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Federer Masterclass Breaks Djokovic Win Streak in Shanghai

Boom! Masterclass from Federer here as he snapped the Djokovic 28 match winning streak in Asia with a 6-4 6-4 victory in 1 hour 35 minutes.

Both players said they had to play their A game before the encounter but it was Fed who executed the peRFect gameplan. Dominating with his serve + forehand and then using chip & charge to pressure Djokovic on the big points.

A peRFect display against who guy who last lost in Asia in 2010 and it's Federer yet again who defeats him when he's been playing lights out tennis for an extended period.

Quick Match Recap

Federer Allez Djokovic Shanghai 2014

Djokovic won the toss and elected to serve; firing down a confident hold to lead 1-0.

Fed's 2nd serve was going to be important in this one and it was crucial he defended it well whenever he missed the 1st delivery. In fact Robbie Koenig pulled up the stat in commentary that if Fed wins more than 50% behind his 2nd serve then he goes onto win 83% of matches vs. Djoker. Interesting stat and it was evident from Fed's first game as he got pegged to deuce but went onto hold with some accurate serving.

Djokovic then held to 15 only to be matched by the Swiss as he levelled for 2-2. In game 5 Fed made his first inroads, creating 0-30 on the Djokovic serve. The Serb then hit a peach of a backhand (which was actually out but no challenge) for 15-30 to keep in touch. However Fed won the next point to setup 2 break points; converting his second with a lovely chip charge approach shot that was the peRFect length and drew the error from Novak.

Djokovic is one of the sports best returners and it was inevitable he came out firing in Fed's next game to try recover the break. The World Number 1 immediately had a chance too to restore parity but Federer hit a huge FH to make deuce then held for 4-2.

The Serb then had to fight off deuce on his service game but he held for 4-3. Pressure again on Fed but he delivered a memorable service game, winning it in 47 seconds, hitting 3 aces only to be denied a clean sweep by the tiniest nick from the Djokovic frame, 5-3. Djokovic then held to force Fed to serve it out, which he did with aplomb firing down an ace on game point to take it 6-4.

Into set 2 and Fed started where he left off, hitting 2 awesome backhands to create 15-40 on the Djokovic serve again converting at the 2nd time of asking to lead 1-0.

The break was soon consolidated for 2-0 before Djokovic held for 1-2. Fed then fire down another confident hold to lead 3-1. In Djokovic's next service game Fed had 2 more chances to secure the double break but the Serb played some clutch tennis. Coming up with an immense pass to make deuce and eventually holding serve. Huge hold.

At this point Djokovic was suddenly rising and building momentum but again Fed held firm, fending off a deuce game to hold for 4-2 before Djokovic again held to keep up the pressure.

With Fed serving at 4-3 he found himself in trouble getting pegged back to deuce from 40-0. 4 more game points came his way but Djokovic just wouldn't go away but here Fed stood tall, finally closing it out for a 5-3 lead.

Pressure back onto Djokovic and at 0-30 down it looked like his resistance was coming to an end. That became match point for the Swiss at 30=40 but the defending champion again showed what he's made of, saving the first match point with a superb serve and volley changeup and the 2nd with an ace forcing Fed to serve it out.

Could the GOAT do it? You betcha, winning the first point was a perfect start and he didn't back off any of his shots, closing it out with a sweet volley into the open court after another chip charge play. Allez!

Match Stats

  N. Djokovic R. Federer
Aces 5 8
Double Faults 0 1
1st Serve % 69% 71%
1st Serve Points Won 32/53 (60%) 35/51 (69%)
2nd Serve Points Won 13/24 (54%) 13/21 (62%)
Break Points Saved 8/10 (80%) 1/1 (100%)
Service Games Played 10 10
1st Return Points Won 16/51 (31%) 21/53 (40%)
2nd Return Points Won 8/21 (38%) 11/24 (46%)
Break Points Won 0/1 (0%) 2/10 (20%)
Return Games Played 10 10
Winners 31 35
Unforced Errors 24 23
Net Points Won 11/15 20/35
Total Service Points Won 45/77 (58%) 48/72 (67%)
Total Return Points Won 24/72 (33%) 32/77 (42%)
Total Points Won 69/149 (46%) 80/149 (54%)

Thoughts on the Match

Federer Masterclass vs Djoker Shanghai

What a performance and most of all what a fantastic match to watch for Federer / Tennis fans. I know everyone has different tastes but if you can't enjoy the way Federer plays tennis then really you need help. I probably sound like a broken record but the way this guys plays the sport is just ridiculous and he makes the most difficult of shots look like child's play. It's even crazier to think he turned pro in 98 yet still produces this kind of Tennis in high pressure situations 16 years later. His execution against Djokovic today was just masterful; pretty much every groundstroke, every volley and every serve was both pleasing on the eye and hugely effective. That inside out forehand half volley he hits up the line time and time again off good Djokovic returns is beyond a joke.

6-4 6-4 makes it look like a routine win or somehow Djokovic wasn't at his best, but he played at a level today that would see him beat the majority of the top 10 comfortably. In this encounter though Fed's base level was just too high, he kept that consistency throughout and pressured when he needed to. Snuffing out any danger on his own serve with fearless hitting and zero hesitation; and whenever the moment presented itself on the Djokovic serve he didn't hold back either, coming into the net and forcing Djokovic to come out his comfort zone. It worked peRFectly too, Djokovic might have come up with some wonderful passing shots but Fed won the points at the net that mattered. It's now how many you win, but which ones you do win and that adage definitely held true in this match.

As for key key moments there were quite a few of them mostly in the second set. The first set was really about Fed playing at GOAT level, Djoker got off to a nice start but Roger hit top gear at just the right time. I think the break point that Fed converted set the tone of things to come, it showed Fed wasn't going to mess about at the back of the court – he was going to come in and play ultra aggressive and be the one forcing the issue.

The second set was again about Fed's aggression but also his mental toughness to not drop serve despite Djokovic pressuring him. In fact the Serb didn't have a single break point in the 2nd set, that's just credit to Fed's serving accuracy and his ground game backing it up to stay in control of the points. Just a joy to watch and his forehand was most certainly on today firing 11 clean winners.

Predictions vs. Simon

Federer Simon AO

A bit of a shame this match wasn't the final really but the job is only half done for Fed as he now faces Gilles Simon in the final. Quite a surprise opponent really as Simon hasn't factored at Masters 1000 level since making the Madrid 2008 final. It's no fluke though as the Frenchman has been bang in form defeating Wawrinka, Berdych and Lopez en route to a final.

When you think of players you don't want Fed to face in a final there aren't many names out there. You usually think of Nadal, Djokovic and possibly Berdych but that's about it. However based on previous matches between these two Simon is probably one of the guys on the list. He's caused Fed so much trouble over the years; winning their first 2 matches and taking Fed the distance twice at slam level.

The H2H is now 4-2 in Roger's favour but I think he's going to have to play a similar type match today. He can definitely handle Simon more easily than Djokovic from the back of the court but I'd like to see him keep up the same attacking intensity he showed today. Getting drawn into long exchanges is Simon's bread and butter and it could make things unnecessarily difficult for Fed. If Roger can come up with some effective approach shots then it doesn't matter how good a retriever you are or how few unforced errors you make, you're not tracking down well placed volleys whether your surname is Djokovic, Bolt or Simon.

Keys for the match for me will be – for Fed not to get too casual like has done before vs Simon and to play in full on aggression mode. (I honestly think he gets bored playing the guy, a bit like the Murray matchup.) He's also gotta take advantage of Simon's weakish serve and just generally bully him around.

As for Simon I think he's probably looking forward to the match, he doesn't have much to lose and he knows he can trouble Fed on his day. It will also be interesting to see if he cracks out the lob to try make Fed think twice about coming in. From what I remember that's a shot he has in his locker, maybe it can be useful for him if Fed's right on top of the net.

I'm personally hoping for a Rome 2012 like match rather than an Australian Open / French Open thriller. Fed in 2. 6-4 6-4. Allez!


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. yes!! glad to win this title after a couple of runner up finishes on the past posts :)) the win is sweeter since this is a post where Rog freakin win over the world no. 1!! πŸ™‚ Awesome recap Jonathan! He was vintage fed on this one with a 47 sec service hold (GOAT) lol I hope he wins tomorrow against Simon who has given him a tough time in their matches!! ALLEZ FED!!

      1. Hi Gaurav! I was not expecting to win this time y’know :)) The top guys are on the move with Alex, Dippy and Brandon winning the latest posts so I had to step up my game and be more aggressive just like our idol Rog! πŸ™‚ the battle at the top is INTENSE LOL

    2. Go on Eldrin… back to winning ways again. Like Gaurav said give us a chance of winning please. I think you must of secretly working on your game.Lol cool man!!!
      Anyway really happy with Federer beating the Djoker. I am going to watch the highlights now.
      Ps. Thanks Jonathan for this game analysis and summary. Cool. Thumbs up. Cheers.

  1. Missed it by a few minutes. Didn’t see the match but it seems it was Jesusfed and if he had 5 stars in everything then he must be on goat mode. Congrats eldrin for another title.

  2. You guys are really fast. Jonathan have you consider that they might put some bugs/camera at your place? πŸ™‚

    Anyway as usual, great post Jonathan. I am just so happy….. Feels like winning the title already (I don’t want to jinx it by saying Roger will win tomorrow or something, but winning against Novak? Straight Set?)

    1. Wasn’t something I’d thought about previously. Might do a sweep later on just to make sure though πŸ™‚

      Yeah hard not to be positive. I’ve just watched some highlights from AO, FO and Roger’s Cup matches vs Cincy. Fed gets bored playing this guy and switches off.

      1. Not sure that was quite what happened at the FO last year. Thinking back, I’m more and more convinced that he may have tweaked his back when he stumbled: at least to such an extent that it had him distracted, maybe worried about it. I really couldn’t see any other reason why he suddenly lost those two sets – apart from Simon raising his game.

    1. Agree with you there – they’re an outstanding promotion for the game, which is what ATP claims working towards.

  3. Ok this is something that I’ve been meaning to ask you for a while now Jonathan. How do you remember all the damn details!!!!? πŸ™‚ I saw the entire match AND the highlights, but I only have a vague recollection of some of the moments. Tell me you’re taking notes or something to make me feel better πŸ™

    Also, on another note, a year or so back Federer used to fist pump with an Allez (French). This year it’s been all Jumm Chet (I’m not sure what the word is or what it means, but I’m presuming it’s Swiss German for “Come On!” or “Yes”??)

    1. I guess it takes some skill, right Jonathan? πŸ™‚

      Ok, Gaurav, for the last time, it’s “Chum Jetze”. And yes, it means “Come on!”.

    2. Saw a post on Twitter that spelled it chum jΓ€tz – probably also valid since it would pronounce the same. πŸ˜‰

    3. @Gaurav – Yeah no way I’m remembering all the minor things off hand so I take a few notes, I just keep track of scores and any big ish moments in notepad.

      As for the Fed come on, how many times we been through this? πŸ˜†

      It’s ‘Chumm jetzt!’ I’ve seen that written in multiple Swiss German papers who do game by game live coverage of some of Fed’s matches. So hard to argue with them. Means come on.

      I think Germans would say Komm jetzt but Swiss is chumm.

  4. Electrocuterer! πŸ™‚

    By the way, your stats for Djokovic’s net points won says, Nov-15? What does that mean? He won’t be coming to the front court until Nov-15th? πŸ˜‰

    1. Excel automatically converts certain values to date or time values. I get this problem with a field that says “5A”, and it always translates as “5:00 am”. If the field says “26A”, it renders as given, because there’s no date/time equivalent. I’m not sure if changing the field type from “General” to “Text” fixes the problem or not.

      Here, my guess is that the stat is 11/15, which to Excel looks like it MUST be Nov 15.

      Obviously Excel doesn’t play tennis!

  5. Boom, indeed! Great write-up, Jonathan. Especially well-said in the paragraph the below:
    “What a performance and most of all what a fantastic match to watch for Federer/tennis fans…That inside out forehand half volley he hits up the line time and time again off good Djokovic returns is beyond a joke.”
    It was really a joy to watch his aggressive attacking game. Djoker played a good part too and it was real TENNIS for me.

    Everything worked, said Fed. And you gave 5 stars for every department. But I am Particulary pleased with the impressive serve points stats against the game’s best returner πŸ™‚

  6. “The second set was again about Fed’s aggression but also his mental toughness to not drop serve despite Djokovic pressuring him”.

    – This, Jonathan. Djokovic didn’t play poorly – indeed as you said he came up with some beautiful passing shots – but ROGER DIDN’T LET IT GET TO HIM. Djokovic did SEEM to be making more UFEs than you might expect, but when you look at the stats they’re almost even. As Djokovic said in his presser, everything was working for Roger.

    You often talk about the importance of confidence to a player’s success, and Roger’s seems to be sky-high. He even alluded to it in a quote on the ATP site, saying something like, my level just isn’t going to fall tomorrow, not in the final, not against Simon (! dig or compliment?!) – that’s how high my confidence is.

    He missed out on one of his missing M1000s already this year in a match he should have won (Monte Carlo). I think his confidence is better here (wonder how much the Mayer win boosted it?) – & it would be so, so awesome to see him win this. Even if he doesn’t, it’s so amazing to see him confident, moving freely & quickly, making shots, making the final in the first place – this tournament, I think, is a success no matter what happens tomorrow. Yes, I still hope for the over-the-top super-success, as no doubt Gilou’s fans hope for him too. Here’s to a good match for both men!

    1. Yeah, I didn’t watch on Sky but apparently they were saying Djoker wasn’t playing well :lol:. I had Koenig and Goodall and they both said Djoker was playing great just Fed was too good. Koenig kept saying I think Djoker will break here and get momentum, but he never did πŸ˜‰

      I think Fed is flying is high. Since Wimbledon he’s been playing great. US Open wasn’t a big blow, just an annoying loss. Hard to lose too much confidence when you’re never in the match.

      Haven’t seen any press quotes, but I hope he doesn’t get too cocky coming in. I watched some highlights of his Simon losses and 5 setters; main reason for that is playing casual and switching off. Simon’s game is as dull as ditchwater but he is very effective at what he does. Makes very few errors and Fed needs to play with aggression from the word go.

      1. Hi Jonathan, Amazing consistency you are showing all this season considering Fed has been going deep so many times this year, so you’ve had a lot to cover. Bravo and Thanks!!!
        Amazing community. I always read but I’m generally drained after a match (that I generally watch again with less stress), so hard to write. It tells a lot about the effort you put in this blog! Great!

        Yeah I remember the comments from Koenig. It got me a bit depressed, because you know Novak was getting calmer and could always find a way to squeeze out of the FED tornado. Then Fed at 4-3 led 40-0, I was like “Ok Rob, so what were you saying about the momentum shift?”.
        But on the other end I thought “damn, he could well be taken back to deuce” which happened, but again I felt that his actual level of confidence would take him through that game, which he did!
        What a win! above our expectation but clearly deserved. I’ll be in an airplane tomorrow during the final, Jezz! Hope to get a great news when i’ll turn my Ipad back on!!!!!
        Enjoy the final guys!

      2. It wasn’t Novak not playing great by a long shot. Federer was taking it to him, rushing him which is the REASON why it might appear Novak wasn’t up to it. If it was Murray, Nadal or Ferrer or anyone else on the other side of the net, I’m willing to bet Novak would have smothered them in straights from the baseline.

      3. Good comment, Nath, agreed on the amazing consistency both Jonathan and Fed this season. And amazing community πŸ™‚

    2. “You often talk about the importance of confidence to a player’s success, and Roger’s seems to be sky-high. He even alluded to it in a quote on the ATP site, saying something like, my level just isn’t going to fall tomorrow, not in the final, not against Simon (! dig or compliment?!) – that’s how high my confidence is.”

      Yes, I hope he knows better than to get over-confident – and that he plays as well as he did today. He plays at 9.30 am BST tomorrow, and thus far he’s managed very nicely while I’ve been too busy to pay attention, so I’m thinking maybe if I go to church tomorrow morning or something … πŸ™‚

      Great summary, BTW, Jonathan – thanks very much. And have you seen Craig’s analysis on the ATP site? Makes very interesting reading, too.

  7. Awww, Guarav, you noticed!!! I think as a GOAT he needed to start his own phrase for his fans to adapt. Not ‘Vamos’ or ‘Allez’ but somethung more original. I have formally dumped Allez (I never ever used Vamos cos it was so Nadal) and have now started screaming Chumm Jetz (or whatever that is).

    Nice summary Jonathan, I like the Bolt addition. I’m not really comfortable with Simon, never liked the match up against Federer. Frowned deeply when I saw Simon’s coach taking notes in Federer’s match, but something about Simon flaunting that he can actually do this makes me think he will be overwhelmed by what he will meet tomorrow.
    I pray Federer comes through, I just started watching today, two days of happiness is worth everthing πŸ™‚ Go Fed!!!

    1. Cheers Utch, Fed was clutch πŸ˜€

      Yeah I saw his coach scribbling stuff down, not sure what he will have come up with. Simon’s only tactic is to bore Federer to death with his boring game. It has been known to work. Hopefully the crowd can give Fed the motivation he needs to put this French pusher away.

      1. Hi Jonathan. .. like you said G Simon is one of those boring players a bit like Mugrey. I remember when I used to play one of my friends and he knew I was the better player as I used to beat everyone else but when I played him I used to get so frustrated as all he did was to defend and hit it back. He would do this so monotonously I’d get annoyed and go for a shot and it would simply go out or hit the net. But I could beat every one else apart from him I just couldn’t understand it.
        I just hope Federer doesn’t do what I do and switch off or get annoyed and wins this tournamentffor the first time. It would be most deserving as he has beaten the world number 1. A win now will be the icing on the cake. Come on Roger. You can do it.

      2. I watched the highlights absolutely fantastic play by Federer. Both players were coming up with extraordinary shots. Great win for Roger.

      3. Haha the grinder or pusher. They are very hard to put away. I have lost some matches to players of this mould. Infuriating but you kinda have to respect them, they win fair and square πŸ˜†

  8. What a fantastic match from Roger. It’s a real joy to watch him play like this isn’t it. Great summary from you, Jonathan,too. I do agree with Thinker about the importance of mental toughness. It so often makes the difference in the end. Last year Roger lost it, this year he has it in bucketloads. Allez Roger. Chumm jetz!

  9. Thanks for the review Jonathan. Was up early to watch the match but had wifi problems. Needed outside help. Took quite a while only to be told later the match was on ESPN.. LOLLLL However, all things work together for good. I needed to have this done. Watched the highlights -oh my, very exciting. So happy for Fed. Again he spoiled the joker party. Looking forward to tomorrow. By the way, I think you favor my countryman – Bolt. Thanks again Jonathan, Great writing.

    1. Ah, always check your TV Guide πŸ˜†

      I like Bolt, funny guy and easily the best athlete to watch. Would be good to see him defend his title in Rio. Some of the dopers like Gatlin are coming good though.

  10. Jonathan, do you think the early final tomorrow will affect Fed as he has been playing night matches. Are you really saying asides baseline, Simon’s only other arsenal is a lob? Can we be rest assured? I heard he passed Feliciano Lopez wt a lot of DTL. I am already panicking before tomorrow, goodness me.:)

    1. Nah should be fine. Still 4.30pm so not too bad.

      Simon has no weapons, he is just a baseline pusher. He only wins by making few errors and grinding his opponent down.

  11. It’s so much fun to be a Fed fan these days. He so inspires me in life. Entertaining tennis for sure. I noticed the commentators were expecting a Djoker come back and I think they were quite surprised that didn’t materialize. Djokovic is a good loser, I must admit.

    I think it really does bother Djokovic that the fans are for Roger, no matter how hard he tries to get them to like him.

    Simon is a worry. I’ve seen a few of his matches this week and he is playing lights out. Hopefully Roger isn’t mentally/emotionally tired from the fight with Djoker.
    This match will be in middle of the night for me. I’ll have to record and watch after I peek at the results, of course. Better for the nerves.

    Great post!

    1. Great comment Sue- being a Fed fan is incredibly rewarding more now than ever especially because of last season. To see Roger bounce back so late in his career speaks volumes of the type of player he is and his love for the game- not to mention he was nearly out of it in the first math lol. Djoker is an attention seeker especially when it comes to crowds and Roger- The FO and USO in 2011 were telling in Novak’s relationship with the crowds against Federer matches- he loathes it so much and it’s so hilarious to watch.

      I agree on the Simon front but winning this match will give Fed a lot of confidence getting the job done in straights, especially now that number 1 is up for grabs.

  12. Best match I’ve seen from Fed since Wimby2012!! Pure perfection!!!! Which correlates to the stat that, that was the last time he defeated a world number 1.

    It’s incredible that even when Djokovic was fighting and raising his level in that second set, he couldn’t produce bp opportunities. That speaks volumes about how great was Rog today!

    1. Have to say this match was somewhat similar to Cincy 2012 bar the first set obviously- Fed was executing on all rounds, YE#1 is a total possibility now, let’s hope he can do it! Also totally agree on Roger’s ability to hold the lead in the second set- what a match from the GOAT!

  13. Hi Jonanthan

    Just two words – Utter Perfection – am just watching the match again – it was a joy the first time now I can really savour the wonderful shot making – onward to the final – Alex Roger. As I said on my twitter account – never write off a 33 year old father of 4 if his name is Federer – I just love him

  14. Of all the matches I had to miss, why this one? The highlights were amazing, wow…. to watch the whole match??

    2 best moments of the highlights:
    The game Roger won with 4 aces (my God, how fast were those anyways??)
    And from 9:35 to 9:53.

    Can somebody please tell Novak that it is very childish to look up at your team everytime it goes bad and what does he gain from that?? He does know they are not aloud to help him? So why scream at them?? What will they do??

    Tip: Just watch the highlights again and only look at Novak. You think Monfils is funny?? Nole is more funny.
    Well…. payback for Wimbledon. We took revenge and there will be more πŸ™‚

    Good luck Roger for the final. You will win, because you came this far and you will not let this go that easily. But as far as Simon goes…. please don’t underestimate him. He did not make the final by playing good, he made it by playing great, you just have to be better. And you can and will πŸ™‚ Go Roger πŸ™‚

    1. Probably the best I’ve seen Roger player since 2012. But yeah Djoker was annoying last night, the crowd were all for Fed and he was majorly pissed.

    2. Indeed Fed was GOATing throughout.

      Simon is dangerous. I still don’t get how he has time to be a full time tennis player and comment on this blog πŸ˜†

  15. Like Sid already said, last year Roger was 0-4 against Rafa when he had backproblems, but….. he was there.
    This year this is like the 5th or 6th time that Roger could have defeated Rafa and he was a no show……
    How will that H2H ever be better in Roger’s favour??

    1. Yep but who really cares at this point? Roger will never catch up to Rafa anyway, let’s just savour the peak of this season and leave Nadal out of it.

  16. Watched whole match live while preparing food for friends coming round! The peRFect afternoon! Hvnt seen him play better since Cincy 2012! Every dept working but built on huge serving today! Let’s hope he can bring this game tomorrow and thrash Simon!

    1. Yeah I think his best match since 2012 in terms of level. Looked like Prime Fed almost. Now gotta bring the same today, crowd fully behind him. I’m sure many Chinese fans are like ‘Who is Gilles Simon??’

  17. BOOM indeed! What a GOAT performance from Roger. Shanghai is usually not a tournament Fed plays a consistent level at, so it’s been a huge welcome surprise that he’s turned it up a notch and probably played some of the best tennis showcased this season yet, hope he keeps it up for the remainder of the year!

    This rivalry is seriously so so good and it’s so fun to see Fed’s aggression once again get the best of Djoker’s defence, his work at the net get certainly be held accountable for creating such problems for Novak’s spray of errors. Fed’s improved BH also another huge plus in taking down top players this year, and also the FH was in solid form- the key in taking charge in the rallies and exchanges- if only we had seen such dominance in the Wimbledon final but hey this win is also pretty sweet, let’s hope he can take it one step further later today!

    Simon definitely deserves his place in the final. Gilles goes on the list of players with Benneateau and Falla who can cause some major problems. Roger needs to maintain this high level to knock Simon off his pedestal right now. Winning Shanghai would be highly unexpected looking back at the beginning of the year and would give Roger major chops to take out the YE #1 seeing as it’s highly speculated that Djoker isn’t playing Paris because of the baby. C’mon Rog, this one is yours, Allez!

    1. The Federer-Djokovic rivalry is the best of modern tennis. For any one who thinks otherwise, I have some bull shit for you that you can add to your burrito instead of guacamole.

      1. Always high quality entertainment no doubt about it! Forgot to give credit to Roger for fending off Novak in that 4-3 game in the second set- had Djoker broken there, probably a good chance he could’ve taken it to 3 and we all know Roger’s stats against top 3 players in final sets. Perfect match and all Novak could even do was gesture to Boris time and time again that there was nothing he could do. GOAT.

      2. Agreed! They are going with alternate wins this season πŸ™
        The only bummer was that RF didn’t quite capitalise on his win at Monte Carlo, which he has never won.
        Of late, since 2011, ND has stepped up the ante. Just love how RF demolishes ND when ND is almost unbeatable! (RG 2011) πŸ˜€


      3. Totally totally my favourite rivalry too, it’s quite under rated but tennis wise it’s really the best, you got a point there Sid!!!

  18. I agree Sid, Roger and Djokovic play some amazing matches. Out of this world quality of shot making. Don`t ruin it for me, I love avocados.

    1. Eight ace Fed, 4 in 47 seconds, the stamping of his game on Novak and duly acknowledged by him in the presser”he played a perfect game” and so forth. What a treat and joy for the fans and a bit of fire wih the ump the night before , this Shanghai swing has had it all and then some!!

      The pundits and detractors are eating their words. On one post Bodo is saying everyone is fawning over Fed and in his next he is putting the case for Fed to be number 1 again, it is heady stuff and just so deserved. There is no question really, surely only GOATs can play at that level for so long , and at that age , let alone the mastery of his shots and sheer beauty of his unique style and game. If this is old school well I love it and let’s face it he has kept up wih the ugly baseliners and slower courts and god only knows what else and steadfastly held true to the integrity of classic tennis and ideals. Even in so called decline he has adapted , stayed up to date and shone through and now others are doing the volleying and net play and it’s sooo entertaining and skilful to watch. He is peerless, even with a cold in the filthy air of Shanghai he is furthering the sport of Tennis like no other seems able to do…the fans are delirious with excitement and that is a pretty rigid place! He plays and the opponent is Mr Nobody , even Djoker , current world number one writes Chinese, and is the defending champ, in the stadium last night playing really well was almost ignored.
      Roger Federer is just magnificent and I hope it continues but just seeing him play whatever the result is fantastic . We are all so lucky to be witnessing history in the making, by playing on he has brought us round to understanding his quest to play, and
      his love for Tennis I am so grateful for what Roger Federer has given us.

      Jonathan your posts are amazing too the speed, detail, involvement and quality and how you handle all these platforms simultaneously, time zones, take notes and do write ups which are always incredible and somehow subtly moderate to keep us all in check when our thoughts and words are sometimes wildly emotional and we start arguing or attacking. Your knowledge and the inclusiveness of your approach is so welcoming, is a pleasure to share in this and gain insight and perspective from your really clued up contributors too, so thank you J especially for all your efforts .

      PS totally unrelated but looking at Boris Becker last night if he needs a Halloween Dressup idea I think he could carry off Henry VIII pretty well !! K

    2. Thanks Katie and great comment.

      R.E. the blog – I have fun doing it so it’s not difficult at all :). I reckon Fed has a slightly harder job giving me and fans something to talk about πŸ™‚

      @gaurav I’ve never tried Avocado either. Everyone I know says they’re awesome but just never got round to buying one πŸ˜†

      1. You guys seriously haven’t had an avocado? WTF? It’s one of the best foods ever. Especially for guys.

        I practically eat an avocado every day πŸ™‚ (Ok, more like 5 in a week)

  19. What a great match, Roger played with conviction and stuck to his game plan. He didn’t get dejected even though got passed many times. 1 more match to go, lets go Roger!!!

  20. Hello J,

    A great match by the King! I was very excited to watch him play like that, not liking just one thing: his going to the net just about too many times, and that too unnecessarily! I mean, the point just gets over, ND hits a pissing winner… Eventually, RF won a couple of points coming in, when it mattered the most; on the MP πŸ˜€

    BTW, do you have a source for the ATP themes/music that is played during the set & match highlights? I want the yesterday one, in particular.


    1. I disagree about him going to the net too many times. He played it peRFectly. It doesn’t matter if you get passed a few times, he won a lot of important points by doing it.

      No idea on the music…

  21. Congratulations Roger Federer.

    33, 4 kids, still within reach of end of year word no.1 in the most fiercely competetive era tennis has ever seen. There are no words left for this guy, as if his tennis wasn’t class enough, he always conducts himself as the model sportsman, wins numerous awards as voted by his own peers, and is the greatest ambassador the game has ever had.

    I rate him as my personal favourite sportman in history, am a massive Arsenal fan of 38 years, yet would not put a single Arsenal player in front of him.

  22. Match against Djokovic a true masterclass from our champ. Quite spectacular.

    As I thought, the pesky Frenchman pushed our guy – Federer not quite at yesterday’s form, but strong enough to get the win. PeRFect. Love him.

  23. A couple of months ago Roger commented on his racquet that it feels like an extension of his arm. Well, I thought then, with his game it probably needs to be an extension of his mind. Apparently it is now. I was against the switch but he was right to do it.

  24. Oke…. I don’t know where all you guys are, but mark my words…. now….. Roger will win MC and Rome πŸ™‚
    Congrats Goat, like Miss Tina says…. you are simply the best πŸ™‚

  25. I absolutely loved the shout of ” yeeeesss” at the end when he won. You could see in Federers facehe was over the moon. I am rereally hhappy with the win. Come on or should I say yeeeesss. πŸ™‚

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