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Federer into Cincinnati Final after Goffin Retires

Roger Federer is into his 8th Cincinnati final after defeating David Goffin at the Western & Southern Open. The Swiss set up a tie again Novak Djokovic after his opponent retired due to a shoulder injury with the score at 7-6(3), 1-1.

The win also means Roger has held serve in 96 consecutive service games and has won 17 of his last 18 sets played at the Lindner Family Tennis Center. He'll be looking to continue that streak in today's final and maintain his 100% record in Cincinnati finals with an 8th title.

Quick Match Recap

Federer Goffin Cincy SF

Goffin won the toss and elected to receive, creating 15-30 on the return but Roger held for 1-1. A love hold saw the Belgian quickly level and that trend continued for the first half of the set with Roger having just won one return point in three games as Goffin leveled at three all.

With Goffin serving at under 100mph on his first serve, Roger finally managed to make some more meaningful returns as the set progressed, two double faults didn't help Goffin in game ten but he still held and then recovered from 0-30, saving three set points in game twelve to force a tie-break.

Into the breaker and after dropping the opening point on serve, Roger switched track, opting to swing for the fences to recover the mini-break and sweep the tiebreak 7-3 with some much needed crisp hitting.

During the 4-2 change of ends in the breaker, Goffin had called the trainer and he received a medical timeout for his right shoulder before starting set two. He was able to save a break point in the opening game and force Federer to deuce but in game three he threw in the towel at 40-30 as Roger progressed.

Match Stats

Roger Federer David Goffin
Aces 9 1
Double Faults 2 4
1st Serve 71% (32/45) 63% (36/57)
1st Serve Points Won 75% (24/32) 69% (25/36)
2nd Serve Points Won 69% (9/13) 62% (13/21)
Break Points Saved 0% (0/0) 100% (4/4)
Service Games Played 7 7
1st Serve Return Points Won 31% (11/36) 25% (8/32)
2nd Serve Return Points Won 38% (8/21) 31% (4/13)
Break Points Converted 0% (0/4) 0% (0/0)
Return Games Played 7 7
Winners 24 12
Unforced Errors 20 14
Net Points Won 55% (6/11) 75% (3/4)
Service Points Won 73% (33/45) 67% (38/57)
Return Points Won 33% (19/57) 27% (12/45)
Total Points Won 51% (52/102) 49% (50/102)

Shot of the Match

Thoughts on the Match

Federer Cincy QF 2018

I just think in general here in Cincinnati you've got to win the big points. There are not that many opportunities, especially if you protect your serve well. Everything goes very quickly. You can't play the rallies like you normally would like to. You're playing very reactive on the return and active on your own serve. Of course, it helps when you win that first-set tie-break, because it's an emotional boost, as well, besides getting extra confidence. So I was just happy how I was able to lift my game up throughout the set, and then also in the breaker, I played a good breaker, so I was actually very happy.

A short match this one and not one of real quality. It was clear from the early stages that Goffin wasn't able to serve at 100% as his first serve was consistently under 100 miles per hour. Robbie Koenig said during commentary he'd heard murmurs of a shoulder problem and that turned out to be the case.

From Federer's side, bar his serving it was an erratic performance at best. Despite Goffin rolling the ball in he wasn't able to do any sort of damage on the return until late in the first set and even then he couldn't convert any of the three set points. Other than looking towards the US Open and preventing further injury, I'm not really sure why Goffin retired as he was very much in the match and looked the better player from the baseline for the most part. Roger basically had a 5-minute spell where he seemed to summon some extra energy and swing for the fences,  that paid off as it won him the tie-break and he finally hit some penetrative forehands. But other than that I thought he looked a bit tired which is understandable given yesterdays double duty.

Predictions vs. Djokovic

So Djokerer XLVI in the final and I'm not sure what to expect. Novak has played four straight three-set matches now, I've watched bits of all of them and his level has been very up and down for the most part but he's still able to get it done which is impressive. He looked completely drained of energy against Cilic in the second set but again came through to make the final. As for Fed, he's had it slightly easier in his matches having only dropped one set but he's had the rougher end of the scheduling with his match against Stan going late into the evening so the tiredness factor is looking fairly even. Other than that both guys haven't played their best tennis. Aside from his serve Fed's level has been erratic, some nice forays but a lot of errors and the forehand is not really firing. Djoker too has been up an down, smashing a racquet and looking rather unhappy with his performances.

From what I've seen so far in their matches I think Novak has defended slightly better than Federer has attacked and it will be interesting to see if that is the case later today. If Fed continues his holding streak then you have to like his chances but can he penetrate the court enough from the baseline once a rally gets going and will his serve be under a lot more pressure from a great returner? I think it will probably boil down to who has more left in the tank in what will likely be a three-set match. If Fed is moving well then the 1-2 punch works great on these courts so we shall see.

What are your predictions? Let me know in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. So sad I am not able to watch Rog’s matches with everyone. Seems from various reports Rog FH has been very erratic. Won’t be easy against Djoker but both players are tired from back to back matches. Hope Roger will come out on top for his 99th title. No pressure dear, just stay focus and calm.

  2. Hate to miss in a few minutes.
    I hope for a Cincy 2015 or Shanghai 2014 type of performance. But being realistic, I’m preparing myself to another heart break.
    Roger tends to upgrade his level on finals, but usualy when he plays a mediocre tournament there’s a limit to just how much he can do that.
    I hope Novak comes agitated and tired, and then it will boil down to who makes it on the big points. There I hope Roger will have the upper hand if he finds some rhythm.

    I’m really considering not to see the match although it shouldn’t be too late (23:00 PM) just because I think I’m Jinxed when it comes to Roger’s matches. I’ve seen almost all his losses since Montreal last year, but I think I’ve seen only 15-20 matches throughout this period, so I really have bad luck I guess.

    1. Well he have tried that kind of tennis here, and against Goffin he rushed the net several times, trying to be aggressiv. But he gets passed most of the time. His forehand is not hitting the spots well enough on the approaches. But I thought he looked the best so far yesterday, so having hopes for tonight. I´d say it´s 50/50

    2. Know what you mean,I couldn’t watch Australian Open 2017 final because I thought that it would be same old,same old.So I missed what for a a Fed fan must be one of the greatest of all matches.I found this years
      Indian Wells final incredibly frustrating.It was on Feds serve and then he throws it away on a ridiculous drop
      shot,to that damned Delpossum.Still,moral victory eh,just like Nadal always has?

    3. I’d watch there is no such thing as a jinx.
      I’m with you Vidde, he did look good but it was only for 5 minutes so never really know if he was able to sustain it. The fact he can’t break Goffin serving at sub 100mph is a bit worrying tbh.

  3. The hope is there. The hope Roger’s team will do wonders. And I think Goffin will cheer his idol and good friend. Yes, who has surplus of strength tonight will do it. Roger’s nerves and sensitivity may do him a risk, but if he comes up with most of his normal talent of speed, consistency and instinct, he’ll have the better chance.

  4. Well Goffins retirement certainly assured the nights sleep!Sad for Goffin and hope the injury is only minor.He has done
    sterling work for Fed this tournament in taking out Anderson and Delopssum,both of whom would have fancied their chances against Federer.
    Didn’t see the match but followed the scoreline and online comments.The overall impression was of Fed serving really well
    but return game awful which fits with Jonathans analysis .I still think that he would have won without the retirement but it
    would have cost precious time and energy.
    As for tonight I am going with Fed.On these fast courts and with a decent rest I think he will come through.The head to head matches up far better than against Nadal.I do wonder what has happened to the backhand though perhaps only used
    for de-Nadalisation.?I think the Joker will come fast out of the blocks though.Fed will need to be ready from the first.

  5. Well… as you say, when Goffin serving under 100mph & Fed still can’t break him, you’ve got to think something’s wrong. On the other hand he doesn’t LOOK terrible – he’s moving okay, for instance – looked like Goffin just got him going the wrong way several times, & he missed some into the next like the ball wasn’t flying as expected. There were some nice points at end of the set. Weather is supposed to be less extreme today, so that will change atmospherics & ball flight again. I think as you say it’s got to depend on how well each has adjusted throughout the week, as well as how much each has left. Last time, didn’t Novak say something about being able to win this ‘after you retire’? Really wish he would’t hack & wheeze on every single point…

  6. @Paul,
    Referring to your post in the previous thread you raised some really interesting points.However with a decent draw and good health I still see Roger going a long way in Slams.Say for instance he got Nadals draw in Wimbledon this year.All the
    big servers and joker in the other half.I agree with you about the puerile GOAT debate.Quality not quantity I believe .Always
    loved Borgs tennis,not old enough to remember Laver?

    1. I agree with you Annie the draw matters but I still think that longevity in today’s tennis requires what Roger has been doing. Golf ratings go down when Tiger Woods doesn’t make the cut. Same goes for tennis ratings when Federer leaves a tournament early. I think Roger should consider playing more 250 and 500 in other countries to allow his fans see him play more. He is 37 please understand what happened to Goffin is what I have stated before hitting a serve coming at you at 135 mph doesn’t not do a world of good to your wrist, elbow or back. I would much prefer watching Roger play ten 250 and 500 ATP next year then any Grand Slam. I prefer seeing Roger playing and I just think watching him pay best of 5 will be his downfall. I spoke to a Osteoporosis doctor and he was a tennis player himself. The doctor informed me that playing best of 3 was preferable for someone Roger’s age and avoiding best of 5 for a simple reason. Playing 3 sets while intense on the body is multiplied 10 times over when going into a 4th and 5th set. The doctor explained that Roger would be better off to avoid the best of 5 matches next year if he wants to play till forty otherwise expect him losing more due to pain and eventually retiring much sooner. Ask any Osteoporosis doctor I am sure they would agree. I look forward to the USO but I am not sad if Roger skips majors next year, I am just realistic as to his age. To me I enjoy watching him play and want him to continue till he’s 50 if that were possible. Just my opinion Annie!

      1. Sorry my English teacher would have frowned on me with my double negative “Goffin is what I have stated before hitting a serve coming at you at 135 mph doesn’t not do a world of good to your wrist”…OOOOPS! I should have read what I wrote but often times I don’t do that.

      2. I just find this comment defeatist. Fed is playing tennis because he wants to compete at the top level and win slams. The day he loses that desire to get out of bed and play a Slam will be the day he retires. I’d rather see him competing in the big events than going on some farewell jolly to random 250’s and 500’s. What happens when he’s too old for 250’s? Back down to Challengers? 😆

        Federer is one of the highest paid athletes in the world with access to first class medical advice / care. Look at the knee operation/recovery. He’ll be getting advice all the time from experts as to the best course of action, not some random osteoporosis doctor. Not to mention he already showed he can listen to his own body by scheduling correctly.

      3. Paul I see your point, because his wonderful style would win tennis fans in all kinds of tours. But he is an ambitious player, leos like honour, so competing in the grand tours are probably essential for his motivation. He likes to play for fun too, that’s true – Hopman and so on – but only as kind of vacation I guess – and the public attention for his art there too is also important.

  7. Maybe I am being overly optimistic, but I think Fed has a slight edge. His past success at this tourney should give him confidence. Neither player has been at his best, and the match probably will be close. But title No. 99 looks so lovely!

  8. I think Fed will fare well tomorrow. His serve will carry him through and Djokovic is still building his confidence.

  9. “Meaningful returns” 😀 yep, he certainly needed better returns. I was scratching my head all the way to TB remembering @naughtyT’s GIF [#Federer on break points] 😆 But hey another final to have a chance of No. 8 and No. 99! What else could we wish for? Thanks and one more to go before a mini break until USO. Oh wait a minute, I’ve just seen his USO outfit so you need to do a outfit post as well then 😉

  10. This year Roger has lost so many close matches and it must have knocked his confidence. I don’t
    think Djo looking great either but we know he can pull it out of the bag, but never in Cinnci even
    when he was playing lights out everywhere else, so C’mon Roger do your best x

  11. The forehand finally started firing in that 11th game and I was so pumped when it happened. I hope that sparked that shot out of hibernation, because he’ll certainly need it going like that against Djokovic.

    1. Me too, finally hit some sweet inside-out insane angled ones. For me he is playing far better when he’s swinging free / hard. He beat Nadal in the AO because he played high risk aggressively. I think he has got a bit passive of late, that Rosset article FrenchButterly posted seems to be very true.

  12. Yeah, I don’t think his level is that great and I don’t think he’ll beat Djokovic unless the latter is feeling the effects physically. It’s not in the general play so much as it is on the really big points – he’s creating BP’s but not converting anywhere near enough of them, and I think sets are a little too close overall.

    Objectively I think a final is probably a good result anyway given it’s the first tournament since Wimbledon but I don’t know, I haven’t been very impressed for the most part. I thought Goffin was the better player today too, though I can as you say understand the retirement if he’s worried it would put his US Open in jeapordy.

    Thanks for the write ups as usual Jon

    1. Cheers, yeah I just watched the highlights again now I’m more awake, Goffin started set two pretty well, then just gave up lol. Took Fed to deuce, then prob holds to 30.

  13. Looking back, Goffin’s retirement may be decisive in that it allowed Federer a couple more hours’ rest (he did play the second semifinal). Federer did well to raise his game in the decisive moments to capture the first-set TB; if Goffin had won the first set, he might have chosen to continue and Federer would’ve had to play two more sets to win.

    In past Cincinnati finals against Djokovic, Federer was playing his magisterial best and imposing his game on Djokovic from the get-go and sweeping to victory. I think this time will be different, neither man will play his best tennis, and Federer will have to rely on his mental strength to come through a grinding three-set match.

    This court is extremely fast so Federer can execute first-strike, all-court tactics that he might not be able to carry out elsewhere…that’s what will allow him to prevail by a very narrow margin. Conversely Djokovic’s defense is slightly less effective here, it’s harder for him to get into his usual rhythm.

    A good chance Djokovic will take the first set, and Federer will have to come from behind. The only time he’s done so against Djokovic was in Dubai, which is a similarly fast HC.

    We know Federer wants this as much as Djokovic and maybe more. AO aside this hasn’t been an amazing season for him and this final might provide the spark he needs to ignite the last third of his season.

    C’mon Roger!

    1. > Federer will have to rely on his mental strength to come through a grinding three-set match.

      > This court is extremely fast so Federer can execute first-strike, all-court tactics

      I think it has to be one or the other, you can’t have both. If he swings free and just looks to go hyper aggressive I like his chances to win comfortably. If it turns into a mental grind fest I think Djoker wins that battle assuming he’s not uber drained from 4 three setters in three days.

  14. Yes, very surprised when Goffin called it a day. I was half watching and didn’t notice his service speed. Anyway, I see it as a blessing for Fed.
    I’m feeling nervous for this match. I don’t have the confidence in Fed’s game. And I would hate to see Djoker lifting Fed’s trophy. Let’s pray to the tennis gods, one more Cincy please.
    So Wanda, you have a link to Fed’s USO kit?

  15. @Paul,
    We all hope that Fed ,having provided so much happiness and entertainment for years will carry on longer.Perhaps this is
    selfish of us.I seem to remember reading somewhere that Connors has had a lot of hip surgery and Hewitt is full of steel pins!However great competitors want to be the best and in tennis that is slams.Perhaps it is the modern equivalent of the
    choice of Achilles,a short life with everlasting fame or a long life and nonentity.?

  16. Hello,
    Here is Fed’s  outfit for next USO…
    as red as the tomatoes in my garden, indeed… or a strawberry-smoothie.
    Which colour for the shoes ? socks ? bandana ?
    Another colour for night sessions ?
    Cheers and goooo Fed for Cin8i first !

    PS : I just listened to a facebook programme about tennis. One of the journalists, a former player, foresees Stan Wawrinka as the main outsider for the USO. Why not ? We’ll see then…

    1. I…. kind of actually like this. It’s awfully red, but that makes the red squares less glaring. And I really like the white trim detail tying it all together on both top & shorts.

      Does anybody on here speak Japanese? I’m wondering about the Japanese version of the Uniqlo logo. If I remember right, each symbol should be one syllable – but in English at least, there are only 3 syllables in u-niq-lo, and there are 4 symbols on the logo. Or maybe u-ni-qlo. So does the Japanese logo actually correspond to the sound “uniqlo”? (Maybe in Japanese it’s u-ni-quh-lo?) Also, is it a word that means something (& if so what), or a name, or invention?..

      1. (Maybe just a take on “unique”, in which case it would actually be French, lol 🙂 )

      2. Ah! You have very varied linguistic talents Wanda! So is it top left symbol = “u”, top right = “ni”, bottom left = “ku”, bottom right = “ro”?

        (I’m thinking they could use this – show the symbol/syllable correlation, then you can play around with the symbols – like put them in a spiral, or a star…)

  17. Still can believe how RF screwed up Wimb’18. It was perfectly setup for RF vs Djok/Nads final. Totally messed up the YE#1 chances as well.
    Sorry that I cant stop venting about it. Only RF knows what exactly happened that day. Hope RF makes amends for this come USO’18.
    All the best for Cincy #8.

  18. Let’s root for Fed with enjoyment and try not to “worry”. He’s reached the final. He’s not got out earlier. We can watch him play.
    A win is awesome. A loss means #99 is sweeter when it comes. Surely we know Roger will reach 100. His better tennis will find him at some tournament or another. ?
    Let it be in this match!

    1. Agree. He got to the final, a great achievement given the high quality of the entry.
      I was terrified he would go out in the first or second rounds.
      Still……..a win would be good!

  19. Referring to my post at 5_39,yes they are,and it will be endless.
    If they are paid the same as men surely fifty fifty as to who plays first.

    1. Yes Annie, we got all ready to watch at 9 and there the ladies are, still playing. Grrr.
      Surely his team have told him to play freely and not get into the endless rallies. I think he gets bored with them (the rallies).
      No idea who will win, depends on which Fed and which Djok we get.
      Can’t remember who on this blog suggested there actually were two Fed twins.
      Chum Jetze.

      1. Well ,I am amazed.I have never seen Fed play so badly in a final.What happened to the serve that has been so great all week?If this was Kyrgios I would have said he tanked it.Very,very strange .

  20. I’m sorry, this is painful to watch. Did Wilson like overpower Fed’s racquet? Every mid court ball is blasted ten feet out, and half the running forehands are shanked into the seat. More than half the backhands are shanked everywhere. What the hell is going on?

    1. Yep, it’s garbage tennis. Even if he didn’t double fault and then muff the forehand on the ad point in that one game he was broken, I’m not sure he’d have taken a set, tiebreak or otherwise. No sharpness, average depth, nonstop errors. He just can’t bring it every match, and when he’s frustrated, he just wants off the court.

  21. Fed sucks today. He deserves to lose twice over. Go up a break, and then lose every single point that could give you the game or ad point. Missing mid court forehands by five feet wide now too? Another double fault at deuce? Honestly, I think it could be the racquet. He is overhitting like a rank amateur. It’s embarrassing.

  22. Things get more difficult as you approach 37. Understandable.
    Stuttgart and Halle probably hurt his Wimb’18 chances. Cincy is probably gonna do the same to his chances at USO’18.

    1. I agree Claud, the people here think that 37 is no big deal. They don’t seem to understand how demanding tennis is to the body. Djocovic and Nadal will not be winning Grand Slams at age 36 or 35 or 34. I would say that next year is the final year for the big 3 to win any Grand Slams.

      1. Exactly. The young ones are watching closely. The hand-off “will” happen at some point. Is it within 1 or 2 years, is the only real question. Fed needs to somehow keep his GS count safe till then.

  23. The logo says ユニクロ, you-knee-coo-row. It’s short for “unique cloths warehouse”. It used to be spelled as “uniclo” but C was changed to Q as it looks better. We don’t use L in Japanese, thus in Japanese writing, it’s orinounced with R. (It’s kind of in between.)

  24. Djokovic is playing great, but Roger is just unspeakably terrible. He has no penetration on the court and can’t put together two good points. And yet again, a third double fault at deuce. Poor approaches, poor decisions, persistent shanks, inability to consolidate, inability to return, low serving percentage…what more can you pile on? It’s remarkable he actually broke Djokovic once, though that’s more on account of Djokovic playing a few bad games. He needs to get new equipment, this big racquet is apparently no longer doing him any favors.

  25. And that last point at 3-4, a microcosm of what I just said. Easy mid court forehand, no confidence at all to hit it, instead choosing a dogshit drop shot, also easy, that goes two feet wide. Roger is too rusty from the Wimbledon loss and too unfocused for an important match against a top player. It’s disappointing, but Goffin would’ve given Novak much more of a battle. Fed really sucked balls today.

  26. Can’t have it all. Nadal was kept from inching closer to Fed’s slam count by Djokovic, and today, in turn, Fed had to lose to give Novak the final masters event that’s eluded him, and maybe Fed had to lose one here anyway. Karma. He really should’ve played Monte Carlo and Rome a few times more to give him a chance for the same Masters set. Maybe he’ll run deep in the USO.

    1. Only, I think, if that match has been a real wake-up call for him.

      Oh, I wish BBC radio had been covering that. I kept getting deafened by the yelling commentators on ATP radio, and struggled to work out what the heck was going on.

  27. As the commentator stated history was made in tennis today. I have to say I think nobody will ever match Djpkovic’s accomplishment today. He did earn it 6 times in the finals and losing 3 times at the hands of Roger. Roger is still having a great year he is still at age 37 Number 2 in the world. And being the oldest Number one that definitely is a record never to be broken in the future.

  28. It’s only a game. One wins, the other loses. It’s made for enjoyment. Relax. Save the anger and bitterness for more important things that really deserve them.

  29. Rui,
    I agree,people are getting a little hysterical.Fed was definitely off,Joker not.But tomorrow is another day.

  30. @Holdco,
    So nice to have your insights to Federers appalling game and Rubbish equipment.Perhaps you would like to win the
    Australian Open and report back.

    1. Today was not AO Fed, Annie, and you know it. Moreover, I’m not convinced that he is playing with the same equipment, but if he is, it’s a pretty shocking difference in form from January to August, don’t you think? Tennis is a “What have you done for me lately?” sport, and while Roger is having a very above-average year for his age and level, he played extremely poorly today. I hope very much that it spurs him to decimate Novak at their next meeting.

      1. I wouldn’t say he was extremely poor. Just that, through a combination of fitness and match practice and confidence, Fed is at maybe a B- or a C+ level right now, and while that will beat most of the tour, it’s never going to beat the top tiers. As of right now Fed’s level is comfortably behind Nadal’s and Djokovic’s and possibly even Cilic’s and Del Potro’s, and he should be considered behind at least the former two in regards to chances of winning the US Open.

        Fed hasn’t raised his level above B- for months so I don’t think he’s winning the US Open any time soon.

  31. Fed was just lackluster today. Weird/poor choice of shots (and shanking). Poor serving. Djokovic was just better but he was not that good honestly. If Fed was playing his IW 2017 level, he would have destroyed Djokovic. Disappointing but it is crucial to start with a fresh mind for USO.

  32. I disagree with anyone that says that Roger will retire if he can’t compete anymore in the Grand Slams. I think Roger will keep playing because he has the GS record but he often talks about the 109 most wins that Jimmy Connors has. I think should he not win anymore GS, he will still be motivated by trying to win tournaments. I as a fan want Fed to win tournaments to beat Connors record. I would love to see him at the 250 in New York and Washington next year. Roger is the richest tennis player ever both as a player and endorsements. He doesn’t need to win GS anymore or Miami or Cincinnati he has won those more then once. I am sure he will talk to his team when this year ends that he will discuss how he should schedule himself to go after the Connors record of 109. I am sure of this otherwise be prepared to see Roger one last season in 2019 and it won’t be pretty. Sorry I totally disagree with anyone that is unrealistic to think that next year at 37 1/2 Roger can win GS. It is totally unrealistic and he will injure himself if he tries to keep playing these best of 5 sets.

  33. Welp. Can’t win playing like that. Amazing accomplishment from Novak to win all 9. Maybe you’re right about the equipment, holdco – it is kind of reminiscent of when he was first getting used to the new racquet.

  34. Fed looked dazed today. In the states, he had what we call a “deer in the headlights” kind of gaze. Not sure what is going on. Tired, age, not enough time on the court, loss of confidence, coaching. I wonder if the lack of court time and big gaps is not as productive this year. But it is a catch 22 because more time on court might reveal the 37 age thing. Today was not a fun tennis day. Very difficult to watch.

    1. I think it’s missing the clay season. Honestly, I watch Federer and it looks like his tennis is behind the very very top. Maybe play IW after the Aus Open, 1-2 clay tournaments and then Halle & Wimby, Toronto or Cincinatti, US Open and then a couple more for the season. That’s about 10-12 tournaments in the year.

      1. That might work Ryan, not sure about impact of clay on the body, but I like the notion of consistent playing without long absences. It creates a conundrum — balance between getting enough rest for the aging body and playing enough to be competitive against top players in their prime. Are we looking at the beginning of the end? I hope not.

      2. This site is driving me nuts at the moment: these blasted adverts popping up all over the place, and it’s swallowed my reply twice now 🙁

        As I was saying, playing more regularly is one of the things Edberg recommended a few years back. Maybe time to reconsider?

        What I’ve come to the conclusion that Roger needs pre-USO is one smaller tournament plus one Masters. Two back-to-back Masters isn’t helping (and we seem to be noticing this with quite a few players now) – unless he goes out early in one – and yet going cold into Cincy doesn’t seem to have been a good thing either. Trouble is, that would mean him leaving for North America a week or so earlier, and I don’t see him doing that.

    2. “Deer (or rabbit) in headlights” was exactly what I was thinking from the radio commentary. Or “panicked”.

  35. Disappointed because Federer lost, and worried about the lack of form despite there being no apparent fitness issues. No expectations from USO now.

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