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Federer Plans to Stick With New Racquet

After Roger's defeat in Hamburg I noticed a few Federer & Tennis Fans suggesting his change of racquet could be a bad idea as they can't see how it has improved his game yet and he should go back to the Pro Staff 90.

I find this just a bit over the top and I can't believe that some fans are suggesting he gives it up after just one tournament? It's a ludicrous suggestion and is probably one of the main reasons why most people don't succeed as they give up too easily. Combined court time in Hamburg was around 4 hours which is hardly anything!

I can admit the benefits of this new piece of kit weren't blatantly obvious from his matches in Hamburg but that was always going to be the case especially when he's low on confidence to begin with. Yes he's still shanking but these things take time and a lot of practice to get used to but to suggest changing is just a cop out.

Thankfully though Roger isn't as impatient or as fickle as his fans nor does he expect immediate results after changing from the racquet he used to win 17 slams as he stated to the press he plans to stick with this new racquet which is very pleasing to hear.

I stumbled across an article that revealed a few thoughts from Roger on the racquet as well as those of fellow pro Tommy Haas and commentator Mats Wilander, you can read the full article on which is written in German so will need translating if you don't speak it but there were some very interesting snippets which I'll outline in the section below.

Federer Enjoys New Racquet

It feels more and more natural to play with it. I want to stay with this new racquet

Key Points from the Article

You can see the full article from the link above but here are the key bits of info taken from it:

  • After the Wimbledon loss Wilson flew out to Switzerland to run through his options
  • Annacone was the man who gave the decisive input for the change
  • Tommy Haas revealed: “Roger wants to keep his place in the world's elite, he should also take advantage of the modern technology.”
  • Roger said in Hamburg: “It feels more and more natural to play with it. I want to stay with this new racquet.”
  • Mats Wilander stated: “I think Roger has just recently realized that he lacked a certain power. And that he in the rapid speed of the modern game suddenly had too many failures”

Now in my mind it was never in doubt that Roger would stick with this racquet after making such a big change because he's never been the type of guy to react immediately or make decisions in the heat of the moment. He only every makes a change when he's thought it through and knows something needs to be done in order to improve so there's no way he'd give it up so easily. Like he said himself:

I cannot say: I have this and that problem, that's it. No, I have to stay with this new racquet.

Right now he's at somewhat of a career low with a poor 2013 thus far, transition year if you want to call it that, so he must start rebuilding from the ground up.

The new racquet gives him a very solid base to do just that, there might be some more tough losses around the corner but I get the feeling he can string together something very promising quite soon; yet again proving people wrong for the umpteenth time and I think the racquet has a big part to play in helping him do that.

Gstaad would certainly be a good way to get the wheels in motion so I'm hoping he can do the business. Allez!


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. I see you’re reaping the benefits of the new racquet sooner than we thought πŸ™‚

      Where’s Simon though? Looks like after that bitter trial, he has he lost his mojo!

  1. Can’t rule out if Annacone suggested it! Man that coach is good!

    Good to see Wilson taking good care of and giving importance to Roger!…and why wouldn’t they *insert satisfactory laugh here*…

    1. Sorry, I don’t like correcting people, but surely you meant “good that Roger is taking care of wilson”, right? πŸ˜€

  2. I’m glad he is sticking with it. More match time with the new weapon will be beneficial πŸ™‚
    Though what am I to do till Thursday? His first match seems awhile away.

  3. It’s crazy how certain “fans” can’t stand a defeat…. Give it break! Some people need to stop looking for excuses when he loses….. Damn I’m pissed about that…

      1. What are you doing ranting here? Shouldn’t you be you know…maybe playing tennis or something? πŸ˜‰

    1. +1 too. Fed very clearly said on several occasions he’s not anywhere near retirement. I can’t imagine he’ll still be playing with that 90″ in 2014 or 2015. Right now is just about as good a time to switch. And it appears he really does think long term, thus the 98″, and not the 93″ or 95″.

  4. Hum, I just a read an interview of Fed in a swiss newspaper saying that he hasn’t made the decision whether he is keeping the racquet for the north american swing…

    1. Yeah I’ve seen it.

      I want him too for sure. I was always skeptical of the change but now he went for it would be daft to change back.

      Of course if he wins with the Pro Staff 90 then I can’t argue with his decision.

      Going back to the 90 would be a short term fix though, Fed is all about the long term.

      Would the 90″ increase his chances of winning or having a good USO compared with the 98sq”? Tough to say.

  5. in the French newspaper l’Equipe they say that Federer said that he would play with the new racket this week again but has not decided yet if he would play with it for the US Open (and probably for Montreal and Cincy) : Exactly what I thought was reasonable. If he comes back to the old racket for the US Open Series, it doesn’t mean that he gives it up definitely. I think personally the new racket looks risky and problematic at the moment for the serve and forehand which are very useful for him on quick courts … and we are getting to this quick courts period which is crucial for his ranking (he still has a chance to get back to the top-4 seeds for the Australian open). I think the perfect period for him to switch to this new racket would be before next season, because we start the year with slow courts (the Australian Open, Miami, Indian Wells are rather slow courts), and such slow conditions are imo the best ones for him to adjust to this new racket without too many risks. But of course we will see : if he plays great in Gstaad and fully adapts to the racket now, of course he should keep on !
    The adaptation to the new racket is much more important and tougher than it seems you consider it.

    1. I never said he should give it up after Hamburg : always said that he should keep on with it in Gstaad. But if he’s still uncomfortable with his serve and forehand as he clearly was last week (and I fully disagree if you say : “that’s just him this year : always plays awfully in 2013”, no his game hasn’t been that bad this year, he’s had back problems sometimes, and not as much luck and success as previous year but he hasn’t been that bad, and as for the racket, it was very clear imo that he had specific problems with the swing of it on his serve and forehand last week, if you want an evidence other than the years, just try to find another tournament when Roger never made more than 60% first serves in all matches of a tournament as he did last week), I think he should not insist too long and use the US Open series as an experiment : those tournaments are too important for him, the same for the indoor season. But the beginning of next year with slow hardcourts and clay season would be absolutely perfect to try it again for a longer time.

    2. correction : “if you want an evidence other than the eyes”, not “other than the years” πŸ˜†
      Something else : Gstaad is an altitude tournament, it might be even harder for him to solve his problems of control on the forehand and serve with the new racket. If he manages to reach this control in those tough conditions, then it would be great news !

    3. Cheers for the links Duong.

      I am against reverting back I think because it would be difficult to then switch again to the 98. It’s like a drug addict, you gotta go cold turkey. Lock him on a court without any access to a Pro Staff 90 πŸ˜€

      I agree the racquet played a part in the loss but his confidence and form are the main reasons. Definitely not moving well enough lately, footwork is sluggish and that boils down to physical and mental well being.

      I think he has to stick it out.

    4. Well of course if with the old racket he has a great hardcourt season and wins the US Open, it will surely be hard to come back to the new racket πŸ˜† , but I don’t think we would be sad in that case πŸ˜‰ I think Roger and his team are very sensible and clever, and I can definitely see him trying the new racket again later if he switches back. I think of Roger as somebody opened and sensible, not as a “‘drug addict”.

    5. Roger is very sensible, but it is easy to revert back to old equipment. I’ve seen it in many sports – Darts, Snooker, Cricket. You become too accustomed to it.

      1. remember ronnie o’sullivan giving his cue away to a kid in the audience?…but i don’t see Roger doing that πŸ˜€

  6. Stakhovsky and Delbonis NOT in Roger’s half. Phew! Will deal with them in the final πŸ™‚

  7. Hey Jonathan, congrats with beeing British !!! Seems to be good these days…
    First Andy winning Wimby, then Froome winning the Tour the France, then England’s doing well with cricket and then the runner up in golf beeing a Brit (isn’t the winner of the golf tour a Brit living in America??).

    And now William and Kate having a baby boy… Congrats with that.
    Does England know that it will be some 76 years before this baby will be eligable for the throne??

    Also congrats today, Charlene Riva’s and Myla Rose’s birthday…

    1. Haha I don’t have any interest in the Royal Baby. Can’t believe how much coverage it gets. I think you have issues if you go and camp outside a hospital for a few days like some people have πŸ˜›

      1. Rather agree with you. I shall almost certainly be dead by the time he comes to the throne, assuming we haven’t become a republic before then. But then, some people might think you have issues if you go and camp outside Wimbledon for a few days just to get tickets πŸ™‚

      2. Camping for Wimbledon and camping outside the hospital ain’t even in the same ball park. Heck, they ain’t even the same game. I swear to God, camping outside for the Royal baby? WTF?!???!?

        I sure hope you guys become a Republic. But I’m afraid it will be status quo for another 100 years.

      1. Precisely! All those who camped outside the hospital should’ve just gone home and made their own babies. Would’ve been more meaningful πŸ™‚ I guess it’s got something to do with this incurable disease humans suffer from, where they have this uncontrollable, uninhibited desire of being a part of something big, however pointless it might be.

  8. Another article in French in a Swiss newspaper, more complete than the one in ‘l’Equipe” : , which confirms that Roger has not decided yet whether he will stick with this racket in the US Open Series, but also adds two informations : Roger DID have back problems last week even if in his opinion, it doesn’t fully explain his loss against Delbonis (there were many other factors involved including Delbonis’s great level), and Roger says that Gstaad being an altitude tournament, it’s always very tough in the beginning. By the way, Wawrinka says the same thing in the same newspaper : the ball flies, you need to put more spin and play more in control. The problem being for Roger that he drew a dangerous first round against Daniel Brands (or Marco Chiudinelli) : if (and that’s a big IF) Brands fully adapts to the altitude and plays very well, it’s very dangerous and no rhythm given. If he goes through, next rounds should be better to get some rhythm.

    1. Cheers Duong. I saw the bit about the back, said it wasn’t great whatever that means.

      Wow I’m not sure reverting back would be a good idea. It would be like a backward step, he has to keep moving forward I think and trial this even if it means not been entirely comfortably.

      Changing back would mean he doesn’t believe in the racquet so he’s unlikely to switch again.

      I prefer it if he just risks it.

      I also agree, Brand Tennis can be very dangerous, I actually like his game. Fed struggles vs. Chiudinelli too.

    2. I don’t think you should necessarily see it so negative if he decides to change the racket back for the US Open Series but doesn’t exclude trying it again, as I think he would say in that case. Imo the quick hardcourts period is too important for him to prolonge an experiment if it doesn’t work quickly enough, but that’s just an opinion from the outside. Anyway, I think his fans should trust Roger and his team more about his choices, because they know everything much better than us and they’re no idiots at all. We can all have an impression from the outside as long as we have no information directly from him, but in the end, I think he and his team deserve to be trusted. For his back, yes, he said he “always has to monitor it” now and “last week was not optimal”

  9. Glad to hear his thoughts for the racket. Was disappointing loss last week, though never in doubt about his intention – to improve his game. Thanks for the post, Jonathan and the update, duong πŸ™‚

    Upbeat in UK, I imagine…Jonathan?

      1. Oh my Gawd! The Royal baby waved! I had no idea babies could do that. So, I guess now everyone is waiting for the Royal baby to poop?!?


      2. And don’t forget Froome !!! And the cricket team that is doing well and the golfers that did well !!! Appearently it is good to be English nowadays !!!

      3. CNN reported yesterday about 2 or 2,5 hours about the royal baby.
        You know what they did? They showed a closed hospital door for that time and waited for it to be opened so William and Kate could show the baby !!!
        Yesterday, THAT was breaking news !!! A closed door which opened and a young couple finally came out with a baby for about 5 minutes.

        But Kudos to Kate, she did say she had a baby just like anyone else….

  10. I cant believe some of these so called Federer fans, saying he should change his racquet back to the 90sq, he should retire everytime he losses!! But as soon he wins its all gravy again!! Man these people need their head tested “Give your head a wobble, you fakerers!!! Anyway am glad hes still imo doing the right thing, he needs more play time with racquet. Like you said Jonathan its only one tournament which is hardly nothing in terms of getting it used to match conditions. Your post has said it all so i just hope Federer keeps to it. I think Thanks has to go to Sid with all his thesis on why Federer needs to change racquets, he must of read it and to keep Sid happy Federer finally caved in. Otherwise Fed was going to lose Sid as true Fed fan. πŸ˜€ lol. Anyway Gstaad next it can only get better for Federer as i truley believe it will pay dividends for perserverance and hardwork in what Federer does best. Simply GOAT !!

    1. LOL Yup, if Roger hadn’t switched the racquet, I would’ve gone bat**** crazy. No, but really, it is something he and his team must’ve contemplated a very long time back. The irony is, one of the biggest reasons I am a Fed fan is because of that unique racquet. I mean, there are so many things unique about him. But I approve the 98 sq. in. racquet!

      By the way, I apologize if some of my comments to Arif “Fakerer” may have come across as hurtful to you. I had just about had it with that guy. I’ve asked Jonathan to delete those comments though.

      P.S. If Roger doesn’t win Gstaad, watch out, I’m going to post some nasty comments on πŸ˜‰

      1. Don’t you dare post some nasty comments on his own site, Sid !!!
        You know I leave comments there too and I will defend my Roger from your nastyness !!!

      2. For Sid… Yeah i read the comments from Arif and urself. I myself get worked up and frustrated sometimes with peoples comments, so cool man dont worry about it!! πŸ™‚ No offence taken. I have said things in the heat of the moment and later thought Damn did i really say that. But i apprieciate ur sincerity of morals and actually realising in these modern days it can sometimes be really easy to offend people from all walks of life!! Bottom line Sid everythings cool. πŸ™‚ Serajul

      3. Katyani, thanks for the warning πŸ™‚

        Seraj, thanks for understanding. There was something about how that guy was pushing his agenda that was so…uncool. I had to put him in his place.

  11. Hey guys, is there actually a reason why he is playing on Thursday? Is that not fourth round? I mean Friday is the QF. Doesn’t he have to play six matches? Or does he have to play two matches on one day??

    Ps: Have you seen the pictures of Roger and the cow (Desiree?) that he got??? So cute…..

      1. Oh poop! ATPWorldTour has already used the phrase, “A Swiss Cow named Desiree” πŸ™

    1. Doha is at the same place in the calendar, but Roger like this year will not play Abu Dhabi exho and Doha next year. I think I’ve even read that he already had thought about going to Brisbane this year (probably changed his mind because of the southAmerican Tour). I don’t know if there will be any southAmerican exho this year (even lighter than last year). And I don’t know if his family will travel to Australia this early of if he will go to Brisbane without Mirka as he did in Hamburg.
      PS for Jonathan : somebody on Roger’s fansite posted pictures of Fed’s practise session last saturday in Hamburg then he did indeed practise with a German lefty called Florian Barth.

      1. yes, I think that’s what he said in that interview one year ago.
        But not easy to suffer that, not only missing the girls, but also Mirka, and he could feel a little bit lonely sometimes …

    2. I wonder if Roger has not made up his mind about playing more tournaments where his family can’t follow him. I remember an interview one year ago where he already wondered about it, and maybe now we’re seeing the first materialization of that “new sometimes alone era”.

      1. That’s true, there are no two ways about it. His daughters need to be more in the same place for school, have friends normal life etc. So if Roger wants that for them (which I truly believe he does) he has two choices: Retire, or be alone at tournaments. I’m rooting for 2nd πŸ˜›

      2. yes, I think that’s what he said in that interview one year ago.
        But not easy to suffer that, not only missing the girls, but also Mirka, and he could feel a little bit lonely sometimes …

      1. Nah but Mubadala is and he usually plays that too. Stones throw away from each other so I’m guessing it has to be related to that

      2. [Stones throw away from each other]

        Nah, shoes throw away would be more accurate πŸ˜‰

    3. I think Brisbane is a great idea. A little more acclimatization. I’m sure he has serious plans for a fifth AO. This is where the new stick will help him with staying in rallies against Djoker.

      Besides, he has a huge fan base down under and he rarely goes there.

      1. True, he’s just there once a year. doha brisbane and the third tournament (whichever it is) have the same surface as the AO right?

      2. I haven’t really watched Doha and Brisbane, at least not that keenly. Brisbane might be like AO but Doha must be a faster surface.

      3. I was going to say that too because I watched a four minute Doha clip (Roger vs Davy) and it seemed quite fast. The heat factor I’m sure. It’s a pity the final and at least one semi at the AO are played in cooler conditions.

      4. Doha is indeed faster but I think it’s because of the surface, I don’t think it’s hotter in Doha than in Brisbane, I’d rather think the opposite. Maybe the dry air of the desert … but I’d rather think the surface is different : plexicushion is a generic word, it can be made in very different ways. Still, Brisbane is quite fast, and usually I enjoyed watching this tournament (also there are no night sessions in my memories, which I find quite depressing in Doha, Brisbane is really a tournament full of light and sun, courts with a beautiful blue colour, it makes me happy whereas Doha gives me the opposite impression especially during night sessions). And anyway the conditions in Brisbane are more similar to the Australian open’s ones.
        What worries me is that on, people say that there will be another southAmerican tour this year, and if he starts the year so early afterwards, it seems he will have little rest and time for practise in the off-season.

      5. From Wikipedia : average temperatures in Qatar in january : minimum 13-maximum 22 celsius. In Brisbane : minimum 20.7, maximum 29.4. It’s 7 degrees celsius hotter in Brisbane in that period of the year.

      6. Interesting, Duong! Perhaps it’s the dry desert air like you said? Or the exact texture of the surface. I haven’t ever watched Brisbane but Fed vs Day at Doha seems faster then AO.

        From what I know, Roger is playing the South American Exhos this year. Last year, he made USD 15 million. I just don’t think there is any way he is turning down that kind of money again πŸ™‚

      7. I think getting acclimated to local conditions is a great idea, and part of that is getting used to the time zone. Effects of jet lag increase with age. Smart move imho to be Down Under sooner.

        I also agree that being without his family tends to bring down his level. It may be something he can learn to work through – I’m sure I’ve heard him talk about using Skype – but nothing replaces actual hugs. Still I hope that his love for playing will allow him to figure it out.

        And… doesn’t he have a huge fan base EVERYwhere? πŸ˜‰

      8. I think Plexicushion is probably the hardest surface to change in terms of speed via manufacturing as it’s almost like a spongy texture. Pretty much standard across the board. How do you change that? Only way I can think is you stretch it and make the surface thinner across the court…

        Plexipave is easier as you just roughen up the top coat with sand or paint.

  12. I don’t have a lot to say really, the reason i love tennis is Roger, i watch it because of him since, pretty much, last year. So, sometimes a read your articles and i’m like ΒΏwhat? because honestly I know little about tecniques and tennis in general, i’m trying to learn a little bit more everyday..

    I watched a program today where the host, some players and coaches talked about this new racquet and said that it’s a better choice for him, so i hope it helps in his game, because, to be honest, i keep losing hope everytime he loses…i don’t wanna get to the point where i have to worry about the first round matches and players outside the Top 100, i don’t know what’s going on this year, but i’m begging he qualifies to the World Tour Final, at least, if he doesn’t i don’t know what’s gonna happen… And now he’s the defending champion in Cincinatti, he’s not gonna get points, if he loses he’ll lose more points, everything is so diffcicult now!… I’m soo sad :'(

    Ohh, loove your page!!
    (i don’t speak english, i tried my best)

    1. Hey Claudia, your English is good you know, don’t worry. And don’t worry about Roger, he will bounce back. At this tour atleast he was really determined. Cannot imagine how he must feel right now, in front of his homecrowd who supported him a lot during the match. This one must really hurt. Hope it will be a USO 2011 moment where he realises he has to come out of this.
      Still it takes time to get use to the racquet. Don’t lose hope. Roger always bounces back…
      And Brands deserved to win this one.

    2. Hey Claudi,

      Your English is good!

      Worrying about first round matches isn’t far off, losing in his first match of a n ATP 250 is a new low!

      Oh well, keep the faith, still plenty tennis to be played.


  13. Anyone watching the match? I just tuned in. Does not look good, but hey I still believe in Roger.
    If it won’t work in this tour, it will in the next. But he is trying and fighting. I think Brands is just playing amazingly.

    1. So…. Roger lost. Congrats to Brands. I like him, he is nice and respectful and plays great. Unfortunately he did beat Roger, but…. I think Roger really wanted to win. I thought he was more determined than in Hamburg, but it just did not happen. Brands played too good and he was really calm. Roger was really disappointed, you could see that, but he will be back. Anyone else have thoughts about the match??

      1. I haven’t watched live, but followed in ATP site scorecard…..its simply disappointing that he couldn’t taking advantage on breakpoints and that’s pattern recently….First set after Rog got broke he had 2/3 breakpoints and missed all…Same with second set also….Its just painful to watch him loose..:-(

      2. I think he is really sad, but he definitely played better here, than Hamburg. He had passion and the desire to win. It just did not happen.
        Dont think Brands was better.
        I loved some amazing shot from Roger, that I havent seen in a while.
        Looking forward for the next one… what tournament is next?

      3. Next tournament is Montreal (imo he played worse and fought less than in Hamburg, I don’t know why except that the conditions in Gstaad are very tough to adapt).

    2. Brands was not playing amazingly. He was playing a very normal game, one we can expect from someone ranked 40 to 60. It was Roger who was playing poorly in fact.
      Yes, he was trying and of course he did want to win but being nervous in big points, he didn’t manage to convert any of his break points. I would say Brands won easily today.

      1. Hey Ali, I did not see the whole match, but to be honest I still think Brands played amazingly. He was not nervous, he was calm and got himself out of trouble.

        Roger got a lot of break opportunities the second set, but how can you break someone who serves like two aces or something in a row to get himself out of trouble???

        Sorry, but Brands did not win easily today. Roger tried more than in Hamburg. Of course he had some shanks and some points he should have won, but I don’t think it is fair to say that Brands won easily.

      2. Imo Brands played very well, less errors than in Hamburg, but Roger played much worse than in Hamburg. It could be explained by the combination of tough altitude conditions and new racket which make it tough to control the ball (Roger actually has a quite poor history in Gstaad), but what really makes me wonder is why he tried this seemingly suicidary serve-and-volley tactics in the beginning of the second set to lose that early serving game : it was very strange and makes me wonder what happened (back ?). However, I didn’t expect anything from Gstaad and I like that he didn’t aggravate his condition for the crucial Montreal and Cincy (also if it’s the case better losing completely confidence in his racket and switch back than hesitate).

      3. Brands was solid. Nowhere near amazing. If anything that is an insult to Brand’s ability as he can play much better, I believe he played much better vs. Dull at FO than today for instance.

        Fed says the back is troublesome. Puts his entire game out of synch. Can’t move his feet how he wants, mind is focused on the injury instead of painting the lines. Bad times.


    3. At the start of the match, I was quite encouraged. In the first 2 games, he looked aggressive, controlling points and dictating play (Which I haven’t seen him do really this whole year, except maybe Hanescu). His serve was looking great, he was hitting clean winners. Then, just like that, he lost it. Started making loads of errors, and was pretty easy for Brands to break him.

      I didn’t really think Brands played amazingly. I just thought Roger was so loose in his play. Would get close to breaking, then make 2 or 3 errors in a row and lose the chance. Then on his serve, he was either very strong or really weak. To be honest, I don’t think Brands found it a very difficult match. Was quite a comfortable straight sets win.

      What scares me is the possibility that it could just be an age thing, or something that he cannot overcome, such as long term back probs, or loss of movement. Hoping it is something temporary.

      1. Not an accurate stat, but it felt like 90% of the time anything more than 3 shots and Brands would win the point.

        What is encouraging is that Fed made loads of silly errors, and missed easy shots. I guess those are shots he won’t miss when he’s used to the racquet.

      2. [Not an accurate stat, but it felt like 90% of the time anything more than 3 shots and Brands would win the point.] I think you exaggerate, but anyway it’s not the way he lost his two service games, those were very poor service games with immediate errors

      1. Yeah I guess the only thing better than watching Roger lose is driving all the way to the stadium and watching it happen πŸ˜‰

      2. I just had tickets for semis and final πŸ™ so I didn’t see him at all πŸ™

    1. Ah unlucky man, I thought of you as soon as Brands sealed it. Are you still going to watch though? Looks a cool place so not all is lost…

  14. Thundering Typhoons! Billions of bilious blue blistering barnacles! Sea gherkins! Crab apples! Goosecaps!

      1. I feel your pain, buddy. Driving all the way to Gstaad to meet Roger and Desiree. Next thing you know you’re back at the gas station filling up for a return trip. You’re Swiss, right? Not too much of a drive I’m guessing?

  15. So apparently his back was problematic, and he’s not even sure to play montreal?… this is terrible… πŸ™

    1. I didn’t want him to play Montreal anyways. With Cincy coming up right after that, wouldn’t have worked out well at all. Was the back really a problem or was he pulling out a Nadal stunt? πŸ™‚

  16. I’ve been saying this all year. Roger’s back is a big issue. It affects his movement, serve, footwork….well everything. He is just not playing like Roger Federer. How frustrating for him. He looked embarrassed. Now what will he do? My heart goes out to him.

  17. Okay, let’s clear this up πŸ˜€ I didn’t have tickets before the semis, so I didn’t see sh*t πŸ™

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