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Federer Hits Back to Beat Granollers at US Open

Normal service here as Federer booked his spot in the fourth round with a 4-6, 6-1, 6-1, 6-1 win over Marcel Granollers in a rain affected match on Arthur Ashe.

A very strange first set from the Swiss but things changed instantly upon resumption and after dropping the first set he hit back, making his 14th straight 4th round appearance for the loss of just 3 games. Bit of a clinic really after looking quite laxadaisical in the first set and another match where he's moved exceptionally well to get the job done. Clearly tennis is a game of movement and when Fed has the spring in his legs the rest of his game usually follows suit. Healthy Fed is a dangerous Fed and he has a good shot at making finals weekend here if his run of form continues.

Quick Match Recap

Federer Humid Conditions NYC 2014

Granola bar won the toss and elected to serve. He reeled that game off in about 60 seconds and soon after he was leading 2-0. Winning 8 points in a row en route to breaking Fed with ease. A real bad start for the Swiss and Granollers took the game to him immediately and it paid off.

That trend continued with Granollers painting the lines with his first serves and he was soon on the brink of taking the first set with a 5-2 lead. With Fed to serve play was then stopped, a proactive measure as a thunderstorm was said to be imminent. That proved to the be right decision as minutes later the heavens opened and it poured for at least an hour.

There was some confusion about whether Fed's match would be moved to the next day but luckily his match was switched to the Ashe night session and play resumed at 6.35pm local time. Upon resumption Fed held serve and broke back for 4-5. You could sense he was a different player on court after the delay and even though he dropped serve rather meekly to lose the set 6-4 momentum was well on the way to switching.

The opening game of the second set proved that as Granollers had to save 3 break points before going onto hold. An important hold for him and he then managed to get a break point chance of his own in the next game. Roger had upped his level, looked the better player but was somehow facing the prospect of being a set and a break down. In true GOAT style though he saved it, held and then reeled off 6 straight games to level it 6-1. Exceptional set really and he was retrieving the ball expertly well whenever he wasn't bossing the rallies himself.

The third and fourth sets were virtual mirror images of the second as Granollers only manage to win 2 more games. Fed put the match to bed with some clinical play and used his backhand slice to great effect in both directions . The Spaniard didn't see another break point until the fourth game of the fourth set and by that time the match was done. Fed saved all three of them before going onto break again at 5-1 with a Edberg inspired volley to seal it! Allez, triple breadstick!

Match Stats

Stats Marcel Granollers Roger Federer
Aces 5 13
Double faults 3 0
1st serves in 56/99 (57 %) 57/93 (61 %)
1st serve points won 30/56 (54 %) 41/57 (72 %)
2nd serve points won 18/43 (42 %) 20/36 (56 %)
Fastest serve 130 MPH 130 MPH
Average 1st serve speed 120 MPH 117 MPH
Average 2nd serve speed 92 MPH 95 MPH
Net points won 22/36 (61 %) 32/51 (63 %)
Break points won 2/8 (25 %) 9/20 (45 %)
Receiving points won 32/93 (34 %) 51/99 (52 %)
Winners 25 57
Unforced errors 20 27
Total points won 80 112


Thoughts on the Match

Federer 3rd Round USO 2014

I feel very explosive, quick. The coordination is there, as well. I feel like I've gotten used to the hard courts by now. It's really working well. I'm very pleased. Today conditions were much more humid so you could feel a little flat out there, but that wasn't the case. I was able to power through that. I'm happy I wake up every day and I'm ready to go. It's also great to see Robredo fit as a fiddle at the end last night. I thought that was impressive, too. He's my age, too. I think when you keep yourself in shape and train the right way, that's how you do it.

Another pleasing match and a top performance after a shaky start. The rain definitely came at the right time here as the first set was exceptionally flat from Fed. Almost as if he wasn't expecting the match to even start on time and then came out looking half cocked. Granollers on the other hand came out playing very aggressively, repeatedly finding the lines and hitting 70% of his first serves. That's hard to contain.

Fortunately though the heavens opened, play was stopped and when things resumed the conditions had changed from very breezy to hot and humid. That looked like it slowed things down a touch and Fed played with much more purpose plus used the backhand slice to very good effect. Granollers couldn't replicate his pre rain delay level and Fed just continued to up his game as the match wore on, breaking at will and never really looking in trouble on serve.

There was a very pleasing hold at the start of the 2nd set too where Fed was on the verge of being a set and a break down but he tightened up his game to hold and that set the tone for the rest of it. No complaints from me and the extra set hasn't made any difference in terms of time on court or loss of confidence. If anything it's a plus as he came from behind to win and changed his tactics when he needed to. He also handled the humid conditions well which is a good sign as well, not easy playing when the sweat is pouring and the energy gets zapped from you.

Predictions vs. Bautista-Agut

Roberto Bautista Agut

Next up is Bautista-Agut who took out my 4th round predicted opponent Adrian Mannarino. I haven't see the match but it was a comfortable straight sets job for the Spaniard and he's been a consistent performer at all 4 slams this year. In theory that proves he can play on all 4 surfaces, but they're all identical anyway so it's not really a valid stat 🙂

I saw him at Wimbledon where he was pulverised by Murray in straight sets. Murray just out muscled his pusher ground strokes and made him look amateur. Murray wasn't in great form either that week so the gulf in class was pretty huge that day.

However I don't think he can be bossed around as much on this court, he'll be able to defend better and his ground strokes will be more effective. He lacks power or any huge weapons but he's fast and can stay reasonably offensive from defensive positions. Let's face it he's not a world beater but he is the type of guy who takes advantage if you don't play well. With that in mind it will easily be Fed's biggest test of the tournament so far and I think he'll need to be pretty sharp to avoid any hiccups. Serving well is of course a must but he'll need to play consistent from the back of the court and not allow any of his key shots to be broken down. It should be a match that gives him plenty rhythm which is ideal at this stage so all being well this will be a very timely match in his title bid.

I'll pick Fed in 3 but dropping a set isn't impossible here. 6-2 7-6(4) 6-4.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. Of course I was talking about the 2 Federers, not meaning to discount Granollers, who really came out blazing & took full advantage of a flat Fed. So glad he was able to figure it out – he was just flying in the last 2 sets (missed most of the 2nd trying to find a stream, since TV coverage is so nuts in the US that they quit showing it where they started, and if you don’t have cable – like me – you are lower than mud. They have got to figure out that people would actually pay for consistent access – they’re on the right track with TennisTV I think, but need to add the Slams – no point in selling “exclusive rights” when the exclusive rights holder cuts out a chunk of fans who actually want to watch.)

      I like the outfit too. I was a big worried after the Cincy one, but the colors actually match on this one. Would still be better if the shirt were a bit longer, but this is my favorite outfit this year I think. Maybe after Wimbledon.

      1. Fav shirt is the blue/ teal aussie open one 😉
        Though I do like his day outfit here. Nike really got their sh*t together 🙂

      2. I’m not big on this outfit for the day, or the night now I’ve seen them on. Was expecting slightly better based on pics before he took to the court.

        Day session colours don’t work and the pinky red doesn’t look good. Wimbledon has been the best I think and Australian Open was pretty good.

      3. I like the colour though don’t like the cut and the line on the shoulder for both day and night. After Wimbledon outfit, the lavender one for the Spring hard courts is my pick this year so far 🙂

  1. Just missed the podium 🙁

    ‘Granola bar’, hahaha you are genius at naming! Finally be able to start watching/chatting, so it was shame I had to give up because of the delay. Thank God, he came back strong. Really happy finding the result in the morning.

    Thanks for the report and highlights, Jonathan. I’m going to watch it now with neither nail-biting nor head scratching 🙂

      1. Checked it out. A vast majority of them make no sense.

        Raonic in trouble. Serving at 5-6 in the third. If he loses it, he will be gone!

  2. Nice comeback by Roger stepping up when he needed to. Agut might be easy but it gets tougher from that point on. Hope Roger keeps improving to peak for the finals. Hope he plays better and better from now and wins the title.

  3. Not sure what happened there. Got a warning that it was duplicate comment, so removed a sentence and posted again. Now I see both. Oops.

    1. Duplicate comment warnings come through after the first has been posted and you appear to be trying again. I had one earlier today. So that’s why it came through twice.

  4. Gd post Jonathan but I also tend to agree with what Roger said in his presser. To start with it was very windy and that also favoured Granola Bars spin. Fed was lucky after the break as the wind dropped, it got v humid and still; as he got his timing, G also got tired and couldn’t sustain his super high level. ( had a tough. 5 setter in previous round). As soon as his first serve level dropped in second set, he cld not then out hit Fed from the baseline, or approach as easily. Fed also started playing much faster as his confidence grew and thus suffocated any potential comeback. Great final 3 set display but he needs to ensure he comes out like that in next match as RBA won’t be tired and is v solid from the back! Also Fed seemed a bit unprepared for a day session so hopefully he will be now!!
    Ps love the outfit!

    1. Another night session for Fed again. Has Djoker even played at night yet? If not he will soon, definitely expect Andy vs Novak to be prime time material on Wednesday night.

  5. Another fun match to watch. Love the colours but again the shirt too short and baggy. The low slice did Granollers in. He couldn’t generate any pace and bam another forehand winner from Fed.
    Feel for the day match ticket holders. They got the boot and the night match people got the Fed match. Looked like it was chaos with the match starting and no one in the stadium. Don’t know about the organizing of this slam. People I’ve talked to said USO is a “zoo”. Not my cup of tea.

    1. Yes, I’ve said it before, but splitting a day into 2 sessions is really unfair. Should do like they do at Wimbledon, and play right through. And to think this match could have been postponed for a day while other evening-scheduled matches took place: crazy.

    2. Yep, good point on the slice, he had trouble generating any top spin power off it.
      I thought the point of the match which Jonathan includes was actually a major turning point. Took the wind right out of Granollers fame, Fed broke then and never looked back.

    3. Yeah smart tactics from Roger there mixing it up with the slice, loved the way that took off the pace and caused Granollers to hit of it. Also US Open failed miserably with the organisation yesterday with the rain, incredibly unfair that the day session holders didn’t get their money’s worth and were sent packing. From my experience Sue was lucky to not get that treatment last year and had a pretty fun time at the tournament, atmosphere is very rowdy but it’s quite unique. Are there plans for the USTA to invest in a roof any time soon or nah?

      1. I thought the prospect of a roof was rather further away here – isn’t it RG where there should be one in a couple of years? I thought the combination of the rather swampy ground where Flushing Meadows is and the size of Ashe, so bigger roof and more supported weight, were making things difficult?

    4. Yeah I agree Sue, slice worked well. Granola ran out of ideas pretty quick.

      That point of match was definitely a big turning point as it gave Fed a big dose of confidence.

      1. I’m guessing the only reference to his ‘face’ is the Joker avatar that he has… which I really wouldn’t call pretty! 🙂

        Nevertheless one of my favourite remarks. Often leaves people with a puzzled face as to whether it was meant as a compliment or a veiled jibe. A lot of fun 🙂

      2. What did Granollers and Matosevic tweet Roberto after his loss?

        It’s an honor to be in your Agut company.

    1. Oke Sid…. I read your comment about Agut and September 4 times and….. I finally got it 🙂 🙂 Took me a while 🙂 Funny dude 🙂

  6. Looks like another night match for Roger on Tues. 7pm NY time. Not good if he gets further on with no day match experience. Bouchard out, heat exhaustion.

    1. Very surprised he is night match. Really thought it Wld be Dimi/Monfils, and if Fed gets through the QF will also be a night match …. All a bit tough, not only for us Europeans/Brits!!!

    2. Bouchard is awful to watch, agricultural groundstrokes. Another WTA handshake special too where she can’t even look at her opponent. I love how personal women make it 😆

    1. Oh good, I was starting to think I was the only one! I really don’t like those colours together, and prefer the Toronto/Cincy outfit. Will be a bit worried if we don’t get to see it again, though: what if he’s still out of sorts day-match wise when he has to play a major player?

      Granollers looked to be playing really well during the first set, and I’m not sure the scores in the last 3 sets were really terribly fair on him. Still, it may have been a 4-setter when we didn’t really want one, but it was so fast that I don’t suppose it’ll make much difference to Roger.

      1. How are green and blue girly colours? They’re as macho as it gets. Admitted they don’t reek of testosterone/ the dark side of the force as do the Darth Federer outfits, but I don’t see them being girly. 🙂

    2. Agreed! It’s so ugly lol. Part of me just wishes he plays night matches all throughout the tournament just so he gets to wear the Darth Vader get-up, but he does need that vitamin D in preparation for the final (should he make it that far)…

  7. Saw 1st set of djoker vs phil. Nole looked SCARY GOOD. Gonna take something unusual from Fed and maybe unusually bad from djoker for him to win this I think. If he gets there.

    1. Djoker is incredibly consistent in New York but the facts don’t lie that despite making the final last 4 years, he’s only won it once. If Roger/Novak do meet, we have no idea how both will play until the match happens so let’s not speculate just yet.

    2. I wouldn’t worry about Djoker just yet, he may get to the final with virtually no tests. Kohli didn’t play a great match I don’t think in terms of how to play Novak, looked out of ideas from what I saw.

      Djoker was favourite pre tournament, and remains so. So nothing has really changed in his 4 matches so far.

  8. Good ratio of winners to unforced errors and breakpoints converted. Keep it up, champ. By the way, the guy anchoring the US tv coverage said to his fellow commentator (Luke Jensen), “What’s that ‘GOAT’ term? I have never heard that before?” And guys like this are calling the play! Duh. This flunky also said after one game (Kyrgios v Robredo) that “Kyrgios lost that game without winning a point”. The score was 40-15. Right up with the play there.

    1. If I could, I would put all US tennis commentators into a room, and nuke them. Maybe I’ll spare a few.

  9. Raonic has nothing except a serve but Nishikorii is a mental midget. What a pathetic 3rd set tie-break. Forehand sitter into the net followed by a double-fault. Let’s the serving machine back into it. Painful to watch.

    1. Yup, Raonic had no business winning Set 3. Good this went five. Good for Stan. Let these pathetic tennis players tire each other out.

    2. Indeed very good for Stan, and for Roger as well.
      I see it as the ideal scenario for Roger if things evolve as I assume they will.

    3. Nishikori has a lot of talent. I don’t think he’s mentally terrible either, just he has no real weapons to end points quick. He has won quite a few tough 5 setters at USO now, Ferrer when he was way younger, now Raonic.

      I expect Nishikori to trouble Stan. But this is Stan’s best showing at a slam since AO so perhaps his confidence has returned, he saved set points vs Boredo too.

  10. well..well..well…LOVE you ROG.. nothing better than watching fit and healthy FED move on a tennis court…so SPLENDID and EFFORTLESS….and that dropshot get..just unbeleivable!
    Had to watch that 10 minute highlights 10 times… super stuff.. coz I stayed up till 1:30 AM IST to see him play.The 1st was rhythym, add to it bad weather forecast..switched off that idiot box thinking something was wrong with it. Damn i missed!

  11. I love Fed’s day outfit funny enough, it’s like colors you don’t ever catch him wearing.
    What’s with Djoker suddenly catching form when you least expect him to.
    Fingers clasped in prayers that Fed wins the US Open even if he wins ugly, a win is a win!

    1. Yeah, him and Berdych too. A bit annoying that they choose this very time to suddenly come roaring back into form. Hopefully Murray will have something to say about that.

      1. Berdych hitting huge! Crushed Thiem but never under pressure. If Fed has to play him with his improved movement and net play this yr, wld expect a Fed win as Birdman not great passer

    2. I doubt Murray makes an impression in Quarters. He said that he is almost back to his best. Usually bold statements like that don’t hold up when it’s time to be on court. He said he was fittest he’s ever been before Haase match and he was nearly Airlifted off court. Djok in 3.

    1. I actually think Murray was playing pretty well. Hitting the ball hard, not just pushing it around as he sometimes does, serving really well. Hopefully he can knock Djokovic out.

    2. Tsonga has only one way to win a match, hit his opponent off court. Fed, Djok, Nadal, Murray have multiple ways which is why they are way more successful.

      He also has poor court sense and can’t read the game like the top guys. Hitting and shot making wise he is supreme.

  12. Hey Guys, I have read this article in Stefan Edbergs fan page. thought of sharing it with you. Collected comments of Tennis players and experts on FedBerg Partnership.. Here it goes…

    After some research over the web in the last few days, we’ve put together a collection of what some of the most authoritative tennis analysts and former players have said about the Federer-Edberg combination in recent times.

    The quotes you can read in this article should give a pretty comprehensive outline of the contribution Stefan Edberg has given to the development of Roger Federer’s game in the first six months of their collaboration.


    “Stefan Edberg has helped Roger Federer regain the mental strength” – Goran Ivanisevic

    “He [Federer] believes in coming in a little bit and it’s not on a wing and a prayer. He is looking for the moment, but still doesn’t do it enough for me” – Tony Pickard

    “The biggest he has done is to be at Federer’s side and give him faith in his tennis” – Maria Strandlund Tomsvik (former Swedish player)

    “Stefan Edberg has had a huge impact. As soon as Federer brought him on, it was a new beginning. Edberg was one of the great serve-and-volley players of all time, and he constantly has Federer thinking about closing in and finishing off points at the net” – Brad Gilbert

    “The fact he’s appointed Stefan Edberg as part of his team means he wants to get the best out of himself” – Darren Cahill

    “Stefan Edberg is helping Roger Federer in gaining confidence at the net and covering the court better” – Mats Wilander

    “One thing Edberg has really helped Federer with is taking the ball on the rise on the backhand” – Jeff Tarango on BBC Wimbledon

    “Edberg has flattened out Roger’s backhand” – Richard Krajicek

    “It appears that whatever he and coach Stefan Edberg have been talking about has had an effect. Edberg was an attacking player – a serve-volleyer who liked to put pressure on you – and his approach seems to have rubbed off on Roger” – John McEnroe

    “Edberg/Federer, I don’t know how anybody can tell Roger Federer what to do. He has a great game. If there is a problem with Federer, it’s the fact he just isn’t consistent day in, day out. He’s got the game. We’ve seen it. He can beat all the top players. But I think it’s more the motivation, to stay in there, to hang in there, to close matches, to be sharp every single day. I’m not quite sure that is something that can be achieved when you have played as many matches as Federer has. I like all the combos. The women’s also” – Chris Evert

    “I have been impressed by the changes made to Federer’s game, and Stefan Edberg [his coach] has had a positive impact. He has to get to the net as much as he can” – Nick Bollettieri

    “Stefan is someone he [Federer] had long admired and Edberg’s presence is both an inspiration and a comfort to Roger’s finest sensibilities. Roger has always sought in his career a balance—in his devotion to his craft, his family life, his scheduling. He has been far more successful than most in getting all that right and staying whole, on and off the court. He chose Edberg for all those same qualities” – Mary Carillo

    “Both coaches did great jobs for both players. Stefan Edberg helped Federer because he was was chipping and charging and serving and volleying and Boris helped Novak deal with the big points” – Jimmy Connors

    “3 big reasons why Fedfan playing so well at the start of the season 1st the new stick 2 Edberg factor enjoying so much more 3rd movement” – Brad Gilbert on Twitter

    “I don’t think they’re going to focus too much on serve and volley. I think they’re going to mix it up at times. But what Stefan was so good at and what Roger can learn from, is that he was so focused on every volley, even the easiest one, his feet were going like this (fluttering, small steps) and he made sure he was not making errors. Roger’s got great technique but he’s sometimes a bit sloppy in his volley, a little casual is maybe the right word. And also to move in after the shot, he hasn’t done that because he didn’t really need it before, but to do that I think he needs to be a little faster coming in behind his shots so he can actually be inside the service line to hit that first volley, because if he’s going to be too far back, Rafa is going to eat him up” – Jonas Bjorkman

    “I think it is a good move because I feel one area in Federer’s game that has not continued to improve is his volleys. In my opinion, Edberg was the best volleyer I have played with so; it is a great move” – Pat Cash

    “Edberg won the first lesson. Federer goes to the net more often” – Vincenzo Martucci on Twitter

    “This is a really good thing for Edberg. He lives in a small Swedish town with 4000 people in it. There are three times as many in this court” – John McEnroe

    “Both Edberg and Becker have encouraged their charges to come forward wherever possible. As two of the greatest volleyers in history, they know there is an element of the chess gambit to a net-rush. Even if you lose the point, you are still messing with your opponent’s mind, and the benefits are often reaped later” – Simon Briggs

    “Edberg has shown him how to volley into the right places so that you get the second volley you want. This relationship started out when they practised together and Roger said: “He always seems to be in the right place, always knows where my passing shot is going after the first volley” – Greg Rusedski

    1. I don’t understand some of the comments. Federer may be a tad casual on some volleys, but from what it have seen, he is perhaps THE most talented volleyer or at least right up there. Some of his gets are purely phenomenal, and there aren’t very many who could have even fathomed coming up with some of them.

      It should also be noted that Fed plays in an era where coming to the net is a suicidal tactic with the slow courts, new strings and racket technology. The fact that he is probably the only player who is making it work successfully speaks volumes about that. Compare the conditions to Edberg’s era where the conditions made it much easier to come to the net more. If you didn’t come to the net, you weren’t going to stand a chance, today, it’s the opposite

      Also, Federer hasn’t had to use his net skills pretty much from 2004-2013. I mean, yes, he was still the best volleyer out of his contemporaries,and he would use it much more frequently than them, but he didn’t see the need to come forward as much.

      1. Fed has a great volley, but its hard to argue the fact that he seems to be too casual and misses the easy ones more often than he should. Of course he will follow that with making the incredible difficult one.

    2. I soooooo hope that when Roger wins USO 2014 he hires Edberg for life 🙂

      And what does this mean?? Compliment or a suttle dig??
      “This is a really good thing for Edberg. He lives in a small Swedish town with 4000 people in it. There are three times as many in this court” – John McEnroe

    3. Cheers for the post Fonzie.

      Although they could have just quoted several snippets about Fedberg from the comments here and they would have been equally valid 🙂

  13. Gaurav, I think it is because Federer is the most talented volleyer that the comments are justified. No use in teaching someone a strategy that barely ever works if he’s below average at making it work. Roger IS sloppy on the volley from time to time, and as far as I read, that’s most or less the only criticism they level at him?

    Other than that, the general vibe of the comments is that it is RIGHT that Roger is coming forward more now. On that, I couldn’t agree more. He hasn’t the body to keep up physically or the mind to grind with the very best (read: Djokovic+Dull), so finishing points at the net is crucial. Yes, he HAS been successful at the net, but he can be even more so. It’s tough, but sloppy errors are defined in such a way that they are only sloppy if you SHOULD make them. Even in this era. So to say Fed is sloppy means he can improve on at least that. And Edberg will help him improve on exactly that.

  14. So…. Roger has a night match. If he wins, his QF will probably also be a night match. His SF will definitely be a night match…. so…… again…..will he face some problems the first set in the final when he has to switch from night to daymatch???

    1. Katyani, on a different note, here is a statistics which may be alarming for you. Federer won two straight grand slams just before the birth of his first set of twins. Mrs. Djokovic is also due shortly and the Djoker had already won Wimbledon and is playing awfully well currently in the US open. Can he emulate Fed 🙂 :)? Hehe, I know right now you feel like caning your Desi bro from India 🙂 :). Pray that Jelena does not deliver twins: one baby, one grand slam!!!

      1. Hey sweet Bhai, don’t jinx my PYAAR 🙂 Novak will have to take an “agle janam” to come even close to my Roger 🙂 If Jelena has twins, then good for her. She is a nice girl, but it would also show that Novak really does do everything the same way Roger does 🙂

        But bro, isn’t this like normal Novak?? Looks totally unbeatable and you think he might make the final and then he loses?? I mean, he will have to play Andy and even Stan. Even if they don’t beat him, atleast let them tire him out. He already (in my opinion) “stole” Wimby from Roger with that mto, so seriously, if he does that again at USO !!! Probably will make final anyway, some have all the luck, but soooooo hope he does not win USO. This year USO HAS to belong to our Roger right??

        By the way bhai, I saw your picture on Ru-an’s fb. Dude….. you are quite a looker 🙂 Our own SRK??? 🙂

      2. Hey Gaurav, dude… what does smattering mean??
        And don’t you know I am a Hindu girl?? Didn’t my name gave that already away?? 🙂
        No, this is just some fun between Jiten and me…. He is my desi bro from India….

        By the way, I am watching Monfils vs Dimi. Monfils is soooo tired, hanging on to his chair and….. still wins the 2nd set!!! Come on Dimi 🙂

  15. Good comeback from Fed after the first set. Seems as he’s having trouble adjusting from night to day as a lot of people have mentioned but I think it was more the humidity he was saying that was making him flat out there in the beginning and took some time to adjusting, and was able to bring Granolla bar back down to earth. So far Roger’s movement has been excellent and he’s looking sharp out there, was some good variation out there from both players and it was just the type of match he needed to test out how he was faring in the rallies. Also great match point, Stefan would be proud.

    Gotta say, a lot of Fedfans are undermining Bautista-Agut. I watched him take down Delpo in Melbourne earlier this year and he raised his level when he needed to in order to get the win. He has an immense attitude out there and if Fed have those lapses in concentration that he’s been having over the last few weeks, B-A willt take advantage. But that’s a big if of course, hoping Roger can just keep it together and get the job done efficiently. Regarding Tsonga, was disappointed he couldn’t bag a set but Muzz finally gets a top 10 win in what seems forever. I’m already looking ahead but my crystal ball is telling me that Monfils will be getting the better of Dimitrov tomorrow, he’s been under the radar this week and looks to be playing some dangerous tennis. What do you guys think?

    1. I think Monfils has a good shot against Dimitrov. I haven’t looked at the bookmakers odds, but Dimitrov is only a slight favorite I’d assume. Its almost a 50/50 match in my eyes, given the way these two are playing at the moment. Either way, I have tickets for the night session on Thursday, so as long as Fed comes through tonight, I’ll be in for a treat!

      1. Hey Phil…. am so jealous…..hope you make a post about Roger playing. I also think Monfils will come through and I am definitely not underestimating Bautista Agut. Usually they play their best against Roger and I thought he was really impressive how he beat Delpo….

      2. I have night session tickets for Thursday as well. However, my fear is that since Fed is playing under the lights today (4th round), he may be scheduled for the day session on Thursday. Hopefully I am wrong and he does play the evening session on Thursday. Have never seen him play in person before.

      3. I’d be totally bummed if its not Fed on the card thursday night. Fed/Monf is a WAY bigger draw than Berdych vs Simon/Cilic – those 3 are about as unmarketable as it gets.

        First things first, gotta beat the Spaniard tonight.

      4. Omg lucky you! Give Rog good vibes to come thru La Monf in. 3 plse as needs to keep his energy up! Look forward to yr posy

    2. RBA has no weapons though Alysha, if Fed loses to him he will have beaten himself. No way it’s on the Spaniards racquet. I would be surprised and disappointed if he lost.

      Del Potro has been proven to be one dimensional plenty times though, if can’t hit the casing off it he usually loses. He blitzed Dull for that set in Indian Wells last year but just ran out of steam.

      I rate Monfils and Dimitrov 50/50. Dimitrov is kinda annoying, way he celebrated after beating Anderchoke and some of his actions after winners, no class. I don’t want him to be a Fed clone in terms of mannerisms and all that but I’m not a huge fan really. I think Nike are well on the way to making him into a big marketable asset though so he’s gonna be very popular if he can start winning big tournaments.

      1. Me too. I’d rather he doesn’t act like Federer. Did you see his polo? Without those dots, it is just like a Fed polo, with a darker color on the collar.

        And his serve action. Notice his front foot when serving, the left foot, it never leaves the surface, just like Roger. This guy has tried to imitate Roger down to the finest of details, and still doesn’t like being called a Fed clone 🙂

      2. The left foot not leaving the surface on a serve is pretty classic…a ton of players do that. His overall service motion is way different than Fed’s. Forehand/backhand on the other hand – pretty freakin close.

      3. My bad – I meant right foot not leaving the surface, not left foot…assuming that’s what you meant, Sid?

      4. No, I mean the left foot lacks the raising of the toe, then back from the heel to toe transitions before the leap. Nearly all players do that transition, at least the ones who have a platform stance. Roger doesn’t. I guess it helps keep all of the body pretty quiet He slides it a little bit sometimes, before getting on the toes for the launch.

      5. I don’t know if it is just me, but the 3-4 times bouncing ball before serve, the way he twist his racket before receiving serve and overall movement it really looks like he is following Roger.

        Maybe a lot of player also doing that, but because of the baby fed mark on him, I notice it more than other player. The more I see it, the more resemble of Roger it is.

      6. In Dimitrov’s defense, if you’re going to copy someone’s game, copying the GOAT is an obvious choice. Fed doesn’t have ticks and quirks to his way of playing, pretty much his style is all about classic eastern forehand, classic top spin backhand, relaxed demeanor etc. I mean no one can try to copy Nadal’s way of playing, you’d look a moron picking your butt, walking around lines etc. I’ve seen numerous recreational players who copy Fed’s way of playing and their game actually improves.

    1. Yup, that clown Monfils can be a pain. Hopefully not over five sets. I swear if he pulls those tying the shoelace, and look at me I’m so tired shenanigans, I’ll personally send him to Parc Zoologique de Paris.

      Should be a good match, unless Royal Bank of Agut decides to pull a heist 🙂

    2. Dimwitrov played horribly! Too much air on both FH and BH gave Monf plenty of tracking time, kept playing lengthy rallies when shld hv come in and at least tried to shorten the point. Kept down the middle too much and has no explosion of racquet head speed as Fed does to hit winners! Back to the drawing board! Really has to learn when to flatten out the FH for a winner!!

      1. Hey Susie and Gaurav, there was a time that Monfils held on to the chair because he was so tired and what happened??? He ended up winning the 2nd set!! I thought he would break down in the 3rd, but kept serving aces and kept running from side to side. Hope Roger doesn’t fall for his “God, look at me, I am so tired, I am going to lose”-crap 🙂

        Tonight boring match between Muzza and Roger-wanne-be. Hope Muzza “destroys” him 🙂

  16. It is so frustrating to watch Roger squander a lead, as he did serving at 5-2 for the first set. Poor approaches, a wild forehand error and smashes – unbelievably – back to a waiting BA three times, and there he is at love 40. Of course he gets broken. He eventually closes the set at 5-4 – but not without a struggle again, rescued as usual only by his serve. This won’t do against a Murray or a Djokovic – or even Monfils – if he is to meet them down the track.

    1. How about 2 double faults at 3-2 in the second? Does Roger really want to extend this match? By the way, someone really needs to take out that moronic commentator Al Trautwig. I can’t believe he is being paid for doing this. He knows nothing about the game.

    2. There were times Fed looked like he was trying things out and to his credit when he needed to he pulled out a huge serve! V difficult to get the tough conditions thru the TV guys!! And at out level we know how tough wind is to play in!!

      1. True, but wind or no wind he still had periods of bad shot selection and poor concentration. He got away with it. But he won’t if he makes it to the business end of the tournament – from now on.

    3. I think you are being too critical really. Fed played a pretty smart match and was never in trouble. If you think he made some poor decisions against RBA I’m glad you weren’t watching me play earlier today, managed to beat myself 2 and 4 and I don’t think my opponent hit a single winner in the entire match 😆

      Those lapses of concentration weren’t really a big deal and I think against the better players he will be far more focused.

      Double faults were most likely because of the wind, he re-caught a ball toss a number of times.

  17. Having a few challenging matches earlier on in the tournament isnt a bad thing unless they are very long and/or very phsycial. If anything, a few tough moments in each match will HELP Roger in the big matches.

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