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Federer Mauls Mannarino on Manic Monday

Hey guys, a bit of a quick post here as I just haven't had a chance to do my usual post as I've been on the road all day. As you may have seen from my comment on the previous post I was lucky enough to watch this one live on Centre so this is a slightly different format here as I didn't take any notes to do a quick match recap 🙂 but my thoughts are Fed looked top class.

Quick Thoughts

Federer Mannarino 2018

The first set was a bit of a joke from Mannarino who looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights but Roger played so cleanly, barely making any unforced errors and just jumping all over anything short from the Frenchman who had no answers. With the first set done in the blink of an eye, the £120 ticket looked like it wasn't going to be giving great value for money but Mannarino did eventually settle down in the second and made it somewhat competitive. His strengths are massaging the ball around the court with precision so once he found some rhythm he was able to produce some nice points but with no real power there just aren't any free points coming his way.

Fed on the other hand just has so many options out there and although I've seen him on grass before the seats I had this time were pretty close up and in the corner so gave me a much clearer view of what he has to offer: soft slice, short slice, knifed slice then all of a sudden he's taking two quick steps up the court and ripping a forehand inches from the ground that's landing in thanks to his racquet head speed. That variety and injection of pace made Mannarino so unsure of his game and like I’ve said many times before Fed’s brand of tennis is just so unique. Virtually every other player on tour first instinct is to move backwards, Fed’s is to keep moving forward and he’s taking balls out the air that nobody else even considers.

From a fan view, I guess it was over all too quickly on the day but even when Roger is part of a one-sided match it's still fun just to see what he produces. The other one-sided match of the day was Nadal vs. Vesely and it just didn't compare, of course, it's down to personal preference but both guys took far too long between points and it never really had any wow moments.  If you compare tennis to chess even when Nadal is winning it feels like he's played out a stalemate with his style. As for his level I think he looked decent but not in spectacular form, Vesely was a real disappointment though, his forehand was powder puff stuff, loopy and it just sat up waiting for Rafa to take charge. He also moves like a journeyman heavyweight boxer so it was never going to work out for him unless he flattened out his game on both wings and tried to rush Nadal but he didn't have it in him. It would have been interesting to see how Mannarino faired had he faced Nadal, I'd still go with straight sets Nadal but at least Mannarino can play some tactical ball.

Anyway, a 16th Wimbledon Quarter Final awaits, 81 service holds now in a row and 31 sets won on the spin at SW19. For my money, his was his cleanest performance of the tournament so far and it was nice to see him stave off those break points when they finally arrived. In terms of the Quarter Finals normal posting should resume, still on a bit of a road trip so I can't squeeze posts in like I have done if I'm on a train or plane but it's slightly less hectic now and I will, of course, be watching tomorrow.

I'm also going to do a Wimbledon Experience post-tournament as quite a few things have changed since I last wrote about tickets etc. I camped for yesterday's tickets so spent plenty of time on site and around the area to know what's going on. I think the food in the grounds has improved too but there's still plenty scope for improvement elsewhere in terms of ticketing, scheduling etc. so stay tuned.

Predictions vs. Anderson

Next up is K-Bomb who defeated Monfils in four sets. A good win for the big-serving South African and he's in pretty good form.  Federer has some pretty resounding victories against Anderson though and leads the H2H 4-0. Anderson's wife blocked me on Twitter when I asked her how much Kevin was paying for the tennis lesson after one of those beatdowns. Hopefully, it doesn't come full circle and my gloating come back to haunt me in the shape of Anderson playing lights out! But I think Fed pulls out the win, he will make Anderson work hard every point


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. Federer/Raonic, Nadal/Nole

      I was thinking that Del Potro was going to beat Nadal but watching the last couple of Rafa’s games I believe he will go through. I think the Nole/Nishikori will be the most eventual-matches.

  1. Can anyone tell mewhy Federer is sliceing so much this year? e all know what he did with his backhand last year, it was a rocket but this year he slice almost 70%, is he scared to hit it again or have anyone heard anything? Against Nadal he has NO chance sliceing…Or does he slice beacuse he havent met an opponent who can hit over the slice?

    1. It really depends on the opponent and conditions. Slice in grass court is the ideal weapon against opponent like mannarino who likes pace to redirect balls.

    2. I too noticed he was doing an *awful* lot of slicing. I kept expecting him to shorten the points, but he seemed to spend a lot of time just rallying with Mannarino. If it had been anyone else, I might have nodded off 🙂

    3. My take is that Roger tried to get some rhythm, as he indicated in his post-match interview. Those short slices were actually very effective in drawing those reluctant net players in such that they felt no place to put balls. In addition, Mannarino’s strokes on Roger’s BH side were low so that it would not be appropriate for Roger to play BH power top spins.

  2. A great match from Federer. The first set was a masterclass.
    Thank you for the summary, Jonathan : excellent to read how it is to watch the match live.

    A little afraid of the South African’s serve… but we’ll see. Let’s trust the Maestro… Pity he plays on Court 1…

    PS : happy for “les Bleus”… they’ll play on Sunday… A busy afternoon with 2 TV screens ?… unless a nice man from the Swiss Alps wins in 3 sets and less than 2 hours…

    If Croatia is in the final, let’s imagine how Ivan Ljubicic will handle both finals …

  3. Jon, I think fed will come through in 4 sets. I prefer the match to be a lesson for K and fed to come through in 3 but will be difficult. And this match will make it easier for semis against Raonic.

  4. I’m a little concerned about Roger being on No. 1 Court after all this time – is it 2 years? I mean, he’s had more than his fair share of Centre visits recently, although I can understand why they’d put him vs. KA on No. 1 – I’m just wondering whether the adjustment might cause him some problems.

    Went to Wimby myself today, despite the best attempts of various train companies to prevent me! Obviously didn’t see Roger, but it was probably my only chance.

  5. Thanks for the post Jonathan – better late than never! I kept checking your blog and here it is 🙂

    Wonderful to hear that you had great seats. Envious!! Despite Mannarino not being up to the challenge (especially in the first set, wow) I really enjoyed watching Roger float over the grass. His economy of movement was beautiful and I too noticed how much he was pushing forward throughout the match. Got the sense that Mannarino was a practice partner – the longer rallies a result of RF testing his shots.

    Roger will handle Anderson’s serves just fine. He’s in great form.

  6. Thanks for the great post Jonathan! Federer played a tactical match against Mannarino, as he had promised. He made Mannarino generate his own pace, which he could not in the first set. Plus Federer did not miss. In the second set Mannarino adapted and Federer missed a few. He still had multiple breakpoints in the first couple of Mannarino service games in the second set.

    Now to the quarter finals. In his 15 previous trips to the QF from 2003, he has lost to Tsonga and Berdych in the QFs and to Raonic in the 2016 SF. He does not lose without a fight at Wimbledon and only Rafa and Novak have beaten him in finals. He could still lose to Anderson, but the odds are for a win! I hope I am right!!

  7. Roger is in great form. If he keeps that up, hard to see Anderson winning a set. Raonic in semis ditto. Dull. djoker or delpo in finals would be the toughest of the tournament.

  8. What a great write up!A marvellous experience for sure.I think he will handle Anderson who seems mentally weak,
    as per that loss to Schwartsman from two sets and (I think)match point up.Perhaps a tie beak in the mix,and they can go either way.Glad Anderson got rid of Monfils,Fed doesn’t seem to match up so well against him.

  9. Federer is scheduled in court 1. Djokovic pleaded for centre court which they granted. I think it’s the right decision.
    Fed just needs a tight match before the final against nadal/djokovic. But I think Anderson and raonic/isner can’t provide him with the right kind of preparation even if they play well and make the matches competitive. He needed someone like delpo/wawrinka. Fingers crossed… But this easy draw may backfire!

    1. Delpo was absolutely the last opponent Fed needed in the quarters!He always brings his best for Fed and rolls over for Nadal,who I expect will beat him easily in three sets today.
      From now on Federers draw is far from easy I believe.Big servers mean tie breaks and they are too much of a lottery for my liking.?

  10. Quite an intersting draw.
    The best servers of the tour on the top half (4 of the top 5) and some of the best returners on the tour in Rafa, Novak and Kei on the bottom draw, plus Delpo is there too.

    For Roger, the keys against Anderson will be to keep the balls low (mainly with slice), mix it up and give his opponent no chance to get some rhytem. He has to keep up his high level of serving so the opponent gets no daylight on his serve. Also, Roger will have to be super sharp on tie-breaks, because it is more than likely to get there against top servers.
    These are the keys against Anderson but also against Raonic/Isner.

    People are waiving Isner off but I think it’s around 50/50 chance to see him or Raonic in the semis, maybe slightly towards Isner. I think he made a good progress this year, especially mentaly, winning a big title in Miami and looking steadier throughout the year. Plus he enjoys the condition so far in Wimby because the balls bounce a bit higher than usual which is very good for his game.

    Another thing about court 1/centre court is that both mathces on the bottom half are expected to be longer, so being scheduled one after the other, maybe Nadal and Delpo will start late, and if it goes to a fifth set the might even play on thursday as well. The less rest the bottom half has is the better for Roger. If he doesn’t drop his level he should be playing on sunday, hopefully against a tired opponent, hopefully number 9(&9).

  11. Super cool post, thanks Jonathan. Great that you had a good view of Fed-master.
    “From a fan view, I guess it was over all too quickly on the day but even when Roger is part of a one-sided match it’s still fun just to see what he produces.” – Absolutely!

  12. Great, Jonathan, you had some excellent experience. Look forward to your ‘fan’s experience post’ in due course. For Mannarino match, I thought that in the latter two sets, Roger’s level droped substantially, worrying about fans’ entertainment? ticket value for money? The 9th game in the 3rd set when he faced double BPs was particularly worrying. Fortunately, he snuffed them out. I am hoping that Roger will be lightly tighter, not giving Anderson such treat. I would be surprised if Anderson takes a set off. Four down three to go!

  13. Thanks, Jonathan, really good to read your close-up description of Fed’s play.
    I wonder how long you had to queue (camp) for a ticket.
    If I had a ticket for Centre Court today I would be paralytic at the thought of being forced to watch Djok and Nad. I might have had a public burning of my ticket.
    If Fed plays like he did, then all should be well.
    By the way I rather like how Mannarino played and held himself, maybe another player to “follow”, and how few they are.

  14. I’m happy Fed’s in the lead so far, but his play is unconvincing. Wild on forehands and backhands, inconsistent serve, lazy movement. Anderson isn’t playing badly at all, true, and maybe Fed is conserving energy for the battles to come, but today’s level won’t be enough to beat an in-form Nadal, Del Potro, or Djokovic. I hope he’s got another gear left.

  15. Extremely unconvincing and STUPID play from Federer. No movement, no intelligence, no consistency, no nothing. I don’t care about missing a match point on your opponent’s serve, which was a tough handle, but to immediately dump your own serve, playing one idiotic ball after another? At least lose in the tiebreak. At his age, these extended matches with overall hacks like Anderson are very costly, as we know.

  16. A microcosm of this horrendous play. Up 0-40 and with a chance to break for a tiebreak, how many forehands did Fed dump 10 feet wide or right into the net? Including one at 30-40 for break point? This is stupendously upsetting. Even if he manages to get past Anderson (or the next big server in the semi), we are all in for a brutal disappointment in the final.

  17. He can’t hit a forehand to save his life, from anywhere on the court! He can’t buy first serves! He has no energy whatsoever. Meanwhile, Anderson is fist pumping and screaming on every shit point. This has all the hallmarks of a classic Federer bedshitting. Unbelievable, to begin losing like this.

  18. Federer not on his game at all, hoping Anderson starts to get nervous. The momentum is all with him at the moment and perhaps into a 5th set…

    1. Momentum is easy when Fed is donating points to you left and right. Fed’s hitting great shots from difficult positions, but on neutral balls, he’s garbage. And, Fed has no sharpness on his serve, and Anderson is teeing off. I think it’s quite over.

      1. I do declare your words are more depressing than the scoreboard!

        GO Fed. Get this 5th

  19. I think this is a case of the law of averages. Fed will dig out of this and take the fifth. Concerning, but it’s a really fast court and Kevin is playing very well.

    1. Fed has nothing to beat him with. Anderson is hitting every spot. Fed can only get lucky returning.

  20. Tennisfan, I’m depressed, man! Who wouldn’t be? C’mon, we can’t go five with Anderson! Yes, he’s playing strong, but how many donations is Fed gonna make? Struggling with his game on all levels. His experience is the last thing he can rely on.

    1. But we have gone five – the next best thing is for Fed to win this, albeit scrappily. Falling at the semis sounds better than the quarters – he did it two years ago after all, lol

      C’mon Fed

  21. Ooh err!
    They are suggesting on tennis warehouse that he injured himself when he slipped earlier on.PLEASE don’t let him loose to bloomin Anderson of all people.?

    1. It certainly looks like it imho. His shots have lost power, he doesn’t bend on them, he can’t get his racquet on the return because the movement is not there. Footwork is awful.

      1. All true. And Anderson is playing well and getting lucky to boot. Down 0-30 last game, big second serve, Fed slips on a possibly winning position, powerful shot that catches corner. As tough as can be.

  22. Unable to watch,unbearable tension when you can’t see what’s going on.The Guardian says he just slipped again.
    Great idea of someone to put him on that court!

    1. Why slice approach at 15-30 on Anderson’s serve?! Fed is getting passed all day on these dinky approaches. He needed to rally from the back and work a few more balls, maybe he’d have gotten to 15-40. He needs to jump on these chances, jeez!

  23. It’s over. Roger played disgraceful tennis. This was an embarrassing, hideous performance. If he’s going to lose like this, there’s no reason to even play. It was pathetic. If he’s hurt, that’s one thing. But if he’s not, he played like dogshit.

    He couldn’t make basic putaways at net on forehands. He started whipping it around his shoulder like Nadal. He’s not Nadal. He really needs to think about quitting. Three gruesome matches like this in one year.

    1. Oh come on,Feds stats were very similar to Andersons except for the Aces that were raining down.
      You can’t be much of a fed fan if you think he should quit after loosing a very tight match like that.
      We will have to wait for the press conference but I think he may well have sustained an injury on that
      Court which was obviously slippery.I don’t think that it was either embarrassing or hideous.Very
      disappointing of course considering he had match point in the third.

      1. I don’t care about the match point at all. Anderson hit a strong serve and a powerful approach. Fed had a look at a pass, but not a great one. Easy to miss. I’m upset about how he responded, and how he failed to respond when he had a good amount of break-back opportunities in the third. Hell, if he lost in the third set TB, I’d have been fine, but he went down in flames. And, he played lazy tennis in the fourth. Improved a lot in the fifth, only to flag and make silly errors. Anderson held strong, but Fed gave him a lot of chances to win.

      2. I agree with you Annie he did have match point in the 3rd. Why were they not playing on center court? I will be looking forward to Jonathan’s report on the match. When Jonathan says it’s time for Roger to retire then and only then I will agree. Let’s not forget Roger has never quit a match ever. He might have been playing in pain. Whatever happens I hope to see Roger playing again soon and at worst it is just a sprain. I have played with a sprain before and still won.

  24. Teetering on the brink now.Only hope is that Anderson chokes,which I bet he doesn’t.And he hasn’t.Bloody Hell,and I
    Bet he goes out in the next round.Whatever happens now,please don’t let …….Nadal win the whole thing.

    1. Yes, anyone but Nadal. Will be interesting to see Fed’s comments on this train wreck.

      The result is fair. Anderson was much stronger and more solid in last three sets. Served big, hit all his shots, kept errors down. Fed served weak, made a lot of unforced errors, and played reaction tennis. I’m furious at Fed, but there’s nothing else one can expect with such a contrast in level today. Even the commentators noted he was below form, and at 37 years old.

      Perhaps Fed will press at the USO, which would be amazing, if he goes deep.

  25. Roger must have been playing in pain. I hope not I would prefer that he just lost because I can deal with a lost but not an injury. Damn courts can be very slippery. I just hope anyone but Nadal and Joker wins Wimbledon. I would even prefer Del Portro

  26. Paul I agree. I couldn’t stand Nadal or Djokovic to win. Now Fed has gone, any of the rest can win in my opinion. Anyone but Nadal.
    Should have been watching a fight like that on centre court anyway. Much more competitive than djokovic/nishikori. Thanks a bunch Wimbledon. To me, you made a big mistake.

  27. I am just very gutted now. Not much to say. I thought Federer could do it in 4 but he slipped in the 4th. And once that happened there was no tiebreaker to save him in the 5th and he tired out.

  28. I know the people at Wimbledon were praying for a 10 year anniversary of Federer vs Nadal but it’s not going to happen and the ratings on Sunday will be well below what could have been. I guess if Joker wins Wimbledon then it shows the games 3 greatest players still dominating tennis even in their 30’s.

  29. Absolutely gutted. Not sure what Fed was thinking after having MP. Serious blow to us fans. But onwards and upwards to USO.

  30. Realistically that might have been Feds last chance at a slam,but hey people have written him off before.I do think
    the powers of Tennis at Wimbledon made a grave error putting him on that Court,considering he was the number one seed and people had paid to see him not Djokovic.Perhaps it wouldn’t have made any difference but who knows.
    What a shame to loose to first pump Anderson .?

  31. Sigh. Really, really disappointing. I’m so gutted.

    Not into the doomsday posting. I think Fed will have plenty more chances to add to his slam tally, it’s not like he was awful here. Just mentally not very clutch. Maybe this wakes him up a bit. Don’t think he was injured either. Sometimes you’re just not good enough on the day.

    Oh well, that’s me done with watching Wimbledon this year. Kasatkina lost yesterday and now Fed today. Welp.

    1. Yes,same here.Delpo rolling over to Nadal as predicted.I can’t watch it anyway so they can just get on with it.If Nadal gets past Djokovic on Friday he’s going to win the whole lot.What a travesty that
      will be.

  32. Never thought I’d cheer for Del Potro Vs anyone. But I don’t mind him winning stuff if he prevents Nadal a slam. I just don’t like him beating Federer
    I hope someone reminds Federer he won 5 more points than Anderson

    1. Yes,something was hampering his movement,when people say that he was playing lazily it just makes my blood boil.

      1. Roger did not use the net to his advantage. He seems to have messed up on his winning tactics thinking about something else. Could be fear of the long match and then having to face Raonic/Isner. Its a tall order on grass.

  33. I feel a bit annoyed that the most beautiful tennis player is out, because none of the rest of the matches are really worth watching in that sense! Not even the final. I’ll probably just glance at the score

  34. Oh,just noticed that Delpo won the second set tiebreak .Oh the ignominy having to cheer for Delpo of all people?
    Can’t stand anymore today,will wait to see what Jonathan thinks.

  35. I knew it was coming the moment Roger blew away 0-40 on Anderson’s serve to force a tie break in the 3rd set.
    From that moment Anderson had all the confedence in the world and he dominated the match and espeically gave Roger little chances on his serve. He controld most of the long rallies, and Roger seemed to run out of answers. His slices had too many bounce because of the surface and they didn’t trouble Anderson too much. When Roger was forced to play from the baseline it pretty much took the control out of his hands.
    In the 10th game I went mad because Anderson was clearly under pressure and didn’t play good tennis, but Roger made way too many cheap errors on his forhand. He got one match point eventually but it was too little too late.

  36. Can the wise person who said on this site that the winner of Indian Wells often wins Wimbledon, please put up their hand? Congratulations on your prediction, I didn’t want to believe you but now I know he won’t beat Roger I have to concede. He’s just taken a two sets to one lead over Nadal.

  37. This hurts, even though I’d had a nasty feeling he might end up going out in the quarters, based on previous performances. Roger was clearly gassed in the beginning of the 5th, and how he managed to hold on that long I don’t know. Something was certainly up, but IMO it was more mental than anything else. Where were the “c’mons” and so on? Too many bad shots at awkward moments, and not necessarily forced ones.

    I’ve no objection to putting this match on No. 1 – it made sense at the time – but I do wish – as in the past couple of years – that they had given him an earlier match on that court too.

    I hope this isn’t the end. I shall probably start thinking a bit more positively about things once I’ve recovered from the shock, because of course he’s bounced back before, but I can’t ignore the fact that he is getting older, and who knows how much time he’ll have left?

    Out of the current options, I’d best like a Delpo/Anderson final, I suppose. Djokovic must be loving the way Delpo and Nadal are currently going at it hammer and tongs.

    1. Welp. Pretty much what you said. Am not where I can watch, somewhere with some spotty wifi – right after the match someone else said to me, are you gatting a signal? Can you look up something for me? Could you just type in “Roger Federer”? (!)

      I said, are you sure you want to know?, & we ended up having a long conversation about Fed’s records. But.. wow it’s rough. On the other hand… if he DID pull something… I really didn”t want to see him flat on the ground in the next round again.

  38. I think tennis history has it at Federer no.1
    Nadal no.2
    Djocovic no.3

    Roger with 20 grand slams
    Nadal with 17 maybe one more French
    Djocovic will have more than Peter Sampras maybe something like 16

  39. What an amazing classic match Del Potro and Rafa gave us, what a joy to watch. Tennis at the highest level.

    1. Well perhaps you had better take yourself off to a Vamos brigade site if you consider him to be so great.People like you really enjoy rubbing salt in the wounds don’t you!

      1. It is possible not only to like Federer but to like other players too (well, tennis in general). It was an amazing match to watch, best of the year.

      2. @Pablo Yes, it’s possible to like other players, but you’d better take that liking off to VB sites where people might have even watched the match you are gloating about.

        Mentioning it here is pure trolling, especially considering what happened earlier.

  40. Pleeeease anyone but Nadal…… Our only chance is that Djokovic takes him out, Isner or Anderson sure can’t

  41. It was not even an enjoyable match.

    Cilic Fed in the quarters in 2016 was a classic. This was serve-botting w a few rallies and lots of shanks and missed opportunities from Fed. No doubt Anderson brought it hard and fast to Fed when they did the rare rally. But the only real drama was in the scoreline, not the playing.

    Really bummed for Fed, but he’s had an amazing resurgence. It feels disorienting, but I honestly would not be surprised if age is finally coming to be a crucial factor. He’s not been quite the same since his re-peak @ 1st half of 2017.

    Great ’18 AO, but not fierce competition. Nothing since then has really been stellar.

    1. Honestly – his Wimbledon form looked great up to the middle of the second set today. Best 2018 form I’d think. He hit his FH much better than last year, the BH not bad either. Serve impeccable. It warranted great hopes.

      But then – everything fell apart suddenly after he broke back in the 2nd set. He hasn’t been the same player in the following 3,5 sets. It was painful watching to me. Was impressed with his fight in the 5th set, I thought he’d lose it 6-2.

  42. a disaster today, but, honestly, as consolation, at least it’s not against the old foes.
    I hope that djokovic will save us. Dark times ahead :/

  43. This Wimbledon just turned into a horrible memory with the possibility of further wretchedness on Sunday. Didn’t watch the match, will never watch it now. Why put Roger on court 1? Why did Andersen, who folded so tamely against Nadal in USO 17, suddenly turn so resurgent from match point down? What are the chances that, should the USO 17 final pairing be repeated, the result will also be the same? How will Federer react to this loss? At the moment so many questions. Go Big John! Go Novak! Go everybody else but …

    1. Why did Andersen, who folded so tamely against Nadal in USO 17, suddenly turn so resurgent from match point down?

      Because Fed’s level dropped like a stone after breaking back in set 2. He made Anderson look good because his defense was awful and his offense couldn’t be found, mostly because of some terrible movement. 🙁

      The chances of the USO F to be repeated are rather low I think. Anderson will find it tough to get past Isner and Nadal will have his hands full with resurgent Djokovic.

    2. “Why did Andersen, who folded so tamely against Nadal in USO 17, suddenly turn so resurgent from match point down?”

      Partly because Fed let him, but also because he’s been working on his mental attitude with a sports psychologist. As has Isner. We saw the results today 🙁

      1. That sports psychology clearly failed him at the French Open when he “choked” 2 sets away when when serving for the match vs. Diego to finally lose in 5.

        That’s the thing – To make someone fold, you need to apply constant pressure. Diego did, Nadal did at the USO. Roger didn’t. (Well, except in the first set.)

  44. I couldn’t watch the end of the match, was at work. Took a look at the score and like all Fed fans so disappointed for Roger, his team and us. Some of you here are way too hard on the guy. Be grateful he is still showing us some beautiful tennis. Fair weather fans can find someone else. Today was gut wrenching. We will probably not know all the issues that led to the loss. If there was an injury we might never know. Loss of confidence after the match point?
    Please tennis gods, not Nadal biting Roger’s trophy. So, routing for Djoker and then someone on the other side taking him out.
    We have to remember, all of this is a bonus. Roger is 5 -6 years older than these guys. Please, Roger, play one more year.

    1. Good thing you didn’t watch it, because it was anything but beautiful or enjoyable. But yeah, tough losses are part of the deal for Fed fans. 🙁

    2. Hi Sue! good comment….this loss hurts Roger, Mirka, his team and all of us

      Sue, good comment am joining you in all you are saying. Yes, please someone take out Nadal, hate his biting “Roger’s” trophy for sure!

  45. At least no tennis on TV until the next tournament Roger plays. Just like soccer, I hope we have 2 unexpected finalists on Sunday.

  46. I still can’t find a reason as to why Fed was not more careful in this match knowing Wimbledon is his “pet” slam and it is very integral to help him keep his slam count very distant from the rest. I still think RF could have won against the other semifinalists. RF lost this match mentally. His slam count is currently in the danger zone. USO is of tantamount importance right about now.

  47. Woke up remembering Rogers result. Won’t call it a loss as I’m sure things can be taken from it. I’m glad he was much more classy in his press conference than Muguruza when she lost. Without saying the final words she was very ungracious about the court she played on. Rogers response was much more professional.
    I must admit I’d have preferred him to lose to younger talent if at all. Like when he himself beat Sampras in 2001.

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