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Federer Lands New Sponsor; Becomes Rimowa Brand Ambassador

A bit of news to fill the void of Roger not being involved at the business end of the US Open here and it's a new sponsor to add the list — Rimowa.

The German suitcase brand has signed five new ambassadors: designer Virgil Albloh, model Adwoa Aboah, jewelry designer Yoon Ahn, chef Nobu Matsuhisa and of course Roger Federer who has a 2-year deal.

I felt it was a very natural fit for me, for both of us. I love the suitcases and the brand—being from Switzerland, I appreciate quality and craftsmanship.

The firm is owned by LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy) and it's the first time Rimowa have run a global advertising campaign. They've recently had a bit of a rebrand and now the goal is to build awareness of the product outside of Europe. For this particular campaign, they've taken a “non-paid print policy,” becoming the first LVMH subbrand to do so. As a result, you won't be seeing them on the back page of your next in-flight magazine. You can see the campaign launch video below:

We selected a group of like-minded travelers that have embarked on ambitious, lifelong journeys, and that happen to be authentic Rimowa customers. Despite the differences between each of those personal stories, there’s a shared belief that mastery is a never-ending process, and that travel is a powerful vehicle to make a mark in the world.

I've just been reading the release and Rimowa insists that the five individuals are not celebrity influencers. Not sure I'm buying that 😆  if that was the case I've just driven 5,000 km across Europe and taken multiple flights this summer, so where was the call?? I can't guarantee I'd part ways with Samsonite but at least try you know.

They also say they asked the new ambassadors to use their own suitcases rather than providing them with new products for the campaign. Again is that true? Roger's case looks like it's never seen a cargo hold or overhead locker in its life but we'll take their word for it.

Fed Rimowa Deal

As you'd expect there's an awful lot of fluff around the campaign such as “as we look to the future with our heritage in mind, we want to celebrate that mission of relentlessly seeking perfection through action. It’s the shared mindset that both Rimowa and its most iconic travelers demonstrate in our pursuits.”

All of which can basically translate into we want to sell a lot more suitcases than we are able to currently 😀 but clearly the aspirational stuff works as we see day in day out with people sharing their perfect lives on Instagram racking up the envious likes.

Anyway enough slating, I do think the video is well put together and quite cinematic. Fed lends himself well to the brand given he's already got Rolex, Jura, Mercedes and Moët & Chandon in the bag which are all targetting similar customers so it does make sense.

The cases look very well made too, but the pricing isn't for everyone. One of the original checked bags is £960. So it really boils down to if you are willing to pay that for something that gets chucked around on the runway. No doubt the case will stand up to rough and tumble, but it's going to pick up dents. I guess some will argue the ‘patina' on a Rimowa is cool and each mark is a travel memory but it'd just annoy me to see a pricey bit of kit come up damaged on the luggage belt.

The other flaw of the aluminum cases is the weight, the checked bag comes in at almost 5kg, so you're giving away 25% of your allowance for the case itself. They do have a polycarbonate line now though which is 50% lighter and comes in around £600.

But other than that, cool product and the most interesting part of the brand is that is that the design came about purely by chance after the factory burned down and the only surviving items were metal. Hence the idea to use aluminium for the cases.

Have any of you guys owned a Rimowa? What do you think of the campaign? Let me know in the comments.



Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Not for me. I could travel return to Australia for that price! I prefer soft fabric super light weight Swiss Gear. Love my suitcase because it’s weighs next to nothing.

  2. Artsy-fartsy ad! I own a very similar looking one but cost less than one tenth of the Rimowa 😆
    You might get the call from them after this post, Jonathan. You deserve one or two.

  3. Soft Samsonite trolley here. Has served me well for 15+ years for 100 bucks, although it’s used only 2-3 times a year. No dents, just like my racquets. And yes, I can pick up half volleys without touching the ground.

      1. None. I’m the pansiest pansy of all pansies when it comes to take care of gear! (damn, I even polished a Pure Drive Wimbledon 2017 because the matte paint finish felt like grabbing rough wood)
        The bump guards, on the other hand, are properly scratched.

  4. Thanks for something different from the last awful match, Jonathan. Much as I love Fed I think I’ll pass on this case. I’ve got a lovely solid deep pink case with large light pink flowers. Sometimes from the airport window I can see them loading it on to the plane which is reassuring and it is easy to spot on the carousel.

  5. Well, I’ve still got an expanding cardboard suitcase – not that it would survive another flight, mind you 🙂 – but it served me well enough on largely rail journeys.

  6. Its too expensive for me, I am not willing pay this kind of money just for a luggage that will be thrown around at airport. I will stick to generic brand which is serving the same purpose. One thing I must say, Roger’s team is transitioning him towards post tennis with some really good brands, our man still need to earn milk money for his kids no?

  7. I certainly don’t have a Rimowa but we had aluminium schoolboxes which were just too heavy! Then we switched to satchels and I couldn’t thank mom enough! Now I’m fine with my softshell American Tourister-s and my hard cover IT suitcases. ?

  8. “I am honest. I was coaching. I mean, I don’t think she looked at me,”
    “Sascha was coaching every point too”.
    “This chair umpire was the chair umpire of most of the finals of Rafa and Toni is coaching every single point”

    – Patrick Mouratoglu

    That is a bomb that just exploded. If this is not proof that coaching is rampant, particularly Nadal-Toni, then I don’t know what is. Why would Patrick specifically make a case of Rafa matches? I am convinced now that Roger has been denied at least a couple of slam final wins vs Nadal, particularly Wimbledon 2008 and AO 2009, where Nadal flouted with the then non existent shot clock. And let’s not even get to doping.

    A 20 year old phenom from Japan is playing a slam final against her favorite, her hero, her idol, and is given the full show by an American sportswoman, on American soil, in the most American of cities. Why does it have to be this way? Why is it that anytime Williams loses, there is hypocrisy, and there is sexism? How did she manage to win 23 slams if the whole world was stacked against her?

    1. Nationalities and such: Osaka lives in the USA since she was 3. There’s barely a trace of Japanese culture in her, apart maybe some home education and a few rudimentary phrases. And certainly not a gram of merit to be claimed by Japan in her achievements. For instance, the Portuguese pm or president have no business posing with Sousa for photos whenever he wins something. He had to move to Spain at 15 at his family’s full risk to develop as a player.
      On court rules: Either they are enforced homogeneously or be dumped altogether. Otherwise we have an open door to these situations where an empire is bullied by Ms. Thug (how dare she call my fellow countryman a thief? That’s reserved for our politicians and bankers. HaHa.) just by following the rules. Of course, it’s all about racism and sexism. Sure thing.

      1. Yes, she behaved like someone who grew up with Japanese values. Doesn’t matter if she was raised in the USA.
        Has anyone ever seen Roger being coached? Once he said, practice is for coaching. Once the match begins, it’s like an exam. You are on your own to figure it out. That’s what I like about tennis.

      2. Well, at least she kept the “come ons” to herself, facing away from the opponent instead of pumping the fist towards the other side of the net!…

  9. The event with all the lead in ceremony & Serena movie narrated by Meryl Streep fell into a terrible farcical place but we had seen plenty of hints over the years.
    Osaka was so impressive & if Serena is her heroine she has réinvented her, to be a talented but cooly reserved the way she withstood this unsporting onslaught was admirable!
    If the rules, umps & admin catch up to her decent approach it could be a good era!

  10. Didn’t see the incident but read plenty.Good for the umpire in being,well,an umpire.So often it seems that there is an
    intimidation factor going on with some of these players.At last one applied the rules.If she had got away with this awful behaviour in no time at all others would be at it.I saw a Djokovic match some time ago where he bounced the ball for ever
    and got a time violation.Then he prepared to serve again and bounced the ball just as much!He was blatantly challenging
    the umpire who Iam sorry to say let him get away with it.Most players are decent people who have no problems but a few,
    break the rules time and again.

  11. Overall USO this year has been piss poor tournament. Blatant effort to put their American players in winner’s podium has failed miserably. They only achieved 2nd grade titles ie doubles, what a joke. Sure weather created havoc, but ventilation system in the stadium isnt good to all players. Makes things worse, bad sportmanship by Serena, she robbed Naomi from savouring her first GS win . Poor gal probably got scarred from life from this, crying at the throphy ceremony. The spectators are so becoming of their President, lack of manners and humility with constant boo-ing.

    As for court side coaching, why not just red card the coaches and remove them from the stadium problem solved. Coaches cant control themselves and players cant control them, so if there is any incident of illegal coaching just remove them.

    Umpires has every right to penalise players but wish there was more consistent behaviour, some are strict but some just give reminders to players during changeover. Having said that Serena went overboard with her tirade, I guess its her go to playbook when losing at GS Final.

    1. Agreed.The whole thing was awful,plus not being able to watch on the television,and the terrible camera
      angles on Amazon Prime where balls that looked way out were in!

  12. At least on the men’s final John Martin from-the-Colt did not roll over and barf fo Djerk-o-Tronic, but apart from the forehand slaps there’s not much in his game. Credit to Novak for withstanding the audience orcs.

    1. Del Potro is like Kyrgios without the tantrums. Doesn’t produce when it matters, and tends only to play well against Roger.

  13. Perhaps a little harsh on Del Potro as he was facing incredible returning from Djokovic who seemed to be reading his serve
    with ease.In the second set there was a twenty minute game where DelPotro was trying to break Jokers serve.If he had broken there he would have served for the set.I still think Djokovic would have won,just not so easily.Also the court being so slow was taking the edge off his main weapons,the serve and the forehand.

  14. @We were in Cordoba last Easter.I was amused to see that there is a Plaza DelPotro named not after the possum,but an
    ancient fountain of a colt?

  15. Getting back to the sponsorship thing.I am not so sure about this.I would have thought he is quite rich enough and
    sponsored enough as it is.This must all be rather distracting from the nitty,gritty of actually playing tennis!Still as Mrs
    Simpson famously said”You can never be too rich or too thin”?

      1. Which ,whilst being wholly admirable is yet another demand on his time.And he has a wife and four young children.I worry that he is spreading himself too thin.

    1. I have said in the past that now that Roger has 20 GS that is a number he can live with. He is wanting to reach 100 tournament victories and that is really his next goal. I know people were upset when I stated that getting the remaining 2 might be 250 tournaments and that Roger would be ok with that. Annie the reason Roger has so many sponsorships is the reason he is preparing for the eventual retirement. He will make 10 times the money because he will have to travel even more with all these sponsorship commitments. The future of Jonathan’s write ups will be with Roger and him going to such and such a place for his sponsors. That is a good thing that will make Roger even more available to his fans. When he comes to Miami to show up for any of his sponsors I’ll be there to hopefully shake his hand wearing one of his sponsors clothing apparel.

  16. This is what I am talking about when it comes to “OUR ROGER” he is such a class act, and so well loved throughout the world that he never will have a problem with sponsorship. Nadal and Djocovic combined can not equal how much money Roger makes with sponsorships. Roger 15 and I am sure at the end of this year 16 years in a row most popular tennis player. He won most popular in 2016 when he didn’t win a single tournament. Nadal has his fan base. Djocovic has his fan base. But Federer has more then both of them COMBINED. Those are the facts when Roger plays Nadal the crowd is overwhelming for Roger. Same goes for Djocovic even twice as many because there are more Nadal fans then Djocovic. Believe me even if Nadal and Djocovic passed Federer in GS they would still not win most popular player. Why do you think that Roger has a 10 year contract and gets more money than Djocovic? Simple answer Roger has 10 times the fan base.

  17. I have a Rimowa (was given to me free by a friend!) so I am stoked that I got a free ticket into the Fed brand. Now all I need is a mercedes and some Moet to bathe in. ANyone want to sponsor me?

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