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Federer To Play IPTL?

It's been a sketchy last few days for the Indian Premier Tennis League with one blogger suggesting it wasn't going ahead at all and several other outlets all reporting different things around the number of teams and venues. But it looks as though things are started to clear up…

What we know for certain is there's 3 legs β€” Japan, Singapore and India. With 4 teams competing β€” the UAE Royals, Indian Aces, OUE Singapore Slammers and Japan Warriors. We also know the vast majority of team lineups but is Federer taking part?


So far it's been difficult to get any real confirmation. At one point he was listed on the IPTL website, then removed but as per the most recent tweet from the official IPTL twitter account he will be lining up for the Indian Aces in the Hyderabad leg on December 9th:


So assuming they're not leading us all on to flog a few tickets that means his comeback is now just 15 days away. I've never been a huge fan of the IPTL but should Roger play I don't think it's a bad choice. He hasn't played competitive tennis in 6 months and whilst we know the IPTL is a gimmicky type tournament it's still gives him a chance for a little run out before the Hopman Cup in January. Is it better than flying out rising talent to Dubai and annihilating them on the practice courts? Who knows but only one of them is televised πŸ˜€

What do you think of his decision to play and will you be watching? Let me know in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Totally agree that this time around he can use any court time as he has not played competitive since the Raonic loss. Otherwise totally with you this concept is not good. This is based on the cricket IPL but those matches are competitive and real. While Bhupati’s brainchild is purely exhibition at best. There is no room in the tennis year for this. Not sure how long will the fans in India or other places will keep turning for this.

    1. IPTL is s**t if you ask me…

      And why the heck does it have to be in India? It will gain nothing there. Better play in Europe…

    2. The prices aren’t making it very accessible that’s for sure.

      I don’t mind it, it’s not bad for light entertainment but a bit gimmicky.

      I don’t think it would be necessarily better in Europe. The idea was to try push the game in nations where it’s not that popular…

  2. I guess I am in a minority, but I enjoyed IPTL the last 2 years. Yes, it is an exhibition and you have to take that into consideration. But there was some fun tennis and the players seemed to try to play well.

    I would have watched it even without Fed but now definitely will be waiting anxiously for it to begin.

    1. Agree with you, Hartt – except I would only watch with Federer matching, but this is also so with all other tournaments. By the way, it is my impression that Fed has a great amount of fans in India, so they may be very happy to have a chance to watch him live. It is also my impression that Federer enjoyed his former two-times partaking, maybe mostly the first (where he beat Djoko, if I remember correctly). It is always contagious when Fed enjoys – πŸ™‚ !

  3. I remember Fed playing in IPTL in the first year but did he play in the second? I think even people with only a passing interest in tennis might be lured to watching now because the prospect of Federer playing less and less as time goes by. sob.

    1. Donna: Ah – oh yes he did. 1. year “…Aces”, second “Royal…(something)” Here he among others had a great time playing double with Monfils as co-chumb. – I like the taste of exhibition, as the tennis-art and fun for the hearts is a bit more interesting for me than the nerve-biting drama of competition – Both are necessary for development of tennis, I think.

      1. Ok, thanks Muser. I guess I missed that… exhibitions would be my preferred event in fact. I have travelled thousands of miles to tournaments in the hopes of watching Fed (successfully) but I would love an exhibition that was near me in Asia! Then I would know for sure when he would be playing.

  4. Hey good to see/read you, Jonathan! Thought you hired Vik to run the blog πŸ˜†

    Any Roger is a celebration for me. If only he could come to far east…selfish wishes, I know.

      1. Well it’s a nice joke for sure, Wanda. πŸ™‚

        But hey who knows? Maybe Jonathan really hired me to run the page! πŸ˜€

      1. No, not under consideration if it’s without Fed and I’m in northern island far from the venue.

      1. Hey Sue, how’s the trip to Australia? Good that your back held up alright.

        Nah, I miss Mediterranean sunshine…my work finishes end of June so I’ll go home if I got Wimbledon tickets, fingers crossed! Are you going to IW?

      2. Hey Wanda, Are you going back to Nice or England?

        My trip to Australia was awesome. I had so much fun and the sunshine wasn’t too bad either.
        Yes, I’m off to IW again. We weren’t going to go next year but….would if it’s Fed’s last year?
        We are staying in a cute motel not too far from the venue. So no creepy airbnb perverts!

  5. Well, I think I’d said here somewhere before that I thought it was likely he might if he was happy with where his body and his game were: he could do with getting his brain back into playing proper(?) matches, and will have very little time to do so before the AO. Just as long as he doesn’t go and injure himself again or anything …

  6. Yep, Gd decision as long as he stays healthy. Hyderabad only 3 hr flight from Dubai. Chance for some match play, even in exho form, get back in with tour chums, and pre Perth prep! Whether Iptl survives next yr tho… ??

  7. Thats a brilliant idea for federer and federer fans.. that he will get the hint of things that he is going to start in next year.. and will be fun to be around his fans after such a long time.

  8. I miss him so much, don’t mind to watch him on court for IPTL. It’s a fun environment and some tennis, why not. Roger wouldn’t have agreed to it if his body isn’t ready.

  9. I’m really looking forward to 2017.

    As the end of 2016 approaches, I really don’t know what to watch.

    Every imaginable sport has already ended for the season… πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

    Well, that’s sort of why movies exist… πŸ˜€

    May Fed return in force…

      1. Hi there Jonathan. .. Yep I too like Darts, Michael Van Gerwen and Phil Taylor are my favourite players plus others.
        Federer was atAbu DDhabi Grand Prix watching Hamilton and Rosberg battle for the title of F1cchampionship.
        Regarding Federer apparently he has posted a tweet that he will be playing at the IPTL.
        It’s seems like like forever since has played at Wimbledon. Anyway I hope 2017 Federer comes back healthy and strong.

      2. Yeah, I’m a football fan, so will watch a lot. Forgot to mention it.

        Darts are interesting, but I have a rather bad knowledge about it.

        Sorry Serajul Islam…

      3. Not really an MVG fan but can’t question his darts, unreal level lately.

        Always been a Taylor fan, Gary Anderson got a good style, don’t mind Chizza either.

        Come on Sue get behind John Part!

    1. Now, this was an epic DC final. One set away from packing home and, blam, the pampas giant turns the table and Delbonis clutches it. What’s more, Argentina played the last four rounds away.

    2. Yep Del Potro is the man, 1st time coming from 2 sets down to win. Anyway hope you are okay and in good health Wanda!!! Have a nice Xmas and ahhappy New Year Wanda and to the rest of the fellow readers and participants of this Fantastic Perfect Tennis website.

      For @ Vik…. Don’t worry my friend Darts is not everyone’s cup of tea. But I like watching football like yourself but I watch alot of variety of sports and this is probably because as a small kid I did play alot of different sports so I think this is why I enjoy alot of sports.
      Ps. I don’t know about yourself but I do like the Olympics but Tennis then football is my favourite.

      1. Hi Serajul, I’m in fine shape despite that I will be trapped in deep snow next 4-5 months, thanks. Hope you are in good health, too. πŸ™‚

  10. Those 3 days of Davis Cup brought some exciting tennis. I was rooting for Argentina because they had lost so many finals but did not have much hope when Cilic was up 2 sets over Delpo. Talk about a great comeback! But, as can happen with Davis Cup, there was an unexpected hero with Delbonis. As Argentina’s captain said, Federico played a perfect match under enormous pressure.

  11. I think Federer could use as much competitive court time as he can get. He’s won all there is to win, so at this point I’d imagine he’s just looking to extend his legacy, add more slams. That means he’ll want to be as ready as possible come the Australian Open.

    Of course, there’s always the Masters full house. He’s, what? 2 Masters titles away from being the first man to win them all? That’s like the only record left.

    1. Or he may be looking to extend his time of having fun with top tennis, and as possible bonus win more tournaments, maybe even a major, – and tennis delight for his fans and himself.

      1. True. He could be just out to have fun at this stage. He’s definitely earned it. I feel like he wouldn’t still be competing at the top level (he was still ranked 3 or 4 before his injury no?) if he didn’t have a goal in mind though.

      2. I guess it’s late for new records.
        I would just like to see Fed playing well as it’s the only thing that can make me smile in the tennis world.

  12. Hi! Am a long time reader and infrequent commentor. Infact, i’m not sure i have commented here before.
    Jonathan: Great job with the site. Really enjoy coming here post Federer’s matches. Big fan! Both of Federer (poetry in motion) and your analysis πŸ™‚
    Regarding IPTL and Federer: I stay in India and i can say that even though it is just a hit-and-giggle exhibition, it is great that this is held in India and not in Europe. You guys have a ton of proper tournaments anyway!
    Me and my wife did the pilgrimage to Wimbledon in 2013 to see Federer play on Centre Court. Queued in for a day and half and saw him play the first round. Definitely something i’ll cherish my whole life! But my parents (who are big fans of Federer as well) are too old to travel and queue. Took my mom to the first edition of IPTL in Delhi 2 years back and she was thrilled to see Federer play. The exhibition nature means that these players are more relaxed and creative. They play doubles and mixed as well. Federer played Djokovic for a set. It wasn’t tournament final quality. But they are competitors and don’t want to lose. It was pretty good.
    The big issue though is that tickets are ridiculously expensive and the organization isn’t great. So even though there are a ton of fans in India (we are one of the most populous countries on Earth πŸ™ ) not many can afford the tickets. I paid an utterly ridiculous amount of money for the best seats I could buy and was still not too close. But this was the only chance my mom would have to see Federer play. So worth it that one time.
    This time the matches will be played in Hyderabad. My parents live in Hyderabad. So may go for one day and the cheapest tickets. Only for Federer πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks for commenting, I think it’s your first one too.

      Cool that you came to Wimbledon, was that Hanescu 1st Round? He played well that day.

      I’ve watched maybe 20 mins of the IPTL so far, and a few highlight vids. I can’t really tell how the crowds are doing? Are there a lot of empty seats?

      You are right about the ticket prices, they should just lower them and try get a full house. Would be way better atmosphere and look better on TV.

    2. “Me and my wife did the pilgrimage to Wimbledon in 2013 to see Federer play on Centre Court. Queued in for a day and half and saw him play the first round.”

      Just as well you got in early that year, wasn’t it, Anant? πŸ™ Welcome.

      1. Alison – Yes! I was sure I wanted to see him play on Centre Court. The best way for me to ensure that was see him open play on Centre Court in 2013 since he was defending champion in 2012 (I couldn’t go any of the earlier years). After watching him play, we were considering getting back into the queue to see him play again. But we were only in London for a week and thought we’d see other sights as well. Was thinking of queuing for the third round but he lost in the second to Stakhovsky. Nadal lost first round that year as well. He was on Court 1 on Monday. I thought i was lucky for Federer since I was there and Nadal lost. Turns out – not so much!
        Jonathan – He did play well that match with Hanescu though! Was over in an hour and a half. Followed by Sharapova and Murray. It was actually difficult to sit through their style of play after watching Federer glide over the court πŸ™‚

        There are lots of empty seats. The ones closest to the court are some sponsor/celebrity seats. One can get autographs from there as well. As for the rest, the time I went, the stadium was at 50-60% capacity. More people came for Federer’s matches the last day (he landed in Delhi the second day and people weren’t sure if he was going to play that day). Biggish stadium though, so atmosphere during those matches was good. Cheaper/more-accessible tickets would have been great. The organization/management was also a bit snobbish. Didn’t get a sense of them wanting to promote the game in India. On the whole, it’s selling point is really only allowing people who can’t travel far and wide to watch Federer/Djokovic to get glimpses of them play as long as they are willing to shell out a disproportionate amount of money.

  13. Hi jonathan!
    All I get to know is roger is coming on 10 December and serena on 9 December.
    Ticket prices start from 15000,wtf ,most of the people here can’t afford this much.India has a huge population and people here are mad for Federer but ticket prices are Way too exorbitant .
    I went to Delhi for the last couple of years because that feeling when you get to see Roger play live is something which cannot be unmatched be it an exhibition.
    Roger coming to hyderabad is super awesome but the stadium would still be empty because of the prices.People in india love him so much but bhupathi is out of his mind.
    Any of the guys who are active on the blog thinking about coming to hyderabad to watch Roger?

    1. The final will be on 11 December in hyderabad ,does anyone know if roger will play if suppose indian aces reach final,please let me know.
      What the hell,they could just lower the prices so roger gets to know how much people love him here but it is all about money.Organizers know people will spend anything because they can’t miss the opportunity to watch roger live.
      I still can’t believe roger is coming!

      1. Saturday – December 10th is probably the safest bet to watch him in Hyderabad. No guarantee that Indian Aces will get to the final for Sunday.

      2. On the IPTL site ,they have the detailed schedule this year and Roger Federer’s name is included only on December 10 for Indian aces,so he will surely play on 10th.
        I have got my tickets for 10th ,hope everything works out fine and I get to see the GOAT.

  14. Vik, I don’t understand “why is the weather located in Hyderabad?”.

    The IPTL site is terrible or is it just me?

  15. Oh dear Pranshul, looks like Roger is out of the IPTL. Along with Serena and Bouchard. Hope you didn’t get a bank loan to buy the tickets.

    1. For a moment I panicked *is it an injury or what* but then they mentioned demonetization , so I came back to my senses, I am not sure how much IPTL would have helped Roger to reinvigorate his game let alone the amount of time he would have spent on the court (maybe an hour or so) and whether the travel would have been worth it
      Better to train and come back strong in 4 weeks.
      I am not expecting Federer to roll back and make deep inroads in every tournament he enters and I dont care about Australian Open too, watching federer healthy on court is a treat in itself.
      Something tells me that 20+ matches would groove him well on the tour.
      It ll be nice to sew him pair with Belinda, Hopman cup countdown on my fingers.

    2. The organisers knew from the starting that they are not financially strong to bring Roger and serena here.
      These fucking people still used their names in order to promote the ticket sales,what the fuck is mahesh bhupathi doing.
      I bought a 6000 rs ticket ,the lowest priced one (I had bought an expensive one last year and just wanted to catch a glimpse of him this year), I booked my flight tickets yesterday,these idiots surely confirmed on their iptl site that Federer would come and now I see is that the ticket prices have been lowered to rs 1500 now.Mahesh Bhupathi and these organizers made a one big scam this year ,playing with people’s emotion,these idiots better update an option on how to refund!.

      1. So sorry to hear this Pranshul. It’s absolutely disgraceful and such short notice. I’m guessing there will be many others in the same position. I hope you may be successful with your refund.

      2. IPTL on twitter saying more info soon re refunds. I bet they offer something but in full? Dunno

        The statement from Bhupathi is weak as well, tells you nothing.

        Least there is still some tennis and the players are still pretty good. But the ticket prices were priced with Federer in mind which is annoying. Hopefully they sort it out.

      3. Terrible! I really hope you get a refund. Like Jonathan mentioned, it is unlikely that you’ll get any refund on your flight tickets. May be better for you to go to Hyderabad, watch the play for the day and take any re-fund/reduction in ticket prices they offer. Atleast you’ll get to see some tennis.
        Very suspicious that the “current economic climate” is a reason given. The demonitzation should only have affected their ability to deal in paper cash. And they shouldn’t have had that much paper cash in the first place. I can’t imagine them paying Roger and Serena in cash.

    3. Yeah that is poor from the IPTL, clearly they have no cash.

      When I put “So assuming they’re not leading us all on to flog a few tickets” I didn’t expect it to be true lol.

      I wonder how many people have booked flights? Unlikely you get a refund on them.

    4. Very sorry for people who already paid to watch Serena or Fed…

      I told everyone that IPTL ain’t the best place for a tournament, but nobody would really agree with me.

      If we want a tournament like the IPTL featuring the best players, that tournament should be serious in its actions.

    1. Anyway, I was so excited to see him return…

      At least he will have more time to practice extensively…

      Saw it last day, but hey I want to mention it…

    1. SUE? JONATHAN? SID?? Anyone got his email address???

      Anyone know Assange and can get it from him???

      Could it be on Hillary’s server??? (most of that’s online right??)

      Somebody’s got get Fed and Boris together ASAP!

      And don’t give me any of this bad blood baloney.
      If Trump and Romney can do it, why can’t Rog and Boris?

      1. Hmmmnnpf. Good enough chemistry between those two (BB/RF)? Cannot really imagine this picture….But of course – never say never

      2. Becker is the reason Roger lost two Wimbledon titles. Becker could be the reason Roger may with two Wimbledon titles.

      3. YES SID!!!! YES!!!!!

        And apparently Roger LOVES to practice!! …Seems like Becker thinks this is a good thing…if his post Nole comments are any indication.

      4. SO if any of you are able to get something to Boris – make sure he knows ROGER LOVES TO PRACTICE!!!

        (also mention Roger is the GOAT).

    1. YES! I’m sure nose picking is negotiable. Perhaps a curved visor for Boris, that would give him the privacy he needs?

      And we know Roger loves coaches who might give him a boost with Nole. (Lub for instance)

      Curved visor, Lub, Trump, Romney…I’m telling you – this is not as impossible as it might seem.

  16. I think we should stop believing for a Fed and Becker team… Those two have very different personalities and I just can’t see them being together in a team…

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