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Federer Loses in Straight Sets in Olympics Final

Hey all, I imagine a lot of you are pretty down about Fed losing in straight sets to Murray but all I can say is don't be as really it's not that bad. I've been saying all week that the Olympics isn't a big event (I know many of you disagree with me on that) but even if Roger had won today I'd have still thought the same thing. I mean how many of you would swap Wimbledon for Olympics? That'd be crazy! Yes I'd have been happy Roger won a gold, but I wouldn't have been calling it the biggest win of his career, it was only ever going to be an addition to his resume. Think of it like this, if you're filling in your own CV for a job you usually have a section called Additional Experience/Interests, that's where Olympic tennis sits.

I think the only thing we can be disappointed about today is the level of performance, if Roger had come out and played really well and lost then you could just say fair enough or wow Murray really was unplayable but today he didn't really turn up for one reason or another. His performance was, to steal a typical commentator term, flat, he was never at the races, didn't have much penetration on his ground strokes and ended up playing a bit too far behind the baseline. Obviously you have to give some credit to Murray for keeping up the pressure and not letting his lead slip but I think if you were a neutral watching the match you'd have left pretty disappointed because nothing really happened.

Quick Match Overview

To be honest there were no real highlights from the match, Roger had 2 break points in the opening game but Murray held from 15-40. He then broke Roger to lead 4-2 and then got the double break to take the opening set 6-2. Roger didn't serve too poorly but his follow up play behind his serves was pretty lacklustre. Murray returns well so if you're not in position or get dragged behind the baseline it's quite hard to get on top in the rally.

I didn't think losing the first set was too big a deal, the fact Murray broke his serve twice was probably more a worry. The second started badly with Roger losing his first service game to fall 2-0 behind. Murray's next service game turned into abit of a marathon, Roger had quite a few break point chances but failed to take any of them and Murray held.

A lot of people are saying this game was key to the match, but I disagree with that. Rather than being a key, the game at 2-0 was the once chance Roger had of getting back into the match. Murray was already playing at a consistent level so it made little difference to him but if Roger managed to get a break it may just have perked him up a little bit and given him some fire. But unfortunately it didn't happen.

Roger served a little better in the third but again lost serve at a key moment and Murray served it to take the match 6-2 6-1 6-4. Very one sided.

Fed with his Silver Medal

I am satisfied. I think this is as good as I could do during these championships. Andy was much better than I was today in many aspects of the game. For me, it's been a great month. I won Wimbledon, became world No. 1 again and I got silver. Don't feel too bad for me. I am very, very proud honestly to have won a silver. Had a very emotional tournament from start to finish. I could have lost in the first round against (Alejandro) Falla. Same thing obviously with (Juan Martin) del Potro. I felt like I won my silver, I didn't lose it. So I feel very, very happy.

A message to Typical British Journalists and Clown Tennis Fans

As usual the BBC were hyping this one up as though it was bigger than Wimbledon, but honestly – what the fuck is all that about? It really is quite annoying and I wish they'd just report things properly instead of trying to sensationlise everything.

First of all we have John McEnroe saying he didn't play in the Seoul Olympics in 1988 because he thought it was a joke that professional athletes were allowed to compete. Then on BBC he's saying Olympics should be treated like a Slam and share the same amount of ranking points. How about that for consistency. No ranking points should be awarded in my eyes.

I will let you in on a secret – if money didn't run the world of sport then professional players wouldn't even entertain playing in the Olympics. Like McEnroe said (before he decided to change his mind again), it was a joke he thought that pros competed in it. If sponsorship and endorsement contracts weren't the driving force behind the games then I'm certain the top guys wouldn't show up. Nowadays of course the Olympics is too big a spectacle to miss, the advertising potential is high and the brand exposure available to companies is too good to pass up, because of that players are almost obliged to turn up as part of the deals they operate under. I'm not saying they don't want to represent their countries, of course they do, but if you think on that basis every player would prioritise the Davis Cup, but guess what, they don't because tennis is an individual sport.

Olympic Tennis is only ever the pinnacle of a players career if they won shit at all else. You only have to look at players who have won Gold – Massu? I guarantee even big tennis fans haven't heard of him, Kafelnikov and Rosset. The only notable winners are Andre Agassi and Nadal. And here's perhaps the most telling stat – only 1 Olympic final has been contested between 2 grand slam champions. And even then it was Agassi vs Sergi Brugera on a hard court, a guy who only ever made the 4th round at the US open – once!

The Reasons Behind Rogers Loss

I was pretty convinced beforehand that the 4hrs Roger spent on court against Del Potro wouldn't factor today but ultimately it did. He looked a little sluggish and perhaps half a step slower. He wasn't able to defend as well as usual and that didn't help him transition from defence into attack. Usually Roger can be pinned out wide one minute then be able dominate with his forehand the next but that didn't happen.

Roger said in his presser that he felt a little slow in the corners and emotionally drained. When you think about it he showed a ton of emotion when he beat Del Potro in that epic when it was only a semi final. Usually he's as cool as a cucumber but having seen the interview after that match earlier his voice was cracking up like he was about to cry.

Roger said himself at Wimbledon you shouldn't get too emotional before the final and think like it's everything you ever wished for because there's still a match to play so you need something left. I guess he kinda didn't take his own advice for this event and winning such an epic plus securing a medal meant a lot to him.

Anyway, the reason for the loss is simple – half baked Roger against a consistent returner/ball striker who's playing well like Murray isn't going to be good enough. That's why the H2H is 9-8 Murray because these type of matches have happened a lot in other ATP events when they have met.

Final Note

Finally I'd just like to thank everyone who commented on my Del Potro post (read them if you haven't) – every comment on there really added something new to the post and I had a lot of fun reading them. I think without the comments this blog would be a pretty boring place and it's always good to get the perspective of other Fed fans on Rogers performances and upcoming matches so thanks!

The thing I liked most was that all the comments were genuinely insightful. There was no stupid trolling like you get on the mainstream tennis sites just like minded fans giving their thoughts on Fed and the Olympics which is great to see and I hope you guys see this as no nonsense place where you can freely discuss Fed & tennis.

Oh and it's also nice when I find out people have been following the blog for a while but only now decided to comment for the first time.

I think the best thing for Roger now is to take a couple of weeks off and prepare well for the hard court swing. Looking at the medal ceremony and a few interviews he did after he didn't look downbeat in the slightest, and like he said he felt like he won his Silver after the Del Potro match rather than he lost gold so there's no chances he's dwelling on a loss like this. He's pulled out of the Rogers Cup in Toronto which I think is a smart move so he will be next on court at the Cincinnati Masters – Roger has a good record there so he may well win it and then it's into the US Open where I think he has a really good chance.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Trust the BBC and other British commentators (make that Commonwealth actually) to sensationalize the win. True Murray put the ball away well at crucial points but had Fed been the usual Fed, it would have been an even match. Fed knows that and that’s why he’s not too bothered but he didn’t want to take anything away from Murray. Maybe it’s the not wearing white that drummed up the emotions.

    1. Yeah BBC were abit annoying I thought. Kept asking Henman how amazing it was and it’s like he was reading a script. Fortunately he ran out of superlatives and they moved coverage to the Olympic stadium before I had to turn my TV off.

  2. The Olympics may not be a great deal but a gold medal would be nice. Roger seemed really happy with the Silver and as fans, we couldn’t ask for more.
    He didn’t really got in the match and Murray did play better. Kept harbouring hopes that he can turn around like Wimbledon but it didn’t happen. Well at least for me, the semi final vs Del Potro is a treat and happy that he won the Bronze.

  3. Great piece. This is what I wrote on rf. com and I really believe it:

    After I got over my relief and happiness for the win in the semis, I thought “how in the world will Roger be able to regroup for the final”. Funny, I wasn’t so much worried about physical recovery but I thought how Roger always calls his matches with Andy as being about tactics. My expectations were pretty low, even though I always want Roger to win. Playing Andy is all about great serving, shot selection, decision making and a razor sharp focus. This was the only time since I became a fan in 2006 that I watched Roger lose an entire match and not felt (literally) sick to my stomach. Maybe it was knowing he was guaranteed a silver medal. I was actually relieved that it was over in straights. I would hate to see the rest of Roger’s season compromised for a better scoreline. I couldn’t be more proud of what Roger has accomplished in ONE MONTH!

    1. Hey Deb,

      Great comment, I was like you, for the Wimbledon final I was crazy nervous and pretty much played every point with Fed, but this time I was pretty relaxed and not really outcome dependent like I am usually when Fed plays.

      Here’s to a good US Open and end to the season 🙂

  4. I think Federer has had a tough row to hoe since the U.S. Open 2011 and finally all the emotion and stress is catching up to him. I am super proud of all his accomplishments up to this point and also his grace in defeat. This mini-break between the Olympics and Cincinatti will do him some good. One thing I would point out is, is that I wish McEnroe would shut the [email protected]*k up, no wonder Federer can’t stand him. His commentating is by far the worst and just downright annoying.

    1. Yeah he’s played stupid level since US Open, bound to catch up slightly but I think he’s still riding the wave.

      I do sense Fed doesn’t like McEnroe just the way he looks at him, he’s too much of a band wagoner – never any consistency with what he says. I didn’t used to mind him on the BBC but he’s going down in my estimations every time I see him on camera.

  5. Mmmm! Lot of RF love out there. No doubting he is The GOAT. But, he was comprehensively dismantled by brilliant, aggressive tennis yesterday. Andy was worthy of his Gold medal. Looming forward to The US Open.

  6. Hey, fantastic blog you’ve got going here, been reading it for a while but thought I would make my first comment as I too am f***ed off with the British media. In my eyes tennis shouldn’t even be an Olympic sport and is a glorified Davis Cup. If it had been a Federer v Djokovic final Andrew Castle and the rest of the BBC fools would have dismissed it as not important, yet suddenly when Murray wins it becomes as important as a grand slam. Absolute joke!

    Once again terrific blog, keep it up! And you probably guessed I’m another Fed fan from Britain who can’t stand Murray!

    1. Hey Oscar, cheers and thanks for commenting!

      Same here man, tennis doesn’t lend itself to the Olympics and is no bigger than DC like you say.

      If Murray wasn’t in the final tennis would have been on a red button channel, yet they decided to hype it up. Fair enough, he’s playing for gold but they treat it as though it’s career defining.

      And I’m glad there are more UK Fed fans who can’t stand Mugray!

  7. Hi Jonathan,
    firstly, congrats Murray on winning the Gold. That being said, it doesn’t matter to me if Roger had won the gold or not. It would’ve been, just like you said, a bonus really. Some of us (including me) were hyped for the olympics tennis because we saw how much Roger wanted the gold but actually, i guess he just wanted to play in the final. During the entire match i did not see any desire from Roger in winning the match. Even 5-4 in the third, when there was a little break before Murray served for the match, you could Roger drinking water and having a bite as if he was just in a charity match, absolutely calm. Even his body language was no where near the kind he shows in the majors and the masters. The shots that he missed were usually the ones that would DESTROY the opposition in normal tourneys. But it’s all in the past now, and i am happy to see Roger being cheerful, just as content with the silver and it is genuinely visible in his face. I guess he had an epiphany after the semi, to be able to still play a marathon against a much younger player and win, and reach the final of a tournament he was never able to reach in 4 attempts was actually all he wanted.Now, i hope he gets that all important post-tourney rest and come back as fresh and strong as ever. High hopes for this hard court season, hope he manages to bag the masters and the Slam! Wouldn’t missing out on Toronto affect his ranking if Novak wins it? Hope it doesn’t.
    On another note, of all the posts i have read, i seldom see you use the “F” word Jonathan. I can truly understand how frustrated you are when people are comparing Olympics with Wimbledon. Frankly, i guess it’s just another way of advertising this event.

    1. Hey Alvi!

      You’re right, it was a flat performance, he never managed to get going. Even a few big serves didn’t seem to fire him up. I guess he left it all on court against Del Potro and he knows that you have to leave something in the tank for later.

      I’m looking forward to the hard court swing too, I think skipping Toronto is a good idea, he had little to defend so Cincy is where it will all kick off!

  8. Hi Jonathan,
    This is my first post, but I read your reports religiously! I am not a regular tennis player but I just love watching Roger play. Your comments have helped me understand this wonderful game so much more so thanks!
    And now to our Roger..he has shown such grace and been genuinely thrilled to have his silver medal. He deserves the gold just for his attitude and sheer love for the game. He was outplayed on the court this time, but never has he been outplayed off the court. I am so proud to be his fan!
    Keep writing..and I will keep reading!!

    1. Hey Jen,

      Thanks for commenting! Like I said in the post it’s cool to find out people come to the blog often and decided to comment for the first time!

      I guess that’s just the beauty of Fed, you don’t even have to be a big tennis fan to take notice when he’s on TV and I think who is this guy that makes the game look so easy whilst his opponents scrabble round grunting?

      I also like your line, “He was outplayed on the court this time, but never has he been outplayed off the court” think I’m going to have to steal that one 😉

      I’ll keep the blog going for as long as Roger plays or until my keyboard breaks, which ever happens first!


  9. I saw a quote from Murray saying that he wouldn’t trade his Olympic medal for a Wimbledon title. That, my friends, is the definition of bullshit. He’s either a liar or delusional. Probably both.

    But what is really annoying me is people going on about how this was Roger’s last chance to get a gold medal blah blah… Newsflash people; he has a gold medal! Maybe it’s because doubles doesn’t get the same attention as singles, which it should, but people don’t seem to rate his doubles gold. That is ridiculous! Not only did himself and Stan win it but they beat the Bryans, probably the greatest doubles team ever, on the way to it.

    When everything calms down and returns to normal, people will remember where the Olympics really lie in importance in this sport. But Roger’s Olympic record should not be considered any sort of a blot on his so-called ‘resume’. A gold and a silver. Anyone who turns their nose up at that obviously has no sense of perspective in their lives.

    Roger – 17
    Murray – 0

    1. Yeah total bollocks that, pure PR bullshit talk!

      Yeah as soon as the Olympics end then it won’t be heard of until another 4 years, you never hear talk of Nadals gold really, it’s never used as a factor when talking up his chances as other events. And to top it off – he withdrew this year, likely could have played if he really wanted to.

  10. Aslamu alikum,
    After delpo match i saw the reaction of fed which was typical of that after winning wimb so i got worried and had a sense he would loose the gold medal , but i’m still wondering why you didn’t expect the gold when i asked you few days ago , how could you have that good read ???!!!
    but you know what , i’m still sad that he lost gold it was his dream of life ,and there is no another chance to achieve it, he could give an example that one can achieve his dream whatever it takes to come true ,
    anyway no use of being sad for that one , i hope he win more GSs .
    ah , i disrespec macenroe noww hipocrite
    don’t be late in posting i wait ur post a bi long time afer every match

    1. Hey,

      Not sure I predicted he wouldn’t win gold but I just kinda thought it wasn’t a big deal if he didn’t. I thought he had a good chance in the final but knew it was going to be closer than Wimbledon.

      MacEnroe is a clown!

  11. Hi Jonathan, I had the same opinion as you about Roger pulling out of Toronto, but the more I think about it, I wonder if isn’t a great chance to gain some ranking points, considering he lost in the round of 16 last year. What are your thoughts on that? still the same? 😉

    1. Roger only loses 90 points in Toronto but can more than gain those back at Cincy (remember he went out early?). After that, he simply has to reach the USO semi and he will continue remaining at No.1. Then comes the stretch where he has to defend 3000 points. Now, that’s a different story altogether. Will be interesting to see how he handles it.
      I’m hoping for a well rounded figure of 300 weeks 🙂 Anyone thinks Roger would take an Olympic Gold over 300 weeks at No. 1??? I didn’t think so!

      1. Yeah man it definitely gets interesting post US Open, I think Basel can be defended but Bercy might be quite difficult.

        But he also has Shanghai this year – I think he may play it this year because of the fans he has over in Asia – he’d feel bad to skip that event 2 years running.

    2. I think he’d be daft to play Toronto when he’s played a lot of tennis all year. US Open is the priority and 1 warm up event in Cincinnati is more than enough preparation. He has little points to defend too so whilst he could gain some I don’t think it’s worth it.

  12. Roger is done! He just showed he can’t take the pressure. Loosing to someone like Murray is a disgrace! And don’t use tiredness as an excuse! Nole played back to back 5 hr. matches in Australia and recovered and won both. He is a 31 year old grandpa in tennis who won Wimledon by luck of the roof and will never win another major or return to #1 after he gives it up. His career will never be complete like Rafa’s: No beating Rafa at the French while Rafa beat Roger at Wimledon, No Golden Slam, 10-18 HTH (Beating Rafa while he’s injured), Winning his slams in a weak generation, Winning masters on blue clay but never on the red clay of Monte Carlo and Rome, ect…. These Olympics basicly ruined Federer’s legacy and he better retire before he ruins it more and had more inevitable heartbreak! Even McEnroe told Roger to let others win for the good of the sport. RETIRE NOW ROGER!!!!

    lol…. These are the crazy things Rafa fans are saying! They fail to mention that Roger is 31 and that Murray is playin some of the most brilliant tennis in his life! Yesterday, Roger didn’t look like himself and looked really bad and played horrible. Was tiredness an issue? Most likely, combine with the crowds against Roger and Murray taking advantage and playing great. But even Roger told us not to be upset! Look: 5 titles: 1st Major in 2 years, 2 Masters – 2 RU… Debatably better than his 2010 season when he was 28! And a silver medal is nothing to feel bad about when he never won one before. Forget the “Golden Slam”. Rod Laver and Pete Sampras (the other 2 who are right behind Roger) never won it and their legacies were never destroyed! Oh, how people will miss Roger when he’s gone! Roger’s true fans are proud of him no matter what and support him no matter what!

    1. Hey Chris, before I read all the line, I remember thinking, “How on earth Jonathan let this Rafa’s-Live-in-Their-Own-World-Fan post something like this”, until I read all your post 🙂

      So, to add further to yours, this is what I wrote in (Olympics: Murray d. Federer)

      Rafa Fan wrote:
      “How could we forget Rafa??? His battery is charging and we can’t wait for his return. Andy now joins Rafa as the only other big player with an OGM.
      Rafa will truly go down as the GOAT now as this was RF’s last chance to equalize with Rafa. RF did however, perform better than his past Olympic performances and he did well, but the OGM will always be the one that got away for RF!”

      @Rafa Fan:
      If you don’t forget Rafa, you should listen to him when he said:
      1. “No way I would be a journalist. You guys have tried to kill Roger – often. But he’s always come back and proved you wrong. So one thing I would not do is make the mistake of saying Roger is dead.” (Rafael Nadal, when asked what he would write about Federer’s decline if he were a journalist)
      2. “If he is playing very good, I have to play unbelievable. If not, it’s impossible, especially if he’s playing with good confidence. When he’s 100 percent, he’s playing in another league. It’s impossible to stop him. I fight. I fight. I fight. Nothing to say. Just congratulate him.” (Rafael Nadal, after losing to Federer in the Shanghai Masters Cup semifinal, Nov. 17, 2007).
      3. “Federer is the best player in history, no other player has ever had such quality. (Rafael Nadal, after winning French Open 2006)
      And I myself kind a confused between choosing your opinion, “Rafa will truly go down as the GOAT now as this was RF’s last chance to equalize with Rafa.”
      or Rod Laver’s opinion:
      “Roger Federer certainly is my claim to be the best of all time – if there is such a thing. With Rafael Nadal not far behind,” said Rod Laver, on July 5th in London 2012.
      Is it possible Laver didn’t know the H2H between Federer and Nadal? And Nadal has singles OGM while Roger don’t? How can we compare Rafa Fan’s knowledge of tennis compare to Rod Laver, the only man with double Calendar Grand Slam?
      But after many-many consideration, I think I’m going to choose Laver’s opinion. Sorry, no hard feeling, Man.

      @Rafa Fan:
      And I agree what Rafa said about you all fans of Rafa:
      In response to a question posed by a journalist at the 2010 French Open regarding whether Nadal is better than Federer, Nadal replied,
      “I think this person don’t know nothing about tennis.”
      The journalist asked why, and Nadal told the journalist,
      “so you don’t know nothing about tennis. You see the titles of him and you see the titles of me? It’s no comparison. So that’s the answer. Is difficult to compare Roger with me now, because he has 16 Grand Slams; I have 6. Masters 1000, yeah, I have more than him. But for the rest of the things the records of Roger is very, very almost impossible to improve.”
      And I myself kind a confused between choosing your opinion, or Rafa’s opinion.
      But after many-many consideration (one of them of course Rafa’s word that this person don’t know nothing about tennis), I think I’m going to choose Rafa’s. Sorry, no hard feeling, Man.

      tennislover1977-name’s Andi.

    2. Haha I hope people read all of your comment to know what it’s about!

      But I agree! He’s had an awesome season and nobody can take that away from him, and I think there’s more to come.

  13. Thanks for this piece Jonathan, it has made me feel a lot better after I spent much of yesterday so irritated and pissed off I gave myself a headache. Fed losing I can deal with (although I was cringing at those approach shots), it’s the losing to Andy Murray that I wanted to not happen at all costs. As you’ve said, we all know what happens in the media when a Brit beats anyone of calibre (in any sport) regardless of the context of the win. Anyway, I have to take Fed’s word that he’s pleased.

    I simply must add, that I absolutely despise Andrew Castle. His pathetic jinogism was in full force yesterday. At least Mac’s ridiculousness at times is entertaining.

    1. Tell me about it, I can’t stand Murray! Although yesterday I wasn’t too irritated, I think I actually get more pissed off when he beats Fed in Masters 1000’s!

      Castle can be a clown, not much in the way of tennis knowledge or analysis. But I think he has quite a good style of voice for commentary. Like you say he’s constantly looking to praise the Brit no matter what, but that’s probably an order from his employer rather than his own modus operandi.

  14. Someone wrote on Twitter yesterday that Serena Williams was the only woman with a career slam and a gold medal in doubles and signles.

    What about a man with a career slam and a gold medal in doubles and a silver medal in singles – Anyone out there??

    Congratulations Roger, we are proud of you!

    1. Serena Williams is an overgrown bitch bashing up other players like a bully. The most classless of the multi-slam winners, perhaps even worse than Connors and McEnroe. I mean, who dances after a finals win? Who does? At least out of respect for the emotions the loser goes through, they should keep their celebrations to a minimum. Not that I like Sharapova but that’s no way to conduct yourself.

      1. C’mon Sid, don’t be to hard on him, I mean her (I remember someone said that Serena had a p***s, so sometimes I got confused).

        At least, he had said something worth-mentioned:

        “I wish I could play like Roger Federer.”
        —Superstar Serena WIlliams

      2. I’ve always argued she should be in the men’s draw but nobody cares. I can’t wait for her to retire so I can watch women’s tennis. Wait, I still have to wait for Azarenka and Sharapova to retire. I guess that means no women’s tennis for me for another 10 years 🙁

      3. Yeah I find Serena pretty classless, she just overpowers all the other girls. I think they are all scared of her, nobody is able to play fearless tennis. If they used variety and moved her from side to side and used slice/drop shots they would run her ragged. She’s built like a tank and moves like a cart horse yet nobody has employed the right tactics.

        If she’s not threatening to kill line judges she’s dancing like an idiot on court. Classless.

  15. Thanks for a great post, lots of variety as usual. And thanks for pointing out how insignificant the Olympics are in the grand scheme of things. I was surprised to find out they actually do award points for it. Can’t figure that one out…doesn’t seem fair as this event only comes every 4 years. And JMac is an a$$, always thought so, always will. Nonetheless, at the onset I was excited to cheer for Roger to get a singles gold because it seemed so important to him. But from the beginning, the whole competition seemed flat and failed to catch my complete attention. I’m sorry for him that he didn’t get the gold but as usual he keeps it all in perspective. Also, I do think that all of the excitement of Roger’s Wimbledon win and return to #1 was bound to have an effect on his play at some point and I’d rather see him falter at an Olympics than in a slam. Anyway, I realize my comments may not add much to the conversation but I just felt compelled to at least thank you for your insight and giving us all a place to put in our two cents. And I almost forgot, I read in one of the above comments how Murray ranked this win higher than winning a slam and if that’s truly what he said you know he’s just being a drama queen off court as he is on court, a lame attempt to save face.

    1. Thanks Wendy 🙂

      I think your comment adds plenty to the debate. I know what you mean about the tennis as a whole been a little flat, I have to say until the Del Potro match I found every match pretty dull (Tsonga and Raonic had some moments) but apart from that nothing much happened and the only excitement was seeing Feds style on the grass.

      Yeah Murray saying that is just a joke comment, trying to win fans by coming out with comments you don’t mean, only the naive buy into crap like that but sadly quite a lot of people are in the UK! Whenever Fed has been asked about which is more important he just said with regards to the Olympics “it’s big”. Like you say, he keeps it in perspective. It’s important to hold the Olympics in high regard but even he knows it’s not the be all and end all.


    2. Nice comment, Wendy! Of course this would be the biggest win of his career, but it honestly can’t be bigger than winning a slam. He might be a gold medalist, but he’s not going to amount to anything huge outside of GB, and his name will most likely send the same reactions to people when they hear that Kafelnikov and Rosset have won gold medals… lol!

      I just think it’s funny – because here we have a “trivalry” and that’s between Fed, Nadal, and Djokovic. I guess Murray has earned his place at #4, but I don’t see him becoming a consistent threat to any of these players. One gold medal isn’t much of an impact to really be added into the mix. That’s why I think it’s funny when people say he’s the favorite for the US Open…

  16. I’m happy with the silver and will proudly wear the Swiss Olympic polo.
    That McEnroe is a clown and a panderer. I mean, we all know what a sporting person he was in his playing career. Not too long ago in a USO final, he was all Federer in a match vs. Murray. Now he sees Murray gain some footing and there you go…McEnroe jumps ships. What a clown! As for the British media, how can they possibly put an Olympic medal above a slam?
    Oh how I wish Roger had held at 5-4 in that third against DelPo. I knew it right then, I knew it at 19-17 that it was over. If anyone thinks Roger would’ve lost after saving two sets worth of emotional and physical energy, then they are just haters.

    1. McEnroe is just a guy that jumps on every band wagon going. Chats shit, maybe it’s part of his contract to keep viewers interested but it’s wearing thin on me.

      I used to think he had some insightful stuff to say on the BBC a few years ago but these days I find myself ignoring his comments.

      1. I thought McEnroe’s punditry after the 2008 Wimbledon final was brilliant. He kept bringing viewers back to the fact that Federer had very nearly pulled off the most amazing and improbable of comebacks and also empathised with the man himself due to the loss of his dearest major title. In recent years, though, he’s just fallen away and turned into yet another media stooge. Henman is good and usually fairly neutral but when he’s being pressured from every angle to sing Murray’s praises, it can’t be easy to refuse.

      2. Yeah, I’m not sure on Mac, I think maybe I can listen to him when he’s commentating on anyone but Fed.

        Agreed on Henman, he usually talks tactical sense but BBC have begun their brainwashing campaign.

  17. Thanks Jonathan for the great posts. I think Roger knew he was done after the semis. That was when he announced he was pulling out of Toronto. Even though the score was lopsided, I feel Roger gave it his all with what he had left in the emotional tank. I too hate John McEnroe. He asked Murray how it felt to thrash Roger. What an ass. Apparently, JM wanted to be Roger’s coach. Roger didn’t respond. McEnroe also complained that he never had a hit with Roger. I think McEnroe feels slighted by Roger and says negative things as a way of revenge. He always goes on and on about his own career and jokes about his bad behaviour on court. I stopped watching tennis because of him! One thing I noticed is that Roger is friends with people of character. He truly likes Delpo so that tells us something. The media are mostly idiots, they get their facts wrong all the time. Unfortunately, the casual tennis fan believes the garbage.
    Well, I’m proud of Roger winning the silver. A year ago, if someone told me Roger won Wimbly, was ranked # 1 in the world and had a silver medal, I’d be in seventh heaven!

    1. Thanks Susan.

      Yeah that’s true, when Fed was struggling Mac said “I can help him” but nothing ever materialised, I don’t Roger has him on speed dial on the Fedberry, in fact, it’s probably a blocked number!

      Yeah I kinda never realised that, but he always speaks highly of players who seem to have a certain class or character about them – Del Potro, Tsonga and even Roddick.


    2. “A year ago, if someone told me Roger won Wimbly, was ranked # 1 in the world and had a silver medal, I’d be in seventh heaven!”
      Precisely my thoughts! I didn’t think any one of those three things would happen. I can’t believe I’d see this day. In many ways, I was a doubter but now I’m not.
      I hate it how all those haters are out there on those boards are insulting Roger for this one loss, a single loss, saying things like, not the GOAT, fake No.1, destroyed etc. Imagine, a life time of greatness and they are slinging mud at his for a single bad day. Wow! Shows their true character.

      1. Sid, I agree. People are just sitting on their couches waiting for Roger to lose so they can rant and call their favorite players the “new age of tennis,” or whatever. They say that Roger has had his time, he’s getting old now, he needs to retire, all of this old mishmosh. Well, guess what. They’re talking about the World #1, who’s held the most weeks at #1, who currently holds the most slams for singles, and the list really goes on, doesn’t it? And even if we forget about all of the numbers and titles, Roger is definitely the best player on tour right now… hello, he’s #1. I just wish people would see that!

      2. “And even if we forget about all of the numbers and titles, Roger is definitely the best player on tour right now… hello, he’s #1. I just wish people would see that!” And the numbers don’t lie. 51 wins and only 7 losses this year. No one has done better than Roger, both in terms of number of matches as well as wins. Come on Fed. On to mission US Open.

      3. And they said things like the No.1, where is he, we didn’t see him?
        Really? I haven’t seen Djokovic for 6 months now. And Nadal…um…he is hiding, trying to get himself ready for the US Open. How fair is that to tennis and his fans? I call that classless behavior.

  18. Thank you for this blog, it is the best I have seen in the web, as you I am a very, very big fan of Roger Federer, I think he is the greateast of all times, and that he is not only a fantastic tennis player but a fantastic person, please keep doing this nice job on your blog, and look forward to read you during Cincinnati Masters

  19. Evening Jonathan,

    Thanks for writing this. I was FUMING yesterday. I have had to put up with so much garbage from success-starved Murray fans about how Federer’s game just isn’t good enough to beat Murray but anyone that knows anything about tennis could tell that Federer really didn’t turn up. Taking nothing away from Murray, Roger really did play into all of Murray’s strengths. He hit approach shots to Murray’s backhand when approaching from corners, fluffed easy volleys, didn’t back his serves up with decisive shots, he just looked lost out there. Murray’s game has improved slightly but not enough to beat the Federer that beat him comprehensively in ’08 and ’10. It made me sick to listen to that commentary and the analysis. ‘Biggest title of his career’, yeah whatever. Climbing up to celebrate with his box. It was like a carnival of some sort. So many bandwagon-jumpers. The worst thing about the match was Judy Murray in that disgusting vest.

    What upset me, as you have rightly pointed out, was the level of performance. I can understand not having anything left in the tank but I feel let down that Roger has been beaten in a best-of-five set final by Murray. I’m just hoping it has no psychological effect on him if they play a major final again any time soon. Saying that, Roger did beat Djokovic after suffering tough losses to him at the previous three majors (speaking of which, WHAT has happened to Djokovic? He’s looking like his 2009 self again). Murray has never had any kind of hold on Federer and I doubt he ever will. I think all of us know here that with both players playing at their best on any surface, Murray cannot beat Federer. Every tennis fan on Earth knows that. It’s a fact of life, similar to 2 + 2 = 4. It’s amazing how quickly people decided to forget the Wimbledon final and jumped at the opportunity to talk Federer down and proclaim Murray to be the king of the universe. I’m disgusted, but happy that Roger has given us, his loyal fans, some perspective on the situation. He’s on top of the world, he’s just won his seventeenth major title and he’s not going to be under as much pressure going into the US Open as he would’ve been if he’d won gold here (aside from the pressure he puts on himself, of course).

    Can’t wait for the real action to start again! Sorry if this comes across as a bit disjointed, I haven’t read back through it!

    1. Worry not Rakhesh. There will be no psychological effects on Roger. It may have been a five-set match lost but it wasn’t a five set tournament, nor was it a 7 match tournament. Slams are a different beast and Roger will be fine when the time comes. As for all the classlessness, it was not just Murray fans, but it looks like now Nadal and Djokovic fans have teamed up with them and have unabashedly and relentlessly chastised Roger and his fans on every board. Let them have their moment. Let them vent out the hate and frustration. It’s Rogers way of giving them some therapy. As someone put it; let all the excitement settle down and you will see nobody talking about Murray’s gold. If Murray things the gold is better than a slam, then all I’ll say is he is being delusional, as having a losers mentality. As for the great man, I hope he recovers soon and takes a good shot at USO. We are proud of him. I know I am 🙂

    2. Hey Rakhesh,

      Yeah BBC were annoying, but luckily many performances in the Olympic stadium have overshadowed the tennis so we don’t have to listen to that on a daily basis!

      Climbing up to his box was way OTT too, totally out of context, he won the match easily in straight sets, fake emotion!

      Olympics is history now anyway, onto the hard courts! Allez.

  20. “I think this is as good as I could do during these championships.” – I love Roger but I don’t agree with this at all. He beat Andy a month ago and even though he wasn’t playing his best tennis at the Olympics, he could have done much better in the final if not beaten him!

    What upset me the most is that it didn’t seem as if Roger wanted it that much. He just didn’t seem too fussed about it unlike the Del Potro match – I was very surprised as he said his main target this year is to win Gold at the Olympics. I really wish he had shown more passion and drive yesterday, it was horrible watching him play so badly on top of not wanting to win.

    I’m absolutely gutted he lost. I know Olympics is not as big as any Slam but I honestly would have preferred him to win the Olympics over any other slam this year (except Wdon as it put him back at No.1 to beat Sampras’ record) just because its the only trophy he doesnt have, he wanted it so much and Nadal has a ‘Gold Career Slam’, something which Federer is more deserving in his career than any other player.

    Yup he does have a Gold and now a Silver which is incredible and I didn’t think he’d even win that after the French Open, but he could and should have beaten Murray yesterday. Angers me that media think he isn’t the best because he hasn’t won the Olympics, and with that in his arsenal, at least it would have silenced another portion of the media and more people would agree he is the GOAT!

    1. I think Feds assessment is pretty spot on, he had a tough match with Del Po and was ultimately done in the final – both emotionally and not as sharp physically. He no doubt would have preferred gold but as soon as he lost the first set it was a tough task, you could tell he wasn’t on his game and not defending as well or penetrating on the ground strokes. I think you’re being harsh too – fair enough if Fed played like a clown and lost but he’s just won his 7th Wimbledon and returned to number 1 and now you’re questioning his passion and drive?? Not only that he beat a red hot Del Potro 19-17 in the round before, that match was crazy and Del Potro admitted he cried for ages after – think that pretty much shows how draining it was.

      And come on man, picking Olympics over any other slam? What about the US Open where he can break the record he ties with Sampras at 5 Us opens? Olympics don’t even come close.

  21. Hey Jonathan, nice post once again. First, I have to agree with the rant on McEnroe. Usually I laugh at the guy because of how dramatic he is, but he was truly ticking me off this week. After the semifinal match (Djokovic v. Murray), he was all obnoxious in his interview with Murray: “I truly hope you win tomorrow, Federer is just so selfish, he already has 17 slams, so hey man, I’m rooting for you.” And then how he always tries to predict calls, “Oh, Fed is challenging – I think that was out. Wait, I’ve changed my mind… oh look! It’s in!”
    He’s turned out to be quite annoying, actually, so I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks so…

    Well, back to the final, I knew how much winning Gold really meant to Roger and representing his country, but eventually I just have to swallow my pride and admit that even Roger can’t win them all. Of course I hate Andy Murray… his whining and complaining really get on my nerves… and I’m not going to bash him just because I’m a Fedfan… but you’re right, the BBC and everyone else in GB that was calling the match “a thrashing” is a complete idiot. Anyone who knows anything about tennis and the given situations on court knows that the final was not a thrashing. Of course Murray came up with his shots, but it might’ve been a really different outcome and most definitely a really different score if Fed played his best game.

    But we know this… and you’re right, we just need to look ahead to the hard court season. I think the best news is that Roger didn’t look or feel the way he looked and felt after his ’11 US Open semi loss to Djokovic. And I’d admit that a straight sets loss is way better than a loss like that at the US Open when you can pretty much taste the win.

    And hey, as Roger’s history goes, he’s always followed up these losses with even better wins, so three cheers to that!

    1. Agreed!

      Olympic tennis had gone already now, all the talk in the UK is in the velodrome and on the track!

      Hard courts next and Fed has a good chance in Cincy.

  22. Roger’s emotion after the DelPo win, almost as if he had won a slam, simply meant that it was important for him to medal. While he did want the gold, real bad, I think he achieved his medal objective and was already very happy with the silver even before the final. Maybe, in his heart of hearts, he knew then he didn’t have it in him for a gold medal push. Notice what he answered Justin G, during a brief on court interview when asked what the silver meant to him 🙂 Haters of course will never understand human emotions because they have evolved through hate. All they will do is bring down a great athlete for having a single bad day. Kudos to Murray! And I second what Roger said that Murray will win at least one slam. I sign-off by saying, without taking any credit from Murray, Roger Federer clearly was not at his best.

  23. Hi Jonathan, great post as usual. I’ve been following your blog for a while, but first time commenting here :). Keep it up. Reading your blog is in my to-do-list every morning.
    I saw one comment in, arguing why Federer didn’t drape himself with Swiss flag after the medal ceremony.
    I think its not a big deal, he has won a medal for his country.

    1. Thanks 🙂

      Haha really? That’s just a daft think to moan about! He kissed the Swiss badge on his shirt in the semi final, what more do people want.

  24. In my comment on Sat. I said if John McEnroe and Brad Gilbert were the commentators my remote would be on mute. Well we had JM and I would have it on mute much of the time. I did not like them when they were playing and I do not like them now. I am an American and did not like them. We must be desperate if they are all we can come up with. Without having Roger in the tennis I would not have watched any of the Olympics. Murray denounced being a Brit just a short time ago. He wanted to be called a Scot. Suddenly he is accepted by Great Britain. If he had not won he would have said he had a back problem, etc. maybe Nadal shared his drugs with him.

    1. Yeah luckily Jmac wasn’t on BBC commentating but we had our hands full with Castle.

      I don’t mind listening to Henman sometimes but he’s always backed into a corner and forced to poor praise onto Murray. Some of course is deserved but it’s like he’s pulling lines from an auto cue.

  25. I watched a doubles match at Indian Wells in March. It was the Murray brothers vs Daniel Nestor and Max Miryni. I was talking away saying I thought Nestor was one of the best doubles players ever, 39 years old, ranked #1 etc. Actually, he doesn’t get the credit he deserves.
    I was mentioning Murray’s whinning, antics and he was arguing with the chair ump. After the match, I realized Judy Murray was sitting right behind me! Oh well!
    Yes, I’ve about had it with John McEnroe. Patrick is more reasonable. Ever notice how commentators always talk about Roger’s losses. When the USO starts, notice how they’ll talk about his loss to Delpo and Djokovic over and over….not his 5 wins. Shall we hit the mute button?

  26. It’s worth a read…Roger’s interview found on the itf olympic site. He mentioned that he thought it unfair that ranking points are given in the Olympics. Not all players are permitted to play, only 4 per country etc. Love how he thinks of the other players.

  27. Yes Susan make use of that little mute button when JM and BG are making their worthless opinions. It is a lot less stressful.

  28. Roger is ” baap”…of all tennis player.

    No matter…ho won d silver…n we all fedcx fan really proud of….
    …n his amazing run wil continue for sure………
    Happy birthday roger….
    Ur GOAT….

      1. Yes, happy birthday Roger! He happens to share his birthday with my dear sister. No wonder I feel such an emotional connection with the great man 🙂

  29. My first posting – I loved how Roger respond to CNN interview on his silver medal. He got a lot positives from his medal. He has shown a lot of wisdom and humility – consoling Murray at SW19 2 weeks ago to hugging Delpo at semis. This is one of best 4 weeks of tennis for us fans and Roger himself. Though a little sad that he missed the gold but nothing beats being no1 and getting no17. He is in the right frame of mind, positive and upbeat.

  30. Well the Olympics tennis gold is only worth 750 points, I believe. That’s less than a Masters which is 1,000 and a Grand Slam is worth 2,000. That tells you a lot.

    But other than the slight disappointment from Federer’s loss, is the effect on his world wide popularity. I was actually a FedererFan until he started losing a bit, and then I became a FedFanatic. People enjoy rooting for the underdog, and many people might have wanted Federer to lose because he’s been so successful in the past. Look at how Roddick had a resurgence in popularity after his loss to Fed at 09 Wimbledon. I did notice that Fed’s Facebook page fans went up by about 200,000 after the Olympics…and I think part of that is people are noticing how classy and honorable Federer is even when he is not on top. So in essence a few losses here and there (after regaining the #1 spot) only add to his “human-ness” and lovability.

    1. Hey,

      Perhaps, but Roger got popular when he was winning everything under the sun. I think his popularity stems from how he handles himself on and off the court.

  31. I think what was disappointing about the final was that if rf had turned up it could have been a great tennis match. Murray has stumbled into some form recently and to his credit he played very well.
    In my opinion Feds has been playing so much and so well this year that every now and then he feels it. Rome semi after he just won Madrid, Halle final after French open maybe. French semifinal. In all these matches he was never really beaten just didnt show up. The big difference this year from the last ones is that when fed is firing on all cylinders he’s not losing. Despite how fit he is physically and mentally there is a difference between a 31 and 25 year old body.
    I always laugh when watching Hewitt play and the commentators are like “this guy is amazing isnt he. He’s 31 and he’s still here grinding it out in the third round of a grand slam, what a fighter!” obvs hewitt has had injury problems and I do really admire the guy but just goes to show how much we take Feds brilliance for granted. He’s 31 aswell (almost) and he’s no1 in the golden era of mens tennis. Wtf?
    Anyway I do think that matches like the olympic final where Feds is flat are normal every now and then, as long as he’s not getin beat when he’s playing well (and he’s not) then alls good.
    Really looking forward to us open. I think Feds will b confident and playing well and has every chance of winning it. That said if he loses to djokovic after havin two match points I may never watch the us open again.
    Great blog. Keep it up

    1. Hahah that’s a great point about Hewitt and I never even really thought of it like that! When you’re watching him you just kinda automatically assume he’s a lot older and on his last legs yet he’s not.

      Like you say, onto the US Open where Fed definitely has a good chance.


  32. Hi guys, In response, I’ve been very lucky to have seen Roger play at Indian Wells in 2011 and 2012. I get to the venue when it opens and leave 11-12 at night. Call me crazy. I’ve been able to see all the top players.
    When Roger walks onto the court, it feels surreal.
    I also had the chance to see Davis Cup in Vancouver…Canada vs France. Last week I saw the Vancouver Open…saw Sela there and a few others. Nice little tournament.
    Thanks for the presser link, Randi. I’m sure Judy M heard me loud and clear.

    1. I don’t know why you were even butting heads with that idiot. Clearly, he has no clue as to what you’re saying. He is just happy Roger lost. Oh how I wish Roger hadn’t choked in that 5-4 game. I am supremely confident he would’ve beaten Murray. Despite all that fatigue, he still manufactured 10 break points. Imagine what a fresh Roger would’ve done.

  33. Usually I’m in a bad mood for about three days after a tough loss, but seriously – it’s the Olympics, who cares? Let’s focus on Cincy and Flushing Meadows where Roger doesn’t have to defend a whole lot of points, at least compared to Djokovic. And I doubt that there will be any momentum or a 4 1/2 hour semi-final match that will keep Roger from winning it. Roger 3.0 will be on fire and going for his 18th GS.

  34. Clearly Roger was tired in the final. But guess what? That makes him human. He doesn’t take the same “medical treatments” as Djokovic and Nadal who can run around for 5h and 6h within 48 hours (Australian open 2012)
    I don’t even know if Murray played so well. It’s easy to win if your opponent is slow and tired. This time Murray didn’t even need to grab his back each time his opponent scored a nice point. Olympics is big but they should expand the tournament time to two weeks.

    1. Yeah emotionally and physically drained. I think Murray played alright, just his usual style which is consistent ball striking, 9 times out of 10 it gets the job done against an opponent who can’t attack well or transition well which was a lot like Fed in the final.

  35. Hello Jonathan,
    You can add me to the list of people posting our first comments to your excellent blog.
    Like others I always look forward to your great assessment of Roger’s games. On August 6th you wrote:
    “I’ll keep the blog going for as long as Roger plays or until my keyboard breaks, which ever happens first!”
    Well Roger dreams about Rio and we can “spare” some change and buy you a new keybord! So keep typing.

    1. Hey Kazik,

      Glad you made a comment man! And thanks! I’ll use an on screen keyboard and type by clicking the mouse on each key if I have too, you might have to wait a month for an article though!


    2. Ahahahaha! I will absolutely chip in a few bucks 🙂
      Or Jonathan, maybe you can start making videos? Who know, by 2016, typing will become obsolete.

      1. Damn if I knew this many people would be willing to chip in I would have said my blog needs an iPad built into a Audi RS6 to run effectively. 😉

        Videos are a good idea, I’d like to run a podcast but I’d want it to be like a few people on board where it’s more like a discussion. Maybe a development, just like tennis itself, this blog can’t stand still!

      2. I will have a think about how it could happen. I’d like Ru-an to be a part of it but he’s working hard in USA now so has little time.

  36. These silly people who actually think McEnroe’s alright … seriously … McEnroe was before my time (i’m still in college) but even I know that he was a bigger a-hole on court than both the Williams sisters put together!
    You might moan at the BBC for sensationalising, but trust me, you’d miss the BBC within 5 minutes if you had to put up with CBS’ coverage of the US Open final like I did! Blimey the commentators got chuffed at one point that they could make a play on words with Djokovic/Joker … Imbeciles.
    I agree with how the Olympics SHOULD NOT be considered as prestigious as Grand Slams, but being a player myself, the Olympics is a pretty big deal for many of tennis’ more patriotic personalities. Take the likes of Djokovic and Del Potro, winning their countries their only medal of the games from Beijing and London respectively. It’s not a joke, the Olympics is a corporate money making machine, but there is STILL some good ol’ fashioned spirit left, Fed was chuffed to bits with his silver for Switzerland.
    This is the best and only Fed blog I read, I wish I had the computer smarts to set one up myself, I think it’s great how you actually take the time to read all these comments and leave countless replies, so from all your readers at West Worthing Tennis & Squash Club here in the UK, kudos to you!

    1. Hey man and thanks for the comment!

      Jmac is slightly before my time too (24) but like you said, you only need to see a 30 second highlight reel to know he’s a clown. Just glad Borg had the edge over him for the majority of their matches.

      And thanks for the feedback, means a lot. I decided a while back to try and reply to every comment so I’m going to stick to it as long as it’s still feasible.

      Oh and if you want any pointers on setting up a blog, then fire a message via the contact form, sure I will be able to give some advice as it’s not difficult at all and you’d be up and running in no time.



  37. The only thing that made me angry is that the BBC corespondent asking his sport corespondent that the reason roger beat Murray at Wimbledon is b/c it had more money, as if roger is in it only for the money. asking this, is a crime as roger is a humanitarian and i know this for a fact as he came to my country(Ethiopia) for this particular reason.

    1. Haha I didn’t see that. Ridiculous comment, Fed has enough cash in the bank to live comfortably forever and a day, so to say that’s his motivation is a joke. It’s just an added bonus. Typical British journalists.

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