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Federer Says He Needs a Holiday After Davis Cup Win

Yesterday I did a recap of the Davis Cup matches after Roger won both his singles rubbers and Switzerland qualified for the World Group and in the wake of his victory I've read a few silly articles on Yahoo and Bleacher report that have blown his post match comments out of proportion and just senationalised it to create a nice looking headline.

Federer Interview After Davis Cup

I need a holiday badly, I'm wounded, tired, and exhausted and need some time off right now and see where I go from here. Nothing has been decided for the rest of year, even though there is a plan in place, that plan might change. I need to go back to drawing board to see what's important.

Depending on which one you did first – read the quote or played the audio then you can easily interpret it in different ways. The text format reads as though he's planning on taking the rest of the season off, whereas the audio, whilst it still makes it clear he needs a rest, doesn't sound like he's struggling too badly.

To be honest I think Roger is still a little annoyed that he lost in the Quarter final to Berdych at the US Open, which is why he says “go back to the drawing board”. That loss will definitely have hit him hard and maybe he's analysing why he lost that match. Did he play too many smaller tournaments? Was the Olympics to blame for making the Summer a hectic one? Who knows. One things for sure though and that's the fact he's played a lot of tennis this year and he definitely needs a break before the Indoor season begins.

I wouldn't be so surprised if he withdrew from one of the winter tournaments but I reckon he'll just take it week by week. If he has 3 weeks off before Shanghai and comes back feeling fresh then I'm sure he will play. But at the same time he's not stupid and if he doesn't feel ready to play then there's no doubt he'll manage his schedule the right way.

Davis Cup = Good for the Fans

In my post yesterday I said that I wasn't a big fan of the Davis Cup and that it's both boring and not worth watching, nor that important in a players mindset. I still stand by that comment but I've watched a few clips today that made me realise it's definitely something different for the fans. Maybe it's just Team Suisse but the player/fan interaction seems way higher and the whole atmosphere seems more orientated around having a good time and chilling out with your friends on tour who you don't see all that often.

I don't think players really place much emphasis on winning it but if anything it seems like it's a good laugh to be in and a fun event to play. It was also good for the Dutch fans to see Roger, as barring Rotterdam earlier this year I don't think he'd played on Dutch soil since 2005, so if they wanted to see him play it'd mean travelling.

Anyway I picked out a few videos below are testimony to what I said above and I enjoyed watching:

Roger Federer singing “we are the Swiss” with his country men and public

The Swiss Davis Cup Team meets the Swiss fans after their victory over the Netherlands

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Huge fan of Roger Federer - I'll pretty much try and watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or tweeting about tennis I play regularly myself and use this blog to share my thoughts on Fed and tennis in general.

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  1. Yeah I think some writers are trying to use Roger’s comment as proof of a decline (again). I think he’ll be fine. He didn’t play like he was tired over the weekend. He’ll be careful how much he plays this winter and he’ll be ready to attack the Aussie Open with his full force.

    • Yeah, he probably had to win the US Open to prevent the articles getting written so no suprises. Seems weird that Aus is the next slam, this year has gone crazily fast!

      • There’s been very little time waiting for the next tournament to come around. It’s crazy how much tennis there’s been this summer.

  2. I think Fed will surely play Shanghai, since he’ll have 3 weeks off and he seems to love playing there. Fans love him and he’s had great success in the past. I believe there is only one “if” the rest of this season and that’s Paris.
    Maybe Fed will skip Shanghai and do the same thing he did last year and take his chances on going perfect again and hoping Djokovic tanks again (He too, after all, has played a lot of tennis this year, and way more matches in the summer.).

  3. HELLO ROGER and MIRKA – beautifullies,
    Photographies – Good Morning SUISSE – at soon – Bernadette (Française-Suisse) Fan and Friend “ALWAYS”-KISS FOR DAUGHTERS !!!!!!!

  4. thoroughly enjoyed your analysis of the press! you must be used to the kinds of Simon Reed and tramlines making up stories all the time. Federer deserves a break, and he deserves to have some playtime with his buddies, let him just enjoy the rest of his incredible career and not keep glory hunting

  5. Shanghai’s a long time away, he should be refreshed by then. I think its about 2 and half weeks wait for us, so to make that wait easier I made a video on Youtube of some awesome points from Roger from the previous years check it out – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWtGW2zHMEU

  6. Hey Jonathan,

    The 4 Grand Slams are over and after a long time ( 2003 I believe ) each one was won by different players.

    But there is something very interesting.

    GS 1 ( AO ) was won by world no 1 ( Novak ). GS 2 ( FO ) was won by world no 2 ( Rafa ).
    GS 3 ( Wimby ) was won by world no 3 ( Fed )
    GS 4 was won by the world no 4 ( Andy ).

    All rankings at the time of the GS.

    Strange right.


    • Cool stat!

      Let’s hope Roger stays year end number 1, and then wins in Aus!

      • Hey Jonathan,

        One more stat

        The commonality between 2012 & 2003 ( 4 different winners ) is only Roger and that too Wimbledon. Shows his longevity in the game.

        Another commonality between 2003 and 2012 is in both years Andys won US ( AR & AM respectively

        Sure Fed will retain No 1 as he is the best indoor player ever for sure.

        As for the Aus Open, its not beyond him at all.


      • Cheers Murli, cool stats.

        I hope he can finish year end 1 too but it’s going to be very difficult. Just wait and see I guess.

  7. Federer on Facebook: “Just heard that over 15yrs ago (9/22/97) as a 16yr old, I made my debut on the ATP rankings…debuting at #803 after picking up 12pts. Here’s to another 15yrs on tour….hahahahah :)”

    • Haha. That’s a long long time ago! Think the first time I heard of Fed was 2001.

      • Lol yeah same here. It all started when he beat Sampras for me. But it just goes to show that all this rubbish about him feeling its time to call it an end is coming from speculative and poor journalism!

      • Yeah his words got taken out of context as per. Maybe it was all part of his plan!

      • And although he won’t be around for another 15 years, if he was thinking of quitting he wouldn’t have made that comment and it feels as if he did it intentionally to tell the world his reign isn’t over yet!

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