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Federer Makes Swift Progress into US Open Quarter Final

Hi guys, another match under the lights in New York for the GOAT and yet another impressive display as he dispatched Roberto Bautista-Agut 6-4, 6-3 6-2 to book his spot in the Quarter Finals where he’ll face enigmatic Frenchman Gael Monfils.

It was the first time these two had met on tour so it wasn’t obvious what to expect but the Spaniard’s game was very well suited to Roger and he was able to play aggressively from the outset; never allowing Bautista-Agut to settle winning 13 of the last 18 games to comfortably progress.

After dropping a set vs Granollers this was the peRFect response and the conditions were far from easy as the wind was swirling. It’s hard to determined the breeze from TV but on a couple of occasions the camera panned onto flags at mast above Ashe and they were rippling like crazy. Fed fired down 5 double faults too, stopping mid ball toss a couple of times so clearly it wasn’t easy out there.

Quick Match Recap

Federer Defeat Bautista Agut USO 2014

RBA won the toss and elected to serve, steadying his nerves with a quick hold before Federer levelled despite getting taken to deuce.

Agut’s next service game didn’t go to plan though, and he was broken to 15 after some crisp hitting from the Swiss. That break was soon consolidated and Roger secured a double break in the next game for a 4-1 lead.

At 5-1, Fed had his first set point but Agut managed to hold serve for only the second time and then surprisingly got one of the break backs. Slack from Fed really but he served it out second time of asking to take the set 6-4. Should have been a breadstick really but no big deal.

The second set saw Roger again go up an early break, this time courtesty of a Bautista-Agut double fault which was a real gift and the lead was soon 3-1. In the 6th game Agut had his first consistent spell of the match and Roger fired down two double faults to help his cause but somehow managed to hold to lead 4-2. That was soon 5-3 and again Fed had to save break points en route to serving out the set 6-3.

Into the third and Roger by now had the match fully under control, breaking in the fourth game for a 3-1 lead, saving break points again before consolidating and then breaking again at 5-2 to seal the deal and book his spot in the Quarters.

Match Stats

Stats Roberto Bautista Agut Roger Federer
Aces 2 8
Double faults 4 5
1st serves in 66/102 (65 %) 50/87 (57 %)
1st serve points won 38/66 (58 %) 39/50 (78 %)
2nd serve points won 15/36 (42 %) 19/37 (51 %)
Fastest serve 126 MPH 127 MPH
Average 1st serve speed 105 MPH 115 MPH
Average 2nd serve speed 91 MPH 94 MPH
Net points won 10/16 (63 %) 35/52 (67 %)
Break points won 1/7 (14 %) 6/13 (46 %)
Receiving points won 29/87 (33 %) 49/102 (48 %)
Winners 20 36
Unforced errors 29 25
Total points won 82 107


Thoughts on the Match

Federer Slice vs RBA US Open 4th Round 2014

I used to serve/volley some myself when conditions were faster and my baseline game wasn’t as good. I’m happy I’m able to come forward now because coming to net requires a lot of agility and explosiveness and I have it back. I’m happy I’m feeling good at net because you’ve got to anticipate some, read some and it’s working really well. I hope I can keep it up.

Like I said above the conditions were tough out there last night and Fed comfortably defeated Bautista-Agut without ever really looking troubled. You always had the feeling he had his opponent at arms length and could tighten his game up if he needed to if the Spaniard got too close.

Agut is a dreamy sort of opponent for Fed as he has no real weapons and hits very flat, no top spin kicking up on him and it’s a nice hitting exercise for him to practice his groundstrokes. The only real damage Agut can do is rush you or surprise you by getting more purchase on a ball that you didn’t think he was going to get close to as he’s quick over the ground. That happened a few times last night but Fed was just too aggressive in the majority of points to ever let it become an issue. Smart play and to say he’s never faced RBA before he knew how to play him immediately, approaching into his backhand wing and closing the net exceptionally well if he did need to play the second volley.

Predictions vs. Monfils

Federer Monfils Cincy

Next up is Monfils who comfortably defeated Dimitrov in straight sets. I didn’t see any of the match but apparently Monfils got the upper hand mentally with his antics that rattled Dimitrov and the Frenchman’s rope a dope tactic of pushing the ball tempting his opponent to hit too hard worked a treat for him.

Monfils is easily ones of the biggest clowns on tour but it’s essential Fed doesn’t take him lightly, he’s yet to drop a set and has a huge forehand / serve which on it’s day is scarily good. Like Fed said, Monfils is top 10 material just injury and mental walkabouts make his ranking suffer.

In his ESPN interview after the RBA match Fed said it’s crystal clear how he needs to play after they met in Cincinnati and I agree with him. No secrets to how either player will play and Monfils is coach-less so it’s improbable he comes in with any sort of game plan other than to play according to his mood on the day 🙂

I know exactly how I need to play him, it’s going to be more or less the same conditions. “It’s very clear cut in my opinion. I know I’ll be coming in; he knows he’ll be defending. He’ll be wanting to serve well and play big as well. So we both know what to expect going in.

Monf is very dangerous so it’s another match where Fed will have to take his level up a notch to put this to bed. Winning the first set and getting off to a good start will be important and if he can make Monfils do all the running plus play catchup I fail to see how he the Frenchman can come through.

I think how close the match will be depends on which Monfils shows up as well. If the big hitting Monfils shows up wanting to win, he can make life extremely difficult for Fed, after all he’s beaten him twice, once from match points down. But if Monfils who wants to just push all day long and has no interest then Fed cruises I think. Either way, this is where the real tests start to come thick and fast.

Fed in 4, 6-4 5-7 6-2 6-4.


Editor of Perfect Tennis and a big fan of Roger Federer, I've spent countless hours watching and analysing his matches. Alongside playing the sport, I also enjoy writing about the tour, rackets, strings, and the technicalities of the game. Whether it's breaking down the latest tournament results or discussing the latest gear innovations, I'm always eager to share my insights with fellow tennis enthusiasts.

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  1. Wonderful to see him at his best! (and smh to see him blow it…. but how cool is it that this year he’s able to get it back???)

  2. I don’t believe it. I just refreshed the page and suddenly there was a post there. Surely I’m not going to be first, I thought, but then it suddenly refreshed back to the Granollers page and by the time I’d got this one back I was third. Oh Well …

  3. Roger may not have played RBA before, but from his press conference after the previous round it sounded as though he knew precisely what he was up against, so he’s obviously watched him before.

    A nice, unstressy match, this (apart from the RBA recovery from 1-5 down in the first set): I went off and had my bath and left Roger to get on with it 🙂 Monfils, of course, is likely to be rather more of a problem, but then Roger could do with facing someone who can be a problem.

      1. Much less stressy than trying to watch a match on livescores, especially last night, when they were lagging so far behind – may have been down to my Internet connection, though. And I listened to the USO 2012 final on Radio 5 while I was in the bath – that was seriously stressy! I *was* intending to listen to Andy v. Novak on the radio tonight, but the fact that Stan and Kei are still battling it out means that I should think it’ll be 3 pm before they even start. Perhaps I should just wake up early and switch the radio on …

      2. Haha if I was playing in a cage last night and could use the walls then I think I’d have won pretty handily 😀

        Match highlight was a lob I misjudged terribly thinking it was going out, then tried to play a backhand smash which hit the top of the racket and went about 60 foot in the air then landed in a puddle.

      3. All moonballers should be banned from tennis and made to play paddle ball.

        I had a tough night yesterday. Was all over a guy last week but last night he started pushing, and gave me nightmares. It ended at 6-6 and we stopped as it was getting pretty late. Listen to this, I was serving at 5-2 (40-15), then at 5-4 (40-15), and finally at 6-5. Just couldn’t get it done 😐

    1. It was funny when just before the match the commentator asked him what he had noticed about Bautista’s game from the tapes. Federer almost spilled out that there was literally nothing about Bautista’s game that caught his eye. But ever the gentleman that he is, he played it politically correctly, albeit letting a sly smile slip through. Haha.

  4. It was kind of neat to be able to watch Roger kind of systematically figure this guy out: ok, that works… no, not that so much…. this will be a good tactic. Up to 5-1 it was just a joy to watch. Not sure what happened at that point; blustery winds have been mentioned, and there was a racquet change in there, and maybe he just lost “it” for a bit. Watching him rebuild in set 2 was very satisfying. As you mentioned, Jonathan, I was impressed by RBA’s insistence on never giving up on a point – in fact he reminded me a bit of David Ferrer in his tenacity. He had some wonderful gets, and there were a couple of smile-inducing points where they went back and forth at the net like in the old days. Fun stuff.

    I still prefer the black shoes & socks, but did like the black socks better than the white even though he went back to the white Jordans. I know you don’t like the day kit, but I like it better than this black look. (And I’d love to drive a car in those colours!) I may not get to see it again, of course.

    As has been said, from here on in the caliber of opponent increases dramatically, & all possibilities include players who have beaten Roger in the past. I don’t think he’s taking anything for granted (not that he usually does); I think he’s very conscious of – not babying his body, but caretaking it, nourishing it. I hope & presume he’s doing the same with his mind & heart. I think the recent encounter with Gael works in his favor – provided, of course, he doesn’t have a down day. Hopefully down days are now done with until sometime not before next Tuesday 🙂

    1. All these Spanish guys are of the same mould really, running machines so I think RBA is pretty similar to Ferrer, Robredo in that aspect. Like Fed said they are all super fit.

      Black socks and white shoes is a no no for me, almost as bad as white socks and black shoes.

    2. Oops, sorry, forgot Cilic, who has NOT beaten Roger. (Don’t really see him coming through against Berdych, but hey, Cilic feels he has something to prove, & if Tomas isn’t securely back to his best….. not impossible. I suppose.)

      1. What a surprise! Cilic did win! Good for us as Roger knows how to handle the big servers. As long as he can get through Monfils…. However, looking further ahead it will probably be the Djoker in the final which is always a hard task.

    1. LOVED that he was even talking about the possibility of winning Wimbledon again, or perhaps – perhaps! – returning to #1….

      1. Honesty every time! After all isn’t that why they all play? To win? Achieve goals? Better than that “I try my best” crap from Nadull!!

  5. why is he wearing these shoes? they look awful on all black outfit …. even the socks were black…. why white shoes???

    1. Yeah bad move, I’m not sure why he reverted to Jordan shoes? Comfier? I thought I read somewhere he preferred sliding in them on the defence, dunno though.

      1. well probiably its because of money… i hope that he is going to play more matches in blue one….. i love the blue shoes .. :))
        +lets hope cilic beats berdych… we know how hard is playing against him ( us open 2012, wimbledon 2010)

  6. Steady as he goes! Good hard hitting session for Fed in really tricky conditions. As J said you cannot gauge the swirling wind from the TV and his serve % reflected how tough it was! Old school match in some ways but good to see Fed approach so many times even if he got passed! That really smacks if confidence! Answered all tough questions with a big serve every time he was asked and gave respect to RBA who is no mug!
    So onto La Monf! Let’s put it straight Dimitrov was poor! Too much air on ground strokes, doesn’t flatten out for a winner. Too happy to rally and not go for a winner ! Not enough racquet head speed when needed and complete loss of ideas when Plan A wasn’t working! His shot choice was not there! Monfils played a solid match, no more, no less! Looked gassed throughout and if Dimitrov had taken second set, reckon he wld hv run out of steam!
    So Fed must run him around but also suffocate him! Fast net play, no easy angles and needs better serving than last night! Monfils very inventive but not a natural passer like Muzza/Djoker.
    Just think Fed wants this very very badly, and even if it’s tight, will fight like a dog!
    Fed in 4 but possibly 3 if he gets his foot on the pedal early!

  7. Cheers and thanks for the last 3/4 posts during this US Open. I have been reading them regularly but haven’t commented. Nice one Jonathan 🙂 .

    I haven’t seen any matches live but I have watched the highlights on YouTube, which have been uploaded really quickly and with good quality pictures too. So going off your match analysis and highlights. Roger is pretty much looking good. So I hope his performance improves against Clownfils and doesn’t take him lightly. I can see Roger doing good and most likely reach the final to probably play the Djoker or Mugrey. Preferably Murray as he has beaten him a couple of times already this year. Therefore Federer will have the Mental edge to beat him considering Federer has leveled the head to head.

    To think that all of these critics, media, pundits were writing Federer off because of the 2013 season. It just goes to show that they know Jack Shit !!! And I was going to say they should stick to their day job but clearly they are the ones that need to retire and change jobs. Lol what a load of plant pots and clown shoe’s they are! !!!!

    Ps Another good win Thinker!!! On a roll. By the way are you using a old Jedi mind trick to win. Lol.

    1. My apologies for getting a bit ahead of myself as clearly Federer has to get there first with Monfil s and the winner of Cillic and Berdpoo. But if Roger does get to the final. I hope he plays Murray as Djokovic although Federer likes to play him, he is much more solid on Hard courts due to the reasons of soo many things have changed ie courts slowed down to the tennis balls are now much heavier than the ones they used to use which were the lightest of the Grand Slams. Therefore it will probably be another 5 setter and lately Federers record is not as good as it once was. So if Murray is there although he is sooooo boring to watch and even Federer finds his style of play monotonous, he can do what he did in the Australian Open ’14 and be aggressive with serve and volleying at the right moment to win another Major. Anyway sorry folks its just that I am getting a bit too excited about his chances so I will come back down to earth and take it from the Monfils match. And go from there. Allez Allez Rooogeeeeerrrr!!!!

  8. Roger is moving great and volleying great. Needs to keep his focus and try to keep the match as short as possible. Straight sets would be great. Not easy with Clownfils.

  9. What the heck is wrong with Stan? Wake up the Stanimal inside you man…I don’t want that asshole Chang smiling today.

      1. Yes, pretty much. If it’s getting pretty old, then just ignore my comments. I know at least one other reader who is doing that. I’m afraid you’ll have to do that till Roger retires.

        I have zero respect for someone who used ugly gamesmanship tactics to win a slam (vs Lendl 1989). If you’re not fit to be on the court, then stay home you fuck. Now he is gifting the same ugly brand of tennis to Kei.

        As for Gei, who the fuck endorses Ramen cup noodles. Fuck! A Japanese professional tennis player endorsing Ramen cup noodles? He is a disgrace to a country that has given one of the healthiest cuisines to the world. So, fuck you Kei. And fuck you, Chang.

        On the bright side, at least it’s not as bad as endorsing Pokerstars to kids. What a role model this Rafael Nadal is for people who look up to him, by endorsing gambling.

        Are you mad at me, Simon? Do you want me to buy you a box of cup noodles? Kei eats them, so should you.

      2. Riiiight… I was just hoping it was possible for you to show a tad of respect to other players… Guess not.

        I don’t see the problem with the ramen endorsement… You gonna bitch at Roger for endorsing Nike who is extremely unethical with their employees?

        funny how you make it sound like I idolise Rafa… I guess I have to have the same opinion as you to actually have a meaningful conversation with you.

        Don’t worry, I’m not mad, I’m just sick of this unrespectful ranting of yours, and as much I try to ignore your comments, sometimes it’s too much to ignore…

        And you can eat those noodles on your own 🙂

      3. No, these players don’t deserve respect. They are doped up assholes.

        You did not really compare Ramen noodles with Nike shoes, did you? 🙂 Come on man, every business has unethical practices, but noodles are meant of eating, and shoes are used for kicking.

        I wasn’t saying you idolise Nadal, I was stating the reasons I have extreme hatred for Michael Chang. This asshole served underarm to Lendl, won the point, and shamelessly celebrated. And those weren’t his only shenanigans that day. Fuck you, Michael Chang, you chump. If I ever find you, I will kick your butt with my pair of Nike shoes.

        So why you no like Ramen noodles?

      4. Relax Sid. Sounds like you need a weekend in Amsterdam.

        I doubt Credit Suisse are the cleanest operators either 😀

        Chang isn’t Nishikori.

      5. Chang is not Nishikori. Nishitkori is Chang reincarnated. Chang plays like an asshole, like in that 1989 final 🙂

  10. Well, it’s just gone 7 pm NY time, which means it’s night session now. Anyone else think that maybe, based on past performance, they should have stopped the match at 2 sets all, chucked all the day people out and let the night people in? No??? 🙂

      1. Also I think it’s pretty fair since they invested their time, money and emotion into it so they should get to see how it ends…

    1. That sucked. On the bright side, Kei has a better chance of beating Djoker than Stan does. Can’t see him beating Djoker in 2 hard court slams in the same year.

      1. No, I don’t have a problem with the Japanese and Chinese, I have a problem with Micheal Chang. To say I hate him would be an massive understatement. Does the answer your question?

  11. Just to remind us what we are all watching, as we get down to the last eight the odds are that at least six are doping. Take your bets.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. Another guy returns from injury, and is able to play 10 sets in about 41 hours, and win both matches. Wonder what he’s been taking.

      1. Be prepared for more outlandish displays of stamina, impossible gets, huge rallies, and sheer power this week. (Anyone else impressed at Djokovic’s sudden boost of form since the masters tournaments?) It might all be a bit too much for Fed, as well as he is playing. Oh well, the show goes on.

      2. I agree. I just knew he was going to be back in slam form at a moments notice. Uphill task for Fed, if he gets there. I actually am very scared about this Monfils game.

      3. Jeesus, an hour and a quarter just for the first set! (Murray v Djokovic). So how long will this retrieval fest be if it goes to five? No signs of Murray “cramp” yet? Gotta be clutching at himself soon, though. But still sprinting of course. Pure vaudeville.

      4. Hope not! Youth a wonderful drug in itself!
        Muzza got stiffer and stiffer as match went on!
        Fed will beat Monf as Monf playing too far back! Conditions/night/crowd all favour Roger I hope!

      5. I certainly hope so. C’mon, Rog, we really don’t want *another* Swiss going out at QF stage.

        Also slightly concerned to read that Kei was having treatment for the injury that kept him out of previous tournaments. Hope he doesn’t fold against Novak …

      6. [Hope he doesn’t fold against Novak …]

        Djuiceovic (thanks Richard for that name), is going to hand Kei his butt, and a cup of noodles, and send him back to wherever the heck he came from.

    1. And while you’re at it, get rid of Micheal “Chump” Chang, and his charge too for me please. Thank you!

  12. Speedy post J, keep em coming! Solid match from Rog seeing as they never played before. B-A failed to take advantage when Fed was struggling on the serve which is what I was talking about in the previous post. BH is still proving to be his weapon lately and using it to great effect in combination with his net skills. So far it’s been 4 matches that have given him some rhythm and this is where the real test starts. My crystal ball was spot on but Dimitrov played a pretty horrid match yesterday and it was disappointing to say the least that he couldn’t capitalise on his set points in the second. Monfils has been focusing well in his matches and as you said when he’s having a good day, man is he a force to be reckoned with. This will be a good indicator of where Rog is at and how he reacts in the pressure moments, gonna be a tough match I think but it’s on Fed’s racquet. Also crazy how the draw played out, Fed now I feel has the harder projected semi seeing as Berdych found his form and Nishikori somehow managed to win back to back 5 set matches.

    Speaking of, tuned into the Djoker/Murray QF late in the second. Strange match, Murray looks to be playing and moving quite well, his CC FH and slice is doing some damage and making Djoker defend big time. Wouldn’t be surprised if this one went the distance.

    1. Kind of agree re Berdych but actually if Fed comes in as he has been doing Berdych doesn’t hv a passing shot or a return a la Muzza/Novak! Berdych can outhit him but can’t think that Fed wld get sucked into that tennis! Anyway I think Cilic cld at least take him to 5 sets!
      Fed knows how to beat Monf and given he is playing better than Totonto, I see him winning perhaps more easily than people think! I am staying confident and hoping that everything comes together for Fed!
      Pity re Kei as Novak unless he has a real off day, will canter through !

    2. Yeah good prediction with Monfs vs Dimi Alysha.

      I think Fed definitely has the tougher run in to make the final now that Djoker. Maybe that works in his favour.

      1. He could do with some “tough” – as long as tough doesn’t mean longwinded and exhausting. Just a bit of a challenge, to sharpen him up.

  13. Hi Jonathan,

    I came across your blog when I was searching for dedicated Federer blog which is kept alive after each Federer related event. I like your posts and I like the fellow fans who all share same passion about Fed.

    I have an observation. Lately due to Edberg effect Fed has been playing at net a lot more and has tried to avoid the baseline game. But I feel that he still has in him to play some quality baseline game. Wimbledon semi against Novak is an example where in 4th set, it was some quality ground strokes that helped him come from behind. In my opinion he should keep mixing both the styles so that if it comes to that against the defending guys, he is prepared to take them by surprise.

    1. Hey Ansul,

      Thanks 🙂

      I agree Fed has played more at net, but I don’t think he has tried to avoid the baseline game, he has adapted to give himself a better shot at winning matches and that revolves around coming in more.

      Prime Fed was unbeatable from the baseline, so volleys weren’t really needed. Non prime Fed is beatable from the baseline so has to end points quicker and not just stay back in the court.

  14. I think Berdych is the dark horse at the USO. He’s been flying under the radar winning quite convincingly. The Murray Djoker match was quite predictable. Baseline bashing. Why didn’t Djoker get Murray moving forward with some drop shots? End the point sooner. Murray was struggling. Back or leg issues? Back surgery is quite risky with a 50% chance of success. Murray can’t seem to get in form.

    Anyway, thanks for the post, Jonathan. Gee maybe I get to watch John McInroe play an exhibition match before Fed. Aren’t I lucky.

    1. Muzza has lost a yr basically! At that top level playing lots of matches and winning them after a comeback is key and he just hasn’t played enough! Same with Fed last yr with his less serious injury. If u miss training, play fewer matches yr confidence drops, you expend unnecessary energy on court because match not on yr racquet! That is exactly what happened to Muzza last night! Always chasing, and that is mentally and subsequently physically more tiring! He is gradually getting there but needs a really belt of wins, which is hopefully where Fed is at now! Allez Fed!

  15. I am more concerned about losing in a second consecutive slam final from the Djoker which for me is the most probable scenario.
    And I feel this is going to hurt more than an elimination from Monfils or Birdich.

    On another note I m just about to finish “Open “ by Andre Agassi which I found far more interesting than Pet Sampras autobiography.
    Drugs women Oliver Twist kind of childhood whith a monster father , managing to reach number 1 than having to compete in challenger tournaments then all the way back number 1. Dramatical and exciting stuff. Barbra Streisand , Brook Shields , Steffi Graf , Brad Guilbert and all his rivals … can’t get much better can it ?
    Not saying that I m his fan but ther’s lots of tennis whith lots of spice in there.
    Jonathan I think you should ad this to your preliminary reading list 🙂

    1. Read it. Says how much he hated tennis. Hard to feel sorry for him, when tennis gave him success, fame and wealth. And Steffi. Maybe he would rather have pumped petrol, or sold insurance.

      1. Anybody would hate anything if his father would forced him to do it all day long.
        And then I dont really believe he hated it all that much. It just matches more with his “Rebel” image to say such ” unconventional ” things.

        Again I told you I m not his fan and I ld say that I m more of a Sampras fan and not only because of his Greek origins. What I m saying is that Sampras book is more “plain meet with potatoes ‘ while Aggassis has more spice and sauce in it…

        Or is really Jonathan Brad Guilbert’s fan ? I think he just suggested it s an interesting book that he wrote this ‘winning ugly’

      2. Please, this mug, Agassi, insulted Sampras at an exhibition match. I can’t believe he did that. I mean, why? I don’t care how much you hate a rival, you don’t do that. Ah…the things meth can make you do!

    2. Haha! I recommended this to Jonsthan who told me he didn’t read books!! Whether u love or hate Andre it is best tennis book out there! Connors is ok but not enough on the tennis altho evokes the era brilliantly!

    3. “I am more concerned about losing in a second consecutive slam final from the Djoker which for me is the most probable scenario.”

      For me too, but neither of them are there yet, so let’s worry about it if the draw does turn out that way.

  16. Exactly that’s my point! That’s what makes it more interesting 😉

    I mean look at your avatar Sid. Why didn’t you choose Batman or Peter Pan?

    In 10 years time I bet you ll be rather reading Rafael ” winning dirty” than Rogers “life like dream”

  17. The pessimist in me in me coming out. Someone talk me down:

    If Fed makes the final it’s gonna be against Djoko.

    Hard to see how in the world – if Fed could not get over Nole on grass at SW17 – he could get over Nole on this court where Djoko’s got 4 straight final appearances and playing in form.

    Anything can happen, but hard to imagine Fed getting over Novak as the Serb is playing right now.

    Trying to brace for impact.

      1. Ok. Thanks Susie.

        I will try not to come under the condemnation of Yoda towards Luke “This one a long time have I watched. All his life has he looked away, to the future, to the horizon. Never his mind on where he was, hmm? What he was doing. Hmm. Adventure. Heh. Excitement. Heh. A Jedi craves not these things.”

      2. Yeah I’m with Susie, gotta make the final first to be in with a shot.

        It’s better to be losing slam finals than losing Quarter Finals though so I can only see positives in getting there regardless of outcome.

        Djoker is the big favourite going into the tournament and nothing changed so far.

      1. That’s what I think, maybe even 3. Not sure Monf really believes he can win. Also think Fed will run him ragged and gas hom

      2. Ah, but Monf has been talking to Gilou, who has told him what to do. Remains to be seen whether he will or not.

    1. Alb, look at it like this: there is no dishonour in Fed losing to one of the most conspicuously doped players on the tour. To beat him now he would probably have to join him. Before 2011 Djuicervic was nowhere near the tireless machine he has become since then. And we are supposed to believe it is all because he has given up cake.

      1. dietary changes can certainly have a strong effect. I mean clean up your diet, body has to deal with less toxins, gluten may have been an issue with his digestion…who knows? He was always a remarkable athlete, so become super strict with your health and habits, amp-up your workout routines…sure why no?

      2. Good point about fewer toxins stevie. Also for those who may not know, giving up gluten is a great deal more involved than giving up cake – it means completely giving up almost all grains, for example (rice is the only exception that comes to mind). Gluten sensitivity or allergy is real, and it’s a testament – as stevie says – to what an outstanding athlete he is that he was able to have a career at all before his diagnosis. He’s also more conscious about his diet overall now, & I think that probably does help give his body fewer toxins to deal with in the first place. (And he’s not the only one. I’ve heard Roger or Sharapova mention something in passing about things they do with their diet. It’s part of the package of being an elite athlete, paying attention to what goes in your mouth. It’s just that what works for Novak is a little more off the beaten path, though certainly not unheard of.)

      3. So you guys think ‘cleaning up your diet’ can give you the stamina of a Kenyan marathon runner? Maybe Lance should have tried that. Sadly,we have learned there is usually another explanation. And it is all too common now in professional sports.

  18. I couldn’t watch the match so can’t comment on his play but just happy he’s still out there, steadily moving forward. Really aprociate what Jonathan has been doing, what guys have been responding to his work and forming/running this great community. Love it as a whole package. I can’t trust other Fed reports as much as peRFect Tennis 🙂

    And don’t we all just aprociate what the amazing Fed has been doing year after year for such a length of time?!

  19. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m seeing too many rallies at the US Open this year. What is going on? Looks like Roger is the only one with the ability to finish points quickly. But that’s going to be a huge ask starting today.

    Cilic…is hitting unbelievable! How, the sudden transformation?

    1. I think the Ivanisevic matchup is a great one for Cilic. Also seems like Tomas just wasn’t there the first 2 sets – reverted to the problematic play we’ve seen from him all summer.

      Also he’s saying it’s still inconsistently windy out there – always a challenge even for the best.

    2. Yeah, he just won the match apparently. I didn’t get to see it, but I do think that Cilic is a far easier opponent for Federer than Berdych. Plus Cilic is a massive choker, which always help. Definitely think that this helps Fed.

  20. One of Nadal fan just post something disturbing on Path, which seriously put me in a very bad mood today. He do that too after Federer losing wimbledon this year, just to annoy me I think. (I wonder why I still put him on a friendlist in social media).

    I just want Federer win this, and put the biggest smile on my face.

    One match at a time, and I am so nervous for this match against monfils.
    Anyone feel the same?

    1. Damnit gonna miss the Monfils match, extremely nervous for this and also wow didn’t see Cilic coming through in that one but kudos. Cmon RF

  21. Gotta say I honestly thought Murray was the more aggressive between him and Djoker yday, FH was incredibly powerful and he was in Djoker’s head until the third set. However, his fitness let him down yet again even after him talking about a solid training session. Not sure if he manages his back like Fed or overtrains too much? Nevertheless his from was at its best I’ve seen since winning Wimbledon last year but it begs the question of whether he will really “peak” again consistently and have what it takes to win another slam.

  22. Good luck tonight Rog. Hope Monfils let’s the occasion get to him as he is prone to do at times and Fed can do him in 3. If not, it could be a long and difficult evening, but ultimately Rog is the rightful favourite and it’s up to him to impose his game.

  23. With Monfil’s first service game we see why Roger’s break-point conversion rate is often so poor. Two unforced errors, including a sitter forehand. Could come back to haunt him. And it just has.

  24. Just checked score, what’s going on here? Fed loses first set and broke in opening game of the second. Gulp. Just got a slight hint of dejavu from 2012 with a QF under the night lights. Had a feeling this was going to be a make or break match, cmon Roger!

  25. Ok guys, it’s 2:38am here, I’m contemplating going back to bed, but I’m thinking if Mongols shd win this, means I wil go to bed sooner, so let me see of Federer wil keep me up for the 3rd set. Federer isnt going anywhere. I’m watchn d 3rd set

  26. Guys Jonathan may have his Breaking News Headline: Federer makes Swift Exit from the US Open. This does not look good. Well he got a break so lets keep hoping

  27. I just lost coverage over here. Best of luck guys, dnt lose the faith. Federer wins this in 5sets. His level has no other place to go but keep rising from this 4th set. Goodnight

  28. What is with this break point play. In the rally in the 4th set and he shoots a cross court forehand wide of the tram line. This is donating the set.

  29. I wonder what kind of racism and false accusations will arise if Monfils ends up winning this. Or maybe they won’t have the balls to say it since he’s black.

      1. I’d be willing to try again if you posted your full name and identifiable picture. Then say the drivel you post on here. You like Sushi? Go tell those Japanese chefs what you said about Kei and Japan. Until then, nah. Anonymity is weak.

  30. Allllezzzzzz!!!

    Into the fifth with match points saved. Will be so amazing if he can win a match having saved match points. Still long way to go. Fingers crossed.

  31. Didn’t think he could loose, and he didn’t. Thanks Rog.

    Two highlights. The drive volley from the baseline to hit a winner and the Imperial March after the match point with Federer playing in black. Just amazing!

  32. heck yes!! Gael was toast end of 4th beginning of 5th!

    Has Fed ever won two sets down + saving MPs?

    Oh and last time he came back from two sets down was wimby 2012, is there a sign to see? 😀

    COME ON!!

      1. We’re still friends, but I’ll still be totally against bashing all the other players like that 😉

        Let’s say I’ll enjoy your witty comments and shake my head on those other rants 😉

      1. That’s what I thought. Turns out it’s true. I couldn’t sleep for an hour after watching that last game again, and again after the match 🙂

  33. So THAT’s what winning after being match points down feels like. Wow. Really can’t believe he pulled it off. Respect.

  34. What a choke from Monfils. Crowd got behind Fed and he took it from there. Big comeback but let’s be honest, he shouldn’t have been taken to 5 sets in the first place.

      1. That shot Monfils hit was sort of inexcusable. Blame it on fatigue. Even so, very, very, very, brave for Roger to go inside out drive volley approach 🙂

    1. Astonishing comeback. I had to leave watching so will go back later to look at the recording. Terrific effort. He looked like toast out there. That has got to be seriously mentally tough for him to come through a match like this, when he looked pretty much done after the first two sets. Hats off, champ. I hope he still has something in the tank.

  35. just amazing. I went for a walk after the middle of the third. Couldn’t take the stress. Came back near the end of the 5th. My kids said he lost then turned on the tv. Up a break in the fifth. Couldn’t believe my eyes!
    Now hit rewind to enjoy the 4th and 5th set. Awesome he pulled it off.

    1. now that must have been a pleasant surprise. I every point where as usually I am too afraid to do that, and I have to check the scores in the morning. It was excruciating but what a rewarding experience! This guy truly is of the highest mold. The perfect player. Skill prevailed somehow tonight. Thank the gods.

  36. YESSSS!!!!! AND FED COMES THROUGH AFTER SAVING MPS AND 2 sets to love! I started watching from the 4th sets start so fed was playing pretty good it looks like. I’m really happy, but anyone feel sort of sorry for monfils? Playing such a great match, blows MPS and a 2-set lead. He normally plays to please the crowd, which was 95% pro-fed. Anyway ALLEZ!!!! (Im sure that didn’t make any sense

    1. Hey Yousuf, I also like Monfils a lot, but I don’t feel sorry for him AT ALL. Did you see him acting? Tired, still coming up with incredible shots and aces. Injured, maybe twice, still coming up with those same shots and aces. No, he wanted the crowds mercy and he got little of that. He had to know that, because afterall, he is playing Roger. And when you play Roger, you automatically play the crowd.
      By the way, maybe it’s just my opinion, but one thing I like about Roger is that he doesn’t “use” the crowd in his favour like some do when they are down. He will yell “come on” a few times, but that’s it.

  37. Hey guys, proud of Roger or what?? I have to be honest, I left live chat, because I could not take the excitement anymore. I knew he would win SOMEHOW, but the stress was just too much, he had so much difficulty. But I did watch it and sooooooo proud of Roger. Monfils may not have played in the zone, but he did make it Roger sooooo difficult. Like I always say, when they play Roger, they suddenly remember that they can actually play tennis.

    Oke, 5 sets….. but 3,5 hours in not so bad right?? He will have enough left in the tank for Cilic, who is by the way kind of playing in the zone. This match had to give Roger hope. He could have lost in straights to Monfils, but he didn’t. He FOUGHT his way out. Maybe not pretty, but effective. And the time to play beautiful and perfect tennis ALL the time, is over. A win is what counts, even if it is an ugly win. Fortunately no Berdych, but Cilic should definitely not be underestimated.

    PROUD OF YOU GOAT. Always and Forever.

  38. By the way Jon, I do agree with one thing you said a while ago. Roger really should stop talking sometimes 🙂 When he told after the Bautista Agut match what he expected Monfils would do and how he would react, I thought to myself, come on Roger….. What are you saying? You just figured him out? What if he makes a change in his game? Then what?? Which is (I don’t know if I am wright) exactly what happened. Monfils played maybe a bit different and Roger could not figure him out???

    He just gives too much info about how he thinks the next match will be. Please Roger, be mysterious and…. when they ask about how you will play your opponent, just say that you will let your racquet do the talking 🙂 🙂

    1. I think to a degree he did, he definitely flattened out his forehand more than usual.

      Although his biggest change was excessive time between points and gamesmanship.

    2. Katyani, for someone like Roger, who is almost never absent throughout the year, there really are no secrets. Everyone watches him play, and watches him lose. He is not a coward like Nadal, who just vanishes when his game gets figured out. Then he waits, and watches other, while he regenerates his body, and develops his game, and at the same time avoids an impact on his H2H.

      Roger is not like that. He will be there, for his fans, rain or shine. He doesn’t mind playing someone like Nadal four times, and lose to him four times, in what was his worst year on the tour.

      That…is Roger Federer!

      1. Hey Sid, great comment. Thanks for that. I love Roger, but I am human… sometimes he makes me a little bit mad 🙂 But I am soooooo PROUD of Roger. He needed THIS match. Better to have this now then lets say in the final. I have a feeling this match will be a blessing in disguise. Last year he would lose it in the 3rd and now…. My God, those 2 MP….. Heartstopping.
        I am not underestimating Cilic. Berdych kind of vanished, but Cilic played I think in the zone. He might do that again, but this time Roger is ready. He NEEDS also those matches where his serve or aces or forehand or backhand don’t work and then he has just one choice…… STAY, FIGHT, OR DIE TRYING and WIN, even meaning winning ugly.

        I have a feeling Roger cannot be stopped right now or doesn’t want to be stopped, but….. taking it one match at the time and then…. lets see what our “Roger-wanne-be” does in the final to defeat Roger because he cannot defeat him by playing fair….

      2. Oh and Sid… I cannot believe the coincidence with your comment. I would really like to advice you guys to read some of the posts on the site “ATP Tour 2014”. Not so much for the posts, but for the hundreds of comments on Roger’s posts.

        One Roger fan commented today (after a Rafa fan OFCOURSE attacked Roger by saying that Roger would never have saved those 2 MP if it was Rafa on the other side of the net). The Roger fan commented something like “how can Rafa be considered the greatest or one of the greatest when he doesn’t even play all year long or when he skips part of the year when he is vunerable and never ever skips that part of the year when it is clayseason”.

        You just almost said the same thing Sid 🙂

        And Sid… I promise you, Roger will get his due and praise when he is retired and when the tennisworld will see what they had and did not appreciate to the fullest…. or when they see how the other top guys fair at Roger’s age… Then they will know how incredible it actually was what Roger was doing at age 30-33 with such a strong field and with all his other responsibilities !!!

  39. Am I the only one who thought the crowd was really behind monfils as well? I mean, feds still had the most behind him, but I’ve rarely seen a fed match where the crowd looks so divided… Well, done is done 😀

    1. I don’t know how much they were behind him, but I don’t understand the support. I’ve lost a tonne of respect for Monfils. The guy is over dramatic, he employs gamesmanship regularly whenever it suits him, tries to curry favours with a crowd- it’s revolting. Perhaps the most blatant and flagrant violation of good sportsmanship. Disgusting.

      1. I agree, but the American crowds love a showman, and he is one 🙂 So I can somewhat understand the support

      2. Yeah, I agree with that one. We are suckers for showmanship. Will never understand true class.

  40. I already nervous before the match, and more nervous when Roger is losing the first set. I sleep in the couch (match start at 1 am, this is madness), praying for the best and woke up with Roger already losing 2 sets. Aaarrrggghhh…

    Watching him on the third, I wonder why he can lose on 2nd, while he is playing clean on third (is it that bad on 2nd?). Able to breath normally when he won the 3rd, and stop breathing again when he faced 2 MP. Breath again when he won 4th and 5th is clearly for him since Monfils is out of fuel.

    Watched his match last night is like riding a roller coaster.

  41. So So glad Jonathan will not be writing about his exit today. My stomach still has not settled. With not being able to breath normally and having to calm a delirious patient Arrrrrrrrrrrrgh! So happy for a break to recover until Saturday.

    Monfils is such a drama queen. His antics are so disgusting. I was so hoping for a fifth set bagel.

    1. I’m not fussed by Monfils pumping the crowd up. It’s simply part of the show. At least his game is more interesting than Murray’s, the Scot possessing one of the most unattractive personas I have ever seen on a tennis court. Mind you, Monfils tends to clutch a lot at real or imagined injuries – as Murray frequently does – during a match.

      But the triumph was all Roger’s. He was struggling for at least four of the five sets, unable to find his best game and playing an often brilliant opponent, and yet he never stopped battling. The way he fought off the match points in the fourth set was nothing short of inspirational. The scorching forehand winner down the line on the second match-point made me wish he could have found such resolve when he had match-points on his own racquet at Rome in 2006 against Nadal, when that shot – and his nerve – failed him. Under the Edberg hand Roger is playing high- risk attacking tennis unlike any other player out there today. It has given him, and the game itself, a new lease of life. We should also recognise the achievement of Monfils. Without his efforts we would not have seen Roger summoning his deepest reserves of character to win. We will have an abiding memory of one of his greatest matches.

      1. So true! And as you said, credit to Monfils, he made Roger’s life difficult. Ran out of gas as of end of fourth, unfortunately for him.

      1. Finally, finally, all the readers hear understand why I’ve been chastising Monfils for months. Look, I wouldn’t go on a rant about a player unless I know for sure what I’m talking about. 🙂

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