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Federer Overcomes Wawrinka at World Tour Finals

A nail biter of a match here as Roger saved 4 match points en route to defeating Stan Wawrinka 4-6, 7-5, 7-6(6) in two hours and 48 minutes at the ATP World Tour Finals. Few expected this one to be so close considering the form Roger has shown all week but Stan had the upperhand from the baseline throughout and Roger has to count himself very lucky to come through in a match filled with drama.

Easily the best encounter at this weeks tournament and one that had a bit of everything – hard hitting, nervous tension, poor umpiring, crowd involvement and match point wasting! With the win Roger has a shot at clinching his 7th end of season title but it won’t be easy with Djokovic waiting in the final after he defeated Nishikori in 3 sets earlier in the day.

Quick Match Recap

Federer Wawrinka World Tour Finals

Roger won the toss and elected to serve holding to 15 before Stan levelled for 1-1. Stan did a great job of putting returns in play vs. Berdych earlier in the week and he started well here too, breaking Fed before consolidating to lead 3-1.

The Swiss Number 2 then claimed an insurance break to lead 5-2 and although he was broken trying to serve it out he did so at the second time of asking to take it 6-4.

Roger had been far the weaker player throughout the first set and the second was always going to be about whether he could stick around and make something happen. Serving first he soon progressed into a 3-2 lead but couldn’t convert 2 break points in game 6 and then had to fight off deuce to lead 4-3.

At 5-5 Roger fired down a love hold to put the pressure on Stan and at 0-30 he missed a routine overhead to get broken to love as Roger took the set 7-5. A big collapse from Wawrinka who had again been the better the player from the back of the court but showed frailties when the pressure was on.

Set 3 saw Roger with the advantage of serving first but he relinquished it tamely, getting broken to 15 in his opening game. He was not helped by some poor umpiring from Cedric Mourier; at love-love Stan hit a backhand well wide that was called out but Mourier tamely overruled it, Roger didn’t hear him and only realised when the score was at 0-40.

Stan consolidated to 30 and soon found himself up 4-2 courtesy of some crisp hitting from the baseline. At 3-4 down Roger again had 2 break points but couldn’t convert as Stan held firm to put himself one game away.

Roger held to 30 for 4-5 and then came Stan’s chance as he had 40-30 on his own serve but failed to convert. 2 more match points came his way in a lengthy deuce game but his strategy of serving and volleying didn’t pay off as Roger broke back to level for 5-5.

Wawrinka then had 2 break points of his own for a chance to lead 6-5 but Fed held and although Stan’s first serve was missing in action he levelled to force a final set tie breaker.

The breaker started well for Fed, going up an immediate mini break to lead 2-0 before being pegged back. At 4-5 down Stan won his next two service points to give himself a 4th match point, Roger saved it with a big first serve and then came up with a beautiful net foray to lead 7-6. Stan was in desperate need of a first serve but couldn’t find it and mid rally Roger floated a backhand slice deep onto the baseline, followed it in and hit a beautiful stop volley to take the match 7-6(6) in the third. Heart breaker for Wawrinka, sigh of relief for Fed.

Match Stats

  Roger Federer Stan Wawrinka
Aces 4 10
Double Faults 0 4
1st Serve % 53% 38%
1st Serve Points Won 41/57 (72%) 38/47 (81%)
2nd Serve Points Won 29/51 (57%) 36/76 (47%)
Break Points Saved 3/6 (50%) 6/9 (67%)
Service Games Played 17 17
1st Return Points Won 9/47 (19%) 16/57 (28%)
2nd Return Points Won 40/76 (53%) 22/51 (43%)
Break Points Won 3/9 (33%) 3/6 (50%)
Return Games Played 17 17
Winners 25 43
Unforced Errors 26 48
Net Points Won 24/37 21/39
Total Service Points Won 70/108 (65%) 74/123 (60%)
Total Return Points Won 49/123 (40%) 38/108 (35%)
Total Points Won 119/231 (52%) 112/231 (48%)

Shot of the Match

Thoughts on the Match

Federer Stan WTF 2014

Quite a weird match this one and one that was exhausting to watch so who only knows what it was like to play. I feel like Stan should have won quite easily with the way he was playing but his first serve didn’t land in the key moments and his decision to serve and volley on 3 of his match points proved not to be a wise move. Hindsight is always 20:20 though and if he’d stayed back and blasted 3 backhands long then we’d all be saying he should have tried a serve and volley to close it out instead 😆

As for Roger he didn’t play a great match in terms of his shotmaking but he was sharp mentally and that proved the difference in the end. In fact I give him 10/10 for his mental display but perhaps only a 6/10 for physical. He looked pretty laboured out there for most of it with another low first serve percentage and he only hit 3 forehand winners in the entire match, 2 of which were when he was facing match points. I’m not really sure whether it was Stan not allowing Fed to do what he wanted to do, or Roger just not being able to do it himself.

Difficult to tell really however Twitter was full of commentary about Roger’s back playing up in the tie breaker and a few of you have commented on it here. I honestly don’t know if it was an issue, you can see him grimace at 7-6 when he bends over to return but its hard to say really. We know for certain he’s not going to mention it any time soon especially with the Davis Cup coming up so I doubt we’ll find out so it’s all just conjecture at the minute.

Either way spending close to 3 hours on court isn’t ideal ahead of the final showdown with Djokovic and I think it’s the 3rd longest match at the World Tour Finals ever. Nadal and Murray played a similar match in 2010 that ended with a third set tie breaker and Nadal was definitely fatigued for the final against Roger the next day. I can see something similar happening here after this encounter which was both physicalyl and mentally draining. The semi finals being 6 hours apart isn’t ideal either if you play the night match but to be fair Fed did have Friday off and he does have till 6pm today to be ready.

Predictions vs. Djokovic

Federer Crushes Djokovic Shanghai

Advantage Djokovic here I think, his match finished 8 hours earlier than Fed and was the easier the 2 as he served up a bagel in the third set vs. Nishikori. Not an impressive match from him though and Nishikori should have broken at the start of the third. Djokovic let the crowd rattle him and Nishikori showed that if you take the ball early you can dominate him from the baseline. Just a few too many errors from Kei and he admitted after he played the opponent and not the ball. Had he converted his break points I think he’d be in the final as Djokovic wasn’t at his best.

As for the final I think for Roger to win he’s going to have to be physically 100% and play some of his best stuff. If he can play at a very high level and get the crowd involved he has a decent shot at getting it done. We saw a Pro Nishikori crowd get under Djokovic’s skin as he wants to be loved by them but it just doesn’t happen for him. The support for Roger tonight will be electric too so it could be a factor, after all he’s been the biggest entertainer in the game for the last 10 years and even for those with short memories or new to the sport he’s provided the most exciting match this week. That’s going to put 99% of the 17,000 in his favour 🙂

Crowd aside, if he plays passively against Djokovic and keeps floating in groundstrokes like he did vs. Stan I think he’ll get out manouvred from the back of the court and it won’t end well. The good news is Djokovic doesn’t possess Wawrinka like weapons so he will let Fed play more from the back of the court. First serve needs to land more regularly and cheap points are a must. I’m just hoping for a good match and not a one sided affair.

Head says Djokovic in 2. 6-3 7-6(4).


Editor of Perfect Tennis and a big fan of Roger Federer, I've spent countless hours watching and analysing his matches. Alongside playing the sport, I also enjoy writing about the tour, rackets, strings, and the technicalities of the game. Whether it's breaking down the latest tournament results or discussing the latest gear innovations, I'm always eager to share my insights with fellow tennis enthusiasts.

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    1. Well done Wanda – another one for the girls. Being a newbie, I have a steep learning curve in front of me. 🙂

    1. I would say clutch stuff by Roger in terms of hanging by his teeth to get a W here. I think combination of nerves and being boss by Stan made it difficult for Roger to be in full flight. He was in his back foot most of the time but he kept his UEs low but serve % isn’t that good either. Apart from poor umpiring job, crowd definitely got to Stan as at 5-5 40-40 he was a bit upset about spectators talking while he was receiving serves. Tweet feed was pointing to Mirka but regardless Stan shouldn’t be too bothered as crowd will also be rooting for someone. DC crowd will be even worse as it all pro-French team. Coming back to Roger’s back, hope its nothing though at 7-6 he was grimacing to receive Stan’s serve. My heart wants Roger to win WTF but head says Djoker will win as he in top form and played earlier match. When will organizers give some breathing space to Roger not to play at prime time slots all the time.

      1. Dippy , I think SF schedule more to do with Stan than RF…Stan played Friday Evening match and it wont be fair to put him again in 2 PM Saturday…Since Roger has 1 day off, its logic they gave evening match so Stan have decent time….

      2. Yeah I saw that saying Stan was kicking off at Mirka. Although it came from a Frenchie, maybe they were trying to stir things up before the DC!

  1. Although I was wrong against nishikori and murray here Roger didn’t have enought pop. I mean 3 forehand winners and 1 backhand winner. Suprised by your prediction for djokovic in 2 but the more I think about it seems likely. Watched the djokovic nishikori match and djokovic didn’t really impress. If Roger attacks like he did against murray it looks good but he was way too passive against stan. Incredibly lucky.

  2. I am with Jonathan on this one. I hope it is not going to be a demolition job (unless of course it is our man doing the demolition). I am okay with even a competitive straight set loss for Fed. Not much hope because he may not be physically ready both because of the long match as well as because of his back (conjecture at this point as Jon says).

    To be honest, I don’t mind a 6-0 6-0 loss at all just as long as it is not because of the back. I am more worried about his health than a loss to djoker. Fed’s well being comes first. He can win matches for us later. I pray that his back is well and good.

  3. What a nerve wrecking match…You captured it in article too…

    For some reason Roger never do much with Stan’s 2nd serve…and that made this match so difficult I think….

    About serve/volley tactics on match points, you are right about getting pounded unless he closed out..Stan was 10/10 until then so he might have thought that’s the way to go…

    Hope Roger is okay and Play very good match today for Title…Have to agree that mind says Joker could win easily…

    1. Maybe he should have tried just pounding some winners from the baseline but if a serve and volley play had come off we’d all be like great play from Stan to do that on MP 😆

  4. So slow but read the post first!! Excellent read as always!
    Very emotional game! I was screaming at my telly, but boy was he gritty! Augurs well for the DC! Refused to lose and hit 3 very good returns to foil Stan at net and a solid serve at MP doen in the TB!
    Hope Mourier has been ticked off thoroughly! He overruled so casually that I too, in the frenzy, did not realise RF had lost the point. These decisions are huge and they need to sort it out!
    Yes Fed will be bit weary but Novak is mentally exhausted and it really showed yesterday! Hoping Fed can start fast and get into net more than yesterday and take it to him.

    I am going to see it live at the 02 so will cheer Fed on for all of us! Cannot wait! Fed was lucky yesterday, hopefully as in Shanghai he can ride his luck, win and I can see him lift that trophy!!

    1. I didn’t realise but Fed and Mourier have previos, tweeted the video earlier. It was a stupid decision to over rule, I think as an umpire that is the hardest line to make decisions on, and his over rule was soo weak. Fed was clearly dialled in and not listening to his scores.

      I dunno about Novak being mentally exhausted, he was just feeding the press with those lines.

      1. It was an appalling overrule. I had audio only, and it was only because the commies specifically stated that it had been overruled that I realised: I’m pretty sure Mourier didn’t say “correction” or “overruled” or anything, just announced the score. I’d have missed it too. Didn’t realise it was incorrect, though: I thought it wouldn’t have made any difference to the score, but if Fed was deprived of the chance of challenging then that’s wrong.

        Second time this year Fed’s lost track of the score?

    2. Ooh Susie, twice! Grrrr…really jealous now. But happy for you of course – big cheers from us all. 🙂 I do hope it’s a competitive match even though we all feel that this one will go to Djokovic – for reasons already given.

  5. Hey, my first indoor title! Glad I didn’t go for Sunday walk just yet.

    Outplayed most of the time, how on earth did Fed come back from the dead and won the bloody match?! At the same time how come Stan lost after 4MPs! Yeah wired match, full of drama…I was shaking all the time and totally exhausted after. Just hope he recovers in time to fight again tonight.

    Excellent post, Jonathan, “Head says Djokovic in 2. 6-3 7-6(4).” And heart says?

    1. Heart says Fed of course 🙂

      Yeah it was a tiring match, wasn’t great quality tennis tbh but Mourier messing up, Stan kicking off at crowd all made it very tense. I’m just glad that poor over rule didn’t decide the outcome.

  6. My heart is still beating so hard from last night’s thriller! And the worst is that it can only beat faster and louder up until tonight’s final is over!

    From the moment Fed won the second set yesterday I didn’t lose faith. Even when he was match points down. And I’ll still keep it for today! Your prediction is very rational and logical Jonathan but whenever it’s about Fed I lose my logic :-p So heart says Roger will lift the trophy 🙂

    7 is the number that holds the most magic (Harry Potter fans know that 😉 😉 ) and our champ sure has magic in him!

    1. Only time I got nervous was when Stan was serving for it and Fed just kept pushing balls back, I thought he was gonna lose because of that.

      Tie breaker was never in doubt after that 🙂

    2. When Stan was serving for the match at 5:4, I switched off radio 🙂 . I was over the Moon this morning when I heard the result from radio and feel absolutely gutted for his injury 🙁 .

  7. They really fixed this tournament for Nole to win. Let’s face it. He is younger than Fed and makes a better connection with little 8 year old girls that ATP is targeting with Dimitrov and Roanic also. Fed has to now show up tomorrow dead tired to try to beat a red hot Nole. Both matches should have been played at the same time. What BS is this?

    1. How can they, when there’s only the one court?

      But yes, the tournament really couldn’t have been handed to Novak on more of a plate if they’d tried. And yet I thought *he* had a big wobble in the final set, but must have been reading the scores wrongly, because I thought Kei had broken him.

  8. Roger will need to serve like a champion to make this a close match against Novak, much like he did in the Wimbledon final. The odds are firmly against him, but he is obviously capable of upsetting them.

    Wasn’t able to see or listen to the Wawrinka match, though it sounds like Rog was a tad fortunate to get through.

    With this in mind I am going for a comfortable Djokovic victory, 6-3, 6-2. He has looked very solid throughout and I think he’ll force Rog into too many errors from the baseline.

    1. I think Fed will get more than 5 games. If he can take charge of points then anything can happen. Djoker’s defense on this surface is impregnable though really.

  9. I’m going to say 7-5 6-2 to djokovic. Didn’t notice the back thing until watching highlights, and you can never tell. Wimbledon 2012 wasn’t too much an issue.

    1. Yeah it is all speculation, I only brought it up as a lot of people mentioned it. I didn’t see much myself but who knows, maybe we’ll learn more tonight.

  10. I have to say I am a little pissed with Stan over that performance, where was that grit and determination when he played Djokovic? He was like a damp squib. Nice to see “rather die than lose” approach when playing his his buddy and the 1 guy who can help take him to victory at the Davis Cup! I’m not saying he shouldn’t be giving his all v fed, but if you’re going to do the business in 1 match and not bother in another, why not save your performance for Djokovic. By pushing Fed to the limit in the evening encounter he has all but given a fresh Djok the title, so has now done him 2 favours, shown zero fight to hand him an easy victory in the round robin, and now physically exausted his opponent for the final.

    Reminds me of Olympics when you knew before Fed stepped out v Murray he was going to lose, DelPotro being the energy zapper that time round.

    On a normal day, I would see this as 45/55, because of last night I see it more 25/75, but Djok won’t batter Fed like some are suggesting. I can see it being something like 6-4 6-4. If Fed is to have any chance of success, he needs to do it early, so if he loses the first set it’s curtains.

    1. Here we go again, with the “where was that grit and determination” rant.

      Look, he played a Djokovic who was in superb form and on an unbeaten indoor streak. His, Stan’s own form wasn’t exactly great leading up to the tournament. He bagged the first group game, which means his second match wasn’t an elimination game. When he played Federer, it was for his tournament life, and he was more adjusted to the indoor conditions.

      Roger is likely very exhausted. Djokovic is playing his third match in a row too, and Roger’s mismatch vs Murray barely went past a warm up hit. Did they ever use a third set of new balls in that match? So I think we can’t blame it on energy levels.

      Since 2010, Roger has beaten Djokovic two matches in a row just once (2012). The Djoker gets it done, unless Roger conjures up a hyper aggressive brand of tennis, and Djoker experiences a dip in form.

      Tell me, when Stan hit God mode vs Nadal at AO2014, everything was fine and dandy, and now we are blaming him for not showing up against Djokovic?

      Let’s just enjoy the game, and stop whining 🙂

    2. Completely agree with this! Berdych is another player that only seems to turn it up vs Federer and plays like total crap vs the other top guys.

      Though it’s most likely Djoko that will win today, I’m still so happy Fed made the final. It’s irritating that his chances have been hampered but can you imagine the total blow-out a Djok-Wawrinka encounter would have been?

    3. I don’t think Stan vs. Djoker would have been a blow out at all. If Stan wasn’t ailing from the 2h 48 min court time I think he would have put up a good showing.

      Can’t blame him for playing well against Fed, he played with a lot of intent and had he served better would have won.

      1. No of course, i agree, if someone puts in a good performance over his opponent then he deserves to win. My issue is that more often than not, some of these players play the match of their lives against Fed, then usually can’t back it up the next round. Wawrinka is a tricky case; sometimes he delivers (aus open 2014); other times he doesn’t show up (RR vs Djok). I would just rather be guaranteed an even contest in the final, and Fed rarely flops on the big stage.

  11. Head says Novak but Fed knows Novak expected to win by everyone! Fed a real under dog tonight mainly because of long SF! And Novak v mentally weary and a bit brittle. Missing his family I am sure! Fed needs to come out v fast and grab the first break and then get first set. Then? Anything cld happen!

  12. so I had to finish my studies at 00:30 IST, browsed through few FED 2014 highligts to kill time till 1:30 midnight(real cruel schedule timings for us FED fans in India) hoping to go to bed in an hour, but then out of the blue, AO STAN showed up against a passive FED (like that old lion in the jungle though willing, too lazy to pounce on the prey)….. and i was damn pissed that this STAN the MAN did not show up in the Joker match earlier, neither in any matches i watched after AO final ..i felt for him a bit in the end though…..epic choker 🙁

    …kudos to Lion Hearted FED for his fighting spirit and amazingly calm nerves during MP’s..just got lucky…only wish him quick recovery so that he can break hot Joker winning streak yetagain 🙂

    1. Stan and Djoker is a different match up on a different day so no complaints from me. Stan has played some of his best tennis in big matches really and should have got this one done too.

      Short turn around for Fed but he did have Friday off…

      1. Precisely! Roger played the late semi, but has the advantage of playing three games in four days, compared to three in a row for Djokovic. And, you could make the case that Stan played his semi final right after a three setter vs Cilic.

        It all evens out.

  13. Yes, sadly, I think like others that the title will be Djokovic’s again. I only hope the rumours about Roger’s back are not true. Could definitely do without that going into the DC final, and that is probably more important to him than winning WTF a 7th time – though both would be nice of course.

    What a match though. I still can’t quite believe Roger won it or understand quite how he managed to do so. I had long given up even when he was fighting back, because Stan still seemed to have the edge.

    A bit sad for Stan. At first I thought he really deserved to win it, but then I thought no, the winner is the one that deserves to win because he is the one with that little extra determination, and that is just as much a part of tennis as the way you play.

  14. Finally an entertaining and absorbing contest! Much respect for the great man! Didn’t play his best but got the job done!

    I agree, Fed shouldn’t have won the match; he even said as much in his post-match interview – the guy that has the upper-hand from the baseline usually comes out the victor. I didn’t like the way Fed approached this match. Way too passive and way too content to rely solely on his defensive game, waiting for Stan to make the errors (though he obliged on many occasions), almost Murray-esque. And I’m still, like you, trying to work out whether it was due to Wawrinka not allowing him to impose his game or Federer not thinking that was the right strategy to employ.

    As chuffed and delighted as I was with the win, I just can’t see a fresher Djokovic losing the match. Fed won that match purely because he is far mentally stronger than Wawrinka; it wasn’t a particularly great match from him (he really needs to improve his first serve percentage) but it’s a testament to how clutch he’s become of late. Guess saving match points has become his new hobby!

    Also really hope these injury rumours are unfounded! I didn’t even pick up on that, some fans are truly eagle-eyed.

  15. Feeling nervous already. Susie or anyone else….a fan match report would be nice. Wonder who the chair ump will be, lol.

  16. Hey all, I don’t know guys…… I actually have a good feeling about this.

    Roger could have lost a couple of times during the match or “just let it be”, but he fought and fought to come through. I think he knows he has a good chance against Novak. And actually… Stan did him a favour, don’t you guys think so?? If the match would have been AS EASY as the Murray-match, then no way Roger would have won the final, because he would not have been tested properly. But now…. against Stan he couldn’t play his own game and he had a lot of defending to do, something he doesn’t like to do a lot, but guess what…. who plays more defensive?? Novak !!! So I really think Stan did Roger a favour. Now… his defensive skills are more up to date, have been tested a lot and now he can keep that up against Novak and also play more HIS OWN game !!! I don’t know guys…. I have a good feeling about this final.
    Novak is also tired, mentally and physically. And against Nishi he was the 1st set unplayable, but NOT the 2nd set and if Kei had somehow won the first game in the 3rd set, Novak would not be in the final right now. And… trust me, Roger doesn’t want to lose an opportunity to play Novak.
    And personally… but this is JUST ME… I hope Roger revenges Wimby. Novak “stole” Wimby and I hope Roger “steals” WTF from him. Sorry, if you guys don’t like what I just wrote, but that is how I feel. Again apologies for the remark.

    I really have a good feeling about this. Roger will keep the points short and if he wins the 1st set, he will already have won 90% of the match. If Roger loses the 1st set, it will be more difficult.
    Not to take anything away from Novak, he is damn and damn good, but Roger can beat him. The ONLY REASON why Roger will lose today is because of TIREDNESS. But I honestly think his confidence of winning against Stan will be the thing that will make the difference.
    And to be honest…. if Roger will lose because of tiredness…. then please God, let him lose 2 times 6-2 or 6-3, but not with bagels. Roger doesn’t deserve that.

    And I hope the crowd carries Roger through if he is in problem…. Go Roger. Give it one more go and you will have 4 days of rest. You can and will do this.
    And if God forbid, you lose…. no worries… you were nr 8 and will finish nr 2. Last year they were writing your goodbye speeches and thought that you will retire. And the best part… you have sent a clear message to all…. YOU ARE NOT DONE and they should NOT take you lightly or underestimate you 🙂 I love and believe in you Roger. Go Roger 🙂 Heart of a lion and ….. simply the best 🙂

    1. I talked to soon I see, but I have been nervous since they said there would be an announcement.

      But still Roger…..very PROUD of you. This is what you are…. a gentleman who came to tell the news yourself.

      And guess what Roger…. YOU ARE ALLOWED TO THINK ABOUT YOURSELF !!!

      No worries, bring on the DC and definitely bring on next year 🙂 Hopp Suisse 🙂

    1. Might be the same problem as before Mike 🙁 I noticed on the last point that Feds really grimaced and then barely bent over to received. When he was returning racquets to his back, he stood very awkwardly to put them back. I mentioned it on the other thread, but others were saying they hadn’t noticed. Someone did mention Lubicic mentioned something about some back issue on a tweet.
      Just switched on TV – he’s out! Absolute disaster – came out to tell the crowd, ohh Feds. Believe it or not, Murray is going to play a one set match with Djokovic. How shit is that!!!

  17. Apparently there’s going to be an announcement about the singles after the doubles presentation. I’m hearing rumours Roger might not play. That’s bad news if true because for him to pull out of a match means it must be serious.

    1. Oh no, Rita, is that true? I was so worried when I saw him grimace on that last point, plus his awkward stance when putting racquets back in bag. Nooo! Damn, that’s bad. Do you think they’ll ask Stan to play if that is the case?

      1. What the ****? You guys better not be joking. Anyways, if it’s that bad, then it’s best he rests.

  18. Well summarised once again Jonathan, GD you’re good.

    Can’t disagree with your prediction….damn, why of why couldn’t Stan produce this when playing Djokovic? I agree BTW, don’t think Djoko looked that strong against Nishi who might have won I thought were it not for that dodgy wrist; didn’t have enough in the end. But he did have Djoko on back foot – and losing balance, always an indication he’s not totally comfortable.
    His first serve % isn’t awful, but like you say he will need a few free points. Ten aces from Stan, and he was really bludgeoning those shots; kept Feds pinned to that backhand side. In the end, Feds experience and mental strength on those important points, together with poor decisions at crucial moments, lost him the match. Feel sorry for Stan in a way, he should have had it.
    The Crowd may play a part – Djoko distinctly rattled by the clapping on DF. Maybe more of those at key moments and watch him self-destruct? Mean I know… 🙂

      1. Oh Ok Sid, we should all stop whining, it’s true…but it *is* a bit annoying. You don’t think so, fine. If there was a way of sticking my tongue out at you I would! And now you can tell me to grow up 🙂

    1. You got it Sid, followed by McEnroe and Henman apparently. You’re so right, much better he rests for a few days and see how it goes. Will he (and Stan) be ready for DC – French must be swilling champagne already. 🙁

  19. Have you guys noticed one thing? Mirka was really pumped up and loud which was quite unusual. I noticed this in the earlier matches against Stan too. I don’t know if there’s any issue but she generally stays pretty calm in Roger’s matches against other opponents… Her change was so visible…

    1. Noticed in that match against Stan towards the end. Unusual, as she’s usually (like you say) very calm. Really vocal in that match. Had the back problem already surfaced I wonder?

      Shiiit, have Rog and Stan buggered their chances at DC as well…worst possible outcome all round. F****** Djokovic literally handed this title – not his fault I know, but bah!

  20. Shit. That’s a real downer, was really looking forward to the match tonight, but Roger’s health is far more important than one match. Even if it were the Wimbledon final and he was two sets to love up I would rather he withdrew/retired than risked an injury.

    1. They can’t really do anything else I guess. Perhaps Stan already went home for some rest and didn’t feel able to take over, or perhaps it’s not within the rules anyway. Djoko is the last man standing, so nothing else to be done I suppose.

      1. I don’t think they would’ve played a make up final. Roger’s withdrawal immediately gives Djokovic the title. The announcer/presenter is wrong in saying, “following his win in the final”. He should’ve said, “Following his win by default in the final”.

        It won’t be considered a win, when it comes to H2H.

      2. You can’t let a beaten player replace his conqueror: remember Miami this year, when both Nishi and Berd pulled out of the semis, and Roger was still around?

  21. He retired. I’m not gonna lie I’m really upset but i know that he’s in pain. You could see it last match. Upset but it’s such a great decision to not play and not risk it. Age catches up with everyone. Don’t like murray but that was classy on such short notice to agree.

    1. Yeah this is not good, the clay will be even tougher on his injury and now the French are made aware of it as well. Unlucky timing for Fed.

    2. I’d been starting to think that match could ruin DC for CH for many reasons, but not for the one which ended up applying 🙁

  22. Federer is implementing the Nadal strategy. Withdraw from matches to preserve your positive H2Hs!

    Joking aside, its unfortunate he had to withdraw from his second biggest final of the year, but he destroyed his ENTIRE season last year (or most of it) by trying to play injured. Maybe he could get away with it when he was younger, but at 33 he can’t risk a serious injury for the sake of one match.

    1. Definitely think last year’s mistakes made Roger withdraw today, as much as I hate that he had to withdraw, especially in such a pivotal match, it shows that he’s finally thinking about himself and not everyone else for a change. Get well soon Roger!

  23. Wow, wake up at 5am here ready to kick some Djoker ass and then I see this? Absolutely heartbroken, feel for Stan as well!! What are the chances this could hurt the Swiss for DC. I assume that’s why Roger didn’t play today.

  24. Oh noooo I’m beyond upset about Federer’s withdrawal! Lol I realise now I look silly with my earlier comments…. Really hope that he makes a speedy recovery in time for DC! Has he ever withdrawn before? It must be v. serious 🙁 what a shame, to be injured in the final stages of the match! Get well soon Roger plsssss!

  25. Hey guys, maybe a stupid question, but I really don’t know. Will Roger get the points (and prizemoney) for the final or only for the SF?? Will he be mentioned as finalist??


    Ps: What about the atmosfere right now at the O2?? Like a “funeral” so silent???

    1. He’ll be considered as finalist. The atmosphere is funny… Someone was shouting “come on Roger”, which made everybody laugh…

    2. Points for winning your semi are the same as for being the losing finalist, aren’t they? And I assume the same applies to prize money, although I don’t think he needs to worry about that.

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