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Federer Kicks Off Bercy Campaign with 3 Set Win

Tough encounter here for the Fed Meister but he's well and truly in the habit of winning as he defeated Jeremy Chardy 7-6(5) 6-7(5) 6-4 to move into the third round at the BNP Paribas Paris Masters.

Not one of Roger's cleanest matches and it was clear from the first few points that he wasn't in synch with the court speed change from Basel. His timing was off and he allowed Chardy to really dictate with his forehand as the ball just sat up nicely for him. Fortunately as the games went by he got more into it and began to adapt to the conditions which eventually got him over the line. A nice combo of confidence and mental strength from the GOAT to see off a heavy hitting Chardy and keep the race for #1 very much alive.

Quick Match Recap

Federer Serving Bercy 2014

Federer won the toss and chose to receive. Chardy held to 15 with some big first serves doing the damage and then found himself up a break after Roger netted a tame backhand to drop serve.

Chardy's crisp ball striking continued and he soon found himself 4-1 up with a break point chance to extend his lead to 5-1. Fed however pulled off the hold and at 3-5 he broke Chardy when he served for the set.

The Frenchman then had a second bite of the cherry in Roger's next service game but wasted 4 set points and Roger held to level at 5-5. Chardy was then broken to love and Roger had the chance to serve out the set. I didn't anticipate many problems with that as momentum had shifted but Roger double faulted on break point and a tiebreak ensued.

Chardy's French mental strength came to the fore here as he double faulted on the opening point and Roger soon moved into a 3-2 lead. Chardy recouped the mini break at 4-6 down to get back on serve but a wild forehand on his next service point gave Roger the opening set.

Into the second and Roger had started to find more rhythm and a better idea of how to play the conditions. That translated into much more comfortable service games and Roger soon lead 5 games to 4 with neither player creating a break point chance. In the 10th game however Roger had 2 match points courtesy of some insane defensive work but couldn't convert. Mainly due to Chardy going big on his forehand and getting slightly lucky.

The missed match points meant Chardy held and 5-5 soon became 6-6 for yet another tie break. Roger had won his last 11 tie breaks dating back to the Toronto and again he got up an early mini break to lead 3-1. However this is where his run ended as Chardy hit back to recoup the mini break. At 5 all Fed came up with unreal defence to stay in a point but then missed a backhand wide gave Chardy a set point which he converted with a huge inside out forehand.

That meant for the third match in a row between these 2 players a deciding set and Fed got off to a good start, breaking Chardy to lead 1-0 finally converting on his 4th break point of the game.

Chardy had an immediate chance to level but Fed fired down an ace before holding to lead 2-0. The Swiss should then have broken Chardy's serve at 3-1 to put the match to bed but again couldn't convert, taking his break points to 1 from 8 for the set.

With Fed leading 4-3 Chardy missed a routine volley at 15 all to give himself a 15-30 chance, big choke really and that spelled the end for him. He did however force Roger to serve it out but the GOAT obliged, doing so to love, taking it 6-4 in the third.

Match Stats

  J. Chardy R. Federer
Aces 7 10
Double Faults 8 3
1st Serve % 61% 59%
1st Serve Points Won 54/72 (75%) 55/72 (76%)
2nd Serve Points Won 23/47 (49%) 27/51 (53%)
Break Points Saved 9/12 (75%) 7/9 (78%)
Service Games Played 17 17
1st Return Points Won 17/72 (24%) 18/72 (25%)
2nd Return Points Won 24/51 (47%) 24/47 (51%)
Break Points Won 2/9 (22%) 3/12 (25%)
Return Games Played 17 17
Winners 45 41
Unforced Errors 49 36
Net Points Won 25/39 29/42
Total Service Points Won 77/119 (65%) 82/123 (67%)
Total Return Points Won 41/123 (33%) 42/119 (35%)
Total Points Won 118/242 (49%) 124/242 (51%)

Thoughts on the Match

Federer Chardy Bercy

Another tough one for Fed for here against this hard hitting Frenchman but like I said at the start Roger is on a big winning streak right now and that helps him close out tight matches like you wouldn't believe.

Chardy has a habit of taking him the distance in best of 3 so this is a pleasing win considering he was on the brink of losing the opening set. It's also put Fed in front in the Head to Head after Chardy's victory in Rome earlier this year tied them at 1-1.

Obviously it wasn't the greatest level from Roger out there but the conditions are vastly different to Basel. The court looks to be slow, sticky and high bouncing which is a big adjustment from last week. The change threw Fed's rhythm completely in the opening set and he struggled to generate pace on the ball which allowed Chardy to wallop his forehand at will. Fed looked like a fish out of water in the first set to be honest and only thanks to Chardy cracking at the first sign of pressure allowed him to get back in it before taking it in the breaker.

Once Fed did take the opener he got better as the match wore on, playing the conditions much better and finding more rhythm from the back of the court. Not really too sure what he changed, if anything, looked to me like he just got more used to the bounce of the ball and how it was coming onto the racquet.

He should have definitely closed it out in straights with the match points but somehow Chardy managed to get out of a hole, his forehand is perfect for this type of court as his takeback and racquet preparation are so expansive that on a quicker court he's often rushed. Here he can wind it up and tee off without any worry, that saved him on the match points really as he just went for his shots which is credit to him.

Aside from the win the other positive is some more court time for Fed meaning he will now be more in tune with the conditions. I'm guessing that London will be more like Paris than Basel so this will be useful preparation. That's a shame though in some ways as there's zero fun in seeing Roger hit a peRFect forehand that gets tracked down easily by an opponent. Some shots tonight that looked like they were clean winners all day long seemed to hold up in the court. Maybe it's the TV angle but it sure does look slow.

Predictions vs. Pouille

Lucas Pouille

Next up is French qualifier Lucas Pouille who took out Karlovic in the first round and then defeated Fognini earlier today. Fognini was 5-2 up in the second set but yet again self destructed losing it on a tie break πŸ˜†

Back to the first round for a moment and I think one of the main takeaways for the tournament is Pouille defeating Karlovic in straight sets and breaking his serve three times. On a surface like this the return can be more important the serve and that doesn't bode too well for Fed in my opinion. He'd have to flog himself to death on a court like this if he runs into a hardcore grinder like Djokovic or Murray. Not impossible he wins of course but I think his odds seriously go down especially as he's played a ton of Tennis and is surely prioritising London. We'll see anyway, maybe he can surprise after winning yet another tough opening match just like in Shanghai and Basel πŸ˜‰

Onto the match with Pouille and I haven't ever seen him play, I just YouTubed one of his challenger matches and he looks pretty standard. From his results clay appears to be his best surface but it doesn't look like he has any standout weapons. Chardy's success today came from his heavy forehand so unless Pouille can dictate from the ground I'm not sure he can really cause too many problems. Fed in straights. 6-4 6-4.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. It’s definitely silenced the critics who said there was no strength in depth in the women’s game. Alex was flying the flag single handedly but got some rising stars πŸ˜†

    1. But yeah, I thought it was a reasonable match considering the huge condition change. Paris looks so slow, but the problem is the camera angle has always made it tough for me to tell exactly how slow. I remember the years gone by when I felt it was as slow as I could see and yet people would assure me it was the fastest on tour!

      Good win for Fed though, into the tourney on yet another tough match. On a side note for a couple of things, I gotta hand it to Murray. 6 weeks in a row, whether you view him as a grinder or not, is superb fitness levels both physically and mentally (especially considering the Robredo and Ferrer encounters). I thought he’d lose to Benneteau, and he dismissed the Frenchman like he was nothing. There’s also an article on atp about Dimitrov looking at his hot shots from this year. Accuse him of being an entertainer over a winner all you like, but it’s terrific stuff he produces, and it seems all the time too!

      Finally, just a quick well done to you, Jonathan, for writing so much in recent weeks and keeping both quality and quantity up at the same time. Your site is an excellent gathering point for Fed fans, and unlike most situations, we don’t get into as many arguments as others do! So congrats on a brilliant job.

      1. Murray really only has himself to blame for playing 6 weeks in a row. It’ll eventually catch up on him sooner or later. Lendl tried to make him more aggressive so that he could end rallies and matches quicker but all of that seems to have gone to waste now. Was far more interesting to watch being the aggressor as well.

      2. Murray is very fit, no doubts. Dunno what his 400m times are but meant to be impressive.

        My argument is that he’s built on a weak frame underneath the muscle mass and great stamina. Surely not good signs having to keep saving match points vs. Robredo and Ferrer. Most guys are knocking him off easy, Nishikori won pretty handily vs. him yesterday.

        Didn’t see Benneteau but Murray owns him 5-0 H2H now. Just absorbs what he throws at him and that’s the end of Julien. Slow court prob gave him no chance. I think if it was quicker then Benneteau maybe had a shot, I thought he was gonna win as well with Murray’s 6 week stint but Benneteau’s pacing of himself in matches is usually poor, gets burned out after 8 games.

        And thanks πŸ™‚

  1. Now this match actually gave me worries right before it started because when Federer lost to Chardy in Rome, I was very disappointed. I remember because that was the first time I had to watch a match via livestream at work.
    Why oh why do we have to play another inspired FRENCH MAN??
    It may not be another easy match against Pouille, I hope Federer sails through.
    The idea should be ‘one step ahead of Djokovic’
    Is Roger’s family in Paris? Who knows?

      1. Yeah, I really can’t see Pouille being a problem. Fognini – far too casual – he should have had this one but instigated his own downfall as usual. He is such a tosser.

    1. Yeah Mirka not been around lately. All in Paris though as seen a few photos on Twitter.

      Fognini is a joke, started of this year well and has just got worse and worse. He’s actually pretty talented but no real weapons and one of the worst mentally.

    1. Suitable for all moonballers and baseline Frenchies! horrible grip of the ball and then a high bounce! Not sure I door clay will play the same…. The main issue for the French is who to choose as they all seem in poor form at the moment!

  2. congrats Utch! Left those guys standing!

    Well done Fed. Tough first round in Chardy but gave him a chance to get used to the conditions which I hv to say are awful. What a slower than slow sludge fest of a court! Nothing goes thru it! Court 1 is also terrible, noisy and low roof. And they call themselves a Masters!

  3. Thanks, Jonathan. No comments to add to what has already been said, but looking at the full R16 draw, it seems to me as if Fed has drawn the longest straw. Even if Pouille is inspired by playing against his hero; and even if Fed hasn’t yet adjusted to the conditions (or if the conditions just don’t suit him); confidence and mettle should get him through without too many questions being asked. 6-4, 6-2!

    1. Yeah Fed’s draw is very good so he should come through. But all about on the day. Pouille I doubt is a danger, not got any sort of record to suggest otherwise. He also said Fed is his idol. Didn’t go well for Goffin!

  4. Guess there are so few postings so far because the site must have crashed around the time Jonathan posted, I assume. Was never worried about Fed for this one (and too busy at work to take more than the odd glance at the scores – perhaps I might have worried more if I had!), but thought he ought to have finished in 2 sets given a 3-1 lead in the Set 2 TB. Not sure how beneficial the extra set would be to him: from the point of view of fitness he can hardly need the extra court time, but let’s hope it gave him more time to get used to the conditions.

  5. He should have finished it in two, and certainly would have preferred a more comfortable win. But these are surely the shittiest courts on tour aren’t they? I’m sure they played faster a few years ago, but they’re horribly slow now, and huge bounce. You’ve got to thump an overhead very hard (or get a sharp angle), otherwise, back it comes. It’s no surprise that big servers Karlovic and Isner are out, and that Raonic struggled and was lucky to get through.
    Julien was crapeteau against Murray, but I think the same thing applies – serve negated.

    The longer match has helped Feds get used to the court conditions – it’s not an easy transition from Basel. I think London plays much faster, but then there is the week off. Stan might do well here – more time to wind up on his backhand?

    1. This and Miami are probably the slowest hard courts on tour- the fact that this is an indoor courts makes me incredibly mad. What’s the point of even having an indoor season why they are to the same speed of the outdoor ones. Jonathan’s words were incredibly true in that some shots of Fed’s looked to be clean winners but the reaction with court neutralised them and if he has to face a grinder, it aint gonna be easy. He’s played a lot of tennis this year, and I don’t think he needs to be dragged down and expend energy when London and DC are up for grabs.

      1. Totally agree. This ridiculously slow courts may be France’s plan to drag and wear down Federer as much as possible before Davis Cup. If I’m not mistaken, Federer is one of the players who played the most matches (76 including his win against Chardy) this year and at 33! Here are the number of matches he played during his prime years:

        2003: 95 matches (78-17)
        2004: 80 matches (74-6)
        2005: 85 matches (81-4)
        2006: 97 matches (92-5)
        2007: 77 matches (68-9)
        2014: 76 matches (66-10) and counting

        It’s truly impressive how at his age Federer is nearly playing like he was during his prime. With the remainder of Paris tournament, London WTF and the Davis cup he’s guaranteed to play over 80 singles matches this season.

      2. Alysha: it does seem like a cunning plan from the French, but so far it seems to be backfiring for them. Two French doubles teams both out in first round, Gasquet (although no surprise there) out, Chardy out, Tsonga (rusty I guess) struggled, and Monfils not that convincing from what I saw. I’m sure it was faster than this a couple of years ago, I remember Llodra did quite well for a few rounds.
        Couldn’t agree more John, it is truly stupendous the number of matches Federer has played and we are expecting a lot from him to take Paris as well. Too much I think.

  6. Although the courts in Paris might be slower and higher bouncing than Basel and Shanghai, I think the camera angle plays a big role in speed perception here.

    Anyway, an overall OK 2nd round performance from Rog. Hopefully he only plays better from here on πŸ™‚

    1. Yeah its hard to tell. I’ve thought courts are slow before and then players say they are quick.

      I think the fact that Fed nailed some decent shots that are usually clean winners tells the story though.

  7. I appreciate so much Jonathan’s column and the comments from other Goatees. I’m not well educated on the subject of the various playing surfaces, and how significantly it affects Roger’s (or whosever play. At times I thought it was his first day. Occasionally unRoger. Will all of this tournament be on that surface?

    At my house it’s all Roger all the time. Thanks for the great site.


    1. Thanks Nancy πŸ™‚

      And yeah all the tournament is on the same surface all week, never changes during a tournament.

      It could potentially get a little faster if it gets smoother during the week with more people playing on it but that’s unlikely.

  8. Bercy Masters should not be a M1000- Seriously this tournament sucks in quality and the courts are slow as shit. Just awful. And it’s gonna suck if the O2 plays like this as well…What has indoor conditions even become these days? I think Fed needs to make semis here to still keep in contention for no.1 so losing here wouldn’t be a big deal because I think WTF and DC means way more. BTW really good run at Basel for Fed, didn’t get to watch the final and not sure I’ll be tuning in for Paris due to the time difference so these recaps are everything, thanks Jonathan! Not much to add, you always nail it! Btw saw that Murray was a bit disheartened to see that you are lacking the faith in his ability to extend his career haha, looks to be regressing to the defensive player he was before Lendl, unfortunate he always has to make matches a longer affair than they need to be. But I think he will be back as a front runner in the slams next season. Anyway, good luck to Roger for this week and thankyou for the commitment on the posts again J!

    1. He needs to lose after Djokovic to keep the number one in reach. He is ~500 points behind Novak, so if Novak adds to that tally, Roger will have to win WTF and djoker will have to play a shit tournament. If Roger loses before Novak here, it’s game over I think.

    2. Yeah why they haven’t binned it for the peRFect Masters 1000 on grass I have no idea πŸ˜€

      Yeah Murray wasn’t too pleased, who knows how he found the tweet in and amongst all the positive ones about his win. Trust Mugray to focus on that one. Think I hit a nerve. Not sure he factors at all Slams but he has always been good on grass…

  9. Roger vs Ratapouille, I see.

    That Chardy scared me. I forgot Roger was playing today, checked the score…two and half hours? This win could fire Roger up, or hurt him as he may have put in too much, too early, with four matches coming up in four days.

  10. Grrrrrr)(*$)(&#)%#*$+_%)#($_)%(.

    Wrote comment. Hit Post. Got site crash message.

    Impossible to retrieve comments. I’m sure they were pithy and insightful πŸ˜‰

    I do remember saying I hate the camera angle, makes it look like they’re playing on a foozball table!

    And Pouille has some good hustle, but probably not the game to trouble Fed, at least not yet.

    And I too noticed the noise – was wondering why there was this loud announcer garbage going on while they were playing, then realized they were actually announcing Tsonga’s arrival on a DIFFERENT court! I found it terribly off-putting as a virtual spectator, must be awful being there. What are the M1000 criteria anyway? Presumably they’ve got to meet them – it’s not just spectator capacity, is it?

    1. I thought that at first on the noise Thinker, but the commentators mentioned that sit in rooms open to the courts, and that the viewers were getting the noise from the wrong ‘box’ as it were. I don’t think the players could possibly have ignored that noise. But anyway that second court is horribly echoe-y – and it looks like a warehouse. They are doing it up next year I believe.

      1. Aack! So sorry slamdunk, don’t know what I was thinking! Obviously tried to reply here before I was awake!

        (ty for the heads up Jonathan!)

  11. Kneedal news…………..
    Though Rafael Nadal’s season ended last week in Basel, where he lost in the quarter-finals to 17-year-old Croatian wunderkind Borna Coric, the Spaniard isn’t sitting around playing tiddlywinks. He is currently undergoing knee treatment in Vitoria, in the north of Spain.

    Nadal has once again put himself in the hands of Mikel SΓ‘nchez, a growth factor injection specialist with whom he has been working since 2010 to ease the chronic tendinitis in both of his knees.

    The Majorcan usually has the injections shortly before getting his pre-season underway so as to allow over a week to shake off any aftereffects, but on this occasion he has pushed the treatment forward owing to his impending appendix operation in Barcelona. This surgery, scheduled for Monday, will keep Nadal out for three weeks anyhow,

    1. I’ve been telling this for a long time, all Rafael Nadal is doing these days is regenerating himself. He will be out for blood at Melbourne. If he doesn’t win two slams next year, he will never overhaul Federer’s 17. I thought he would be done by the end of this year, with only one more slam to win after that. I may have grossly underestimated his contingent of Spanish dope doctors.

      Stay doped, you Spaniards!

      1. Thanks for that update Kazik. I thought he was having treatment for his back or something as well as having his appendix whipped out.
        How many more times can he ‘regenerate’ Sid before these doctors say ‘no more’. At this rate he’ll be in a wheelchair before he’s 30!

      2. Sid, I am picking that a lot more than Nadal are into “regeneration” these days. I have always had my suspicions of Murray, because of his immensely physical game and how he has transformed himself over the years.

  12. Not much to add here. How about a grass 1000 event and take out Bercy.
    The court looks terrible. Tires me out watching someone trying to hit a winner. Hate that kind of play.
    I wouldn’t be surprise if Roger lost early here. So much tennis lately.x
    Glad they put back the weeks rest before WTF.

    1. Sue, I have it the same way – not that exciting to view. I would not grieve as much as usual, IF Roger had lost yesterday – giving pause and training time for the years’ nearly most important turns. But anyway, I also want Roger’s end-of-year-no.1-wish to be accomplished, he deserves it I think!

  13. Good hustle from Fed, nice to see him winning when he isn’t playing well. I really hope that court speed has something to do with the camera angle, otherwise Djoker is winning this…

    I’d like to see Roger use that slider out wide on the serve though, he used it a LOT at Melbourne and it worked well, I think it could work VERY well on a slow court such as this.

    1. I think his best serve on this surface is that top spin one that kicks up crazy high on the ad court, one where Chardy nailed a clean winner that caught the line. Was lucky that, 9 times out of 10 it’s going into tramlines or even outside the court πŸ™‚

      Even more effective against one handers –

      Dunno about slider all time, you leave yourself wide open for a return winner as the ball sits up nice.

      1. Defo not all the time, but given he’s not gonna go through THIS court, I really think it’d help him to move his opponents out then have an open court. But He’s got to mix it up for sure, I’d just like to see it a little more

  14. We are spoiled not to have much Fedless tennis days this year. I’m awed by not only his game but his whole carrier, persona…existence, really. Just happy to see him playing and winning let alone becoming No.1 again. Would be crazy if it happens!

    Excellent match analysis, Jonathan. Just as being awed by Fed, we are all inspired by your amazing job, too. RF and PT are inseparable πŸ™‚

  15. Novak vs Monfils
    Statistic is 10-0 for Novak, but from all the matches, only 2 times Novak win in straight set (Montreal and RG). Do you think Monfils will have chance if he plays like in USO?

  16. Good to see Roger get through this match. His ability to stay the course has been remarkable this year – especially if you compare it to 2013!

    I thought that as well as the slow court conditions he did look very tired. There just wasn’t that usual spring in his step right from the word go. And given the amount of tennis he’s played lately he really must be feeling it. I hope he doesn’t have to give too much energy-wise in Paris and saves himself for London and the DC – much more important. I didn’t realise though that he has to stay ahead of Djoko here to stand a chance at year-end No. 1.

    1. He definitely looked below par in first set, kept getting wrong footed.

      Basel wasn’t really a physical event though so I’m sure he is ok physically. See what happens today I guess…

  17. Great post Jon. Definitely some nervous moment but happy he is through to be in striking distance for No1. Chardy is a difficult opponent and he is keeping Roger honest. Tons of adjustment needed from Roger changing for Basel to Bercy. lets go Roger!!!

  18. Really nice page, comments intelligent and respectful, Jon’s descriptions and analyses interesting, thank you all for this Roger-classy blog.
    Now preparing for to-night. So interesting how Roger handles this young admirer in those court-conditions.

      1. Woah woah woah!! So cool!

        Wouldn’t have been possible without your support Jonathan, so all the credit must go to you. Thank you for being such a fantastic sport, as always!!

    1. Wow, cool indeed for both Gaurav and the peRFect Tennis! Agreed the original post had a great ironic viewpoint, so I wondered why not people talking more about it since. Finally!

      Thanks for sharing the article, Thinker and Ajay πŸ™‚

      1. Do I get a % cut? :p

        You might get some hate mail by the way. I’m sure there are some Dull fans coming to bite our heads off!

      2. A % of the losses incurred by the blog for this last financial year? Yeah cool, we’ll split them πŸ˜€ 50/50?

        Hasn’t brought loads so far but it’s still early in Canada…

  19. Hey Gaurav and Jon, congrats. Well deserved πŸ™‚

    Gaurav, that was an amazing post and then to be mentioned by a journo?? Wow dude πŸ™‚

    Jon, even you are becoming famous. First the big man himself, Muzza, notices you and now this?? Congrats πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Katyani!! I was super surprised myself. But you know, a lot of people are going to miss the point of the article.

    2. Guaranteed, we live in the age of instant gratification, attention spans are at an all time low. Most people are going to read the first line and then think they know what the article is about πŸ˜†

  20. Ps Jon, what will it take for the BBC and Sky Sport to actually see BEYOND Andy Murray?? It is really getting annoying (already was) that he is all of their focus. You might even forget that there are all these other players….
    They only mention when he is playing, against whom, druling over him and his wins…..

    1. The short answer is, they won’t. It is BEYOND annoying I agree. He is through to the WTF so at least they will shut up about that. I guess they assume because he’s a Brit, that’s all the British audience will care about. What they seem not to realise – and they should after WTF last year(!) – is that Federer is the most popular everywhere, including in Britain.

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