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Federer Makes Positive Start at French Open

Hey all, Roger's Paris campaign is underway and he kicked things off with a comfortable 6-3 6-3 6-4 victory over lucky loser Alejandro Falla. This was Roger's 62nd straight Grand Slam and he recorded the win in just one hour and 49 minutes, firing down 42 winners and breaking the Colombian's serve 4 times to book his spot in the second round.

Quick Match Recap

Federer Falla French Open 2015

Roger opened up the first set with a hold to 15 before Falla quickly levelled. The Colombian is known for coming out the blocks quickly and he had the first chance of a break in game 3, missing a makeable forehand return on break point before Roger held.

Both players traded holds and Falla was impressing with solid groundstrokes and some delicate touches at the net to make it very comeptitive. In game 8 with Roger leading 4-3 Roger had his first chance to break; Falla saved two break points but couldn't survive the third as Fed broke for 5-3 before holding to 30 to take it 6-3.

Into set two and Roger got himself the early break, coming up with a genius lob to find deuce before converting his 5th break point of the game to lead 2-1. That was quickly consolidated for 3-1 and with Falla serving at 2-4 the Swiss had a chance to get the double break but failed to convert. At 3-5 though he secured the set when Falla slipped to 15-40 and Roger broke to take it 6-3.

Set three was more of the same and although Falla saved some early break points before having a chance of his own he couldn't find a way through and after a medical timeout for a thigh injury the World Number 111's resistance ended when he was broken serving to stay in the match at 4-5. Game Set Match Federer 6-3 6-3 6-4.

Match Stats

Stats Alejandro Falla Roger Federer
Aces 2 8
Double faults 4 0
1st serves in 74/109 (68 %) 58/81 (72 %)
1st serve points won 48/74 (65 %) 45/58 (78 %)
2nd serve points won 16/35 (46 %) 15/23 (65 %)
Net points won 17/25 (68 %) 14/21 (67 %)
Break points won 0/2 (0 %) 4/16 (25 %)
Receiving points won 21/81 (26 %) 45/109 (41 %)
Winners 30 43
Unforced errors 26 26
Total points won 85 105


Thoughts on the Match

Federer French Open 1st Round 2015

An impressive victory here from Roger I think and he played at a high level from start to finish to get it done. Falla came out the blocks pretty sharpish and looked to end points quickly but Fed did a stellar job of reeling him and then keeping him at arms length in sets 2 and 3.

Had Falla gone up a break in the first then the dynamic of the match could have been slightly different but he missed the forehand return and then Roger just came into his own. Defending well when he had to and taking up an aggressive court position whenever Falla couldn't find the power & depth to push Fed back.

Hitting 42 winners is impressive stuff from Fed and he managed his game throughout the match very well I thought. All the numbers in Fed's column are solid too especially the serve stats. 4 of 16 break points doesn't look great however but Falla did come up with goods on several break points so it does skew the number somewhat. The forehand was pleasing too and looked to have a bit more venom in it than we saw in Madrid and Rome; obviously it's hard to really hit through the court here but Fed used it well to move up the court and put away the short replies into the open space.

Any other talking points? Well the court does look to be pretty slow which probably isn't ideal and Roger has said that the balls are dead / unresponsive. Quite strange that they don't use the same balls across all lead up clay events as in theory it should lead to better quality tennis and reduce the chance of injury but as always commercial reasons come into play.

The only other incident of note was the fan invasion where a teenager ran onto the court to get a selfie with Fed. Luckily it wasn't anything more than just a stupid fan but it does raise questions over on court security and protection of the players. Roger said the same thing happened in practice yesterday, and there was of course the fan invasion during the 2009 final and last year where a man holding a flare got onto the court.

9 times out of 10 it's not going to be anything sinister but the French Open need to get a bit more proactive on the security front and make sure that if anyone does set foot on court they're confronted quickly and removed before they even get close to the players. If you're reading Mr Garros I would probably advise bringing in security guards from outside France given your history of retreating and defences being bypassed πŸ˜†

Well, I'm not happy about it. Obviously not one second I'm happy about it. It happened yesterday in the practice, too. It's just a kid, but then three more kids came. And today on center court where you would think this is a place where nobody can come on, just wanders on and nothing happens. Happened during the finals in '09 as well for me. So I definitely think this is something that something needs to happen quickly. Basically yesterday already. Not now, you know. But obviously want this to happen immediately. Normally I only speak on behalf of myself, but in this situation I think I can speak on behalf of all the players, that that's where you do your job, that's where you want to feel safe. And so clearly I'm not happy about it. But nothing happened, so I'm relieved. But clearly it wasn't a nice situation to be in.

Predictions vs. Granollers

Federer Granollers USO 2014

Next up is Marcel Granollers who took out qualifier Matthias Bachinger in straight sets. Roger leads the H2H between the two 3-0 but struggled in their last encounter at the US Open in 2014.

Granollers is another quick starter who seems to come out all guns blazing then fade as the match wears on and that's exactly what happened on the hard courts of New York last year. The Spaniard is definitely an accomplished clay courter who can cause Fed some trouble if his game clicks but I think Fed should be able to handle him in straights if he plays at a similar level to today's – serve well, play up the court and hit the forehand with penetration. I think pretty much every one of Roger's matches this French Open hinge on those three things so hopefully he can put it all together and progress through the tournament.

The match will be played on Wednesday and I'll pick Fed to get it done 6-4 6-2 6-2 and move into the third round where he'll play either Marcos Baghdatis or Damir Dzumhur who took out Ivo Karlovic and Mikhail Youzhny respectively.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    Good win for Roger today, the score is misleading, Falla played a good match but Roger was still way too good with nearly twice as many winners as unforced errors.


    He set Philippe Chatrier on Falla for a while, but Roger soon put out the flames.

    That security was absolutely abysmal though. Did you see Roger having to gesture to the security to get them to escort this idiot off the court? Took about 20 seconds for these incompetent fools to react.

    1. Yes, Falla did play well, really. I hope it was the sort of match Roger needed – certainly seemed a little tougher than his first rounds in the previous 2 years, without really pushing him. My perception (as I wandered in and out while getting the lunch) was of rather too many sloppy UEs – attempts at sliced dropshots which didn’t make it over the net, overhits etc. – but from what I’ve seen so far the FH seemed to be working reasonably okay. But those shorts …! Every now and then on the telly screen they seemed to go all shiny and patchy, when they looked even worse. Maybe he should bring out the white ones.

      And that security breach was completely inexcusable. Commentators commented that the security on entry was extremely tight – and rightly so, given the events of January 7th – but that was a major failure. Thank heavens it was only a fan.

    2. Falla was on fire for a bit, he certainly came up with some nice shots but couldn’t sustain it.

      Security was a joke, I don’t think you could get anywhere near the players at Wimbledon, there’s always security and military at each changeover and when the match finishes.

  2. Did anyone see Youzhny with his face-hitting stuff again? Don’t know what the hell he does that for, but I guess it gets him plenty of media coverage πŸ™‚

    1. I saw that Charlie – smashed the strings into his face several times, must have really hurt! But better than when he hit his forehead with the edge of the racquet and had blood dribbling down his face…crazy Russian. Don’t know what’s happened to Youzhny; he was a very decent player with a great backhand. I quite liked him. Shame.

      1. He must be incredibly frustrated with the way he’s been playing this year, but even so that was extreme. Did he withdraw after 2 sets, or something? That was what I thought the TV comms implied.

      2. Yes, he retired – 6-1, 6-2 or something, poor guy. Of course he was utterly frustrated, hence the face bashing with the racquet. Has he had injury problems recently? Can’t understand *this* sort of slump for him.

      3. @Slamdunk – he cut his head with the strings that time too I think, not the edge of the racquet. If you hit the right spot and it’s not spread across the stringbed they will draw blood easily, Murray used to punch his and they rip your knuckles to shreds.

        Even better is that Youzhny has a degree in philosophy.

      4. Actually, I think it was reported somewhere that he’d been having back problems.

  3. Gee thanks for the nice write-up Jonathan. For the two sets that I watched on livestream, the comms sounded as if he was scrapping through some UE ridden contest and I felt like I was missing something? :O
    I was keenly observing the FH too and kept hoping Falla would hit to Roger’s FH so he got some “riddum” on it. I thought it was a very good quality match for a first round.
    Roger seemed pissed about the balls at times? He also said second serve is a joke with them apparently!
    And boy that kind of security breach should not be happening. Roger was so pissed! And even when the guy was right there nobody was even moving until he gestured someone to take him away it seems. Scary stuff. It wasn’t even the first time so shame on RG really..
    Anyhoo, it’s the win that matters. One match at a time! πŸ˜€

    1. If your commentator was Mats Wilander then you are dead on right about him going on about Fed playing scrappy/not good. Was amazed at how much he was shading Roger for a first round match against a decent opponent.

      Also regarding Fed and the balls, his second serve was working really well yday so I’m not sure what that’s all about, think he might be struggling to get used to the conditions and looking for something to direct frustration towards. Did anyone ask Fed more about this in the presser? Speaking off, where can we find the interview transcripts, RG website gone into total disarray.

      1. I hate Mats Wilander. He’s been having digs at Federer since forever; he is totally jealous of him and when commentating can’t wait to find fault…pfft! What a moron.

      2. The RG site is mush, same every yr! Yes 2nd serve stats great! But the court was slow and balls hv no life…

      3. Wilander is an idiot! Surely he shld know that players just need to do enough in the early rounds. Conserve energy, hold serve, consolidate the breaks and get off in 3 sets… Fed did all that!

      4. Transcripts are on asap, but not regular asap – I always check Ish on Twitter, she’s almost always got links. ( @crazyfedfan )

    2. I had Petchey and Courier on my commentary, they were pretty complimentary of both guys but said Fed just had too much.

      I haven’t seen the comment about the second serve been a joke? Where is that from?

      Fed’s presser was a joke, not one question about the match just security, Nadal and fashion.

    3. @Alysha, it was Eurosport, so could be Wilander? Not sure.
      @Jonathan He apparently said it in a Eurosport interview. I had to leave after watching first two sets so not sure but read it on twitter I think. I did watch vids of the intruder though, they were everywhere!
      I guess I’ll look for a link for the match which has Courier or Annacone. Any suggestions?

  4. Hi jonathan

    Think that was a nice opening match he got better as the match went on. FED 1 BANANA SKINS 0 long may it continue

    Karlovic is gone so that is good glad not to have to sit through a match where he just bombs down aces i personally do not call that tennis

    I still worry about his break point conversion, but on the other hand he is getting break points. Good to see Stefan in the box. Onward and upward Fed. PS I HATE THE COLOUR OF THE SHORTS WHAT WERE NIKE AND ROGER THINKING i presume he chose them without MIRKA seeing them.

    1. On their own the shorts are a bit much, but with the shirt, I actually rather like the colour combination Trudi! πŸ™‚

      1. No sorry he should pass them onto Nadal more his style than Fed. JONATHAN i think we should start a petition to get Feds shorts banned they really are that bad

      2. Should’ve gone with white- and for the love of God, please get rid of that horrible shiney streak on the side of the shorts!

      3. Agreed on the strip – hate that, but the colours together, like a shimmery effect, or maybe sunrise. Each to his own I guess. This is what the Feds said when asked:

        Q. We are in the capital of fashion and we saw you wearing very bright colors today. Is there a reason, or it’s a new thing? And did you notice that the ball girls are wearing socks like Mattek-Sands? I mean, it’s real strange.
        ROGER FEDERER: Is it strange? Well, you’re Italian, so that’s again a different situation.

        Q. To make you smile.
        ROGER FEDERER: Funny first question. I’m happy to talk about more fun things like this. Clearly I would love that. Yeah, I like the outfit, No. 1. I think I went through a bright spell the first few months of the season. Obviously it’s going to change when Wimbledon comes around because rules have become ridiculously strict over there, and I love Wimbledon, but they have gone too far now.

        Q. Talking about your shoes and the color of the shoes in Wimbledon.
        ROGER FEDERER: No, no, just like going forward, no color anymore basically. So it’s rough there. That’s why let’s enjoy the color while we can. And then, you know, we will see what comes after that. Clearly you always want to make a statement in a nice city like here. I think people enjoy it. I think it’s powerful. We will see how many times I can wear it, you know. I hope seven matches, so we will see about that. And then the socks, about the ball girls and everything, why not? You know, change it up a little bit. You’re talking about it, so that’s a good thing. Yeah, it’s good to try to be fashionable in a fashionable city like here in Paris.

      4. Me too! At least we can see him, unlike the yellow balls v clay on TV which become harder and harder to see as match progresses…

      5. @Trudi – the break point conversion looks bad as Falla saved lots of them at deuce in a couple of games, but I think in every case Fed did finally get the break so none were really wasted. Falla came up with some decent points, and he’s always got his favourite serve on the ad court being a lefty…

      6. Actually, having had a look at the photos Jon has put up, the shorts look less bad there than they did on my TV, where I kept turning the brightness down and it still seemed to have little effect. But the really virulently-coloured Nike outfit today was Kyle Edmund’s epileptic-fit-inducing one, which made Roger’s look tame by comparison. From what I’ve observed so far, I guess they’ve gone for mandatory colours for the FO, and Roger has just got a better outfit than the rank-and-file players. This seems like a bad idea to me: you end up with too many players playing in the same outfit and it just makes it more difficult to distinguish who’s who.

    2. Karlovic not that good on clay and his serve is neutralised, especially considering how slow the courts are this year, not surprised he got eliminated.

      1. Yes! Cld not believe Greg Rusedski saying courts looked pretty fast…. What tourney was he watching?? Courts and balls are ideal for Nadull which is why I won’t bet against him at RG! Ideal for masses of spin, not pace thru the court!!

      2. Yeah think I predicted Karlovic wouldn’t make third round to face Fed in draw post.

        Won’t these balls help heavy hitters? Fed said they are dead / unresponsive. I thought that meant players like Berdych, Isner etc. would like them more…

  5. Totally agree with your analyse Jonathan. Very pleasant write up! Fed was excellent at pushing Falla’s agressivity back and the Forehand has shown signs of improved penetration potential, it’s been definitively better than Istanbul, Madrid and Rome. And the backhand seems to be as good as in Rome (quaters and semis, not so against Djoko).
    Let’s hope he keeps feeling more and more comfortable and keeps rising his game.

    I just watched again yesterday night his loss in Monte Carlo against Monfils. I don’t know if it’s because Monfils made it physical and got him tired, but Roger just missed to many shots. Monfils was not that great. A more consistent Roger should be able to take him down, but he needs to be consistent and mentally strong (patient and strategic in the case of a Monfils match.)

    Of course first things first Grannollers. You said it all about him, Jonathan. I think Roger is determined to do better than last year, that’s helping his mentality a lot… He should not be surprised by the spaniard.

    1. Monte Carlo was a weird match as Monfils wasn’t overly aggressive and he was happy to let Fed rally from the back of the court but he can just blaze winners even when he’s 6 feet behind the baseline. Always a handful.

  6. You said it all Jonathan. I thought it was an excellent first match -great serving stats, etc. To be fair to Feds, you’re right, Falla did play some great points to save some of those BPs and you could see how annoyed Federer was when he *did* actually miss a makeable shot, but it was done and dusted pretty efficiently.

    I agree on the balls used – why on earth can’t they make them the same across the tournaments. Players have to adapt across different conditions, fair enough, but they don’t need to make it that awkward. The balls sound heavy to me – a bit like miniature (round!) rugby balls; there’s a horrible sort of thunk when the strings hit the ball.

    1. Whose are they – Babolat?

      Forgot to say that the general stats looked good. I only saw the FS% for the first set, I think it was, when it was 59%, so overall there was obviously an improvement.

      1. Yes, Babolat ‘all court ball’ – not regular or heavy duty, so it says. But the Babolats they used in 2011 must definitely have been much lighter – wish they’d gone back to them!

      2. 2011 the complaint was they were hard and fast. Now they are dead and unresponsive this year πŸ˜†

        It’s hard to work out exactly what players mean by those words in terms of playability. Dead off the strings, or off the court? Unresponsive as don’t take spin or you can’t control it as well… someone in press should ask for a slightly longer explanation but they are more bothered about asking what Fed had for lunch or if his kids will play tennis.

    2. Wouldn’t dead/unresponsive balls, actually works against the Grand Vermin? And if they bounce low, wouldn’t they favor Roger?

      1. My feeling Sid is that there wasn’t a low bounce – some of those angled second serves Federer hit bounced very high I thought. Sounds as though it needs a good bit of power to hit through them is what I think. And I guess they can’t be that unresponsive; Federer hit some excellent dropshots.

      2. I thought that too – if they are dead / unresponsive they should favour heavy flat hitters like Berdych and big serve / forehand players like Isner.

        But who knows – its like court speed, one player says its fast, the other says slow. Never get an accurate answer just what a few particular players says in press.

  7. Is it just me or did any one else find the way the ball came off the surface weird? The ball seemed to bounce low and stick to the court to me.

    1. Didn’t notice that they bounced low but they are certainly heavy: seems like brute strength might be a plus point here: Wawrinka? I’m amazed Federer was able to serve 8 aces. Clearly it didn’t work for Karlovic!

    2. I watched on ITV, looked to bounce quite high to me but it’s hard to tell with camera angles. I remember Fed taking a loopy forehand as a smash instead of a head high forehand. Although he did manage to really cream a few backhands from waist height…

  8. Cool analysis, Jonathan πŸ™‚

    It took Fed a little while to get the timing right but a great performance as the first match from him. Falla amazed me quite a lot today and both guys produced some exquisite skills so I enjoyed watching. As you pointed out, glad to see fed’s FHs working well with some power hitting and 42 winners on clay, impressive indeed. Loved that spectacular sky hook smash at 30 all, 2nd game of the 3rd set. One win in the bag, baby!

    1. Yeah Falla plays quite an attacking style of tennis, will always go for his shots and he had some really nice touch at the net, that half volley when he came in behind the serve was sweet.

  9. Thanks for your excellent summary as usual. I watched a little highlight of the match. I feel that Roger played with 2.5 gears, clearly trying to reserve energy. Neverthless, I thought that he should have applied some pressure on his large number of BPs he created to shorten the match. Overall, a very good start πŸ™‚ . One done 6 to go.
    Allez Rog!

    1. A lot of the break points came in flurries, Fed had about 5 in one game and 4 in another; Falla kept producing some solid plays to save them and make deuce but I don’t think there was a game where Fed had at least one break point and didn’t go on to break serve so he was pretty efficient really. It wasn’t like Falla was saving them then going on to hold serve. He saved a few but eventually got broken.

      1. Yeah, see the total number of break points at times are totally overrated. In the example you gave, Fed say wins 2 of 9, to win two games. So the 7 wasted break points are inconsequential.

        They however, are an indicator of how well you are playing. Think of the Wimbledon 2008 final. Federer was 1 of 13! Now that sucks!

      2. Yes. I think BP stats representation needs modification.

        I remember Thinker raised this point long back and there was a good discussion on it. 4/16 does not tell you the whole story. More useful stats is : “in how many games Fed had BP?” If the 16 opportunities are distributed over only 4 games, no complaints. Because it means every game with a break-point chance was broken. The 12 BP chances lost did not make any difference to the scoreline. It only costed more energy to break and also extracted more effort from the opponent, which could only frustrate him coz all his efforts resulted in failures. I think BP stats in this case should be written as, 4/4(16).

        On the other hand if 16 BPs are distributed over 10 games and say, only 2 converted, it’s serious. Because there are as many as 8 games in which the opponent held in spite of facing BP. In this case BP stats should be 2/10(16).

      3. Hey Ankur, I always thought you should not add to a BP the point where the opponent hits an ace. I mean, if you have a bp and the opponent hits an ace…. can you call that a bp?? Because you cannot return a good ace, so how can you break it, so why mention that as a bp??

      4. @ Ankur – I was thinking about that previous discussion too πŸ™‚ – I think it may be Jeff Sackman at Tennis Abstract who was (one of?) the first to bring it up, perhaps with a post on his blog? Not sure. Didn’t originate with me, in any case!

      5. @ Katyani – I think the case where the server hits an ace on break point is a good example of the server “saving” a break point. Remember, the same serve may be an ace against opponent A, but may get returned against opponent B – so the opponent’s return game is part of the equation. But by hitting a very good first serve, the server gives himself a better opportunity of saving the break point.

      6. Katyani,

        By your reasoning, and ace on match point should not be considered a match point, right? So, they keep playing the match until the returner is able to touch the serve?


      7. Hey Thinker, that is a good point you make. I didn’t think of that. Which…. is why your name is Thinker and not mine πŸ™‚
        I only saw it from the point of view of the opponent, but for the server, it makes sense. Thanks for explaining πŸ™‚

        Ps: Did you see Roger swearing into his towel?? Seriously, how can anyone not like Roger πŸ™‚ He is sooooo funny, even when he is mad πŸ™‚

  10. Nice read! You said it all! Nice first match! Tricky enough to make him think and focus. Served v well! Points off 2nd serve v impressive!
    Security breach unacceptable! Hv they forgotten Seles and how quickly things change. Security needs to get sorted and quickly!!
    On another note, Stan gave RG hell in his presser for that tacky article about his personal life ( now withdrawn). Real s..t as Stan said!

    Swiss 2 RG 0


    1. Yeah, that article was bad Susie – and to actually put it on the site! Totally unacceptable.

      1. RG had a bad day yesterday and as usual put their own players under pressure! Garcia cld hv gone much further but was thrust onto PC and wilted under the expectation!

  11. Thanks for the write up Jonathan. Little girls love purple and pink. Did his daughters pick the colours of the shorts and shirt. The purple isn`t dark enough and the shorts…well….nauseating. Check out the cut of the shorts at USO last year. WAY better fit. And the shorts should be white here.

    The security is horrendous. Even after the incident, security just let the kid walk away. They should have knocked him down and ground his face in the clay. Are they waiting for another stabbing or what.

    I didn`t watch all of the match but sounds like Edberg has been working on the forehand!

    1. I think the improvement Fed has made on the BH with the new racquet is more noticeable when he plays a lefty, was defending well off that wing and could take more control on the FH side.

    2. I quite like the polo but not overly keen on the shorts. I wasn’t constantly thinking it looked terrible though I think he’s worn worse.

      Backhand is definitely more solid with the racquet but the forehand looked pretty good too yesterday, was able to penetrate the court more with it…

      1. OH I LIKE THE OUTFIT TREMENDOUSLY – and more and more, opposite for instance those boring black-wears
        And I think Roger’s game was tremendous, his basic confidence contagious, even when he was broken – no nerves or heart-attacking whatsoever. Such a nice creative match with brilliant rallies from both –

  12. PC Court is as slow as ever, Roger has to be patient. He was a little grumpy during 3rd set. Falla did make him work for his W. It’s not going to be any easier, he need to remain calm. Security at RG is horrible, Roger has to remind them to do escort crazy selfie fan away. Its horrible, this is 2nd time this has happen to Roger. Its not funny at all.

    1. ‘He was a little grumpy…’ – He has definitely become more tetchy as he’s got older Dippy!

  13. Nice all – match, thoughts, even shorts – although I admit they seem walking Roger more than ..well I think and hope we will get enough matches to get used to them. And if Roger likes them, let him be stimulated by those bright colors, stern-white Wimbledon not far away.

  14. Solid start. Good to see some good shots from both of them in the highlights, meaning Falla wasn’t a pushover & Fed had to practice more skills; & had more chance to get used to this court. Weird how they’re saying it’s so different when we seem to think it’s similar to Rome.

    Your intro says he broke him once in each set, but the recap says twice in set 2?

    Hate the outfit. Want the green back.

    SOOOO PLEASED to see Mirka in the stands! All is right with the world!

    (Apparently Mirka also had a convo with the head RG guy, and apparently the ….. person…. has been banned from RG. Appropriately. Not saying the 2 things are related!!!)

    1. Yeah my error, he broke 4 times in total, twice in set 2.

      Probably justified he’s banned from the tournament, looked about 15/16? So not exactly a toddler who just got excited and ran on the court.

      I’m with Sue, I’d have liked to see him get rugby tackled, eaten some clay and then Federer stick the boot in too when he’s on the floor. πŸ˜†

      1. Haha lol,I would go with a French security guard on Chatrier because with the Maginot line at least you have to go through Belgium first!

  15. Nice way to kick things off J (you too Fed)!

    – Despite being a lucky loser, I thought Falla put up a stern test throughout this enconuter and hit some great shots in the rallies. Good first round for Fed, and its nice to know that when he’s not at top gear, he is still dictating out there. As you said the FH was more effective today but I don’t see what Fed is talking about when it comes to the balls being dead, he got quite a lot of kick on his second serve and I don’t know if that would be possible if the balls were as dead as he was saying. As far as I’m aware, Geneva has the same balls as Roland Garros and they looked to be flying through the court last week. Either way, it is an adjustment for him and I’m sure it will take him a few more matches to adapt to.

    – Another Roland Garros, another shitfest commentating session by Mats Wilander. The guy flip flops over Fed every two minutes, anyone know where I can get an ESPN stream from?

    – Rolly G didn’t start of smooth with their awful security breaches showing yet again- this will be what the 3rd time now the past few years? And then their website posting a stupid article about Stan’s wife. Unprofessional and for a slam to be acting this way is not in the best interests of the sport, step it up Paris! Speaking of Stan, good chance he’ll be in the quarters now seeing as Garcia Lopez got booted out in the first round.

    – And lastly, the outfit- polo and shoes are rocking but still against the shorts- y u no give him white shorts nike?

    1. I don’t really get exactly what players mean when they just throw out a couple of words out about the balls. Never get the full picture. If someone said a ball was dead to me when we’re playing it usually means it”s not bouncing. Whether Fed means the same I have no idea. Unresponsive – your guess is as good as mine.

      As for security 2009, 2013 and now this year. Pretty poor record really.

      1. Thanks for this Jonathan, at least I know I’m not the only one who’s confused!

  16. Nice start. didn’t see the match but always look for your post Jonathan for detail update.
    Federer has good draw but by no means easy draw. Majority have performed well against Fed in the past.
    As always, I will go one match at a time. hope Fed will be holding the trophy at the end of the two weeks. at least one can hope! I really want him to win one more French Open to make it all GS won at least twice.

  17. If Granollers grunts that loudly v Fed, Rog needs to protest. His grunt carries way over the net with the ball to point of impact by oppo. Watched him yesterday…. Wholly unacceptable! He has come into a little bit of improved form so Rog needs to be on his guard… Straight sets plse on Wednesday!!

    1. He looks like a bit of a dick, in Madrid he was whacking balls out the practice court into the busy walkway outside Estadio Manolo Santana. Not sure what he was doing, giving people a souvenir, trying to hit people on the head or just clowning around; either way he sent about 7 or 8 balls about 50 feet out the court in a row.

      The grunt is a hindrance too.

      Can’t remember if I said but Ferrer doesn’t grunt at all in practice. Quite a weird thing considering he does it every point during a match.

      1. Remember Seles saying something similar years ago – she worked really hard at NOT making a sound in practice, but as soon as she got into a match it came out. She sounded mystified.

      2. Me? I also hate the methodical grunting. Is ugly sound! There should be rules about limiting length, duration, volume, numbers!

  18. Insanity already…. Lopez out to Gabashvili?!

    I was already down from about 75th overall in Tiger Challenge to about 95th after Madrid/MC/Rome – I sense a further slide here…. aaaaaaaAAAAHHHHHHH!!!

  19. Where’s the order of play on the RG site? Not with draws & results, at least I’m not seeing it…

    1. Hi Thinker, have a look at the draws and schedule under the menu, three line at top left of the home page πŸ™‚

  20. Monfils is making me sick! I know that Roger still needs to reach that match which means going through Grannollers and Baghdatis, and that Monfils needs to go through Schwartzman then Cuevas or Thiem. But seriously I feel so so so so so so sick just thinking of this possible encounter. It’s almost ruining my Roland Garros!
    Thiem – Cuevas will be very interesting to watch. Thiem is improving fast at the moment. He’s my favorite youngster. He could take out Monfils, who knows.

    What annoys me in the perspective of a Roger GaΓ«l match is that it seems that GaΓ«l got in Roger’s head. He knows it and he plays with it now. And Roger seems to be actually too sensitive about it! I don’t want to see that!

    I feel lost!

    1. Stylish design but yeah agree, rather slow on posting news and match recaps. Typical of French, they are out to lunch. Shoud hire Jonathan πŸ˜‰

    2. I don’t mind it but I have seen a lot of people complaining about it. The news and homepage are probably the worst sections. Live Scores / Schedule etc. aren’t bad.

    3. ‘Side Show Bob’ – good one Sue! It’s amazing just how many monickers he’s got: Clownfils, Monfools, Gael Force but yours is great – perhaps not quite so ‘evil’ – or at least only to us!

    4. It certainly sucks. Took me a while to find the order of play, which is a bit basic. Have no idea where the older items are, and where they can be found easily. I even tried forcing it to go to the French version, thinking it might be more complete, but that’s no better. Livescores are ridiculous: when they move left or right, you can’t always see the players *and* the scores!

    5. It’s a very modern / tablet orientated design. The more I go on it the more I like it, not finding it hard to navigate at all. Pretty much everything is where you expect it to be.

      @Alison – what do you mean by older items?

      For livescores it sounds like you are using the quick drop down option from the top right and clicking the arrows to move side to side – for more granular control use your left and right arrow keys or your mouses scroll wheel. Or just visit the dedicated live scores via the main navigation where they’re given in a 3 column layout.

      1. I mean things more than, say, a day old, Jonathan. It’s a real pain trying to find them. The site may be fine for tablets and smartphones, but it’s pretty unfriendly to anything approaching a computer. But thanks for the livescore hint: I’ll try that. I got so fed up with the site that I went onto the ATP site and launched the Slam Tracker from there. And the drop-down menu at top left doesn’t even work on my work and home computers, which makes it difficult for me to get at all the things I actually want to get at! It’s fine if you can scroll, but not if you can’t. And the OOP page is horrid on a real computer – or even my Chromebook. Plus there’s too much trash down the bottom of the homepage – really bad. Only a couple of inches to actually put important stuff.

      2. I’m really surprised that it’s getting negative feedback. I just asked on Twitter and the response was mainly negative. It might be just mob mentality after a couple of higher follower accounts said they dislike it so everyone follows suit so I don’t know.

        The OOP struggle seems to be common which confuses me, it’s just 2 clicks from the homepage under Draws & Schedule. I’d like to watch some screen recordings of people using it. Always very interesting along and a few head + desk moments πŸ˜†

        I use a laptop on Windows 7 and a desktop Windows 8 with Chrome / Firefox, along with an Android Tablet and Smartphone; had zero issues. Just single click the burger menu button and it pops out. All seems pretty intuitive to me – Live & Results, Draw & Schedule, News. Can’t say I’ve ever clicked and not known what to expect.

        OOP page looks fine? This is what I see –

      3. Ok, I do hard core front end development too, and the site itself is pretty nice. Yes, there are some usability issues, but I’m sure they will fix them with time. With that kind of layout revamp, there are bound to be a few problems.

      4. liked the new revamp design and the layout, its interactive and easy to navigate
        I don’t know why all these negative feedbacks
        strange, I mean I manage IT teams that design application responses to different type of devices and provision the needed style depends on device type, the new design is something I would recommend to have though

  21. So, after 10 minutes of trying, I finally manage to bring up the OOP for tomorrow and discover that Roger is second on Lenglen.

  22. Jonathan, I think you work for the RG web site.

    I see they didn`t put Roger on centre court. I guess it`s his punishment for complaining about security.

    1. Wasn’t it like that last year also, that there was some court shifting for all highseeders? I suppose we’ll also watch the other legend’s going to Lenglen some of the times/rounds?

    2. Lenglen is still a show court, I don’t see it as inherently disrespectful. I suppose it doesn’t hold as many spectators as Chatrier. Wonder, actually, if there are security aspects that make Lenglen favorable?

  23. Monfils the home favourite. You can see why they put him on Chatrier. I think fed Granollers is actually gonna turn up some good rallies. Will still go for fed in straights. Lost count of the times I’ve thought the stars aligned for Roger only for disappointment to be waiting at the end. So one match at a time, as the old adage goes.

    You guys see Sock destroy Dimitrov? Only real upset of the weekend. On the male side.

    1. Saw the scores on Sock/Dimitrov…. dunno what’s going on with Dimitrov, and I think doubles success has been great for Sock – just like it’s supposed to be.

    2. Jonathan predicted it correctly (again).
      Next Tiger, I’ll base my prediction on what he say πŸ™‚

    3. Wow, Sock’s having a heck of a tournament – now a winner over Stakhovsky. Don’t think I predicted him going this far.

    4. Good idea Amar. Although this puts pressure on my predictions. Lives, homes and children’s inheritances are now at stake.

      @Thinker Steve Johnson beat Stakhovsky, not Sock.

      1. AAACKK!!! I meant Steve Johnson!!!! How embarrassing. “American guy one of whose names start with S & J, in some order or other”. Sheesh.

  24. I think Dimitrov needs a new coach.
    Bouchard seems to have lost her way. Don`t know what`s going on with her.

  25. Annacone available? Maybe Grigor or Eugenie can give him a call. Though I will say I think some struggle and humbling will be good for the Canadian. Miss “I will not shake your hand” needs to grow up some I think.

  26. Yeah, that hand shake incident was odd. She said handshaking was to congratulate someone. And how can you congratulate someone when the match hasn`t been played yet. How dumb is that.

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