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Looking for a Federer ouffit from yesteryear? I am selling my collection.

Hello FedExpressers. My thanks to Jonathan, for allowing me the space on his platform to write to you.

I wrote a fan-story back in 2013 from the ATP Finals that year. If you remember me, you’re clearly one of the real OGs here.

As we’re missing Roger terribly, I have something for you to lighten this period of waiting. I’m going to show you my RF shirt collection that I’ve built up for a decade now.

It gets better. With the madness of Covid, I’m in need of raising funds. This is your chance to own some of Roger’s best shirts, many of which are in peRFect condition.

I won’t be spending the money on pointless rubbish either. I got married last year and the money will go towards keeping my wife and I afloat as I’m between jobs this month. You’d be getting yourself a great RF shirt and supporting a young family. Now that’s an ace down the T.

If you’d like to enquire about any of these shirts, you can message me on eBay or email me here: [email protected] 


  • all the shirts are UK size S unless stated otherwise.
  • shirts pre-2014 are quite big and are true size M
  • post-2014 shirts are smaller and are true size S


  • Shipping is global via the eBay global shipping program


  • these shirts had a retail price of £50-60 on their release
  • I will accept a fair price, which is not necessarily the retail price
  • the shirts’ condition and the chances of finding them, as well as an owner who is open to selling, are about the same as dying of Covid
  • If you’re thinking of sending a cheeky offer of a fiver, expect a similarly cheeky reply! 😉

View RF Collection on eBay

The Collection

All shirts are on eBay which you can see here. Some may have sold by the time you look.

Doha, Rotterdam & Dubai 2012

Fed Dubai 2012

Absolute perfect condition. Peak Roger 3.0 right here, especially the Dubai win.

Shanghai 2017 – Hopman Cup 2018

Fed Basel 17

One small thread has snagged, but it’s not noticeable when it’s on. Highlights include Fed’s second Shanghai crown over Nadal and arguably his best Basel final against Del Potro in a gripping three-setter.

Wimbledon 2016

Fed Wimbledon 16

Considering tennis whites are a bit tricky, this is in good knick. This was the time Fed almost won Wimbledon on one leg. Underrated shirt, especially if you love the traditional collar.

Indian Wells & Miami 2017

Fed Miami 17

The third Sunshine Double shirt in perfect condition. You could frame this thing. Still not sure how Roger won Miami that year.

Australian Open 2010

Fed Ao 2010

Roger’s 16th major. This shirt is XS, but is a true size S. For a 10 year-old shirt, which was the first Fed shirt I got at 15, I have looked after it well. Absolute classic collar. This is also the shirt Fed wore in Virtua Tennis 4 and Topspin 4, if you’re into that sort of thing.

US Open Day 2011

Fed Uso 2011

Not the best memory with the SF vs. Djokovic, but it was still an epic match. I also remember a Jura coffee advert when Fed wore this. It’s in immaculate condition and the shade of deep red looks great in the sun. It deserves a good bid.

Roland Garros 2011

Fed Fo 2011

Yes I have this finger-wagging god-tier shirt, in the conversation as one of Fed’s best ever. After 9 years it can now be your turn to own it. Annoyingly, it came with some strange Nike sticker on the neck (none of the others ever did, weird) which never bothered me, but I expect a buyer would want it removed. I am halfway through getting the thing off as you can see, very carefully of course so not to damage the shirt.

Australian Open 2012

Fed French Open 2011

Completing the Swiss red hattrick, this shirt is a homage to Roger’s first AO title in 2004. This is one of the biggest shirts, despite still being size S. Goodness knows what the XL is like. It looked so cool with the ProStaff 90 Roger used that year, which is still my favourite racquet Roger has played with.

White AO 2012 Variant

Fed Ao 2012

Roger never wore this in an official match. There was the red, white and blue he wore at Indian Wells on sale at the time. Clearly, I should have got the blue! But this is quite a cool shirt, to be honest. Did Roger ever wear this in training? Would be good to find a photo.

Roland Garros 2012

Fed Fo 2012

An underrated number this one, even if Roger didn’t play his best wearing it. It’s fitted with a pocket_RF on the front, although goodness knows what you’d put in there. Maybe one of the RF coins?

Shanghai 2014 – Brisbane 2015

Fed Shanghai

Roger wore this for a long stretch, winning 3 titles and it’s easy to see why. The first Shanghai title is one of the most epic Masters 1000 crowns Roger has won. It’s in great condition and I’ve been personally complimented wearing it.

US Open Day 2014

Fed Uso 14

I expect this one to have the least amount of interest. Roger did get thrashed by Cilic in the SFs, one of the rare times that ever happened in a slam. As a variant of the Shanghai red shirt, it still looks decent on.

Shanghai – ATP Finals 2015

Fed Basel 15

The Fedal in Basel shirt, a match that delivered on the hype with an emotional 3 set win for Roger. Can you believe that match was almost 5 years ago? This is a very cool look in time for winter, where I expect we’ll be spending a lot of it indoors.

Roland Garros 2019

Fed French 19

The only Uniqlo shirt here, I took a punt on it as it was Roger’s comeback at the French. In the year since the shirt has grown on me. It’s not bad at all. Roger also won a Halle title wearing it.

Wimbledon 2015

Fed Wimbledon 15

A very sharp look that looks as good at home as it did on Centre Court, in one of Roger’s most dominant campaigns (shame about the final). This is an XS shirt, so this may be for display only if you’re bigger than Diego Schwartzman.

Australian Open & Dubai 2014

Fed Dubai 14

When talking about Roger’s comeback, we automatically think 2017. However, there is another. The 2014 season. Roger announced to the world against Tsonga and Murray in Melbourne that he wasn’t finished at the top level yet. The delight I felt during those matches always reminds me not to be too gutted about the Wimbledon final last year.

The Dubai win was also very sweet, it was the first title since Halle 2013, and before that, Cincinnati 2012. Quite a drought! It kickstarted a fun ride with Stefan Edberg for the next two seasons. This is one of my favourites, the colour and collar make you look smart sitting out in the pub garden as well as playing tennis. It’ll take a great bid to convince me to part with it.

Cincinnati 2015

Fed Cincy 15

If you own it, you know. A one-time, one-title shirt, where Feli Lopez had a few words at the net which summed up what we were all thinking. Go on. You know you want it.

Well there we have it. What do you think of my collection, shortly before it’s disbanded? Sadly, I don’t have any 00s shirts, which blocks the set from reaching JesusFed levels. I was just too young then to buy any. Considering I was 15 in 2010, this set is certainly worthy of at least a tip of an RF cap. Now it can all be yours. It’s certainly a reluctant sell, but duty calls.

View RF Collection on eBay

I’m sure there are a couple of god-tier Fedheads out there with 50 shirts or something crazy. Let me know in the comments which shirts you own and I look forward to receiving your emails.


I'm a 25-year-old boomer obsessed with tennis, cars, and politics. My wife can't stand Andy Murray.

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  1. Awww. Sorry you have to sell. I love Cinci 2015! Good luck with the sale. I have a collection of signed balls, etc. No idea what they are worth. Will the prices go up in the future?

    1. I would doubt it, too many of them and easy to forge. A signed, match used, racquet would be a good item, not too many of those out there and not easy to fake as P1’s work not easy to replicate.

  2. Djokovic, who owns a record 36 ATP Masters 1000 titles, is instead focusing on breaking Roger Federer’s record for most weeks at world No. 1. Federer has occupied the top spot for a record 310 weeks.

    To that end, the top-ranked Serbian will play next week’s Erste Bank Open in Vienna for the first time since he beat Stan Wawrinka to win the 2007 Vienna title. Djokovic can gain 500 ranking points winning Vienna.

    Skipping Paris will not cost Djokovic the 1,000 ranking points he won in Bercy last November as the ATP froze ranking points in response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

    “I want to make history as the world No.1, who has spent the most weeks at the top of the ATP Tour, and I will do everything I can to make it happen,” Djokovic told Belgrade’s Sportski Zurnal. “My immediate task is to collect as many points as possible to try to put as much distance between me and the hunting pack before next season.”

    Djokovic’s announcement comes a day after rival Rafael Nadal, who swept the Serbian in the Roland Garros final this month to collect his record-tying 20th Grand Slam crown, announced he plans to play Paris.

    “Whether or not Nadal plays in Paris doesn’t change anything because everything is in my hands,” said Djokovic.

    Does he love tennis like our Roger? Or does he think he will feel more love if he breaks all his records.

    1. I think that the latter is more likely. As Murli said after the whole Djokohit the line judge incident, “he is a nice guy who wants to be know as the nicest guy.”

    2. The latter, definitely. I think it’s the one thing that keeps him going: the thought that if he obliterates all Roger’s records he’ll get the respect he deserves. He just doesn’t realise that his obsession means people respect him less, not more. And love tennis? No, I don’t think so. Certainly not the way Fed and Murray do, or even Nadal. I sometimes think he found something he was good at and would earn him plenty of money, and just tried to optimise it. I don’t see any love there at all.

  3. The AO 2012 variant is similar to the white shirt he wore at AO 2004.

    Great collection man. I got the USO 11 day, Dubai 12, and RG 12 shirts. I’d be in on a few of those beauties if I was smaller!

  4. Yeah very cool collection. Cincy 15 is one that will age really well.

    I have AO 2010, FO 2011, Wimbledon 09, Miami 2009 and I think that’s it. Not worn them in a while.

  5. If I only had the money, I’ll spent it every penny for the RG 2011 shirt.
    Among the 2008 & 2009 collection, it was the best he ever wore.

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