Roger Federer

Federer Posts Gym Rehab Update

The strength and muscle rebuilding process is underway.

Roger Federer's comeback trail appears to be on schedule.

Following his Instagram post in March that showcased him blasting some forehands on an indoor court, the Swiss followed it with several pictures of himself in the gym with the caption “rehab is rockinggggggg.”

Fresh off his win opening-round win in Monte Carlo, Fabio Fognini was one of the first players to spot it, commenting, “Da”iii Rogeeerrrr… come back sooonnn.”

federer bulgarian squat

Federer revealed that he was back in the gym in February, but only on a very light training regimen.

However, the workload has increased, judging by his photos doing weighted Bulgarian squats. 

Despite that, it is likely he's still not quite ready for heavy impact and high-intensity exercises. You can see the blood flow restriction training belt on his thigh.

This training aid is used so you can do low-intensity exercise but with blood flow occlusion. That means you can still generate muscular hypertrophy without the need for high-intensity training, which your body might not be quite ready for.

A Paganini plan? probably.

federer ladder drills

So while there will still be a long way to build back the leg strength required to compete on tour and potential bumps in the road, this is another positive sign for fans that a comeback later in the year is still on the cards.

And, of course, not being one to miss an opportunity to help keep the On Running share price ticking over, he was sporting a pair of On Running Shoes.

In this case, the Cloudvista, On's outdoor trail running shoes, are an interesting choice for an indoor gym workout.

When do you think Federer's next rehab update comes? Will it be from an outdoor claycourt somewhere in Switzerland now Spring is just around the corner? Let me know in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Ah, just on the treshold of giving up hope, spring is cautiously growing a bit. In a few weeks, I guess, we’ll hear more.

  2. We are so excited to see him in the gym already! Although it is still a far way to go, we pray that all will go well with him and that he/we will be patient with his recovery. 🙏🏻

  3. Wishing him only the very best as always. His dedication to get back to full strength is admirable. Miss him so much. Still keeping the dream alive of seeing him walk onto court again and feeling that special kind of excitement only he can elicit within the world of tennis. Go Fed!

  4. Thank you Jonathan! A much welcomed update of Roger! His attitude and strength are amazing. The tennis world misses him!

      1. Sad, eh. I know Wanda chose not to go because of the cost. We don’t know for sure if will be there anyway. Djoker sure was struggling yesterday, 1-6 in the last set.

      2. Yeah such a shame. At the less joke price seats in O2, you’ll see Fed the size of an ant like the new Switzerland tourist CM video 😆
        I can cherish the memories of Plague and Genève for ever so I’m okay with not going.

  5. I am an 84 year old lady, from the USA, that has been watching you play your perfect style of tennis for many years now! I continue to keep you and your beautiful Family in my prayers; Especially that God will restore your body, back to your good health! So don’t ever give up, even though the Rehab. may be painful! Your fans are eagerly awaiting your return to the tennis courts! Jeremiah 29:11………..and Philippians 4:13… Praying that you will find these verses in the Holy Bible helpful! In Christian Love, ABG

    1. It is great to see him into it & give us a frisson of Fed future hope, good on him but he is missed!
      Thanks Jon for keeping us up to date always, it’s interesting hearing about these treatment methods too!

  6. Tennis really is not the same without Roger. I am hoping he has another season or two, because Im selfish! But I know he also still wants to play and Im hoping he gets so many more chances.

  7. Don’t forget what is Fed preparing for. Fedal in London as first part and Basel the second part. If it goes well, maybe some other exhibitions?

  8. “The blood flow restriction training belt” – Ha, never heard of it. Thanks for educating me, Jonathan.
    Any bit of positive news of Fed makes my day 🙂

  9. Has Fed posted some videos?
    I have seen lots of similar pics or very short videos from Thiem during his long recovery and most of them were rather sponsor-things, not actually telling anything about what’s really going on. Probably still not the point, when he could really show the dynamics of his rehab exercises?

  10. Does anyone (except me a bit) follow Musetti? From the bit I’ve watched he’s a great pleasure of one-back-hand elegance. I might be a fan one day

    1. I’m following him, whenever I have time and it does not collide with following Thiem.
      On his day he plays a game with some Federesque features. Not sure if he is focused enough. He could be next to follow for Fedfans if he can deliver more consistently. Maybe too philosophic to have much success.

      1. It’s a shame Thiem lost today. At least it went to 3 sets. Hoping that he can contend well at the French Open

      2. Yeah, his plans are all the time defined by bad luck. Recently of getting covid in Marbella and needing to pause another 2 weeks.
        But it was huge progress compared to his loss in Marbella.
        I don’t expect him to be ready for big things at The French. Not enough time. But who knows, when it clicks? Today he was improving almost every game.
        I’m not unhappy, he lost. He has again a setback in training and needs to have practices with real opponents, not hitting partners or the coach. He had last 3 days 2 such practices a day (including with Djokovic).
        Stan goes exactly the same way on his comeback. First lost in Marbella, where they both played, then in 3 sets to Bublik in MC. Not so easy after not competing over 10 month (Thiem) or more (Stan).

    1. ATP and WTA should not grant ranking points for this kind of wimbledon. What a luck for Fed to not have the dilemma “to participate or not to participate” in political wimbledon 🙂

      1. If we look at the whole story. wimbledon thing appears only a foolish joke. But if it goes that far to ban athletes or musicians, renaming works of art, it actually doesn’t look good.

    1. All players should unite and boycott it.

      Although I see some of the system pig journalists who wanted Djoker out of Aus, are now outraged at this decision. Fools.

      1. They will unite like they did in case iof Djoker’s Australia ban. But I just read that ATP has condemned the decision. Still I don’t expect more than words of indignation.
        And because the ban breaches agreement ATP has with all GS organizers (not sure about WTA), it’s just as easy, as cancel these agreements and at least stop to give ranking points for wimbledon.
        I will not be surprised if we next need a loyalty certificate to enter grocery. Covid certificates are now no more interesting for governments and media. They report the Ukraine story in terms of “live score”. I can’t watch Russian media, but I don’t see similar histeria on RT, still available via VPN.

      2. Have I understood correctly, that the ban applies also to pre-Wimbledon tournaments in London and Eastbourn? These are formally ATP events, not private club events like Wimbledon. How can LTA declare a ban in ATP tournaments?

    1. Let’s see if ATP/WTA have the balls. What they should and they can, is ending the agreement they have with Wimbledon, so Wimbledon is out of the ATP/WTA calendar and gives no ranking points. They could then (ATP and WTA) organize on a single license basis a comparable tournament or series of MANDATORY tournaments giving ranking points according to GS scheme, maybe with small prize money or only paying some money to those who play only 1 or first 2 rounds and donating everything they get from players and sponsors for humanitarian aid for Ukraine. But I don’t believe, they have balls.
      Who has them for sure, is Novak Djokovic and he may boycott this kind of Wimbledon and let some other players join the boycott and maybe organize private invitation tournament in Belgrade and i guess he would be able to get some sponsors, so people – especially those with lower ranking – don’t play for free.
      At least he could send some strong signal to AELT, it will not be simply accepted by players’ community.
      Just read yesterday, John Millman has also condemned the ban and proposed Wimbledon to spend donations for Ukraine but let everyone play. Of course this is not acceptable for Ukrainian players, but there are many ways to show solidarity with them, not just to ban Russian and Belarusian players.
      Would be nice to hear what Federer, Nadal and Murray think. Have they balls to at least tell their opinions? Federer, even not playing this year, is still Wimbledon God and his word would have some weight.

      1. BTW – the thing with “neutra” flag imposed by ATP and WTA is a joke. Like nobody knew what their nationality is.

    2. I can’t see them boycotting it either because most players are weak-minded. Barely anyone defended Djokovic, and half of them took an experimental product they didn’t even want at the first sign of any pressure.

      Now they are scared of any backlash and being seen as ‘pro-Russia’ if they boycott it.

      I wrongly thought players were strong-willed given how they pursued a career in a tough sport, but I’m wrong, they have been mollycoddled and manufactured into players. You can see it actually when they play, after every point, they fist pump and look to their box for approval. Weakness.

      1. Yeah – this fist pumping and watching to the box is something I can’t recall from older times and probably also not for Federer or Nadal (Djokovic is another league so I don’t call him here).
        That’s why I liked Bresnik as a coach (among others). He was known to sit over the whole match wearing “face number 9” and the most of his expression was to turn the lollipop in his mouth a bit faster 😉 That’s how Thiem was made. It changed a bit since Massú, but Massú is oldschool but Latino, so his gesticulation is mote vivid. Still Thiem is not fist pumping so much and mostly to himself.
        This does not mean, I expect Thiem boycotting Wimbledon. Given he has paused for so long, he will be eager to play so much it goes. Maybe if Djoker starts some initiative, Thiem would join. Maybe not. Thiem is too kind, mentally hard and sticking to his principals but not aggressive (which is sometimes necessary in life).

      2. I was a bit surprised by Millman’s tweet. But he doesn’t look as “manufactured”. Actually Wimbledon Millman should have been banned right now because of this tweet. Waiting for Kyrgios.
        But verbal criticism is not equal readiness to act of course.
        Everything hanging on Djoker?

      3. Thiem has indeed defended Djoker after Adria Tour. He wasn’t vocal in the Aussie affair, probably because he was sidelined himself and at least was not critiquing, even if he (unnecessarily as it showed later) took the jab (but we don’t know, if it wasn’t saline ;)).

      4. BTW – it’s funny to see, how EU is fooled with having billions of no more needed vaccines. Poland alone has donated or sold about 20 millions, has now in “strategic reserves” 25 millions and is expected to take soon another 20 millions. Good joke 🙂

  11. Just read on ATP website, Federer has confirmed to play RLC in London and Basel.
    Last two, as I expect since last year’s missed comebacks?
    No article about that, Jonathan?

    1. I don’t think this will be the last two comebacks. Quite inappropriate your constant bullying about Fed.
      You should pay more attention to your man Dominic Thiem. His current comeback ist more than sucessful. Compare this to Fed`s one one year ago. Our man came back from an one year lasting injury break and he immediately won againt a Top25 player (D.Evans) and had match point againt the later tournamnet chamption N.Basilashivili (lack of fitness but the tennis was there).

      Thiem is far from winning anything against anybody.
      3 tournaments (1 challenger) losing agaist more or less nobodies and then he emphasizes low expectations and “still have to get used to the high velocity of the game”. wtf what has Thime been doing the last year besides making wrong decisions and adapting his team by means of replacing loyal team/statt members with unprofessional “yes you are absolutely right Domi-donots” ?
      BAMOS !

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