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Federer Moves into Second Week at SW19 with Straight Sets Win

The second seed recorded a 7-5, 6-2, 7-6(4) win over Lucas Pouille

Roger Federer is through to the fourth round at Wimbledon, chalking up his 350th Grand Slam win in the process, with a comfortable 7-5, 6-2, 7-6(4) victory over 27th seed Lucas Pouille.

The Swiss also maintained his peRFect Wimbledon last thirty-two record and will make his 17th fourth round appearance on Monday having never lost a third-round match at the All England Club.

He'll next face Matteo Berrettini after the Italian saved three match points before outlasting Diego Schwartzman 6-7 (5), 7-6 (2), 4-6, 7-6 (5), 6-3 in four hours and twenty minutes.

Quick Match Recap

Federer Pouille SW19

Federer won the toss and elected to serve. A one-minute special kicked things off with a hold to love for 1-0.

The Swiss then made thirty all on the Pouille serve, but the 27th seed held to level. Roger then held to fifteen and had more inroads in game four at 0-30, but he wasn't able to fashion a breakpoint as Pouille held.

The pair then exchanged back to back holds, but it was the Frenchman who created the first breakpoint of the set in game six after a couple of backhand errors from Federer. The eight-time champion saved it but was in trouble again in game eleven, facing another breakpoint after letting a 40-0 lead slip.

Again he saved it by upping the tempo on his groundstrokes and in game ten he fashioned two break points out of nowhere. Pouille saved the first but a wild forehand landed wide on the second, and Roger had captured the set.

Into set two and after being stunned by a superb forehand on the run, a deflated looking Pouille dropped serve in his opening service game to slip to 0-2.

Roger consolidated for 3-0 and was quickly up a double break to win his sixth game in a row for 4-0. In the next game, a weak volley gave Pouille a chance to recover one of the breaks, and although Roger saved the 30-40 point, he couldn't fend off the second after deuce as Pouille broke for 1-4.

A quick hold meant Roger was soon serving again and he was pegged to deuce from 40-15. Two sharp points steadied the ship, and he soon had a two-set lead in the bag after breaking Pouille for the third time in the set to take it 6-2.

The third set kicked off with a solid hold from Federer, and he quickly had deuce on the Pouille serve, but the Frenchman held. 

In game five, Pouille had a look at 15-30, but a serve and forehand combo shut the door. Another 15-30 window came Pouille's way in game seven, but again Roger saw out the game, and it wasn't long before Pouille was serving to stay in the match at 5-6.

In doing so, he had to save a match point after blazing a forehand wide, but he delivered two big serves to hold and force a tie break.

Into the breaker and Federer quickly took charge, dominating with his serve and maintaining his early mini-break for 2-0 to come through it 7-4 thanks to a string of accurate serves.

Match Stats

  L. Pouille R. Federer
Aces 6 6
Double Faults 3 0
First Serve % In 51/105 (49%) 71/102 (70%)
Win % On 1st Serve 34/51 (67%) 54/71 (76%)
Win % On 2nd Serve 30/54 (56%) 18/31 (58%)
Net Points Won 18/32 (56%) 23/32 (72%)
Break Points Won 1/4 (25%) 4/9 (44%)
Receiving Points Won 30/102 (29%) 41/105 (39%)
Winners 38 39
Unforced Errors 28 14
Total Points Won 94 113
Distance Covered 2229.1 m 2165.0 m
Distance Covered/pt. 10.8 m 10.5 m

Press Conference

Thoughts on the Match

Federer Wimbledon Pouille

It was tough, it was a hard-fought match, especially in that first set, he had a break point at 5-5, it was a tough hold there, then to break tand go on a little run was nice. I think that was key to the match basically, it got me up two sets essentially. In the third it was tough, it was very even, I might have had a few more chances and of course, there's always a relief winning a third set breaker as if it goes the other way you might be out there for another few hours. Federer on his win over Pouille

A solid win here for Roger and his best match of the week in terms of level. The first set was extremely close, and Pouille returned well throughout which gave him some chances.

Federer, on the other hand, returned poorly with his backhand looking sloppy but while Pouille got tight at the end of the set and started to rush points, Roger kept steady and took full advantage.

From there, Roger was able to play better with the lead, and his forehand looked to be in great nick throughout, and that shot made the difference between the pair. Roger's forehand was solid in both attack and defence (hopefully the highlights packages pick out some of those on the run shots he made) whereas Pouille's forehand leaked errors in the crucial moments.

That six-game streak for Roger seemed to derail the Frenchman, and he looked a bit unsure of how to play from thereafter. You'd think his gameplan would be to extend rallies but more often than not he tried to go for the quick winners, and it didn't come off.

Stats wise it all looks sweet for Roger, but it'd be nice to crank up the points won behind the first serve to the 80%+ mark for the second week. The unforced errors column seems rather kind too and while I wasn't counting directly I'm sure he hit more than 14!

From the comments on my previous two match reports, the school of thought has been Fed isn't playing well so far. I was half thinking that too, but after watching today, I get the feeling he's been playing within himself and isn't pushing the envelope when he doesn't need to. We shall soon see if that's the case as the business end of things starts Monday!

Predictions vs. Berrettini

Next up on Manic Monday is Matteo Berrettini after he defeated Diego Schwartzman in five sets in a match that lasted over 4 hours.

The two have never met so he's a bit of an unknown for the Swiss, but he'll have seen him play in Stuttgart and Halle where he made the semifinals before losing to David Goffin.

I saw three of the Italian's matches at the Noventi Open and he has a decent grass game. He came into Halle having won the Mercedes Cup and now he's in the fourth round here, so he likes the surface. 

Berrettini has a big serve which is his primary weapon, but I don't think he's a particularly reliable returner so if Fed serves well I like his chances.

It's about time Fed had a good serving day too as it's not fully clicked so far. He said in Halle he wasn't best pleased with his serving location and I don't think he has hit his spots as well as he'd like this week either. Today's tie break saw it come good under pressure so hopefully, the aces start raining down come Monday 🙂

What did you guys think of the win today? Predictions vs Berrettini? Let me know in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Gets tougher starting with Berrettini. He needs quick efficient wins in the next 2 to get to his Fedal match with enough left in the tank. Started playing better which is a good sign. Hope Berrettini doesn’t drag Roger into a long drawn out baseline battle.

    1. He sounded confident in press saying he has the weapons to win and he stopped cheering for Roger when his name was on the same draw sheet. Could be just bravado but worked for Tsitsipas in Melbourne.

  2. I thought Fed’s level was up there today against a player that played well in general. A fair challenge but not enough to pull him into a fourth set. He managed to stay on a good level throughout and I thought he handled the pressure moments really well. He did seem to struggle on the return early on but managed to do better from set 2 onwards. No matter how far he goes, some of his shots today were just breath taking … Go Fed!

  3. Sorry about this, but first things first:
    (Am I excused?… thanks, sorry for the slang)

    Great quality match by Fed and Lucas. The only bitter note is that Fed’s backhand was sunbathing on some sunny beach. Please report back soon and be ready for a reprimand.

  4. Yes,lots of comments that the backhand wasn’t firing in the first set.
    However Fed managed the win without it.
    Didn’t see the match but perhaps momentum building?
    Not so worried about Berettini now he has invoked the curse of Schwartzman.
    As is known,beat Schwartzman,loose the next match.😊
    Purely my own nonsense .
    However a five setter is always good for Feds opponents.

  5. I think Fed was up and down, – the ups sublime and the downs not that bad. And when the point was big, Fed was great. So it seems very ok with hopes going on. Hop, Rogi!

  6. Glad he is trying to get the BH topspin back on the road and that he got a lot of info on how it needs help.

    He must now know it is not up to specs and he and the team will focus on it. I think it will come together!

    But man – everyone is saying this grass is molasses. Perfect for Djokdal.

    I hope they are wrong.

    1. On the other hand (pun 100% intended; I spent 3 hours elaborating this joke), the forehand was well tuned and earned him the match. Roger even hit a running drive volley from the base line, both feet on the air. The commentator said it was not on the books… no, Sir, it isn’t. And that’s why it’s so great to watch.

    2. Yeah Raonic saying it has been slowed down again. Is tennis in a good place? The same players are always winning, the next gen aren’t up to it. Faster surfaces would make upsets happen. I guess the powers that be think they need the big 3 to keep the sport alive.

      1. The big 3 don’t need an specific type of surface to get to the final rounds. They proved it many times.
        Regarding to your point about upsets, I don’t know how many more you wanted, just look at how many seeds are out.

      2. Raonic talking rubbish.
        no way Wimbledon have changed grass blade length, i mean how long hv we had full rye? years and years now.
        Practice courts always faster than championship courts.
        Courts have quickened throughout the week due to wear, compacting, warm weather
        However, Balls fluff up more in humidity and it has been horribly humid on court.
        Spin in particular and style and match ups are all factors. So many players do not flatten out their shots when going for a winner.

        Final thought, from Mert ( journalist on twitter) and also from Pouille. How the hell do they remember?
        Every player has had a varying opinion. 😉

      3. The Big 2 need the surface to have specific characteristics to win titles. Faster Wimbledon courts would’ve meant more title for Federer for sure. The grass right now is so slow it’s a joke.

        Djokovic won the AO the first time in 2008 and shockingly, it was the same year Rebound Ace was abandoned. And he has won what, 7 titles since? Go figure!

        Everyone has universally acknowledged that Wimbledon has been slowing down consistently. The 2011 final was won by Djokovic with a single serve and volley attempt on the penultimate point of the match. Do the math! Or stay on meth!

        The French open, the less we talk about, the better. It is without a doubt the only surface that has not changed it characteristics. When was the last time you heard someone say that the French open center court was playing fast? I’ve heard some side courts having quicker speeds, but never the main court.

        Heck even the US open is getting grainier and grainier and slower from what players have been saying. They are not even sparing IW. Thierm clearly said during the last tournament that it was playing like clay. I mean, what is going on?

        If anyone believes that the surfaces haven’t been slowed down to put a premium on endurance and consistency only, while taking away the advantage of possessing a variety of court skills is an idiot of the highest order.

      4. Really poor arguments. Nadal played every single Wimbledon final and won 2 championships from 2006 to 2011. How were the courts then? Faster or

        When did you want Nole start winning GS’s? At the age of 15?

        This is very simple, the big 2 as soon as they matured they started to win in every single GS under any type of conditions.

      5. I don’t know whether to laugh at your moronic arguments, or cry for you.

        It’s really simple, let me try again so your Spanish shit filled head understands; the big three matured while at the same time the courts became homogeneous. Nole was 23 when he won in 2008. Nobody is saying he should not have won. The argument is that if AO was changed from Rebound Ace to Plexicusion, why was the grass at Wimbledon at least not kept faster, or at least relatively faster. I really am not seeing much of a difference between the grass on the Wimbledon center court and clay. You must be blind to not see that.

        What about the French open? Why has it retained it characteristics? Heard anyone say that the French Open played faster, ever?

        Uncle Toni must have enjoyed fucking your Mom. Now we have to deal with a sick fuck like you, you Spanish motherfucker! You are a lucky man that we are interacting online. It’s about time I asked you….you think maybe we should meet up sometime?

      6. Nole was 20 when he won the AO in 2008 (younger than Roger when he won his first W btw). You can’t even do the math.

        “I really am not seeing much of a difference between the grass on the Wimbledon center court and clay.” What a stupid thing to say. Completely different surfaces.

      7. Not knowing someone’s birthday is not the same as not being able to do math, you moron. The idea was to reply to your “Nolle winning at 15 comment.”., not to compare with Federer.

        Someone just said that the average rally length is not very different on grass than on clay. I didn’t see Djokovic or Nadal play any pre-Wimbledon grass tournaments, or did they? The grass must be really different that clay these days.

        You know,, Pablo, you mother fucker, it’s just not possible to get into a rational argument. Please stop replying to any of my comments in the future, not even indirectly, and I’ll do the same. I don’t want to interact the son of a Spanish slut. and your pimp of a father I am fucking warning you, do not reply to my comments ever.. or you will face the consequences.

      8. It would be good if you could provide some of those stats although after seeing you 23 years old comment you don’t seem to be the most reliable person to do so. Do anybody have those numbers?

  7. Definitely some highlight shots in this match, forehand especially. I haven’t seen the Italian play so hoping Fed is ready to rumble.
    Manic Monday, one of the best days of the year! I see Fed on 3rd CC.
    Oh, and my condolences to the Brits on Evan”s loss. Who the hell is going to take out Nadal and Djokovic?

    1. Who else but our man Roger? Woudn’t it be amazing if Roger beats them both and holds the cup on Sunday!!!

    2. Novak likes to wait for Fed and Rafa at the AO and Rafa for Novak and Fed at the FO to take them out. So now its Rogers time to take them both on at Wimbledon and beat them. We need to stop being scared and actually want Fed to meet them! You think Rafa fans was hoping someone else took Roger out at the French?

      Anyway, I watched the Berettini game and he really can’t return lmao. Fed needs to serve well and not get frustrated if Berettini is serving well. We only need one break each set to win this quite easy. Plus as the score keeps on going, Berettini is bound to choke. We got this.
      Not good to look ahead, but QF should be against Nishikori. He loves to bend over for Novak and Rafa, so lets hope he does the same here. But lets focus on Berettini first.

    3. Disappointing for Evans, he was a break up in all 5 sets. Was the better player. Sousa just ground it out with his boring style and OTT grunts.

      1. Evans lost, Sousa won. Sorry, but I will stand by my fellow countryman.
        No one asked Evans to crumble on the big moments. He had his opportunities and wasted them. Yes, he has a more varied and interesting game; I’ve watched countless Challengers matches of his. But in a tennis match not all points and moments are created equal and the players train to deal with that. Some succeed and some fail (And they also have to deal with playing on one of the world’s most prestigious sports precincts against the home favourite. Can you picture that for one second?)

      2. People call exciting game and with variety a guy who hit 90% of slices because he can’t hit proper backhands. Unbelievable.

      3. Well, you have a point there. I think that Evans does have a decent backhand but he clearly prefers to slice it over and over. That’s maybe because it’s a shot not many players use often or are comfortable in dealing with, so are more likely to make errors. Roger made everyone else’s life miserable 15 years ago with that shot until he faced Nadal (before 2017…) If it’s low and deep the best option is to slice it back until one player sends it a little higher and the other one attacks with a flat or topspin.

  8. I watched the match and he report here was really accurate. (but I’m still glad I was able to watch the whole match for a change!) The backhand of Federer was poor in the 1st set but was a lot better as the match went on and he hit a couple of good ones (a nice passing shot at one point).

    I’ve noticed since the FO that the highlight videos are all being blocked except the ‘official’ ones which end up showing basically 1 point per set. I hope this doesn’t continue but maybe they’re clamping down seriously. I miss just being able to see a 10-15 minute reel.

    Nadal looked imperious today, but then again Tsonga couldn’t hit a first serve for some reason. Nishikori also looks strong. It’s going to be a tough road even to get to the SF.

    1. I think it might be to force fans to subscribe Tennistv after getting frustrated of not getting to watch the match/highlights

  9. I watched the game from the very beginning and it took till about 0400hrs this morning here in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. I have been a very strong fan, silent one, of perRFect, the man. A very cool player and very respectful on and off the court. I hope L.P learnt a lot from this morning’s encounter for his betterment in his future tennis life. very Courageous gentleman.

    Go Roger, 4 more to go and with you all the way!

  10. Two things Rog needs to adjust his bh and serve accuracy, it’s patchy. He played a good tactical match against Pouille as his opponent isn’t that sharp and poor game execution. Roger played within himself trying not to over exert which is good. He will need to up his intensity come Monday, cmon Roger!

  11. Roger needs to work on two important aspect of his game. The first is to get his first serve in and improve his changes to get easy points if ace or a high return to finish his opponent. He is has strengths in his volley and general play.
    The second area is that he must work hard to decrease unforced errors and try not to repeat such play especially when he can easily get more points but only to make unforced errors and give his opponent easy points
    Thank you Roger for making me happy after a long time when you lost your form but it was necessary for your family. Make them proud of you and we your fans and win this Grand Slam. For your Family first and later your fans

  12. People here criticizing the serve ( including Johnathan) but then the stats say 70% 1st serve…doesn’t that mean he wwas serving well? I didn’t watch the match but seriously beating Pouille in straight isn’t something I had envisioned. So I think like John said Fed is saving energy. I did watch some highlights and some shots were just…WOW! That Nadalesque running FH passing shot, the BH volley at the net( similar to another one he hit last year in Rotterdam…was it against Seppi? Can’t really recall).

      1. Oh yeah now I understand…

        Also, sorry for the additional H in your first name 😅

  13. Djokovic has nobody ranked above 15 left in his side of the draw.
    Nadal won’t face another seed before the semis.
    Federer has the toughest route now but he is getting a bit better with each round.

      1. This is really funny. Now are you trying to compare Nadal’s quarter vs Roger’s.? Hahaha

      2. Syrio, even a roundabout address would suffice at this stage. I know at some point he was going to play tennis with Jonathan in some park somewhere in the UK. It’s going to be hard to find that name in this blog, unless Jonathan tells me about it. I’ll try.

        Anyone know’s where Pablo lives? Anyone? 🙂

  14. Roger’s road is getting tougher and he’s still not playing at his best. Nadal look imperious, but Tsonga did not really show up. I do not think he will have problems with Berritinni, experience and shot selection will get him through in that one. If FEDAL happens, we’ll have to get seriously worried.

  15. Thanks Jonathan. Roger did a good job 🙂 . The 1st set was slightly unsettled. In the 2nd and last sets, Rog served superbly. Puille was pretty good. It is funny to see the degree of resemblance of his games to Emily Mauresmo’s, Emily has done a good job as his coach. If he carries on playing like this , he could be a force on grass.
    On the next match, Berrettinni normally plays well. However, afteer the four hour battle with Diego, not sure how much he could do. My take is that it will be similar match to the one against Lucas.
    Jo’s performance against Rafa was embarrassing, having seen his performance at Halle against Roger this year. Don’t know what got to him.
    Allez Rog!

  16. Jonathan, what do you think about Rafa’s comments with regard to this year’s balls. While Rog felt that court is slower, Rafa thinks that balls are heavier this year?

    1. Rafas comment was about the balls feeling heavier in the humidity. it was been v humid on court and balls will fluff up more too.

      1. He also said that he feels that the court speed is exactly the same as always from 2003.

      2. The courts are playing slower this year. We know this because the players are saying so. According to the commentators, this is the overwhelming consensus from the locker room – and they don’t argue with the players. They even provide figures to support this. At the French Open the average number of strokes per point was 4.5. At Wimbledon this year it is 4 (and the USO last year was 4.2). Wimbledon is no longer a fast court.

      3. You;’re barking up the wrong tree, Armstrong. No matter how much you prove surface homogeneity, there are always those Uncle Toni bastards produced from world class Spanish slut mothers who will not agree.

  17. Great match again. Is it only me that it doesn’t feel the intensity to win thetournament from fed? Dont know. Im more hype on him in the miami tourney…..

  18. Lucky enough to see this live. Agree with all J says. Best match to date, with FH and net play on song. Bh returns off second serve need work tho….
    Careless loss of serve from 4-0 in 2nd set but level of play had dropped from both I thought.
    Acually thought Pouille played well but let down by his serving and 2nd serve returns too. Did a good job reading Feds 1st serve so tend to agree re placement. Needs to improve.
    Prettiest grass court match I hv seen this week, and and the aggressive early ball striking by both made this a speedy match to watch live. it is interesting that when conditions are described as slow, spin, playing style and match ups tend to be ignored. This was a pacy match.

    Matteo was out there for over 4 hours which has to hv some effect, and he is in unknown territory, both in 4th round and on Centre so I do expect Roger to dispatch him fairly smartly, altho might take a while for Rog to read his big serve.

    Hv to say Nadal is looking good, but hard to tell how good, from the lack of oppo that was Jo-Willy. How interesting that the player the comms love to criticise gave him the most trouble. Not sure anyone else before Fed will.
    ps. Kei is looking v solid and I am not underestimating him either.
    so far, so strange this Wimbledon

  19. A lot of negatives on here. For me he is upping his game match by match. Getting thru 1st week always the goal, and without spending too much time on court.
    Next week it all gets more serious but I believe Fed knows his game is coming together and what still needs tweaking.

  20. Okay, I was screaming “duuuude!” in the chat room but actually thought Fed played very well with some awesome FHs and sweet volleys. How many 37y old has been having this consistency? Each tournament he goes deep. Look at those promising youngsters, all gone. He’s unbelievable. Not yet peaked, no but getting betterer. I’ve seen the stats that he’s leading at the top for pts won at the net – 82.2% (83/101), with Roanic 2nd – 78.5% (84/107)! More grass tennis like that, win or lose, please baby!

  21. Hey, lookit that! Actual tennis! Everybody coming to net! Sounds like Rog was a bit lucky at the end of the 1st, but was able to engage a higher gear – which he’ll be needing, of course, to progress. Berrettini has been doing pretty well the last couple of years, & seems to have a good attitude; so I’ll hope for a good match, with Roger’s experience standing him in good stead & pulling him through.

  22. Go Fed we just have to trust in the improvements consolidating like 2017!!! Thanks all on here and the updates from the attendee(s). Dreadful timing in Oz but we have Barty in the interim!

  23. Good bye everybody. All good things must end. This blog was a place for me where I can share thoughts with other like minded Federer fans. Whether it be after a loss, or a win, or just a general discussion. It was a place where I could take some light hearted jabs at other players.

    But it looks like there are those in this world whose main goal in life is to belittle Federer fans. Even a simple tongue in cheek elicits a response from these sadists. Why can’t I simply have a bit of fun with other fellow Federer fans here? Do I have to have every argument of mine refuted so that a certain other player looks better? I mean, there is nothing, absolutely nothing anyone here can whine about without getting

    Recently I have been very sick , tired, and frustrated that anytime I make a comment that makes Federer look even remotely better than Nadal, it invokes a response. I cannot take this any more. I read or write on this blog, the only and only non-technical blog I comment on. I never, ever, have commented on a rival fan blog, ever. It’s common human decency to let them enjoy what they do and not make their world miserable. But unfortunately, for some people like Pablo, doing exactly that is what completes their life, gives it meaning.

    Unless it has changed, I understand that this is a pre-dominantly Federer blog. I cannot for the life of me understand that why Jonathan cannot control a single person who is pooping all over this blog. We as Federer fans cannot even enjoy simple conversations about Federer without been pooped over by this Spaniard.

    It makes me really sad. I don;t visit this blog to be sad. I visit this blog to be happy. Sadly, that is no longer the case.

    I wish Jonathan all the best. For all the contributions he has made and the effort he has put in to reach out to his readers, I have the utmost respect. But if I had one complain to him, one complain, that would be that he has failed to protect his abode we have from these idiots like Pablo. The joy has gone. The time when I could put in any comment about Federer and not fear getting into a battle to prove what I said is gone. I can’t merely utter the words “weak era” and get away with it. Why? As an avid reader and commentator here, don’t I deserve at least that much?

    I can’t name everyone who I had fun talking to here, but to all of them, a BIG THANK YOU! I wish you all very well in your lives.

    1. Hey don’t be silly billy, Sid. You’ve been a vital member of this community since very early days. I believe there are quite few who enjoy your tongue in cheek 🙂

    2. I understand what you are saying, Sid. BUT, in life we don’t have to engage in anything. Why read the comments from the person only to get angry?

      1. The problem is not about reading the comments or not. It is about getting angry for no reason whatsoever. I challenge you to find any disrespectful comment made by me, then do the same with others and let’s see.

        Again, if the guy is 12 years old I could somewhat understand it.

    3. If you get sad and can’t deal with some comments about tennis in a blog from people who don’t have your same opinion you have a serious problem and I encourage you to have it checked.

      Having said that I don’t want to hurt your feelings so I will try not reply you directly.

      PD: If you are under 14 please let me know, that would somehow explain your behaviour and would try to address you with let’s say more sensitivity. Sometimes we don’t know who we are interacting with online. Have a speedy recovery

      1. Pablo, these last two comments are disrespectful. Your style is to taunt people to get them to engage in your game.

    4. Apart from the fact that we all love Roger, what Jonathan does/doesn’t here on his blog is a big reason we love about the PeRFect Tennis, agreed?

    5. There is nothing to prove, Roger is biggest player ever and is for sure better player then Nadal! And if pablo wants to continue to shit through his mouth then so be it, but 99.9% of this blog knows what is the truth and should only skip hateful comments from this fucker.

    6. It’s only a difference of opinion. People can put what they want in the comments. I rarely remove them unless it’s some weird personal attack.

      As the saying goes, sticks and stones will break my bones and there’ll always be a tennis fan to get offended.

    7. Hey Sid, don’t go. Just enjoy Roger. Just enjoy Roger winning and being happy and injuryfree. That is all that matters…

  24. @Sid,
    Please don’t take any notice of him.Judging by his last two comments he has some issues himself.
    I must admit the tone of the site has changed since he began his contributions but this is the Internet and all
    sorts post on it.
    Just ignore him.

  25. Two issues concern me with Fed’s game. First, the forehand is reverting to that Nadal-like buggy whip with this exaggerated finish way over his head, with little extension. You can see it on the crosscourt especially. This is a bad look, since Fed needs to drive his forehands on this super slow grass. Second, he is blasting a lot of topspin backhands into the ceiling, many more than I can recall over a tournament so far. One shank after another, and when he does make good contact, the ball is often sent right into the bottom of the net.

    Major adjustments are necessary, since Nadal will feast on these weaknesses on this terrible surface.

  26. Great win for Fed here over a player who was the extremely discombobulated.
    The curse of Schwatzman coming home big time 😊

  27. A nice, brisk match against an exhausted, nervous opponent. Federer nullified his serve and sliced-and-diced him during the rallies. Nishikori has only dropped one set so far and he will be a tough opponent. Slicing and dicing will be even more important for Federer in that match.

    1. I agree his opponent was nervous,very,but exhausted?A young man in the prime of life who had two
      days rest.Surely not.
      Not worried about Nishikori at all.Yes he will be tough competition but the big three have his measure in slams.It will be a good workout for Feds ground game,hopefully 😊

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