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Federer Makes 7th Australian Open Final as Chung Retires

Roger Federer is one match away from bagging his sixth Australian Open title after defeating Hyeon Chung, who retired at 6-1, 5-2 due to a blister on his left foot.

It's not the way ticket buyers or the players wanted the Semi Final to pan out but the win means Roger has yet to drop a set en route to a showdown with Marin Cilic in Sunday's showpiece which will be a repeat of last years Wimbledon final and Roger's 30th Grand Slam Final.

Quick Match Recap


Federer won the toss and elected to receive. A smart choice to see what Chung had to offer and the Swiss broke immediately for 1-0. Chung was able to fashion a break back point but Roger held for 2-0 to get off to a perfect start and put Chung well behind the eight ball.

Chung got on the board with a hold to 15 for 1-2 but in game five his serve was under more pressure and he was broken to 15. A speedy hold put Roger 5-1 in front and the Swiss sealed the set; converting his 5th set point on the Chung serve to take it 6-2.

Into set two and a love hold put Roger 1-0 in front. Chung levelled to 15 but in game four was broken as Roger hit a sweet backhand pass for 3-1. That was consolidated for 4-1 and Chung then called the trainer for a medical timeout on a blister. Upon resumption after a lengthy delay, Chung held to 15 for 2-4 but unfortunately, four points into game eight Chung was forced to retire, clearly hobbled by his foot problem as Roger won through 6-1, 5-2.

Match Stats

Aces 1 9
Double faults 3 1
First serve % in 57% 43%
Win % in 1st serve 57% (17/30) 94% (15/16)
Win % in 2nd serve 39% (9/23) 71% (15/21)
Break points won % 0% (0/1) 36% (4/11)
Winners 6 24
Unforced Errors 17 15
Net points won 0% (0/5) 86% (6/7)
Total points won 33 57
Avage serve speed 165kmh 175kmh
Fasted serve 201kmh 204kmh
SABR 0 0



Thoughts on the Match


Easy pickings here for Fed and he spent just over an hour on court. Ideal prep for a final? Probably not but there's not much he can do about that so it is what it is. I'd very much bought into the Chung hype after he dispatched Zverev and Djokovic in the earlier rounds but Roger made him look ordinary in the first set. In the first game, Fed chose to hit with big spin and no pace down the middle of the court to see what Chung had to offer. That seemed to almost confuse Chung who looked a bit overwhelmed; I'm assuming he expected Fed to be ripping it from the get-go instead he got some loopy balls he wasn't sure what to do with.

Chung will clearly have been nervous too which won't have helped and Roger took full advantage to break early and from there on the South Korean's serve was picked off at will. One thing that was clear was Chung had absolutely no idea where Fed was hitting his next shot mid-rally and he got caught out a number of times. Couple that with his blister giving him pain when he's forced to change direction quickly and it was never going to end well.

Other than that the match was far too short-lived to really judge how Fed was playing. He served at a mere 32% in the first set which he shouldn't really get away with but his forehand looked solid and he came up with a couple of nice whipped cross-court shots on the run which is a sign he's moving well. As for Chung, he's also hard to judge as we don't know how bad the blister was in the first set. Roger did say he noticed he was limping in the locker room though so it was obviously a pre-existing problem that got worse as the match went on. However, I think his serve looks tin pot at this level and the forehand leaks a few too many errors. But so did Novak's back in the day so all very much a work in progress for him and making the semi of a slam is nothing to scoff at.

Predictions vs. Cilic

So next up is Marin Cilic who defeated Kyle Edmund in straight sets in yesterday's semi-final and as a result, he's going to be very fresh for the final on Sunday. The Croat has had a pretty comfortable draw too, only dropping the one set against Carreno Busta before he went five sets with Nadal in the Quarter Finals. I watched a bit of that match Cilic played very well as he stuck to his guns, yes he made some silly errors overhitting on key points but he could have folded long before Nadal's leg became an issue so it's an impressive win despite it ending in retirement.

Roger leads the H2H by a wide margin and he's won their last three meeting with Cilic's sole win came at the US Open in 2014 where he blew Roger off the court. I know that's the match everyone will be looking at but if you go back and watch the highlights Fed was cooked in that match after going five against Monfils the round before. Not an excuse of course as managing the rounds is part of the sport, but if Fed was moving at 100% then it's not straight sets win for Cilic. Maybe Cilic wins it anyway as he was on fire that year but it would have been much closer. And fortunately, fatigue from the earlier rounds won't be a factor for either guy on Sunday.

As for who wins, I'm not really sure. It has actually been a bit of a weird/flat tournament overall so the first thing is hopefully it's a decent match! You can make a strong case for both guys to be holding the trophy aloft and you no doubt heard Robbie Koenig pick Cilic for the title during the commentary.

For me,  Roger has to be the favourite going in and you almost feel like he has very little to lose now, winning two slams last year has sort of got the monkey off his back and he can play with a free mind out there. Cilic can too to an extent but he's not going to get that many chances to add to his major tally so it does add a bit of pressure.

I think the key for Fed will be how well he defends his first and second serve so he's going to have to knock up the first serve % compared to today. Cilic won a tonne of return points at the US Open because Fed was too slow to that first ball and was instantly behind. If he's serving well and preventing Cilic from getting on top I like his chances to take care of his own serve and come out on top at the business end of sets by putting the pressure on Cilic to keep trying to find the lines.

As always let me know your thoughts and predictions in the comments 🙂


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. A bit anti-climax to such a hype up semis. Not sounding too arrogant, Roger really schooled him by feeding balls into the middle with no pace. Roger threw a lot junk and practically camping himself inside the baseline to receive Chung’s 2nd servers. Too bad the match didnt last long enough for Roger to school him further. My only peeve is Chung retiring without even completing his game, come on at 30-30 5-2. What is the worse that could happen- Roger taking the set at 6-2 afterall he already plan to retire anyways. Why not finish last 2 serves and shake hands. There are a lot of people out there paying good money to watch this match.

      As for final, the good yeah very short match Roger will have a good rest but the bad maybe not enough rhythm going against Cilic. I can’t wait for Sunday, Cmon Rogaaa…!!!

      1. You maybe missed, what Roger told (in an interview for BLICK but probably elsewhere too) about Chung’s injury. It was abad blister and it started before Djokovic win.
        Yes, he looked overwhelmed and fearful, but he’s a hard guy. He didn’t show the pain, but such pain is brutal and probably it was really the choice to retire or to stay on place and hit back balls if coming to the racket. The solution he chose, being more fair and respectful to Roger and the crowd.
        I’m sorry for the missed investment of ticket buyers, but they did not pay for unnecessary suffering of one of the players.
        Cilic will be another cake walk. Maybe also injured. Edmund was (officially) ailing in the Cilic-match, so it’s bad measure of his capability.
        This slam will be maybe the cheapest one for Roger from all.

      2. Yeah was a bit of a flop after all the hype.

        Tbf Chung did a very good job of hiding the pain on court. Wasn’t the walking wounded like Murray from time to time 😆

        I guess he could have played out the last 2 points but doesn’t make too much difference, I think if it was 5-2, third set then ye.

  1. Kind of disappointing end and not much to say on this…32% first serve, even when he did offensive returns i wasn’t really sure Roger reading his serves in beginning…when he seems get into Chung seems gone away…

    Hopefully good finals after ret. SF. Marin likely eager after what happened in Last finals…Hopefully Rogers serves better and holding could help him to ride thru if Marin hotlines…let’s hope for #20

  2. WEllwell, this is tricky. In Wb Cilic was excellent in the start of 1. set, so I worried then for no benefit. I think our hero will make it. He’s fit mentally and physically, and so no. 1 as ever on court!

  3. Only upside to this is that the BBC will be able to fit virtually the whole match into their “highlights” programme this afternoon 🙁

    Very disappointing way for the match to finish – and I’m not sure it helps Roger at all.

  4. Thanks Jonathan for your quick recap similar to Roger’s match 🙂 . Agree with all the things you said. For final, Roger will need to take care of his own serve with above 63% 1st serve percentage without getting into a battle unnecessarily. After all, Cilic is a familiar foe and Roger won’t have to try a untested tactic (like one in the SF against Chung). Once services are delivered, the rest should follow. Cilic certainly moved well in his match against Edmund but I am not convinced he could maintain that for four sets. If match does go into the decider, I think that Roger will be fitter than Cilic. Emund should have got something out the latter two sets when Cilic looked visibly slowed down in the 3rd but the Young Kyle has not got any other weapon with which he could use to hurt Cilic. If Roger delivers normal serve % and FH with reasonable UEs, the 20th title beckons.
    Allez Rog!

    1. I didn’t see the Edmund / Cilic semi. Edmund injured with his hip, I read his groundstrokes and serve were down 10kmh which is a big difference. Maybe he gets a set if he’s hitting his FH at full belt.

  5. Not the way we wanted it to finish, but the main thing is Roger has a chance for GS20. Like Jon said, if he serves the well he has excellent chances to make it happen.


  6. GO 2OGER !

    Even a green grasshopper
    In the first row of the theater
    Wanted to admire the winner
    Closer and closer.

    The question will be forever :
    “why is he better and better
    although he becomes older ?”
    On Sunday, we’ll have the answer.

    As the greats in Davos or on twitter
    reflect on the economy of the future
    If you are against Cilic, the winner
    We will all say together :
    “Thank you and congrats,  2OGER
    One more summit in your career”.

    1. Yes, wasn’t that funny about the Fed-fan-grasshopper. Roger was so focussed on the match he never noticed it.

      1. Sorry Jonathan, I am not an English native ! By using “greats” I meant the powerful (the Presidents for example who were in Davos this week)…

        Sorry again, I don’t know who Jamie Dimon is  … and don’t understand about the post card !?

        But what I am sure of is that Fed is greater than all Presidents together and his wonderful game is more powerful than any economical theory to make people happy, no ?

        Federer for President if he wins his 20th tomorrow ! 🙂

  7. I am pleased that with Cilic having an extra day off Roger wasn’t in a marathon battle out there. From a neutral’s perspective what a disappointment especially for the ticket holders. If Ro6er wins on Sunday that will be title no. 6 which means he is on the most titles list of 3 of the 4 Slams. Wow!

  8. Chung had no idea how to handle Roger’s dolly shots although he may have worked it out eventually. It was a brilliant tactical start from Roger. Maybe worth a repeat against Cilic with some dolly serves thrown in? So there we were, gallons on coffee on the ready, and blistergeddon (thanks for that one, Alb) happened again. Please, let his serve be peRFect for Sunday and everything else too.
    The commentator on Eurosport said Roger was not desperate to win on Sunday as he had already proved that he could win slams again. Oh, please.

    1. Chung was hurt before the match started. If you could not see it, read/hear Roger’s interview. What lessons and tactics you need to give someone who could have pulled out of the match at all?

    2. [Roger was not desperate to win on Sunday as he had already proved that he could win slams again]

      To put more distance between him and Nadal and even seal the deal? To match Djokovic’s open era record of 6 Australian opens? To come within 150 points of the No.1 ranking? To become the first player to win 6 times at two different slams? And I’m sure several other statistics.

      Yeah…I don’t think he is desperate enough.

      1. But he wants to win – as always. The fun lies in focusing on good play – tactics, brilliancy, for that.

    3. There is a difference between wanting to win and needing to win. Fed very much wants to win, but he doesn’t need to anymore, it’s a huge difference. Look at how he played the Wimbledon finals in 14 and 15, he was playing like man with something to lose. Winning those 2 slams last year changed all that.

  9. Well, Roger ruined Cilic for six months after the Wimbledon final last year, so I think Cilic will be keen to redeem himself. If Fed doesn’t feel too much pressure, however, and is able to hit with some freedom, he should prevail.

  10. So much hype and i tried to go off work early and rush to go home to watch the match and as i turned on the tv chung was walking to umpire and retires. Well such dissapointment but good to my heart. Well a win is a win.ill take it.??
    Marin was a dangerous.shot maker if he was in good im nit in hype. Roger must improve his first serve and well he.must be in the mood. I read ur analysis about this one and we thlught the same as i saw the matches of chung.
    In my head well he was a good baseliner but i wonder if he can beat roger which has a variety of shots and an all around player. Well i saw the result even if chung wa in a good condition i think he can’t defeat roger like that.well is aTGIF. and i sit now to my favorite sofa watching pride and prejudice and eagerly waiting for sunday.cheers!!!

    1. I didn’t think Chung would win but I did think he’d be more of a challenge. But then again I had no knowledge of the blister pre-match which obviously played a huge part.

  11. A very poor effort from Chung,since when has a blister been a reason to retire in a grand slam semi final.Baby Djokovic indeed,more like embryo Djokovic today.Superb play from Fed,yes that low first serve percentage is a worry,but everything
    else was so good he didn’t need it.
    He will on Sunday though but I think he has this now.

    1. If you’ve ever had a blister like that then you will know it’s impossible to play. It’s worse than a muscle injury in a lot of way as you can’t put any pressure on it. You can try patch it up but as soon as there’s friction between shoe, sock and foot you’re in a whole world of pain.

      1. you sound as though you speak from experience-ouch.
        When I played Tennis back in the Dark Ages we wore plimsoles! Never got blisters but then we weren’t playing in a grand slam?
        I find the blister thing puzzling.Chung gave no sign of physical discomfort which was why his retirement was rather a shock.He walked off the court without limping which also seems odd for such a painful condition.His camp said that he had them for several days but no signs in his previous matches.Of course they may well have been getting
        progressively worse.One other odd thing,he posted a picture online of the afflicted foot,
        but it was the opposite to the one being treated on court,which is rather strange.whatever,it is all old news now.Onto the final.

      2. I’ve had a couple but not as bad as the one Chung posted. Walking isn’t too bad, it’s when you have to stop quickly or set off quick that it’s painful.

        Fed said he saw him biting into a towel in the locker room while he was getting injections in his foot.

        There’s a picture of his right foot too, it’s worse than the left.

  12. I never bought the hype of Chung. I knew it would be straight sets for Fed. 1st round type of match. But a sad way to end his SF bid. About Cilic, I have a feeling he will be very nervous (thinking back to Wimby, knowing he might never contest in a GS Final again). I am not worried about RF, really–he knows what he as to do: serve well. I don’t think he is taking Cilic for granted or is not that interested in GS 20–that is absurd. That said, it aint over till the last ball is in. So good luck, RF, but even if he loses at least it’s not Nadal or Djoko winning.

    1. Totally agree.I may be wrong but I don’t think Chung has progressed further than the second round of an ATP tournament before the AO.So yes this felt like a first round match.However it means that both finalists will be rested,Cilic more so but longer to get nervous.Last year both Fed and Nadal played 5 setters in the semifinals so began reasonably equal there.
      I really expect Fed to step it up tomorrow If he holds his own serve he will get some looks at breaking Cilic,Edmund did in the second set of their match, but was too gassed to do anything about it.
      I think I read somewhere that this is his thirtieth slam final.If that’s true it is incredible.

    2. Who said he’s not interested in winning 20? The difference is he doesn’t need to win anymore. That’s a huge weight off his shoulders.

      @Annie he made the third round at the French Open, Last 16 in Canada, and won a few matches at Winston Salem. And he won the next gen finals. So he’s not some newb. And you read at the top of my post it’s his 30th slam final 😆

      1. I never said he was a newb! Ideliberately didn’t include the New Gen finals because I was
        talking about the main ATP tour where he has some success but not starting to reach finals as one might expect if he was going to be the next great thing.
        My bad for not reading your post carefully enough☹️perhaps I absorbed the info subconsciously.I read a great deal during the day(not all to do with tennis) so speed read a lot.

  13. I thought for a long time that Chung had something, and I was eager to see if he might be the one to beat Djoko in this long period of Djoko-winning it all some time ago. I don’t think we saw much of Chung’s ability today, except some admirable composure. He might have abused his feet in his running around creating a defending wall, just trying one step further every round, not regarding the blister-price. I’m sure, if it was just normal blistering, he would have continued today. Nevertheless I saw Fed’s brilliancy in the highlights, I think he will up his game even more if necessary, his spirit, composure, grounding and all else seemed max-fit through all rounds.

    1. Chung will be good for sure, I saw enough vs Djoker in the tie-break to see that’s he’s composed and will make big-time shots. Obviously now we got Fed fans out in force saying I told you so, Roger schooled him 😆 he’s going to be a journeyman.

      1. With his style of play his foot care is going to be an issue every time he goes deep isn’t it ? He needs some sort of fake skin like they give burns victims, injections, 2 pairs of sox and more thought on his shoes.
        Blisters infect especially in a hot shoe and humid weather, cellulitis sets in and next thing you are needing Iv antibiotics and hospitalisation as your kidneys threaten to collapse. I’ve had this and know two fit people also similarly affected, so quite common & it’s not to be taken lightly. He did the right thing retiring and full marks for getting so far on it and attempting the match. He’s hopefully tougher on the way up than Dkojo was!

  14. Chung and done.

    What was wrong with Federer’s serve?
    Terrible 1st serve %.

    Any concerns about a back issue?

    He’ll need that serve against Cilic!

    1. I’ve looked at all the available match highlights on YouTube. Roger appeared to have wanted to rush through serves and quicken up the pace of the play. Not only was his 1st serve % low but he also came up with 15 UEs in just 14 games. Fortunately, Roger got the most of the big points among 24 winners. As some of his FHs were majestic, it does not look that his back was tight. So I put it down as tactic? What do you think, Jonathan?

    2. He was serving faster on average than previous matches. Why even bring the back up!?

      He played 1.5 sets, and just seven service games. If you miss a few early first serves then not easy to get it back up.

  15. Basically everything you said, Jonathan. First serve % has got to improve. We know Marin can play; Roger has to be prepared for him to be at his best. Remember at that 2014 semi, first of all Cilic had an unbelievable day, second as you reminded us Feb was coming off the exhausting Monfils match, and third the new racquet was still a new racquet – not completely new, but still in its first year, and Rog definitely didn’t have the comfort level with it he has now. So Cilic may or may not have a fabulous day for the final; but Roger has not had an exhausting semi, and is using a racquet WITH WHICH HE HAS WON SLAMS. He certainly goes in as a huge favorite, which is not necessarily good, but if he can get himself to that playing freely mental space…. I’m…. optimistic. Cautiously.

  16. Bit of an anticlimax this one I guess but Federer through to the finals, and as Roger said there are enough tough matches already so I’m sure he won’t be complaining! To be honest I don’t really understand the complaints about Federer’s form, he’s played a couple of seeded players and a few other good unseeded players now and beaten them all in straight sets. To be honest I think we Federer fans are a bit too demanding sometimes, I mean he’s in the final without dropping a set, what else do you want?

    As for a prediction for Sunday, I’m going to say Federer in 3 most likely, 4 if he loses focus for a set. Aside from the 2014 USO (when Federer was tired from the 5 setter against Monfils), and the 2016 Wimbledon match (where Roger later admitted he was already injured during the tournament), Cilic has never really troubled Federer significantly in Grand Slam matches. Clearly there’s no reason why he should be tired, and you never know with unexpected injuries but there’s been no sign of that, so I rate that as quite unlikely. Assuming a fully fit Federer I see no reason why he doesn’t win. Even a merely average Federer managed to pull out that Wimbledon 2016 match. Essentially, Cilic could play a good match and still lose, whereas if Federer plays a good match then no matter what Cilic does he will lose. And finally the obligatory:

    Chum jetzt, allez, Come on Roger!

  17. Cilic is hitting well, but not as well as that US Open semifinal. One of the things I am clinging on to is this: Roger has won 5 of the 6 AO finals he has made it to (that’s his best conversion rate at any Slam final). His only loss was to Nadal, and believe me, he was the better player. Just couldn’t get one of those stinking break points in the third.

    I think Roger will make it 6 out of 7 on Sunday and match Djokovic.

    If not, I won’t feel too bad Cilic wins. A bit, but not too bad.

      1. “Honestly”, this should be “great stuff”. “No word of a lie” that’s one fantastic matchup. “Believe me”, this match will be “literally so good” to watch, “no joke” considering these two are “actually like“ friends.

  18. Just a couple of thoughts.The 2014 semi final defeat was at the American Open.We are now at the Australian Open.
    So different surface/climate.Is the American open a slower surface than the Australian?If the answer is yes then
    advantage Federer.Also the temperature.Apparently hot and humid tomorrow I wonder how that effects how quickly
    the balls go through the air.
    So,Cilics defeat of Roger was at At a slam semi final,on a different surface and Fed was gassed after a terrific five setter against Monfils.
    So the next match is on a surface favourable to Fed where both are rested.
    I saw Cilic play DPotro in Basle,where he lost in three sets.Not impressive at all then.
    I really do not see Fed losing this.

    1. USO is slower. But I don’t think the faster surface is necessarily adv Fed, it benefits them both. It will be decided about who can seize the initiative.

  19. Can’t believe you bought into the hype? With that serve? He’s going to be great but not yet. Tbh Sascha shld hv beaten him but self destructed. Novak was at 60%, don’t care what the comms said. I said 3 sets and so it proved man v boy with blisters. Chung has a great attitude going forward but needs to improve that serve ( he has the height).

    Anyway Sunday. Hmmm, Cilic is going to fight for it in a big way, will want to prove he’s above the chasing pack. Clearly in form but not as hot as 2014 and agree with everything Jon has said re Fed coming in. Has to serve well from the start. I trust Fed to come thru in Bof5 and reckon Ivan will hv a solid game plan. Interesting how much Ivan gives me confidence in the box. Hoping for 20 on Sunday and then a crack at no 1 again.
    On another note, I hope he misses clay again and Montreal and Paris! ?

    1. Roger said in the presser that he will be going to Africa for his foundation in April. That tells me he is likely to skip the clay season again.

    2. I wonder if he is going to be so great?Fed seemed to have figured him out pretty quickly.Like many of the new gen he may be a bit of a one hit wonder.Time will tell I guess.Certainly his claim that he could have gone another two sets against Djokovic is looking rather silly now.Still he is very young and full of the success of a win against an all time great.

    3. Well, hype in the sense I thought it would be competitive. I didn’t think he’d win but I did think it would be 3 sets and some close games, maybe a tie-break. But none of us knew about the blisters.

      1. I didn’t see any blisters, at least not anywhere close to what Cilic showed (and those looked very painful).

  20. Sorry for Chung that he couldn’t finish the match, but happy that Roger could conserve his energy for the final. The thought that Roger is in another slam final, just makes me so emotional and proud of him.
    As for Chung, besides all the nice things that Roger said about him, he also gave this advice:
    “The question is with that kind of a game, you just got to take care of your body, also the schedule maybe. It’s very intense, his tennis.”
    I hope Chung and his team take note of this advice from the master. It reminds me of what Roger said about Murray’s game after he lost to Murray in Dubai 2008:
    “I don’t think he has changed his game a whole lot since the first time I played him and I really thought he would have done. He is going to have to grind it very hard in the next few years if he is going to play this way. He stands way behind the court. You have to do a lot of running and he tends to wait for the mistakes of his opponent.”
    At that time, Roger’s critique wasn’t well received by Murray and the media. But now looking back, 10 years later, his assessment was spot on.

    “I gave him the mistakes but overall, in a 15-year career, you want to look to win a point more often, rather than wait for the other guy to miss. Who knows, he might surprise us all.”

    1. Haha that was Fed being sassy though really. I guess it can be construed as good advice looking back but he was having a bit of a superiority complex on Murray after the loss as he thought Murray’s tennis was dull lol.

      Tbf though f Murray hadn’t started going after his FH more he wouldn’t have won Slams. So even if he was having a sly dig it was true.

  21. I watched the replay w Chung. Fed moving very well. Yes his 1st serve % was low but I think he was just experimenting. Jesus, it was like a practice session or clinic. Let’s have some faith. He is Federer. He knows what he has to do.

  22. The morons can keep raving and ranting…They can keep hurling their stupid senseless invective. They can keep harping on their evil-minded weak era/injury blessing logic, they can even live amidst their wild tantrum…Well keep on doing this useless, facile theatrics…Meanwhile, Roger will hopefully bag the Slam number 20…Just to give you warm reminder, every time, Nadal and Djokovic seem to reduce their gap with Federer in Slam tally, it displeases and angers God. So, he decided to punish those players with injuries and issues as they embody a Satanic brand of tennis. In God’s eye, player like Nadal and Djokovic are the darling of lucifer. So to avert those luciferian tennis demon and their lunatic fans, God has probably decided to gift Federer Australian Open and Wimbledon this year thus forever concluding the possibility of those rats to surpass Roger Federer. In a mercurial world where we live, we are constantly facing the battle of Good vs Evil. Even if, evil persist with its trickery for sometimes, it is good which laughs the last laugh. Similarly, in tennis Federer represents the Good and Nadal, djokovic the Bad…There was a time when they prevailed with their satanic game..But it ain’t happening any more…The good always prevail in this iconic battle with the bad. So Federer will prevail since God himself has crowned him the bestest ever tennis player. Who are you but clowns and morons to yell with all your gusto to stand aside Lucifer and its agents thus challenge the God? You guys have been trashed and dispatched into oblivion many a time in the past. Well, it will be ever more repeated with more clarity and venom in case your mind is still deeply seated into paganistic thought of mocking and laughing at the decisions made by the God.

  23. I watched Chung with great interest (on tv) at the NextGen Finals and his matches were really exciting and he does look like a real up and coming star. However, that tournament was only for 21 and under so his competition was not as tough as it would be in a tournament with other experienced players. He did incredibly well in the AO draw and his match beating Djoker was a delight. However, in hindsight, perhaps with a blister he should not have been sliding so much on the hard courts. Also wondering why he didn’t wait until after the next 2 points to retire, to allow himself to at least finish 2 sets.
    It’s ironic that we were all freaking out about Fed’s difficult draw and then the haters moaning about his easy draw LOL.
    Praying to all the tennis gods that the invincible Federer comes out on Sunday and definitively puts Cilic away in 3 sets.

    1. I think that the 1st set will tell tomorrow. I felt that maybe Roger and Ivan + Severin agreed to rush Chung at all cost in his SF match. In so doing, his execution became the two-edged sword. On the one hand, it worked with FH winners and at some big points. On the other hand, it generated the significant number of UEs. I am not sure that will be a good tactic tomorrow. Against Cilic, Roger will need his own serves to work above all, along with above average movement + FH + BH. Then, it does not matter what Cilic does; he will lose!

  24. Just reading Twitter during the women’s final. I’ve noticed something here that negatively impacts women’s tennis and its appeal. It’s full of comments like:

    “honestly, this is great stuff”, “no word of a lie that was fantastic serving”, “this match is literally so good, no joke” “believe me that was a fantastic point”

    All this equality of outcome stuff is arguably making the divide even greater. You must enjoy them both the same and tweet accordingly but the need to prepose them with “honestly” etc makes it way too try hard. If you’d just landed on earth and read this stuff, you’d have the impression that being a woman is some sort of disability. Not good!


    1. That’s not what I was getting at. You don’t need to add stuff like “honestly” “no word of a lie” it just makes the whole thing disingenuous.

      1. Yeah. Never that wozniaki would recover the break after she was run ragged by halep. Great comeback

      2. Amazing that a woman’s match was entertaining. Sometimes they are smart enough to hit a drop shot. Damn, I was planning on watching later and didn’t think the results would be on here.

      1. The total in that tournament is what I wanted to know. I think he has 107 aces this tournament so far. That’s 19 aces per match. 13 or more in the final is very possible. The Cilic serve is what is scaring me.

  25. One last thing from me and then I really must shut up,but I love this blog ,so Thankyou Jonathan for creating it and
    maintaining it even though some people don’t even read it properly.?
    For all Fed fans ,we are on the eve of the AO final.Comparing it to last year,who would you rather he was facing,
    considering the head to heads,Nadal or Cilic?
    Last year I was so certain Nadal would win I couldn’t even watch it!How cowardly is that.Yet Fed went out there,against his nemesis,and did it.This year Cilic.Well.Trust him.
    He knows how to win and I believe he will.
    Also great win for Wozniacki coming back from a break down in the third.They both fought like lions.

    1. I wonder how many points I’d win in best of 3 sets. If we played tomorrow I think not many :lol:, if I could train as a pro for a couple of months then a handful.

  26. Hi everyone. Coming late to the chat but I’m here to do my prediction. Those who were active here last year would probably remember me being the only one who predicted a Fed win vs Nadal. Currently, I believe that Fed will beat Cilic in 4 tight sets. I will even try to make scores predictions. I guess I could predict one set properly but not a whole match… I really believe that even if Fed will get a rough start, he will start playing better towards the end of the match.
    1st prediction (what I expect) – Fed 6-3, 5-7, 7-6, 6-4 Cilic
    2nd prediction (what if it’s five sets?) – Fed 4-6, 6-3, 6-7, 6-4, 6-3 Cilic
    3rd crazy prediction for fun (don’t bet on a result like this folks) – Fed 6-0 6-0 6-0 Cilic

  27. Just telling myself ‘don’t be greedy, he’s given us so much joy already!’ but can’t help wanting to him hugging Norman.

  28. Mortifying. How you lose serve two games in a row, up a break, barring injury, is beyond me. What a disappointing stretch.

      1. There was, but c’mon, we both know he had it in 4. Cilic did nothing better in those two games he broke, but roger donated them with double faults, second serves only, and passive play. I’m relieved of course, but it wasn’t necessary, is all.

      2. True enough, only it looked good and collapsed very surprisingly, unlike their 2014 USO match when fed literally could do nothing and was beyond criticism. Just, unusual how it unraveled so fast, but glad for us all he recovered his composure.

  29. Before the big 4…. there was Roger…. after the big 4…. there is STILL Roger 🙂

    Go Goat… now celebrating and going for 21GER 🙂


  30. GOAT ROGER! YES! #20. I’m so happy that Fed won. Although, I couldn’t stop thinking that Fed should have won this match in 3 or even 4 sets. Anyway, it’s a win and we will all take it! Beli21e…

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