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Federer Provides Injury Update; Hopes To Return By The Autumn

The Swiss spoke to SRF while watching the Women's Super G in Lenzerheide

Injury updates and media appearances from the Swiss Maestro have been in short supply in 2022 so far, but on Saturday, he revealed that a tournament comeback from his knee surgery last year will not be until the late summer at the very earliest.

Federer gave a brief interview to the Swiss Broadcaster SRF while attending the Women's World Cup skiing race in Lenzerheide, where he saw fellow countrywoman Lara Gut-Bahrami land third place on the podium.

The news comes a few days after his coach, Severin Luthi, said he did not envisage Federer playing Wimbledon this year.

At the moment, I don't envisage him playing Wimbledon. I'm not someone who is saying it's impossible. But I can't imagine it right now. He's still in the rehabilitation phase. Not only do the knee and leg muscles have to be built up, but the whole body also has to be strengthened. It's a full conditioning program. Severin Luthi speaking to the Tages-Anzeiger

Federer: “I Can Slowly Think About The Comeback”

federer lenzerheide

Federer didn't reveal too many details in the interview other than he'd undergone a successful MRI scan a few weeks ago that he was pleased about.

However, despite progress, he still has to wait a bit with running and plans to increase his training intensity over the next few months. Once the fitness and strength are back up, the plan is to make a comeback in the middle or end of the year.

So an optimistic update, but tennis-specific training under the tutelage of Paganini still seems a way off; until then, it's going to be light exercise and some casual hitting with Mirka and the kids on their home court once the weather improves.

Hopefully, his body responds to that so he can ramp up the work rate to make the Laver Cup in London.

Do you think Federer can make a successful comeback and still compete, or will it be a swan song at a tournament of his choosing before entering a new chapter of life? Let me know in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Sounds like he is on a deliberate plan to return. It will be a blast to see him play, 2023 should be good!

  2. Yes, I’m thinking the same PRF. A sendoff to his fans. Tennis will never be the same for me. Although, with his retirement, my heart will beat in a normal rhythm while watching the tour!

    1. Everything’s right 🙂 Tennis will never be the same. Like tennis was never the same after Borg retired. And so on. We must take it “as is”. If someone is also tennis lover, maybe active him/herself, would be pity to stop following. Nobody can replace Federer in fan’s heart, but don’t forget, for how many “next generations” he was the Idol and how many have taken even direct lessons from him. So here and there Federer’s tennis is still alive. Still many playing SHB, many trying to learn his inventions. Either you find a player to follow with comparable emotions or you at least will no more need to take sedatives before the match or close TV until the match is over. And Federer will for sure not totally disappear from tennis. He will find his ways to be still present. Watching Federer coaching some youngsters or playing doubles with Nadal in 5 years or more, will be still “ols” emotions for fans.

    1. According to his messages, the wrist is perfect since Dubai camp. I have also seen short videos from his practices in Miami and he was hitting hard as usual. But still wearing compression things on the right hand. My guess is, he is now hitting at full strength but has still mental block and avoids putting the normal load on it. This results in overloading the small muscles and ligaments of the palm which ends with small inflammations and pain, so he still needs some treatment for the hand (no more wrist). But maybe some other mental or physical problems. In his messages 2 days ago he was looking happy and ready to go.
      Now he says he will come back on European clay. But I will believe his comeback after the third match he plays. I guess, he has not yet played a wet or even point in the practice.
      I’m not going to follow news from him or his camp until I see him on court in the tournament. Not on the entry list 😉

    2. Just read your tweet. Could be a kind of “mental injury” 🙁
      Fear of eventual pain and injury may be stronger factor than the real injury itself.
      Would not expect this from Thiem. But now I’m going to be lost in interpreting the whole thing going on with him since 2020.

      1. You could be right, PRF. It’s certainly likely to take a while before any player coming back from major injury/surgery stops worrying about every little twinge and whether it’s a sign of damage, and so on, and gets the confidence to play at full pelt. I expect it will be the same for Roger.

        Glad to have the update, thanks, Jon.

      2. And it needs to be taken into account, that Thiem started his career at 12 years old with very poor physical condition and needed very intensive and hard training to reach the top of the sport. It’s possible, that he is worn and torn physically a lot and has a long-term burnout syndrome after winning first slam title. The injury may have been the price he paid for changing his technique to have success on hard courts – and he definitely got it in seasons 2019-2020.
        I will be not surprised if his break from tennis will last longer and he for sure has fears, his comeback could end like it did in 2021 – with consecutive first round losses in Lyon and Paris.
        It may be paradox, but the more time goes by and the better he is recovered physically, fears are getting stronger and overwhelming.

    3. Or you mean, it could be aftereffects of the vaccine?
      No signs of that. I have seen him making gym drills and cardio training – does not look after problems of this kinds. But again – who knows?

    4. Probably not feeling mentally ready, I thought IW would be a great place to come back, suits his game.

      Weird though. I was wondering if he was jab free and kept it on the low, but seen as though he’s in Miami, he can’t be surely.

      1. He is jabbed, at least on paper and the rest is his business 😉
        I think like you, he is mentally not ready. Probably misses a good adviser and is known to be extremely stubborn.
        I’m wondering why he doesn’t try with one or two challengers. Many top players (Murray, Wawrinka (nor sure), Nishikori) are doing so. No problem when losing first round, but still tested in competition. And should have pains or something, can withdraw anytime without any real consequences.
        I can imagine, he would like to come back with a bang, like Nadal dis this year but Nadal has a better team and Nadal’s uncle not comparable with Thiem’s father as adviser 🙁

      2. Nadal’s record with Thiem since 2019 is 1:3. So yes, Nadal is not comparable with Thiem 😉

      3. Yeah. Nadal is lefty. Nadal is married. He doesn’t compare with Thiem.
        Look, I understand you are Nadal’s fanatic (not fan). Nadal belongs to Big3 since many many years and in terms of achievements can compare only to Federer and Djokovic.
        I used Nadal’s big comeback this year as a metaphor – didn’t you get it?
        Thiem and Nadal are very different generations. But they are big friends. Maybe you don’t know. If you ask Nadal, with which players he has best personal relations, his answer is (in this order): Thiem, Federer, all Spaniards.
        Nobody has more respect for Nadal than just Thiem.
        Right now I’m cheering for Nadal, because my first and second favorites (Federer, Thiem) don’t play.
        Don’t look for enemies, where there are none. Have a bit distance. Have a bit of sense of humor. Nadal has it all. Follow your hero 🙂
        I only wanted to say (looks like I was maybe not clear in my message”, that Thiem is delaying his comeback because his dream would be to have a comeback like Nadal had after foot surgery this year. I wish him to continue. Until they eventually meet in Paris. In this case you allow me to cheer for Thiem but I will not unhappy if Nadal defeats him again. If Thiem delivers his best.
        When Nadal is at his best, nobody defeats him in Paris but everyone can dream. Is dreaming of defeating top form Nadal in Paris forbidden?

      4. I understood you perfectly.

        “I can imagine, he would like to come back with a bang, like Nadal dis this year but Nadal has a better team and Nadal’s uncle not comparable with Thiem’s father as adviser”

        You are implying with your comment that Thiem has not had a comeback like Nadal’s because of him not having a better team. I just wanted to highlight that you missed the most important point, Thiem does not have the quality or mental strength of Nadal or Federer for that matter to make an unbelievable comeback.

        And you don’t need to guess who are the best Nadal’s best friends on your. You just need to listen to him:

      5. In your link Nadal calls his best friends among Spaniards. But he has friends who are not Spaniards as well.
        Read this:
        “I have a good relationship with Thiem, Federer, and all the Spaniards. At the start of my career, there was no Internet so we would spend more time together.”
        And I’m not going to continue this thread. I don’t like fanatic fans.

  3. I have tickets to the finals at Indian Wells. Hopefully will have a good match, would love it if Carlos A makes it.

    1. Unfortunately happens quite often. Should be punished if it’s not because of sudden injury or illness. If someone is not sure he/she can participate, should withdraw before the draw is made.
      And Djokovic is just told to care about his peers. Not really?

  4. I don’t think that Roger can make a successful comeback because of his age and the quantity of surgery he has been undergone.

    1. Nadal had more surgeries but is younger. You are not alone in this thinking. I think, he shouldn’t even try. If something happens on court again, it will be too late to regret 🙁
      As I said before, I expect him playing doubles with Nadal at Laver Cup (but in 100% exhibition mode) and then play maybe a set in the same mode in Basel, then retire and say farewell.
      He has delivered enough to deserve good life after tennis 🙂
      I would like to see him in the box of some nice promising young player.

      1. Yes, he has delivered enough, oh, – more than enough, and he shouldn’t risk his health. But we miss him so much. And maybe he miss tennis-life too. Let’s hope he gets best possible medical advice.

      2. Missing someone (and thanks God he is alive and just restoring his health) is not a bad feeling. It’s on of ways of loving. And we are not going to lose him. Only his game. This is painful but normal. The best we can do (also for him) is to accept the missing”. We shouldn’t be that greedy and somehow cruel to require more. And accept what he will deliver in coming years, even if it’s no more playing. The love is often cruel, because it leads us to require more and more and forget he has the same right to require something from us. Giving is sometimes easier than taking.

  5. Stan coming back next week in a Marbella Challenger. Weird, but Thiem is practicing just in Marbella since few days in preparation for his comeback, not yet scheduled for any specific tournament. As they must somehow meet each other in Marbella, I have some hopes, Thiem will join the tournament last minute (to avoid eventual withdrawing, like he needed to do so many times this year) or at least have some hitting with Stan. Two of the best SHBHs on their comebacks after long injury breaks, would be nice 🙂

  6. Meanwhile Nadal is out for 4-6 weeks because of rib fracture. Bad luck for him 🙁 Just before the start of clay season. It’s assumed, he will be ready for the French.

    1. I’m sure he’ll be fine – Nadal is one of those guys whose clay quality is so good he doesn’t need to be at absolute peak fitness with a full build-up to stomp the French. I’m guessing he plays just Rome and Paris, probably exits early in Rome (for Rafa, anything but the final is early) and then takes the French again.

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