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Federer Overcomes Ferrer Challenge in Montreal

Roger Federer is into the Coupe Rogers Quarter Finals with a hard fought 4-6, 6-4, 6-2 victory over David Ferrer. Without playing especially well Roger came through in one hour and 57 minutes to record his 14th match win a row and set up a tie with Roberto Bautista Agut, after he edged out Gael Monfils 4-6, 7-6(5), 7-6(2) in a three hour battle on the Stadium Court earlier in the day. .

The set streak is over but Roger's peRFect record vs.Ferrer still stands. In fact it was only the second time in 17 encounters that Ferrer has won the first set but he wasn't able to find that elusive win as he slipped to 0-17 in the H2H, with Roger's first win coming all the way back in 2003 at the CA-TennisTrophy in Vienna.

Quick Match Recap

Federer Ferrer Montreal

Ferrer won the toss and elected to serve, firing down a comfortable hold to lead 1-0. Roger looked untouchable on serve against Polansky but here he had to save five break points to level at 1-1.

Ferrer then held to 15 and was able to break to lead 3-1 after Roger had saved another 3 break points in his service game. The Spaniard then consolidated the break for 4-1.

A 5-3 Ferrer served for the set but found himself in trouble at 15-40 and eventually missed a slice to drop serve. Roger then held a game point to level at 5-5 but Ferrer dug in and converted his second set point to take it 6-4.

Into set 2 and Fed responded quickly with a break to lead 1-0. After consolidating for 2-0 it looked like he'd found some sort of groove but Ferrer hit back in game 4 to level at 2-2, Fed hitting a ball into the stands midway through the game in frustration. Fortunately, Ferrer's momentum was halted instantly as Roger took advantage to break again for 3-2. This time around he maintained the advantage, shaking off break points at 5-4 to level things up at 1 set all.

Like the second set, Ferrer was broken in the very first game of the third. Federer saved a break point en route to consolidating and in game seven he was able to secure the double break to lead 5-2 before serving out the match to 30 to move into the Quarter Finals. Poor start, ok middle and good finish.

Match Stats

  David Ferrer Roger Federer
Aces 1 12
Double Faults 6 4
First Serve Percent 58% (49/85) 59% (60/102)
1st Serve Points Won 67% (33/49) 70% (42/60)
2nd Serve Points Won 47% (17/36) 50% (21/42)
Break Points Saved 62% (8/13) 77% (10/13)
Service Games Played 14 14
1st Serve Return Points Won 30% (18/60) 33% (16/49)
2nd Serve Return Points Won 50% (21/42) 53% (19/36)
Break Points Converted 23% (3/13) 38% (5/13)
Return Games Played 14 14
Winners 14 30
Unforced Errors 35 47
Net Points Won 44% (4/9) 64% (18/28)
Total Service Points Won 59% (50/85) 62% (63/102)
Total Return Points Won 38% (39/102) 41% (35/85)
Total Points Won 48% (89/187) 52% (98/187)
SABR 0 0


Thoughts on the Match

Federer Coupe Rogers Ferrer

From the baseline, I didn't have enough rhythm. The court is fast here. Of course, because of the surface, that it's fast, you can't just decide to put the ball in because physically David is very strong. You can't do that. You have to go into the battle. You have to accept you're going to make mistakes. But you have to keep moving forward. I tried with my intensity and focus to change the match, and this is what I was able to do. I was able also to change the angles, and that helped me win the match.

Not one for the highlights reel this one as it was a scrappy match from Fed who made 47 unforced errors. Ferrer made the better of the start two forcing the issue to win the first set but fortunately, Roger was able to find a way to come through. After hitting 19 unforced errors in set one he tightened up to cut that number down, upped his intensity from the baseline and managed to put Ferrer in some awkward spots to draw the errors. Luckily for the Swiss, Ferrer just can't win enough cheap points behind his serve so you always feel like there's a way back into the match whatever the scoreline.

Anyway, a wins a win and he's into the Quarter Finals. Maybe the Coldplay hangover kicked in after 48 hours but it looked like one of those days where your best tennis evades you, the legs aren't quite dancing and there's very little rhythm in your game. The first set was pretty terrible with Fed looking low on energy, playing a lot of wild low percentage shots and often lunging at the ball which ended up with him having to try and muscle it in. With less than precise footwork you get Federror out there, he picked up towards the end though and I think Ferrer's lack of confidence this year and overall with the H2H helped him win the mental battle in the third.

As for Daveeeeed he returned serve really well which put Federer on the back foot and he's had another decent week as he looks to build some momentum after a few injury setbacks and losses this year. It looks unlikely he'll be the force he once was and he's not beaten a top-10 opponent in his last 13 attempts but his level this week looks higher than #33 in the world where he's currently sat.

Predictions vs. Bautista-Agut


Next up is Royal Bank of Agut who defeated Monfils in a tough three setter that lasted over three hours. Not ideal prep for a player who's a bit of a roadrunner when they're going up against Fed. Agut is obviously one of the fittest guys on tour but even he will be feeling the affects of today's humid conditions.

Roger leads the H2H 6-0 and hasn't dropped a set to the Spaniard so he goes in as a heavy favourite. Couple that with Agut likely feeling it in the legs then it all points to a Federer victory. If Roger has another off colour day then Agut is probably good enough to get a set but I will pick Federer to win in straights.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. BOOM πŸ™‚ But Jon, I did read the post first πŸ™‚ 13 aces?? And yes…. the Beard is growing on me πŸ™‚

      Now… lets get the Royal Bank of Agut…. still remember the last handshake πŸ™‚

      1. Wondered if it might happen when I saw the score in the second set before I went to bed.

        Someone on ATP website is saying they saw Roger touching his pelvis a couple of times and wondering if there might be a problem? Don’t know about anyone else, but humidity tends to make *me* sluggish, so maybe that had an effect?

      2. I wouldn’t worry, how many times have fans cried injury and he’s been fine. You never know about niggles until after the event tbh when he might actually mention it. So no point trying to guess unless it’s blatantly obvious injury.

  1. This match executed too many unforced errors and will be shutdown.
    The problem seems to be caused by the following file: BothOfUsShouldHaveStayedInBed.sys
    Any unsaved ranking data will be lost.
    Symbolic stack dump follows:
    0xFFERRERRER: Shit%&#$MustLearnToServeProperlyFor3Sets???*@.
    1xFFEDDEDDED: MyBHwasA***$#!%Piece&ofStinky&%$&*Crap
    Please don’t report this to Microhardcourt. We can do nuttin’ for ya man.
    Delete the faulty .DLL and reboot.

  2. Not a good match to watch for Fedfans! The first set was a nightmare: poor servings, shanks a plenty, footwork missing. I thought the match was gone, but Roger woke up and realized that he was ROGER FEDERER playing David Ferrer, who has a 0-16 record against him. I am glad the match was not against Shapavalov! Perhaps we will have a Zverev – Federer final!

    1. Yes, not a good watch. But, hey, being a “fan” (I prefer accomplice) is also about swallowing the less-than-tasty pills. We accept the whole package and stay subbornly with it, come what may. This includes the 2004-2007 dominance, the gentle downward slope 2008-2012, the terrible 2013, the slow turnaround years 2014-2015, the plagued 2016 and the incandescent 2017.
      It’s all in the menu. Now, eat it!

  3. I was reminded of when the raquet was new and he seemed to have no control over where the ball went. It’s been really humid, so the ball will be flying differently, & that could be part of it. David seemed to be moving well, chasing everything down again, occasionally taking the ball really early (to my surprise). Still wish he wouldn’t vocalize on every single point.

    Impressed w/ young Shapovalov too, the tennis writers are saying he’s a really likeable sort besides the fearless play- interested to see how he develops. Canadians must be very pleased!

    1. Yes, Canadian fans are beyond excited about Denis Shapovalov. He is just in his first season as a pro, having won Junior Wimby last year. He mainly played in Futures and Challengers, having good success. He has played only a handful of main Tour matches, so this win over Rafa came as a complete surprise. Unfortunately, the other young Canadian male phenom, Felix Auger-Aliassime, is sidelined with a wrist injury. He was supposed to have played at Rogers Cup on Aug. 8 , his 17th birthday. Yes, Felix has the same birthday is Fed, he is somewhat younger, however!

  4. Sluggish and erratic but he managed to secure a W. Ferrer nearly beat him in straight. Roger was correct, Ferrer gave away some points which he shouldnt have. Yes, I blame Coldplay for this hangover.

  5. The best match of the tourney was Nadal Shapovalov! The kid just turned 18 and fearlessly took out Nadal and prevented him from taking over #1. All the Fed fans of the world should be happy with that. Nadal sounded bitter in the presser. Denis is sleeping in his friend’s basement (another teenage promising player, Felix A) and took down the Nadal poster the night before the match.
    Great to see with Raonic struggling with injury all year and Pospisil going awol.

    Roger looked mighty cranky out there from what I saw of the match. Hopefully, this was his “bad” match for the tourney.
    Good win, Katyani.

  6. Sometimes (often) being a Fedfan is jolly hard work. I could only “watch” this on the TennisNow scores and there wasn’t even a “By the Minute” for the match. However I watched several replays later and agree with Sue that Federer looked cranky. It’s the beard. Get it off.
    I was vastly cheered this morning with the Nadal news, hohoho.

      1. Thanks, Jonathan, I’ll try that tonight.
        Thanks a million for your post on how to watch tennis on-line. I’m trying to decide which one is best. I’m in the UK. Probably a combination of Tennis TV and Europsport?

  7. Very very slow start from Fed. I became worried for a while. Happy he found a way to win.
    BTW, the court seems slow. Maybe Fed says it’s fast for some kind of reasons? Or maybe the court is fast on reality? IDK.
    Very surprised how Rafa lost this one. But you have to give credits to Shapovalov. The guy didn’t crack (or choke) on important points.
    I think a #1 in Montreal is possible for Rog. All he needs is to find his game. I’m pretty sure he will.

    1. There was some net play, Rafa was more successful. This is an area of Denis’ game that needs some work. But he is young and hard-working, so that will come in time.

  8. Thought Roger didn’t look as fit as we last saw him at Wimbledon… holiday blues. Ferret must be the
    worst player to play against if you are not on your toes! Don’t think the pink enhances the beard, but the good
    news is he won, so C’mon Roger another Spanaird in your sights, Dennis the Menace took care of the other one x

  9. Jonathan, I did not receive this match in my mailbox…..will appreciate your checking into this. Thank You.

  10. Agut is as tenacious as they come, but Fed knows how to handle these types after playing Ferrer so many times.

    Justice has been done. One cannot be No 1 by winning a slew of clay court matches. Rafa has not been that great on hard or grass and it showed against the Shap chap.

    Fed has a straightforward path to the finals and then Zverev probably.

  11. Scrappy match alright! Lets hope for a Betterer display today. With Bautista Roger still looks uncomfortable, hope he takes off eventually.

  12. Ferru is a tough style of oppo to play, makes you uncomfortable. Fed not at ease with the H2H and sometimes struggles with this match up, struggling more if not finding rhythm as today. Found a way tho and that’s all that matters. Ferrer has new bigger racquet and has had better results lately.
    Fed better today v RBA. Look forward to the new report!

  13. Haha Jon, Schippers JUST won gold in 200 m and … I almost missed it πŸ™‚

    But Rog… you can beat Dutch Haasse oke, no problem πŸ™‚

    1. Damn! I also missed the 200 m final by few minutes, fault of late arrival at home. Had to rewind Eurosport. Good win for Schippers, but I think she slowed down a bit around 150 m. Fortunately she was able to hold it. That girl may not have the most explosive start, but once she picks up speed, she seems to keep accelerating forever. Really impressive. She’s one of my favourite athletes.

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