounced back well.

    Not sure if at this stage of his career he can do much with his return of serve. To be honest I’m trying to remember if it was a different weapon when he was in the prime of his career and winning Slams regularly. Is there an attitude change from Fed, or has the game changed and it gets exposed more now? I’ll leave that to the experts.

    His break point conversion when he does earn them is catastrophic at times too – that can really hurt you in the Slams.

    Anyway, don’t want to sound too depressing. And Croatia have just scored against Brazil in the WC, interesting…..

  4. I think we’re being pretty critical here. too much so. I had great fun watching the match, it was a good contest (bar the first 4-5 BP, those where lame). I honestly enjoyed the match, and considering it’s his first match on grass this season, Sousa already had a couple, I think it’s a pretty good win here

    1. It’s a great win. First match on grass after the complete clay disaster, with a new racquet that can be very unwieldy on grass. Important win in my opinion.

    2. I tend to agree with you and Sid! Untested racquet on grass under match conditions, Sousa hits a big FH and is a big rangy all go player! Thought Fed did ok! Served v well and made a lot of forays to the net! Early rounds on grass can be a complete lottery and after Muzza, Nadull (expected, as one match is enough to collect the fee, honour the sponsors etcetera) and Tsonga who is clearly having a nightmare of a season, Fed will be plsed!
      Watched the dubs too! Love the camaraderie with Chiudinelli! Weber will be v chuffed that Fed looking good for bums on seats in both events, and Fed getting plenty of practice!
      Lu can be a threat, pretty decent record on grass and good serve but take Fed in 2 sets!
      My final prediction was Koly v Fed, no reason to change!
      Ps Muzza poor but he will be ok at Wimby! Undoubtably a tad weary after Paris!

    3. Any Fed match on grass in fun πŸ˜€

      I think this match was must-win. Lose and it’s a real confidence zapper. His losses so far this year haven’t been damaging enough to completely undo some of his good work in Aus, Dubai, IW and Mickey Carlo. However losing 2nd Round in Halle could well have derailed any Wimbledon chances.

  5. A win is a win! πŸ™‚ This was Roger’s first match on grass and also the first time he’s played against Sousa – I always think he’s a bit more tentative when he’s playing an opponent for the first time. He got better as the match wore on – hopefully he’ll continue to improve match by match.

    Also, Roger and Marco won their doubles match – they certainly seemed to be having tremendous fun out there! – through to the semis now (against either Brown/Struff or Karlovic/Pavic!! πŸ˜€ )

      1. Again served well!the racquet will certainly help his serve on grass compared to all other surfaces! More power off the bigger sweet spot, more zip!

      2. The sweet spot isn’t any bigger on this racquet ;). You must have missed my explanation in a previous comment on a recent post.

        The added power on serve, which Fed claims, (I haven’t seen numbers to know if he’s serving harder?) will be due to change in string tension and lighter frame.

        The main thing is he is still hitting all 4 corners of the service box, that’s been one of his biggest strengths on grass.

      3. True, the sweet spot isn’t significantly different, but it still gives a lot of leeway on off center hits. The biggest drawback is that a bigger frame is very unwieldy on grass, but keeping the balance and weight the same as his 90 should hopefully offset that. We’ll see how it goes. I have hope he will do great at Wimbledon.

        I completely agree with that last statement, serve location.

      4. Sweet spot is just an imaginary dot where two lines meet and there is zero rotational force.

        Larger frame means more force is needed to rotate the racquet in the hand so off centre hits don’t skew off as much like they do on a smaller frame.

  6. Question re stats!
    11 aces, are they over and above the 14 winners? I think so but some stats bundle them together!
    Wld love to see a stat for the % of slice returns against top spin on the BH!
    Interestingly enough he hit a lot of top spin bh’s on the return in the dubs! Better angle??
    His TB win % is right down this yr! Needs to improve in view of Wimby!!

    1. Got to be separate I think. I can think of plenty winners he hit.

      Hitting slice backhand return in doubles is going to get cut out at the net too often. Falla and Giraldo not great servers either so bit easier to pick up.

  7. Glad he won second and third sets easily….He will do just fine as long as his service holds like today….Just like 2009 Final against Roddick..

  8. I was a little surprised when he dropped the first set and thought on no here we go again but thankfully he seemed to remember what a good (great) grass court player he is and got the job done. I still worry about all the break points he lets slip – wish he could improve the stat cos if he can’t do it against lower ranked players I think it hurts his chances of doing against the big boys. Have to work tomorrow so will hopefully watch the match when I get back and hope for a straight sets win (will have to try and resist all temptation to look at the score during the day) Onward and upward Allez Roger – so pleased he came through the doubles as well PS just watched the Nadal Match – I like Mr Brown – but then again I like anyone that beats Nadal

      1. The match between Dustin and Kohli was a lot of fun, especially the 3rd set tiebreak. Thought both players had some terrific shots. Would have been happy for either to win, but have a soft spot for Kohli so in the end was pleased with the result. Would really like to see more of Dustin in the future, though.

  9. “I don’t count 2012 like a loss,” the left-hander said. β€œI was totally injured from my knee. I didn’t play anything for seven months. Last year I tried. I was not well enough. And this year, talking about my knee, I’m much better than last year. I lost today because my rival was playing better than me.”

    Do me a favour.

    1. I’m pretty sure Fed has said very similar about some of his past losses – Berdych 2010 Wimbledon, some last year because of the back. Perhaps not in the exact same manner as Nadal but still to the same effect. So I don’t think Fed fans can really jump on that statement.

      1. Same effect, maybe, but not to the same extreme, I think. (And, of course, not about a Grand Slam. He’s never said anything about that Stakhovsky loss, as far as I can remember)

  10. Good start to grass except for minor blip in 1st set. TB record this year is quite bad by his standard, used to go very well in TB. This tourney for Fed to win except maybe Kei who will be biggest hurdle at Halle plus whoever he meets in the final.

    1. I too also realised Fed not doing well in the TB’s this year, what’s happening there? Mental more than anything.

    1. Don’t you just love Fed on grass?

      A positive win and important one, I agree. Although he has nothing more to prove being the king of grass IMO (some think Muzz might become one!?), I’d have been upset if he had lost yesterday. Especially he played well enough and served great so losing TB let alone having it was for me like WTF?? Glad he woke up and started to return with more purpose.

      By the way, I really enjoyed ‘Dustin Brown Appreciation Video’. Great fun! Thanks for sharing, Jonathan.

  11. Good Start of the grass session.

    As you guys pointed out, it is difficult to transit from clay to grass and Fed is playing with his new racquet.
    as far as concern if he wins the match, I am happy.

    BTW, GOAT out from the 1st round???
    I thought he was the greatest grass court player ever??????

    Well, what can I say? Life is like a boomerang Pablo. Once you through something on someone and if you missed your target, then better be careful otherwise it will hit you on your stupid face.

    My condolence. RIP on grass.

  12. “I don’t count 2012 like a loss,” the left-hander said. β€œI was totally injured from my knee.”

    Thank you Mr Nadal for underlining what a bad loser you are! Damn that was the funniest comment I’ve read in a long time!

    Remind me, when was the last time he lost fair and square against someone else that Djoker? I just can’t believe that dork -.-

      1. Actually the worst thing he said immediate after winning French open 2014 is that “I lost Australian Open this year because of my back”……can you freaking believe that?? Such a CC.

        And I am also laughing that all Dulltards are suddenly saying that Brown actually defeated Hewitt …. the same people who claimed that he is from weak era…LOL

      2. Who knows if or how bad Nadal was injured vs Rosol. Rosol played unreal in that match, would have beaten anyone in front of him with the way he served most likely.

        But like I said above, Fed has said very similar things to that statement about his back last year that cost him matches. Not really much difference as far as I can see. And Fed is a terrible terrible loser, I don’t think anyone can argue with that.

      3. Not sure Fed is really a “terrible terrible loser.” Sure he has had some very sour moments after losses, but overall, he has been pretty good.

      4. Lol, yeah like Jonathan said Fed said things similar last year but I think Fed was talking more about how his own decisions cost him- like how he shouldn’t have played after Dodig in Indian Wells which comprised his back further and his training session and he always felt on the back foot for majority of the season.

        Nadal on the other hand, not surprised he actually said this. We already knew he thought this. But IMO, Rosol turned up on the day and played lights out. Don’t know if anyone could’ve beaten him looking at the way he played that fifth set, his serving was incredible and Nadal couldn’t do anything about it injured or not injured. Nadal shouldn’t be complaining though, that loss bought him 7 months of time where he came back and won 3 slams.

      5. Hey Alysha, agree with you. The way Rosol played, he would have defeated anyone that day. And to be honest, I don’t think Rafa was playing against Dustin just “to collect the money”. He really tried and wanted it. He really tried, till the end. But the way Dustin was playing, I think he would have beaten anyone, Rafa was just unlucky it was him on the other side of the net. Dustin playing amazing.

      1. He wasn’t injured, his ego was. Big big difference. Important difference.

        By the way Pablo, how long a break has Roger ever taken? I can remember 7 weeks last year and also the same time this year. Did Roger ever take a break longer than 2 months???

      2. Of course he was injured , Pablo.
        I am with you in this one. Otherwise how can anyone in this world can beat him?
        I can understand your feeling when people say that Nadal and his fans are giving an excuse. But they don’t know anything about Tennis.

        Only we Rafa fans know all inside out. Right?

        I am really upset that he is out because of injury, I wish our GOAT will reach the second round this time.

        May lord give him some strength in his ass, I mean his knees….

      3. The only thing that was injured that day was his ego. That same ego that he desperately tries to mask with all the “oh I’m so humble, never the favourite, no?” bullshit. He couldn’t accept the fact that he was outplayed by some unknown and so had to invent a story of an injury – took 7 months for him to glue his shattered ego together.

      4. Pablo, first of all, don’t jinx my hero πŸ™‚
        Second of all, it is what he has earned by playing the way he does for years.
        If Rafa wanted he could have said years and years back to the Great Uncle Toni: “don’t teach me to play like this, my body hurts, I cannot take this beating for years to come”…

        I hear a lot from Rafa fans about Roger not beeing injured… that is such a low blow, he taught himself how to play without beeing much injured. And for your information, Roger has had backproblems for many years, but the reason you Rafa fans don’t mention it is because…. he doesn’t constantly and constantly whine about it πŸ™‚

      5. Don’t buy Nadal was injured for the whole 7 months I’m afraid. Very suspect when he pulled out of Dubai and Australia at the last minute- he knew he would’ve had no chance on those surfaces and made sure he could return to clay so he could dominate early.

  13. To steal from my facebook comment on the Dustin Brown highlight-

    “The most entertaining game of tennis I’ve seen in while. He made it look incredibly easy. This is, what I truly believe, would be a more accurate representation on Nadal’s matches on average were courts not as slow today. Just goes to show how slow courts like Wimbledon, US Open, Australian Open, even indoor courts and Cincy have become. A shame. The adaptability of the Nadal- What a joke. It’s not like he could even make it competitive. “

    1. I have to disagree really about Nadal not being adaptable. He is probably the most adaptable guy in the game, I mean look, he has come back to beat Djoker in the last 3 slams they have played in. Far more adaptable than Fed. He can adapt mid match, very rare you see Fed do that as he is more of a believer in his own ability. Benefits to both those attitudes of course.

      Cincy is a fast court and Nadal won it last year… Fed won that 1st set then couldn’t put it to bed. I agree fast courts don’t suit him but he still figured out a way to play on them. As long as they bounce high and take spin then he’s in his element. I guess his problem has been consistency, yet to defend to a title off clay. Miraculously added 10mph onto his serve at USO in 2010. All those things are hard to assess or give concrete reasons for – dope, lucky, skill who knows.

      As for this loss, Dustin Brown is great to watch, every point he cracks me up, but I wouldn’t read too much into it. He took Nadal apart but Nadal just turned up because he had that obligation IMO. See what happens in Wimbledon. I have Nadal as a strong candidate here. Heading in I put him ahead of Fed.

      1. The draw will be very important. I don’t know who is the favourite here, there are a lot of question marks. How Nadal will perform? Can Federer rise his level? How Nole will deal with his RG lost? and Murray???
        IMO if these players go far: Nadal would beat Federer and loose to Nole and Federer would beat Nole.

  14. The 1st win on grass, not bad. Roger did not move as well as normally he does on grass – surely he will get back to normal soon. Yet again, being very wasteful on BPs. In each of Sousa’s three first service games of each set, Roger had double BPs and he capitalised only in the 3rd set. Having said that, Sousa played an excellent match – kept balls deep, being very agressive, served and rallied very well.
    Roger served very well and volleyed well, especially BH done line – beautiful to watch πŸ™‚ . For today’s match, if Roger moves a bit better with a few more winners, he should win in srtaight sets. Allez!

  15. wow, i love the doubles, it was nice and funny. Marco Chiudinelli is really one heck of a fine dude. I’m salivating over him. Was Nike okay with Chiudinelli wearing Fed’s outfit? Please what was on Marco Chiudinelli’s arm? Was that his name in place of the RF Logo Jonathan, did you do a zoom of that please?

  16. Hey guys, just like all of you I loved Dustin’s match yesterday (unfortunately he lost to Kohli today…).
    But you know why I enjoyed it? First of all flashback to Rosol’s match. Second of all Dustin played some amazing amazing tennis with not beeing afraid of the aura of the guy opposite him.

    But most importantly, Rafa got a very deserving payback for the way he plays other guys. Yes, payback is a …. πŸ™‚ Now he knows what it feels to players when he plays them and they cannot do anything.

    AND…. now he knows how it feels when someone is playing there heart out and the other guy celebrates like an idiot. No offence, Dustin deserved to celebrate like that, but now Rafa knows how his celebrations come across. He was not enjoying it at all πŸ™‚

    Ps: Looks like Nishi is getting dangerous by the minute……

    1. I think you are looking for something that isn’t there really. Brown’s game is suited to grass and he took Nadal apart. Nothing more to it.

      Based on this payback mentality – you could reverse it and say Fed got payback from Stakhovsky as he was also helpless in that match. Whereas previously Stakhovsky couldn’t do anything. Then Stakhovsky celebrated like an idiot. lol.

      Too much nonsense about Nadal after the French win I think, boring to watch – yes, some suspicious extended breaks from competition – yes, user of gamesmanship – yes. The list goes on, I’m not a fan.

      But half the time we are just searching for negatives in Nadal and searching for positives in Federer. Then trying to compare. Just take it as it comes.

      1. Hey Jon, you know, today at work they asked me if I was happy that Rafa lost. I said yes, but to be honest, not because he played bad, but because the other one played much and much better. I also said that honestly, Rafa had the bad luck that he was playing, Dustin in that form would have beaten anyone. And I am sure of that.

        About the celebration, I still agree. Rafa could do with less, so could others. Murray is the one who celebrates the best πŸ™‚

        And….. I don’t have to search a lot for Rafa negatives. Plenty there πŸ™‚ But like I also said, he is not evil or the devil or a demon, he is just… Rafa. I actually felt a bit sorry when he lost. BUT….. I know he will be back at his winning ways at Wimby…. he just won’t win it πŸ™‚

        By the way…… Holland-Spain 3-1 πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. Worried that one match on grass may not be enough practice for Roger to beat Kei (how’s he playing? I haven’t seen any of this, but we know he leads the H2H). And anyway, with this topsy-turvy tournament I’m starting to get surprised when “expected” players actually make it through.

    2. Agree with Alison, though it seems to me Roger is doing what he can to get practice that’s a bit more match-like than normal. Also, I’m reading grass isn’t supposed to be Kei’s best surface. Obviously Fed can’t just cruise, but hopefully he’ll be in a good enough place – and grass IS his surface – to bring some good tennis.

  17. For Jonathan or the knowledgeable readers on this site.
    I wanted to ask a question as I am not sure of the answer? ?? Anyway the question is When the Tournament GW Halle turns to a Atp 500 in 2015, will Roger Federers tally of atp 500 change from 13 titles that he is currently on I think and add the6 tititles on to it and minus from the atp 250 titles. Please can someone answer this question for me I will be really grateful for your help and answer. Thanks.

    Ps. Thanks Jonathan for your posts as always I enjoy reading the match analysis of Federers game.

    1. No it won’t. Tounaments which Federer won when it was a 250 will continue be counted as 250 wins even if they change to 500.

      1. Thanks Ajay for answering my question. Much appreciated. Cheers. Serajul πŸ™‚

  18. For Katyani…. wow The Netherlands ( Holland) are getting their revenge on Spain. Van persie and A Robben are killing it!!! πŸ™‚

      1. Congrats Katyani. And btw I don’t think we should call Spain mighty anymore and the scoreline really should have been more like 7-1 or 8-1 or even 8-0.

      2. Hey Ajay, it feels like we have won the final πŸ™‚ But… we haven’t…. YET πŸ™‚ This match was soooo important. Hope we can keep this up (and that we don’t get overconfident), but chances are looking good. But…. like with Roger… one match at the time. Right now, Holland is celebrating this win πŸ™‚

        Oh come on Pablo, let me and my country enjoy this win πŸ™‚

      3. Spain is probably out after the most embarrasing lost I have seen of them. If we don’t beat Holland better to come back.

      4. Gefeliciteerd πŸ™‚ Ongelofelijk (is that right for “unbelievable”? I have my doubts)

      5. Hey Alison, nice πŸ™‚ Are you a closeted Dutchie? Or did you use Google Translate?? Whatever you did…. I like it a lot πŸ™‚ Dank je wel. Hopelijk gaan we winnen (thank you, hope we will win !!!). Which country are you rooting for?? I also like Brasil a lot.

      6. Hey Katyani Congrats! What a brilliant display by your guys… Hope they keep it up…

      7. Brasil!!! Seeking help from referees…
        Undue penalty and then a clean goal abandoned… Level of their play was also quite disgusting.

      8. Hey Ankur, thanks. But we are not there yet. Many many more dangerous countries ahead. But atleast…… we have a good chance.

        Right now, I am more worried about Roger. Looks like Kei is just beating everyone in his path….. but that stops with Roger.

        Go Roger πŸ™‚

      9. Katyani: Google Translate? Perish the thought! Not sure it does single words, anyway. If I’m lucky, I can run a few sentences together which make it sound as though I can speak Dutch, maar mijn nederlandskennissen zijn heel beperkt (and sometimes I just try “Dutchifying” German, which as you can imagine plays havoc with the order of verbs!). Anyway, who couldn’t love a language which calls baseball “honkbal”?

        As for the WC, I’m doing my best to ignore it: I’m making a huge sacrifice for the England team, of course, because every time I so much as see a minute of them playing they always lose – even when I just walk past a pub and look through the window at the TV πŸ™‚ The only time I bother with the WC is when I want to know how much valuable Wimby time it’s going to deprive me of. Hopefully not too much, given the time difference.

    1. Folks, don’t rush to conclusions. Remember, Spain lost their first match in 2010 to Switzerland, then won the world cup. The only plus for me, Brasil will not potentially face Spain in the second round. I wanted to avoid the Dutch. They are not a good match up.

      P.S. Dope takes a little time to kick in πŸ˜‰

  19. Have you guys seen Wilson is apparently planning to release Roger’s racquet in October? They’re calling it the “ProStaff 97 RF” even though it is 98″, to distinguish it from the Blade, and it will be available in 3 weights. The paint job is still a big secret.

  20. Heard Fed got a w/o into semis. Not happy about that, he needs matches for Wimbledon and also since he is match deprived in the clay season. Looking forward to the match with Nishikori though, he’s lost to him twice now hasn’t he? But match on Rog’s racquet as always. Getting hard to balance the World Cup and tennis at the same time no, sleep is for the weak I guess! Speaking off, congrats Katyani, what a match by Holland there, definitely avenged the 2010 final. My poor Aussies though couldn’t pull of the win against Chile, but they got a pretty horrid draw anyway so can’t be too disappointed.

    Also regarding Nadal and Murray- I agree Jonathan. Especially Rafa, the guy just turned up because he had to but Brown played a good match regardless. Wonder how far Nadal gets at Wimbledon though at this year, another “injury” probably will be peaking at this time huh…

    1. Hey Alysha, so we are “frenemies” for a while with Holland and Australia beeing in the same group πŸ™‚ Ah, don’t worry, it was Aussie’s first match, they will do better later on. As for the WC final 2010, I am SOOOO proud Holland made it that far, but I have to be honest too. We would not have deserved to win the final the way we played it, Spain did. They were playing football and we were kicking, schwalbing, beating, pulling, hurting anyone on our path. As a Dutch person, it was quite embarressing to watch. Spain deserved the title. I don’t know what our team was thinking “well, we came this far by playing good, lets box our way to the title??”. I am not a fan of Spain, but that title was deserved. Luckily we have a chance this year to win…… honestly and deservedly.

  21. First time Fed and Kei meeting on grass. I’m looking forward to it. I hope the quality is similar to the match between Fed and Srichaphan (Thai player) in 2006 Basel SF.

    *I hope Brazil 2014 is as good as 2010*

  22. OK… Fed has done it today. Falla in final. Allez….
    But I struggled with livestream today. Any stable strems?

    1. They laughed because fed went back to the service line to receive serve after he won the match. Seems he lost track of the score

      1. He just won the doubles matches. Oh yes πŸ™‚ Playing 2 finals on Father’s Day. One for Leo and one for Lenny??

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