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Federer Moves Into US Open Quarter Finals

Roger Federer's US Open run continues as he dismissed Philipp Kohlschreiber 6-4, 6-2, 7-5 to come through their fourth round encounter in 1 hour and 48 minutes.

The Swiss who looks a far cry from his form in the opening two rounds broke the Kohlschreiber serve four times and didn't face a single break point as he fired down 11 aces to setup a 2009 final rematch again Juan Martin Del Potro in the Quarter Finals.

Quick Match Recap

Federer vs Kohlschreiber USO 2017

Federer won the toss and elected to receive. Kohlschreiber held after a deuce game to lead 1-0. Roger quickly followed that up with a speedy hold to level. At 3-2, the German opened a slight window at 0-30, but Roger held firm and went onto break serve in game 7 to lead 4-3, and that was enough to take the set 6-4.

Into set 2 and Roger began to roll on serve as Kohlschreiber struggled to get into any return games. In game five the 33rd seed slipped to love forty and although he saved two break points dumped a routine volley into the net to drop serve. Fed consolidated for 4-2 and got the second break with some crisp forehands to lead 5-2 before serving out the set to love.

The Swiss then left the court for a medical time out which was a quick massage on his glute. Upon his return, both players exchanged opening holds. In game three Kohlschreiber saved a break point but just couldn't find a way to trouble Federer on serve. By game 10 Kohlschreiber had just won 2 points on the return and Roger made his move, breaking with a backhand winner to lead 6-5 and he served it out to 15 to make progress into the Quarter Finals.

Match Stats

Match Statistics R. Federer P. Kohlschreiber
Aces 11 4
Double Faults 2 2
First Serve % In 49/75 (65%) 55/96 (57%)
Win % On 1st Serve 43/49 (88%) 37/55 (67%)
Win % On 2nd Serve 19/26 (73%) 20/41 (49%)
Net Points Won 15/20 (75%) 9/14 (64%)
Break Points Won 4/7 (57%) 0/0 (0%)
Receiving Points Won 39/96 (41%) 13/75 (17%)
Winners 39 19
Unforced Errors 20 33
Total Points Won 101 70
Distance Covered (M) 1532.3 1587.8
Distance Covered/pt. (M) 9 9.3
SABR 0 0


Thoughts on the Match

Federer vs. Kohli USO 4th Round

A routine win here for the Fed as he stopped Kohlschreiber making any impact in the match by taking away his time and rolling through his service games. The Swiss faced zero break points and dropped just 13 points on serve to come through unscathed.

I did expect a bit more of a test but having just read Kohli has lost his last 29 tour matches against Top 10 opposition and is 1-9 W/L in Grand Slam 4th Rounds he's obviously not one for the big occasion.

The German is certainly a sweet ball striker on both wings, but with no massive power, his game relies on working the angles with his spin to open up the court. Roger stopped that happening by taking his time away, and Kohlschreiber looked rushed throughout as his only option was to play reactive tennis. That put Roger firmly in his comfort zone, and once he's firing down quick holds and putting the pressure straight back on, he's tough to stop.

Is the medical timeout a worry? According to Fed, his glute felt a bit tight, so it was precautionary. Guess we'll see on Wednesday but seems to be fine based on how he played in the third set.

Predictions vs. Del Potro

Fed delpo 2017

Next up is Del Potro who defeated Thiem in a five set thriller after coming from two sets down and saving two match points. I haven't seen the match, but from reports, the first two sets were a disaster but from there on the quality picked up big time as Del Potro came back from a two set deficit to win for the first time in his career.

I had Thiem as the winner of that one so quite surprised to see the Argentine pull through considering he didn't have a great US Open series. Roger leads the H2H 16-5, and I think he goes in as the big favourite. It will be interesting to see how much energy Delpo used up to get the win but either way I just think Roger has a bit too much in his game. The Del Po forehand is a huge weapon, but he's never been a great mover, doesn't have a great serve for a guy of his height, and the backhand is very much a stay in the point type shot these days. So of course if he can take over enough points with the forehand he's a danger, but with Fed playing up on the baseline I don't see that happening. Fed in three.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. MTO is a worry. Best hope is that he gets the job done in straights and ultra attacking tennis directed to Delpo’s backhand, he can net-rush to put an end to Delpo’s constant slices. He will get killed if he tries to drag Delpo wide on the forehand side, Djokovic only knows this too well from last year at the Olympics.

  2. Great work yourself, Jonathan, on getting this post out so early.
    I quite liked the way Kohl played without a fuss, always a big plus for me.
    Just before Fed asked for a timeout I thought he looked a bit uneasy at the changeover, so huge relief when he came back and got down to business again. I can’t imagine what his team and family go through. Everything seemed to be working well, serve, backhand, everything with no huge stress on the viewer. I wouldn’t mind an early start next time but didn’t have any problems staying awake during this enjoyable match. Fed and three-setters are the very best.

  3. Solid match, serve on fire but bit flat as Philipp so poor. Even Rog went sluggish in 3rd set. I think he’ll beat Delpo comfortably. I too exoectesvThuen to come thru but boy did he fail on the crucial points. Kudos to Delpo for those back to back aces to save MPs tho.
    I wouldn’t worry about the glut massage, purely precautionary and it didn’t affect him. Rolling on plse Rog and hoping Rublev can play without fear and take out Nadal who I think has looked just so so. Allez!

    1. Yeah Nadal with easy path to Semis, he is one lucky fella. Partly i blame Murray for last minute decision to pull out. Should have done it before the draw on Friday- IDIOT!!! Taro Daniel tried but too tired with back to back matches. Mayer nearly had 2 sets lead but could not sustain level of play. Dolgo was a no show. I hope Rublev can play a fearless match and take out Nadal.

    1. Look, Sue, Thiem is my next to none favourite after Fed, so I’m observing him regularly, watching his matches, have also read Bresnik’s book about Dominic’s development story, character a.s.o. Dominic was yesterday a kind of victim of his sportmansship. He could of course see, what happens with Delpo in first 2 sets and started to have doubts, how to play an opponent, who is looking like retiring soon. Delpo was apparently ill, but he also created some show from it, knowing, the stadium is full of his hysteric fans. Dominic is a simple, humble and even shy guy. So he was not mentally prepared for such scenario and this was the main reason of his loss. I don’t really like Delpo’s game and his not-genuine personality. He is playing very well the role of the nicest guy ever, but I fell it’s false and a kind of self-made positive image. With Roger it will be another story. Roger will not cry about Delpo’s theatre πŸ˜‰

      1. According to ATP Delpo had flu. According to Swiss BLICK he had nausea. Do you see Roger playing dead because of headaches, cold or something? No! But Delpo is a perfect showman. He embraces linespeople and opponents, required to retire or having lost to him. Nobody does things like this. This is not a sportmansship, this is bad taste theatre. The player is firstb of all on court to play, not to show how he feels like. This can be told after match at handshake or on the presser. In doing such a theatre Delpo is a lot better than Rafa, who does sometimes such things too. It’s very unfair to show on court (or other sportsplace) – Ah, oh, I’m almost dead, how can you hit so hard and let me run so much, Ah, Oh. Poor Delpo – may Roger prepare for him some good “theatre” consisting of lots of winners and aces πŸ™‚ And at handshake tell him maybe “Well, man, you was not fucking flying all over the court today, why? ” πŸ˜‰

      2. It’s Susie not Sue. But other than that I kind of agree, that’s Del Po’s style – looks dead between points then unleashes the forehand. Maybe that did affect Thiem.

      3. I like Thiem. Is a good player. Delpo is a genuine sportman, an open, honest gentleman that does not hide and a true fighter. It has sustained several surgeries in both hands and time out of the courts for entire seasons, and keeps fighting with all the dignity he can. He had a flu and a fever that could not hide (and an orzuelo). He does not play with any of that BS, but does not hide. If Thiem let his guard down after having the 2 sets up is his problem, if thiem does not have the mental capacity to deal with a crowd agains him so be it. Delpo won the US at 20 years old, beating Nadal in the semis like nobody has ever done in a GS (6-2, 6-2, 6-2) and then beating the 5 time reigning champion Roger (who I am a big big fan!) in the final, again at 20 years old. I challenge you to find a fellow pro that has something to say against Delpo. Everybody loves him.

      4. Augustin, everyone has a crowd he deserves. Some have soccer-like crowds. You say, it’s Thiem’s problem if he cannot deal with a hostile crowd. But should we have hostile crowds in tennis at all? Is this not an obligation for players to influence the behavior of their supporters? Since third set Thiem was regularly disturbed at serve. Big happy screaming all over the crowd after his errors. How can a tennis player to be prepared for such crowds? If soccer-fans dominate tennis arenas, let’s play soccer tere, not tennis. Yes, Delpo is playing gentleman eagerly. But he is not. Tak only this example. Thiem wanted to challenge one shot called out (in the late phase of te match) but had no more challenges available. Would Delpo offer own to hel p(some do, including Thiem) -of course no! Then after Thiems the double fault at match point Delpo suddenly shows gentleman asking for challenge (and knowing, the ball was out). It’s playing false role, not a genuine sportmanship. But i can understand, you are his fan and want to see him like you think, all the world does. So let it be. Just history.

      5. PRF , if you are a Thiem fan, pray for him to grow up. Delpo and Thiem both r wonderful players and I like them for different reasons. Delpo’s sudden phase change may have an effect on Thiem but he had enough time to recover. He is still inexperienced. And crowd cant be an excuse. Fed enjoys ‘soccer-like’ support almost everywhere… we dont complain then!

  4. Nervous moment with MTO but he came out ok on 3rd set. Hope his physio will do his magic and keep Roger’s back intact. Delpo will probably be a bit tired from his epic win. Roger has to mix his shots and avoid Delpo’s FH. Just hope nothing serious with Rogers back….praying to Tennis Gods for his back.

  5. Feds game today was super-awesum
    Despite the MTO for his super-bum
    Of course Nadal scores on that ‘front’
    Hope Fed doesn’t repeat this stunt

    Delpo is a super-fighter. And gets huge Argentine support too. Was witness to an awesome match between Fed & Delpo in Dubai, sitting amidst a huge Argentine contingent all wearing the Argentine football jerseys including a 2 year old who was going Delpo Delpo.

    Should be a fascinating match if Delpo remains fit after the 5-setter & Fed does some bum-loosening exercises in the interim !!!

    1. I hope, the match will not be fascinating, but Fed cutting promptly all Delpos power arguments, including his soccer-like fans.

      1. Yes, Jonathan, I know. I don’t fear, a soccer crowd (may it be Argentine or not) could really affect Fed. And Ashe is not a Grandstand. You will not have 10.000 Arg. crowd on Ashe. And Delpo with not use that kind of tools against Fed. Nobody would do. And of course there is a big difference between Thiem’s and Roger’s experience . Fed will know better how to avoid big forehands and how to make points short and mix up and let Delpo run more than he would like to πŸ™‚

  6. A great winner from Federer and I thought Thiem will win because of the horrible two sets from Delpo.. Oh well.. I also love Delpo too bad I will cheer for Fed. always..really enjoyed the match.. πŸ™‚

    I know its too early but im really nervous if Fed and Nadal meet in semis.. πŸ™

  7. An excellent match, high quality stuff from both players. The score line does not do the justice for Phillip, who played very well. Some of his BH winners looked very good. For Roger, Maestro got better by round. As doctor ordered it, more of the same please for next round against del Potro.
    Allez Rog!

  8. Quarterfinal scenarios

    1. Nadal loses to Rublev – Fed beats Delpo – Fed becomes No 1
    2. Nadal loses to Rublev – Fed loses to Delpo – Nadal stays No 1
    3. Nadal beats Rublev – Fed loses to Delpo – Nadal stays No 1
    4. Nadal beats Rublev – Fed beats Delpo – Nadal vs Fed will decide who will be No 1.

    I think Scenario 1 will happen.

      1. Yeah I just don’t know how Rublev beats Nadal. Nadal does have difficulties at times against unknown opponents, but not much I see at this court speed unless Rublev closes his eyes and swings his racquet like there is no tomorrow. No other way he wins.

  9. Roger is getting stronger each match. He should handle Delpo with aplomb and if the back holds, he should have upper hand against the mighty Nadal. He will then face Querry in the finals and prevail in 4 sets.

      1. Jonathan, I got a little ahead of myself, to wit: Querry’s loss . I will try to show more restraint in future comments. For the next match between Fed and Delpo, the following is in Fed’s favor: H2H numbers, Delpo’s court time in the last match, and Delpo’s BH which Fed should be able to exploit. Although Delpo brings momentum into the match, Fed has built up his confidence since the Youzhny match.

  10. I thought his backhand was very good today. Not like in the first few months of this year, but still… very good. I hope he will get his backhand of then back before he has to play Nadal. He’ll need it.

  11. The biggest worry for Nadal fans, should he overcome Rublev, is that he will enter an historic SF versus Federer without having played a single seed. He is undercooked and had an average hard court season before this potential blockbuster encounter with the king. I too cannot foresee any issues for Federer with Del Potro. The Argentinian will be feeling the after-effects of his five sets against Thiem and the lingering virus. Great though his improbable comeback win was, I too can only foresee an energy-conserving straight sets win for Federer.

    1. The comeback was highly probable. Delpo used all available unfair tools against young, fait, humble and naive man, who was evidently sorry for him (not deserved!) and expecting retirement (which Thiem told in a post-match interview). Thiem told too, he found the atmosphere great and fans supporting Delpo not unfair. He was evidently wrong but I believe him, knowing lots about his personality. Take the Citi Open match against Anderson, in which Thiem first gave a point away after Anderson’s ball was called out and not overruled and Anderson did not want to risk a challenge but still to have the point. Then in an opposite situation on a big point Thiem has hit a winner (shown later on Eyehawk screen, but this did not help Thiem. This way Thiem lost the match on two occasions – own fair play and the opponent”s unfair play. I hope you all understand, why I’m a huge negative fan of Delpo.

      1. Delpo did not have to do anything on the second last point of the match. Thiem was out of challenges, and the ball was in fact out so even if Thiem did challenge it still would have been match point. You’re grasping at straws trying to find reasons to hate Delpo, where really none exist. He obviously felt better and better as the match went on, and was the better player in the end. The crowd was boisterous and pro-Delpo – most crowds are, even if there aren’t any Argentinians there. Delpo is popular. Did you want Delpo to shush the crowd?

    2. I think Nadal would be undercooked for someone like Thiem or Kyrgios, but of all people on earth, Nadal knows Roger’s game better than maybe anyone.

      I don’t think it will matter of they meet.

  12. Pleased to see Roger’s first serve percentage finally in the 60s again for the first time since Wimbledon (I think). Definitely a good sign. Hope Fed can keep improving. Delpo has a habit of tiring out the top guys so they fall short in their next match. If Fed wants to compete with Rafa, he will need to be as fresh as possible

  13. I, too, am pretty confident that Roger will beat Delpo, as long as Roger’s back behaves. Coming to think of it, I am glad that Roger had two 5 setters and then two straight-set matches, rather than the other way round.
    As for the other quarters, Rublev has a great forehand and moves fast, but will be too inexperience to beat Nadal in the quarters of a slam. So looks like we’ll get a Fedal semis.

    1. Just like Shapovalov, beating both Delpo and Rafa in Montreal??? Zero experience is sometimes a big advantage for upsets πŸ™‚

      1. I think, Rub must not move extremely well to beat Nadal. It’s enough if he can take Rafa time. And he is hitting very fast flat shots. This will not suit well Rafa. Let’s see, how good mover is Rafa these days. .
        I expect Rublev to win the match in 4.

      2. This Rublev guy is going to burst his bubble. I wouldn’t bet a ruble on Andrey. To beat Nadal, he will have to quadrublev his efforts. Otherwise, he is in trouble and Nadal will turn him into rubble.

  14. Hmm yes Rublev will have minimal ‘psychological scaring’ against Nadal, he will have little-to-no memory of being beaten or ground down, time and time again. This could be a good thing (hopefully)!

    If Federer wins in 3 sets against Del Po, I just hope he plays his next match under the roof, especially if his opponent is Nadal. Or hot warm conditions where the ball win fly through the court more and lower bouncing. Not really possible under the roof so maybe hot conditions with no wind will be best.

    There is something strange about the courts this year at the US Open. The tournament director has said every court is playing at almost the same speed, and there’s minimal difference compared to previous years.

    That is somewhat at odds with what the players and commentators are saying, whom I trust more than the organisers.

    From The Tennis Podcast: Alex Corretja arrived early at the US Open to do some media stuff and he witnessed them repainting the courts three days before the draw. He took a photo of them doing so, and was promptly told he was banned from sharing it on social media, nor even mentioning the fact it was repainted via news outlets. No media personnel are allowed to talk about it.

    If this is true, the US Open is just another ESPN-funded Mickey Mouse event. There’s no professionalism, just look at their insistence on putting Sharapova on Ashe, tells you everything…

    1. Interesting comment, I didn’t know any of that about Correjta. Seems a bit weird.

      I do think USO is a bit of a joke in terms of how it’s organised. Guess this just further proves it.

      1. The USTA is a fucked up organization totally into the money making business. The league fees they charge are fucking outrageous. I thought they were supposed to be non-profit, riiiiiight?

        Anyone remember that comment made by the USTA president or someone after Serena Williams lost a final? Not sure which year it was. How outrageously fucked up and partial was that? Apologizing to their queen bitch because she was beaten fair and square? Too sucked up with being politically correct this country.

        Ashamed that the US even gets a slam. They are the pits of event management. ESPN even showed ads throughout an entire game during Wimbledon I remember. Move it to some other country and do us all a favor. Perhaps Canada. Heck even somewhere down south so long as they don’t turn it into a clay court event, never mind the soccer chants.

    2. I’ve been saying that for days. They RESURFACED the court just before the tournament started. Players couldn’t use it.

    3. @Tyrone Nadal looked worse in indoor /cooler night conditions than the hotter, sunny day conditions. He even said he doesn’t like the night conditions.

      Yes, it’s faster during the day, but it’s also higher bounce. So I hope for a late start to the Fedal match if it happens.

    1. Yes, dagnerous because of the power his shots have. Not sure, if Roger can return them well without hurting his back. But I hope, Roger will be able to command the game and avoid those shots. Thiem could deal with them, but he is young and hard hitting himself. If Fed is fit and can control the game, Delpo’s weapons are useless. Let’s hope πŸ™‚

    18-0 in grand slams this year – 100%
    19-0 if he beats Del Po – 100%
    21-0 to win the US Open – 100%

    18-1 if he loses to Del Po (QF) – 94.4%
    19-1 if he loses to Nadal (SF) – 94.7%
    20-1 if he loses to debut finalist (F) – 95%
    *Maximum Possible: 28-0

    Even if he loses, Fed should be proud of his win-loss record this year. If we have to share two slams with Nadal for the full season, so be it.

    1. True. Even if the slams are split, it would mean status quo. Fed still remains the same distance from Nadal as he was before 2017. In other words, he has already put a wrench in Nadal’s plans, who will now have to win 4 to equal, and 5 to overcome Fed. And Fed might not be done yet. He has at least one more slam left. I see no reason why he can’t go into Wimbledon next year and win it.

  16. I don’t get all the hate poured over here regarding the US Open. It has the largest tennis court in the world. They built a freaking roof. They built a great Grandstand that hosted an epic match between Del Potro and Thiem.

    Roger and Rafa are still in the draw and may meet for the first time. Just don’t get. Epic night matches.

    Apart from the grunting and moaning about the time difference, I just don’t get it. I live in New York and the timing is perfect. You didn’t hear me complain about the Australian Open or Wimbledon time difference. Just get up at 3-4:00AM and enjoy the matches.

    It’s still a great event – miles ahead of the French Open for sure. May not be as great as the AO or Wimby but it holds its own.

    Give it some love. Don’t be a such a hater. Otherwise when and if Roger wins it, I don’t want to hear that it didn’t count or something. Cheer up a little. ?

    1. [It has the largest tennis court in the world]
      The size of a stadium does’t make it great. It only means they get to make money with hooligans drinking and cursing on the upper deck.
      [They built a freaking roof]
      Big fucking deal! After years and years of milking money and rescheduling finals to Monday, they still didn’t give a fuck. Only slam to play the semi and finals on consecutive days, until recently. After all that milking, they put a fucking roof. Please! Only slam with a fifth set tie break.

      Not sure what others hate it for but anything that is run by the USTA has to be a fucking joke.

      1. Roger should win it now and forget. And next season challenge Nadal in Paris and win another RG. Clay is not so aggressive to the back/bottom πŸ˜‰ AO and Wimby, of course. (if not bored with that number of silverware home ;). Or maybe make an own tour, visiting countries, where he was never before (as a player)? RSA, Iran, North Korea, Russia, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Danmark , Greenland , After-Brexit-UK πŸ˜‰

  17. Well, honestly, who knows at the end of the day who will be in the final. PCB? I don’t like delpo for some reason. Is he really nice or underneath lies a sinister phony?
    Thinking of going to the USO next year. Gee, Sid, maybe not. You guys watch Fed buy $5000 worth of Nikes?

    1. From all those bottom -half ()halfbottom???) heroes PCB (printed circuit board) is obnly very solid grinder. On the other hand – KA (well done, one American “cheers” smile less) is only a big serving highscrapper, but he learned somehow last season to move better and can do a bit more than serving. Still not the “match” for the final match. But PCB has no chance vs. serving machine. So serving machine is in the final. BTW – IMO after Sir (???) Andy made what he made, they should have divided te tournament into 2 separate parts – main tournament (upper half) and consolation tournament (with free tickets) for the bottom (don’t think about Roger’s bottom, turning breaking news after Kohli QF ;)) KA is no match for anyone coming from upperhalf (head instead of bottom?) but can win some very big consolation πŸ™ It’s a pity, Thiem could not defeat delpo, for whatever reason – we would have at least one really entertaining match at in QF level. So Fed should make short process with delpo to save a positive image of tennis. and he will do it. Delpos theatre will not impress Roger as it had Thiem, who turned mentally out-of-order, poor naive youngster. For SF I’m supporting the classics – Fedal once more, improving once more the record for Fed. Final Fed vs. Anderson should be then a masterclass, showing, why HS should play rather cricket than tennis πŸ™‚

  18. Sid – awesome wordplay with Rublev !!! Of course its a long shot Rublev beating Nadal, but not beyond the impossible as guys like Dustin Brown, Nick Kyrgios, Steve Darcis & Lukas Rosol have done earlier. If Rublev plays out of his skin he can take it to Rafa. In any case nothing to lose really for him.

    I just hope that he beats Nadal and Fed beats Delpo to wrest the No 1 at this stage itself and then Fed plays without any major pressure.

    More than winning the USO, being No 1 at 36 would be something !!!

    1. Told ya! That Rublev ain’t worth a ruble. Anyone watched that game? Wanted to know is it Nadal playing great or Rublev just meekly rolling over?

  19. Ah well, I know, why so much Argentinian soccer-fans . argentina is just doing very poor (meybe don’t qualify to next Mundial), so soccer fans are looking for some compensation. Be careful, Roger. Arg. hooligans are worser than Brits πŸ˜‰ BTW – Polish hooligans (my country, what a shame) are maybe worse tan Arg. πŸ˜‰ But they have no fav in USO.

  20. Delpo told in a prematch interview, he knows, how to play to defeat Roger. Well, I know it too – will try first to hurt Roger’s back. If this does not help, he will play dead teddy baer to make his ooligans hot. If this still does not work, he will embrace warmly Roger and tell him “Sorry, friend, your back (and bottom) were too hard” πŸ˜‰

  21. I’ve watched both interviews Roger’s and Del Po’s. It will be a very exciting match but Roger will win in three. Del Po is a very likeable player because he is honest and hard working, I just hope the Argentine crowd will not be a noisy because that is certainly very annoying. Mind you Roger’s fans are just as noisy….sometimes. So the Ashe will explote tonight!

    1. Do you know the result from both interviews, Cec? πŸ˜‰ Yes, Delpo is likeable because of his gestures, but is he really honest? How can you know it? Hard working – of course, like anyone else: Roger, Rafa, Thiem (called the hardest worker on tour by fellow players and experts) and most others. Maybe some don’t like to work hard (Dustin Brown, Dolgo, Fabulous Fabio) and are happy with minor results. So non of the two features are Delpo-specific. Most on the tour working hard and being honest. About annoying public and player’s reactions. I have seen in France hooligans bevahing annoingly loud to support their hero, Monfils, but Monfils was teaching them, how to support him, while not disturb the opponent. La Monf is ways more likeable then Delpo. And 200% honest. And not allowing his fans to disturb the opponent. Have you seen Thiem-Delpo match? The crowd was terrible and Delpo needed it to be like that, to get Thiem out of nebtal balance. And the likeable, honest gentleman Delpo did do nothing to have them behave like on a tennis court. And he would be able to, just because of being likeable and charismatic. But he wanted to win more than to be friendly tzo the opponent. Yes, FedFans are sometimes hysteric too, but (almost( never disturbing the opponent or applauding his errors. Ashe will explode, yes, but first after Roger’s win. If Delpo wins, it will explode like every soccer arena, maybe without fireworks.

      1. @PRF You forgot the constant time violations. πŸ˜‰

        Nadal gets grilled by Roger fans for using extra time between serves, but Del Potro is excused for being a “gentle giant”.

      2. Dani, do you mean Delpo’s time violations? I was not aware of it, but yes, he is moving that slow betwen points,, while Rafa is moving slow but then doing his long antics before tossing the ball. Yeah, Delpo’s image as a “gentle giant teddy bear” is overwhelming and umpires are hipnotized too.
        But well, Roger is home on any court worldwide, but I don’t see Delpo to be supported that much, if playing elswhere. Especially in USA there are lots of Argentinians and other latino immigrants (ask Trump ;(), most of them not understanding tennis at all, only understanding, they can upbeat their ego by making a big noise for Delpo (or say an Argentinian boxer, whatever). TRoger is friendly to any opponent, but should not go too far with it (like Thiem did vs. Anderson and Delpo).

  22. I cannot believe that we could potentially have two Spanish assholes in the US Open final. The USTA figure that with Djokovic, Murray and Stan out, the only way to rake in the millions would be to appease the Spanish speaker in New York and maybe sell a ton of tacos and burritos on the way. So yeah, let’s turn the courts into clay and let Livin’ la vida dopa play!

    Fuck you, USTA! Fuck you!

    1. True that, the Latino market is well worth cultivating as they search for growth in a post Top 4 world but the way you explain it is so hilarious, love all your posts Sid the humour and images you evoke are comedy gold and simultaneously therapeutic.
      Actually thanks everyone on here and Jonathan of course making even a Fed loss bearable.
      He seems cool, just have a rest and make something of what’s left…maybe the Laver Cup will be the springboard to more wins as the Hopman Cup was. Fed enjoying himself in the company of greats and his heroes will be uplifting for him and all of us!

      1. Honestly not playing well. Tentative, too many errors, serve not great, and not great decisions. Too many shots to del potro forehand and not moving him around enough. Not sure what’s up. Nerves? Surprised by this performance. Del Potro serving lights out though.

      2. It’s not getting better. Really poor volley on breakpoint. And few very poor errors in first game of second.

      3. Well, he will get a read on server, hopefully soon. Del Po can’t serve like that forever.

  23. Just a shocker to gift the break in the third. Three forehand errors and a double. Can’t believe it. All the momentum was his. Wtf.

  24. Fed is up to his usual nonsense. Inexplicable decision making to get broken at 5-5 in the first. Beautiful play to win the second. And then garbage in the third. Can’t find forehands to save his life, whipping haymakers that soar ten feet out or five feet wide. Letting DelPo pass him after weak approaches. Slow court or not, he’s playing horrible. When he ends up in good position, he almost always plays the wrong shot, and every neutral ball is a terrifying, bated breath struggle to avoid errors. He has to wear DelPo down. The only chance he’s got.

      1. I don’t get it, how would his back prevent him from getting these mid court forehands in the court? Like the last at 5-5 here…easy and decisive approach, five feet wide. And he was nailing them in set 2. He is just out of it. Not dialed in, not interested, just riding it out. If those forehands were landing, he’d be up a set.

      1. I hope the latter. He will need to get lucky in the TB, no doubt about it, if he can’t close out the winning ball. All these net rushes are suspicious too.

  25. Another brilliant decision up in the TB to SV on a bad second. Why make things so hard on yourself, Roger?! Just play solid, jeez!

    1. He should be mortified. He played the TB like I would. Ok, you give back the break once. But to dump it like that. It’s a fucking disgrace.

  26. He’s done. Even if he wins the last two sets and reaches the SF, a tired and injured Fed won’t be able to beat a fresher Nadal.

    1. Forget about the two set points on Del Po’s serve. Those can be lost, no problem. But gifting him a big forehand return on your own serve? And that travesty of a second set point? What the hell was that? First volley was okay, but why let the second one drop? Just scoop it up. Or hell, hit it firm somewhere. Don’t do that nonsense. Unbelievable.

  27. I was just remembering back to 2009, I was at the O2 when roger lost to potty in the group stages. I just don’t think he is comfortable against him when potty is at his best. He looks uncertain, doubts himself. Maybe it’s the easy power on fh, or sloth like behaviour then striking like a cobra. He seems to counter some of rogers go to patterns too easily I guess. Just not in his comfort zone against him.

    1. Slice to slice bh seems in potty’s favour – unusual. And he seems to breakdown his fh. It’s happening again. Damn.

    1. I totally agree, but to be fair delpo bh been faultless today. And roger fh not good enough today for whatever reason.

  28. And his predictability! Ridiculous. How many second serve approaches has he made on break point? All of them but maybe one? Getting passed by DelPo’s backhand over and over, like a drill! It’s pitiful! This was a pitiful outing, breaking back in the third (which arguably was luck; probably DelPo should’ve held it all the way), up in the tiebreak with set points, and then dumping the set. Icing on the cake is this fucking service game with a muffed overhead and more idiotic decisions.

    Roger is a victim of his success this year. He overachieved already, big time, and now he can’t do anything right. Perhaps it’s better to lose here than to Nadal, who would devour this Federer.

      1. That tiebreak may have been the most disappointing lost set of Fed’s I’ve ever seen, other than the 2011 US Open 5th to Djokovic. I mean, lose it if you have to, but lose fighting, not donating horseshit by muffing volleys and making horrendous decisions. And don’t lose if you’re serving for the set, jesus!

  29. Unusually Fed lost some key points at the net, and that one overhead at a crucial point. Del Potro playing out of his mind, serving like a bot. What’s comical is I think he will be flat as a pancake against Nadal.

  30. Just how did he kick that break point opportunity ball away in the last game. He didn’t lose because delpo played better tennis. The match was lost in his mind. He came in with a lost mindset. What can we attribute that to ? Nadal ‘s comments hurt him may be ! πŸ˜›

    Painful day.

  31. Nadal is going to destroy this guy. No way this Delpo handles Rafa’s FH to his backhand.

    As we’ve seen Rafa can do this alllllllll day.

    Nadal’s got #16 locked up.

  32. Did you all see that? This is the new Federer. Chance to get a break point. Blows a volley that is automatic at 4.5 NTRP. Roger sucked balls this evening and deserved to lose. Even if he won the tiebreak, he’d have likely found a way to lose. Absolutely mortifying, horrifying, and disgusting. Again though, even if Fed won, Nadal would feast on all of these inexplicable errors.

  33. Gutted. He just can’t play delpo when delpo plays well. Maybe haunted by 2009. He played poorly, delpo brilliantly. I will be haunted by the third tb, the shocking first 3 games of the third, the missed overhead in the 4th, and the missed volley at 30 all in the last game. The better man won, and of course will lose to nadal. And agreed this fed had no chance against nadal so maybe blessing.

    1. Don’t be haunted by all of that. Fed played bad at the start of the third, a big come-down from the second set victory. Delpo arguably should’ve served it out, and Fed got fortunate to break. The tiebreak should’ve been his. Maybe that second ball at 7-6 was tougher than it looked, but whether he scooped it or if he hit it firm after the bounce, the point is over, or just about. That said, the way Fed played, Delpo may have found a way to win in 5. He was super uneven. That missed overhead was costly, but he didn’t have to donate yet another second serve and volley point by giving Delpo half the court to blast a backhand into. And even then, being on serve, Delpo had the edge the whole way. That missed volley in the last game was shockingly awful, but I don’t think a win was in the cards, although making that volley made things interesting. He just didn’t have it tonight, and much of the tournament, frankly.

    2. Sounds as though it’s just as well Roger lost, really? They played a bit from his interview on the radio this morning and he was saying that his coordination was all over the place and so on, which tallies with what I’ve been picking up over the last couple of tournaments. No way would he have got past Nadal playing like this.

      The only way this tournament could lose its complete joke status would be for Delpo to win the whole thing, because then he would at least have beaten the world nos. 1 and 3 (effectively 2).

  34. I know that Del Potro played great but Roger truly LOST this match. He choked on numerous occasions. I am sure that his bad back had a lot to do with this crappy tournament but to be honest I can name at least 5 times when Roger truly choked and screwed up. It’s a combination of factors but just it was one of those days in which if he didn’t choke as much he may have escaped:

    1. Double faulting at 5:5 in the first set to hand the break to Juan Martin.

    2. Choking at 3:1, 6:4 and 7:6 in the tiebreak in the third set. Absolutely disgrace there.

    3. Double faulting again to give the break in the 4th and CHOKING with the overhead after saving 2 break points prior.

    4. Finally, to encapsulate the whole performance, at 30:30 at 4:5 in the fourth, Roger sent an easy volley in the stands, thus officially handing the match to Del Potro..


  35. Can we just pause for a second and appreciate that a 36 year old who was clearly injured, came into a slam with zero prep and played multiple five setters fought his way to the quarters of a Slam on a court thats playing as slow as clay, despite being unable to serve at his normal speed and without being able to generate anything with his backhand. And he didnt lose to any mug. Delpo was serving lights out.

    1. Absolutely agree. The match itself and result was disappointing with immediate consequences of no Friday night to look forward to, and a return to number one less likely, and giving nadal another slam. But agree time to remember this year is an unexpected bonus. And even if he doesn’t play his best, he tries his best to the end.

    2. Yes. Bad draw, slower courts, lingering back issues, and a 36 year old body. It’s OK, Roger. Our expectations were stratospheric, and this is a reality check.

      And, you, Juan Martin, you better win this all now. You’re one big thespian, though more likable than the other drama-queen you’ll face now.

  36. Can someone please give a break down of world number 1 status for Federer? Is it gone completely? Any reason to hope? Any need to get tickets to the World Tour Finals?

    1. Shouldn’t think so. Let’s face it, with Novak, Stan and (almost certainly) Andy out of it, I can’t see there’s going to be a huge demand for tickets. Better to wait a bit and make sure Fed doesn’t decide to join them?

    2. Sorry, forgot the bit about No. 1 status. Fed currently some 700 points behind Rafa, and will end up a couple of thousand behind him if Rafa wins the tourney. If both perform as usual during the last part of the season, it’s still not inconceivable that Roger could end up as YE No. 1, but it would certainly help if Delpo beat Rafa πŸ™‚

  37. Bah, no harm done.
    Remember, kids: AO2017 set us all free for good.
    Anything that followed was mere cake topping. Even 2xM1000. Even Wimbledon. No more point in ranting or regretting. Stop whining on wasted points and remember that the opponents wasted some too. It’s part of the game.
    Appreciate what we have, and it’s a lot. Enjoy the next match, whatever or whenever that is.
    It’s alright.

  38. Assuming Nadal will win this (and I’m assuming he will), Roger won’t get #1 back. Too many points difference… Sucks…

  39. Anyone of us who thought Fed was his usual self has blinkers on. When ever have you heard him say he felt he was not in a safe place. I Fully credit him for trying because we all know he’ll be blitzed by so many critics….it’s happening here. The only thing I can say about Delpo is congrats. But what was that about asking for Doctor and then not needing him reminds me of Nadal against the German player Name begins with a P. Frankly glad Roger is out x

  40. The tour is beset by crocks , but Fed turns up and competes even when at less than his best , who or which critics can have a go at a man of his age competing and winning in two out of three Slams plus the Master titles. It’s heroic, he no longer has to win everything and he never did have to, he just spoiled us building Tennis like the past greats who were his idols did.
    We are all enriched and uplifted by his presence on tour and should praise all his efforts to give to us his best even on the off days of which there are not many! You always see, learn or experience something special in a win, loss, practice or Press conference, walking on court it’s endless what Fed gives and shares with the world!

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