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Federer Makes Winning Return at Hopman Cup

Welcome back Roger Federer 🙂

A pleasing start to 2017 and a peRFect return to the court for Roger Federer as he defeated Dan Evans 6-3 6-4 in his first match since Wimbledon at the Hopman Cup.

We knew from this years SW19 that Roger would outclass Evans if he were on song and it was a comfortable performance from the Swiss who came through in 1 hour and 1 minute.

As fans, we've had absolutely nothing to go on other than a Periscope practice and some short Instagram videos, but Fed looked impressive in his movement and retrieving from the corners on the run. The forehand was in great shape too, and Evans was never really in it.

Quick Match Recap

Fed Hopman Cup 2017

Both players traded early holds but at 3-2 Roger pieced together a string of solid points, including a deft volley at 30-30 to break for 4-2.

Evans immediately had two chances to break back, but a ridiculous drive volley from the baseline and a well-placed serve from the Swiss helped him hold for 5-2 before serving out the set to take it 6-3.

Momentum was now firmly on Federer's side, and he was able to break to lead 1-0 at the start of the second.

Fed consolidated that to 15, missed another break point chance to lead 3-0 and then hit a slam dunk smash en route to holding for 3-1.

At 4-2 the 2002 Hopman Champion held another break point, but Evans fought it off, coming up with a great get on game point. It made little difference though as Roger moved up 5-3, hit his first winning SABR of the year in game nine before serving out the tie to live to take it 6-3, 6-4.

Match Stats

Roger Federer Dan Evans
Aces 5 5
Double faults 2 2
Winners 24 17
Unforced Errors 20 20
First serve 30/52 (58%) 38/58 (66%)
Second serve 20/22 (91%) 18/20 (90%)
Net Points Won 14/16 (88%) 11/14 (78%)
Break points 2/8 (25%) 0/2 (0%)
First serve points 24/30 (80%) 27/38 (71%)
Second serve points 17/22 (77%) 10/20 (50%)
Points won 62 48
SABR 1/1 (100%) 0


Thoughts on the Match

Fed Hopman Cup 2017

peRFect start really for Fed who looked in great shape. Evans is a tailor made as an opponent of course, and it's a very chilled out vibe in Perth with no points at stake, but it's just the kind of match he needed.

I thought his movement was spot on throughout, hitting the forehand on the run cleanly and getting about the court very efficiently. Serve wasn't firing, but as he mentioned in his Periscope, the serve goes so quickly when you don't hit them day in and day out.

Predictions vs. Zverev

Fed Zverev

Next up is more of a test against Alexander Zverev who has a lot more power than Evans on his serve and groundstrokes. In Halle, we saw he can take Fed out of his comfort zone so it could be an exciting encounter.

I think if Fed moves like he did today and returns well then he has too much in his arsenal and should come through in three. Gasquet defeated the German easily in today's earlier match as well which also bodes well for the Swiss.

What did you think of Fed's comeback? Let me know in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. Me too, glad I get a day between matches, rather than daily blogs like M1000 that would be a baptism of fire after such a long time out the game 😆

  1. I looked like a relaxed win, exactly what the doctor prescribed. Never seemed that Fedsey needed to shift into top gear.
    Evans has clean shot making and here and there won some nice points, including a very good BHDTL passing shot.
    However, and as usual is the case in such matches, his bag-o-tricks-and-treats is far from being as stuffed as Fed’s, be it improvisation skills or firepower.
    To conclude my dissection: The forehand was very effective without being overwhelming, backhand drive so-so, slice thank you very much, net play was fine, volley check, first service requires caffeine.
    But the way Fedsey makes a yummy salad out of these ingredients is another story altogether.
    Roger that.

    1. Yeah Fed looked like he was just having fun, he plays his best when he’s free flowing. Dunno if he can play like that in a pressure cooker match, but we’ll see, maybe his time off has changed stuff.

  2. It is so exciting to see Fed actually play! Thought that the 14/16 net points was also encouraging along with his movement, etc.
    I am a big fan of Sascha, so am looking forward to the next match but of course will be rooting for Roger. But it will be intriguing to see competition between one of the stars of tomorrow against our all-time great.

  3. Roger looked very good, hitting FH cleanly. Considering that he was out for 6 months, this was very good performance; I thought that Dan played very well. Roger also looks very lean and moved well.


    Great game for RF, considering his injury-caused absence…
    Chum Jetze!!!

  5. Perfect start considering the scenario! Let’s hope the maestro stays injury free and builds momentum heading into Melbourne. Hopefully Zverev tests him more and Fed to get a close win!

  6. Great win but hardly tested by Evans. Moving great throughout the match. Top 5 performance in the first match. So glad to see him play again.

  7. Roger Surpassed his comeback expectations here clearly. I few glitches here and there and I am sure more court time will do him good. Whats the fast4 tennis format for mix doubles, wishes Federer some more time there too, but looking at the pairing, it looks like thise matches are bound to remain short.
    Sascha should be good test, I expect Federer to win in 2 tight sets.
    And whats up with those Fourhand cross courts – Delpotro like! My word Federer was ripping them.
    @Jonathan can you help me with the court speed at Perth, Federer said ,”its very quick conditions out there and he expects Melbourne to be the same”. which I dont think is the case.

    1. I like Fast 4 for mixed in this setup, when you have watched 2 singles game I think a quick doubles is a good way to end it. If Fed wasn’t in mixed and it was full sets, I think many would leave. This encourages you to say and you know it’s not going to be a bore.

      Court speed – no idea tbh, I haven’t read anything. Looks quick but it’s hard to tell tbh from TV…

  8. Thanks for the recap and highlights reel. I missed the match! I can’t believe it because we had been getting reminders all day from Cannel 7 (local TV ) that he would be playing his comeback match and I was soooo looking forward to it, but I got caught up in dinner preparation and the match was over before I realised it had started. He looked good though and I like his outfit. However, we were a bit surprised that his partner has gone all Suisse and Roger is in normal Nike gear. Any thoughts on that?

    1. Uh oh.

      I was up at 9.30am to watch.

      Never crossed my mind that he wasn’t wearing red like Baelinda. Can’t say I’m bothered. Nobody else is wearing national colours either?

  9. HNY to all and great to hv the blog back firing on all cylinders! As for Rog, I am cautiously pleased! Dan has no flat power and so Fed did hv more time on the ball, good for settling and good for rhythm. I too thought the BH slice was fine and the FH hit some good depth! Nice to see the Skan dunk reassuring us all re the knee! 2nd match will be the test as often the smoothness of the 1st match goes with a few more nerves… however, his body will feel ok as not too physical today! Just so great to see him on court.. looks lean and hungry which is what we want.

    1. I have to say I got quite emotional when you all commented on my first post back. Was a great feeling you know. I didn’t want to leave the blogging game this way. So I worked hard, spent some time in the mountains you know.

  10. I think he looked calm and his performing so seemingly effortless like his true and good old genius. Right – the serve wasn’t that consistent, could be lack of match-training – I liked his opponent Evans, seems to have sense of humor, and also quite a good deal of talent. Alex is more powerful, and in my point of view also more boring. But lets’ see if Roger jumps over him wednesday. I would think so.
    The doubles match was clean fun.

    1. Serve needs rhythm, not hit many on big points lately.

      I thought Fed’s slice was really good, so low, needs to use it more if he wants to beat Djoker who loves waist high ball.

      Evans is definitely a talent, think he plays decent at most sports, Squash etc. Could probably get more out of him with right coach etc. Only problem is he’s British 😆

  11. Well, exho or no exho, can I just say how good it is to be able to read Jonathan’s reports on Roger playing tennis again?

    But Evo making 11 out of 144 forays to the net?!

  12. The only thing better than Fed returning to the court is your posts as well J! No matter how Fed played in his comeback, the one thing that I think anyone here can also resonate with is just how much tennis has missed him. Bit of a treat for the Perth crowd to get to see 100% on challenges as well huh 😛

    Hopman Cup tournament is a secret Fedfan judging by the coverage in Oz and their social media feed so it’s been cool to see him return here after so long. Hope the rest of the week remains this fun 🙂

    1. Thanks. Record crowds for him, so I think many feel the same.

      Pretty much every tournament twitter is a Fed fan, all tweeting about him much to the distaste of other contingents 😆

  13. Thanks for the report and the highlights. It was nice to watch some of the match since I don’t think it’s being televised by me. Great to see Fed looking pretty good. Hopefully he can keep it up next match and later in Melbourne. Happy 2017 to Jonathan and everyone here!

  14. Federer seemed to have a pleasing amount of power from the back of the court, looked to me like he was hitting slightly flatter than last year and I think that may be what he needs against the top guys.

  15. What a great start for 2017. Everyone here said it all. Loved some of those forehands. And the SABR, cheeky devil.
    So incredibly happy to see our man out there standing ovation and all!

  16. Fed is back, Fed is back, Fed is back
    Our man Fed is surely back on track
    Too early to say, is what I would say
    But Fed well and truly made our day

    Closer home, Novak was slow off the blocks
    Right at the beginning took couple of knocks
    But just managed to come up with the stuff
    To see off the challenger, Jan-Lennard Struff

  17. Happy New Year to everyone & it’s been made even better by a Fed win and Jonathan writeup a very nice start and neither of you seem to have lost any of your abilities over the break!
    Crazy heat, devoted crowd and a manageable Dan Evans it was a great way to welcome RF back onto,the Perth court. The Hopman Cup now setting records for attendance in matches and practice sessions, must be thrilled.

    Hopefully it’s a low key family time off the court….can just imagine Fed in full on dad mode reminiscing to the kids of life 15 years ago before he and Mirka were married, be like an episode of How I met your Mother lol ! Last time he was there he didn’t even get to the beach and now it’s all part of the PR duties.

    The Fed enthusiasm and motivation is astounding and we are very lucky Tennis fans that there is still the promise of more to come !
    Sascha next, go Fed!

    1. Worked hard you know, did a lot of grammar strengthening work back at home, and then in recent weeks it’s been more writing full posts you know. I’m glad I did it. See you guys next year!

  18. He couldn’t ask for a better opponent after a long lay-off. Imagine if he had to play Gasquet or Sascha instead! Looking very solid and comfortable out there which is great news! Gasquet didn’t really beat Sascha easily, in fact I’d say Sascha was the better player in set 1 but managed to lose it in the last game. His played such smart tennis as a teenager. Fed needs to able handle his power and move well. Hopefully he will be able to close it in straights but I suspect it will be three long sets

    1. Yeah true Evans was a nice re-introduction. But even Gasquet would not be terrible – crap forehand and just generally struggles vs. Fed.

      Didn’t see any Zverev highlights, just saw the scores and thought it looked fairly routine. Guess we shall see in 12 hours or so.

  19. Very well come back! The comparison says on behalf on Roger but Evans also was very good & a raising tennis superstar but he didn’t get the chance to stand against him. Federer is still the world champion I think!

  20. What in the name of God is the Hopman cup? Isn’t that supposed to be like a mixed doubles thing?!?

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