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Federer Into US Open Final After Seeing Off Wawrinka

Whoopa! Big win here for the GOAT as he defeated fellow Swiss Stan Wawrinka 6-4, 6-3, 6-1 in 1 hour and 32 minutes to make his first US Open Final since 2009.

The win means he's now the oldest man to make an Open Era Grand Slam final since Andre Agassi's US Open run in 2005, where Federer beat him in the final. Next of course is Djokovic who crushed an injured Marin Cilic for the loss of just 3 games and has made all four Grand Slam finals this calendar year. A fitting final with the two best players of the year so far going head to head for the 42nd time.

Quick Match Recap

Federer Wawrinka USO 2015

Stan won the toss and elected to serve, holding to 15 to kick things off. Rogers serve has been firing all week but he was under pressure in his opening game, having to save a break point and multiple deuces before holding.

Stan looked like he had come out all guns blazing but in game 3 Federer pulled out two SABR returns, losing the first but winning the second before breaking to lead 2-1. Just those two mix ups seemed to throw Stan off and changed the dynamic of the match instantly.

Roger then held to lead 3-1 but at 3-2 he drifted from the committed tennis we'd seen in the match so far and slipped to 0-40. Roger had to refocus fast and fortunately did so, hitting an ace to save the first and then coming up with a clutch serve and volley behind a second serve to make deuce. 4-2. Both players then traded holds as Federer held a 5-4 lead before going on to serve out the set 6-4.

Into set 2 and Stan immediately had to save break point, doing so with a smart body serve. The French Open champion then found himself in more trouble at 2 games all; slipping to love 40 but hitting back to back aces en route to deuce. Stan then had to save a further 2 break points which he managed before holding for a 3-2 lead.

Roger responded in just the right manner though, holding in about 1 minute and then breaking Wawrinka to love. He then held to love to lead 5-3 before breaking Stan again to love to take the set 6-3.

2 sets to the good meant Federer firmly in the driving seat, holding serve comfortably at the start of set 3 to lead 2-1 before breaking Wawrinka, winning the longest rally of the match courtesy of some sublime movement. 4-1 soon became 5-1, again with more transition game brilliance and Roger then served it out, converting his second match to book his spot in the final.

Match Stats

Stats Stan Wawrinka Roger Federer
Aces 6 10
Double faults 1 2
1st serves in 38/78 (49%) 50/77 (65%)
1st serve points won 22/38 (58%) 40/50 (80%)
2nd serve points won 20/40 (50%) 17/27 (63%)
Fastest serve 133 MPH 125 MPH
Average 1st serve speed 118 MPH 112 MPH
Average 2nd serve speed 95 MPH 95 MPH
Net points won 9/18 (50%) 22/28 (79%)
Break points won 0/4 (0%) 5/11 (45%)
Receiving points won 20/77 (26%) 36/78 (46%)
Winners 25 29
Unforced errors 30 17
Total points won 62 93
Distance Covered (Feet) 4442.3 4448.1
Dist. Covered/Pt. (Feet) 28.7 28.7
SABR 0 1/3 (33%)



Thoughts on the Match

Federer USO Semi Final vs Wawrinka

I’m very happy, it’s been a great tournament so far, I tried very hard in the last six years to get to another final, I came close a few times and tonight it worked against Stan, who also played a good tournament. Definitely very good, maybe my best. I’m serving very well, playing positive tennis. I am going for my shots and I’d love [everything] to work just one more time this year.

Hugely impressive win for Roger here and he played yet another top quality match. I had a feeling he would get this one done in straights simply because of how he's got about the court since Cincinnati. Lopez was bang on the money when he said “fucking flying all over the court” because that's exactly what he's been doing in his 6 matches so far.

Stan actually started the match pretty will with some lusty blows but once Fed settled, took up his aggressive court position, threw in some SABR returns and looked to get forward wherever possible it was one way traffic. Just like in Rome Fed got after the second serve, hitting it well inside the baseline and mixing it up with some short angled slices and hitting through the ball; that put quite a lot of pressure on Stan's first serve and he only made 49% for the match which isn't a great number for him.

What more can you say? Simply too good and all the numbers are top drawer, winning 80% behind his first serve and 78% of points at the net. But has he peaked too early? 😆 I would say no, this match had a much different feel to the Wimbledon Semi Final. The win against Murray felt more like defying the ages and just a ridiculous level of serving. This one felt more like a return to Prime Fed hard court level where his movement is just spot on. Obviously it's not physically possible to be as good as 2004-07 level but when you add in that higher level of attacking intent, spot serving, SABR and better volleys it gets mightily close.

Predictions vs. Djokovic

Fed Djoker Cincy

It's just a straight shootout, and I think that's the cool thing about our rivalry. It's very athletic, we both can handle whatever we present to one another and I think our matches [are] very even.

So next up is Djokovic who has made serene progress to the final without ever really being tested. He comprehensively beat Cilic for the loss of just 3 games in the first semi final and heads into Sunday's final as the favourite.

Roger won their last meeting just a couple of weeks ago in Cincinnati but Slams are a whole different kettle of fish. Djokovic has come out on top in all their recent meetings over 5 sets, notably in this years Wimbledon final where he was the better player throughout.

Based on Fed's tournament so far and well put together hard court schedule then you have to give him a shot at winning. It definitely won't be easy as Djokovic moves an order of magnitude better than anyone Roger has faced so far and as a result poses a much sterner test. Can Fed find a way through his defenses? Can he do more damage on the return than he managed at Wimbledon? Will Djokovic be just too solid and make zero errors from the baseline? All unknowns as it stands but I hope it's a good match and Fed can bring his A game.

I am also interested to see what happens when Roger uses SABR 🙂 Becker has been playing the media game very well with his ‘disrespectful' comments which of course leak into the Press Room questions. But will Djoker try something different to counteract it? I'm not sure. Maybe he'll opt to try tee off at Fed. But will he do it on an important point? Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth. Should be interesting.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Sorry Jon for leaving the live chat mid match lol. I had connection problems and tried to re-join but apparently the chat room was “full”.

    1. Yeah Sue had a similar problem. Not sure what caused that. It can handle way more concurrent users. Hopefully doesn’t repeat for the final.

      But if it does , the best way to get me during match is via Twitter. Rarely check emails during matches. Next best way would be to leave a comment.

    1. I know right. Last three fed Djokovic matches he’s said nothing ?. Watched the match even though USA timings are horrible for the Brits. Roger was solid and clutch in the 1st set. From then on Roger started hitting some great shots and Stan died down. Regarding Djokovic yes I watched that match and he was good but cilic was playing horribly and so we can’t really judge anything. The key is to win the 1st and from there on I would back Roger if not then I’d call Djokovic. Tough match and I really hope fed wins. 22 wins in his last 23 matches is excellent and hopefully he can back it up. Sorry for long post but thanks Jonathan for another quick post

      1. Jonathan playing it safe, hitting it from way behind the baseline, with lot of top spin, and margin, and refusing to come to the front court. 🙂

        With what happened vs Cilic, who was injured, it’s impossible to judge where Djokovic’s game really is. If anything, the lack of a good match can throw him off, and that’s where a very fast start from Federer is needed. It’s a great opportunity to take the first set, and then go from there.

        I’ll be brave, very brave, and pick Federer in four.

      2. That’s what I’m hoping, Sid, is that the lack of a good match will throw him off. Although not much does.

  2. Its a great match from Roger. Honestly I hope he doesn’t give us fan a false sense of hope like in Wimbledon. Roger has decent shot but he has to go keep his head together and stay focus. SABR attack or not, Roger must take ball early and avoid extended rallies plus high 1st serves. Djoker still the favourite to win, I think its high time for someone to deflate Boris’ puff face. He just so mouthy of late.

      1. Will try my best to celebrate him reaching final but its so close now, I want him to win 6th title here….Cmon Roger’s do this!!!

  3. The Wimby sf wasn’t that easy. There was an extremely long game, 15 minutes? where the outcome was really in play. Might have been a bit exhausting. Roger’s game seems a bit even more superior now. The court and balls suit him. The chance is as evident this time. And the commentators at my eurosport version have him as clear favorite. Of course Jonathan’s attitude is the more healthy one, worth attempting!

    1. 7-5, 7-5, 6-4, it was pretty easy. Fed just couldn’t play his absolute best in the final. Wasn’t like he played bad either, if he won first set then it was close.

      I wouldn’t trust any commentator to make a pick either.

  4. I’m traveling to Zürich next Tuesday. I wonder what local mood I will encounter… Fingers crossed, hands, feet and all.

  5. With all emotions aside, I believe that this match will come down to who wins the first set. It’s that simple.

    Roger and Novak have played 5 times this year:

    Roger won in straights in Dubai.
    Novak won in 3 sets in Indian Wells after winning the first set.
    Novak won in straights in Rome.
    Novak won in 4 sets in Wimbledon after winning the 1st set. And we recall that Roger had several chances to win that set. If he had won it, the outcome might have been different.
    Roger won in straights in Cincinnati.

    So all in all, we can talk about the surface, the weather, will it be played on Sunday or Monday, etc.

    The facts are that both will be very fresh. Roger is playing some of his best tennis EVER – better than at Wimbledon. He is clutch, etc. the one stat that has shown me that he is extremely close this time is that he has now faced three times a 0:40 score – once against Lopez in Cincy, once against Isner and yesterday against Stan – and on all three occasions he held serve. It reminded me a bit of when played against Davydenko in the Quarters at the AO 2010. He went on to win there.

    At the same time Djokovic played probably his best match all summer against Cilic. He was a beast out there. That being said, even though he won and the shoreline was impressive, it was quite pathetic of him to allow to be broken in the 3rd set by one legged crippled Cilic. It was inconsequential but still it’s there.

    Roger is physically and mentally fresh and he’s clear on what he has to do. There will be no hesitation. Therefore, it will come down to the first set. If he wins it – tiebreak or no tiebreak – that will embolden him and he’s going to play even better. If he loses it, he may put up a fight it will be a long road to win.

    He has to impose his will. Djokovic has shown that he’s not invincible. He can be beat. Roger just needs to stick to the game plan and utilize the SABR and all tools in his arsenal. If he has another of those good serving days, he will be victorious. The lowest he can serve is 59% and actually that got it done in Cincy. If he can serve even higher, than it will be even better. We’ll see. It will be a tight match no doubt. And again it will all come down to the first set, I believe.

    Just to remind you, Roger has lost only 1 match this entire year when he’s won the 1st set and that was against Kyrgios in Madrid and he lost it in the 3rd in a tiebreaker. It just shows you how lethal Roger is this year when he wins that 1st set. So that’s how I see it!

  6. If his serve holds, he holds the trophy. Period. And remember not to invest super human qualities to Djoko–he will be nervous too and if he lost a set to Agut and almost two sets to Lopez, then he can certainly lose three sets to Fed. Good luck, Fed!!!

    1. He lost 2 sets to Anderson at Wimbledon. Everything starts from zero in the final. Fed needs to bring more than just his serve, look Wimbledon – Djoker was near unbreakable, so Roger needs to get it going on the return.

      1. Agree with Emily here. If Fed is to get it going on the return, the serve needs to be near peRFect like these past few weeks. Djoker is a next level returner so if Fed can do that, then odds go up immensely.

  7. How is that shot even possible, the jumping-twisting-lob-intercepting-slamming one?

    And I loved how Stan drop-shotted Rog at the very edge of court, and a few points later Rog did it back to him on the other side- “oh yeah, just want to be sure you haven’t forgotten I can do that too”.

    When I first turned it on, it was AD Stan on Roger’s first service game, & I’m thinking, Aack! But no, he was super-solid, and pulled out of several such situations.

    Still, many UFEs from Stan which we’re less likely to see in the final. Djokovic just seems to dial in a different zone – though as we saw in Cincinnati, sometimes it doesn’t work. Guess we will have to see how conditions/paths to the final converge tomorrow. Fed himself talked a bit about how the balls flew a bit more when it was warmer, & now it’s cooled down. And Fed has clearly spent less time on court, but Novak’s conditioning is second to none, so that may not matter.

    Spot on, Jonathan, with your pre-match scoreline prediction. I did think you were optimistic, but am glad it played out this way, because as you say we’ve had a good match, Fed looking in very good form, yet not transcendent like he did in the Wimby semi – which as we saw may have translated as peaking too early.

    Appreciate your comment too about not being outcome dependent. Making the final IS a real accomplishment in itself – last one here the DelPotro final, & in between we’ve had some classic Djokovic SFs that kept him out of the final match. This too feels different from Wimbledon – at Wimbledon, he’d made the final in 2014 with the new racquet, and fought so hard, taken it to 5 sets… so making the final again in 2015, after a whole year with the new racquet, didn’t seem like as big an accomplishment, even though he had to play some luminous matches to get there (notably the semifinal). (It should, mind you – I recognize that’s probably a “spoiled fan” reaction.) And then when he not only didn’t take it to 5 this time, but just seemed to go away after the set2 tiebreak – well, as Susie said, who watched it live, it was agony. (Interesting that while talking with ESPN last night, he said HE didn’t feel he played badly at the Wimbledon final, just that Novak played very very well.) This feels different. Maybe because the Wimbledon loss has tempered us, or maybe because this is so clearly already a net gain from last year, or maybe some other combination I haven’t thought of. The pundits are talking about how he’s the oldest USO finalist since Agassi a decade ago – but the clear difference to me is that Agassi kind of had one last glorious run – while Fed has never gone away. He will, one day – but he hasn’t yet.

    Hope it’s a great match on Sunday. And I hope he wins. And if he doesn’t – I hope I am able to be the kind of fan who appreciates him anyway.

      1. Yes, I think that’s the one – tried to find it again to give an actual set/game reference, but atp highlights aren’t showing scores (and are from an obnoxious angle), and other highlights are- so far at least – either already down or not yet up.

    1. Yeah Djokerer has history in Flushing Meadows. I don’t think time spend on court will really factor in against Novak, we know the guy can play back to back 5 hr matches and still win. And I would be concerned about it going 5 sets but Fed looks pretty fresh and has gotten through 6 matches efficiently and w/o dropping a set. Not to mention there is a tiebreaker so can be mentally prepared of knowing where the end is.

  8. Stan made comments about Roger’s level of play. I think the tennis world is in awe of our guy. How does he manage to play at that level after all these years?
    As usual, we all have something to learn from him. Work hard, stay positive, keep it light and enjoy life. Good things will happen.
    The weather looks iffy for both Sat and Sun. Maybe everything will be moved to super Monday.
    I have an Italian friend who is obviously over the moon.
    Good luck to Fed and may the tennis gods be with him.
    Thinker, we will always appreciate him, no matter what.

  9. Every once in a while, these moments during an on court interview, where the victor shuns their pretenses, and their emotions come out unadulterated, uncensored, and unbridled, are very refreshing. The joy was palpable on her face, in her body language, as she struggled to utter the right words. There was honest disbelief in her eyes when asked how she felt about her chances of beating Williams in the morning. “No”, she said. She wanted to enjoy the game, which she did. And so did we.

    This was supposed to be Serena Williams’s day. Her slam, and a grand one at that. Played in her country. In New York. In a stadium named after Arthur Ashe, one of the most sporting tennis players of all time. The day carried its own meaning. September 11. When misguided souls, with hatred clouding their judgment, destroyed the lives of thousands. On this day, Serena Williams was chasing personal glory. This was her one big chance at redemption, to show the world that she can be a good sport, that she had come a long way from that lines judge threatening outburst in 2009, and the misdirected hatred towards the chair umpire in 2010, that Americans can be good sports, that she can be a courteous, gracious host, for once. Her behavior was anything but. That 2-2 game in the third set epitomized what Serena Williams is all about. Her outrageous celebrations, and clearly audible insults yelled at her opponent are proof enough that she is the most unsporting, and obnoxious women’s tennis champion ever. “Ugly from the inside”, to use her own words. Stacey Allaster is dead wrong when she says that everyone in tennis admires and respects her.

    And what about Roberta? Under a barrage of screams, and insults from her opponent, she stayed graceful. You could see her facial expressions as she tried to shrug off Williams’s disgraceful behavior,
    gather her thoughts, and focus on the next point. WTA isn’t so bad after all. There are women who still play beautiful tennis. Not enough to win against power bashers, but beautiful nevertheless. Such
    graceful movement. The use of the slice, the classic one handed, short swing, half volley backhands from the baseline, good balance and form in every shot, the patience and point construction, and all court play, especially the absolutely beautiful half volley winners reminded us of old school tennis. This was a diminutive gal, all of five feet four inches tall, trying to fend off an imposing, intimidating bully. This was beauty against the beast. What about that forehand drop volley winner she hit, that sent Williams scrambling clumsily, off balance, into the side boards, hunched over in despair, gasping for air, and Roberta, just when the ball was about to begin its descent from its apex for a second bounce, and seal the point, put her hand behind her ear, turned to the crowd and yelled something on the lines of, “Show me some love, New York! What else do I have to do? Why wouldn’t you show me some love?”.

    I’ve realized that WTA isn’t just about the Williams’s, the Sharapova’s, and the Azarenka’s. There are these cute little creatures, who play lovely tennis, and giggle in their interviews, who make me watch women’s tennis again. I’ll never forgive myself for not having watched Roberta Vinci play, until today. Williams may still catch up, and even break Steffi Graf’s deserved record of 22 slams. But I’m glad it didn’t happen today. Not today. Today there would be no crip walking. Today, she did not deserve it.

    Roberta Vinci has put the W back in WTA. The last WTA game I watched, was the 2009 US Open final, where Kim Clijsters, one of my favorites, was the champion. After six years, I shall watch a women’s final, again. And after six years, I shall watch our beloved Roger Federer play a US Open final, again. A dream two days would be a win for both Roberta, and Roger. I’ll still hold on to what I said that this draw gave Roger the perfect progression of opponents, that if Roger makes the final in extremely good physical shape, he will win it.

    I want to wake up in a city
    That doesn’t sleep
    And find I’m king of the hill
    Top of the heap.

    New York, New York
    I want to wake up in a city
    That never sleeps
    And find I’m a number one
    Top of the list
    King of the hill
    A number one.

    I can almost imagine Roger humming it on the eve of the final. As many of you would put it; is that too much to ask? And if our champion doesn’t win the title, do not despair, because he has still gifted us 17 slams, and has forever won our hearts.

    1. Amen Sister 😆

      One thing about Silliams is that, even when you get highlights to supposedly showcase a great point, they are filled with unsporting and classless behaviour.

      Look at this one – she adds a ton of decibels to her grunt, on purpose. It’s disgraceful. Luckily Da Vinci has none of it.

    2. Great WTA Analysis. (“put the W back in the WTA”). Pure gold game analysis Sid. You should get paid for some of this stuff.

    3. So…

      I am preparing for heartbreak to stave off total heartbreak.

      I want it to happen, but I just don’t see it.

      I think Nole is just a machine right now and I don’t think Rog – as well as he is playing – is just able to endure the kind of pounding Novak will put him through. It’s unlike anything else he faces (obviously, see SW19, IW, Rome).

      And Novak’s mid-speed HC game is like steel …and playing Fed just bring out the best (worst) in him.

      This is not Cinci. Its the U.S. Open.

      I admit that I’m going in expecting a 4 set loss with a lot of additional pain coming from the theatrics and waling and grunting of Noise-ovik .

      Wish I was wrong, but I gotta keep my sanity.

      So…once again…bracing for impact.

    4. Well said Sid. Sad Vinci couldn’t seal the deal with the title but nonetheless a beautiful sporting moment for the ages that saved the tournament!

      also a Q: what’s the bigger story? SW winning the grand slam or Roger winning no.18 (on a HC)?

      1. Are you kidding me? Roger winning his 18th, at this age, against such a physical field, would be a way bigger story than a WTA Grand Slam. No brainer!

        Those ESPN commentators are idiots when they say that the Williams Slam run was the, “biggest story since 1988”. And why are they calling her loss the biggest upset ever in the history of tennis? Really? Vinci is ranked 42. She is not an outsider. Jesus Christ! Trust American sportscasters to hype the hell out of a non-story.

    5. Man Sid, I thought I was the only one disgusted at this woman’s behavior in that third set 2-2, thought I was going crazy. I shook my girlfriend asking “Are you seeing this? This is a disgrace!! Why does she scream like that!?” Why won’t anybody say something!?” I’m American and half black, so what I’m about to say isn’t about race at all. I feel shame every time she plays, just shame. Kyrgyos, who’s also an idiot, but a young, immature idiot at that, got crushed by the atp and the public opinion, hopefully he’ll learn after this one and stop trying to be the Dennis Rodman of tennis.

      This person acts like this and she gets commercials with inspirational music in the background, adulation from espn to force us into rooting for her and how we should celebrate all of her accomplishments, hype hype and more hype… she’s a 34 year old “pro”…and should know much better man… completely unacceptable. Shame on whoever celebrates this woman and never talks about how wrong this type of behavior just plain sucks, not just in tennis but in life… They even showed a viral video of this cute little girl saying she wabts to be like Serena…everyone ok with that. Its just sad. So thank your words Sid, they had to be written. Bravo.

      And as for Roger… he’s got all the tools working to win this. If hes game holds he should win..unless Djokovic becomes unplayable like he typically does on this occasions. We’ll see. Go Roger.

      1. Francis, your words vindicate me in many ways. I’ve been facing music from many of the readers here, who were branding me as racist. Well, sure I said some things that were racist, but that only because of what Williams has been doing throughout her career. She just happens to be black.

        I can’t believe that she is being branded as, “admired and respected by everyone in tennis”. How can someone spread such a blatant lie?

      2. Brother, only you know if you’re racist or not, I frankly don’t care. Racism is old, boring and for people with very low intellectual capacity.

        But no one can’t deny the facts here. Screaming before points are over to distract and bully others into submission, her overall actitude is terrible and has been for years. That’s just wrong and the fact that is being celebrated reminds me of the farce mass media has become. That has nothing to do with race. Arthur Ashe was a gentleman and I dare anyone to put that man’s character into question. Sadly most people know the name because of the stadium and not the man…

      3. Agreed with both your comments Francis. Hard to comprehend that Serena is revered in the sport and highlighted as a role model by many. Especially outside the tennis community and just amongst casual fans who tune in now and again and see her winning slams.

        I think it probably boils down to the fact she’s African-American and female. Like you say the media is a farce and anyone who is paid to have an opinion, must have the right one. If you criticise her then you surely must must be a racist or a sexist.

        Most of the harder core tennis fans though don’t support her one iota. Reading the comments here there doesn’t seem to be any fans fighting her corner because most people can see that telling a line judge they are going to get ball thrown down their throat or yelling yes bitch yes at your opponent is out of order.

        You only have to look at her endorsement deals too – not many big ticket sponsors are queueing up to take her on. Ultimately she’s just not that likeable.

    6. Long time lurker here. Such a nice post, Sid. This place of Jonathan’s is very special for us Fed fans. But posts like yours and several others make it even more special. Always enjoy the humour and wits of yours and Jonathan’s.

  10. Exquisite, Sid!! Perfectly befitting comment on Roberta’s performance. What a maRVelous match she has played. I felt she has defeated Serena by virtue of her personality, smiling and staying calm- not artificially but originally. Once I saw a smile cum disbelief in her face during the match that means “Serena getting so frustrated against ME!! Let’s enjoy!”. She knew her limitations and strengths and had nothing to lose.
    And that interview… How original it was! I’ll remember it all my life. Every bit of that – the sweat and the tears, the joy and disbelief, the words told and untold… have taken a permanent place in my memory.
    She may lose the final… she might be too much emotionally drained… but it doesn’t matter much. She has lived in her happiest moments, the title won’t make her happier…

  11. Sid what a wonderful writer you are; totally agree with you; and also Flavia has played a beautiful Tennis, we will have finally a WTA final full with beautiful tennis and without big SCREAMS that are so horrible from my point of view.

    Regarding Roger, well I just can say that I have big hopes, it is incredible what he is capable to do; I just pray for one more win; yesterday after the game, a question rise to my mind and soul: “When Roger Federer retires, what am Ingoing to do? There will never be a sportsman like him in any discipline.

    Hope we can have the number 18 tomorrow.

    Jonathan I just want to thank you as always for your incredible posts and comments, I learned from you every time I read you.

  12. Happy for Mahut. His smile said it all. Some of the funnest matches I’ve seen have been doubles.

    Yes, the WTA is full of great players with great personalities. You just have to know where to look.
    Rooting for the dragon slayer.

  13. Sid, very eloquent. You write really well. Bravo.

    Kim was a favorite of mine too. I was at her last matches at the Open two years ago. Sad, sad day.

    Loved Roberta’s post-match on the court, but as far as tennis goes Flavia should win. She “literally” destroyed Halep yesterday.


  14. Jonathan, you were spot on! Straight sets easy win for Roger… I didn’t see this coming. I was really scared.
    And you are dead right, those two SABRs had a huge impact. This shot is more about disrupting the rhythm of the opponent in a sportman’s elegant way (contrary to making delays by ass-picking). Even if Roger loses the point, the outcome is almost always positive. Also Roger intelligently times those attacks to perfection. I think Djoker and his clown coach are really scared off this shot.

    On to the final… it’s really hard to predict. We all know what Djoker becomes at these big finals. Fed must not fall into his plans. Please Roger, stick to your ultra offensive stance point after point. Rush to the net even if he passed you on the previous point. Keep the points short and exciting, as you can do better than anybody. We know how hard it is to execute against Nole in USO final but it’s only you who can do it.
    Go Roger…

  15. Ok, here goes my score prediction. Djokovic in 4 sets tomorrow.

    4-6 7-6 6-3 7-5

    I think he is going to be too strong for Federer to overcome. He always finds an extra gear that Federer simply does not have as we saw in the fourth set of Wimbledon.

    But if Roger can maintain 65% + first serve percentage and win about 75-80% of it, he has a good chance to win the match.

    1. oops – should have put this here…



      I am preparing for heartbreak to stave off total heartbreak.

      I want it to happen, but I just don’t see it.

      I think Nole is just a machine right now and I don’t think Rog – as well as he is playing – is just able to endure the kind of pounding Novak will put him through. It’s unlike anything else he faces (obviously, see SW19, IW, Rome).

      And Novak’s mid-speed HC game is like steel …and playing Fed just bring out the best (worst) in him.

      This is not Cinci. Its the U.S. Open.

      I admit that I’m going in expecting a 4 set loss with a lot of additional pain coming from the theatrics and waling and grunting of Noise-ovik .

      Wish I was wrong, but I gotta keep my sanity.

      So…once again…bracing for impact.

    2. Yeah Daya – I agree with everything you said. I just think this is the age of Novak. He just dominates this ATP not too dissimilarly to how Fed did years ago – though not as spectacularly.

      Over the last two years – since he’s been freed from Nadal – He shows up on the big stages like no one else more often than not. Hardly ever kills the great ones fast – like Fed can – he just bleeds you slowly. He just survives you.

      The only guy I see really capable of taking him out is Stan. He can;t answer Stan when Wawa is at his best. Ironically Novak might have a better chance now with Fed coming up.

      Perhaps if the court was faster like Cincy and warmer temps – but even then the best of 5 dynamic favors Nole.

      Hope we turn out to be scared little boneheads.

      1. Not really. I think Federer is MOST DEFINITELY the hardest match up for Djokovic on the hard courts right and not Stan Wawrinka. Stan blows hot and cold and there are times he simply gets annihilated (yesterday, Cinci against Novak and last year WTF against Novak). Federer on the other hand has a consistent baseline performance level that you will see. His service game is also far better than Wawrinka.

        Maybe on a court like Indian Wells or Miami, Stan is a better bet than Roger but not otherwise.

        As as you said, this is right in the heart of the Novak era and it is quite remarkable that Roger is contending for the majors, let alone remain relevant. Pete Sampras was the No. 17 seed coming into the US Open in 2002, mind you !

        It is quite profound how Djokovic has rewritten history, at least in my opinion. It now feels like Nadal was the filler between the Federer era and the Djokovic era. Djokovic’s reign has been ridiculously consistent and right up there with Federer’s, Borg’s. Sampras’ or Lendl’s.


    3. Fed’s first serve points won hasn’t dipped below the 70s in a long time I think. It’s the second serve that dictates who wins this one. If Fed can keep it above the high 50s, got a very good shot in it. First set gonna be key.

      1. Great point, Alysha. If Roger wins a good portion of his 2nd serve points, it will let him get into a rhythm faster. A key point again to the match!!! With his legs being fresh and his movement, he won’t back down and will win his fair share of points. Hopefully he gets to serve first.

      2. I’m afraid, that’s the hardest thing to do against Nole. Almost every second serve is going to come back to the feet – straight at the baseline. S&V on second serve? May be when Fed is 40-15 up, but on 15-30, 30-30 or BP? Don’t know. Has to put line-licking first serves on those.

  16. Jonathan-thanks for a wonderful write up
    This US open is special .I had no exams ,was just enjoying and offcourse reading your blog?.US open is going to end and Roger winning will just make this tournament memorable . He has reached the final and exceeded expectations.Had Roger lost in the semi then I wouldn’t have been much disappointed but I just want roger to crush Djoker. I just can’t see Djokovic grunting and showing his pride in front of Roger. I just don’t want to see roger looking dejected and our champion handling another defeat with grace.. He is 34 years old ,does so much for us ,works hard, inspires us and I just pray to god that Roger wins this slam.I feel sick when our roger fights this Djoker who is 28 years old and is in his prime and loses .If Federer would have lost Wimbledon finals to any other player I would have been sad but not overly.ove. But i think this Djoker wdefeated Federer just because he is young and in his prime and fed 33 years old not in his prime(wimbledon).I know he has 17 slams but he deserves much more .
    Roger said I want it to happen just one more time which brought goosebumps. . I know he can do it and win not for us, but for him.
    I know my comment is really pessimistic (although I am not a pessimistic person) and I haven’t talked about Fed’s beautiful play today against stan.
    Thank you roger for just playing and inspiring me and many others.
    Whether win or lose we fed fans will never leave you
    always a Fed fan
    Let’s go Roger

    1. Exactly how I feel too pranshul, why Fed losing to Djokovic brings along such pain in me. Can’t bear one little bit that pride this man and his mob display when Roger is overcome by them. If Roger loses to Murray, Stan or whoever else, it’d be much easier. I’m not a religious person but I pray to tennis gods, please, please, honour Roger’s words and let him have it one more time….

    2. I am with you, pranshul. We’ve endured 2 straight Wimbledon losses in the final to this guy. It is time to get one back.. I am so happy that finally Roger is arriving in a Slam final with great form. You know how long it takes for Roger to build up to this level. It really started in Halle and he is right here now on the verge of a phenomenal achievement yet again. For some reason I am not as obsessed with him winning as I was with Wimbledon. Maybe it’s because after last year’s loss we had to wait a whole year for him to get another chance and I didn’t believe that it’s possible. And after this year’s loss Roger is with another chance only 2 months since that loss. That is so cool and refreshing. Obviously it’s a huge opportunity for both players. Let’s hope that Rpger can bring it home this time. :-)))

  17. I wish I could see tennis as a tournament , a sport and critique it to the best of my abilities not because i want to be an analyst but it makes me happy in a way that people close to me havent understood , but this 34 year old magician has waved his magic wand again and turned me into a 16 year old boy who watched the wimbledon (’08) final with emotions, hope and eventually a hearbreak.
    Darn I wish I could see this game as a sport. I guess its not possible not for now. The years 2008-2010 were extremely hard me especially because he still had habits of making slam finals and win or loss them on a dice, so the feeling before the finals was no worse than a heartache. If he losses – a hearache for sure but if he pulls its off I ll be in tears!
    Big Congratulations to Roger for making his 7 th US open Final. I feel like a 16 year old again. Scared , nervous you name it. Roger has played a perfect tournament , but it comes down to that final match , we start from zero. Win or loss – Roger is Pumped up for sure and his confidence level is just a bit better than what it was in wimby, that bit migh make a difference too. One final roar coming up from my hero.
    Federer in 4 tight sets. Grand Slam no. 18
    Lets make it happen.
    Best of Luck Roger Federer.

    1. Cheers Addey?
      your comments are wonderful
      the last time your comment on the previous thread about why federer is your goat was great
      come on champ
      just one more match?

  18. Superb match by Roger. He didn’t give Stan a chance to play his game.
    I sincerely hope Roger wins in 3. Especially because when he does, he will have equalled his record of winning 31 sets in a row 🙂
    Apart from that record I sincerely hope he wins.
    Another grand slam.
    Boy, will I be a happy boy then!

  19. Wow, everyone is on edge. I actually feel good about the final tomorrow. I was totally worried for Wimbledon and was so nervous as I awoke that morning that I did not even watch it. I feel calm about this one. That may mean nothing but whatever.

    Remember, it is a GAME. Every dog has its day. Novak might be #1 now, but in 24 months or so, someone will be dethroning him…

    Feel the love, Roger–NYC will be 99% for you and they will not be shy or respectful to Djoko about showing it. Use SABR and shove it right up Becker’s arse!

    1. Don’t you feel sometimes that you could really get a glimpse of what Roger is TRULY thinking at least once ? I mean, he is an absolute wall mentally speaking ! Smooth talker that he is, talks his way out of the thousands of repetitive psych test like questions thrown at him over the years.

      1. Fed psyched Becker pretty well in press the other day. Shown his true colours since becoming Djoker’s coach.

      2. Federer’s like the Jack Bauer of tennis. A smiling Jack Bauer. But still Jack Bauer. With a sense of humor.

    2. On Relevant topic, can some one explain me why Becker is so pissed about that call it’s disrespect/intimation Technique? Isn’t normal players standing well inside baseline to attack serve? Roger is doing couple feet more correct? or something I don’t understand here?

      And about going straight at him? is that even possible as Roger waits until service motion starts to move in??

    3. Emily, throughout this US Open, you have brought this calm relaxed voice to the table and I like it. Somehow, I am not as restless as I was at Wimbledon either. Last year when he made that final, I thought that would be his last. And here we are 12 months later and Roger has made another 2 GS finals. I’d be fine with 1:1 record this year. 😉 Let’s go!!!

      1. Thanks, but I had a very restless night! haha. Just want this match to happen already and now fear rain and an interrupted or postponed match….I can’t take the stress! Whenever Fed plays a big match I can feel my BP on the rise. I get a headache, pounding pulse. I am superstitious about every little move I make. Insane! But then we need to try to gain perspective. This is a GAME. They make a ton of $ for two weeks. People are suffering all over the world. It really isn’t that important. But go FED!!!!!!

    1. I think I’ve seen Christopher Clarey say this before, Sid, though it could have been someone else. Love some of the Annacone quotes in this article, thanks for the link!

  20. I’m glad Federer is fighting for a slam on somewhere that is not his best surface. He is going to fight very hard with no presure.
    Again, I won’t call scores so I won’t jinx it, but I pray he wins it. He has worked really hard. And I Dnt want to be broken again.
    So my fellow Federians, let’s talk in celebration after the finals.
    Jonathan, I think there is something with the title of this post that is utterly wrong, please crosscheck it

  21. I fervently hope and pray that our Roger wins tomorrow. This has been his unluckiest slam and I hope God smiles down on him tomorrow – it would be so deserving and I believe 99% of people will be cheering for him. I feel Roger knows this is his last realistic chance to win the US Open, and I believe he will grab it and NOT let go. He has a second chance at history tomorrow – in becoming the oldest men’s slam champion in the Open Era – and our Roger will fight tooth and nail for that. And that Joker will then be nine slams short of our Roger, and though he will win more slams, I don’t see 18 being surpassed. And Roger does not want to share five US Opens with Connors and Sampras – why should he? And there will be fire in our Roger’s heart, mind and soul when he sets out to expunge those most horrific of semifinals losses to the Joker at the US Open where he lost not just once from match-points up but twice. History beckons Roger, and we all believe in you…

      1. Several times. He is 9-8 right now in Slam finals. The first time he hit a positive slam final record was at Wimbledon 2011.

  22. Paul Z,I stand with you in your prayers and in tears. Nice one! May the weather shine great 2mrw so they can play. I can’t carry over the tension

  23. To quote the one and one S.Williams “YES, BITCH YES!”

    Sublime display that started all the way in Cincy that has culminated to this great moment. It could be just me, but this is the best form on HC from Fed since maybe the AO 2010? His movement and defences around the court have been near perfect these past few weeks and it’s all come down to this yet again. Seriously, that 30-40 point at 4-1 to get the double break in the third set was breath-taking! Stan of course didn’t play his best tennis, Gasquet(ing) behind the baseline but Roger is a huge reason to why that was. Very dominant run.

    It’s fitting that Novak and Roger play the final of the last slam because they’ve both been the best 2 players of the season. Of course Djoker will be the heavy favourite but let’s not forget that 1-4 final record in Flushing. The roof will help him a tonne to subside the wind but it has also seemed to aid Roger as well because courts are playing much faster. Once again that 2nd serve is going to be do or die in this match. Hopefully playing another major final in the same year against the same opposition is going to give Fed that extra something in the pressure points. He’s served his way out of 0-40 many times so far and it’s that same clutchness in key moments that will win him his 18th slam. 23,000 people in that stadium will not have forgotten the history between these two in NY, especially after 2011. Fed has always had unfinished business at this slam, it’s time to end it.

    It’s the Djoker vs the SABER-tooth Lion. May the best man win and that we get another hell of a match! Allez!

    1. Great points! Especially about Roger facing Novak again in a 2nd Slam Final the same year and the 0:40 holds. Not that Roger wants to get into such situations but still.

  24. Guys, what to you say about Flavia Panetta choosing this time to retire ?! I see a wedding proposal around d corner and some babies for Flavia Panetta and Fognini. This is their moment.

    1. Also don’t think that she’s necessarily stopping this minute, just that this was her last USO. (If she makes the WTA finals, for instance, I don’t really see her skipping that. But I could be wrong too.)

  25. Well, how about learning from Roger to turn things to the positive? – For some here this tomorrow looks like the world’s hopefully saving from a possible doom. Well – I’ll grieve as all other fans if Roger for some reason don’t succeed tomorrow, but will remember Jonathan’s celebration of coming so far in such an imperious style. Roger himself feels encouraged, why not we? He has a good chance tomorrow. This is fantastic! He may win, he may lose, and so what? He won our hearts for the most elegant and genial and continuously developing way of playing – and at the same time being so much more off court than just a brilliant tennis star – – this means a lot more than any number of whatever.
    Don’t worry about Roger, – win, lose, he’ll stay positive, he is the true maestro for that. We can admire that consistency even more than some additional victories (which I wish for him, of course, as well, and trust he’ll get).

  26. Hey all is there any link where we can compare the stats of these two guys so far in the tournament. By that I mean comparing the UE, winners, aces and other such stats. I think that will give us some decent information.

    1. I don’t think so unfortunately. You’d need to do it manually in a spreadsheet…

      I guess maybe ESPN might run something like that in the build up to the final. I remember Wimbledon having something along those lines.

      I don’t think it matters a whole bunch though. I could serve at 70% for 6 matches, doesn’t mean I will in the seventh 😉

  27. This is Fed’s horoscope for the week of the 10th:

    Leo Horoscope for week of September 10, 2015
    (July 23-August 22)
    As I hike up San Pedro Ridge, I’m mystified by the madrone trees. The leaves on the short, thin saplings are as big and bold as the leaves on the older, thicker, taller trees. I see this curiosity as an apt metaphor for your current situation, Leo. In one sense, you are in the early stages of a new cycle of growth. In another sense, you are strong and ripe and full-fledged. For you, this is a winning combination: a robust balance of innocence and wisdom, of fresh aspiration and seasoned readiness.


      1. Novak’s said that lately the people he needs to rely on are not there for him..blah. blah…nothing indicative either way. I just thought Fed’s was eerily relevant. Grasping at straws here!

    1. I love it, Emily! Wow, you really are going all out on this one. I live in the States and on ESPN one of the commentators said the most amazing story:

      Supposedly on that Thursday when they canceled the Women’s semis due to the rain, Roger came to practice on Court P1. The guy went to watch him practice and while it was raining on all the other Courts P2-P4, somehow it stayed dry on where Roger was practicing. Call it coincidence or divine intervention but this is just an insane story.

      I’ll share with you another one:

      My wife has both me RF sneakers because I like them. Anyway, all the ones she’s bought me Roger has won with those sneakers:

      I have the AO 2010 and she bought them for me during the tournament and he ended up winning.

      She bought me the Madrid 2012 sneakers before Madrud and he won there as well..

      I admit that she did buy me the Cincy 2014 sneakers after he won there.

      And now she bought me the U.S. Open 2015 greenish sneakers before the tournament even began. If he wins it tomorrow, I’ll be 4/4… Let’s go!!! :-))

      1. Vily, I remember fondly on another site, you posted pictures of you attending the Open in full RF kit. So cool!

  28. Just scouting twitter and stumbled upon Ruan who used to run a Fed blog who has now become a full force Djoker fan. Wow. How the mighty have fallen. Glory hunter much…

    1. What are you talking about? He was a die hard Fed fan. I checked out his new blog, and indeed, he is rooting for Djokovic. I need answers. Why did he change allegiance? Just morphing into a tennis blog? Good for him.

      1. I was such an avid reader and contributor on his blog but now he has alienated everyone.

        He banned me because I disagreed with way too many times about his views on Roger.

        He was calling anyone that disagrees with him a Fed Fanatic and called himself a balanced tennis fan. That was until recently he completed switched and is now a full on Djokovic fanatic. What a hypocrite.

        I would love to see his choke and eat his words for the disgraceful treatment towards Roger. To root against him – someone that has give you so much joy is beyond blasphemous and disloyal. It posses me so much because he shut me up and couldn’t let me speak my mind.

        I know it’s his blog but he’s a total dictator. No freedom of speech whatsoever. He used to have amazing people gathering there too – that guy Balthazaar and Veronica. They are all gone now.

        It’s really a sad picture what he’s turned into….

      1. He’s rooting for Djokovic so he can be absolutely certain that if Djokovic remains successive and keeps winning slams, it ensures Nadal will never catch up to Federer’s slam count. So in the long term, he’s still a Fed “fan” for that purpose.

      2. Doesn’t really make sense if he said he wants Novak to win the final tomorrow though? I think he was so consumed by hate for Nadal and saw that Djoker was the one that was getting the upper hand on him it made him change allegiance. Not hating on him for changing to Djoker but don’t try to cover it up by saying you’re a “tennis” blog now.

    2. I saw that too.

      That is sooo weird.

      What’s the incentive for a glory hunter though? Joker’s not even popular and Fed’s marketability is at an all-time high.

      Maybe it’s true love? :/

    3. I used to visit his blog, recently he changed his tune to I am a fan of tennis hence this blog will be about tennis not fan worshipping site. I now prefer to visit tennisplanet site. Its neutral, funny and provocative. I am not ashamed to admit I am die hard Fedfan hence moving migrating to Jonathan site where we talk all day about Federer wuhooo

      1. I do still visit Ruan’s blog because he still remains a good writer. It’s just how harsh he has turned towards Federer himself and also how he spews venom towards him and towards anyone that openly loves Roger and is willing to defend him. He had this obsession with someone defeating Nadal on clay. The Djoker was able to do it this year so all of a sudden Novak did what Roger could never do. Really, really? Nadal is a shell of the player that won 9 French Opens.

        I would love to see Roger win tomorrow and see Nadal get back to winning and win his 10th FO title just to spite Novak and Ru-an.

        But anyway, enough about him. I am glad that I was able to join this community where there is no question whether this is a Federer fan blog or not.

      2. He is definitely a very good writer, and a passionate one. I still do not understand what made him jump ship. Maybe he got tired of fan-boyism on his blog? Fed fans sure can be blind at times. Maybe he is using some form of reverse jinx? Whatever his reasons, as long as he is not a Nadal fan, he is in my good books. 🙂

      3. I’m sorry Sid. A Nole-fan, same time degrading RF achievements, maintaining being a “tennis-fan”, can never be in my good book. Tennis is more than “best” in winning matches.

    1. Very good write up. Thanks for the link.

      The SABR is not a hail Mary tactic. There is no luck involved in it. The entire premise of using a SABR is to take time away from your opponent, and at the same time be closer to the net than you would be for a regulation first volley. Why is that not an acceptable tactic? Why is it disrespectful to your opponent?

      Returners have been sneaking inside the baseline on second serves all the time. Roger is simply using his imperious speed to take it to the next level, and he is doing it on an average about four time per match. Why is that outrageous?

      I’ll tell you what’s outrageous. Roger Federer using a 90 sq. in. head light racquet, unlike the toys that the likes of Djokovic and Nadal use, and winning 17 slams. How dare he mock his opponents?

      Roger Federer won three slams in 2004, after kicking out his then coach. That is utter disrespect to his adversaries, who had to suffer the ignominy of losing with coaches.

      Roger Federer should have retired by now, and resigned to babysitting his set of twins. How dare this old man, a father of four, show disrespect to a World No.1, who is 6 years younger than him?

      You know what’s disrespectful, Boris? Cheating on your wife. Banging a woman in a closet despite being married. You should be the last person preaching about what’s disrespectful, and what’s not.

      1. Yeah, the whole “disrespecting” thing is all so much complete baloney. It’s inserting this phony moral ethical umbrage into what is – exactly as you essentially put – a great offensive weapon when it works, and if you’re got the mad skill to pull it off.

        Somewhere on ESPN Bodo called out Boris and DJoko on their lame attitude pretty well. Essentially wrote: “They still haven’t forgiven Roger for upsetting Novak during the tie breaker at Cincy and winning the match fair and square…so sorry buddy”.

    2. Media is a huge reason as to why SABR is getting blown out of proportion here. Fed uses it like a handful of times in a match, and sometimes not at all so why is Novak and co getting so worked up about it? Just because he isn’t comfortable at the net, doesn’t mean a player who is and is good at it too can’t use it as a legit tactic. As Sid said, in that case almost everything within the rules is disrespectful. If returning a 2nd serve early is gamesmanship, then what make of Novak’s repeated fake injuries in matches all the time then. Despite SABR being recycled in the news the past few weeks, it has maybe opened the doorway to bring netplay back into modern tennis and that is a good thing that Boris of all people should be supporting.

      1. Agreed. Also, has anyone else noticed how the media COMPLETELY let the Serena’s “Yes bitch yes” comment slide. The only articles that show up on a google search are non-English (presumably Italian) articles. Shows how influential the US media can be. Had it been anyone else (non US) the media would’ve eaten him/ her alive.

      2. The media excuses Serena for many atrocities because she’s American and she wins. Tennis has a huge problem in letting its top players off the hook but because of the amount of money involved, there’s no consequences.

        Also the comment it seems has been taken more as a “it was directed herself and not her opponent” stance. At least the last scene of the ladies side saw two great Italian women who took advantage of the spotlight whilst it lasted and showed some amazing sportsmanship out there. Great scenes o, shame one of them had to lose.

      3. No critical voice in the mainstream tennis press. They are basically fanzine writers for whoever is popular in the moment.

        Also you have to factor in a large chunk of the African-American community who will support Serena unconditionally regardless of behaviour. So if a journo publishes something critical, they can expect a ton of criticism from those fans.

      4. You know, I’m going to say something that will come across as borderline racist. During the 2008 Democratic Presidential primary here in the United States, more than 95% of the Black vote was going to Obama. Are you telling me that had nothing to do with color? Look, 70% is ok. 80% is still ok. 95% makes it blatantly obvious.

        And so it is with Serena. I haven’t come across a single black person, tennis player or not, who is not a fan of Serena. That’s the reason why she can get away with what she keeps doing.

        I agree with Jonathan. Say something about Serena Williams, and it will remind everyone about Rosa Parks being wrongfully told to sit in the back of bus. Williams and her bandwagon play the race card to perfection.

      5. Well you have just come across one today.

        Thats one of the great things here you dont with any certainty know anything about other posters but I also think that means you have to self moderate what you say to a certain extent and anyway comment with decency etc.

        I’m not sure you are being borderline racist about Obama but thats just my view. Whatever people may think and however loud their voice may sometimes appear to be because of politics or music or sport or whatever black people are still a minority and after being under represented for years I’m sure many didn’t look at anything behind the candidates colour. I’m not saying its wrong- its just human nature. And you are probably right it applies to Serena to some extent but please give all people the benefit of the doubt.

        Also last word hopefully on this – it was just the language some people objected to not the sentiment. You are clearly an articulate person and I’m sure you dont hate all black people so all I was saying is dont use the fact she is black to beat her over the head. She has enough unpleasant characteristics to use as it is.

        And one last thing the ‘we cant say anything because we will be accused of being sexist or racist’ is the tired old refuge of the bigot

  29. Djokovic to win in 4 sets is the safe pick for the final. However, am I the only nowadays that believe Federer has a better chance of threatening Djokovic on a hard-court than grass?

    Some keys for this match:

    – Federer must absolutely WIN the 1st set. If he doesn’t, he has very small chance of winning the match from here on then. Federer is a front-runner. Enough said.

    – Federer’s 1st serve points wons is never really the key issue against Novak since the last several matches he’s been serving well in that aspect. It’s really the 2nd serve that has cost him the matches. Like in the Cincinnati final, he can’t give him any looks on the return at all.

    – Federer must vary and mix up during the cross-court backhand-to-backhand exchanges with slices, topspin, and change of angles. During both of the last two Wimbledon finals, his topspin backhand was not effective at all as a rally shot where it barely sit up the service box for Novak to pounce on.

    – Federer should focus on hiw newfound tactic of the SABR as a psychological advantage not an outright advantage to win the points. Remember during the Cincy final, Djokovic double faulted like 3 times to give away the break at the start of the 2nd set? Could that possibly be attributed to SABR where he was forced to go more with the 2nd serve; aiming to paint the line?

    The recent mindgames and debacle with it from Boris Becker’s end could reinforced this. He could even do a double bluff and not use it all throughout the match. It’s the warying nature that plays into the Djokovic camp on when to expect SABR to happen that could give Federer the mental advantage.

    – Federer must have his forehand back. Of course this is dependent on the court conditions and we all know how much it has declined nowadays but during the 2015 Wimby final, Djokovic resisted Federer’s FH attack behind the baseline very well. If this happens, Federer will have a very rough time winning most of the rallies taking place.

    Whatever the factors involved, federer’s forehand has always been the most important aspect in any matchup that is required to win. In fact, I would kill for Federer to have even his 2012 forehand form to return for the final. If this happens, then Federer has a great chance of winning this matchup; regardless how good Djokovic’s defense is.

    Federer with a good Forehand day is MUCH MORE dangerous than a good serving day for him. Too bad, only the reverse has been the case for him in their last major encounters.

    So what’s my prediction? I predicted 4 sets for Djokovic to win in the Wimbledon final and that came true sadly.

    For poetic justice, I predict Federer to win straight sets 7-6 7-6 6-4 with the exact same scoreline as the US Open 2007 final in their first slam final encounter. After 8 years, it will finally come in full circle. 🙂

    1. Wow, I love your insightful analysis. Absolutely spot on and very knowledgeable. I must say that Roger’s forehand is amazing right now, especially compared to last year. I’ll be curious only about the conditions. The latest forecast is cloudy but NO rain. The temperatures will be around 75F. So a bit cool which is not good for Roger but at least no chance of rain. That is important.

      I look at basically their last 3 matches. In Rome, Roger had that one 30:40 sniff at 4:4 am which was plucked away and then he got broken the following game to lose the first set.

      At Wimbledon, Roger started amazing, got the 4:2 lead but choked serving for 5:2. Again he got to 6:5 and had another 2 break set points and still didn’t convert and then he lost horribly in the tiebreak. To me this was due to lack of confidence.

      Finally in Cincy, Roger has couple of break chances, didn’t convert but was able to rightfully win that set in the tiebreak. That shows confidence.

      So, all in all both players like to start well and Novak started extremely well against Cilic while Roger was a bit shaky early against Stan.

      If Roger can survive the first couple of service games and gets going on the serve, then the pressure will fall on Novak and then if Roger is lucky to break like he did at Wimbledon, there will be no lapses this time.

      We will see WHO is the bigger shark this time!!! ;-))

  30. Just read this and judge for yourself. If you can’t sense Ru-an’s animosity towards Federer, I can’t help you. This guy has crossed the line big time:

    Federer wants to win as badly as anyone else. Just because his main rival owns him doesn’t mean he won’t go to any length to win. He just wasn’t good enough to get the better of Nadal and that is all there is to it.”


    Matt Reply:
    September 13th, 2015 at 1:18 am

    “Nadal is irrelevant now and will become more so as the sport continues to evolve. Like Serena, neither player is out of the woods in terms of cleanliness, fair-play, etc. He’s a mess.

    Roger’s legacy dwarfs Nadull’s. As one of your commenters pointed out at some point, Nadal always seemed to vanish when he was “under performing.” That cheats the H2H. Period. At least he’s out there now taking a beating. More on him later as I’ve heard him say he’s ready to add “speed” to his game, meaning more power. Where the hell is getting that? F the Spaniard.

    Roger is in a great place right now. He wants to win so badly, but he doesn’t need to. Djoker NEEDS to win this and several more majors. And if Rog gets beat, he’ll continue to play because he loves the game.

    The idea that he needs to win this to stay interested in the sport is about the most foolish thing I’ve ever heard. Watch. Listen. He isn’t going anywhere except to the final at the USO at 34 with a very very goodchance at beating Djokovic.”


    Ru-an Reply:
    September 13th, 2015 at 1:35 am

    “The more irrelevant Nadal is the more irrelevant that makes Federer for being owned by him in the head-to-head, so you better hope he doesn’t become too irrelevant. Federer can win 100 majors and it wouldn’t change the fact that his main rival owns him one iota. End of story.

    No one owns Djokovic, and therefore, he doesn’t NEED to win this. He will have many more chances to win slams. Federer NEEDS to win this to make his record against his main rival less relevant(although like I said it will never go away) and if Nadal wins more slams he will likely surpass Federer in the GOAT debate because of the h2h.

    Also, Federer is fast running out of time. This may well be his last shot at #18.”



    September 13, 2015 at 2:00 am Reply

    ““The more irrelevant Nadal is the more irrelevant that makes Federer for being owned by him in the head-to-head.” That doesn’t make sense. The more irrelevant he is, the less significant is the H2H. Think about it. He’s crashing and burning at 29 and you have the wherewithal to consider them comparable?

    If you follow sports at all, a great player/team will have dominated a sport, secured recognition as the most dominant, yet the player/team might have had much difficulty with a particular opponent. Happens all the time. But it doesn’t diminish the dominance. That’s common sense.

    Nadal will win more majors? Are you kidding?

    Roger needs this more than Novak? Run a poll on your blog and see what others think of that.”


    Ru-an Reply:
    September 13th, 2015 at 2:06 am

    “It doesn’t diminish the dominance. It just diminishes the legacy. Just ask Sampras what he thinks of the fact that Federer’s main rival owns him, and many other experts for that matter. It is a black mark on his resume and nothing you or any other fanatic says can change that.

    As for the poll, I’ll let you run that on your own blog. Novak doesn’t need it. He just deserves it.”


    Doesn’t this absolutely crazy? Seriously? Roger HAS ALWAYS MET Nadal no matter whether he was in form or not. Nadal has ALWAYS run away LIKE a coward from Roger when he was in form. Roger might have had at least 3 or 4 victories this year if they had met. And to spew all this venom towards Roger. And then he ends it with Djokovic not needing it more but deserving it more. Get the f*ck out of here.

    And on and on… In any case. I am off too bad. Too much negativity on that blog. Maybe I should just stop reading his biased Djokovic FANATIC views.

    1. Man!
      For a guy who called it “Ruan’s Federer Blog” – that is cold cold cold stuff.


      It seems like Roger must have offended him personally somehow?

      Maybe he tried to get his management to do something for him for his blog or something?

      Quite strange.

    2. I have no idea why Ruan has gone batshit crazy. His absolute adoration, and admiration of Federer, has turned into visceral hatred. Is it because he got tired of the fanaticism of his readers, who I believe are mainly Federer fans? Maybe he is convinced that Federer fans possess lower IQ’s, and are simply blind worshipers?

      I guarantee you, there’s something that’s happened at a very personal level, and now he is hitting back with misdirected rage and hatred towards the very player who he once worshiped. And what better way to let it out than praising Djokovic, and taking gleeful sadistic pleasure in Roger’s defeats?

      Grow up, Ruan. You’re coming across as a pouty faced child.

      1. Thank you, Sid! I appreciate this. At one time I thought it was me but I guess I’m not the only who has see the dark turn.

        I’ve been reading his blog since 2009 and he was such a passionate Roger fan. And he had such awesome contributors too. I was one of his most prolific supporters. We’ve gone through so much ups and downs. I think he just gave up on him and now when he senses how Roger can turn it around and win it, he’s just going berserk. You should have seen his Wimbledon posts.

        I mean the last couple of posts have been more objective and like I said – I always believed and still believe that he is a great writer. It’s just that he’s become so defensive to the point where if anyone questions him about anything or dare says that Roger is the GOAT or whatever, he immediately bans you, etc. His reader demographic has changed too. None of the people that followed his blog are there. I think it all turned around the French Open this year. He was so butthurt that Novak couldn’t win it.

        I admit that I added a little oil to the fire by saying that whoever has beaten Nadal in the French has gone on to Lose in the final.

        And it’s true – Soderling in 2009 and now Djokovic in 2015. I kept telling him that no one give a shit if you beat Nadal at the French unless you win the trophy. It’s much better to win the title than to beat Nadal and lose. And he would have none of that and kept saying how Djokovic could do what Roger could never do and how he is the better player, yada… Just utter nonsense.

        Anyway… Not that that is the main reason I want Roger to win tomorrow. But it would be so sweet to shut Ru-an just a little bit and to bring him down to earth a little bit with his Djoker Nole crap.

      2. Yeah Ruan’s blog is even worse than what it used to be. I didn’t even like it much when it was a Federer blog. Needless to say, i don’t like it much any more whatsoever. Not because he’s a bad writer, but because he comes across as super condescending. There’s WAYYY too much negativity in every post of his.

        Each post starts like this “All you guys who thought xyz were idiots. My prediction was right, as always”

      3. Oh yeah. And he does censor his blog very heavily. Say one thing that he doesn’t agree with and poof. You’re benched.

        Also, is it just me or has any common reader detected a tinge of envy with regard to this blog in particular come across in his writing.

      4. I just read his final post and it’s not that bad. However, I disliked the way he infers that majority of Fedfans just want Fed to win no.18 and are being greedy. If that was the case then why would we still be supporting him (ironic much). I’m sure even if Roger wins another slam, some people will be ready for him to win no.19 but Fed loves tennis so much and has given the sport more it could ever dream for, it would be nice for his efforts to be rewarded. And hopefully today they will be.

      5. Hey Sid and everyone else,

        Have been a follower of this blog for a long time without ever commenting, but have recently started to participate in the live chat sessions.

        Really anxious about this match because no matter how hard I try to convince myself otherwise, Djokovic remains a big favourite in my opinion. Roger will have to play blindingly good first strike tennis in the first set (preferable first two sets) to have a good chance of winning this match. Big4 has already channeled Luthi in his post and covered all the bases.

        Sid, you write beautifully. Would love to read more guest posts from you on this blog. Somehow, I have difficulty reconciling this with all the Serena bashing cuss words filled vitriol (and I don’t like her at all), but I guess you gotta take the good with the bad.

        I see a lot of comments about Ruan’s blog here. I used to follow his blog early on and gradually became disinterested and stopped following. I guess even in his Fed fan days, he came across as very emotional and impulsive, but from the comments in his latest post, he seems to have ratcheted up the rudeness factor quite a bit.

        He seems to be suggesting that Roger is somehow taking advantage of this nice PR dominated era using his SABR, because a gangsta response from Djokovic would make him unpopular with the crowd and he is supposed to be an ambassador for tennis.

        To quote him, “Just because he does it in a more subtle way doesn’t change the fact. Class my ass.” Very weird.

      6. Ruan is a very emotional writer. A very poetic one. I remember once I read one of his posts where he described Nadal as someone who was, “destined to rise out of the sea, and do all the things in he did in France”. Was it the Mediterranean? Not sure, but one of those around Espana. I think he takes Federer’s defeats too personally, and turns into an emotional wreck.

        Leave him be. He has the right to choose who his favorite player is. He has the right to censor those who he doesn’t like. Remember, he is the blog owner, so there’s no point chastising him any more.

      7. Yeah I had pretty much left him alone, but couldn’t resist the urge to take a peek at his latest post and comments after reading the remarks here. Just found it very very strange that he would suddenly (at least from my perspective) write things like “class my ass”, “owned by Nadal”, “Djokovic deserves US open” and stuff like that when talking about Roger.

      8. If I were to comment on Ruan’s blog, I wouldn’t last a day. Actually, I may already be on his black list for a long time. 🙂

      9. Haha, I don’t think any of us will last more than a week. Was looking at Ruan’s twitter account for the first time and it was refreshing cause there was no attempt to come across as objective!

    3. Completely agree with you on Ru-an’s blog, Vily. I have always been reading Jonathan’s blog, although I never commented. It is so much better, balanced, non-judgemental, and most importantly, a very positive blog. I sometimes used to read Ru-an’s blog, although he always seemed like a very arrogant, self-righteous guy and used to act like “Mr. Perfect”. I can think of 2 reasons why Ru-an took a 180 degrees turn on Roger:
      1. Ru-an himself is not a naturally talented guy, like Roger. In fact, he seems to be always struggling in his life, moving from one place to another, not having any stable job or income. So, compared to Roger, he identifies more with Djokovic, who made it big through sheer hard work and determination and less of natural talent compared to Roger. Ru-an, somehow, seems to have convinced himself that if Djokovic can make it big, so can he (Ru-an) himself. He can keep dreaming!
      2. I think he somehow had the expectation (cheered and egged on by his readers) that when Roger was going through a lean patch, he (Roger) would hire him (Ru-an) as his mental coach or consultant. Ru-an often claimed in his blogs that he had knowledge about “mind matters” and also some tennis expertise. Who knows, he may have approached Roger’s Management team to hire him and they showed no interest?
      So, I think Ru-an is a BIG hypocrite, calling others as Fed-fanatics, when he himself is acting like a big time Djoko-fanatic. He has already lost his best readers: Dolores, Veronica, Katyani, Vily, just to name a few. I urge the others too to leave his blog and move over to Joanthan’s. That self-righteous, arragant guy, Ru-an is just not worth the time.

    4. One thing that I never understood in GOAT debates was how people forget the time spent at No. 1 stat. For me, that is the real measure of a player’s supremacy, not number of majors won. That is the reason, for me, why Nadal will never be the GOAT even if he wins 20 majors and is not able to be World No 1 for longer than his chief rival, Djokovic.

      Having said that, I agree with Ruan to the extent that the only thing stopping Federer’s claim to GOATdom from being unanimous is his H2H against Rafa.

      1. Look, I have no problem with the H2H. It’s the match up. It just is what it is. I could tell you that Nadal has a negative H2H with Davydenko and also is now 0:2 with Dustin Brown.

        Roger has owned Davydenko. And so what! Everyone knows that Nadal is much better than Davydenko and Brown yet how come he has a negative H2H with them.

        I accept it and move on. At this point, it’s about the legacy – can Roger win another slam at such advanced age. I can guarantee you that neither Nadal nor Djokovic will win any after they turn 30. Not with their styles anyway.

        And again, I don’t mind that Nadal has gotten the better of Federer. But to say that he owns him is just so disrespectful. At one point Ru-an even said that Federer is Nadal’s butch. I want to beat the crap out of him for spewing that disgraceful disloyal statement. It had gotten that bad…

      2. Well – Rafa owns the HtH record. But most matches were won with very small margin, – might have gone either way. – Here’s what Roger says when somebody wants to put the GOAT status on him: “Brrr, I don’t know. Some players are greatest in this, others in that. We are all different, with different advantages. The margins are small, very small between players on the high level.” –
        As a matter of fact – for sure Roger wants to win, maybe a little bit more today than usual. But “badly”? No, that’s the situation for us fans. We want it badly, because we like/love him, and identify with him. Maybe that’s what happened to Ruan – he identified and got so disappointed when Nole won more points on majors and became no. 1, and defending this position solidly. Love is a curious thing – definitely hard to bear frustrations, identifying. Roger has a sound touch to the ground, as well as to the emotional heavens. Unlike many fans and x-fans.

  31. RF is the GOAT, because he has the rare quality of an artist capable of winning and challenging all, consistently having fun and positive attitude. By the way, like a true artist, he doesn’t care that much over the GOAT-construction, being a construction to discuss like how many angels possible to stand on a needle’s head

  32. I believe Ruan has a lot of personal problems. He is a bully. Don’t know why Jonathan still has him as a recommended site.
    Not a happy person. No point in reading his stuff, so rude to the readers.
    Funny, he used to be a Fed fan and then turned to the dark side.
    Thank God for this site.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. I didn’t like his blog much when it was a Federer blog. He comes across as extremely condescending. Agreed, no comparison with this site. #Jonathan FTW #peRFect-tennis fanboys 4eva 😛

    2. I tried e-mailing him several times asking him what happened, why is he like this? And he never responded. I suppose it might have to do something with his personal life. I don’t know. We all have personal struggles. Even a BIGGER reason to try to identify with Roger and get inspiration from him.

      At one point he was somewhat balanced and unbiased which was OK. But lately he has become so disrespectful and spiteful. I couldn’t find the exact comment but some other reader asked whether deep in side he still would like to see Roger win this one and he said something of the sort, that no way. He would Roger to get straightsetted by Gasquet bust since that wouldn’t happen, he wouldn’t mind if Roger gets embarrassed by Djokovic in the final.

      I’d say that a lot rides on this one for him. If Roger wins it, instead of finally being happy again, he might go in a deep depression again. Go figure. Your idol wins and you hate him for it… Don’t get him at all. But I still read his posts because they are insightful when he was wants to be objective an all..

  33. I just rewatched the 2007 USO finals. Roger is playing just as good if not better now because of his net play. Amazing to see. Of course a 28 yo Djoker is better too. Hope to see #18 later today.

  34. Just a bit astounded as to how someone can be so dedicated to Roger only to turn on him when the going gets rough. I find being a Fed fan now more than ever is more rewarding than any point in his career. I don’t know Ruan personally so not going to judge him for jumping ships as he has every right to do so- my only issue is what the others say in diminishing Fed’s records in the process and claiming to be “objective” which is certainly not the case. Apologies if I opened a can of worms here it would seem, that was not my intention. Moving on, it looks like the rain may just stay away for the Sunday final. However, the conditions are looking cool and less humid which is Advantage Djoker.

    1. I thought cool (less humid) would favour Fed? I thought humidity makes the ball heavier.

      Guys who do you think the conditions will favour?

      1. More humidity means ball will travel faster in the air. Either way, it’s incredibly tight and dependent on how both play on the day. Regardless, Fed will have to serve very well and try remain offensive on the baseline. Crowd will have huge role to play here as well. Djoker knows he’s the enemy yet again.

      2. I thought same as Gaurav but according to someone who tested it said that humid air the ball suffers less drag and flies fractionally faster in humid air. But it’s so small a difference that you would never notice.

        They say the reason it feels slower is because of the player not the ball. The humidity fatigues the player quicker – racquet feels heavier, body feels heavier, sweat doesn’t evaporate as much.

      3. So, safe to say that the conditions are perfect for a 5 setter. Not that I want that. But if Roger wins, I don’t care.

        I know how important it is for Roger to win the 1st set. I just hope that he gets going on the serve pretty quickly. Some matches it takes him a little while. Anyway. Can’t wait already. :-))))

      4. Ooooh! Some science lesson that. I was aware that sound travels faster in humid air. I always thought that humid conditions made the ball heavier. At least I was right about higher temperatures causing the ball to travel faster, and bounce higher. Bounce declines in cooler weather, that makes me a beast. 😉

        With Flushing, NY, at about 75F, and 50% humidity, wouldn’t the conditions be fairly neutral then?

    2. Might the “enemy thing” actually stir up Rage-ovic-I-Don’t-Care-About-You-People-O-Vic and actually fuel him though?

      I thought that happened at Wimby.

      1. Novak has a complexity with the NY crowd especially because of Andy Roddick and the 2011 semi final. Novak already got mad at the crowd this week earlier when they were cheering for Lopez in the tiebreak. He’s a very experienced player but it will have been a few years where he’s dealt with this large a crowd that will be incredibly lopsided, so it could rattle him. Not saying it’s going to prevent him from winning but if things get complicated, Fed needs to ride on the crowd to get him home.

      2. Also if I remember right, the Wimby crowd actually cost Djoker the 4th set last ear and the IW crowd earlier this year made him choke and let Roger get back into the match so you can’t under-estimate the relationship there. Not to mention Boris been going on about teeing of at Roger at the net so should Djoker take that route, what will be the crowd’s reaction then?

      3. I saw a simply unplayable “Berserk” mode Djokovic once in my life and it was scary. I saw it for a set and a half during the U.S. Open Final in 2013 against Nadal. After he lost the 1st set, he turned on the Jets and simply was annihilating Nadal until he got the 2nd set and was a break up in the 3rd. And then the Nitro depleted and he came back to earth. But it was so scary – when I saw that I was like – OMG. I hope he doesn’t go into Berserk mode today… He becomes unstoppable…

      4. Correct, Alysha. I mean, this guy has been practicing tennis on the courts of Serbia, while bombs were being dropped all around him. This New York crowd is no biggie!

      5. Will be interesting – a berserk battle? I’m sure Roger knows this possibility, and can handle it. Maybe like Roberta handled Serena’s attempt – with a knowing smile – and growing control of the game!

  35. At the start my stomach was queasy
    But in the end it was so easy-peasy
    Stan the Man did all he could
    But Fed was just way too good

    The finals start exactly at midnight in Muscat as we move to 14th of September.

    Something did tell me earlier and something does tell me now….

    1. Murli!! If you get your pre tournament prediction right, I daresay you can start your own blog to rival Jonathan’s :p

      1. No way Gaurav. Jonathan is awesome. His match reports are so incisive and his responses to our comments are so spot on. Plus he is unbiased.

        I only hope that Fed keeps on for at least another 2 years so that we have the pleasure of participating in an awesome blog like this.

      2. Yeah, no idea what I will do when Federer finishes with the blog. My enthusiasm for the game might dwindle, so will have to turn it into a membership site. Would you guys be happy to pay £200 a month membership fees? 😆

      3. All my pre-tournament predictions came true as well so I’d like to get a slice of the blog game too 😛

  36. Came back just in time to watch SF. So much to catch up, reading all great posts from the GOAT blogger and every single comments from you all in this fantastic community.

    “Miracles can happen” as lovely Vinci said after beating Serena.
    Yes, something extraordinary…Why not tonight, Murli?

  37. Feds chances today are far better than it was at Wimbledon. The match against Murray did drain him for sure as it drained us quite a lot. On the flip side, the match against Stan was a routine affair and thus Fed is better placed at USO for the finals

    Novak had won Wimbledon the previous year whereas his recent track record at USO has been quite bad in terms of titles. Thus he is surely carrying a huge monkey on his back.

    While Fed is carrying a gorilla on his back, Fed has more experience in getting it off as fast as possible. Wimbledon and Aus Open for example in the past

    Again, Novak came into Wimbledon with 2 victories over Fed whereas Fed has notched up the recent victory at Cincy

    In effect, Fed has a better chance and when he beats Novak it will not be a miracle, Wanda, a la Vinci beating Serena.

    Further, there is nothing for Novak to eat at USO. Can understand that he would have eaten clay at French if he had won like he chomps on grass at Wimbledon.

    So its Fed’s to win and win he will.

    1. I agree. To some extent, I remember that I was exhausted from watching that semi. It was so exhausting mentally and that reduculous 15 min. Game. I am sure that it took a lot out of him to win the way he did.

      I expect and hope that that won’t be the case today.

  38. Federe, please see the balls clearly, Djoker , pls miss the balls well. Fed do less of going cross court and more down the line especially when your backhand is attacked. Attack Djoker’s second serves aggresively as his first serves crumble effectively all d time.
    Gain confidence Fed, for with that you can paint the lines with your shots.
    I better eat now, cs when the match starts, I Wil b unable to eat .
    On another note, Djokovic has a way of bringigng Federer’s serves back to play no matter how great it is served, making him play the extra ball. I’m hoping it won’t happen this time.

    1. Why is that? I am not a pro player but all these serves coming back – does it have to do with how Djokovic reads them I suppose. He read Cilic’s servers like an open book. It would be very interesting.

      I actually would love to see a lot of down the T aces today. They are my favorite. 😉 Just shut him down, Roger. Let’s go.

      1. Djokovic has a significantly wide base when receiving, which makes his reach wider. He is some sort of contortionist, and you will find himself in compromising positions after returns. Now, that should throw him a little off balance, but he counters that with the depth, and width of his returns, buying more time. Federer is content with simply putting the ball in, but not compromising on balance for the next shot. Djokovic has a two handed backhand, effectively making forehand returns on the backhand side. Perhaps he reads the ball much earlier than most of his opponents?

        Some of it has also got to do with how much you can anticipate. Federer’s real problem is that he can’t do much on rushed backhand returns with an open stance. The only way he gets more power in his backhand returns is by kicking his left foot, and more often that not, there’s not much time for it. Djokovic on the other hand can do an open stance return with power, and time is less a factor. Have you seen his reach on wide backhand ground strokes? Ridiculous!

        Also, Federer has the ability to find ways to win a point, despite not making a very good return. Djokovic on the other hands needs those awesome returns, or he won’t get his teeth into return games. So, their priorities are different I guess.

        I don’t know. I’m not a pro either, but that’s what I think. The match today again comes down to how those backhand to backhand exchanges go, and how much Fed avoids them, and a longer rallies.

        Djokovic is well rested this time compared to Cincy. Federer is in sublime form again. Like they say, somethings gotta give.

      2. Yeah Djoker seems to have good anticipation, very wide stance on the return, on his toes. Just naturally able to put a lot of balls in play with something on them.

      3. Djoker’s depth on returns is the best in the game and puts the serve under extra pressure to go for more on the lines and ends up bringing that serve % way down. If Fed has a good serving day today, his return game should also come easily.

  39.  Just read on ATP website -Federer’s 52 games lost this year at Flushing Meadows ties the fewest he’s dropped en route to a Grand Slam final. Before the 2006 Wimbledon final he had also lost 52 games. The Swiss No. 1 is also on a 28-set winning streak, which began in Cincinnati, the third-longest of his career.  Should Federer defeat Djokovic in straight sets on Sunday, it would mark his third Grand Slam title without dropping a set, matching his feats at the 2007 Australian Open and 2006 Wimbledon.
    This guy is reminding us of 2006, 2007, 2009 ?.? . Federer is getting betterer and youngerer.
    Actually giving myself confidence that Fed can do it.
    ROGER win the first set and then the crowd will take u to the finish line. But the first set is the most important and if he starts strongly he will win it.

    1. A good stat, but untrue. Aussie 07 is the only major to date where he hasn’t dropped a set. He dropped one in 06 7-6 in the third set to Nadal in the final.

      1. yes I remember he dropped a set to Nadal. I just copy pasted from atp site which usually does have errors in their articles . I was not a Fed fan that time so didn’t give a thought and just copy pasted.

  40. Same feeling as wimbledon. Try to make myself believe…get a bit excited for it…but i know Novak is at his absolute peak in matches like this…we’re talking about an all time great at the peak of his powers on a surface that suits his style. So, it would seem this is Novak’s match to lose. Anyway, hopefully I can enjoy the low tension replay value of the match for sissy’s who can’t stomach live coverage.

    1. Fed aint making major finals that regularly and we’ve had to wait 6 years since his last USO final, you ready to wait another 6 more?

  41. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all watch the match together, in person? I feel there would be less misery with nerves/indigestion/headache. I will have to take a half a sedative–truly–I am that insane.

    1. Exactly my thoughts too ! I watched the Wimbledon final in a bar FULL of people and the atmosphere was electric ! But too much can be a crowd too. So when he is losing, everyone is groaning and swearing and its not fun you know !

  42. Just read though whole thread and I’m now in frenzy of anticipation and expectation. Thank goodness for Alb and Daya keeping it real.

    I’m going for Roger in 4 but if he doesn’t win we will know that Novak has had to play brilliantly to beat him and deserves it. Our reward anyway is watching Fed in yet another major final fighting for the prize.

    And Sid, credit where credits due for your Roberta post. Lovely writing – I can see now why you have support here. Mind you I had to read to the bottom before applauding just to make sure you hadnt regressed.

    1. You mean you were looking for the words, bitch, ghetto, dope, and fried chicken etc.? See, I can do well even with a diminished vocabulary, right? 🙂

      1. Yes those were the words I was not looking for. Thanks for sparing us more sensitive souls.

        Anyway all’s well that ends well – we both got the result we wanted

  43. PS: McEnroe’s ceaseless chatter and obvious man-crush on Djoko make me want to smash him in the mouth. Will have scores up on computer too since TV here is running 1-2 pts behind (!). Lucky people who watch this in EU.

  44. This is gonna be a nerve wracking, and very probably enjoyable final. Couple of hours to go before it starts, getting nervous already ^^’

    Come on Roger! Give it all you got, have fun out there, and that’s all that counts! 😀

    1. Still 3 hours to go, or 5 when you made the comment, better walk around and get the blood flowing or something if you’re feeling it already 😆

      I don’t really feel too nervous for Fed matches, nor this one (at least not yet anyway), the only real times have been 2012 final, but that was somewhat fuelled by not wanting Murray to win quite badly.

      And then USO semi final 2011 against Djokovic, I remember pacing around when he had those match points.

  45. I have a gut feeling on this match. Roger will dominate it from point one and play some very fast tennis for 2 hours.. He ll peak today and never look back. I ll stand on 4 sets win for Roger maybe 3. Grand slam no. 18 is coming. #P.s i am very optimistic today.
    Allez Rog!

  46. The good news I can report is that as of 11:30PM the weather is absolutely beautiful. Sunny with very few clouds and about 75F. No wind. It’s supposed to stay like that the whole day. May get a bit warmer too. 🙂 Great news for FedFans. 🙂

  47. To all Fedfans on Jonathan’s blog and everywhere….Thank You, Jonathan, for your thoughtful analysis. Am a new member of this great site, love it. So much enthusiasm for Roger going on here is a delight. Although, criticism at times is equally in step.
    In just a few hours, we all will be watching, listening to the USOpen Final taking place. Know am very nervous as many others here have expressed. Do believe the New York crowd will be much supporting Roger….this is like giving medicine to Roger…he loves the crowd to cheer him on.
    Am not making any kind of prediction, but do have a good feeling that this is the year for Roger’s 18th GS trophy to hoist in the air. I had my 90th birthday in July, Roger, you will have your 18th trophy birthday to celebrate. Roger, Du bist ein Glueckstern!
    PS. To Sid, thank you for your great post on the win of Roberta, defeating Serena. Loved it.

    1. Hi, Dolores! Glad to see you here! So excited today! I hope that Roger will deliver the 18th GS title today. The weather is absolutely gorgeous – a great sign!!

    2. Thanks Dolores 🙂

      I hope 18 can happen to. But like I said above, don’t get too built up on it or dependent on the result. First port of call for Fed is to play the best possible tennis he can on the day. Then we can see what happens 🙂

      1. Thank You, Jonathan, for your reply to my comment, agree wholeheartedly with you on what you are saying…I shall keep an open mind. Fingers crossed!

      2. Thank you Jonathan and everyone for your wise words and stunning writing, you have really hit the heights with brilliant writing by you and everyone. Lets hope the good will and emotion flying off this blog spills over to the best ever in the hugest stadium on earth. C’mon Fed for a mighty match !

      3. Jonathan you’re not just the blog creator your the blog philosopher / psychologist / therapist / pastoral counselor.

        We need it too!!

  48. It is getting hotter and hotter in NYC today. Sunny and even humid. WHATEVER that means!

    I gotta do my cooking ahead for my daughter, take another walk, and then take a half sedative. I feel v nervous and HATE myself for allowing my emotions to take over. it’s JUST TENNIS!!!! Just so sick of disappointment, of getting sooo close to #18. We also have to stop endowing Djoko with god-like powers. He is human too. Anything can happen.

    Happy 90th Dolores!!!

  49. Spoke too soon. Clouds rolling in now. Two diff weather sites say a shower between 4-6 pm–but a passing shower. Prepare for interruptions. Ugh.

  50. Posting a comment here after quite a while.
    Everybody, try to calm down.
    A great match is in store for us because both of them won’t play sloppy tennis for even a single point.
    This is going to be high intensity high quality tennis.
    Roger would NOT be disappointed if he loses this because he would feel he gave his 100%.
    Same goes for Novak.
    Top 2 players, US open final, jaw dropping offense, defense, rallies, net play.
    We don’t get to see these kind of matches everyday. Just once or twice a year.
    So lets enjoy the show and NOT get too disappointed if Roger loses.
    I already feel very happy to see Roger playing one more such match at 34 years of age. GOAT.

  51. Of course if they had just started after the women’s doubles they might have been done by now already & the rain wouldn’t matter.

  52. Lol so Novak spent a hefty amount of time practicing responses to SABR. Too bad he can’t lob to save his life or if Rog doesn’t even do it- he hasn’t won that many points from doing it. This bloody rain is looking like this will become a night affair. All the best Rog, with you no matter what happens!

    1. It doesn’t matter how much he practices it, it’s the element or surprise, the pressure of the point are facts that make it difficult to deal with. Besides, the fact that he is drilling it means that the SABR strategy has already done its job. 🙂

      I think the match getting moved to tomorrow might be better.

      1. If CBS still had rights, there’s no way this final would’ve been played today. But alas here we are ready to go into the night.

      1. Night match not too bad, as Fed used to it, especially last match. Lost just once under lights…so…goosebumps!

      2. Yeah Night match may help Fed. But Djoker got AO invincibility from night matches himself. Will see how the conditions hinder or help either.

  53. Yes night match must help. Who was the lost one – Cilic last year?

    Sky have just shown highlights of the 2011 semi final. I hadn’t see it before – horrible. Optimism evaporating

    1. Berdych 2012 QF. Also yes no one should be reminded of that awful match but hopefully Fed ready to write the wrongs! Allez!

  54. Novak’s brought his A-game (not that any one doubted he would) but Fed needs to find his 1st serve quickly if he’s to not fall behind.

    1. Sloppy start from Fed. But what a nasty fall from Djokovic & it rattles him enough that Fed gets the break back- I wasn’t actually wishing for any bodily injuries – looked like his ankle just rolled…

    2. Doesn’t seem to have affected him, and Fed doesn’t look a bit like a guy who did’t lose a set on his way to the final. Awful start. Trying to be pleased I’m getting to see him in a final.

      1. Anyone who thought that would affect Novak doesn’t watch him enough lol. Fed having to work a lot in his service games, not gonna cut it. Needs rhythm.

  55. Damn, goodbye first set, especially after Fed broke back and started to get into the match, Novak is just a wall returning some of these shots. Will be a key few moments coming up- Fed gotta make more 1st serves and find a way to come in. But wow Novak’s defense is just off the charts tonight. Rog has got his work cut out for him. Hope he can turn it up.

  56. BOOM. What a set of tennis, I thought that 5-4 game was gonna decide it but Roger mentally holding there. Amazing. Must win 3rd set. Can’t go mentally walkabout like at Wimbledon, needs to stay out in front here.

    1. They clapped for the whole changeover that second set. Unfortunately Roger is following the script here and not going with the momentum- always broken 40-15 up as well.

    1. Lots of chances in that 4-3 game and Novak is not serving well. Gotta get a break early here I think to a have shot of pushing it to the 5th.

  57. Ahh unlucky from Roger there to get BPs and then end up being broken. Novak mentally on top of it again. Tough road back but I think Fed should be pretty happy the way he’s played so far, so much fight no matter how strong Novak is.

  58. I’m off to bed guys, no point. We need 5sets for Fed to win and he haa dropped the first game. Plus he has a look of defeat in his face

  59. Strong fight from Fed there at the end but once again break point conversion letting him down. And that 2nd serve % not high enough. Always gonna be a tough match but watching Roger play in a major final, might not ever see that again, a pleasure to still witness it no matter the outcome. Congrats to Novak, what a year and what a legacy he is building. Sport is cruel but still nothing compared to the happiness it gives us even if may not feel it.

  60. Seemed close at various stages, but in the end just way too many unforced errors from Fed (and missed chances). Djokovic deserved the win. After 3 consecutive GS final losses to Djokovic, the worrying factor for Federer is will he now have a mental block against Djokovic at Slams. It definitely appears that for Fed to win another slam it has be someone other than Nadal or Djokovic on the other side of the net in the final. Clearly Fed has the game to beat Djokovic in the best of 3 format but over 5 sets just doesn’t have the answers.

    1. Yeah Fed looked pretty gutted to lose this one. Especially after being denied 3 times in a row by the same guy. Then again, you gotta beat the best in the world to hope up those trophies so there’s no way around it. I think Fed’s demise was in that 4-3 game 3rd set. Couldn’t get over the disappointment of breaking and ends up getting broken himself. Whatever the case, still a solid showing against the best player in the world.

  61. This was just a gutting loss. Not because necessarily Roger played bad or that Novak played good. It’s just that Roger lost the BIGGEST point and Novak won almost all of them. To be 4/23 Break Points sums it up.

    I still love Roger and always will. It’s just that the guy across the net was a MENTAL. Roger had SO MANY chances – and not only to break back but to actually take control. The biggest one was the 4:3 with 2 chances to take control for 5:3. Even though I felt that even at 5:3 Roger would still lose the set and the match.

    There is just this MENTAL wall. I know that Novak does this to Roger just like Nadal does it to him. Maybe it was the shitty weather that couldn’t for fick sake stay sunny like it was supposed so that the court became nice and muddy slow just the way Novak liked it. No excuses but it was just that more difficult to get over the hump. Roger had so many chances but again it just wasn’t meant to be. Again and again,

    But no matter how many majors Nadal and Djokovic win, I just can’t love them the same way. I just can’t. I’m sorry..

    1. Don’t be sorry for loving Roger more. He played fantastic, risked, created amazing points, although not winning all of those…He played much better than in Wimbledon I think. Annoying, again not “killing” when he had the chances. Space for improvement – hope he – again – can see the challenge as fun.

    2. Conditions were slower no doubt about it but Djoker left the door wide open in the third set and Fed couldn’t get the big points. That’s what has prevented Roger from winning another slam. Either Djoker too clutch or Fed too passive. As you said, maybe it’s not meant to be.

  62. Fantastic job by Novak, tremendous dignity throughout. He looked an emotional wreck in the presentation ceremony – as though actually damaged by the experience. Well done him

    1. Novak looked like a robot in the presentation and a huge part of that is because he knew the crowd didn’t want him to win.

      1. Their body language and demeanour was shocking Novak looked diabolical, so grave and emotionally tight, Rog had folded arms, they barely made eye contact , barely a smile on the lips and it was excruciating . No joy and such a contrast to Cincy. The words were just going through the polite motions words, perfunctory and obligatory but cut the air with a knife. The lady seemed to need to be between them to make it look less frosty once they were holding the silverware. A case of won the war but Novashark needs to win the crowd, the only thing he really now craves to legitimise his greatness and it ain’t gonna happen too soon after today.

        It is a real sticking point Novak thinks each win and amazing tennis will cement his status as a great but it’s not that simple. Fed keeps losing and gets even greater with each loss !! I think it’s a bit like the Princess Diana effect and one day people will be studying the phenomena of Fed s fame and the worldwide love for him that transcends race, gender etc etc. at university!

        We will probably get BB lecture us all on our disrespect of the number 1 shortly he loves to amplify himself via Novak in the media. Excuse my pettiness but Roger played high risk and was pretty amazing today considering all the things Sid mentioned a 34 year old should be doing. RF is only just number 2 on ability at present and I so admire him for all he does to thrill and please us . A force for good in an uncertain and chaotic world, who gives so much.

      2. Absolutely agree! After Djokovic won they shut th broadcast and went back to Sportscenter. If Roger had won, ESPN was prepared to the whole thing – post match interview – greeting the fans with the trophy, the parade etc. Roger is the most adored and beloved. In the end we are left only with that to console ourselves. It sucks that Roger didn’t win but if you can’t take your 23 chances you don’t deserve to win. It was there for him.

  63. I think this USO final confirmed what I felt about Wimbledon. I don’t believe he peaked too early. Novak is just too good of a defensive player on these surfaces now. Fed was hitting the corners and lines and still was getting the ball back with some aggression, and that’s not a battle Fed is going to win. He played a better final than he did at Wimbledon though but just didn’t win the key points. Think it’s still a miracle how he won that 2nd set. Hope everyone isn’t feeling too sad, Fed’s impact is felt beyond what happened today. Yet again overshadowing the winner- who else has the ability to do that?

    1. Roger gave away too many key points. I think he’ll be more disappointed with himself than Wimby this year. He should have got the 3rd set and the match might have a different outcome

      1. Absolutely agree. I suppose the freaking weather slower the conditions significantly but even with that it’s not like Roger didn’t have chances. He had a ton of them – in each set and at key moments too. And not one but like 2-3 per each crucial moment and STILL he couldn’t get it done. It’s borderline disgraceful. It wasn’t a shutout. Just a Mental shutout if you wanna call it that… I suppose when you win as much as Novak has this year, you play bigger on those points and yet you don’t miss.

        Whenever, Roger went big, he’d miss. That was the difference. And I also remember that BP Set point at 5:4 in the 2nd when Roger had a sitter of forehand – a regulation forehand and he hit it wide. That was a killer. The whole match was like that – he’s on the verge and is about to catch the “shark” and he kept screwing it up…

  64. I’m otherwise alright with the loss – felt really proud how Roger fought all the way, until I saw Djokovic’s ugly face at the ceremony when Roger congratulated him. It was a very cold and ugly face, full of hate. I haven’t seen anything more disrespectful in tennis, or maybe only Kyrgios’s sledge would top that. This guy and his mob has a serious issue.

    I feel so sorry for Roger that he’s lost to this ugly man yet again.

    1. In the marketing world of tennis he is what you would call a category killer # the unworthy number 1. Wasn’t that Lendl once?

    2. I think that ever since Becker came on board, Djokovic is just a different player – he has that cockiness, brashness, dickness about him – and I hate him for it but in the end you have to say that it is working since he is winning all these tournaments. And I don’t think he’s slowing down. That is the scary part…

  65. I am happy with Roger’s overall year. Clearly, this is Novak’s year by far. Everyone said that for Roger to have a tiny chance, so many things had to go right.

    1. A good serving day – he had a decent one but not great.

    2. The weather had to be nice and warm. This is the killer. I knew it. That was my biggest worry. The whole tournament we get these 88-92 F the whole tournament. Today the day started ok with about 76 F and sunny. But of course the rain and the match starred with temperatures around 69 F. How cruel can the weather be.

    3. The mental clutchness of Djokovic is what won him the match. Ok, Roger started slow – ok he gets back on serve and is at 3:2 and still allows Djokovic to brake him. He has a point to get back 4:4 and screws it up. Fine, whatever. From that point it was always gonna be an uphill battle. He gets to 5:4 in the second and has like 3-4 chances to close 6:4. He doesn’t. Finally he does for 7:5.

    We are even. Then he gets broken at 2:1 after being 40-15 – just like at Wimbledon. Pathetic. Luckily he gets the break back and gets to 4:3… Everyone knows that if Roger wins the 3rd set, he’ll get to believe more. He gets to like 30:40 and another AD Fed and is unable to get 5:3. And just like clockwork gets broken to give the set away pathetically again. And by the way he did have a chance at 4:5 to even it and again he choked. I mean the opportunities were there. All 23 of them.

    Again, as expected he goes down and gets to 5:2. Breaks back – abut inconsequential and then at 5:4 he has a 15:40 and the. a 3rd chance and for HIS life and “mine” he just couldn’t break when it mattered.

    That just sums it up. Overall, to me the combination of freezing cold weather as compared the scorching temps the entire tournament as well his mental approach on those break points slowly and surely gutted him.

    Obviously Djokovic wasn’t having a great serving day. Yet on the biggest points, he managed to win. If Roger had gotten to 5:3 and served for the set and somehow sneaked it out, at least we might have seen a 5 setter. It’s just the second Roger got a sniff, it was plucked away. And the following game, Roger loses serve. That is beyond anything else just mental instability.

    And I am not too upset about possibly never getting to Nimber 18. We’ve had 3 chances so far and Roger keeps losing to the same player. I think that it’s starting to take a toll on him but what else could he have done. He really played as well as he could have. The clutchness just was absolutely NOR there and perhaps that is what is most disappointing.

    Not the serve, not the forehand or the backhand or the net play. Maybe not even the weather that completely screwed him. But the clutch gene was absolutely absent. And he needed it badly to even have a chance..

    1. Thank you for this Vily. You sum it up very well. Yeah the mental clutch just wasn’t there when he needed it the most. Sigh. What’s the point of clutch your whole life to come up with bps yet not able to convert. Gutted, totally gutted

    2. Yeah I want to know what the deal is with Fed getting broken 40-15 up yet again. Story of the match right there. Bit of a shame he went down a double break in the 4th too, credit to Djoker for not letting Wimby 2014 repeat. Also about the conditions, yes they were cooler so it slowed things down but Fed’s nerves on the break points got the better of him yet again.

  66. And again, just thinking about it seems like with each lost final – in the slams Roger seems to start worse and worse. In Wimby 2014 he had no mental blocks and was serving freely in the first and won it in the tiebreak.

    This year again he started ok and got to 4:2 and failed to consolidate. And tonight, he starts out by having to save 2 break points already in the 1st game. It just his whole attitude really depressed me. And fine, ok you start slow. It happens. You get to get even and finally you have a CHANCe to take control – to finally serve for that 3rd set and you squander not 1, not 2 but 3 chances. I mean, there was no urgency there. There was hesitation. Roger would only show urgency when he was behind the score. But when he was even or had a chance to go ahead in the score, he would fold. That upset me more than anything else and I believe that more than anything else had to do with his mental approach. Maybe like McEnroe said, at 34 it’s not so much the physical part that goes away but the mental part…

  67. I will never forget that 3rd make or break 3rd set. It will be etched in my memory forever. I will never hope at a Grand slam final again.

  68. Looks like Ruan got the last laugh 🙁

    Also this is what I said in my first sentence in my previous post:

    “Djokovic to win in 4 sets is the safe pick for the final.”

    Sometimes I HATE being right.

    1. I hate Ru-an. What a disloyal disgraceful Glory Hunter. The moment Roger loses and he picks to be a Chokovic fanboy. I can’t stand him.

      I am sick to my stomach to know what a disloyal person he has become. And there won’t be justice for us. But you know what – I don’t care if Djokovic or Nadal win 20 slams – I still will love my Roger and he will always the greatest. No matter what Ru-an or all the other glory hunters and flip-floppers out there choose to do.

    2. By the way the weather played tricks on me. For sure when I saw the beautiful sunrays this morning, I had a feeling that it will Roger’s day. And we all know how THAT turned out..

  69. And another thing I learned about Roger today – and that perhaps is the key to figuring out Roger.

    Roger plays amazing and great but only and when he can HOLD serve. His Whole game – everything from backhand to forehand, his whole confidence – aura, etc. starts and ends with his serve. If he can hold easily, it somehow unhinges him and makes him play overall just better.

    The moment he loses serve, his whole game just get shattered. He had come in with 28 straight set wins and yet all Novak had to do was to break him and all this confidence and form would just go away. It’s like Superman and giving him some kryptonite.

    On the other hand, Novak expects to be broken and doesn’t put as much pressure on himself to hold serve because he know he can break serves himself.

    And that is why it’s not like Roger didn’t return well. He returned very well too – he created 23 chances.

    But to be 4/23 while Novak was 6/13 is absolutely gutting. And i suppose it could be explained by this: that Roger’s overall game depends on his serve. Just another way to show that SO MaNY things need to go right for him. It’s so tough yet so admirable that he keeps trying and this age. It won’t get any easier – that’s for sure but I think that it is what it is…

    1. And just to prove my point on the BIG points:

      Total points won by Novak – 147
      Total points won by Roger – 145

      Novak Winners/ UE – 35/37
      Federer Winners/ UE – 56/54.

      It just shows how tight this match was. If Roger won couple more points he would be at either 2 sets all or who knows… That possibly could make him feel better. But again 4/23 BP is so rough – I mean he had so many chances just so many. He had to take advantages. He had to. I cannot really say that he was outplayed fundamentally. He was just outplayed and also beat himself when it mattered most.

      It wasn’t a dominating win by Djokovic. Just a CLUTCH one..

      1. The more I reflect on the match, the more I thought he beat himself. I don’t know what else to say, gees, tennis hurts

  70. Flipping heck Federer fucking losing again. What the fuck. 3 times now he builds up hope and then plays fucking shit in the final. Just another betting scam and to get more viewers to watch. Fucking joke federer is now. Why bother playing in grand slams if you are going to choke. Fuck federer and fuck Djokobitch.

  71. If I have to be absolutely objective, Roger got outplayed in the 1st set. He was lucky to get back on serve after Novak injured his arm. You’d figure thar the momentum would go in Roger’s favor yet he dumped serve again. It’s like he didn’t want to win or at least Djokovic was more dialed in. Obviously I thought that that would be the end end but after Roger leveled the match, you’d figure that finally he’ll learn from his mistakes at Wimbledon and start to slowly take control. And what happens – he dumps serve again – like clockwork after having a 40-15. No initiative.

    And then again Novak plays a shaky game and Roger breaks back. He gets to 3:2 and subsequently to 4:3. At this point if you are Federer – you have to say – hey I am not playing amazing but I have a shot to take a lead here in this match. He sets up like 3 BPs for 5:3 lead and squanders them. I mean that is just gutting right there. And then he dumps serve again. I mean this match could hand and should have played so much differently had ROGER take control for once. Looking at the stats upsets me more than I imagined because based on the eye test Djolovic was playing more consistently but boy if Roger had taken that bull by the bullhorn, I bet that he would have found a way to bring it home. Such small margines and what a shame really. Anyway. Will try to get over this one. Really a missed opportunity. A bit of a shame.

    1. If Roger was like 29 right that loss wouldn’t bother me as much because I with be sure that Roger will figure it out and time would be on his side. But with him at 34, maybe Slams are not meant to be won. There are just so many factors involved – age, mental stability, confidence, form, luck, draw, weather. It’s insane really. When you are in your prime, you don’t have to worry about these things.

      Roger came in to this final as ready and as prepared as he could ever be. Absolutely perfect preparation. No questions at all about his fitness, etc.

      It’s kinda of ironic too – if you look at Roger’s last win in Wimbledon in 2012. Overall Roger was playing so average – struggling in the early rounds yet when it was money time he delivered. Than again that was before Djokovic hired Becker and before Murray ever won a Slam.

      Now, on three occasions Roger is arriving in a GS final, playing perfectly en route only to lose. I feel and I think Roger is starting to feel that maybe it’s better to play Novak in the semis of slams. Roger, I feel can play easier and freely in the semis because if he loses, it’s no big deal. He makes semis regularly. But when it’s a GS final, the spotlight is there and he starts dreaming about Number 18 and that starts to mess with his head. I am not sure exactly what the real truth is.

      Roger kindsa of said that when he sat at 5:2 in the chair he already knew WHy he lost this match but he didn’t elaborate on why. He kept it to himself.

  72. Heartbroken. Again, and again, and again. And again. I’m fed up with this. I’ve been fed up with this since 2009.

    Still… I wake up at 2 AM to give up precious sleep hours, just fore some small hope. And it shines dimly for a split second, and then fades away again. And again.
    And then it’s all over, just like the last time, and the time before that.

    Still… the magic will return next week. And in the following weeks. And we’ll be gifted with some more irreal play. And we’ll get back here to more cheering.
    More losses will come, more trophies will be handled to others.
    So f*****g what?…

  73. Roger -if you lose in straight sets with the scorline like 6-2 6-4 6-6-2 then we would have no problem because it will be a miracle that u r still playing. But guy it breaks my heart when u can win and then lose from there.there . Djoker did nothing extraordinary but u had 23 BP.At 5-4 40-15 when roger had 2 break points in 4th set my brother clearly said that this is going to be 6-4 AND ROGER will lose.lose . I used to think Djoker is lucky evrytime against roger but now I don’t think so.
    Roger lose it in straights no problem but 23 BP and then u loan I mean it is unreal.
    Mirkas face was so upsetting today .I just couldn’t get over the third set.

  74. Roger played fantastic, brave and risky. Djoko just won. What is worth the most? Of course we are disappointed, but where were our tennis-joy without Roger’s genius? Please be a little grateful, losers!

  75. Roger had almost twice as many break opportunities than Djokovic. That suggests he was generally the better player. Djokovic converted more of his break opportunities. He was the mentally stronger player – as he generally is these days. There lies the outcome in a nutshell. With a better break-point conversion Roger could well have beaten Djokovic, instead of gaining only one set. In slams Novak now has the wood on Roger, as Nadal once did. With the Serb around there will be no number 18.

    1. You Never Know, richard! A genius is not to predict like that – !!! But I admit, the challenge is there. Still, Roger did better than Wimby, I bet he takes that along with him, being a positive guy!

    2. There you go. I don’t get it. It’s like Novak was the doing the fucking “Djoker” thing all night:

      “Here’s the trophy, Roger… Here’s not! Come on now, touch it, touch it… No! Hahaha!!!

      Freaking Djoker – that’s why he is the Djoker – because he gives you chances and then he takes them away – and not necessarily with great serving either which is the worst part!

  76. Novak too consistent at retrieving balls and bashing the hell out of them. Serve also is very strong at times. Still, even with the court conditions perhaps less favorable, there was a window for Roger in the 3rd set. He wasn’t clutch when he needed to be to truly seize the momentum. The more brilliant player lost; such a strange world.

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